Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 22, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
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f» ftftmfl ptepl* kno* who don't knew what y&u hnv» en yfi^ vt« to t*!f. AND DAILY STANDARD Is letting p»«t^« fcft«w who den'* know what you k»v# en youc vet to »*H. . SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 122. STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY. NOV. 22. 1916. PRICE TWO CENTS. SNOWEDUNDER Park Proposition Was Defeated By a Majority Of 753 Votes Tuesday, VOTE WAS YES 164,.NO 917 No Attempt Made To Secure Vote On Commissioners Because Of Number. [BUILDING AND LOAN ASS'N. The «- ; tn hndly do- d Tuesday iti vote .«t.)«>d *!7 and !fit In H.. proposition nt 'he elect Ion h tr'Wnshlp. The tl'» proposltlo'n. fftVp'f—tb're beinm ft majority It of Tf»3. The foltoSvltiK i" the vote store, 33 for H*ltJ Monciay of Sscretftry, for the had txeie rteci'i-d /lire. f three years: 1'r. Wurrrn rifiHth. at,,l H, ,1. 'M\'iflK to t hi- latene^H ol' it was ilef ided iibat n meeting of board of dlreelfiTS luid belter be a week from that nicht, at whi< h the fie..lion of officers will be hel held time nty Hull. B2 for First p»#finrt. nnd 183 »|tftinRt. Second and 489 Third ivwlncl, finlt IfotmepSS for and 288' ujtnlnM. j The total vote rant-. W»A l.°Sl. ( From the vote'it 1« evident 'th« people of HterliiiK do not want a park ayiitem. or tit least the on* thone piiflhinK the movement had in inind. While the location of ri park mtml be left to the park coinmlMMion. y*t certain property had )>i«««n InoKfed ov<r. and In all probiibilitleM effort* would have beefi'-'made lo acquire It by condemiifttlon proceeditiK". hnd -the proposition carried. M, D. John. «e«retfiry of the HterllnB Awiociatlon of Commerce, utaten that mo*t of the farmerw cnme In and voted aKAinnt U, and nearly all of the monltnl man nnd, retired farrnem. and the younger vote wax not out' to any ^x- He Rayn If the voters do not CLA1MSSETTLED North Western Railroad Co. Has Settled For the Fatal Accident AtXjalt. FINE MEETING Post Commanders Night Was Observed By the Knights Templars Last Night. OVER TWO HUNDRED OUT Celebration Marked the 32 Anniversary Of founding Of Commandery. • Her two hundred KnlffhH Templar.") ntti tided rise j'imj cnniru:mi!«'fH iilfcht !''-~m i! >>'< Tni'sd.'iy r-vcrtintc in Mir Mn- TO IMPROVE LINCOLN WAY Efforts Will B« Macl« To Secure Gov Hit M in jt:i! 1 (if p! Salic'! I.iitcr-ln ![>»• i-f'-e-m f.n- b.-inl Hifchwn.v. -n th .•iitnii tvinple. Tic- uf i hi* in*tltn'iioii in thr. Sterling lo Thlrt> (»•*> vafs MISS WEBB GETS $11,000 Families Of the Three Who Were Killed Given $2,250 Each It Is Stated. affair was in hi/nor of the rommandery ge. A I" * A,""M, •'•*?<' Attorney (', C. -foJuiMi'ii .I'rg-.itiixt'd tln» Commander^' h«'ti. mil! lor many year* «jis the «l».n«(»r tiiid father of the organization. and he met with <MU f'Hf»ril sur- I-«>«H. '.Today there i* if mctnlifi'Mhlp of _'7.V The- 'following i« the list uf the Pj.twt ' 'oinfnand» > i'« .it this nr ~ ................. year for ban! ro-j.)< -md irst Is to 'incrert«ti»' each yi-nr. Lincoln Hiefiwiiv f* the 1>: "continental anto' inuli- i null! by many ttmt finite a this gov^mmfnt fund d In improving this iMlly in .i»ction« wh*>re tin : are not in, very t-ond s il tbKni-M-Iv"*. _ by their declMlon, nllhniiK'h he would Ilk* vory much to have on* ntnrted. It wa« «|HO brought up by twine of MIOHC voUng iiKaliiHt flu* proposition thnl need*! a new hrldRe much - It- newlrt -a pnt k t -for~ the-wie- at First avenue In lnud«'uuate for the dfrtnandH mitde on it. and IK considered un»itfe any.way/ • .' . No tttt'empt wn« made to secure the vot# on commlMnlonorH for there/were no many names written In an a joke th4t no a,U«mpt WUH made to Rather tlmm. In one voting preclnrt ulone llfty-fivn different imme« "were""voted"' on, evon a lot of men who voted njfultiHt tho park proportion wrlllnK a number of name* .for commUjtlonerw, lookini? OH 'though the ballot hii«U been tiHOd aw a Joke. Them in wome .t«lk that n proposition of enlurKiiiK one of the purku ami Hxinu H up nicely Cluim department of the Chiwi. North Western !lallio»d rum- ha« tnadf a nettl«'ment for the victims of tin* cult auto Th KO a pany tlvi which occurred laid Anoint on the day of the Old Hettb'ts' picnic, at which time the unto driven by Martin V*>m lUirK*sn,-whltiti_j^unt/iMHhd,_MHOd<^lWeb)t, AlftH<! Baker, "Htiby Kaufman, find Mm. EHHle Pfundnteln, all of Hock FullH, wus wrecked in .% collision with u train. Minn Webb hud both \>-ft* cut off below the knee, Mr*. l'»<ln Sir* lloiser*. Me" 'tllH «-nce I. ulth, Plitlt, Wurd i ' ,la« nil 1'liHH. Sheld U'ahl. Jolin (i M. M i>, William A. Klljxh K Henry \j» , mi-en K W. K .lohnion, (ic.irKf 1 V,. Martin. William \ Worlhlllgl^n. Clar- Thoimt* W. llork- .Fowler. John W. JehkltiM. Henry C. Cluipiiiw- William K .Mii\8on, .1. Prank •{7.1-1. William J lim- I.OIIK, Wltiinm A. Stow kl would b« rnciro iiopular posed . pArk« ut «o Kri' from th«> • l>UHlnP»H c<>nU» t tliun iil n of ihe thf pro aiic city. the other three were kilted, the driver llvlriK a day or two after'ihe accident without recovHfltiK coiiKClou*ni'*>». "The ci»lm of.MJHH Webb wan In the hantlH of Klmer At Cohen, of Chlcn^o. The head of tho claim department, Mr. Hlcharda. pitid the young hidy « vi«a iVwritiK her tiliiy Jtt JJie htiMpituI No HIIH was Instituted findMhf matter wn» adJiiKted Monday .of thin'week nl the office of the Chicago lawyer*. .Mr. Webli and bin daughter, Mhude, belmj there at the lime. ' , Mr, Webb nays the railroad company, offered the yonnK lady $J!."("', WORE.VIOLATORS CAUGHT Firm Fln«d For Uiing Neti ' Without Hnvlhg Tags On Them. • D«l>uty Oamo nn«l Mull Warden and Dlutrtct WardKii lUidncy <"". TurniM iniidi- B, week end trip to tho Bwtin Ji^tUi* Club, In th« Hotith t>n<l of Pin- Wan county, to 'aNccrtnln whpth«»r or not unyft»hormon ''from tin* udjolninK dl.Btrlrt Avero JlnhlnK in 'Iltlrlct No. -"2 .Without having -ohtitinif>d n Heunse, in moHl canfB th«< partUw hat) rom.» plied with the lu\v <= , ' 8om« nctH wore found hpiongin^ to the linn of Kupper. Woods & Co..' that hud no ta«H on. thorn. s^* The \\nn pr&R urrulgncd hffott> Judge Dennis of -Henry ''where tin-.y entered a pica ,of guilty, paid a din- <>r $10 und contB, uniountlnK to Sit. I'D, Tho firm bought about $40 . ivorih of Jtcansos The light fine WH* merly « ItKht reminder that credit IHIHIHOHH \vu« not currluU oi\ \n Dtntrlet— Nft— ih— (', \V. Vtmnum, dupiuy In UavHnna. leiwried the Conviction of Irwln HoinsP? of Thbhivon. charged -with trapplnr fur bear inn unimulH ' out of «ea»on. The crlmo watt commlttiul Oi't. 29th. Helnzo entered a plea of giijjty .oeforo Judn«> Wolfonl, ot Mt. «nd wan naMenHeil ,a due of ami ooMt*, uii\ouiiiin« to I'jo.xr, waH accepted, the check for tho amount Ix'liiK made uut in . her nume, uml after ik'dtic'tlnK the fee* of her attorney* It IH waid by Mr. Webb to be on intercut in H bank in ChicaKo. The father mild the daughter went over the buMlne«« diHtrict* of ChlCMRo yexterday and boiiKbt ootiMlderable rlotbltiK for the family, get tins about In her wheel chair with e«Me! They returned home The death elulniH of A1I«H Marl.- Huker and Mnrtin Von HnrKen w»» made throuKh Attorney Jacob ( v antlin. of Hock PnllN. Mr. linker,, the father, received the Hum of 12,250, ayd Hugo Von Uuriteit' received for 1h»i.j.h>ath i>t hlH HOII ISi.'JOo, and tU.'iO for tiW-,ituto. which wa« badlly wrecked. . ^frs. I'fundiietin nettled lier claim directly throuKh the claim aKent of the railroad company and the BIHII lutx not been given out, but in xuid to be Kiltin factory to nil concerned. Tlie death claimH have to be put i»n record with the county clerk, nnd the death claim of MJKH Huby Kaufman, settled tlirouKh the Chleiigo uttorneys IH mild by the county "clerk to have -been ' "ft,850.~ Slat" M \tloi ni'v J .1" l,iit'cn«i I." lh«> present t'oiwniltiifei of Sterling Com-, mtindeiy No ,%?, nnd It l.» » lodge known nil over the ntilt' 1 , A whole lot of the ci'fdit for ihl« in Klven to Km- ln» nt Hir f ('.• Jobnxon, and the h«»n« i»r *if huldiui; Uowiu ths: thiui: .luHtJitHht WHM jtiven to Mr. Johnson. H*> gave the work nnd 'wan. HHHiftted by W, K, IjiliK 1 . All the rhiUTK were -tilled by Pawl Commander* of the lodge, n« follow*: . _ _ _ i Km. Sir. Caleb f*. ,Iohn*on, Coin. Henry C, Ward. t!en. " Klijiih K. Jenkins. C. <i, Win A. Mluecklu, S, W. Willard 10. l*itiK. J W. " -'/VV. J. UnrleiKb. Prelate. " Willinm A. Fowler, Trea*. .1. Kraiilt Wahl, K H. • " ." John- W."••'Pmii.,-AVar.-- After the exempliliciilioii of the work on H candidate, a banquet of "labor- ate proportion* \vu« nerved. Common der Ludenft wn» toiiHt miiMter and mud nn ideal itntfltcr of .eeremonlen, Im mi OF FLIGHT Four Emaciated Americans Were Seventeen Days On Trip From Parral. THINK 8 OTHERS CAUGHT Fifty Chinese and Twenty Or More Syrians and Turks Were Massacred. (Uy I?nlt.-d -Pre«H.) NiiK'iib'H, At in., Xov, 21. -Wh.'it hap- peiH-d at PIUTH! when Poncho Villa'H bundltN rode into that city. wan told today by four weary Americfinx. emaciated urn! worn after a 1" 'days' (ripover tnountahiH and d<'«criH. dunh- nheud nt nljCht and hiding in the day time. Hnf<< .hiul wound In an Atner- hot'H, K. J. Hawkins, Jr. LewiM »t J$«wfird—Mdtomw-ld .-a-nd A. \V ; N'orrlH, told thtjlr xtorieH after twenty hours of (deep? At the hi'iid of'5,000 men Villa rod« into Ptirra) Nov. 3. they wild. Tin- Curnuizlnta—U'oopa—ufliirctL. Jiu_uppuiLl • tlon. The bandlt'H Orwl act wax to )m- priKhn (ill foreigner*, The four Arner- iciiifi Sled from Parrai and hid- outside of the town. Then they lied 260 milen acrow ihe mounlninH infected with Y.'ti|ui IndlaiiM nnd Vlllltttn »ympathiK- EMPEROR IS DEAD Francis Joseph, Aged Ruler Of! Austria, Died Suddenly j. Early Last Might. f ILLNESS THOUGHT SLIGHT!' Had a Remarkable Career Having Ruled For . 68 Years. EMBARGO ON FOODSTUFF Rep. Fitjgerjitd Will Offer a Resolution Aimed at England. ' f:\ I'lnr...) !•<>• ^ > i'^f..!!. !>. ( ' , NLV :v Ars, U lute ••rrib; vf-ii«-i, f i'i!7;-;t raid, th»-. h-.iiJc of N«>W Y w;i< i-rh, m. - »d«' t hjiir- ,,! L nil don. J'>u:.. Nov. 22. The <•>'•« of innnd today on ArchdiiVse fhnrlcM 1'rnin-in Joseph, \\lio will bc- '-oine «'inp»'ror. of /\ii«t(!-'i Although \'lenn,-( withheld official cfinflrtniillon if the <b.rtth of Hmpffor.. Franci,«t Joi- 'ph, his demise linn been conlll liX'il by wpecltil iH c !'nti III-M from varioiiH si.>ur<;ef« The to-W ruler, \v!io,Me ib-mands on rbi,i ranged th" outbreak of the f*at war. Is UK yt'firn of jiise and !•« .pp(>ned to be ni the front in coin- iiiind of the AiiNtritm troops oneratini n the'Carp.'ithlniiK. rndnnbtedly before j hH he h;M be»-|t^Hunmioiied to .Vienna, t SecaiiNe of "tTiV~prTi(<p"f ; 'i IM^ thVit tlie new i Cj PT Y overei^n will have an Important bear- j m; on the war hi?? ch:ira.^terl«<tic« lave be« n made a deep f«tudy for onie tune Democratically in- -Miiii fii.-ire an DM! "taieiTicnt this '*t. i! is The' Kin.:! e!Te. • ur ci!ti(fnver=i> with I ihdefen.ijble htacklisl. i-rnbaifi Is needed for • tejisotn. ;ty Ihe price ! »-levnt«'d t IV Ci'li- M:O on Mil in a afternoon tmliind IV»T ruid ti.-i-ond. p'un-Iy dom- uf fund has SWIFT ADVANCE Of the Germans In Western Roumanja Causes Much Anxiety In London* DEFENSE MAY COLLAPSE Serbians Heartened By Occupation Of Monastir Chase the Foe Northward. Hiifh ;i point thai it GREAT SHIP SUNK j Largest British Ship Sent To the Bottom in Channel Of the Aegean Sea. no att»-nip< of jsnivity advance of lioumiiTiiti, i By t'nltf-d Press.)". Nov. 22.— I^ondon toflny to di«=Kiiise th bfi-mis,. ( ,f the whirlwind the Herman* Into western Indicated by the fall ot miHt« wi whether advance LIVES WERE LOST r"lin'"d, Vi't •>• him nnli! .'i|l . !|,I«HH« .•I-'rnit/'l.s r<'i-illnan<T.' thron.', in Hnraji-vo, little wa.M known 'ab . !|,I«HH«|!I'S bomh killfi tfic h>-lf to th June L'H. I'.IM. The man who- now bccotru-H jho ruler of AuNtiia is known to have a military ed'uentloii and to bave'tnel With Home Kiicci'MH as u military comnuind- ••r In the Rivnt war. He bus. however, no IralnliiK lii stati> i v rnft and dlplom- r»cy. Moreovt-r he an*ume« the throne it a time .when the Mrongcstt possible : man IK needed to maintain the Au'M'rljt- j Built For Passenger Service the Brittannic Was Used As Hospital Ship. ' Hon. C, C, JohriMon WIIH ut bin ?»ewj (tin durfntt bin remnrkM thnnked Hie com inlttew feelfnKly for a^klriK htm to havi chnrit« of the work of the evening Jndgt? H, f 4 . Wnrd al»o Mpoke, making a hit with bin Joliew und nolhl HCUSI comhliH'd ,.HIr KnlKht. William Fow ler nnulo n good. talk. Ifc IK head o the yprlnif , Valley Coul Co., and was Mtiitlon «Kent -of the •''. & N'. W. it thlM city over a »|iiiirter of a ccninr,\ 1.1 go, aiul at one time Commander 01 the HterlltiKi «- % omniiiri'li'r>. Hev. PhU- HpH, of .MorriKon, uluo Kave H nl<-e talk A 'number of KnlghtM Tcmplarx w7er.e prenenl front nciKhhurini; eiiicn. TWO Each Car L.9H a Wheel •' Wai Hurt. But One BREACH OFJTOMISE CASE Suvanna Man 8ue4 By A Dixon Girl For Onp of the most lntore*tinir «ult»%tp rorne off at the pnwnt twin of th»* elr- cull court In Carroll county. l» a broach uf prumlne auit, brougbt by Minn Emma Hurke, of Olxon, agalntt Joaeph HchnellUicb, of Havunna, n-aa- loon keepef, -whu lived in that city only a few yeor*. The girl »wk« ft>r dam- uutm to th» amount of $6,000, TheJaw firm of Urooku A lirouka, of Dlxon, ri'prctjeiH her In the »ult, while the defendant haa retaiiiud .ImlKc A. J. tiruy to Jook after III* lntere«iw. . The jle/enjlant lived ul Dlxon before wnovlnif to Havannu. Hlnce lu» i-ntno to thttC «ity he biH-ame w benetlk't, >!!«« Ilitttie. itubtffn; He IB ' In thn su.laoa l)iihim'Ha no tin- alreet. ,Prior tu tho marrlunu tiu« IMxun «lrl Oppt-Jiri'd in Saviinna and tried to (n- duco Hchnelltmrh to drop (be ulil \vlili whom ho wna beeping cum pa ny. 'but he did nijt do «o. and now who think* n!i<- hu« good p'ound«i f«ir t i-ollcciinu -t\mn- for liUghtinif |u-r 'affect io«i». U. H. MuthiH and H. Moore bad u coniwlun Monday on the ProphetmowK- SterlliiK road whim thuir JUHOH came together with the reault tfmt each lout one of the front wheeln of bl« cur, Mr, Moore wu« driving en«t oh the 8TavPl~roirit~whtptr-nbmrt — rentern- ilu^ hiKhway with a dirt road on either side. Mr. MathiM WUH driving wen) on the left hand tdd« und had prcvioiiHiy met a cur going ea«t which kept th«> gravel rouiU»»ind an the right of way WUH Much BUILDING MORE HOUSES Mile« Wharfield Hat Started Erection of S*w*r«l Mora in'Sterling, MIleK Wlntrtleld in unother man wlio bellevt'K in ihe future of Sterling H well imMhc present. He IUIH been ectliiK i> Ki't'at many bonnes in UUH city ...In., the pa«t llfteen yearti. Mr. Wnarllcld erect a ho'UHeK which are wiinted by the majority of people and -he—baTTTtevrr hud any trouble -In—tff poHliiK of liny of'them if, he wlnheM to mull, ••••••- IliH. ~i«t4»«t v*ntur«!r in IHHIMC buildlntf in live now dwellliiKH, Four of them are to be in the new addition the Martin :Hrothern 'have lately ntuked out. into lot«, facing- 4veiitn' <J und known as ihe old fair HromuiH. Mr. Whin-Held IUIH boiiKlit four good lots there, Htui'tinK on Avenue O and. rim- PLUNGED OVER BANK ^ Enroute To Sterling Had Accident Tu**dny. Bad , oad, Whllo going uloiiK ;i cfuntry eniouto front lynckh.iwlv. la . (n HM'-r- " IliiK ywlerduy/Chail'en l>ow lo*j control of the auto b'.' wart driving. Ihroutfli alt accident t<* i.luv Mtecrinx gear- und thw car, c'lnialiiitig hnnwN' umj wife, plunged o%er ii-jit'\ vn • I'liini cnibankini'jil, liniilni; luHle jji l!)i'- ditch beluW, All l»ov\ wa's injured. Aaxlvtuncv v\ ti,> MHI tttUnlioUM^ unil Hie riwlii<<! to ihe. hospital in he imw lies bail Is -The cxiti/t 'n.ituic of cannot IH* IVarnnf that an approaehlnK car could b« for half H mile! or more, and Mr. Moore hiniK to the center road until wllhln a 'abort (llHiance of Mr. MuthlH and the.n Huddenly turned on to tin; dirt road on the left without any apparent reanon and so clo*« to Mr.. Mathla that ho could not leave the track, there wa» nothing ebit> left for him to do but apply the breakn and titop hiw •nmchlne which he- did. llMwever the M<ior<- machine struck hits wllh nucli velocity that a wheel on either car'watt.nijuslnj; when the .Moore cur WUH Htoppi>d. No one \va» hurt, • ATTiMiOuNERAL Prop>»»t»town Man'i Only Aunt Pa»»ed Away In Galcsburg. Harry 1<, Mcl v uui4iilln and Mi'js. Me- burg Wi'diK'titluy moniiiiK where -Mr", Mi'^lilin vvt-nt to bury biw only aunt. Mr*. Klixabflh Jtet'd. Mht- hud been ill for Kt>mv time but rci'enily >*ht< fell und broke i»iie of the hip boneK. tsliH'i' which tiino alut con«tiiittly srcw' -worm- until di'iith CHiue «« a result. Hhu wust tihoui. Ki.My yfarH of a«e. and ifiiyeo an" only •««>n"aiuT r Uii 1 U'Ssh'le i r. The tluu^h- icr, Mrii. l!f'i;iris'e H^ed lives in (.jiiteu- burg as docM ' llie HOII. . who is an eii. jjineer on the main, line "of th ton, * • POSTPONED CELE&RATION •-.*'l( ill'f Otlllt 01" (lit.) COllfliiioCl Ot III l. The foun- •lutlons for them are being laid. They will bo In Nlx-cH I'Sxa:' and 32x3ti and will be .comfortable and' up to date. They are not far from those Hlartet) l»y T. K. Hobinuon. Mr, Wharlleld ex- pucta to get the struct-urw up and enclosed that carpenters .may "work on them during the-cold weather. Mr, Wharlleld is also building one on the corner of Locust and h'ourtccnth streets, The foundation will be mad* at once anil .the ^superstructure eruct- that work, like tlw-jsihers, inuy 1>» con'tlnueil through I'lus winter nionthn. The Locust strwt house Is to be a good Hl/.ed rc!<ldeni-e also, er«, traveling on f»»ot until they reached Cullacan nnd then caim- to the bor- trr*ti1r Webb find McDoiiittd are certain' elKht Amerlcnnx were caiiKbl^in Pur- lal, -Hnwklm* lielieven till eiubt. were inasNucred whll'e Norrlx thointht PI»HH|- bly itome may have eMcnpeil, Fifty Ctiinese and 20 or more Hyrlunn and fiirkw were'niiuMUt'rvd W-hile th« Amer- town. i town 'iirninK COIlMll, were rna^rtiUTi'd «-h!le (hi were hiding 'initHlile th«; Tli*« foreiKnei-M who rt*niiUned they Kilid fulled to heed the of K<1 ward Koch. German vk and fled to Hanta tliinkn he nmy remained. Koch und Hnwklnti have been Klaln there. I>r. ('ordi)va. a Mexican phynlcian, who Just arrived, confirmed the Htate- rnent ot the Americans and exhlbTted a of eiu'rt which he xaid wa« cut from the (lends pf farranziHttv voldlern by the VlillMtaH at Parral. Dr. Cordova brought word of the exociition of a rniun named Hoemuller. CALLS LAW INVALID Judge Hook Rules Against the Adamson Law and An Appeal Will Be Taken. . (By United 1'rewn.) KatiBas City. KutiH.. Nov. 22,"— Judge .Vulliice Hook in federal court today mid that tin- AdaniHon elKht-hour law VIIH unconstitutional tuul Inralid. udKO nook jefujted to grarit. U»« mo- ion of fedefnl attorneys uNkiiiK thiit he-appucatloirby receiver* of the iMsourl, Oklahoma & Oulf railroad In- unciton be dltmi'itwdr AtlorneyM. for be government are expected, to up. teal to tho' mipreme court, at once, which 'will make It u te«t ca«e to have It'ireiuinod in the hlKhi-wi court in the rt1id-«t»iHi'<>itHtiHtHt»«Hlily -tit- tlt«*--Ad« .ihxoti la\v. ' .Indue Hook made ,bl.i ileclHion at 1-18 this* morning. He »«uld bin de- Itilon W'UH merely for the purpoMe of :etting the case 'to the «u pi erne court rapidly us po«sibje. ,"l have given government iiiUM'S o'clock thiti afl- ti» upjieal." he «ald. Frunc-iH ' IH Krowiiw restive under the Hnpsbur»j j yoke, they feur the Kwallnvvintf up .of < limitary in the Teutonic empire and prefer independence from Austria to 'fii'_linni«uli,'He_n^<nlt of the removal of the Htroiifc flKiire of the aK'*d emperor It I|M believed, will mean an; lncren»«e In Prussian domination of the central empire. Kmperor l-'rimclH Joneph wan ac- knovvk'dKi-d to tte one of the Htrongest ruler« of modern tinier while a mere HtrlplinK. unver«i'cl in HtatmTafl 'will ^rb*—^ttt*r*n««TTrr—Vleiinu—11—WTT* Kairt been prepared for the news but. rll>i-le>m the removal of the ruler ed a piMifoiind impreMMtnn. A xpec Idl cabinet ineetiiiK was called and the official hour of the tleath wsni fixed at o'clock liiNt nlKht in the palace pre- SUinnbly frtiln iitlithenil nffecilon fe^r nultihK front n cold with which he had suffered nince July. Medieval Cerefnonl«i, The Vlpiinii court in known a« the moMt formal In all Kurope and a grent nratiy curiously medieval corotnonle^ will attend the official announcement of (lie death. prepiU'uHoi)--**/ the body for burial; intorment and iVoclalinltiK blM HUcceNHor^Vtn the throne. The Archduke Charles FrunciH Josoph, .who IIHB been in Vienna for some time, wu» Immedintely notified of the tleath of (h<*)jampcror.- The telephone on J'uge Four) ' «__,'..-», _„__„____ HUGE SUMJrVAS WASTED Montreal Hai Squandered 15^00,000 On An Acqueduct. Montreal, Que.. Kov. 22— Tho t5,i'i)0,- 'JOO which the city of Montreal ha» ex- pendod on Itn new «i|iicdiu-t scheme to I )!v I'lillr-d Pre-iM ) >n, I:SIK, N",,v. L'^.-l'i'e Itrlthth hosjdta! Hhip Briltunnlc, prubahly the White .Star liner of that name, find the biKK> «t Miltlnh Mliiii aili-at, wa.s j punk In Xi'R channel of the Aegean Men | yesterday. The admiralty unnounced today that I" ihtiiie oh board about M> wer«« lost, > injured nnd 1,'ltnt 8a\*>d. The admiralty announcement di«- clofed that the vessel had been Htink b> :i mine or n torpedn. The Hrittannlc wax u uteej. triple •^HM-f-W' v«^»^»>l «f 4M~r>S lon^r the -\*\K- .Ke»t Mhip allont. It waa built for the White Star paxMetiKer aervic** but.w-uK imniediutfly reiiulatloned for u,«<<t an ;l hoH|dtfil lniiiK|>orl. The Xe/i channel. In which the vex- Hel lit reported to ha'vw been Hunk. IN a l>il of water between the mainland of On-eco itiid the l.slund of . Xeiu l-Yom this it iH'Kiifo to aHNUine thai th<« \'en- sel was briiiKliiK back wounded from Satontkt an the channel WUH tho direct route to the allied bane. HAS NEVER BEEN ARMED. ' Military expert* and re Kr«-atly concerned to knot? the Hoiinisnianfl had «uffl«lent; information of thp Herman «»- velupirit; movement engineered by O*n. von Fiilkerth»yn to remo*« from Cniiova the va»t «toreB of grain th fiernuinv dtuperately needs ]ii^__ he.ii nnd fragmentary rt*I»ort» .which that the Krnnnrini hatT b*rtt emptied h«-f(«i>'the ncciipatlon of th* city, ii in hoped here will be confirm* ed. A-< yet nn word hu« bpfti fecelT«l direct from Bucharest ndmlttlng th« capture of the city by th« Teuton* or explainlne what effwt It will have on ibe ItounuinlMn nmipuign In chiii. The UMidon pre«* mtido no att« to dlSKUlHe the ItienilCH iJuo to mvife proKrrHs. of the German* which they swept Into Roumanta took the Wallachlari city. Col lap the entire HoiiniRnlnn defense in ed. What l^undon Is mom anxiou* to ascertain Is whether the RoumAhUlBe; can encnpe the jnwM of the German by evadlnu the crushing from the north and Mouth. With the capture of Craiova railway communication with the Ornova sector In cut oft and th» Houmanlan army In the Ornova aector IH in an >\ee*.dlriKly pre-ctirioujl po«t- lio'n.' " ' " • • i _ of Xt«w Vork, X. Y., Xov. -22.—At the of the t.>cean Sttunmlttn comixiny It wax Mtutcd that the Brltuuiio had never been armed. The llri«t neww of the IOKM of the big venue! was received by the compiiny from United PreHs from London. The lirlttonntc never bun beorr en- Kcd ill litiiiHutliintic service. It wan turned over to tbe governrqent, und titled up as a hOKpitul whip with cots for 2,f.oo men. It carried tisuitlly 20*) inn si's and orderlies iind 100 BUr^notiH a crew of about SUM) men. The PURSUING THE TEUTONS. * Hy I'nlted (,Pr«M.) Pii.rlH. France. Nov.,' 2%— -Hot purttllt of tin* retreatlriK Oerrhana and Bubj*r<. lann who were forowl out of Monutir. l« Ktili tH-iiiK m«d» by'jthe aJlled force* rnent.- '" '• f- The SerblanH In partlvular, heates- ed by the occupation of' their ancient city, are prwming on'lrriftably towmrfl* th« mjjrih forcing the Teu^pna back to* ' ward Prillp. Enormotm aiiippHe». wbiafa. ~ been captured. No Ton-en abandoned h*v» b««a JONES FARM SOLD v to Set Diipotcd of it Public Auction tl* up the Widow'* E»t«te. A fair number of.people were at the null, 1 of the XII'M. Jo)u<H. (tift.n .at Walton yeistt'i'day, tin- fii-rin hehit; located in Marlon lowiiMlilp, la-e county, a few mi leu ttouiheii^i of Kionew The farm formerly belonged to Prjv.e'fyl.ones 4tnd vvutt In (wo trat-tH. Th* Jin»i .inh'tr,-ul 77 iicre-si was nolil lo Williuin llcalcy of l)lxon far |20i) per acre. Tftc oilier irud of liiiefti iicrcH was sold to the wtttn* man for 1^13 j-ur ucrt*. John iwei'tt WU-H uui'ttoneer. and the heine 'Intert'xU'd iu iln.' 1 e»late ure. K, II. Join**, Kniiiy |.of;ali, .1. -A. .b-ncs. ttnd Addie Koliil>erk, ol the In-us •Hv»> In .sU'ilinK it»*d Uoi-U l-'all.^, f • , HAD A In- i '!id Si ill U vvi.-' " BIG RUSH. |»ilii|-ui. 1st Avc .(lid « .ili s|'»'ci,iH JiHi-lltloti j H h* moon I. WilMhn, U. S, dlslrict'attorney, and 'rank llngermiu), Hpecial cotiUHel for the Kovernnu-nt, intimaled tin* appeal wiuild be ready by 3 o'clock or before. NO DECr8ION~iUNT|L JANUARY, ,,(»>• I'nlted PreHM.) Washington, !>.' C.. »N'ov i2'—There WUH a KI ikying doubt her.- this nfler- mion ihut tki- I'niied KmtpM supn-me court will be.''able i o render u'dwK nloii (n tliB Adainwon eight hour ca'»« befoiv early in Jiinnaiy, nhlexH ihu |ioiid<>roo» macliinery of the hi(jfieiit tribunal in titictideil up at rate that- Is unprecftietiled. - \ ' The governntunt. will be nuuble, ti; formally subinil (t.s appeal' lnvtil- Pec. 4th. whi'ii lite Hupremv court .will' convene after a two Wt't'ks reci-Hs, but pa- I'cis iii Uie oa»e can In- tl)t«d as* soon »'!•« they *.','• n. be trun»-t rihed in Kiin^ud ciiy.nvnifh is* es>i»e.t.<d ti,f'Tater-foiir or If life supreme court follow^ ita regular j-uiitine it will ux.sriniilf U n Dt-c. lib ;unl loiiiiiuu/ unri) December 22111^ Wlu«» It -will weit.H. fur tin- liuliilays. »>n !h,( iuli-iiilar dtiiiiii; ih»« ihrt-.« Hfi'k.K arc u muutker, of i.iuporluiit cases ijti t<> tll||il !ll ^eii- th •'.H: the t-', the AtianiHon case foivvutii i SHI H C-illll |,-ti- r(',uljll>t!IH'llt. n ii to 'would ru»-»> UK- court uHy Inig 'arKtuin*ntk i t'Npectcd. to > dc- Hrlnannic was operated solely by ofM- H of the White Star line and It wan strictly u'non-betllKereni veHsel, II in luted. Tho ve.sHfl wax withdraw^ from the eovernmeni «ervice about a month i, the company here wan adviwed, und taken to a ahlpbuildinjf yards to have Us puKsenKer accnmodulioiiH rebuilt, It wan expected to place the vessel in ihe traiiKiitlmuic service in a j Hlsort- time. Nothing IHIH been heart] here regarding tho vesaol Hinco word WHM received that it WHS to be rebuilt. It Its «iild that the ven«el wus under ih« command of Cupl, C. E, Bartleli, The Bi ittannic was tht' largest British vexnel a (lout, nnd waa wecond in ^Ize only to thu Vuierland.thp huge German nhip. It dlMplaced 4S.158 tona and wan propelled by three »cr«?WH, • Convinced of Identity. IwickjnK-any officiftl «dvlcew/fie of. ticert* of the Wliite Star company wore practically certain thlti aftttrmvm lhat the hospital «hip Urlttannic stih*!^ by a .torpe<io or a niine in the Aegean «ea. HrittaTiic™"of*"t"heir"~1tirS'r~rh^~bijijgi*i^r |ui8«t«nj;er shlji ulloat. They biiHed their belief on the re- Andrew. .«4niiii. who lived <y»8i of pori«, Hrat that, the liner completed ProphelHiown, died «t hi«« homo JVfon- jo'nly.lajHt _^VJir. had been requisitioned day, leaving a wife and live children, iby.ttfPTad'rni rally for the hoxplial nerv two of whom ure.married, Mn», Frank I'Uley, of Prophetatown, and.«Mra. Hun- nbtTKer. .of T.amplco. (Jeorge, Ulunch jiind Fred iir*» HlriBle «nd live ut .home Tho funeral WIIH held tlihruflortiDotuat tho..home. Mr. tilnoii WUH a man over Hisity years of use. Huriul wan niude in the, Tumplco etiiimate of Its value haa made but from »f rajcment&ry it IH learned that It included big _ of food, railway rolllnir stock and rw _ iclneerlng materiaU. all of ineatioubl* value to Oen. 8«>rriur« force*. Diipaiches indicate great activity br the rtnliami alon« th« Macedonia* front where ihey are pushing on in th» Huzon region. An intense fojr i« hindering op««. tlonn HlonK the FJandem* front tb* French war office statement aaid. German-Bulgarian army U enerKetJcally on the line from about lo hill allb'H have three mlleH north of MonaaUr. 1050 southwest of Makovo. Tlui taken 600 more prisoners. it with wiiter and power from tho St. l<nwrenc>(,> river h(»s been WUHI- ed; a'ccordlntf to u report rnttde public by a coininitlii> of engineers appointed to invi^tiKute the project, which was lo co«t $10,000.000.' Tho committee pronounced the scheme a failure und warned th»v city thai tlib unHJwnt I w In t H-O nlno would be wasted wliould it be, UKHd.. The city entt-ri'd upon the operation*. -without mHflclent Httidy, uc- cordiUK to the englneer«. FUNERALiELD TODAY Tampico Cemetery. who lived <y»8t of THE CALIFORNIA VOTE Complete Official Return* Give* Stat» Td WM»on 8y 3,807, (Hy I'nitcd Preatij . Hun Fiunciwco. Cal.lf., Nov. ;''-•,—^President Wilwon ha» a plurulfiy over CharlfM' Kv»n» ilughey In ('jwliforfiia of. a,»o~ iicc<ird|ng to tlic taliVilatlon ot cotnph'te' oiticinl rclurnn "from .ev»'-ry coiinly in tin* «inle.. nuide by ihu Ki<- ibllcun «l;i(t' loiuiuitlre al nvon lo- duy." - _ .:'.". 3 CHILDREN DIE IN FIRI Three Qth«r P*r«om Ne«r Oe*th From Korotene Blaxe, i lir'iilKepori-. Conn, Nov, a^.--As ilie' K Miill ol III-- I'Ui nun-; of ilii> hiinie "1 loM'pb U;i/.«c In l-'aiillcld. the .('iiiher. j jthcr iiiul 3 >«.*ai-old »jiil arc be-j vi'il iu be ilyliiK. two iimull boya.wi'tv ! Ice; Hecond, that ihe only oilier Jlrll- lunnlf of ilritiwh registry was a vesael of u .mere -ll'S IOIIH, too Mnall to uc- co'mnn.dute the ,1,173 accouiitiHl for In the admiralty li«t of,, dejul^ wound ed and deMcuetl. There are four Hrlttutiicn lifted "in Lloyds. TWENTY BOMBS. IN CARGO They Were on the Arrival of Liner 8n Fr«ne». * " ^~" New York, Nov. 22.—Twenty un*x- plottcd bombr were found in tb* «iiK»r cargo -of tho American 8t«am« xhip'Sarnla upon her,arrival »t Cher-, hourj,-, Krance, .after a voyage start- Ing on Sept. 2, durins which the ve»- ael caiiK'ht, fire from a cau»e un- kmnvn, uccurdinr to 8econ«J Officer^ Wybrantu of the 8*rnl».. who arrive^ here on the American Lin* eleonuhln New York from Liverpool. The S.imiu had^the barge Avondal* in tow upon leaving New York, Th» lire at «t;-a wa* extinguished without serious damage, Wykranta aaid. THE AMERICAN FLYERS New York, .Nov. U3.—American «vl- attirx Dgtiling with. (he. French furces on % thw 'western I'ron' liave .brought down u total of iweiuy-one fk-nuan airplane*),, according tw« (Jeutvnttnt William Thaw, a member of the .franco.-American Aviation vorps. who arrived ' here un 'the steamship I;a : Tounilne for a three weeks' .visit among relatives I.k»ut*«iiunt Thaw wa,s ticctuupiiiileil by. C. i'. ~ Johnson. alHo un itviaror, whose home is In New York. liuth'oi' iht> 'uv'iaTors' tulked with Nornmn Prince ju»t prior to his ing on what |>r«»ved to i»e bin tllghi. They «;iur that ht» volplunt'd tnick to i be 1'Yi'iich lines after «n iiir 'enitiigrinent. und in alighting him m.tflune stiijcli snihe tv-legraph wiren. oiviy. and Prince received itv lMi «r«*suiied in his death.- American sU'umBhip. sugar waa consigned to the French government. "The bombs, •! Wybranta «aid t "were described Ur me by the French stevedore whoae crew made the dl*> covery, They were of Iron, nearly » fool long and filled with a high •*- • plosive, deaigned, the Frenchman toI4 mo, to b»> exploded by the he*t of th* lire." •The sugar wail loaded a't a Brook* lyn dock, Wyhrahbi i'iiuici.1 to- (/('.-till vn 1,1 Mi>. Hii,u<V'-*o-Tlic nd u : l|aby bo lic.ihpitu-1 tin PrusMunt of Employ** i Hv I'tiM Nov.. i't«,'t .pi ••'.siji-nt Wti,U FUMIGATE BUNKS. !'t»rl Madison. WlH ; NoV i"j.-• A wpe- vt.j! train will -leave here to tutir the «-!iU!«! >y.Mit'in ot" the. AtchlHon, Topt-ka X:t!i!.i !-'e niilr'oiid to ftuiilfKtte iis.i»f»fi-.i. bunk car arid bunk n>;i:.< used tA Mf.\li\ui •sei-'lion- huil(|». . t-nori -to pit-vein the' s-pmid' of' typhus )t\t'i IDEAL FOR_WORLD PEACE International Trjbunal Mu«t UM 8u- - . pr«.m« C?9M<*t "M Model. Kevv York. Nov. -Jty, ~ Th» I'n I ted; Htutes Suprwn^ Court waa. «uggeat»d by President Nichula« Murray But- I'er of roiuiivbitt. University us a mode} for uiv interhatioHAl court of Justice. Dr. Hutler's idea waa outlined In an itdjlretiti 'at a luncheon given b,y th* World Court fceajfue. "Wbaj we n>ean by a court, in ttj* American mi-use, IM ab»olutt«Jy ujav 1 known in Kuropfl," «uld Pr, Butlw. "In Uorman udiulniatratlve circle* the idea of tt;jKKly ^of_jud«B8 »WMHf fi't;«> from \ all -'«dm|nUt.rath-e Inftu- tnoe» >n»d\_giving their judgmnat* gov«rnm*nt. UM our Judgett "and *guin have done, ia In con- VICTIW OF 8002E J!,iUI..- fr,-..-k, -Mich.. .Ni. ;.: i:sr.l:«.'!l ktll.'tbU- to M lil' SUICIDES. . '^.—'v* p the Uhc of PIXIE FiYER PITCHED Three Coach«« Turned Over But One W»» Killed: iK.n'gii, T«im,.'' NoV, and Eastern Illuaii.s' bouiid Ui.xii' flyer. Chicago to vtlle, MU* wrt-ckcd ut WaMhutvbU* here. o» . • ThiA'e c.oache-i.« turned ovvr. ' '-ii';rt«t ihut no out* 't- carjii lurniiiy- «v« r i k H t L-t-i.n it, »*

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