Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 21, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Page 5
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FA&E FtYf t f ONE AND CHARACTER IN WOMEN'S SHOES l.P »tt| . Th» model thown, here in glattd kid *nd dull kid lace und button model! at $3.50 up. W» tell «hoei that will **rv* you right and Ifit them to you will flet right tervic* out of them »t right price. THE BOOTERY, H. 0. Bray E. W. Mason 21 E, Third StT. i |i'^r)«nn? iffni"- i« t-\ (•<"•• *(-<'. rTnrinir •f;' 1 !'•••• h S'-irriHf'-) M.u>!. r, r.1 X <! ' - f 'iV-Ii. .-.- f,.)- t..r:i,.r ? ..•.- :' " A PLEASANT SURPRISE Wat Given Amos Strong In Honor Of Hi* Birthday. K'r.'hn- ;i friend.*- St.,',.- \!t,-.-. Sll.,nc :M< n<*«! foTHp! Mm . : i i.t>'- fMTi n~- ("•irrViiam Ihf-m '<> hit f;..irif "•'. !;>-f" ;i i|'-!iKht!ti'! f-\?-idiiK t»;i« s[,< nt Pin- pre?!«lv<» txsftt'h «s* HK dtV'-r .*M«-II «i the evfriinR, And dninty !i-frc*hm<'-n!« e»l «ith n number of m- .- csfis WILL HAVE SOCIAL 'K. L. C. E. Of Trinity Church Wdl $ftWt In Thip Church. The K.'lj. f. K. «.f flu- TriniU ••butrh in tho fhurrh parlors. A short bti«i- lifWH session Will pnci-ffif tin- ,«nri;il find an interesting rVf-m«K M pi ,'uiln d K\ f>ryt»m» Is cordially itn it«-d ****4»*4****44***4*H^^ The Thanksgiving Sale of Coats and Suits Will break all records this season for really great values and not soon again will an opportunity be presented to buy Coats and Suits at such low prices. January sale prices are in effect rigttflnow and one may have the full benefit of the winter's wear of the garments bought now. f SOCIAL AFFAIRS I !^ ''- J TALTY-HENDRICKS Mias Julia Tally Became Bride Of W. P. Hendricks Of Missouri. ' Htcrllnis r»ii-n<ln wlUb-? Itiii-fcnii-il ill ihn niiirrluR«> of Miss Julia Tally »o \Vnyl»» P. llc.tiilrlcktt. <if, KlrUxvlllp. Mo., wHlr'h wn« iitiiiMly HtiU-mtilsipd Alontlav nfti'i'imoti «! fcmr i>'«-l»« k nl tho parHuiuiKr '.'f Hi. I'ufrU-U"* flinr AT SUNDAY DINNER. Mr rind Mrs. !', M. »l..m-«-r «-n»' I !)]•• ffdtowinir suest* -a! dinner Sunday,' f. <}, Homer nf iJix.m, Mr. nnd Mrs. UeorR" I^'l-Vvrrf find family of Pruirl«villir 4 , Mr. and Mr* l-t.-ijik Ml.Uhouse nnd fnmilv »if I*r>tiioH»», Mr nnd Mrs. J, H. Wjilzer. Mr. and Mrs. Atnoa, Hoover, and. A.- <!, Ho-ovrr. ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. .Fohn .Johnson, iff Lyndon, <J. f. .Slttrtevtuit. of I'hirneo, and Mr. :Hid Mrs Paid .ftine, fd* I'mphntstowM. wen* entertained at dinner lust evening' at the home of Mrs Knmiit Uibmm. ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. Mr*. ».'. VV. H«rnllt«>*t futertninfd nt dinner last "evening; Mr. stud Mr*. Curl Meyers, of lloolt Kails Aft'-r dinner they attended the Democrii! l<; rally. Every Fine SnM Including Prinlzess Garments, Half Price mtmmmimt»^f:m^mmn, I I n n II mmm***m*« - n nilllllli II ««»»>«>»>«>M» ~ jiMllttMMMIiaHliMMIIilHMMWMMIMMIMMCMMMII in ' '"'!.. . ". ««MMM» M«!!!It«Z!ZI!!C!ZI«~Ira«!Z!!!!!^I!! WMMMSSlllMh ^tSStSSSSSSSSSSSSSli and still no charge for expert alterations. Suits of broadcloth, silk poplins, wool poplins in al(l the most desirable colors and favored styles at a price which means no one should be without the always necessary tailored suit 4* 4» 4* * 4* 4* 4» 4» 4» 4* 4» * Ten Coats, Each $22,95 in nil llit 1 wanted mate rials niid newest styles; hulivins, velours, phisli es, etc. Twenty-two Coats* Each $18.75 Cheviots, velours", zibe- os, eponges, nrgt' collars, full flared, etc. Seventeen Coals, Each $18,00 Loose backs or belted models, nil newest styles as Khown iti the "Print.- 7.CSS 1)110. Twelve Coats, ,Each $10.95 Hnby lanibs^* ctirlettes. rou^li fabrics in blacks, browns mid imvios, Twelve Coats, ..Each $9.95 Tweeds, clieviot.s, mixtures, full cut all wool materials. CHOICE OF ALL THE FINE TAILORED SKIRTS AT THIS LIBERAL DISCOUNT 'n>«' € !i" (1 '^ complete and ovon single xannent new-this season. Broadcloths, silk poplins, wool poplins, satins, vclour plaids. MOTHER'S COOK BOOK Folcy HI niiy and the Miss Alpha Tirliy, and her , Kdwnrd J. Tally. Tin- wed- ntely after tin' ceremony Mr. and Mrn. Hendrick« left for Klalgttv We. whlrh will tie ^h.elr home nnd \vhnfi* the groom I* employd ««• «H>rett»ry !»ii'l general manager of the .Klrksvllh.' Light nnd Power company. Mrs.- HendrlckH "i»- tho daughter of ' Mr. nnd Mr«. Peti-r J. Tally, of IMxon. and a J*UU-r of Duve Tally of thin city. She hiu» ofti'H vitdtod hfre and will re- ppivp eonKTBtitlatlons from m»ny Twin . City friend*. —A QUIEfWEBDUUL Waihlngton Omeltt. Soak ft cupful of breadcrumbs In-* cupful df hot milk. Beat »lr e»f yolk» and add to the crumbs with tail and pepper. Fold in the beaten whites of the OKIB and bake in a thickly but' tcred pan Iff fc rather hot oven for 16 minutes. This is/rery good Berred with a torniah of green pd«» or tomat» sauce. ' 4* 4» - : - -. — - 4* ' '• 4+ Reductions are from five to.-, twelve' 4* dollars on a garment according to * the original prices. jlfiPGDM^K) Many coats and suits are being sold from this fine stock during this sale. K,^**.!,****^ Arthur Cooper and Miss Florence Kestler Married In .St. Paul." . A quiet out.of town wadding of last Saturday. Nov.'J nth, occurred at a M. B. pumoimise in Ht. Paul; Minn., M|MM Florence Rentier, of Detroit, Mich., be- unmlnR tho wife of Arthur Cooper, of this city. Uov. Edward Ometx i*er- fortned the ceremony, which wag a very quiet one. Mr. und M'ru. Cooper will -he, at ho'me In the firegroh npart- mnnt«, >i!19 ISiiHt Second avenue, Soutti Mlnneapollii, Minn. Mr. C'ooper Is the win of Mr«, Klla Cooper of thl« city and travels for the National Manufacturing Co., with Mlnncsola a« hln ierrilory. frlendH will extend Apple Salad. Take equal parts of diced apple, celery and a few blanched walnuts, mix with enough mayonnaise to moisten well and add one tablospoonful of horseradish to each pint of salad. Diced pineapple may bo used instead of the nuts, making; a pleasant variety, . Spinach. Thlfe Is one of the valuable vegetables which supply us with iron, Wash it carefully and put it to cook with no water but that which clinga to the I«aves. Cover at first until its own Juice flowa., then open and boil maS THE ANNUAL REUNION ^ ^_ mf _^ f Of The Van 8¥nt"PTm»y"VVlirB«~HVW In Sterling, The annual rennlun of the Vim Hun I brothers will occur HUM weelrHn~5*r«T5 ling. The reunion occur* euoh yenr on. the blrthdny of otu> of the brothers itnd the event Mill bu held thin year at , Hi«« hom# of Attorney N. O. A'aii Hant. —wul—will—*ynmr—4ooiowow ? —liln—ee-vum— tieth blrllulay. Th» K"e8t« will bo A. f'lark Van Want', of onwha. Nebr.; Kiitnuol Van Htint, uf Mfnneupolln,~ex- governor of Mlnneuota. • Mr. Van Hunt |» an ardent (irand Army member and In well .known In HtnrlliiK and liock Kulla- He will tie at Attorney Van Uant'a olllce tomorrow afternoon front 3:00 to 4:00 to meet his local friendt*. A turkey dinner wilf be nerved ut the Van Bant homo in the'evening und turning U to keep it from scorching. Chop very fine and serve with bard- cooked egg* as a garnish, or simply with vinegar and a acasonlng of colt, pepper and butter. Whole-Wheat Pudding. Take two cupfuls^of wbole»wheat flour, a half tsawioonful of soda, a cupful of milk, a \hftlf t^aapoonful of wit, a cupful of dotes and a half cupful of molasses, beat well, and steam 2tf b!>urs In » battered mold, If thick sour milk la used, add a teaepoonful of Boda, Serve with whipped cream, plain cream or any preferred llquli sauce, . .*•• , Rhubarb and Raisin Pudding. —Her»-!«~one-yott-e»» j glv*-the-ebll~ dren: Take a pint of rhubarb cut in half-lnoh pieces, sprinkled with a cupful of sugars Let atfend an hour or more, Toss a pint of breadcrumbs into three tableapoonful« of melted butter. Put in layers Into a Baking dish, sprinkling a cupful of raielna In having the-crumba-fNi--top. DIXON PUNT EXPANDS IN SLOUGH WHEN ICE BREAKS DURING PLAY STATE OPENS ATTACK AN AEROPLANE PATROL Reynolds Wire Screen Co. Has| Acquired More Room By Buying Roper Factor. 'Th« Reynolds Wire. Kcreen .company of Ofvon liiiK nco,uirt'd tin 1 plant and grounds of the Rojier Furniture company, lof-atwl In tho east fmrt of Minn., Nov. 20.-~ l-'lv» I buy*. Allen CJIIIett, 8 ycwrn <dd; Lyle j Lorentn. 8 yenm old; Kdward . \Vytm, 10 years old; Ida brother, hester, 7 yearn old, nnd Gordon Fisher. 11 yearn old, we v r«» drowned Jn n a Hhort dlntn'nt'0 from here.. A|ijinrently tho boys had on the If', and had | Scouts The Missouri Prosecutor's Siory Of Bobbers Murdering His Wife. S. Ml. Joju'idi. Mo., Nov. ...flit (;f tilt' rttnte'fi cane utfalUHt ProM<:» walked j t , utor(>Mcnr ^, McDanlel was well un- lirohen ,j,i r wtlv j n crlmmiiutl court today , ., , on. b*twm>n the rivw front and 8»r- . through. At thr time the .Ice K«v fl w ,,. h U)P prcatntritlon of n man* of d«__.. -------- ... ...... - ..... ond. streot. tho transfer tnuny thoiiwindfl of dollnrn. For iv period' of nix mohthM or more, G. R*3mold», president of the Reynolds WIN* 1 Sorown company hs\8 bwn negottotlnK .with tho owner* of the- furniture- company noil thcs, \vt.o flnally t^time together • and agreed to the'Iransfer. Oporatc Both Plants. In the jiast two years-the Wire S c? r_e e, n VompaAy hn» j cramped for xpncp in tholr prcktm plant tuid at timeff has be<;n forced to pa.^.s up orders thai came to then), they were una1di» to i nor east • mvolvlns wn y, | t I H thou K ht th.> Ho»e laUH relutiv,. to «v,-nl« both and aft«r together, an tho bodies were found I t j,e murder of MM. Harrl^ Mo»s Mc- j \) M \ie\. wife of t)u> proJecti'tor, who only u ahort cllKtuiii-e npurt. A Squad of 200 M»ohtn»* May b ganizcd Into th« 8«rvic*. 171 I'M no. Tex.. Nov. 21.—Tho ««t liHhuivnt of a border pntro.l of aoOncr planen i« belns considered tt» a of the Mexican border guard after withdrawal of the expeditionary far of (Jen. PemhlnK. " I" reported t< (Jen. George Herlvcn, oh.ief Bll officer now on the border, left Imnbus. N. Mox., y«?Hterday by a« piano for rershlnif'ii headquarter* tl|« frt)nt. Two Brother* Drowned. Florence,. Wls.i Nov. 31.—Leslie 14 years old, and bin K-yeur-old brother, Howard, were drowned here In Bight olf three eompanlont* only « few SEARCHING FOR DAUGHTER.; Molliex, Itt., Nov. 2l.^- I beliiKotrled on the charK« of" having jj,j> ' ,«becn her murderer. ] ,,^ to Hjd -,, im , n . (ln dlnK hln da MIH. l-'nye WIlHon. Tin* father «w«y. the lc-o on itn airhole. Tho lioyw were. |>!uyihi; on I'Mwhcr Lake; and fell Into - Their |daymnten nin two io bring: lu>li>, The pronecutlon attempted JtK~nr»t In Itn announced effort to convict the arcuHed man Anita Stewart, Movie «tur who recently ban ball a magnificent country home near New the silent stage. All Around the World. NONESUCH MINCEMEAT Cover closely the flrst .half hour and bake ono hour. Serve with a eauce or with beaten cream, • Bread spread with butter and the ThnbiTb ^ aMTsrsrnT^uT^viF'irTnnSy- era Is another splendid pudding, also baked. Bananas baked with butter, sugar and lemon juice for a sauce are delicious served with beefsteak. .'• Fashion's Decrees. Pelerines of taffeta are in for evening wow. . « . ' Pajamas and bed Jackets are being made of colored Jersey. Poropadour ribbon* w« run through and trim fine nightgown*. . 1 Petticoats show colorings such as mulberry, watermelon, 11 roe and dewberry. • - • ••''•» ..-''• •• . . (., .'Canvas 1» being used for some new hats. It may be embroidered, fringed or appUqued. . • Raund mesh val. real Alencqn lace, organdie and swine embroideries all trim fine lingerie. » -.""" l>Tawnwork la road a much of on' a paraaol of pongee In natural color. The handle is a carved oriental wood. . ^Youngsters' hula are being tn&da of transparent straws and hair laces, They sre trimtuca with straw trim- tuitiga. collar -may., be called a Brurnroel. a coachoiait'a capo, a or the It it i estintated that nearly 70,000.000 wild animals aro killed yearly .for the jiaka uf their fur. Electrical ninchlncry has been in* BtnlltHi in the world's richest Iron mine, which Is In Lapland, • . T, B. Wllaon, once^jsn now drawH ?200,000 a year as head oi a New York wrtwra tlon, A calculator that shows the money values of one country In the terms of eqveral others and appllea tb* values to various weights and meaaurM bat been loventwl by an Englishman, The records of the American con HUlate at Grenoble, France, show »h|p- ments of women'* glove* to the Ualted State* during 101f> to the value of I1,l(>8.81i), compared with *l,8T5,185io 19R According to « French ncienOat, digestion proceu'ds wore avviftly when recumbent than when erect, because |n the proc*ss f of evolution the utomnch hut* not advanced as rapidly as other orgttQtf, Americana in Shanghai. China, arw l'lnuniiiK-t<> funu au American Country club. As thwr«-'«r«> 1,500 members -of the Aw'vrtcau colony it la expected that Dm vcnturt' will bo nucoes«ful. tshuug- h:il Auii'ricaniWtlrctKly have a chumber of -coimtui'i'oc, an Astioclullou for China, a b&v ijjsodH tliwj, a. voUuiii'ur , com- puny, university club, vvomen'ii club, iiud other Making Photoor»ph on a U»«f. A |»hoioj;raiih «n u U?af 1* an Inffeiv esiiug I'uriosiiy i-asily tutuk» us follow s, from tlu- Hi'U'htiflt* Ann»rlc«u: ^'a.sien n iu?ttntlv»-,.'>yitti- strung ron- ' ucntilHitiyii i>f the plant of the Koper) I furniture' plant it will now l« poa-" J 4tblt> to va'HtJy increase the output of wire cloth, and in addition rexume the .'manufacture on a large Bcale. of wire screen 8j:octalilcs, mich «t» corn txipperw. Hour «ifters. tty trapa ani kindred artli'lea. .The output in liii-n wpeclultles haw pnietically been at i standstill in the |u»«t five yeara. Hot! lilaniH will lie operated'at full <>a pacity as KOOII UK new looma can b —The—n ew; f a rtory~wi 11 ~Ki vo~ th e pai»y about ,10,000 more Hijimro feet Iloor wpace. HealtEinventory Prevent Disease Is New Idea -V —A"ye¥fly r TieaTth Inventory is the newest form of industrial efficiency Numbers of big concerns now auk their employees to submit to yearly or twice yearly physical examinations by quallflod physlclana. The idea is to detect and prevent further Inroads of proventable disease and the disorders that coma.from the wear and tear of modern life. Too many men are dropping out at fifty who, had they heeded the rules.of right living would still hav* * credit account rif twenty years more of active productive life. They have gona on for years overtaxing the human machine. Working U to capacity and not giving it the proper repairs. The inroads of preventable disease co-operate with this neglect to sow the sends of insidious disorders while the-victims,still think themselves in good health. This is why a prominent life insur- company recently'found tuat 43 per cent of its rejsctt'il applicants gave ovlde»c4» of disease of t!i0 heart, kidney and arteries. Had thesij victims- taken periodical health inventories tha breaking down of their internal mechuulma would e been discovered in Jlnie to mit of patching and Makes Mince Pie twice as good as bulk mince meat, and easts half the price. Try it. MERRF.U.-SOUI.F. co.. s,,^-... K. f. cape. ... r - Tfct. ... , » Uliii'k arid souatl jtulgHH'at, ^oud H iii-iibi*. kitifi ftH'ling, uttd mi .iy»> iH-reeptfou uf i-jmructt-r, iu- nrt'-'tUi; eiWiieuJK of •iviuit^ is ,U)i'f. \i lllvh liUJ* Ss'i. Uitlc'U to <iu .<«» « very sajowth, tlila. U.-«f- sti'Vli a.«j •ilun ludiuu S, • sea! i<»l i w u tu-r ^ or ua«t urt i utu, •«n«l h'ttVn It" 4'J5pi»-*<ed to strong »uu- light fur j«*H'frrtl IIU.UK*. Tlu'u cut thi* icaf frtau thi»i>Tttut, etcj-jft it in biiiliug >vttU»r for hulf a;iHHiute,"ibi'» i.tati)er«i> IMn warui **<» per cent tik-ojml. A,fu-r u llttio tiiu<»-tliv lt»«f, uow-whtt«.','is im- in « itilute tiiu'turo of lodli»«>, it-suit i* H-j«»Hivv ti --Wltf iSirtfr DIXON MAN A CANDIDATE Or. C. A. Robbini Wantt to b* Grind Warden of th« I. O. O. F. (Hy United Pre»B) Springfield, 111,, Nov. 20.—Unwurd.H of two thouHUnd odd Fcllbwn and Re- Itekaha are gathered here to uttcnd the opening of tho three fold ]. O, O. p. oonventlon which opened hero today. . The opening wenalon of the sixty. Heve..nth anhujil convention i'f .Jhe Grand Encnmpmefit .ttiok place today. Tho seventy-ninth annuHl,neiu*lon of tho Orand Ixidgn und the thirly-Hfc-. ond se»«lon of the Kobekah aHsembly tlal evldenre and bo^nn UK attack up* on MolMnlelH* vernion of how the crime wan committed. The state had attempted to tditjw that robbers had not entered the McDaniel Hume the night of the murder and killer the pnmeoutor'H wife, aw one of the defense theories* IIHH been. ' Bloody Pillow in Court. The evidence adduced throughout moNt of today's HPMHIOM came from police officern who worked on the murder. . A blood Ktained pillow, lt« cam* torn and ripped. furniHhed ground for the ml dramatic incident of the afternoon. Jt wan brought in by Bart M. ickwood, special pro»ecutor, who con-! ducted the Ntate'H examination, 'Tiiul went to Omaha: at the feot of a patrolman wltnetiw jwlth ihe declqraiion that It waw from I the bed of the «ialn woman, A ntlr ran through--the • court-•'• rnom crowd. Tile proKTam thin year IH declared componed largely id" women, many of to be even Ixiiter than that' of iujf> whom had been in the county build- which was proclaimed the best ever!' 11 *? «d'» %|1 early morniiiK. j given, ' The accused '|»ro«e'cuU>r Hli'impcd in j AM in former yearn, the annual *lec- i^ 1 *" chair «« the pillow waH iinwrapped tlOiri.H;cf«¥l'IiH>~^ .itnd Min« Aii- p lace of Kraiid warden IH the «onKht !" lso AI( " il< . mother nnd »d*der "of Mr.t, for poDlJioH In Ihn CJrand Lodse' The jMi'Diiniel. hid their faces in their * cmci * n^ 1*11 n ri H in t t*H " /jt*c? "ni-'iiii j^t* ™ l *i ^t v r ••-***« -• > • -•• • • - •*- •• • —. Many, of Salem, mid Dr. C. A. iloi,. j State Introduce* Thr»« Exhibits bitiH. of Uixon, C"^ , !. Tno 1'lllow wim only one of three ex- Ida (j. Hhermait, (.'hlcugo; He City, and AHr*'Trees, of are »ut for the Krund wurdenKhip of the HebekahH, The )<Niding rand Ida tuw for grand «i*nlor warden of the nont ilenry Urand K. M. t3or«. <*arllnvllU>; MrlnHmiui. Waratiw; Saniuel , (Chicago, and J. Scott -Clark. The nu'nt • arc of the Urund I held In the chamber of the «*int« capltol. The Re- Hessiona will be held in the state aiUr> '' lhlldt« made durinn the afternoon. The i 'ise«Kion opened with predlieUon__of-IiL|J riM»rla,l mu|< "' <al> r"dla«oiv said to have "been^ " I from MclJaniel'M Hutomybllo. and a jNc'roen declared to have been I from a window of th6 proHecutlng tornoy'H home. The wire of the screen had been.torn, the defenwe claiming_u robber wilt it to gain entrance into (the house. .;,.»,, The motor radiator, It i«-wa« «aid by atit's attorney, was uwed liAin effort to dlHprove McDanlel'M story that he engased in u revolver duel before entering hi* home about midnight and finding hit) wife had been attacked. The nenaie o,, , "" UUl l ? l i? i" nly lemony <turilltf Uie aftf „,,,„„ vlll be held IH repreaentaave hall a U m eeraln» ,he three «hlb»»" rebl e he wtate capllol. Hevoml clauses of;, 0 ,, l( ,, r idp,ul«c«tion ho fon»tttutlon will Iw cimngvd by h» convi'iitiou, A resolution for the are of orplmu children, also will lit 4 DRUGGED THE FAMILY Terra Haute. I»d., Nov." tl.- ome o,f t'hurlcK D, Muncourt. ontrmlloT, WJIK ro^died afi««r fjlic family had been rendered'un otiKcloutt by thv-tmr t'f chloroform FACES DEATH AS THIEF Tried ,.fi»r Today /or—- Mnko a small payment and yuit miLjiJiave privilogo of paying the hv (!H! week. . will no v«r t'licapt-f — probably will IK' rmii'li hig-JKM', Wo hav.f a large nto<:k from which t.> solort. ' Better you ; r s«>l W. T.JENNINGS / OPTICIAN r «-iiy : C. A. Shtllinger Will Bo Al!*g»d-Theft at (JauvliHl. Nov. .;•!/-(.'. A. KiiilliiiKer. Tlw <w "'» wa.M arrested on flie chursw of | atrallntf « compasH from ihe United f I Slateit 8teel .corporatloii ni« IhiMshiji. i the J nines ,1. Fun ell. white «r, ueai j 'fact-a-'thf .death penalty if cuiivicjed. [ lo tho vuluo of ap.veral thousand ' I7MO . »Shllllni;nr II found.-guilty will'! idiuns were taken, 'but praclleally all '] cither have, to be freed or handed from; »« plundVr 'wuw rccwxered " several f tlie VH1(1 «nn of »hc_ Farrwll in Gary] ours lu.t«rr; whun the police arre«teii j harbor, lawyers atated-, - '. ^hlllln)jer will t*e---tri«(l hefure Judgu Anderuon H\ ihe Pntte<NStues DiHtrtct court at Indiunapoliii. The Uary |)(>lict» (otiay turned the- saJlor ov«-r M J ttu> ctw.U'dy »f Bt;ak»>i, JJf> yeaia old, wild ti> be paroled Ohio -convict, at his room i IDPIES ' Mrn. ijuward Gould is In Peking for the purpose of establishing 9, school fur Ohiaoso girls in which thtt Moutea? aorl method will b« used- Mrs. OoiUd I warld f or Uif'VhU' fin' tht Uy bail »ii interview with the miaislor of etiuc«tion and ia cooperating with a • number of uiiaaion- »rie«- la 0d.we*tlo»»i work. She will flftaae* th« new .school, which a* a mode}, fur Chinese df «sclu«i>l' OH tht>'K«i' ft MM! mul I n nnd IVU'H Heli^iuiU l»rt>. I' |Hi>- fntert:yiin.»i'iiin /^ivt-t {tHrS .will be li.inu.-d uyel' t ^dIt'll II! till |iiH(» «d'- Illc 'Uilt^h «iu w hr hi.i- : Nu.tu-ts i{ KIU TWO WOMEN Shoot l-exington,"Tsnn.. P«ir and T*l<« $2,000 Frp?n Th'»m. ° »lu> en tried llv ht riok and ,Mi-s. »b^i itnd K «f Mi>. /K iietia 'l.Ju .botnNt\'on Km- 1 - 1'iTh l'c<!Ji«;jflvali!iK ti- box *v i«Hf 'r\y '! It it'\ «•«'•,?••(' ' ViolelDuIceVan islting Cream Here is a g reaselesa and j exquisitely perfumed skin beautifier that deserves a place- on every dresser, 1 Its use means a complexion that everyone will raire. 50 cents Drug Co, Th Stove .IV

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