Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 19, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 19. XKWSI'AI'KllMAX STK1CKHX • Boston, July .10—(UP)— A vct- onvn" Boston newspaperman if cloud at u hospital. .Hurry V. Mc- Cormuck of Charlcstown collapsed noiir the old .Boston police headquarters that he hud covered for 20 years asa Ccston Traveler reporter. McConuacli was 5-t-ycftr.M- olcl. As We WERE SAYING.. Thiil iini-ltilnl «f the world's pnpiiliitliiii ix In-ill^, fell liy tho olhi-r two'tllirilH—\vhi»if nomiikl ncriiiuitioii in fill-mini: or u«rl- cullilrr—itKiki 1 * IK of tin.- minority wonder If wo arc so lin- purliiiit :iflt>r all. Tin; World's .1 ma'.lest house or- pin (maKa/ine) '- s published by Orvill" K. Iti'-'d, Advertising. Ilowcll. Michigan, ft Is cnllucl ".Imp." and is printi'tl oom- pli'tc on one side of n penny post card. Democrat Convention Gets Underway At Chicago Today Reds Seek Tannenberg Vengeance Yon know, of emir. 1 " 1 , that wnni- pitiu VVIIH iiMt-d for money In eiirly Ciiliinlul days. Kilt did .von know Unit other medium* of i>\i'h:iii^e HH'ludecl dried fl*h, (mill-Is, powder, corn, fire water (wniskcy). Imiiil-n-roiitflit ten- peimy nulls, furs, toliact'o'.' In its confidential nH'Ssa>;cs between dopartment.M, the main office ii nd brunches, .Deiro'lt I.'.unk (Mich.) Is now usinK rmmrn of its men in service an codi: words. \Vln-n vou tho term "two lilts," you know It menu.- i» (imrter. Idit huve you im.v Idea .vheiiee It originated'.' The *[>ui>i*li ilulkir was cut up Into the famous "pl>'C'<-<>f-t'U'ht." or nti> eiicht separate pieces for LSI- u.s ehuiiKe. And each pleee •viis r-i|iKil to 12 1-- cento, or u •Lit." roday'.t nnpcdotii: VVnlkinK with friend one clay, Friix Krelsler u.-:si.-d a larjsO fish shop whore fine cinch of codfish, with muihs open and eyes staring, vere ari'anpnl in a row. Kroi.s- r suddenly stopped, looked at them, and clutching hi.s friend by (hi- arm, exclaimed: "Heavens; That reminds rne—I should bu rilayinK at a. concert!" Thanks to the 72-ton Miirtln Mars, ulrcruft operutlnc costH low enough to compete with sur- faee eo^ts are now within slight. lo cents is its present per-ton- mil.. cost. While the new WMull .Mars transport, now liein>c Imllt for the V. S. Xnvy. with ^(1 phuirs the first onk-r, will have an operating- cost of "nut 10 cents per ton-mile at X<> per cent capacity, with u ton-mile opemlinK cost of 7 cents In Fnr your nttcntlon thl.s 1 summer.' Cleaa, repair and recondition yiiur furnace— or convert your heutlnK wyitum— to Have fuel m:::t. winter, Is L'r.cle Sum's earnest request to all the nation's hume owners, He suyx: 'Tmmediate action nuiat bo taken 1C \videspread distress for lark o'' fuel is to be avoided," And. for the same reason, he wunt-i you to install insulci- liori, storm doors, storm windows and. weatherstrippin^. He tHls us that in this year's coal production alone then; Is an an tinipaleil tleficit of ItS/iOO.OnO Ions, Still fiirthc:-, hu urK".-< yoi tr> kui-p your home in the best repair. I'm on n new roof il neci'Msary; now floors, new sido- wall.s, I-'ix I he plumbing and mn.'ionry. Repair wulk.s and fences. Paint and redecorate. Do everything possible tu prevent your property from run- nlm; down. As for the monoy, we are authorized to furnish a you rn-ed in tlie form of an F! !A MODKKNrj'.AT.rON LOAN co-st- inK but $,""1 [ier year ; er ?10(l burrowed, and payable in small, convenient monthly installments over an extended period. Why not drop in today and t'.it that work started? Said Set. Ray lluyi'H, Leeshurjr, Flu., sprtikliiK "' his experiences In .Naples; "It's a sort of spooky feeling In l«> KroplK); your way in n rlty of XIM>,(M>0 popiilntlon, with not 11 .soul to be .seen anil with no lights." Birds build nesrs. But no bird ever tried to build more and larger nes'.s than its neighbors; no fox ever fretted because ho hurl only one hole in which to hide: iu> squirrel ev'-r died of anxiety lest he should not lay up i.-nnuKh nuts for- two wln- r.ers instead of one; no do>; ever lost sleep over the V.ict that he did not have enough bones buried in the ground for his do- r-lining— Christian Observer, Snid .Anthony Hope Hawkins: "Kconomy is Ki'ing without •.•omethlnj,' you do want In cnsi- you should, some day, want somethinir which you probably won't want." THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Mcrnhnr ot InMtirnnco Corporation (Hy tJnltnd Pros*) There may be some preliminary battles hefore the Democratic national convention ftct.s to tho main event—the (iKht over who will be President Roosevelt's fourth-term running-mate. The llrst IlKht may center on the sontinj; of thu TOKHS delOKii- tlon. The Lone Star State hns two Hepurate deloi;'n.tionw at the convention—one, tho regular* who are opposed to a fourth term. And a rump delegation supporting the president. The rump delegation Is primed for a last-ditch ll^'ht to Ret recognition from the credentials committee, II' they don't >,'et there, they plan to tfo before the whole convention In nn effort to unseat j tin- anti-fourth term Texuns. The reKuliir Texas deli-K-a and those from Louisiana and Mississippi have joined forces to place in nomination the name of Senutor Harry Byrd, of Virginia for .president. Thi\v openly admit they can't :;top President Koosevult's rc'tioin- inuiion. but they insisL on voicing their opposition. The same threo state delefrations also have joined in opposition to any planlc in the Democratic platform which calls for social equality amorij; the races. The battle for the •itill is a bnck-stnKC al'Cuif 1 . Vice- Pre.sidenc \Vtilltxce Is t'.-js inorninj; to tnkr personal command uf Ills campniKn for renomination. He has the bluest number of pledged or promised votes, but not enough yet to win. And it appears now that the man he'll have to beat is Senator Harry Truman, of Missouri, chairman of the senate's war effort in- vostijjatinK committee, Truman is now considered the leadir-.K man union}; about a do-ten dnrk-horse candidates. And if Wallace fails to win renornination on the Mrst hallo:, Truman's stock is expected to rise sharply. Woman Heads Ballet Dancers Now- York, July IP—(U P) — Blanche \Vitherspoon—wcll-Unowii in opor.i circles—has become tho first woman to head a major ballet company, She has boon seloct- d as m.inn>rin>r director of the Ballot Internationale which will open in Nov.' York about the middle of October. The new director is the widow of Herbert Withorspoon—-former Metropolitan Opera general manager and noted basso. She served as secretary of tho .Metropolitan Opera Gtii^c! board of governors for live years after her husband's death in 1935. New Generals Join Eisenhower London, July 10 — (UP)—Two new additions to the headquarters stuff of General Dwi^ht Eisenhower have just boon disclosed. They are Lieutenant General F. E, Morgan—who played a Vital role in planning the invasion—Lieutenant CIcner.lI Sir .*v M. Gulo—who was on General Eisenhower's staff during the ^Norlh African cam- pnlyn. The two jrencrnls accompanied the supreme Allied commander to it luncheon honoring Secretary of \Var Henry L. Stimson yesterday. The letter "R" at the start of a doctor'-! prescription' stands for the Latin "recipe." UUY \V,\U UO>*nS AND STAMPS PIERPONT'S For Over 50 Years The Store of Quality, Value and Service REGISTERED DIAMONDS H> nrf \Vi!(,-rl)UI-vS (Inly »:i. r |l- lllMl r.'riiinliiulHIx Hi-ulx'i-riMl ivllh tlM- i\ ini-rlf-nil Crju Sin-l<>| ( v . . , your tiHiriuiU'i- uf Aiilhi-iiil,. nui- Viilrrt DIKD Klil.KV, Mrs. Mary A. of 22 Ouk street, July 33, ID'M. Funeral Friday at S:30 a. ni. from the residence to St. Francis' church nt 0 o'clock. Burial in St. Jamc.s 1 cemetery. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 LITHUANIA ""KAUNAS PRUSSIA TANNENBERG Borough Court/Has Quiet Morning With Only One Hearing In borough court this-morniing, Judpe Thomn-s Neary fined Hugh G. McDonald, SOI North Main street, $5. o no. charge oC passing lhrou«-h a. 'rod llpfhl.. Ho was found not gruilty on a charge of operating n. motor vehicle \v.)iilc under the influence of liquor. McOoreikl was .arrested by Officer George Kog-at oni the nijrrlit. of July 7. James Palmer, -131 Rubber avenue, forfeited a $3 bond by Inir l,o appear. Ho was booked for going- .through a nlop.slgn. Ho w.-a.s arrosi.ed 'onrly Sunday morning by Patrolmen James Fenton oivlJohn Hanley,; .... These were the only cases in 1 boorujrh court this morning. COTTON HOLLOW " Corr(;spon(l<;iil,'s'I'lioiic 5.')'«8_ Cotton Hollow Soldier Home On Furlough Pv.t.'KennoMi Taylor, son of Mr. and Mr". Wilfred Taylor, is homo on a 14-Ja.y furlouuh. Pvl.. Taylor is stationed at Ca.rop Hood, TOXMS. in Helen Click is spending n. week in Plainville with i-ulativas. Lunchbox Meals Should Be Planned V >M rVV 1 CZECHOSLOVAKIA V ^ • ^ ' _x»^__ V ^^^^ S Continuances Given Circus Officials Tiuinuiilierff, scene of a, Itussian clcliaclc In l!ll<l (1) iiR-aln pronilses to assume a vital historic role—hut this lime the Uiisslans MI-O little chaiice v of wulkini; Into u trap. Riither, tin; victories around 'Grodno mill Kaunas and the st.lfl assault against Kikst 1'rnsKla glVRH Indication that Tanneiilii.TK will he put through tln> iismil Il4.-<l army outflanking routine and the terrific defeat of another war will ,hc avenged. In JOI4, however, the Kussians met one of..the mtint.crush- ing denials of tin- war in tile area marked hy tho mimernls 1 und 2.' About .10(1,01)1) men were lost and Gim. Samsonov w;us killi'd. (Intor- naUonal) Local Missionary Chaplain In France A local Army cha.plain is scrvinK with the invasion forces in France, i: was learned tlii; morniing. Capt. Owen Leary. wrote his Tathci-. J. T. Luni-j- of Oak si reel, that he i.s in France. The former missionary says in his leltr-r although living in fox hole.--, is not ;is comfortable iis beds back home, the men arc satisfied. Capt, Lenry enlisted in 'the Army two years aifio .and wns stationed at Pino Bluff. N. Y. A veteran of the first World War. Capt, La.iry has been overseas for -several months. A graduate of St. Bonaventurc. college, where 'he was a member of the football .team, Rev. L,oary wns formerly' a missionary will: the FYancisiYi.'i order. One ished s ing lo •Hartford. July 19-^-.(.UP)—Another • police court continuance ha_i been granted in the cases of five circus held on technical manslaughter charges, in connection wll.h the July Gth fire at Hartford. 1 Because several investigations •beirr; made into the fire are still' incomplete, -the ca'sss havo beeiv pu:. over until the of August. Tho bond, in each ca^c, remained the same. Meantime, 33 other circus performers and employees have, been named in a coroner's warrant, insuring their, presence u.t an inquest to fix responsibility for the disastrous fire in which 303 lives; were lost. ! •Careful planning'is to well ' balanced liuie.h - bn.x mo.-iln, stated Elivcabelh C. Nic-lsci-son, »»•- eclor, .I3uru:i.ij."of Public 1 leu 1th In- Btrucljon, ,l-:i:-UK; weekly bro.'idcnni of l.h'e'. Connecticut Stale Department of ^Health. Much 'loo iil.t!s i:r>rrtjdom.ljon is given to what goes into the 'daily luncllbox.,..continued Mi-": Niclter- »on. As .in aid in obtaining varied yet, nourishing meals, she suggested using- a st:i.nJard meal pattern. Th:'.--lunch pa! tern consist..* of milk or some other protein .such as meat, eggs or baited beans, fruit or a raw vegetable, or both, bread and butle:-, and ,so:nothing :;v.-(;et if Ringling Bros. Circus Reaches Fla. Home of cvury i'ivc Ions of fin- :toul i:i t.hc U. S. is -now jjo- j L ho shipbuilding i n d us! ry. I JAPS DENY REPORT • . San Francisco, July 3D—CUP) — The Japanese foreign office denies reports th-at .|he Jap ambassador to the Vatican had stated Japan was ready to receive peace proposal;;. Rad'io Tokyo quolua :L foreign office spokesman a.* .sayinc the reports souKht lo impress the world with an cxaxperaled idea of Japan's military pretlicaincnt. '- Snrasotn,' Fla.. .inlv :9—-(UP) — A bcdr.ifjKlnd RinRlinpr Brothers and Bariiiini <t Bail-\v circus has arrived ai its winter quarters in Sarasota, Fin. Burned and blistered w.ifjons arrived mop !he bright yellow circus train — muir> evidence of tht fire which desli-oyi>d tho bij; top and i.oon 103 lives at Hartfoj-d, Conn. ] r uMire nlnns fo" ;.ho circus liave not yo'. been revealed. MICHAELS .DIAMOND MERCHANTS GENERATIONS d, nlilciru. $1.00 - natural S150 HK_ nnturat go/t/, 7 Jta- monc/i. $225 COMPARISON MICHAELS DIAMONDS Are Values of Outstanding Sxcellence . . . / v llirre It jrenl vari.illon in diamonds—for even those ol precisely the tame rttc way be totally dissimilar In true quality and worth. 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