Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 19, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Wednesday, July 19, 1944
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J I i •jo M Join the Connecticut Scroll of Honor for Gen. Eisenhower j by Buying an Extra War Bond WITH WAR BONOS 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community WEATHER Light Showers Tonight Flill Report On Pace S , No. 167 ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents •'•i ' Sergeant Frank Shilinskas Of Melbourne Ct. Awarded Air Medal With Oak Clusters Fire Marshal To Inspect Carnival Here Where A Village Was Flattened ByjCoast Munitions^Blast Naugatuck Soldier Is Aeria Gunner In Italian The ater Of War (Sjn-ciiil td Tlic News) lath A. A. F. in ftaly. July IS— Ssrtri'iint I'Vank P. Shlllnslsas ot ; j!,;ibrtnriif C u u r t. Nauga'.u'ck Conn., whose parents, Mr. and Mrs joji'ph Shilinska.-.. reside :it Iho janif address, was rocontly awarded th<" Air Mo<!:il ivlih the- first Onk I-i'iif .'luster, "for meritorious aciiK'vniii-nt in noriiil flight" while p»riici!>:i.ti'ig in .'-uslaii'.cd combat mwii.*! 1 * .ig^in- L t the ivnemy in tho Balkans, jiiirthern Italy ami Austria Si'rgriLiit Shiliotikn-i Is an uerial tfiiimt'r vv-kh a H-2-1 Liberator H<':U'y Bombardment Group of !!ii' l. r ilh Air Force. A'fti'r graduation from Nauga- :uch Hind .ifliool in ID-ll. lie wu.t employed by the U. S, Rubber Co. <i.< u Jiifl inspector until his ori- trj' Into t)it' Army Air .forces on Jar,i:iuy It;. 19-13, at Ft. Devcus, Ma.-t.-i. He received training at Ki.-.iii'r l''icld. Mis.'., and Kttrlin^-- pn, Ti-Xii.". Tin: .-iimmmcemont was made by Lt. Crencra! £rit C. Eakcr. Com- niiir.iiiT in Chief of the Muditer- rar.eiin Allii-J Air Forcos, Ser'xvan,' Sviillin.-iltas has. two brother.- who are also In the sur-. vice, Edward, a member of tho I'nitfd Stair's Marino Corp.x, and Vito u.' tl;u United States Navy. Lewis A. Dibble 111 Address Local fo/ary Club Tonight Iswix A. Dibble, prominent lociil resident and manufacturer,.will he till' KpiMikur tonight at the roKulnr mcctinjj of the NnUKatuclc Rotary diiti. to hr> held at Stratton's rcs- tuurunt at (J o'clock. Mr. Dibhlr will tiilk on the Rt?- pubiirrin Niitiunn! convention held u frw wfoks riKo at Chicago, nnd American Legion Event Starts Thursday Ori Bridge Street Grounds Tho Amoricnn Legion will open its carnival Thursday night ut 7 o'clock at the Bridgu street show Diincls. The event will be presented nightly through Saturday July 29. Fli'p Marsha! Michael F. Shea has not yet inspected thu area and tho set-up, but expects to (lo so soniotinio today. .It has bucn re- portcd that the canvas being used las not been treated with any solu- lon to ti'.ake it water-proof or /Ire- proof, and hence if it does catch Ire, will only smoulder as docs clorh. .Marshal Shea has already approved two events being held in he borough at'the present time or schudulcd for the near" future—St. Mary's parish carnival and the St. •ledwig's church bazaar. Mr. Shea, who was laying wiring 'or the band-stand on the Green or the concert tonight at the time it- was approached, said that he hoped to inspect the Lugion carni- •al ,'ixturfls, later in the day. The lire marshal's job in Nauga- tick is not full-time, and other em- iloymunt is nucessat-y, it was Indl- utod. -....•• f The American Legion carnival vill feature rides for the children ind games for adults on the mid- vay. The effort is to raise funds 'or the Post's activities. Another Local Soldier "Missing" In Invasion Action ^ I.KIVIS A. DIBBLE which -the •nt he attended in cnpiicjty of a state ^delegate. Sidni-y Collins' talk last week be'°n- thi> Xiuigatuck Rotary club w ii!« oni" or (he most interesting hi-iii'd hero in somo weeks, The nd- 'Iri'M.i of ,\[r. Collins was on post W| 'i' iiviiition. and the long question period which followed the talk indiciiti'il i he interest locally in | h 's lli-ld. rt is anticipated that after thi> war. any portion of the jilolio win )>,> \vithin a comparatively Mho! 1 ; i-un by air. Guests at last week's Rotary iifi'lini; included Patrick H. Kelley "' tin- iN'augatuck Chemical, thu ijiii'st nf Clmvnco E. Jones and J. •'• t'nuly and John J. Wrlnn of the U -S. Rulibi-r Co. and William J. ""''"I'lelt "f \\.'a.Hhington, D. C.. MIO Wirre the guests of Victor N'. ''"t'M-.snn, Word has been received by Mr, nnd Mrs. Louis of 28 Greenwood street, Union City, that their son, Sergeant Walter Ploski, 23, has been misKinf: in action since thi> stnrt of. the invasion of the coast of France last Juno G. Thp missinj,' sersoant, a member of a com but enprlneera' unit, wrote his Uist lettci- May 30. The letter containtid jewelry and other valu- iihie possessions. SL-rgCiint. Ploski, n well-known nthlete, who specialized in base bull, basketball and boxing, at tended Naugatuck high school, and prior to hi.s entrance in the Army April 17, 19-12, u-as employed by the C'hiist; Brass and Copper Co. in Wfiti-rbury. Sci'fft. Ploski was sent overseas about u year ago, and was stationed in England prior to D-DAY. Poison, Ivy Causes The Rejection Of Blood Donor Here A well known NaugatucU residont failed of acceptance here Monday as a blood durior for the Mobile lilood ri:isni:i Bank at tin; Y. M.-C. A. duo to ji. sijKhx iaajiii>Lj?«!j£s, n :-J i'.y. on iilst hands;"It : wa(i"polntPd out by officials at the Blnod Donor center here that it was possible that. the poison ivy could bo transmitted to a patient who received the -blood plasma, and rather than take a clianci- on tho matter working nut t'g that point, the volunteer was asked to tlufur his contribution until tho next visit of the unit to Naugatuck next October. It was reported that then- was one other like case ho re in addition to that mentioned above. RESULT! "i'i'>' is another example of how UK. Warn Ads are prov- Inir th,.i r w <irth In selling artl- c |>'-'< lh:it ai-f /in longer avail- a "lo due lo wartime .shortage's. • N ' rs - M • . , planed this Ad In '"<•' pajior- and aftc-r two days "t. 1 sc.riM'n.s were sold. You c "r'.a ! .nly can't go wrong when J'P" plucp n Want Ad In the • Nll u»itiick News. 2 I'OKCII SC'KKKNS—7 fi-et ""tf- Rxci.-llent condition. Only slightly used. Tul. 3825. SOLD IN TWO DAYS (Continued on Page 8) Former Naugatuck Resident Passes Away In Virginia Word has been received hero ot tho recent death of John S. O'Brien, former Niiugatuck resident, but who for the past ID years has made his home In Virginia. Mr, O'Brien was a member of the Naugatuck lodge of Elks, and was well known in the borough when he made his home In this section. A session of sorrow in honor of Mr. O'Brlcn will be held on Friday night at the local Elks' home tit's o'clock. Exalted Ruler Edgar Leach announced today. It Is asked that as many members of the Nau- ratuck lodge as possible attend thi.s event. UOOSl'JVKl/T AND TJM/MAX Chl.-ago, dcnt Roosevelt 3uis sent word to the Democratic national convc-nl- tlon Ihal. he would be happy to run with 60-year-old Senator Harry S Truman, of Missouri. The President evidently believes that rcnomination of Vlcc-Prwldent Wallace Is impassible. —Wnr Tvorkpr* find that JeffX KcNlmirunl offer* .lellcloiw, healthful food* to keep one In tip top Hhiilio, tlieno hoi, »«cky days.— Adv. Rival Unions Hold Election Here Tuesday NLBR Balloting For Bar• gaining Agent In Maintenance Dept, Of "U. S." Plans are under way today for the election to determine the bargaining agent,for mechanical and maintenance workers of the U. S. Rubber Co. that will take place next .Tuesday at the plant, George Froehlich, president of Local -15, United Rubber Workers of.Amer- ica, (C. I. O.) stated today, Mr. Wroehlich indicated Local -ID and Oscar Wedin 1 lodge, No. 40S, International Association of Machinists (A. F. L.) agreed lo the election at a conference Tuesday with plant officials and a representative of the War Labor Board. Osc'ar Wcdir. lodge is barg:iinr.ig agent for approximately 300 mechanical and maintenance workers and Local <1G recently petitioned the WLB for the election, conten'd- ng many of these workers desired a change of bargaining agent. Officials of the A. F. L. union have denied this claim. The election will be by ballot and a representative of the WLB Local Soldier Rescued In Sinking Of Troopship Sergeant William J. Reilly Floated £pr__38 -Hours ,Be. fore BeingJPicked Up ! ' "' Snrgcaivl. William J. Roiily'of the Unitud'Slates Army, a twin .son of Mr. rind Mrs. John Reilly of Aetna street, was one of Ihe survivors of singing of the troop ship, "Cape San Juan," with (-h'c loss 1 of 70 American lives, last fall in the Pacific ocean. The sl.ory recently was released hy tlio War deparlment and t-he sinking presumably was the work r>r a JnprinciX! submarine. Tho lives of 1359 meiu. were saved through the co-operation of Army, Navy; Merchant Marine and a commercial airplane. Sergeant Reilly states that Ihc ipu San Juan was 15 days out of port on l.he way to !,ho Fiji Islands ud New Caledonia when the shi.p •as hit fiiiiitl -began to sink, going down 40 -hours later. L'hu American dcsl.roycr McCa-lla, .hat in all saved S6S lives of men n lifeboats and who were float- ng about on rafts, in life rings i and on boards, picked up I he Nau| gatuck soldier. IL picked him up : afte." he had been in- the water for nca'.-ly 33 'hours. The ship was hit •about 5:30 in the morning and Jie floated about with many hundreds of others until the next, aflornoon. ] The local soldier states than the news coverage on the evcuvt said nothing about '.lie many .hundreds of soldiers who floated about In tho water for many .hours sustained by life rings, wood or any flotsom that would hold up a pcivon. Scrgca.n't Reilly writes thai, ho was picked up, and that in the final analysis was all l.hal counted, and that he was landed at Suva, Fiii Islands, but thai, most of his shipwreck mates went on to New Caledonia. The Naugaluck soldier writes •Llial lie will never forge!, the sink- iin'g. thai, all he tiionghl'about was what hiii mother was going to do when he didn't come ''homo, although saying he .was cool enough Mrs. Mary Feeley Dilffift Evening' At Her Home Mrs. Mary A. Feeley. widow of .Edward Fcoley, a:ul a resident -of Naugatuck for !>5 years, died Tuesday eyenint; at her homo, 22 Oak street, after a lingering illness. She was born in County Kerry, Ireland. Mrs. Feeley was a member of the Ladies', auxiliary, A. O. H., Kennedy circle, JD. of I., and Aetna lodge,' Shepherds of Bethlehem. She had been employed at the footwear plur.t of the U. S. Rubber Co. for 33 years, retiring several years ago. Survivors include one daughter, Gertrude, of Naug.'ituck; three brothers, Thomas Dillon of Ireland David Dillon of N.iiijratuck anil Matthew Dillon of New Haven, and two sisters who reside in Ireland. The funeral held Friday at 8:30 a. m. from the residence to St. Francis' church at 9 a. m where a solemn high Mass of requiem will be celebrated. Burial will be in St. James' cemetery, Friends rr.ay call at the residence after 7 p, m. toddy. (Continued on Pago 8) when .he hit the and managed l.o keep his wits about him. ReiHy writes- that he never thought the soldiers would be rescued, -particularly \vh. j :n huge sharks began to circle l.he floating soldiers, who- didn't know ihow long they would have to wai!. before the giant fish attacked them. The local soldier said that God was good and that l.he sharks (Continued on Page 8) Bristol Company Employes Honored At Farewell Party Victory Gardens Safe As Cows Are Put Behind Fences Victory (fardeners in the Millville 'avenue area are reported breathing siBlw of 'relief .today with the news that the vCKebihle-mindml cows^ -Hot hi»vn;-ln;en—vlditing-'-Uie. plots arc once more safe foe-.' hind ndi'quate fenceH. Owners of the cows, who also live in (he area, report that the hosslcs .broke through fences and headed .for the luscious veffctahlc spots on Tuesday, but that the matter of the weak fence has been taken care of. Gardeners can aguin entertain the idea of having Mirnc sweet corn .smothered In butter with just u dash of salt and pepper. Pres, Owens Confident On Election Local 468 Head Feels That "U. S." Maintenance Workers Will Not Change Clifford Owens, pi-csident of LocaJ G8. I. A. M., American Federal ion> f Labor, in a, statement to The News, today declared that at the meeting on Tuesday, that his union readily agreed, lo tlio election next week 'at Wie U. S. Rubber Co. to determine the bargaining agent for the 300 employes of -the Mai.r,- "tenanct! department. Mr. Owens slalcd that as long n.s the matter' Is debated, by the rival union. Local -10, U, R. W. A., that now is the; time to cleat- it up for once and for all, and LocaJ , 4GS officials have a new wage Boblnski. William Ostrandcr and con ; pl .ocl. ready for .negotiation with. Four employes of Department 4 of the Bristol Company were honored at a farewell party held last nighf at the White Eagle restaurant on Bridge street. The fo;ir mnh included Martin Leonard Clannantironc who leave soon for service In the United 'States Navy and Hugo Braun who is leaving to take up his,residence in California. The assemblage of approximately 50 persons presented a gift to each guest of honor. 'Speakers Included John Bonn who also acted as master of'cere- monies, J. A. H. Peterson, head o£ the personnel department of the (Continued on Page 8) Americans Capture Livorno West Coast Port In Italy As Poles Take Ancona LATE.. BKUTELtr MAY PLAY Here Is the cyclonic ruin of Port Chicago, Culif., where tho explosion of two ships laden with Navy munitions destroyed ships, killed and injured hundreds of people, wiped out the village ill which .1,50(1 inhabitants had lived, and damaged property for miles around. Estimated of the property loss alone ran into many millions of dollars. Lost lives will numher 850 or more. It was believed, the total including 200 to 25(1 Navy men, l.SO civilian crow-iiiunihers of the munitions ships, and other civilians. The Navy began, ail investigation to ascertain the of the catastrophe. U. S. Navy photo. (International Soundphoto) Hoyloke, Mass., July 19—(UP) —Notre Dame's great football standout of last year may play in the all-star charity football game at Chicago August 30th. Marine Second Lieutenant An- gclo Eenolli said that he had received two invitations to play. And he added that he will seek permission to take part in the annual contest. Bei'telli now is honeymooing at his parents' home in Holyoke. He expects to leave today for North Carolina. __-oOo—— HAWAII'S L.IGHTS Honolulu, July, 19 — (UP) — Hawaii's lights will he restored .to pre-war brilliance Friday. All restrictions on outdoor illumination and automobile headlights throughout the territory are to be lifted. I^ight restrictions have been in force since Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. — — oOo DEATH XOIX 388 San Francisco, July 19 — (UP) — The unofficial death toll in the explosion of • two ammunition ships at the Port Chicago naval ammunition depot has been raised to 388. Late estimates of : those injured range from 500 to ' "' """' ...... '"'" Livcrno In Ruins From Allied Raids And German Demolitions (By United Frew) The Americans have captured the great west coast port of Livorno in Italy and the Poles of the Eighth Army have taken Ancona. on the Adriatic const. The Yanks found Livorno a shambles. Allied air raids and German demolitions had dewtroyed practically all the port facilities And the German garrison skillfully escaped from the city. In France, General Montgomery announces that the great British drive toward Paris from Caen has made gains of several miles and a tank battle—perhaps the greatest yet Sought in western Europe—is raging on the Norman plane*. In Poland, the Russians appear on the verge of flanking the great railway and highway hub of Lwow on the north. American planes attacked southern and western Germany in great force today. The Germans list Munich, Friedrichshafen and Strasbourg among the targets. Concert On NAZI OFFICERS KIT-LED the LT. S. Rubber Co. officials and Hist as soon. us. thu 1 matter of the bargaining agent is settled, work or. UlU contract «an go forward. The union leader s!.ated that he ihas utmost confidence- 1111 the out- conic of the election, that matters in the maintenance department have made such ^tremendous gains j in the past several months, that he is sure l.hat there will be no change in bargaining agent when Cairo, July .19— (UP)—Six high German office™ are reported to have l>cen killed during an argument Jit a Nazi military conference in occupied, Greece. The exiled Greek e'ovcrninent Kays a pistol battle started while senior German officers were disciiKNiiifjr "important matters of policy" in Athens. ACE'S POG KILLED North Smilhficld, R. I., July 19 —(UP)—The shaggy little mongrel dog who accompanied New England's leading fighter pilot on so many missions lies buried in a liny grave in North Smithfield. Lucy—the mascot Captain John T. Godfrey picked up in the London blitz—was killed by an automobile. The little dog had braved enemy fire on scores of. missions with Ace Godfrey. Naugatuckians To Attend Parent- Teachers Parley A session of l.he summer region il conference of I he Connecticut Parent-Teachers' association wil be held at l.he Hotel Elton Friday July 21st, from 10:30 a. m. to 3:30 p. m. The theme of the conforcn-ce wil .ie "Guiding Principles of Parent- Teacher Work." Mivs. Jesse L Mariner, stale president, will preside. r?; Clarence Isbell and Francis A. Clark of -the Naugatuck Parent-Teacher .association expect to all end. It is hoped thai, every Parent- Teacher unit in the neighborhood of Waterbury will be represented at. the meeting and any member of a P. T. A. is welcome. (Continued on Page 8) Two Naugatuck Families Now Have Four Sons With The American Forces In France T.he News learned today that wo Naugatuck families have four -onsi flgnting with American in- •oslon -forces in France. These are he only two such instances thai. lave been reported so 1 far. Pvt. William Mai-lnacKio and Pvt. Michael Marinacclo, sons, of Mrs. -"ilomena Marinaccio of '130 Clifl es. PvL Willia.m, in the service since April, 1942, is attached to a mcdicaj dctachmc.-nit. His brother Michael is with an • anti-aircraft baltery. •'--.. . Mrs, J. William Johnson, also of Cliff sl.rcct, -has recently been- informed that a second son, Corp. J. William Johnson. Jr., has also ar- ti-ect, ara with-the : inva'dins-forc-' fivcd in France. Pfc. Franjtiin E. Johnson, a brother, went to France with' the invasion forces • on .June 6. ..The. two boys' father. Major J. William. Johnson, is also serving with .the U. S. Army. And a sisfer, Lit. Ruth Johnson, is .111 army nurse somewhere in -tha South Pacific. • • • ...-.-• Mrs. Marinaccio, who is now living with .,fac£i,.daughter and swn-in- law, Mr.' and. Mrs. Raymojid Higgins, Hearsy, from her two sons arogularly, and states I hat they arc bot.1i well. She took tip residence with \hcr daughter after the departure of 'her second son finally broke up the family. - - Lucius Tomlinson Returns Home Watorbury hospital authorities have reported that Lucius N. Tomlinson, local jeweler was released from the hospital, and that ho returned home. He had been in the hospital for several weeks, recuperating" from a surgical operation: And the condition of Peter Mor- uska. Cherry street extension, who underwent a recent, operation is reported "good." —When you think of Vacation and Holiday Clothes. It's Raphael'* Nancatnek'H Fashion Center, where Style and 1-ow Price go hand. In huud.—Adv. • • At 8 O'Clock Community, Band: .Under Daniel Oemcke To Present 11 Numbers The second- community concert of- the summer will' be presented tonight on the Green starting at 9 p. m. by the Naugatuck Community band. The band will be under the direction of Daniel Oemcke. The next concert will be held in Union City in the near future, and the fourth and final one of the summer series will be held on the Green in the latter part or August. In case of rain, the program will be presented Thursday night- Thc program to be presented to- nipht follows: March—Clayton's Grand March. Selection—Mariana. Overture—Home circle. March—Gloria. Selection—Faust. Medley—Pleasant Recollections. Intermission March of the Services—Dedicated to all the boys in the services. Humoresque. Selection—Victor Herbert Favorites. Skater's Waltz. March—Veni, Vidi, Vici. Star SpanRled Banner. William H. Moody Elected President Of Water Company At a meeting'of the board of directors of the Naxiffatuck Water company on Jtjy 18th, 19*4 the following were elected officers: Chairman of the board ot directors—Donald S. Tuttle. President and peneral manager— William H. Moody. Vice-president—Earl M. Barnum. Secretary-—Seymour Squires. ' Treasurer—Charles H. Upson.. William C. Boies was elected- a director to fill the uncxpired term of George C. Ham, deceased. The directors arc." Earl M. Barnunv Howard H. Bristol, Conrad S. Ham, William H. Moody,- Donald S. Tuttle and Charles H. Upson. Local Soldier Is Promoted The United States Army Air 'orce at Wostovcr Field. Masi., ias announced the promotion to corporal of Charles H, Price of the Now Haven road. The local soldier lias held the radc of private,' first clats until is recent elevation. Corporal Price is in .training an crew member of heavy bomber ircraft, and has been in the service or some months. • .• . —Ca«li paid for nuidlcal Imminent*. plMion, radio*, phonograph*. Metro MIMIC Mart 88 Church St. Tel. 6187—Adv.

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