Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 21, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Page 7
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PAGE SEVEK. !)«->!,:<•- .CAURIKK BOY Working for You, Mr. Storekeeper! Every newspaper htvsjflls is helping jou. If your ach ertisemeiil is there it is aiding you a hundredfold. (he manul'jlH nn'r - ;nv<>rf . lor ..\ on. L<: li!'an«l>- 1-lmt von rnn\ in -!"<•!. WIT"- adverliMiitr arxl itn-n-it-e \nnr YOU can help t.liis n own sale- if, you u ill. Read the advertisements in this newspaper. See what goods are being advertised that you have in'stock. NICTITHAWK LOCAL ni 'Aft. MARKET. ' .'•-!' r'si.f '..V! <. S'.-ff. Da'r f ~ flfiljif, • >:' ; • •. --'.fry ! - •'*( r lan • with thi- ;u]\ ert isin<r. I'IH! Put them in vonr windows. I'M- rii'\V-p;iper et e\erv .silo •r;ili I o r<i opei'i jitlverli^ed proilnt'is, . yon,c;in. ' Mnlvc it n I'nle to wati'h this nmv<«p;ti>fr every day ami >• willi the ni.'inniiii'tnrer's iie\y.-pnpcr inlverlisiiiir. Not counting.the thousands of Sterling Daily, Gazettes that arc sent by mail into the country there are 2582 Sterling Daily Gazettes Delivered and sold to subscribers in the Twin Cities of Sterling and Rock Falls. I J|pf^ 'l!''Ji"' ( ' ''I'trrier hoy i-arry a message front yon, Mr. Mer ehanl. leltinu: of the ^ooils yon have on your shelves for the muni pro ph- of the Twin Cities? If lie does Hot, are yon not ini> il over. Lft Thu (jjizetl.u help you. u i?i'<'al upjiortiiiiilv? Tlimk r CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD HELP WANTED—MALE Vn.P- MAM T" I'li'K fii( FOR RENT "i! - j - r < , M|.;x -rim ^ \> : T;;M ' >F TK.v'H :: ;: ! ; -rt,f iln;: rnni'i' > \'-ll !•> I'-.'irn ;p.,...,-...,!,. ,„,,/•„,..., ,, ,,..( I T.ongth, tpn Inthe*. Not to h fiis^d with the whlppoorwlH. The Utter HvfS In woodland and IB rhlffly nocturnal. The rilghthawk often fiiea by day, when tho white bar ncross tho wJng and its nasal cry are distinguishing. oor . lutd From Babyhood to Old Age By SAMUEL G. D1XON, M.p. Commissioner of Health of Pcnniylvania COMMON CROW / (Cofvug brtchrrlijmcbo«) Breeds throughout most of the United States and Canada; win- tors In South Ainerte*. .... ... rind economic etatng: The skillful evolutions of a company ef nlghthawka AS tho birds gracefully cleave the air In Intersecting circles is a sight to be remembered. So expert are they on the wing that no la- sect Is eafo from them, even tho swift dragonfly being captured with ease. Unfortunately their erratic flight tempts men to uoe them for targets, .and this Inexcusable practice In seH- ounly diminlshiftK - <heir numbers, which IB deplorable, slnco no birds aro moro useful; This species makes no nnet, but lays Its two-spotted eggs on tho bare ground, Boractlmes on the gravel roof of the city house. The nlghthawk la a voracious feeder 'and IB almost exclusively Insectivorous. Some stomachs contained from 30 to 50 different Kind* of insects, and rtoro than COO kinds have been identified from the stomachs thus far examined. From 600 to 1,000 ante are often found in a stomach. Several species of mosquitoes, including Anopheles, tho transmitter of malaria, are eaton. Other well-known peats destroyed by tho nighthawk are the Colorado potato beetle, cucumber beetles, chestnut, rice, clover-leaf and cotton-boll weevils, blHhugs, bark beetles, squash i and moths of the^cpttoa^ worm* ____ ,-. j ',;:,! f» I,f-:if I- ;;-,i- e. '. et i t-II J. 1 ^ Ii| &•! ,Jf rsr-v ft h i ! f.->n- h . . . . . .i, ':«. t! Fruit/ -""• w>fator-R. R III*. ! '-• .." '' S ;< . .*(• . 6f AUCTION SALES. PUBL'IC SALE, Th<- HIK!' iHipnt-d. «>!! ;=r-l! ;i! pnlilif !ni.-ti.,.i .,n Hi.- TWENTY-FIFTH DAY OF NOVEMBER, A. O. 1916, at two o'rfix-k In tin- a ft ei noon. ,-it HH' < 'itv Hall in thi' City i-f SI. ilflit, I .nl TwHve ut) murk T!!iu> -.mi- tSn w«'*t ( .r ftroadway. in tl.i- City i>f {<l« ilhut, Whlteftide *'. .mlv. Jlliiiolj!. to si-tile ih<- PBtate »'f 'i'' -'.'.:•' \\ e art)er.'di-i'«TIK*''d. The l<it rontain* ,'i » Mo-story dwHlini: honst' with nino rooms, with nil nuclei n im- proyrrni'nts. Also (i HI«H] ifjirn i.i!>- prnl terms will !>•> Kiv.-n (•• th«- puc- rhn <--<T. which will l»' minounc< t! at tin- \\ i j M.'f.t" !'• I. !.•; w.\\T):!t i,i:\i-.\- r, M'.HKt: TJ: \IMC I'.ifi t-isitur ft-.'.?'. l-:.-i--y t-i'i d-.'ni! ?>s i.-ir si-t'tu. U'ri' r - f,-r''r-ir.'il-.c, .'>! ;>"s ! i Si. Molir". 111. TH-rity H-iri-r i'..!!..-..,. - t, tiiiC.- ii n (tlf-t"-il.(ti- il! iii- n .•-. .-:!i|!(ilif -A, suul u> only, M<i«t t... ...\,-r "H j« r?'i!i*t tifit drink intoVtf.i'n - M A =V — T^'' ."f vlf!fk- m k I;JIM !;• -;ti-« of ;it:.-> -«>r «tnnk«- sale A. A. Any further information «-<MI- nlmvi* cjutkt'f' id'trih* ••<! ff"i!l iittnrtK -y for the i lti,-if'-tt<>«. Mnti i-ill! .-iti'l I:ii 1 *i-f! («n fuin lit'fr-rn <I, if. inl« r,'»(< ,t. -writ' at !•!:<("•. M"ornV'iti Mannfai-tniini: «'•'.. V'tiiey, 1)1. .. .. u.«- !iJi WA.VTKH MAX Tf> DO CHoHKS MY • it UI-:NT- - r.c.'t t 1 '"' 1 " 1 " • IU:KN IT.AT. XVKST •:\\\v A. L Hf-i'knwn. Lj(i.-!U--XT-...lli ,!..:•:!; AT ..!!:. >.1A.111. A Y: Aii i-i, '• i ' ;::!!" -.-I • i:i' !i»- ; . Id- f.itu.. r, f .| i ,.. !( in A . •• I"lif WAVTI'.D Y f'-r MAX «m I.ADV at WANTI-;i)--CoitN 1'K'KRK. IN'.TIIU: HELP WANTED- I'H' nlmvi* cjutk nIf'Tsjif-rKi-T. ' Alito A; Itnnilnll. Nov. M. llj, IS. -I, 23 CLOSING OUT SALE. Hnvint: «oIiT"hiy farm I will ."-II ;it pllltlli niietluit '(II the )>|f!n j^i ". sis inih-n «miiili "f <'linihvlf k. n mile uiul n half north ,,f White I'lucnn. ••u«t of I'linUlin DECEMBER 1ST, th.- following liH-il in nj'i rt> In n<l of <-:itt| breathed int.t Jils n»iKtrlI» the Ijth of llfi« arid ufim bi-ottiui' n )tv« If IB Ufo; wltlumt it tntux -LiivltiK In luiptH'" nlr. ' l)s liealth grtulunlly CllltCM JlUtl tJc, l ;to am) o t h u r Of ton lifter Huf« f'»r years, which thin' hi- IH uiiabte to t'tijoy tho g<K)d ot Jiff, he n n untimely. majority o.f \in IHIV« to w»rk In ami building* ftrtfldiUiy cold M>HMua. Our VQ upond KO iniuiy linurs f tho wluiers iiud curly nro • fnr from ..haying perfect ventilation. Thin therefore IJT the reason for us nil to tuk*» ndvantn^o of mild weather conditions to get all tho fresh «ir possible to build our physJca bodlt'0 up K» nn to resist tho unfuvo'r nblo cftnditions w«» tntuit submit t uf th Thin 'should y to nil ugcs t cs p«K-lttlly Including bn by hood nnd on u to old ago. It tuonns outdoor living ns inueh na possible both duy. nm nlKht. WlM'n couipoUod to be In bullO ,ltiKS kei'-p the windows up; otherwise you Iu»vo dwul jwckets of air In'your rcH.niH tit your homes and phico of occupation. Clenn, well nlrt'd, homos built so BB to.admit of plenty of fresh afr nil the year around' nnd outdoor, living ni much ns possible during tho .summer will do much to bring hi-nlth to tho home nnd Just In proportion to your health your life will bo worth living* m. If the Boy in Blue Is Disabled rBy LAVRA JEAN UBBEV (Copyright. I they thai) Know their frlc-nilo though ouch have been l"»t-tho help in strife, fjoimana awnet, ntlU joy» of »uch Hand In hand, fiu-o earthly life. »0«g tho is 00.9 which IMS touched my lieort deeply. Ii is from cue of our hoya In blue, A soldier, nod is to "part its follows: "I um sore distress of mitld urn! nut wrttlug to you for .not only ttu.<?, -J<at "advice, Wmle connected With the uruiT wt Will you U'li n»c what I should do for her bnpplnoHB nnd mine?" There are. fi k w tiudder' cases of the •'blasting of .love's young dream, but from one* end of the worl<LiQ_Hifl oth» he uruiT wt I -JUetX MHlf loved a htuiutlful girl , our cow ter, She returned , nnd nettled iy. • it "was that w I Wat called upoo . for active f ^crop* the border tuid thut evi-m «6anged the course, of my life, I In several wklrmlHlie.s I fured my oouiimnloiis, being d twit'e, WlK'U I Bvveethwirt I was u Ad good to look u(iuu us the run of young men, ambitious ttusious to rise to the very <if what an army man »»u-y ob- [*jp to posltlou. of tho wound in in thi> anklu Will loavB iii«-eri|>|i|ed for life. n -hi\$ so /scarred u»j' i'w«'' 1 'hut I f Repulsive lo lu«U ujion. Tlu' qtU'«- should i hot»^ tly girl 1 h»\o tUua my lift* to iimrrrii"', if to reiurn-- <»r write h»-r or there exists a| the present moment many.' thousands of such cases which disabled soldiers 'are trylpg to fight out on their cots of Unfortuu- utcly they do not understand 'the hearts or nobility of women under such clreumstnncea, tWith but few exccp* tlotp, when a young girl gives ber heart to her lover It la not because of h|« munly beauty in fnco of form, h\9 tunbinou' to forge ahead, It Ss his winning personal I ty, _ thftt> wondrous, inexplulmihle attraction and irittuonco which draws hearts Intended foj? each other together. Sorrow and, misfortune tho object of a true woman's affection doubly .dear to her. A Jovtt that veers when so tested is na't the grand, true,kind upon which juan eaa build the "hopes and trust of a life* time. • ; • , liefore harboring-, (he thought of parting., a! man should throw himself upon the im>rcy and wishes of his sweetheart ."leaving it with her to de- cldo. ' ' . Of;.tho thousands.of maimed soldiers abroad who have put this quesjlpn up to their waiting sweethearts whom 'they left' behind, I am glad, n»y» proud, to' Kity. it hii.s beeu. vouched for t lull not .oilo of tin- wounded heroes hi.ul WHIM' to (•n.during-luve of l>is In-art to the tea-' tlor hcuried quickly wrote hint that lu* need hav« no fi'iir lu-r heart cotiiil i-ver change, •iuid tluit *lit* would Kland by her lii uriiu. " ' " iihii u-rs a iv Ufrt elixirs to the -in.blne foVitiK Um enemy's shot Pat to the Retcue. Tbo Now York householder engaged an Irishman fresh over from a remote district of his Botire~land as general factotum. Pat.grave much satisfaction, as ho waa quiet ajnd emnrt. ilni«>, . !lr,[;«; I, tKlii h 15 hnn In Jnniiiii'v : liltt- I'luc-on. one mil" Corner.-.. oiTFRIDAY (!••• f ItOfMeK; l.y -s.-.l.* he.'nl of ,', hi 004! HHWti; |-e«| feeding |IO>JM ; ush>-|x i'i<ni, ,SIMI |>U!"he|t of tiatM; hclfi «-!over ^*->-<l; romr Titnn|h> »«» tons .if h.iy; » full line of tfrmc. MeKt iV C. J, HOWE. . 121-127* ii);i< -hlfK-ry. t'yihtl i 'ion,, AnelioiieerH. WANTKI* ClHt, 1 h<>iise,\vork. Wriii. .<•!(!. ill CKN'KHAI. ''T" i an Cay- FOR SALE REAL ESTATE! i ii: SAM: i M: i:c- r M< I|'|;I:N ••:- Siitllf.-- fd'i'iu "! II.HI.V (..'tldiir. ;r'«t r i-'i >c SA i.i: si :\ i: v • i:"< >.M ,-l i» Lou •- ;i; : ! :»• ','-• '.' u .!)'.' • (i, ..(ore ;it!.| IH',-1 Ill.-llket.. lhi|tlfre at .'.''V Ki» till) A\- - I .'I - IJ3* WANT.KD- COOK AT n«t!iurant. Hock !'.».!!.«. how to hake picx, $10 \ \\ N Apply Muni know 117-122* AKIHS .AT offl.-... H!'tf MISCELLANEOUS DA.NVK \VKD\KSDA Y KN'KNINC. NOV. "Cixl, at Moittmon-nirv In \Voml- man tsril!. Ilrnlnt-rd'H Orcli'-strTi. EOALNOTIOES NOTICE. " Length, nineteen inches. Range; Breeds throughout the United States and most of Canada; winters generally in the United States, Habits. and economic otatus: The general habits of the crow are universally known. Its ability to commit such ' misdeed^ '_ as puljl og _ corn iinT'Bloaliing'eggo and fruit and to get away unscathed is little short of marvelous, Much of tho crow's success in llfo la duo to co-operation, and tdo Horinl Instinct of the apecies has its higliost expression in the winter roon<», which aro sonietlmes frequented by hundreds of tUousands of crows Prom these roosts dally flights of many mllos aro made in nearch of food,. Injury to sprouting corti Is the tnost frequent complaint against thja apnclcB, but by coating the seed grain Kith-coal tar moat of thia dam a go may be prevented. Losses of poultry and ogga may be averted by proper housing and tho judicious USD of wire netting. The insect food of tho crow Includes wlreworms, cutworms, white grubs, and grasshoppers, and during outbreaks of these insects tho crow renders good service. Tho bird is also eiltcient* scavenger. But chiefly of its destruction of bonellcial and. always cheerful and obliging. Only one thing bothered biro, and that waa his master's telephone, and many a suspicious look ho gave it when in his master's study, • One night they woro awakened by a cry of "Fire!" and Pat, hastily dressing himself, hurried down stairs, and rushing to the Hetephe&o—chmitoth—"Jleyr—nrtstfrerr ye'd bether come out of that, or yo'li be burnt to doath." Htnte of Illinois, Whiteijide County Jn ilie Circuit Court, January term, A. 1) tiitt, William K McCormlek vx. I'.inline Cordex, Herman W. ConleK. John II. Cor.lef*. I.j ilia. M. Swart/;. Knitna .M. Curded and Krnent Toppert, Ciiiardian of John 11. Oorde.x unil Kintna M. Notice of Application for the up.. poiiiiincnt of a-Commi.-it'lon of Hurvey- or*, Notice to I'nultnc Conle*. Herman W. f'ordeti, John H. CordeM. Lydhi M Ni'TICK -ANVDNI-: HtrNTINfJ OH tr-r«Ji:is<ihiK nn jirfmlHi-w oxvncfl l>\ John Thurtn will he prntK-i'iiti-d t» tln- hiitlu'xt ext«*nd of tin* law. John Thu mi. 120-122 CARD OF THAWKS 'AUii or TJIANKH We wi--h to ' v;. jil-rvH <i!!l -il!i-<l<- tl].|t|ls-- I'.' those who "" l;iit'l(-. I'^Kt'd ii*< iliitini; our I e« i l| I In | i I i. , nil l)t III III' I"- '•' of 01 if ilMllflil<-|. «;•;! tl Mil--, ili -" f"l tilt' !•< an! l! ul l!"l '<} |,i- ' . John r.forti rind I'.iitiltv. TYPEWRITERS MAKKS *r y rKVvurt'KHK FOH n-iti W. If \Hi| (HIM- ollll-e flllllttlltl' or l> peivi it- I s lo .'ill \V K AllH I'llKPAHKU ' TO DO Tine, will rail and ilrllvr-r In <'ity, HcfM*'r «inl <*<trs!i'tt, Wmtrtlnwri Av«>, rhont» 5S7-H2. 1JO-12I* N'KW H!*II,mNO IS AI.T^ COMPl.ETK jind \v«' un« in position to humllo 'iill Ulml« of lihli>« ntul fur. Will tuty Hi" tiuirkt-t (irU'c. Also wnnt nil kltnlwnf junk. Don't R-lvtj away your jnnkwor nothlnp. Cnll D. Maiitleld on Locust wtri-ft. KtrrllnK, l>ofo_ro i'.oujti'lL^Yi'ij " o t Ti iir'vin u b" for" you r~ go< •<!'«." Hot h , . 110-135 HriKKU.A CO1USKT.S. MADK TO * nicamm-mr>nt,«. Appointment^ • hy phono, Hell 430-W, .Mrs. J, lY w'lrTh. to Mrs. stout. 12I* FOR SALE— FARM _ __ :MA~?d, .MiHsorni FAHM. $10 CASH JUKI ffi tnonthly: ni> inten-Ht or taxPH; hiiihly jniiil'ii'tise hu'ul; chiMi.- to 3 hlff markets, Writo for photographs nnd full information. MuiiK»>r A-17* N. Y, Life HhlK.. Kun.'fHM City. Mo. '10G-130* r,osT U)ST--CtiVKIj Top automobile, I'imier o^T <;oo|i |it'i\V<"'ll I *MI I f'm'.« I > Ko.uith !-'t »n<1 l'"!i> I'iiuli-r ti-tui ii to'l'i < '-•.-Iv.. n-\var«t, TO Al'HUHN pleUKis leuVO fit 120-121 K- ULA.VKKT. <ii!flit"e on We,st <V l-'eiMl Store. Stt'ftrtz, and To At. Corden and Krne«t liardiiiii of John H. Coi'dt'ri M. t'ordes, I'auliite Cordt'«. llrrttiait \V. , John It, Cordi'.s, Lydia M, nnd Kiniiia Si. Cordi-*. the nwn- <TH 'find proprietor* of the North IhUf of (lit' SoulHwrft QllilltliT of W/'i'liOlV Thlrty-nU »3«) Towiichip Twi-nty l-<<) North. Ituniin. t<lx (fi) Kant of the Kiturtli I'riiicipiU AUiridan, in \Vltitr- sliU- <*oiinty. . STERLING BOARD OF TRADE and Open Wheat Dec. l.SS. .\lriy I S'.H, July I'.r.'J Corn I >«-i-. .!)",, i lioat-tl ofTiadu «'hluiK... III.. Nov. 2l. High Low Close I uly Oats ;n'i .!»s .03 ..'iK _.mj-c ilav Pork M;iy f >(•<•. Lard May .l«:iY 7% lull ,Ribs May n.7fi M.tii. 11 ;i» I •!>•„• ,li,7;.\ 27.47 10.30 lti.70 14.75- ill!!. wild birds and their eggs the crow must be classed BS a criminal, and a eduction in its numbers in localities where U is seriously destructive is UBtlnablo. Didn't Want to WUhi • •mil hot tiny, and inukeK tm> lu fcniully thlrsiy," gnnyled llti- t'olouol into Uio t'lutr'ti hlKgtsst -tinn u?'-fil'tenidon. '"Tell them It you -Kotiiii \\alej', I'olotiel,"' x\\x [t'Hts'd »r rolil hearted Ki'yutidri 1 ) who iiK.-w -ih(.« old gentleman'* hubits. hut CHICAGO STOCK MARKET, I'iiii.iir .., III., Nov. 21. uyer ..... ..... ...... , . : ,1.7 1 I '' •tl. William K, MoConnii'k is • owner and proprietor of tlu eft Quarter <\'.W. 1 4) of S'H-- tinn Thiryt-Mlx Clfi) Towitxhlp Twent.v C!0) North, ItnnKe Six Mi) Kawt of the Koiirtb Principal .Meridan, In White- •iiili- County, 'HIljiolH, which nahl hind •m owned by him, t ho'until Willliun K. .MeCornik-k, lies atiutiltiK and tnljaeont to your nalil first ahove dencrlbed hind trul which nbovo re.-ipectlvely descrih- • >d land MO being adjacent to each other have a i oininoii linn and boundary anil (-1111111)1111 corner* hetwoen tlicrn. That on the 10th day of January, ly.17. at the hour of two o'clock 1'. M.', ul the Court House In the City of Morrison, in Aho County of U'hlte*ldc and Ktate of IllinolM, at n t«»rin of the Circuit Court in and for mud county then and there to he held In and for wild County arul State, the undei'slnned, William K. .Me.Corinlek \vi|| then and there make ipplh'iition to the wild Circuit Court for the appointment hy 'It of a fominiw- \OTICK-I WILL NOT MK HKSl'OX- for anv rtinlrnotml l»y D; W. iKutiUiiie, Hock Full*. H.'1-U'.n \\ ANTKD—TO niTV WALNUT LOOR - Will inspect nt lomlltiK point •\n<l pay cash, Writo H. W. Durham, -I31 Ho, Ih-nrliorn Ht.. Chicago. , 11^-.137 VVANTKD — ALj^JylN'DS OF* KPAV- c-njji-r work in iiork Kulln or Storllng Cull Dell phono 328-2. F. II. l)ol>»on 95-123* WAXTUD — SECQND.HA.Ni> AUTO- MiXi-d UK hi Hough $',l.lltKil U.liit >s.:ii>:i4!i.!iii JtMTi'd 9.411 , steady. Tiair he ttiicteiK warrior wax VU,UH| lo Die "•fusion. "Siv," he .^aid, ILvlilg llu- siig- ;«">s|of vvllb' u licry is'iUv,"*'J| siitd thirsty -'not," To Remove Water Spots. Tats<- it ploct' of the name uiiMbrld) is that spoilIM! ii'iul 4laiii|)i>n it In ccwnnn- water. Place oiy y>-iitcr .,-jts ,«in -right side nnd |ir«'H,i*wltJ.i a^ iKuleriiti'ly-w;tria' Iron. M>th jiresslnt? i tun| iitaterltil' ttre r. sp+its \viil lutv'4' Cuttle. .,..,,,.,; l»,0(Mj Hhefrp 18,000 liogH close HtroiiK ut yesterday's i. lofitig iit r n;e; lifht hog}* weak. KfttiitiHti-d , 07,000 CHICAGO GRAIN MABKET. » H hkaK'"i 111., Nov. ;»i; Wheat- No. U red. Jl.SOSrl.SS: No. 4 red, $1.7ui» l.XO; \o, ^-hanl winter, Jl.- Mi'H l.s.s ;{. i; ,\o, ;: hard winter, $|.MI 'it L.'H.i-l; .SaliM'li' Kiade. $1,40. v.ellow, S»"il-.«iH7; No. .4 yellow, U3il Oil.--'; No. r, jej|o\\- r ubftt'.!!; No. ii yi'i loyv. Mri.-^, #jC<t, •'„' w hite,, _!'(?;; ' No. K «liite % H.V'-I it'Vi I-,';• No - -I White. !»i'l»'S 'ii,yi; I-:,': . No. ~, ivhfte, iHi'11 Vi; .^o, (J white; \ l ,Hfi s;t l.,': N'o. ;J.tnixt><l. yi»8-4'f<i- 'IN l-i' No, '.! liii.ved, !M I'-i-fii-S*; No. : I :nix»'il. !',' 1 -3'\t !'t 1 -."; Xu. i <('.>«: No. (j tni\etl, M«'i< MI l -:; i mi t)> a.scertaln and' perrniujonlly llx ind eMtHldlHh from original corr»er«. i?our»PH, di«tiinceH 'and lioiindaries, the corner Iiiii=M aiul hounihtrlen lipfween V«>ur hereinahiivj' ilttHi.'rIhpd lands ninl'..._s.uld....Jaiul of th« undrrslKiH d at hereinahove det<i*rlbe«l, all umier tlu lireetioii and iletenniiuitioii and older of said court, .nil IIH herclnM'foro f^et forth iiiid.dewfiheil. And yo,u are bei ( -c- *»y notitieil to l he'll ami there he and ippear and make xneh plea or answer )H >'OI| HIHV Hei> tit W4J |o c,|o. (8KAI.I '; XS'illiam )•: .McCormli-k t>aled at Hterling, llllnol», November I. A. J», i'.'H!. Hl/iger A- HtttKcr. Attorneys. '17 ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE* I'ty virtue of an order nnd decree of he County Court of Whlletdde County, Ilinid.H, made on the petition of the un- thi) estate niol.iHr>x. will pay tho hl^hcMt prlco . AlDo'iicIt nil kiniJH tit rt-imlrn. UiKli- «'«l prlccH pakl for all hinds -of -fur nrxl hides. • Mike, tho $15 Tailor. Both OST- CIIIXCIIII.I.A oyi'HJCOAT. Tiik«-M • from .IfiTiTHOii <';if«' Hnndny n-lKht. liy hii'.t.'iki' Notify lyo JJr«><J- ,1-rii'h. ll'li Kir MI AV.-. Jnti-fHtalo phone 3:»,t-l. 121-122 ^AUCTIONEEES K. o. ni-,Mi.i"n'rMvT; STOCK AND real I'stntf-fturllon^i-r. .llnvt- noli! more s;ilf« iliun any nuetioneer Sn Kti'i'liliK and Ho,'k Kallx KJIM'O hi'Kln* nlnu lni«ine.«H. My (OHM lint of lied jwtion* arc- »uffii-icnt refe t!o anywhere. Miike (hitrx early. Boll idlime. lU'.Mdence 10HG \V('«t, A. I.. CO I-;.. Al'CTl'oNKKIt,' .HOCK '.MieiliuiCO -ftt—<dt- kiiulK of HiiSeH Jlohl nalrH-Hnywhora ' anil fvi'i-ywln're. (iuuriiTttce ul<Hohjt« Kiitisfactloii, Can. refer you to n lortff IfHt of .Siltislletl (MIHtotl-llTH. for .lat«-M. I loth nho.neM, if Julia .Thompson, Ueceat>e«l. for leave o jiell the reui e«tnt«.' of mild deceuwcii. it the N'ovemher term, A. 4X lUltl, of mid I'ourt, to'Wit: On the fith <tuy of N'ovi-mher, A. 1>. Uilfl,- of nalrt court, I ihall on the 7th day nf Dncrrnber, next mtwi'cn the houi> «'«f t«u o'trloek in Ih* forenotin, ami four H'eUiek in'the after - WANTKU—A yOl-'NG 7WAN WHO really wantu to learn thi* drug httf*l- nofft. lic'iidricka Drug C<f. IHtf WANT TO R17V AU* KINIDS OF junk, also beer hottlo*. Wilt call for it. R Longford. Both phones. ,. ' : . 113-140* VVAXTK1V— 1>UY H.-ttth, 405 West Main St., Morrison. III. .116-1^1* \VA XTKU — (>LD I'A LKI3 T45ISTJI. • Don't matter If brok«n. I p«y $1.110 —tti -JiJlU-jw-wet-.- Mill!—tn~Mnzrrr"^'i'r^" S. Fifth St., rhlhulelphiu, I'u. \V;!' HI-HI! rash hy return .mail. llfi-Ml" WAXTi;jJ~~AT ONCI-:. AN A No. Koek .Kails. ' ' '. "|2lV(:- ; I. .('. c;H( i.M A.VI > HON, AtJC'TION- fi'tV,;('o|.-ta or MllliMlKcyllle, W« nitik* -II H|ll'fi,'lll.V of lUH'Uotl HttU'M. CotUlUOt ninny *;»!»•*» t'very year and' can r«jf«»r ^'ou to niiiny nati«(li'd eiiMlornej'H. Wfl Kt»«r:ntli'"i* ai>;«ohi!i« n:t tlnfite lion. Writo or plldlif UH for O 1 (!. I'HI?1.V. -JA\'K STOCK uu<;ltoiti'»'r, IJUoii, III. HaV4» wold punt l»tvd Htot-k' In 'JH-ve.rul xt.'Ut'M tliw i»a«t HrhHoiK .. S;iti*iii'd t'li.MtotiH'rH rny bent ri'fiT«'nc<'. All <-nlls jiroiti|»tly uttond; «'d. I'hoii*' or wiili- for dittef). ).' H .^ilOS i-k, HI. Siili-s made anywhere, l-'artu and "stock Nith-M my Hperlalty, l'J.\j«:rlein'e IMIM hi'CH my teacher, _ ,jS|>f:<k lii'tli Oermati. iu« I'iiH 111 Kootl i-uinlilmil. Harry. I^i Illquti't I'J'HJ '••(»U VSAl.K — YKAUhINO Kin, I. lilooiicil I'olund t'llhui lioar, lartri t.V(»s also o|H" full Itloodfd, fi month'.-old; hit; Knuvlhy Toland I'liina «iltK: onV -liay mnli 1 . 8 yvai;* old. ~ ~ Lynilon, 111. I20-J31 HONKV—THOSK .WISHING 1?OXKV <U'llv«'i'wl. Mhuuld «irdnr at once, an tin- Mipply is Bell iC'THl. low. U House, IIS. 123* tit Mill day, Mc puhlie «Ue, at o. s . 'whit \ hid , '57 ''i .". U;irk:>- .".; j-t'ii r,s l--i-: i .".7 »- x : Sul., "i-H'Vi f>S Cash, '.'>•» I.;' 7. ns S-'iT Xu. 4 STERUNG CITY MARKETS tha.t the Hht'll »o guard ; their Yt'ountry'i! I *-y,,, K , ( . ' Tlu.' dear loves ut .hofuit uervu i (•)-, i "i>-.- o!' ' bi* best. .What Joy.j ^-.^''j...^ .iSi-Ver • WJS)« 'bftidf-'J 1 \ijli' hi- a ' Idtu ilior'i- wn> vii.u-.»t.r»'tf5i» lJ d Ik-ard In Court. 1 »annul b«-jr , tltt- soijier ,jj. o rof- IUV upon fu know ffust li.'Mr !•; Ifruy. iHi'1 to 11.- K!';ty J \i-ii-- LIVE STOCK. I i'H'l '.'l t !»!'.ts. & C • t>aifrt this 'itli 'ilay of N N. <!. \'an 8;tnt, if tlu« KtUule- .of Julia .•ea.,seii. • N M. y\ he prcfui«e« at two o'clock In tlu> aft «riioon in the City of KteHHiK iir naid •ounty, the roul eatitttvUtwiJlH-il an fol- OVVH, fo> vyit : r , .Lyt No, live (5) 'in J»iH>k No. ihir- .y-iilne ( S 3!i) in ;Wttlh»et- nnd Uait'K Ad* lition to tint City of HterliiiH in Whlte- dile 'v'ounty. lllino|«, on th*' fullmving feriH, to-wlt: Ten p>-r cent of pur- aie pricM to he pairt on the day »l •iule and the liulant-c when the M<ij.t<'i» eontlrmwl. 'hy tiie ,Ct>itrt and pfojifi A KMtittf of \VllliHin I-*, Lavvrh-, ilt'i-eas- • ' —V". The . mi'lerMjitnetl havlnu 'bocn - ajt~ jiolntcd, ,fdminitiU r-of tin* cKtute oi \VilliUIH •>•". I.HWlie, l.'Ue of the t'oituty 'if Whin-suit- and ,<i.tie of 'Illinois, ,!«' .:'t'U.«.«i-(|, hfi'i.'-hy j4i\v-H notice . (luit s-it! ivitl tippvnr li.el'n'ic the C ( iiiiii\-"t'ii"iij"i:'T>r WhiU'Miile Cmu!t> at. the CfXirt i(i<us)< In Alorrwon, at the January U-nn. on ilic first' Mt>nil,;ty i'n January in-\t. ;ii U'blrh''tiiiU' --ill |i,'«!,,.u^ havinu claiitt-.-i .IKUilllfSt M.'lttl »'-'{ate il|e nolifiei) Jlllll Iv- iliicnii'd lit utt'.'iui. for the (Mn|>«i.-e frh'U'lin: tht .-..line ,•);• »l» ,1 AH |n-r*oti« iiiile'lil-.-il in ; aid" e-lit'.e UK' ii«!U.>-'1< il (i, Hi.]!...' fttum-dinK- |«..(}- UU'tit 4«. lll« ((("(' l>-l^!H-d... J'di-,! (la-. i,\h il.(y of \oi '-ntbi..'!'; A !•' O H H A L K— nEI/IH'AI HAKK.S. New Zealand red rnlibltH, liantuni.s mid plK«ui» of nil- klndM.. Both plumes. U. R CuHhinuh. 11S-123 l''().»~*^AU-3--HKIJ ,ISLAXU HHKI 'ic-l unil pullcttt. . I,. 10. Jllrdwill ituto, phono. • ' ll!)-.U'i iioth |ihone«. Call, write, or wire at .). .M. .l-'AHKXIOY, . AL'CTIONKKR, l>ix"si, 111. 'With ye/irH of exjierienca III Hit- aiii'tinii i'ii-mi'!ff< "wll K'H'l'ttn- |i-<' : ;iU'.t,irl inii. l-'nf 1 i-l'i'l'i'lli'i! Hi'n \titi\i\i' for whom 1 have held' BiiloH. Mixuii lloiitf jdionc, -ft'-Hldi'ticv, IM; office, !.MI. • ' ',:" K. "nKYKXXNV, At.H'TIONKKH,' I'n.iphel.-iii.iwn. III. Will cry «nU'« iiny? %ylnTi>. fuDitiii'i I'M't to I lii Hal«;i4 your-, ly, i;(-!"ct«-tti'r;( Hunk of I'rophotM- towu; t'itl'/.i'if.H hank, J''iirni«'r'H National liiink. Kaniii;r'H phone, both n-Mldi'lin* and offiri'. II. It. HAKHIXUTo'X. AIM'TIONlOIOIt. ; y«'ii'r.H hiicccjixful Kf'lllriK- Hat- ii Ktiiii'iuiti'i'd. (Jfflcis with M. K. WjlK<r, Hoih phuiiex. K III. D. W. AIIHOTT, AIU'TIONIOKU, I'O- l«t. Ill -Slcrlt aial farm nali'K a «pen. laity. All c.'UlH' iiromptly attended, MtiJtK your dati.-s early, 1'hono SfOOY Mutual. -',•'"..-,'• IOHX N. fJKNTHY. AUCTIONRBR. Amlioy, Hi. I '.inn and live Block n n Hjifcialty. j»'fii'iner's tftiVphorte., L /» > H HA t ,K --. HO S 15 ("0 M M I { Jl < >1 > I' I.. ' t'V»ckerc«l«. Harmon, III. Mr.s, .-YW .SALK—HI.\GLI-j COAUJ WUITK 1^-ghiirii tM)rki>r«'ls, sjngjn i'onr}» Hull . Ot'liinston>. Interstate i)hunt«. J. H \NVO.M-: WA.NTl.Nf! A V'ACl.'CM yitiir order ut «\lrsf. X'OU SA I'DITI.AU Mk«'JHAXf«\V ni;i,K;ti!ii)os from lyini to tin tlmt«. In V«HHt s!>nji*> for at )',> Ka~t Kifih f5t .. 'St . W. •H>U s A 1^: J Jl| JL! Ji^iiUj_JliiCJLJ »';ir, r*7ii'.'(ji if (,'ikeiv al oni-e, ,'Kiul Carage. -I'.i-ll jdu-iii- I'l-'-H. ill sood lUlUIUn; ulii'T. i'ol'd ltoails(i*r w; r .ii new .yiKv, .M« , fc'ood H- "iH'vv... nU'f lo I'Ult t'O' (I'l v 'n. {:.'l'.".' JC.<>I.|),S, OIOXIOUAI, tloin'«'r. S'ntlMfiM't|o)i UtH-lt i'"a!lM, Hotitt' 1. KariiHir'w phone. Bofh Pnon»» 203 Lawrence Bldfl. Dr. Wellin^on C, Fossler Sulphur Health Bathi Otteppalh and Chiropractor QtERLiNa. A a.HUBBAED SURVEYOR, » D. Ar»y field note$ of the Origin*! Survey of Storting and Rock F«(l». Poll Phono 603 E::2nd St., • Stirling, III, I'CK l:;r I ui musi'i-. SbjjPfJpUKU»U<V-tbu«,.Wt>Uld In- « '1dm II.OIV 441'C VMde.itlVtc^Mi artp.J} ',,•,,',";,' ,.-.e... h ...y _ < 1'Hl. it !»: '..S. & C,»b.> d^th to tnf. V..u uiv « vom-,uniting .to clasp bhii, u beurt ihtit is : •,'.'':< I;?".-- S *' iU , "l^^v"''/-: lf; u " !< ''' 1 . ;i ,....,..;:...>i.W-J,l<.»-^. i •uades^ttikl the heitrN of wnu-jji-ue us the Btons of hvaven. TUu'-iyvf : --j.^V t ! 'i ,'v j' 1 '',"",' 1 "',' ," ' ^ *. , l\l?^.«"'"f " '-T-!^,',""'^or^l'-M'!! r . ' , * . " ' . ' ' .,'..• , > "* '' s * ' • ' '•• '. * f S^ * * * * -M* * M \t & *. %| v ;U^ Any. S.VI.J-: DiXl.N'fS i;oi»;\I. I'AU iiut Kiichvii ,^eJ <•(' lii'.uivi i\t<\\ i\\t>'-> and .ill i-odiidetf" ami l in;. i JiV i,,'i "li-uj, •- <'-li:MtT"e»f,'> vnH-ii-; insii Call »iiU (.,„.-). .;. |;,.j) i'. • ' . i'."! • U','5 'il, i'1'l AI.MI.US i *CM .-, \V';'i 3..; ,i :,'! i\:,ii. iij(, iii'ii. j;, i l;.,,," .1; .,i-:i!.-.• , l "'i '!,;/ i' .V i; i'.Ai;!',', :i.i ,-i-.'i i \\ i ,;i v .' DIXON, ILI,, c _ • ' Special o|fico Cjontultant, and s of women and children. W.K.OUW8E and Health • . STEHLINO, ILL. 9 E. Third 6t.

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