Fayetteville Weekly Observer from Fayetteville, North Carolina on April 28, 1836 · Page 3
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Fayetteville Weekly Observer from Fayetteville, North Carolina · Page 3

Fayetteville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1836
Page 3
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FAYETTEV1XL.K: THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 1836. Kcimblican lVhig Ticket SlVGll fc- WHITE, for President. fOH TYt.EU,yr Vice-President Hail Howl to the West. See the propo- '.....I : .1 . - r vition couiaiueu m me cuuiinuiiicauon 01 w JUlinton, Mr. Help Speech. There ia no man who stands StrawLerrUs.-Vre fathered a few rioe Straw-1 CONGRESS higher in the House of Representative than Mr berriea as early as Sunday but the first we haye ' " the lath, the bill to distribute tbes pro coeds of' in another column. "NVe acknowledge with gratitude, a steady . i 1 ?:.. tMI very fiaiiusuiuc aitessioa iu our suu- ccription list, ; during the whole course of the Winter and feDrins, but Darticulariy within. the fast three or four weeks. We attribute this, less to any merit oi our own, tan to the increased interest which the peo- pie everj where feel in the politics and news of the day; but more especially to the nrowing popularity of our candidates. White, Tl vler and Dudley, "whose cause it is our pi id e to have cspoustd. The yew Mail Arrangement. The Rich- flAOtlG uui jmci onj a mai iiiiui iiiaii'fii lias been received from the Postmaster General, hat the new arrangement was to go into o- 0n t!ie 25tlvinst. The-Northern mail U to arrive in Fayefteville at 10 o'clock at night, anil the Southern at 3 o'clock- in the morning. . Bel) of .Tennessee. He has been a consistent sup- seen this season. porter of Gen. Jackson t but the refusal to transfer - s ' - . m that support to Van Buren, and the warm support JMwraer tmd Suicide. The Northern pa- nejias given to judge Whiter naveorawn oown, pyf nave long," ana Upon tue whole very upon bim the, utmost rancor of the pack which dilating accounts of an occurrence m 1. . - a j 1 a ' a -t- w AMa if aetata, '' mmm,- I" 7 . ' . j t . v,.. . 7 rhwm ' ork and another in Philadelphia. the special mark for their envenomed shaHa. But . meP in Lyth,PIace; . - he can nev.er be harmed by attacks from such Ihe New York Tragedy was the murder sources as the Globe. ( of a "most beautiful and accomplished' fgr Mr. B. has recently made one of the most pow-' of ill fame, (who resided, with many others erful speeches ever bstened to in that hall. H i. of the mc character in a arjre four 8tory s9:7ndThrbo &wy rbj a consistency and corruption, make it peculiarly in-' Jou,1g man, of hitherto unblemished charac-terestinfr. We make a considerable extract to-,tcr respectable family, named Robin- 4ay, and hope to toiiow it up by another in our 'son, a Ulerk in a fashionable store on Mai next. We hope none ot our readers wnl pass it by. . They (the Whigs) would support Daniel Webster with a more determined z-al than almost any other man of their party, if they thought there was any prospect of his getting a voie in the South. Their alternative support of White is a-vowedly not on the ground that he has mints, but for the purpose of trying to effect a division in the Republican Wrty, they will use the "foolish old raau" for a time and throw him by as worthless." North Carolina Journal. As one of the party, having quite as good op. portunitics of knowing its intentions as the Editors of the Journal, we pronounce the above to be totally unfounded a slander upon the motives of the Whig party, and an insult of the grossest nature to the gray hairs of a venerable and patriotic citizen. who has been thought worthy of servmg.his country in the fit-Id, on the Bench, in the Legislature, and in the Cabinet. And this is the aged man whom the Editors of the North Carolina Journal call a foolish old man." ; Duplin County. t-Xc understand that he While meeting,, whose proceedings we insert in another column, was composed of between two and thee hundred citizens, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather.. This is indeed cheering, when we iolTfct that at the Presidential ejection in 183, only, eleven votes were givep ia Duplin, against Jackson and 'Van Buren. It i, how ailmitted 4y the Van Burert men thenist-Jves, thatit"w"ill be a close contest, aml for our own paft we -shall not be' at all surprised, fronvllie tenorfcour information froin several sources,iFw Dudley, and thiJ AVIiite licket carry tne county py a handsome . majority in A,"ugust and. November rest X're a re. some noble spirits there, who are determined" that Ue people shall have light. " .- . the Publ Extract of a Ltlter Ik Editor. "I learn from all quarters ?the most flattering io Lands among the State being' uu- assurances of success in our Elections... -1 think it ; Brandy, peach. 50 a 60 FAYETTEVILLE M ARKET--Ai:e 28, We-navelhe Dleaaure-ot rayinsr belore our readi-rs the procei'dings.oftheCanveniion at Ruck Jng-lism which nominatfd the Hon. John D Too- mi-r ot this Uounty, as the caniiioate lor fclrctof on the White. Ticket. Compare this Convention with that of the Van Buren oarty, held -in the same place -on fhe preceding day. , At ours,, eve. rv county was represented, by Delegates appgint ctl at public meetings of the,. people. The hum ber of DeleerateS present was22;:tte meeting was publicly held in the Court House, in, presence, of tnnny sprcjators it. wasanimaxeo .Dy me Dt-st ifcelnifT, and strongest con&Jroe of sircces9 Tin- Van Buren rfneeling w.a? composed of 8 D 1-gates, from only. three Codnties.' It was held in a pViyate room in the'Qotel.-without a .spectator, aUllruirh.the Court'djHimrdt a,t the ins'.ace of a.Whig Lawyer, or the purpose of giving, the m I ' the ust of the Coui House. Its members ar4 s:iul to have made a precipitate retreat fn'ni liock-J inplnm, uisspinleu ana -chagrined. Tht j law 'the lund writing on the -Wall." W .have heard sonje amusing anecdotes of-the Decision: but wedo not feci dispi'sed to pn-an our oppunents too far. Wf will nly, th refore, men- linn, tha.t we sfc mfrmed cnHdrable twrts were made to procure 'RuckT members" mf the Van Huren Convention fronv'he counties pf A,n- son and Richmond- The people not hsving wnt DiKe-.ites from ttiose counties, individuals who happened to be present, as Rucker happened in P:l imore at the geat Humbug Caucus, were ap-phud lo to take seats inhe Cnvention and re present those Counties. But alan! every applica tion failed, and the CdTiventiftn was at last obHged to mtet with only tms eight faithful. Wh'ie Elector Our Ticket will soon be full. Only si Districts remain to be h ard from, and in one oi these (the Wilmington) the Elector was jJnubUess nominated on Momlay. Tlie following tfentk-racn compose the Ticket so far as beard from: I 1st District, ALFTtED Webb, of Itutherford- Col. Andkrson Mitcdeli., Wilkes. Wm. J. Alexa n er, Mecklenburg. Johjc Giles, of Rowan. Hon Thomas Settle, Rockingham. Johx M. it on eii f. An, of Guilford Hon Jon-i D.Tqomeh. Cumberland. CnARta's MiXU. of Wakr. Wm. W. CueRbt, of Bertie. Lxk at the other So far as we have heard. the ontv persons nominated on the Van Buren and Johnson Ticket, are, Col. Bowers, of Ahe, and Wm. A. Morris, of Anson, and the latter as Wi1 staled in our last, nominated by onlv three out il tin five counties in the District We doubt wh- thcr the Van Buren men have been able to rais meeting's in more than fifteen or twenty counties Whikt White meetings, with the addition this vetk of Duplin, number 38. Of the Virginia Elections, the Raleigh Standard of the 21st says, MOf the Senators whose election has been heard from, we believe not one is a whig." How could they be, when the truth isfc that up to the date of the Standard. not one of the Senatorial "Elections had been beard from, in full, or was complete. -' An attempt has been made in the Globe, and co pied "with approbation into pther Van Buren pa- perof fqual want of character, to charge Mr. Wise aim other Southern members with countenancing Mr Slade, a Vermont member, in his efforts to deft atlhe bill for the admission of Arkansas into Jthe Union, because' it did not prohibit slavery. .This charge is utterly destitute of foundation. . No Southern member would dire to take iich a step and venture to show himself in the South agajn. Mr. Wise, in noticing this slander, in connection vith another, said: "He oftVred this t xplanution, because the Globe attempted to con neci-its false, statement with another falsehood, to ivit. that there was an understanding bet ween him and the fjt-ntleman from Vermont, as to the presentation that gentleman of his memorial against die admission of Arkansas. Any and all intimations, by whomsoever made, that he, or, so far as he knew, any of his friends, had any understanding, tacit or expressed, with any gentleman, here or elsewhere, with regard to the introduction of these memorials were faUc, foully false Hi knew not that the gentleman from Vermont had anv me moriafof this kind to present. He had opposed the presentation and reception of all abolition me morials from the commencement of the session He hoped that the Gh-be reporters wotdd note these remarks, in order tuat thr- Globe might re cord the evidence of its baseness in its own co lumns." den Lane. One of the New York Daners has fed the morbid appetite of a corrunt so ciety, by a minute description of the beau ty, the accomplishments, the wit, the literary character, and the misfortunes of the wretched girl. The keeper of this horrid den is called in that paper, the old lady!!" and the following sentence will serve as a specimen of the morality as well as the style in which these accounts are written: "Beauty and innocence talent and accomplish ment, such as are seldom seen commingled together, gave up its existence when tlie fatal axe penetrated the alabaster forehead of Ellen Jewett." For the credit of the other papers of that city, we ought to mention that the "Herald" is the paper which gives these dUgusting details. Robinson is in prison. The Philadelphia case was the attempted murder of another lady ! also beautiful antl accomplished, who, being separated from her husband, and an applicant for a divorce, was receiving attentions from two gentle men! one of whom, a lawyer nanu-d Brown. in a ht of jealousy, fired a iHtl at Ins mis tress (-whose Irte was saved by the ball striking her corset bone,) and then immediately killed himself with another, pistol. Scarcity of Money. Whilst money ex'rerm ly scarce at the .North, and every kind of business is suffering in consequence, the Government has locked up in the vaulls of its pets; nearly thirty- two milbons of dollars In the city of New York :ilone, where the pressure is most felt, the three Deposite Btnks have $11,037,767 44ofTrasury Deposites. Peter V. Daniel, of Richmond, a fifth rate law yer, and first rate party hack, has been appointed, by the Piesident and Senaie, Judge of the U. S. for the Eastern District of Virginia. , - - ; ' ' .4 . w uwv v uer coasuierafcon,, Mr-Beaten, (Van.Bixren) made : impossible we can be defeated.; .We are certain rf?kh"&in'VU .thI Ir.8outb,;of th? Senator in Richmond and Robeson, and al-J; C wLtd,,?eUS? lU n th0 0t.h BdJat' 1 ia tb D'"ct composed of Bladen, Columbua T th. &( Whl8 "P h". J jBureh candidate. Our candidate is Col. Burney. made to nroiS, S t-Wt-myta. have been lhc cou thou h Te of Columbus, !E 2iJ.E2?rf liL:,rwVliVlir,ch- county he' formerly represented in . the ,J?l 11"r,tJUt,on of tlw aarploa among the, Mat.-; i ep-isUtuep -. a They have all been defeated by th Van Buren j ftatu- -Aalagli Begutcr was a motion by Mr. Mercer te divide anibng the ' 11,0 l orboro Froo Press, 00 far as wo have ob. Statea the sum of 23 fifll nnn t raHrl erTedt the only Van Buren paper which has cr Dwtrict f everv Whig paper in the State has inserted Mr. Van Bu- 1 ren's letter on the aame euhiect. althouorh it vxiuum). .. . . dozen tunes. By the I predicted that the liig Editors would not extend to Mr. Van Buren this measure of justice; and yet, unless wo are e-gregiously io error, the Editors of that print have not even found room for Judgo White's uhort e. much easier is it, to preach than prac- gh Register. numbers, to be oaid on tha lat.af Jnlv. Oetolr. naa inriairnesaio repuW,sli Judge White's Ltt January and April next. Mr. Speight (Van Buren) "Je.nTct V?bo,l"h!ni? SU"rr h moved th Prr,n. n r. j... ,u: - ' Columbia. On the other band, nearh w w iwmw .uuativu. au unmai s.iiiat . . m ' -il' ren's letter on the aame euhiect, a Ewing, of Ohio, Mid he j the judge., ia length nearly a doz il quarters the following j the North Carolina Journal site Bank in Ohio to the VV,i Edilors wouW nol cxtend tnendmont, and it was carried, 108 lo 75 Deposite Banks. Mr I I . r nau receivea irom severs Circular from the Deoos other Banks in that State. CIRCULAR. Cuxton Bank of Columbus. Aoril 1. 1836. a aJm.Un f p,aper r"ce,red fron,r: piatle. So m tlie land offices, and the difficultv and expense of ice KueiSi converting it into funds receivable by the Treasury . . ZP" r.1!1:" c!lhnl Occurrence. nevr year is Bissex transmitted,) will compel this in.t.tulioo in future ' " .J' nfT lorming . amie mre to decline receiving through that channel the paper e V" ' firai figure, sre the quantity of he two of all the banks ot the State, other ih.n the de each two figures combined make 9. lho four poite banks, that will not consent to redeem the roa,e LchJWO fif" combined make 9; he paper ,o received, by DRAFTS on New York, . Pro-,,c ,ir I6'5,24' which figures added gelher Fhiladelphia, or Baltimore, p .yable thirty days from j make 18- Such combination rarely occurs date, at far! Figure. One of the Boston police repoHers, Permit me to inquire whether it is the wish of 'in describing a complainant in court who had been your institution that your paper shall be received pretty essentially bunged up in an affray, says upon these torms? "His" macerated visage spoke for itself. There Instances occur daily, of E istcrrf funds being . WM not ft wu;te 8pol M blff M a f,u..pt.nc. on i,: convenea. at a prom, uuo me puper or me local ; n. loolce-tl as if he had fallen head foren Ditto, apple, Bacon,' Beeswax, i t Coffee, I;, Qottob, new Corn, Candles, F. P. Flaxseed, Flour, Feathers, Iron, I . , Molasses, 45 a 05 (Nails, cut. 12i . 22a23 14 a 15 15al6 85 a 90 15 1 25 40 5a5 Sugar, brown', Lump, Salt, JTobacco, leaf, fCottonBagging,25a30 48 a 50 .f. 15 f V 65m 70" v 6r Bale Rope, WDeat, Whisker, Wool, 10 a 12 1 25 34 a 36 18 a 20 most into a banks, which iS paid into the land offices, and the 'boiled huckleberry pudding, ahd had permitted burden of converting tho paper again into Eastern ;ts contents to drv on " King's Speech. -The Llyeipool corres Olid funds is thrown upon the institutions receiving the public ileposiles. You uro aware that we havo heretofore received Ipondent of the New York KveninStar tells a paper of all the bank, xf the Slate, without . ,h fo0Wjn Rtorv of R; VVnxiAM, ajld mditiori or discriminntion. We reeret that the!,. . . , r " . ' v ins taie peecn irum tne tnrorw: When the Kins read his snecch in the 2d 3d 4'.h Olll 6tii rtti lllll Columbus County. We learn that great efforts h ve been made by certain Van Buren men, who reeard success more than truth, the end more than the means they take ta accomplish it, toconvinc uie good peple ol Columbus County, tnai me "Whiles do not seriously mean tt press the claims tf Judge- White, but only run him for the purpose n . . . e s. I nr I a oi Hiflmir the election oi uaniei weDSier a. more palpable f4ehood was never propagated. Mr Wi bster stands not the smallest chance of elec Vmn. He will be run, so far as we know, only in tlie State of Massachusetts, and her Electoral vote w tlie only one which be has any prospect of ob tainina: Indeed, we are confident, that Massa chus-tts would droD him: if either of the other Caiulidatea wpr area ntable to ler. His Tariff principles, equally with those ofVan Buren, render him odioos to the Whigs of the" South. Let the people of Columbus not be deceived. The vote of North Carolina will certainly be cast for that honest old patriot. Judge White, if the peo ple do not permit themselves to be decoyed tnio tne support of Van Buren. the intriguer, tne. aa vocate of high Tariffs, and of Missouri restriction llrginia. Returns have been received irom about hftv counties,, iq which thfc'par ties stand 32 White, 33 Van Buren.- Tlie changes have been 10, of which the Whigs have gained 7. and the administration 3 being a clear gain of 4 members, or votes. What is better, we have trained still greater nronortion of vote's of the neo P1' - In a few days the full returns will be itemed. 77te Special Election. Gov Spaight has drawn down on 'himsrlf the lust indignation of the WrSteVn peopl for depriving the 12lh Congressional D'StrTct of a Representative for the remainder of this session. The Carolina Gazette, pub-fish; d in the District, and both the Salisbury papers, speak in language not to be misunder- L stood They tell the Governor, what no one can doubt, "that the utter hopelessness of electing Newland, is the true reason for the postponement, and "hat he has violated the spirit of his sqle'mn obligations to support the Constitution by L his decision The Watchman cites some prece- dt is which strongly exnioit me impropriety oi the Governor's course. . Two years ago, a special election was ordered in South Carolina to take place as late as the 3d of June. The memb-r e-lected took his seat in the House sometime before the session closed on the oO'h ot June On that occasion the vacancy occurred on the 1st day of rAjiril, and the Governor of South Carolina was much.censurel, by the Jarksnn party, tor not issuing the writ of election at once and fixing an earlier day than the' 3d of June The censure would have been just, but tor the tact which the (governor made known, that he did not receive the official -notice of the vacancy, on which alone he was at liberty to act, until about a month after t occurred. Still, when it did reach him, he im mediately ordered the election. Look at the conduct of our Governor, and contrast it with the hove. The vacancy here occurred on the 29th March. The official notice of it doubtless reach- ... :.U-.. r .1..... . fl If aim nl me-governor wmnn mur wji- - take the long session of the last Congress as he nrobable length of the preaent, there were almost three mouths of the session remaining, and nearly every important measure, it is well known, is finally disposed of within the last week or two f the session. It may be sain that tne present session Witl terminate earlier than that did. What right have we to suppose so Is it hot notorious' hat theeeijs more business betore it than was ever hefore"knownrTfce Governor had no reason to suppose, that because a resolution was before the Senate to adjourn on the 23d May, that therefore Congress would adjourn at that time. The same idea was held out in 1834. 1 ne UDserver oi jz- flril 29 of that year contains a letter from one of tnr mentbers- of Conirress, dated April -J4tn, in urMrh an adjournment was anticipated "early in ... . .. . ........ lone." and yet it did not take place until tne last Uy of June . Another case is cited bv the Watchman. When Gow Spaight was. elected to his present station lurinr the last session, thougone legislature ua not sit one month afterwards, an election was held, nd the new member took bis seat. In everr view of the matter, it ia clear that jus tice to Ihe State, and especially to the people of that District, who have. no representative to present their claims to Congress, or lo assert their rights and interests, demanded a speedy election to fill the vacancy. TEXAS.. The accounts from Texas are so contradictory and imperfect as scarcely to be worth republishing; but in One particular they appear to concur, that Santa Anna has carried all before him, so fir. The statement, copied into our last, that Col. Fannin had cut his way through the Mexican army, and joined Gen. Houston, is not confirmed; but it is now asserted that he had an engagement with a superior force, which continued severtl hours, and as some accounts say, every man was killed in battle but others, that he finally surrendered, with 3 or 400of his men, under an express pledge of protection, and that o the next morning, after being disarmed, they were dclibtrultly shot Only hree are said to have escaped. Much interest has been felt in the fate of this officer and his men, from the fact, that they were Georgians, having marched some months since from Macon, Mdh dgrville, and Columbus. Whether murdered or killed in battle, it seems. to be certain that Fannin and his whole corps of 500 men have per islu-d. The families of the Texians are flying from thr neighborhood of the monster Santa Anna, who v. said to spare neither age nor sex. but butchers in discriminate!)' all who lull into his Hands. Several vessels have arrived at Nc w Orleans filled w ith wo men and children. Gen. Houston was retreatinr, and the I exians had burned several of their towns, and destroyed the plantations, to prevent their giving aid to the enemy The following extract of a letter from Texas, gives some interesting particular of the tall ol San Antonia: Our force in tho Alamo at the tune of its being stormed, amounted to one hundred and eighty-sov- en, every soul ot whom was put to death extend. 1 ing mercy only to a femalo, tho wife of ono who nobly lost his lifts in tho engagement to tell the melancholy news. The Muxican fierce was six thousand, having bombarded the Alamo for two days without doing any execution, a tremendous effort waa made to take it by storm, which they succeedrd in doing alter a most s inguinary engagement, lasting near an hour. History, neither ancient nor modem, can give evidence of euch brave, ry and horoisin as whs evinced on the occasion. No ouarters were called for until every soul had perished savo seven, who on otsking quarters, and being told none could be give, again commenced the work of death, and the lust died as did the first, without yielding :m inch of ground th condition or discriminntion. We reeret rapid Halo ot ine public domain, and toe premium which it costs to convert such paper into the inn. diu'ii in which our remittances ure made, will not permit us to continue to do so. He pleased to let us hoar from you in reply, as' early as pr-ictic'ablo. In the mean time, we have directed the Re.' ceivers who deposite hnre, not to receive, after the' 29th instant, tho paper of any bmk of the Stnte, (other than the deposite banks,) unless liereafier instructed to that eftect by this institution. Very repect fully, J. UELA FIELD, Jr. Cashier. Mr. Ewing offered a resolution on this subject, calling op the Secretary of the Treasury to inform tho Sonate whether this arbitrary course oftho De posite uank was hi pursuance of instructions. He wanted to know, too, whether Ihe public money w is withdrawn from Ohio for the purpose of pla cing il in the pets in New Yofk and other large cities. He desired to know whether the Receivers of Public Moneys had boen instructed net to receive the notes oftho other specie paying Banks in Ohio, unless they would agree to pay them in drafts on the Northern cities. He said ruch drafts were worth from ono to two and a half per cent, ndvnncn, and this was the tax which the Deposite Bank levied upon its neighbors, un said that the other B-mks in Ohio wore old institutions, of cx cellent standing, whilst the pet was a new Bank, nd nearly halt its stock owned out ot .tho Mate. Such, however, is the power conferred upon this institution by the aid of the Treasury, that the other B tnks wern afraid lo como in collision with it, and in forwarding the abovo Circular to Mr Ewing, had requested him not to let it be knovn from wJiom he received it. The Banks, he said, would be obliged lo refuse the demand ot the De posits Bank, and their notes would then bo dis credited, though they arc always ready to pay specie for them.. lie wont on to show that the effect of this cxlraordinary requisition ofthe Bank would be, that the people who might want to pay for government land with other Bank notes, would tiHve to get thorn shaved, at the loss perhaps of 5 on the $11)0. And he predicted, what ha already -oine to pass, that there would be a shaving shop very near to the Receiver's office. The Gold Humbug. Mr. Benton has introduced a resolution declaring that "after in the ye ir 1836, nothing but gold and silver ought to be received in payment for the public Lands." This would be an effectual mode of slopping the sale o tho Lands House of Lords; it whs very dark, and he could, with difficulty, read it. v lie made any mistakes, and called to Lord Mel bourne, 'Melbourne, what word is this?' At ast, he said loud enough to be heard by the reporters, 'Melbourne, why the d 1 don t thev bnns in candles? At last one wax ta-per was brought in; the King then told the arliament that a he had not, h feared. been able to make himself intelligible, he must commence reading the speech de novo, which he did." POSTSCRIPT. To our very great surprise, not a word has yet been heard from Gen. Scott, though tie left Fort Drane on the 25th March, and wehave Jacksonville dates to April 20th. Charleston. April 25. Fbom Flomda. Tho schooner Motion, C.tptsin Willie, arrived yesterday, from Jacksonville, (Flo. rida,)'having left that place on Wednesday taut. brings nothing new from the seat of war. Ihet impression at Jacksonville was, that Gen. ScoTl had arrived at Tampa Bay, without meeting the Indians. Mercury. VIRGINIA The Petersburg Intelligencer re ceived this morningr contains the returns from 60 Counties, which have elected 37 Wbigs, 37 Van Burenitea. WHOLESALE DRY GOOD St & H Alii) WARE Foot of liay eToniif, ' fa y in vrTT.T.ty u: o. NEW AND DESIRABLE 7 THE Subscribers are now receiving" their r Onniit1 nitont inn . t a . " w w a, a ifi aaua m iiiwii w-aa mr mm - larger and more general assortment than ever bo-fore offered in this market, and which will in part consist ofthe following articles, vix: A.X WTENSn t ASSOaTMKNT OF Fancy and Stute British) French, . India and Domestic GOODS, Hardware and Cutlery, Saddlery Hardware, general assortment,) Men's and Boys' black and drab Silk, Fur and Wool Hats, . Fine and coarse Palm Leaf Hats, Men's and Boys' Shoes and Brogans, Women's and Misses' Morocco Leather. and Prunella Shoes, Ladies' and Misses' Leghorn and Tuscan Bonnets, Saddles and Bridles of all descriptions., Cotton and Wool Card, French Baskets, Cur back and Gig Saddle Trees, Worsted, Cotton, IUdte and Rein Web " bin;8, Straining Webb, Halters' Trimmings, " Dutch Uniting Cloihs. Nos. 3 to 12, Morocco and Hog Skins, King's Cast Steel Axes, &c. Jcc- Together with a great variety of other articles which makes their assortment as general aa is required for the Country Trade, and much more general than can be found in any one House in the place, i heir present Stock has been laid in on the most advantageous terms, and is offered at WHOLESALE exclusively, and to which they would mvite the attention of Country Merchants, and the public generally. HALL 8t JOHNSON. April 28, 1836. - 85 tf DIED, I am mrw ecfcvuig, BY Steamer Henrietta, my Spring and Symrner supplies of GOODS, consisting io part of tlie following:- . . 100 bags superior Rio Coffee, (high scented,) 20 hhds. do New Crop Molasses, 10 do do Sugar, 1000 bushels Liverpool Salt, 500 lbs. Cotton Yarn, assorted, 500 lbs- Bar I -cud, 50 pair bright Trace Chains, Loaf Sugar, Tea, Rice. &c .&c. All of which wilt be sold low for Cash or on tim In Lincoln county, on tho 21stinst. IIUTCHINS o punctual customers, who are invited to call or G. BURTON, Esq. Ex-G nvernor of this State. isend their orders. In Halifax, THOMAS BURGES, Esq. for many years an eminent Lawyer. COMMERCIAL RECORD. The General Appropriation Bill has passed the House, and been twico rci.d in the Senate. The resolution of Mr Dromgoole, caUing upon the Secretary ofthe Treasury for a report relative to Whitney s connection with the Deposite Banks, and the proposition of Mr. Wise to amend by ap pointing a committee to take testimony on oath are not yet disposed of, and have only been once hefore the House during- the last week. On that occasion, Mr. Wise noticed an attack on him in the Globe, by Whitney, by reading from the Bank report of 1832, showing ih.it Whitney had perjured himself, and that he had sworn allegiance to Great Britain during the last war, whilst in Canada Mr Wise asked if it did not justify the suspicion that something is rotten in the Treasury, when such a man as this was connected with it, I and was attempted to be screened by the people's x r . in i . m I airl. ' . The Alamo was attacked at four different points; House? It is said in Washington tliat Whitney the walls being only about breast high, the enemy was onabled to scale them by means of scaling ladders, our force not boing sufficient to protect it at realizes forty or fifty thousand dollars a year by his agencv. On motion of Mr. LEWIS WILLIAMS, Resolved, That the Committee of Claims be instructed to inquire into the. expediency of paying the Claims of North Carolina for ARRIVED, April 24th, Steamer Henrietta, with boat Post Boy in tow, with Goods for Hall &. Johnson, G. B.Atkins, F. Lain, John McArn, H. F Peck, C. P. Mallelt, C. T Haigh, Yar-brough & Ray, G. C. McNeill and Gardner St Mc-Ke than, of this place; and Nathan Hunt, Jr , Hunt &. Lowrie, W. Welsh, J. Wheeler, Holmes & Bunting, Worli 8t Hadley, Joshua Stanly, Dusen-bery and McRorie, McRorie ami Dusenbery, Du-senberry Si Paine, Charles McDonald, A Docke-ry, J M. Coffin, J. Cowles, G. W Brown, P. Evans & Co , Siler & Albright, J. Johnson, Albright St Whitehead, J. Long, sen. P Adams and B Clemmons, of the interior. Also, on the 23d, steamer Clarendon, with boat Transport in tow, with Goods for Arch. Campbell, Stark &, foarce, James Mahoney, Neill Johnson, Wm. Mclntyre, Thx. Sandford & Co., T. Coch ran, Jeremiah Kyle, and Peleg Pcarce, of Fayette-villc; and for Re vis & Taylor, Fariah & McNeill, Coble & Patterson, and Peter Adams, of interior. Also, on the same day. Steamer John Walker, with Dry Goods, Sugar. Coffee, Salt, Molasses, &e., for Nolt & Starr, WiKkings & Be Wen, Joseph Baker, John Huske & Son, William S. Latta, Hart &. Fuller, Charles T. Haigd. John M. Dobbin, G. W. Ragland & Go., Peleg Pearce, Samuel T. Hawley, S. W. Murloy, Yarbrough & Ray, Sampson Boon, Barnum Beach, and R. W. King, of this place; and for Fall & Franklin, Thomas McNeely, H. A. Bryson, D. Bryson & Co., Evans, Horn & Co., Marsh & Reeves, J. Newlin, Ford & Ellis, i Charles 3. Williams, R. & Jt. Fawcelt & Co., April 26, 1836 C J OURKLL. Brick How, foot of Hay Mount. 86tf SPRING GOODS. VVTE have received, and are, now opening, our v T Spring Supply, which comprises a large and extensive assortment of DRY GOODS, Hardware and Cutlery, Leghorn and Tuscan BONNETS, Me as' silk, fur, wool and palm leaf HATS, Boys' silk and Leghorn ATS, . Coiton and wool CARDS, Writing, letter and wrapping PAPER, DRUGS, PATENT MEDICINES, &c-ALSO, 12 Hhd. Porto Rico SUGAR, 12 Bbls. Manilla Ditto, 80 Bags Rio COFFEE, Which we offer at a small advance for Cash", Country Produce or undoubted paper. NOTT & STARR. Jpril 23, 1836. 86 6w. all points -I he-ross ot tne enemy was great; oao ameu, ouo " "T. . " .r -k - r-j-'ii : nhtiM v:fiw. jaPOi, Krider. Rt.hu. Hinr-s & Co.. mortally wounded, and many slightly. ; North Caro im. lor advances mane j ' Henderson, Moore & Haynes . Thus the garrison which coat so much hard j by that . State dormg the late war; the cencee & B 7 ngnline, naa ueen rciaKeu ireai cost iu i uxas, : ui "it -.nv , vr.. ...v. . .... . . . n.L 1 . 1 . Z" . t rr V . . but much greater to the enemy, it is inucn lo be ; me miru Aiiuuor oi me i reasury ueparuuciu The Cheraw Gazette states that the Small Pox is disappearing from the infected district in Marl-boroughi S. C. that the whole number of cases has been about 50, deaths 7. The Gazette says that the efficiency of vaccination was fully and satisfactorily tested.' .J. , . The disease has disappeared from the tieighbor-bood of Wilkesboroogb, N. Carolina. Great Bank Robbery The Merchants' Bank of providence,' R--1., was robbed on the 16th inst. of about $190,000. A reward of $10,000 ia offered.; New Jor.- Ono of the papers saya that the Whig? of the City celebrated their triumph b? an lUuthinatinn, and that 'Tamma- i ny Hall itne van iiureu neau nuaucis; (looked rathef blue.'? . , regretted that our force in the garrison was not greater thougn it was always supposed to Have beeneofficient to maintain the post. Texas has to mourn tho losa of Wm. B. Travie (in command.) The celebrated Col. David Crockett, of Tennessee, was among the slain. His conduct on the occasion was most heroic; having used his rifle as long aa. possible by loading and discharging, and the unemy crowding upon the walls, he turned the britch of his gun and demolished more than twen-ty of the enemy before he fell. The Mobile Clwoniclc of the 16th inst. says: On further conversation with some of the passengers by the Ten saw, we learn that the army of General Houston was believed to be nesr-y equal in number to ihe Mexican force, and was preparing for a general engagement. Rein forcements were expeciea, ana daily arriving. 300 men -under Col. H ust in, from Natchez, were on their way, and 1400 'to 1500. from Kentucky and Tennessee, besides smaller parties from other places. With any thing like an equality of force, there is little fear but that the Texiana will render a crood account of the' invader A letter bas ocen receivea in moone, irom J. Dorrinzton. dated March Mb, which states that th inkahitanta en i no xraMoa aoove aan r eiiDe. had secured their, farauiet by placing them on the east of Trinttr. ' That tbe panic was over? every man able to bear arms, waa rushing to join Hous ton. That Santa Anna had let tbe important hoar alio, and that the people had become confident that they would be able shortly to expel the invader from Texas. -For aeveral daya previous to the date of the letter, nothinz had been heard ot the Max ean army; that Santa Anna had either retreated, or waa endeavoring to make a flank movement on , Houston, North American Quarterly Magazine. Mrs. Fairfield, the wife of the Editor of this work, is now on a visit to the South, soliciting subscriptions for the work. We have seen it very highly praised. 7?at7 Road Stocksjfyc.Kx a late sal e of Stocks in Petersburg, the Petersburg Rail Road Co's Stock brought 8120 50; Greensville, and Roanoke Rail Road gll2; Raleigh aud Gaston Rail Road 101; Matoac'a Man ufacturing Co. 8115 25; Petersburg Manu ally, lhese are cneenog facturing Co. Andrew Lindsay. Jedediah Smith, John Murphcy, S. D. & W. H. Moore, J. F. Douthit & Co., Albert B. Stith, Jesse Henshaw, Ilenshaw & Pugh, T. Allen &Co., J. M. & J. Allen, William Murphey, Reeves & lay lor, fansh & McJNeitl, John; row. ler, Coble & Patterson, and J. Russoll, of interior. DEPARTED, on the 23d, steamer Clarendon, with Bacon, Lard, &c, for Geo. B. Alkina, Curtis & Myrover. Also, on the same day, Clarendon Company's tow boat Eliza, with Cotton, Flour, &c.,forC T. Haigh, Stark & Pearce, Wilrkinga &l Belden.Geo. McNeill, C. J. Orrell, and S. W. Murley. Also, on the 26th, steamer John Walker, with Cotton, Flour, Lard, end Bacon, for Geo. McNeill, Joseph Baker, Beverly Rose, and others. prices. The Knickerbocker. We have received the April number of the Knickerbocker, and have been highly amused and interested by its contents. It is, to our taste, decidedly the best of the exclusively American Magazines. It is published monthly by Wifey and Long, New York, at 85, per annum! The New York Evening Star says: A Sign. All tho abolition vun inXknncctieut, and they, number a'powerfaTvote, rallied 09 tbe Van Boren ticket. " -Let tha Sooth remember this. An invalarai dram drinker beinff told that the cholera with which be w attacked was incurable, and tha) he would speedily te removea m woria of pore spiriU, replied, Well, that's a comfort, at 11 events, for it's very difficult to get any ia this world." . , . - C An error occurs in the atlver- tisement of Malcom Buie, AdmV on the first page of this Daper. Instead of Tuesday the 12th of May, it should be THURSDAY the 12lh. CASKS for sale by SO April 28, 1836. W. S. LATTA. 85-4w FayetteviUe independent JLight Mntanzrij xjotnuantt: - A TTEND a Regular Muster of your Corps st I. tbe Company Parade Ground, on Saturday afternoon next, SOth inst., at 3 o'clock. ' A Court Martial wrU be held at tbe Court House, at 4 P. at which all delinqueoU are mjuirrd to appear, and render excuses, otherwise fines will be duly entered against them. By order of Maj. Goodwin S. W. MtfRLEY, 0. S. prit 28th, 1836. 4 - GROCERIES. &c. , THE Subscribers would invite the attention of Country Merchants and the public generally. to their prevent Stock of GROCERIES, which will be found to comprise as general an assort ment as can be obtained in this Market, and to consist in part of the following articles, vizi 220 Hhds. Sugars and Molasses, 250 bags Rio Coffee, 25 do St. Domingo do, 25 tons Swedes and English Iron, Sheet, Band and Hoop Iron, Cast, German, Crawley, Shear, English and American Bliater Steel, 100 kegs Nails, 75 dozen Patent corn, urass ana German, Scvthe Blades, 25 do Frying Fans, -10O0 lbs. Bar Lead, 100 bags Shot, 50 kegs Dupont'a Powder, 12 boxes Lemon Simp, 10 baskets Sweet Oil, 10 Hhda. Crockery, 100 dozeu Weeding Hoes, assorted sizes, 12 do Spades and Shovels, 30 boxes Tin Plate, . 25 kegs White Lead in oil, 5 do Red do, 50 dozen Spirits Turpentine, Pepper, Spice and Ginger, 50 boxes 8 m 10 and 10 x 12 Glass, Imperial and Gunpowder Teas, Train and Lamp Oils, Trace Chains, Anvils, Vises, Sole Leather, Mill and x cut awa, Wagon and Cart Boxes, &c. &c. Together with a large and general assortment of Patent Medicines, Paints, Dye Stuffs, &e. kc all of which will be sold at tbe lowest Market prices. HALL & JOHNSON. Fsyettetille, April 28, 1836. - 86-tf 1 TIE Subscriber found on the 5tb cf, March last, a new AXE, between this place and his residence in Sampson. The Owner is requested to come forward, prove property, and pay the price of advertiser. .; . MOSES XOXi JprilZi: lr. " 1

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