Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 21, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Page 6
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StEftUjlQ,JLLWdJS, TUESDAY, NO^, fct, 1916. ,*£«* K>-* *>"/£»' / " ?yvrd "TH i ' i; M v F,ft s A i/ c A p ,N I- <!', j' <'!«((] 1. s J to o|"'t ;ite ;ind i nbnnt ISlTi, "four Car $:V.>,".. Sed^n i u> f.o : r. '....,ifh ;>;..:.- II. .u* ;i. i • • iii.i • i •.,in ri' i,I' r :u >-H!i;'l 1 . br>.7u°*'i' -•'•*', ;:i'i'! t \ i. >-. I i-:( • ln!!i'<'r ;'ind ;u e i .e,!( r I« V j'. i 11J. M M ' ' 1 M : I ! S • i H M' I ' : • '; ; • I I: !i.t!>ili:\ ••( 1 '-ill! S" l •. I- f. l;nn t'ir $:>'•", I'i>uj ' )' t J'•''.'., '1'i.Hti ", ! o. ti. .1 vitoit. i in s-il< .a Samjuel Frank/ Rock Falls ; / < «. . —i , i>t .h-M* !K FALLS DAILY GAZETTE OOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, NOV. 21, 1016. BROTHER OPENING NIGHT 1 Public Qpenfng OtJfte,NeiTg Hall Thi» - i. • j Evcrrhig- libhi, of Rockford, Broth, i N ;^:;;\;!;;/ H -V;;;. 11 :;£!S "S^yi )f Mr8. S. M. OrOVe I M«-thodiHt f'hunh has rented the hall Died Monday. M, drove reeeivi'd word yes- St the death of her liroilier.- I' III, at Koekfiird. whi'eh oecnrted Etc III that cttsi-iVrmtilay inorn- Ie had lir<>n 111 for two yearM of not eoatlned to l! Mr;. \tn ,i,.l! t ! - i. T.I hfT ! - ii-m.- i-n :s • .. Mrv I.L.v.l Kl^.i!-. l.i?;t t->. i-i!!uir fffin ;i in I'..nli;tt l''l.'!!!l-. l^l.'-tll!,.' I' t-'ll ).;•;!. t', ' ''! H '' •!/ iift.-r •-•)•• lidioi- il;. v, • , 1, .-ni with | ; ,\^ I'.-iri'iits Arlfnir Toft" «•••!•• f to.. I 'MVI nt-oj t V.-Sti'|i!:l\ «l!i|,. !,. -.< iii .-Mt'-r (lii. j-'ultl f hup |,:r' a eonr-.f of ^ttidy. HAHNAMAN NEWS A l.-'ihy Kill Mi u . A!ir-r r li- \v;i?i txiin t*» Mr. ainl :•-, of i<-,|i>t<-'l !'» Hti.'tltriK rind nnl«tidlinr intiil April' I .'ith to u«cd for This j:nthcrinK« for the youiiK pf-ophv tin- hoard of tfn» clnirch I ho will hi- prcyi-nt and I'.'Hi-iiiil.v bnll to ih«» -Tho 'hoys' <-l:i!<«( f>r I1n> Sunday School lisis 01 Kiini/.ril a hiif<l<«'t hall tr>ani nnd this evctiiliK will .play a «!inM>. Th«- Ihn'-np Is an fidlo\\^«: film 'I'l'tu'h, John l-'loyd IViu'h, I'onnld l'<>n-y Hl- J:;«J. .... I !«..>JlcM!»C!;.k,. with l;i>\. Sitnlstfr a« hianA^iT fiiid i ilt-n Tcni'h -as captain. Thin Mnolal dolugrt .tonlnht IM fn-f to nil wh(i wiHh to tittfiul,. and i-\ i-rylmdy «li, • dm-* is assured a good time-. Uc; I I'rii-e ;uid fnnilly m<dnr«*d to TMini'len and tian«:i--ti'd luiKines:'. Homer Hurtii rnot^'red to Tatnidto and v iMiti'd fr ii'tidj--. ,V number of farmem t«.oK lmr,"e.« to SterllnK Saturday and lUlrnded Unhorse' Hale. .John" SliM-han mi'toml out from Tatni'ieu Sunday mifl \HHi-d at tin- fa! ni. Kfilhrvn Af< < Vrmli-K visited fifehdp in Sli-rlinc and Km k IMI.HH liiNt Meek. A very lanre • tminlier of our .VOIIHK |ien|ile Went o\ ( I" to T:Hll|'i'O Kl May and took In I he dan> e_, I'at Cooney niotofi'il to I'ei'r Ut'UVf Snmluy and i .ilh'd on friend*. All.iH Iliirfiet I't'ew Hjient Sunday at horjie and ret tuned to her school by way of lilxon.^. Kd iH'vin* mifl family attended the dernocrak'ii: hani|ii"l held at Tamtik-o Tliurmluy evening, Mr. and Alrn. Anthony r-stuff motnrj'd to Turnplco and attended th<« demo- era lie bmif|nc»t. ,|ohn Drewv Jr., letutlied home from ail fie incurred whili rrelii. hi wjis born In IViiitHylVitniii and luid resided In Hovkford yearn. Ill* fatjier. I'manuel VhftmticrNbure, Pa., had hei-n |_th«» I'tmt ttjx weeks at th'- _ hlft'non In Hockford and at fWitlV Bob; N|choliJ.a«tEvemh9—Fine te homo In this city. REDMEN MEET survived by his wife and one e<», nnd« th<« followinK l»ni- «l*ti>rH. Mrs. Harry Kerr, 'Oiven, and Mr«. Sarah i>rn« Held of Maryland, and re. will be h«-ld Thctrmlay riat the rhunrti In Il.ildane, 111.. ut Mm. lleht: .Mr. afiiT . drove, -Mrs. John Wolf. and >t>f Other relative* and friends the funeral. til bad Vint ted ut ..ynt fJrovi' l tlrno.H mid «•»»« Known te Fail* people. tERT MENIS DEAD L**t Evening After A Short llln»*t. died ln«t evening nt Ck Rt his honio wr-fjt of thin beiw Hick for almnt a •Time Enjoyed. <'Vi»tiinK about twenty im-iv be- to tlio Uedrnen lodge went to the home of Hob Nichols and jipenl the I'venliiK. Mr. XichoU WUH once one of (he olHrerx of this lodge hut Mince he has heen In- charge of the lire Mtalion Oolela Win re hi' has Iwrt rtummer on the h'ard rutidx In township. John I)''v •|ne, 'Sr,, inoiorcd to'" Sterling l-'riday and trnnsucted hiiHlne8s. Alaurlce Murphy was in It \\iis for him to attend meeting. 11 , HO i (ID ,rnen iJeei .v would K» and upend tho that peritonitis,. whlM death tjiWted. Ho leaven to.inourn Itll wlfo and out?' daughter, liowt of friends. ilneittl norviees will iu< held ttt 13:00 o'clock at tlm home ) o't'lork at St. John'n I.utherun frUBK. lifiV^-Uttrrls will Interment will t>» nuul<- •.viili h-im, — Thi' time \\r*t* spent iu enrdH alid late in the ei i. and coffee were wer\t;d. wee CITY COUNCIL MET Last E'vonino At TKiTcity Hall—Very . Short Se»»ion. Tin' illy i'i,M;teil belli their h'Kiilar niei'tiirs; lust <-vi>ninir \villi*~all .tnem- |H>|-M iii'efi'in except one IlillM 'worn n!li>w<>(l in the .-unonnt of Jfloti,"3. Tho meeting then iiiljiiiiriuMl, us tho iru*n \vlsbril tu a!timi 1 'tiie |.;innle Hiven In Sterling -L LEAVE FOFTHE SOUTH - Wr,. And Mr», Moiier Leave For Win tor Home Tomorrpv^. Mr, iinil Mvs. .luhnMimjer will Icnv toniuii<>«- for their wlnfer bnine I iei»4i_S|jtinK» i .~^'^* i>< ' -They IIHv-t> lieei KtilniJ llrr:e for d nitinber i\f Mr. jiiut Air.". .lor Kelly motored t" MlerlliiK Tue.iilny IIIH! uUeinleil the haii'iiH't at tin- Aiitlltoi iiini. MlsjieH lierihii iilnl l-'lmi'iiee Henner utteii'iletl the ilance at Tainpleo l"rl- iluy evening. Hurry Henner IN eiei-thiK u netv re,»i(len!'e in *Haloiatn:in 4 MlMs lueiie I'linnhne. wbn t<'(ivhe« the ('haiitpuiKii Hchiiul. \\eiit to lier hiiine In Van 1'etten I'YIilay rV4.nlliK. SOUGHT- FOR DOUBLE' MURDER. Detroit, Alich, Xn\'. "1, — AeeoMivl of tho tnnriler ni hln l ( i-year-ol<l bride of n. year. ;uif|" I"etn> luuniire, HK<"| "-. Ith-hiinl <'a|if'ioltii l«*behijf Honjjht by the |iollee. The lillllef -rulilj-n tioilleM nf Mrs, (')iiihin'itii ntii| l>tt!nnrt» ...woro fntind In n bedroom of llio ('aprottu' home. . ROBIN (PtaMtdciM micntortut) and ihlid; n».-|'Iac<- <"|III|H it lit (.|-en '? (he liiPi 1 , uintt-r tnoidhs. « you lemnafics BIRTHS \VII.I J.AMS --A ton wiui born. In Mr ;ind iU 1 ';. Ivnl U'lllimns, of Clinton la, yiv - .T.ia.-i. Mr.- 'Williams l« <h , uf Teh 'Williams and u forme Uock Fills fu people who suf- •with rheuma- gout, sciatica, joints, twist- liinbs, swollen Suckles, Take il*s rheumatism edy and cret re- We advise this ledy 'above a n y hini£ af its our shelves, want you to try -Will you do this? a WYLIE OruggUt _ . __ . 7\i thiir Tofle enteriiilned liffeei | .f hcr-ymmtf «irl lrlend« from liixoi i Monday evhnlni;. 'i'h«* younn lad inn in attend tln« Detniii'ratii: (MirmU iii S'eillnt;. and nfter it W;»K over W('n In the Tofu» • home. wheri» they «|»tuit llotir. , "'.:. iptlon flock Fall* TWO CARS,-DAMAGED. j-'.iiiinlti.v iiAei iitioit n Ulhla <'(£r v clriv- •n by Mil.e (jTeasun ran into a Ford h 'Kiiii Mf l'i|i|iert Hrox,'meat market •No one was injnreil, inn the t'.urK wen il;tni;ii;eij,' The fntlli** of tb< IJI|ili» i ar W.IH | hailly bent, and uji< *v|ii e! (>r the Kot'il was bi'i>H« ( n. ROCK FALU-BplEFS uire.-. Cnderhlll h»H IK' Jll*>> ei( ,i |- at Funny \\ illi.un Mdittes went in DiMin toilay for a \»>ii ni tlie home of ('uj'JL, VVil- llam Ml ninl. Air*. It K JuliiiMton (•I h.iiue (Ids niiinuii;; iiltej ihe hmni i utnint: -'it ('h.uni Mi .usil Mi-, .li.lin Hal rniKlon, Mr 'ii .}li_f JI.H1> VVhjU' nele I'litutaln- i it .1! ilni!,i i t-Jiiin|a> Jit tbe home ot Mr .inn Mts- I'liiti'.s ,> Mr ,|iel Mi.t . I'ml JUIKI li> «ejt'ui- * • » ' -L-" 'elroleum Carbon Coke tter than hard coal; $9,00 pt*r ton . ". \ •• "•' • 'T-'i-'- • ...... v. Jivered in iiock Falls or Sterling, "H ' Jolinsfon Luiiilier Co. Length, ton inches. Ran go: Hroods in the United (oxcopt tho gulf fltutos), Canada, Alftfikti and Mexico; winters in most of the Unltud Htateu and uouth to Guatomalu, . ~""" '~~ Habits and economic status: In tho North and aorno parta of tbe West tho robin ia among tho most cherished of our native birda. Should it «vor bo'- conto rnro whero now common, its Joyous Huramor song and familiar presence wlllbo sadly mlaeod in many a homestead. The robin ia an omnivorous feeder, and Its food Includes many orders of Inaoota. with »o very pronounced preference for any, It ia very food of earth worms, but Ita real economic atatua ia determined by tho vegetable food, which amounts to about 58 por wnt of all. Tha principal item ia fruit, which forma more than 51 per cent of tbe total food. Tbe fact that in f ho examination of over . 1,200 atomacba tha percentage of wild fruit was found to be^flve tlmoa that of the cultivated variotio.-j suggests that borry-boarlng ahrube. if slanted near the orchard, wHl servo o protect more valuable fruits. In California in certain years U has been to aavo ths oliva tsrop from huogry roblna only by th« most strenuous ext>rtiona and cotiBide.rublo expense. Tho bird's gouoral UBwfulnens BU<-b, howuvur, that all reasonable of protecting orchard fruit ebould bo tried beloro killing tho I'oi out H Serving a Purpose *'I>oi»s|i'f U nijila- \iili lutli hut ninu ne\t tiiiHi- i,t ,-onj' litiiil at >>"tii lui> - Ins ••U->ur!iSii4 ij.t.i": l! U-iei! In" 11 |illi-i| ,»H." Ju-Jicjil \\inuiii lit)! 11 dm ^!i t !-n> li*i»le \ on iunc «,i !i .1 ll'AV H j UN-' - I.I' itll'fl ;'lu" ~ Neca«,t,i,jy Fust Step .("if-, *Vv^ . . » ^*IHM i ' • —r±s £~«P- * v™«\ '•-I*T-\ » M * i ? i i 'arc v - s. ; ... ^^^A/3H//.'//-Vk; *'/'4 ' -T*^" Y ^"-~f^Htfri&#^ ^JJpl ^J;; 4v uliiMBr - \\ * ~~&A " ' •»-*i^*» ' '•'•"•*"- ' **• ;• '.'rf^yH^-^f.^ffSf C^g :V» Thanksgiving Time is Home Coming lime -»--—•—.,»^__^iM».• at—^ J ^—im-ai-.^,.-— iJ ^.^g*^__^_^_^^_^^^^ M _^ tM ^_^_JJM^.._^^^^^_^^^ JiJM ^ MMM ^J^^ MM ^ fc __ MIM ^ MBt ^ >iJBaMMlMIMfca ^ < , MB ^, <MIMtMM ^.,^—^.-^aa^..^ *** ^^^^^^ _ _ ... ^WM^ __ '_ A gladsome time of the year is now approaching when Thanksgiving Day brings with it a gathering of the^amily and kinfolkgr^ The young families return to the old hearth lire, the home visit of those who have been away to college, seminary, or out in the'busi- nessworld once more convene at the festive Thanksgiving board to relish the things that "only mother can make." Now, then, is the time to bqghten up the home with new furnishings. The items listed below will appeal because of attractiveness of design, substantial quality, price moderation and unquestionable economy. Our Dining Room Furniture Will lend]Your Thanksgiving Dinner An Added Flavor ' ~~ BUFFETS Sul'nl oak bnlTot^ in nil th«' <liiT(»renl sips, tinish- 6s .or" jMM'ipilss 24'to st'loct fmin, priced t'roiu .$16,00 to $55.00. A very carefully s e 1 e c ted-line of dining room fur- nitureawaits the selection of Than k's giving buyers. No roorn in the house is so sure a test of acter. The very latest productions for this season are now on display here.- * DINING TABLES AND CHAIRS We have an, exceptionally fine-assort;-- enlf of dining room tables with chairs to rmftch. Round tables, sizes 42, 45, 48, 54jndCin different styles finishes and periods, priced from $10.50 to $45.00. Sellers Eitcheneed "Mastercraft" HcspondinjL? to tho apparent tlemnnd "for a kitehon bimsl of unusually #onor- ous proportions, with'lar^o. \vy^rkinj^ surlVu'O on (lie work ifihl<\ -ami- tinuKUHlly <H)IU- niotlious drawer . spaco', the ScllcrH Kiiclit'iiecd "Master- alH'' caino into hoiiig, II 'ins |H»OII v<«ry- popula r i n- (Jt'tuj wlii'i'i'vcr a hoiiio had r«M>ni 'enough in wliu ; ii to lia.s an ailtoinatii^ lowering (lour bin, poiWlairi extcn- s7Tin-|r^Hraml~rfrt7lK*(l"tiTnsiT.~ Wu have eabinuts with lup,s• arid'hftaos from 1.00 to $36.50 $12 Tefl . Wagons /Tho"tea wa^on will prove a h i s. Tru~v~rii £ of s(ep>; for the wo in a n o n day and other days as well. N o h o /n c o u 1 d_lb(i_ wiihout out''of " . '- ' these handy arlifles, One like piclure $14.25. .Others up to $20,00. - Service Counts i^..»-*«,,Y,,': : T.V-»- Ajtonitm % rmi*^ R^k&is;iUii\Oi3. Furniture and'Undertaking Noted for « Hugs «• Inysntors. * . . Spreading. Happine**, Mary Ke.e.H was thi*''lint Aim renn "I \uoit Huueoiii- l" he wltul' llnf^I '; wotnon to ftiko otu « imtein, hi ITi'S. was lioni," vml n Ij.aely \\oinuti. >^i ..I...... .i.u.*—^, . ,-^ w » , ! than any other Jjftttui-Jbfrii. It la no! i>/"\r»tv'f TrT^r 1 " '-less appreciated on the tuhlu'thau In, iSUlJ VV III i l!/ tha Held, and In nmuy.states has ,, tiuostlonably bcon fcuntod too ctosoly.; fw Wt , av , , r|l>v vv iu, MlK »r ihiv.-,,!: -i». o,.|el,«- ; u t ',| he,- la onrrv- ,» Fortunately U aooma to bo pract cable r , }lt w|th „„. tl of 4 , h|( , lli(>tl „„. ln , Bl y, s ,„ „„„,., .„ Miw .,; „„* ,,;.„;„. . to propagate the bird In capUvity. j u i, iuhpr of flMnin , IM . , llvrn ii..M. have ... ,i,e ,,uor, u,,- -1,1.. ,.ii.i iln- «u<l. It and rawh Ja to bo hoped for In tMa i j li( . mis ,,,| un , u lH . u ;; ( . t , u j, SS | „,„] lultt in ).ie. t s im f tu lie ivim-inl.ere.i7 timl to ' direction. Half tlioftwl of thla quail t|u , W1UI ,,„„, ,, r 7 .,,,o ,,„„.„„ u:i . r ,. (vh ,. ^.VW-I.M. >..n ihe nohh-M. | l( *t coniUata of wood ai.caa.»liuo8t a fourth I ,„„„,.,, ,, UMn . T||PM , • vnrl)((| fl(i(il „ ,„•„, ,,., WlIl . % , ,, !nU! ,, l( •„„„',.„„ ,, II1H , , 0 of grata, and about a te»,th of wild ,, n!iy )umvfr ,„ „ d , Hl| ,. N . u „.,,.., , „, „„ „„, t,i r ,hd«y». i- that «',- ,-in frulta Although thus eating grain, uai , fril||| n f ,,,, imi , H |MMl to „„. |lrs , ,„.„„. n „„.„,„. h .,,, |1|t . r ,,,., ft ,, M . Wlf tho bird goto most of it from stub- ^^jp., S {, >Vi > ' •>>,,,. 1,,,,'j,. .Selected blu. Plfteon por corit of Kho bobwbito's' " . * ^ ' ' food ia couijKxaiHl of iuaccts, inrlud-, ,• "" ""' " "~" " several of thu uiottt scrlotia peats fianius. ' ' agriculture. It ft'eda frwtdy upou ; " Ho\v eu\v It Is to be a4,'eiiHi> until <<'rnr urudo pctfatCT btutlua aud rhinch ' one bus Uoi»» sn;ii»'thtn^. I:,<I\|MH!\ i» tj»<- bugs;' It 'devours also curuuibvr bee- Is u jmtvuiial uvniit*. until he !i,i- trieil ei ),.\n .. ii«i jyihea Known every ties, wfr«woru»s, billbut^H, c-Iover-U'uf to it" -••nu-thiim HI this \\uiUl \\,,,- t i- -. wherci by tho .clear \\htatlo (liul biijc wec'Vile, ' cotton boll • weovlls, aruty be to l,mt M!H> tlin-v N>metii:i,!- i,,i (,, . niihte feehts lt« uatm 1 . worms, bollworuta, t'Utwortua, and In* Mui* ih\LH»i i-. :, je I'IUK. ; .,•!• ' , j.. i.-i Ho-.v li Ls^ke d to Her. > l i:.\ Shi- ,.ni'>) inu-(e iilnl MU*> w* th.; )ii>t'J,i,'ii iiiHsh'aS.'j.lny (if t-"i. r i. (-'b (14- the uiiii'eful „)'! ,' ', l it,'" v* . il " iii- >\ hK- Kesiilent |n (Ju> 1 « ; ti(t''H east of the iii.uiiH. jt.ti' 1 iu inafiv jil.u < >'• lu t ! io Wi'ht. • ' H loved |i\ i«n-i n- il y mountain-lovurstM. .Tako U all -_.„."' '•1 In all. bohvUale itt very useful to tho % E-nt-rpnsmn Eye / fanittrr.audwfelloiiiiiaviuitlii. mv* •••)., ,|,,i »,,,, ^, ,,„-•!.'„ (.,.„>,-i '•<* en ry (o remove-it ftum the hfei or u . i,. , )1|N <,-' • \\, n |,._ i Ul gfiHitt birds evory farmer uhouhi see H j,. ,' ,• j,,j p, r i, .'' , ^ i \' ! tho roiiHtjy un<l H t«« !f> r lviu.v,n lu that hid OITO farm W uof UepU'tvd by -",„'„ .|., , !]>>t ',',"^', ". t<i '"'', .'"" '' i- A tVl. r I inora in 1.- crt r •

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