The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on January 24, 1909 · Page 5
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 5

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 24, 1909
Page 5
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t i i I i ! ! 'i 1 1 i! THE WICHITA EAGLE, SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 24, 1909. 5 A '.'if si? INCREASES ITS CAPITAL Wichita Ice and Cold Storage Co., to Enlarge Plant. WOODS IS INTERESTED Becomes Vice-President of Organized Firm. Re- ACTIVE IN WE MANAGEMENT Will Devote Entire Business. Time to that Is not Just and according to law. When we have a complaint to make against any public utility about excessive Baa rates or poor light accommodations or anything of that sort we can telephone the city building and have It corrected without having to argue and quarrel over our rights at the counting rooms of corporations that let our grievances go in at one ear and out at another Each citizen will have the right to vote on every man connected with their government and all the commissioners will be responsible to each individual In town instead of to a few politicians who can get the "gang" out to vote for their man while good citizens are too busy to give their time to it. There will be no more swapping of favors among coun-cilmen at the expense of the people for unnecessary lights, fire plugs, street im- provements and the other things that cause such a waste of money. 'j Will the people come out to vote for the system? ISSUING PERMITS AGAIN EXTRACTION OF TEETH CAUSED HIS DEATH GEORGE W. HOLDRIDGE DIES OF BLOOD POISONING, One of the Oldest Horsemen In Wichita Having Come Here From New York Twenty Years Ago Funeral Monday. . CAPITAL NOW IS $150,000 An Increase in Stock From $50,-000 Is Authorized by the State Charter Board. One hundred thousand dollars additional was put into the capital stock Of the Wichita Ice and Cold Storage company yesterday, making the present capital $150,000. This was a move of great importance to Wichita. It means more buildings, more hands to be employed, and, above all, the concentration of a great business here. Mr. Charles Southward's fine business brain conceived the idea of get ting people from everywhere to store here and get advances of money on the goods stored, on the 'warehouse receipt" plan. This is what centralizes business here because Wichita banks have the money to loan on stored mer chandise and to swing a big trade. Apples and fruit of all kinds, eggs, poultry, vegetables and other perish ables can be put into this "greater warehouse" by the producers who can keep them there until market condi tions are favorable and have from 60 to 70 per cent of their value in money to operate with. It is not generally known, but it is a fact, nevertheless, that hundreds of orders are daily coming from California, Dakota, New Orleans and other points to commission men to buy pro ducts of this country when they are cheap and store them here until they are needed. It is the remarkable growth of this sort of outside business that induced Mr. Southward to have the capital increased and the capacity of the plant extended. It is not generally known that nearly eleven million eggs were stored with Mr. Southward last year, to say noth ing of other things. The eggs alone would make five trainloads of fifteen cars for each train. All the new stock this $100,000 blook has been taken "already,1 Delos Woods having bought qoite a block Of It. He becomes vice president of the company, instead of Mr. Elllsberry Martin, resigned. The new board as It .now stands Is composed of C. W. Southward, Delos Woods, Chas. H. Brooks, C. W. Brown, H. V. Wheeler, W. E. Brown of Au gusta and W. II. Herbig of Kansas City. The management of the plant will continue as it is now, with C. W. South ward as president, I. Brooks as secre tary, and C. F. Anderson as general manager. Mr. Woods will also devote his time to the plant, assisting Mr Southward and taking charge during his absence, Building Takes a Boom After a Few Days' Slump. Plans were completed and contract let yesterdav for the buildintr of a $7,000 residence for F. G. Smyth. It is to be located in the twelfth block on North Topeka avenue. The plans, which were drawn by Ar chitect Charles, present quite a devia tion in residence architecture. Work on construction is to commence immediately, material having arrived. II. Van Arsdale is to build a $4,000 home on University avenue. He secured a building permit yesterday. The residence is to be a two-story frame building with six rooms. It is to be completed by April 1. It. J. Lyon took out a permit for the building of a residence on Volutsla ave nue, to cost $2,000. It is to be one-story and seven rooms. II. Williams also secured permit for the construction of a $2,000 residence It Is to be located at 1517 North Em poria avenue. It is to be a five-room cottage. John Fortman will build a residence to cost $1,200. It is to be located on Orchard street. H. J. Houston is to build on North Market street in Powell's addition. It is to be a cottage. The cost will be $2,000. Rudolph Klauber is to build a cottage to cost $1,000. It will be located on Whitney street. In Kirk's third addi tion. William Caswell is going right ahead on construction of his two-story building on West William street in the first block. The building, which is to be of cement stone, will have a 25-foot frontage. It is theilast of the several new buildings to be constructed on West William street during the last year. George W. Holdridge, who has had charge of the track at the local fair grounds ever 6ince it was builded, and who is known to racing men in the East 'and West alike, is dead. Death came yesterday afternoon at 1:15 o'clock at his residence, 607 West Second street. ; .-'; - The extraction of height teeth about a month ago was indirectly the cause of death. Blood poisoning set in and with the best of medical skill he could not be helped. Mr. Holdridge had lived In Wichita twenty years. He was formerly man .ager of the Stewart Stock farm near New York City, where many noted thor oughbred racers were raised. He has been connected with the turf since he was 17 years old and was considered on of the racing authorities of the country. Mr. Holdridge was born In Victor, N. Y.. in 1847. He is survived by hia widow. The funeral services will be held from the residence at 2:30 o'clock Mon day afternoon. I SALE! ! A FAMILY REUNION THROWN FROM BUGGY Miss Lillian Scott Injured in Runaway on Douglas Avenue. Miss Lillian Scott was thrown out of a buggy against a telephone pole in front of the International harvester building on East Douglas avenue yesterday In a runaway. She received, a bad scalp wound and 'other body injuries, but was resting easy, .last' night, and her con dition is not serious. The horse became frightened at a street car near the corner of Market street and Douglas avenue. She was unable to hold It. A crowd at the Santa Fe depot frightened the animal and it started to turn north along the platform of the International harvester building. The turn was so short that Miss Scott was thrown out and fell against the tele phone pole. She was taken into the building and a physiclam called. She was later taken to her home four miles south of the city. Miss Scott is the daughter of Frank Scott. Bozarth Home Scene of Special Enter tainment Each Day Last Week. A family reunion lasting a whole week was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bozarth on North Washington avenue. Present at the reunion, which terminated last night, mere descendents residing in all sections of the country. The members of the , family present were: Mrs. Marlon F. Myers of Paris, 111., Mrs. F. A. Terry of Glenwood, Mo., Mrs J. F. Way of Wichita, Mrs. J. F. Hullet of El Reno, Okla., Mrs. Maud Nichols, of Guthrie, Okla., Mr. W. E. Bozarth of Wichita. The grandchildren present were: Mr. Earl White and wife of Wichita, Miss Jessie Way of Wichita, Masters George and Bearl Meising-er, Guthrie, Okla. A dinner party was given every day. The big dinner, however, wai served at the Bozarth residence Thursday by the youngest brother, W. E. Bozarth. Theater parties were given during the evenings. A portion of each day was spent by the visitors in sightseeing, they being escorted over the city by Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Way In their large touring car. All of the points of interest in and near Wichita were visited. The party broke up last night. It be ing the intention to assemble again at'j another family reunion. Started yesterday with a rush Crowds eager to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities which this sale offers. MONDAY, tomorrow, bids fair to be even larger than yesterday people know that this ad is honest, and that goods are offered at a real sacrifice. r cs Semi-Annual earaece ft Sale Buy your Suit and Overcoat at the Golden Eagle's Great Clearance Sale. Great reductions in all departments, all during next week. 'A OT71? n a Boys and Children's Suits vI r and Overcoats No Goods Reserved, all Must Go. See Display "Windows STEWART IS HOME EMERGENCY MORE WARM WEATHER The opposition to the government by commission; law in Wichita has not a leg to stand on now since Representative Cliff Matson's bill amending it has been declared to be an emergency measure. This insures that change in the law which will silence the politicians and the ward-heelers who have been spreading poison against the new system. They will keep on of course the politicians will because under the old system they can remain to fatten at the public crib; but they cannot any longer deceive their followers with a lot of nonsensical prejudice and "fake facts." For sensible people the "emergency" privileges conceded to Mr. Matsons measure was not necessary, for they all know that the legislature would make the satisfactory amendments on the demand of four or five other Kansas cities that want the new ' business" government this year. Under the law we will now have authority to elect our commissioners every two years and get them out of office any time we do not consider their work and administration satisfactory. They will know this and will try and give satisfaction as managers of business do In private affairs. We can vote on our own large contracts and thus eliminate the possibility of boodling and grafting. We can also vote on franchises and thus prevent the raising of telephone rates or anything else the people don t want done. We must get a published statement every three months of the receipts and disbursements cf our money any thus keep informed on any recklessness and extravagances that maybe groing on. We will have an auditor who will be a legal check on the commissioners with power to hold up any account No Change for Three of Four Days, Says Bureau. The following special forecast was received at the local weather office from the central office in Washington at 12:4S p. m., yesterday: "Owing to the persistence and wide extent of the low pressure over the western half of the country and Alaska and the high pressure over the Atlantic ocean, it is possible that the present warm weather will continue for four or five days over the eastern and southern sections of the country and for three or four days over the centraL valleys. Over the Northwest colder weather may be expected tonight and Sunday, and by Monday over the northern upper lake region. Unsettled weather will continue over the North and East, and generally fair weather over the South." Believes Commission and State Fair Bills Will Pass. Senator Stewart returned yesterday from Topeka to spend Sunday at home. Mr. Stewart believes tba.tT.tbe coramis-sion bill will be rushed through" the legislature so that Wichita ' will know what it Is voting for at the special election. February 2. "There seems. to be no Inclination to oppose the speedy passage of the bill making the amendments desired in the commission law," said Mr. Stewart yesterday. "I do not anticipate that there will anything come up to block its passage. "There Is some opposition to a state fair. A good many legislators are ob jecting to the appropriation In the bill agreed upon by Topeka and Wichita. Hutchinson is getting these men in line and with the strength it holds in the western part of the state may attempt to block any state fair proposition if it cannot secure the passage of the bills favoring Hutchinson which have been introduced. They seem to think that It would be better to let things stand and retain the title of state fair which they are now allowed to use for the fair held there. However, I am hopeful of the passage of the state fair bill which leaves the selection of a location to a joint session of the legislature afterwards." HERMAN HESS SELL FOR LESS m) I3goss & Co. j? 58 It's Your Own Fault If you don't save a pretty sum on the furnishing goods y'ou need next summer because we are still selling our shirts, underwear and hosiery at less than maker's cos. Stuckey Furnishings Co. 204 East Douglas Avenue rT PURE DRUGS ; klXALL CHERRY JUICE Relieves Your Cough Or Your Money Back 25c and 50c REVIVAL AT TRINITY Let's See! What Will I Talk to You About Today Oh Yes, I've Got It- TEETH If you would spend ten minutes in my office any day from 8:30 a. m. till 6 p. m., you would wonder that so many people needed dental work. You perhaps need it, but you keep putting it off. Perhaps you are afraid it will hurt. If that's all, just remember that Menazone, the only harmless anaesthetic in the world today and my own invention, not only enables me to perform all operations with just a little pain, but absolutely NO PAIN. Did you hear what I said? NO PAIN. If it hurts, if you have to even say "Oueh!" from start to finish, don't pay for anything. If it's the price, remember that all work is for the cost of material till February 1. Now see if you can't get in this month, won't you? I need the money, you need the work. I have the material on hand. Let's trade. PAINLESS McARTHUR ST sun or OVERCOAT Made to Order NO MORE $15 NO LESS 3E MORE SPELLING CONTESTS Star and O. K. Schools Have Competition This Week. Spelling contests will be held this week at the O. K. school, including districts i 153. 124. 137 and 63 and at the Star school at which all the schols in that part rf the county will take part. Other contests are to be arranged for in the near future. At the contest held at district No. ;7 on January ?. the following pupils were successful: First reader, Clifford Win- ans, district 77. and Helen Copeland, tlistrirt 77; third reader. Esther Copeland. Annetta Jom-s and Florence Royce, all of district 77; speller. Fern Lambert, district 71. In- Crowds Continue to Increase and teres Is Growing. The crowds at the revival at the Trinity church continue to increase and the interest is growing. Many are being saved. An old fashioned revival is on. Ij. C. Jones has charge of the music, and the chorus is doing fine work. The services tonight are at 7:30. Everybody is invited, but only those going early can be assured a seat. HAVE $41,000 Want All Stock Subscribed for Commercial Club Building This Week. Thus far about $41,000 has been subscribed for stock in the building com- panv to erect the new Commercial club house. Committees are making can vasses of the members and hope to raise the desired amount, $75,000, by the end of the present week. fr, IN THE LONG RUN 1i Coffee damages the nerves. POSTUM ; repairs them. "There's a Reason" Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days. FAZO OINTMENT is guarantee.! to cure anr case of Itehirg. Blind. Bleeding or Frotruding Piles in 6 to 14 days or money JETT BUYS PROPERTY Pays $15,000 for Corner at Topeka and First Streets. W. E. Jett yesterday purchased the property at the southwest corner of First street and Topeka avenues of Miss M. A. Cook for a consideration of $15,000. The property has a frontage of Go feet on Topeka avenue and 140 feet on First street. Two frame build, ings occupy the ground. Mr. Jett bought the property with the intention of building a business block. Not a "Spotter.- Fhluip CuDDage. icrmeriy on the police force, curne to The Easle office last night to say that he is not a "spotter for the department new as some persons have been reporting. Humphreys' Seventy-Seven breaks np Colds and (loll CHANGE NAME OF STREET Water Street Residents Threaten to Circulate" Petitions, There is again talk of starting the circulation of a petition to have the name of Water street changed- A number of residents on the street are agitating the proposition. They say the name infers that the street Is along the river and that It Is low, when It was about the only street whioU was dry durl&c the flood. We have a fresh shipment of Delicious Chocolate Chips Only 5c Per Sack. 0. E. PAULLIN DRUG CO. 248 North Main. Phones: New, 68; Old, 3242. Perfect Fit Guaranteed... "Pay Less and Dress Better" Our new line of beautiful patterns are of the very latest shades and colors Office Seep! Plant a Dollar and Reap a Hundred Impossible! Not a bit cf it. It all j depends on the beginning and the j power to keep on doing it. The man who saves can no more avoid reaping ' a harvest than the grass a growing. ; Remember that the Savings Bank ! means your saved dollars working for you in and out of season, and even while you sleep. Why not plant you dollar today, and reap your harvest when you're eld and tired? We're prepared to equip your offioe from "Head to Foot." Desks, Chairs Filing Devices Of every description at our Exclusive Office Furniture Rooms, 201 S. Main. Blank Books, Box File, Ink, Pens, Ink Wells.. All the smaller articles at our Don pi as Avenue Storn. Orders Filled Promptly. (2p mme,w Try our "Peeress Pencils" as g'wd but Five. as 10c ones ot you 140 N. Main. T. T. BASS, Mgr. THE EXCLUSIVE PHARMACY 4 PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON DEPOSITS B7ICHITA STATE BANK I SAVINGS ONLT: : OFFICERS AJD DIRZLIUXS II. Y.Wnmm, Prw. H. J. IUcxt, V. Prs. J. C. Krur. CVhier II. U. Vrwrr. c'y lXU DOLO W. P. IXES C. W. SaCTHWAXD 215 Est Douu Atccs It is not easy to tell the Grip frora a bard stubborn Cold tfcat tangs on, I but if you bare Influenza, Catarrh, pains and soreness cf tbe Head and Chest, Cougn, Sore Throat. General Prostration and Fever, then "Seventy-seven Is the remedy and you can depend on It with the utmost certainty. All Druggists sell, most Druggists recommend "77." Humphrey Hooea. ili!e!ne Co., Cor. OUR AIM In business is to please, by offering our patrons the hsl possible quality, at prfces consl-tent -with the quality represented. " GEHRINS'S PHARMACY 1C2 E. Dsujlas 320 Acres For Sale Very Cheap I am offering for ?ale rsy half faction of fine Land. acres in cultivation, balance In pasture, partly fenced. It i? the best river vail? Ian- imaginable. Lvery acre of this land is smooth and Ievi; no rock or sand cn th;3 p!ac. soil is dark 2cd d;j. underlaid 1th heet -watpr, irf !ls ar driven. Zl-z rr.ik-s to grjod gxoninir town, and county peat. Pine school in town, country school -ni2e. Irice cn this land i3 j-r acre, for a short tic.e. (Terms). Tb other ha'f of this section has Junt sell this half is best. ASdress. t M. STAUNTON, 1X3 Jackton Ave. Wichita, Kan. DRUGS rtM Fr r."b Oiiv- oil. Irr.r Pints lla'.t-ir.r.X Tir.ct Arr.ica. cz Uay Hum. oz ;! -ri:.. f.z VAZTil-t.rr Gjtt.. cz V.T'r'.tm Ciir.;l.oT. cz Ji'.atr, c.-z Aqua Akb.'s. ; in! . . r;:rrt-;r Ui r-. rir.rt-..- it';,. z fii Crf,r;r. ,,x nr.'f j,' Grj'r, cz K i TTf-.rt-i it .. s. ; S: :r.? Mlf, c i'rH'f. f'S rryp lr-C. vj Uyr? Co.. ex .. ..1. . . Vr .X .A-r CIGARS V:j;r,-t. V :T.'y ('rbtfilt tiir. Tt,f-y -.. j,.-,. T rvt th I" j ay tn'-fr., fi r c'fXT r k l k; t i ? risrM. jt. .- Vi-.. ran t'.'h fT.'rn tn tnr trtttt POSTCARDS 'Art : i"r ' frit lM r. f;n. if. ! . ; msirul :.'- ;?ti.-;V ,f'U. t S'-T W, t-7 rl I The Kansas Drug Co. Phon 1268 M. P. MEHEHAN. Manager, 222 E. Doug la Do not forget to be.? th of th hospital board by s!lr.f a pet cf tsa.4 beca. pSs. cookies and aaytSas r-oS. cot rorratUrx to cs.:r our krta eostais. ONE MARVEL GAS MANTLE Will outlast two of any other make No Matter Wbit Price You Pay For It "ASK FOR THE MARYEL" Don't Forget rlcry Price! of the way f Ren&delisj? to ?-t ihern o't v.en? bij list 'H-ic-wc Urr. Win you b of the luky .i.rv U. Thos. Shaw 132 N. ? s If' i V i 1:1 n 1 1 . I j ii n U

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