The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 31, 1933 · 15
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 15

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1933
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4 THU (iAZICTiK AlOJVTHICATJ: TTiXIUY OtTOHKU M 1033' 15 VOL CLXII No 2i0 MONTREAL BANK EMPLOYEE SHOT AT MARYSVILLE P Bancroft Reid Wounded and Uncle Found Dead QUARREL REPORTED 4few Brunswick Police Investigating Story of Dispute Over Financial Matters IB) The Cuiuuliuu Rrci-s 1 I'Ycdurleton NB October 30 — 3' 1 Bum-rutl Held 34 hauls cnijdnvei ol Montreal was 111 huspitul here tonight suffering from two serious hullet wounds and Ids higod uncle Millurel F Held lay dead while police Investigated re-purls of a quarrel )M-twcoii the two oxer fir-nclal matter- Thu shooting occurred at Marysville near here Tlio younger man formerly of Marysxillt- and a 1333 graduate in arts from the VriversHy of New Brunswick was expected to recover although his condition wa“ ecrloua One hullet had lodged behind an car and another was in his shoulder J1FAJH) ARUl'M13XT Residents of thu house where 'undo and nephew met this uftir-noon said they heard them arguing about 11000 whleli Millard Held wanted to borrow- from his nephew hater they went to a died behind tin house In a short time Bancroft rushed from the shed and si mimed nho door simf said the neighbor's i)ih face was bleeding Going to the shed they found Millard Held 'vlng tn a pool of blood wlili a revolver on I In door about eight Indies from Ins lmml Bancroft Held drove lum-elf to a hospital here in Ids own cai in which lie hud urrivod a few days ago from Montreal for a holiday Owing to Ids condition liollee were not permitted to question Hod Il was thought possible a statement would he uhtiilncd frbm him tomorrow for evidence gi an Inquest at Marysville tnmuirow Bight J’owdcr marks on the tot ra Millard Held indicated his fatal wound had been sustained at alow range Relatives were imawure ho possessed a revolver police said hut four cartridges fitting tlio te-volver used were found in his trousers’ purled In the weapon found beside thu body were three discharged and two undine-barged chells The younger fluid who owns considerable property In Marysville had Intended repairing the house for rental purposes it was said Both ins parents are dead Employed at a Montreal branch' of the Bank of Montreal he mi visiting an aunt here Mrs Alexander Gibson' Millard Held general storekeeper at Marysville leaves a widow and one daughter by a previous marriage the latter residing ill New Yoik Ariivlug unaided at the hospital Bancroft field calmly asked for a doctor and made no other statement so far as is known Charles l’ucire who with his wife was doing repair wo-- a the younger man’s house a ild they hcl not heard any shots due probably to thu fact they were scraping a wall and tearing paper off Millard Beid had called twice during the afternoon 1 1 sec Held said Poore A few minutes after the second visit he said Bancrott ran out from the shed exclaimed “I’ve got to go to the hospital” and drove away in his car ®J' Bancroft Reid 34 ui IXah Wilson avenue is an employee ut the head ofuee of the Bank of Montreal He eaino to Montreal six yeuis ago afif-r serving a short period hi t lie New fork branch JLdKt winter he was married to Mlsu Marjorie Kievun of Amherst NS They -left a week ago last Friday for the Mui-kiincs whore Mrs Reid was to spend two weeks in I-ivdenetoii while her Snisband wot on a hunting trip with his male Neither officials of the bank nor his immediate relatives here had received any nows of the accident late last High' HIGHWAYS REOPENED Provincial Roads Again in Use After Recent Storm Quebec October 33 —With the ux- (option of the road through- the National I’urk and certain stretches of highway north of Montreal m the neighborhood of Ht Agathe and NU Jerome all the provincial hlgh-vaya which were closed to truffle at the end of last week due to snow are now open again It was elated toduy by J Arthur Bergeron Acting Deputy Minister Of Roads and Mines ' - '‘Damage by the storm woo much worse In the Montreal district than around Quebec" Mr Bergeron said t'The snowfall up there was very Jihavy and to clear the snow we had l bring out our heaviest winter equipment Telegraph and telephone poles north of Montreal weifa damaged and communication interrupted but all the damage has now linen repaired” QUEEN’S COUSIN DEAD Col Sir Augustus Fitzgeorge Was 86 Years Old London October 33 — Colonel Bir Augustus Fitzgeorge great grandson of fClrig George HI and a cousin i of Queen Mary died today at the t Bg Of 86 Like Ills father who was commander-in-chief of the British army for 4U years during the reign of Queen Victoria Hir Augustus followed an army career and had exciting adventures In many land He claimed he had ehot every kind of big game in the world Until recent years he was an ardent golfer 1 To Discuss Trade With Italy Rome October 3Q— A Yugoslavian delegation Is expected here next week to discus commercial question with Italy and probably prepare a commercial treaty between the two countries which hitherto have been unfriendly it was'leafn-ed tonight ' - Heavy Snowfall ia Alberta Falaary October 33 — A week-nd of sunshine la the loothilla or Ulmi’tit 1‘mft’il turtiiy with Ji lin v - nowfuil U l tie hi'mi from I'ttlwurv MnutU to thu intonuiilunni MukI-iu RECEPTION AfBARRIE Viceregal Party to Remain Overnight at Lefroy Barrie Ont October 30 — Runtu and district Aeeordud an i-nllnibiifi-tli riH-eptlon to thu Kiu-I untl I'oiin less of RoKsborougb today on occasion ortholr first vlwil to settlement Ideal weather prevailed tind thousands of residents of tlm district greeted thu viceregal train The party will remain at Lt-I'roy overnight before muting mi to Aurora where the lust offti visit 'till ’at inadn on the current tour of the province The Oovcrnor-Ueneitl ifnd Ltulv licsshnreiigh will attend a theatre In Toronto lonioirow night FRANCE PLANS DEFAULT AGAIN (Cunlunied Ji'oni Guilt! ml shu owe- U wa on this basis tbit the Lausanne eunferuneq deckkd Germany should finish payment reparations to Brum c ami her former allies From tliu war to tlm present tlieru have bten three cornerstones In the French debt policy: That France could not pay her debt to her tomier allies unless she received reparations from Germany that Frauen had a right to reparations from Germany and tlm I consequently her debts to tlio United States and Groat Britain wire entwined with German reparations DEBT CONFEREES MEET Leith-Ross Expects to Be 10 Days More in Washington Washington Uetubcr 33 — Sir Frederick la'lth-Ku— rupre-se-ii(nlvu of the British Treasury discussing di bt revision with American olliclal said In an Interview today ho expects lo remain in Washington at least 13 days longer Btyond that his plans an uncertain This statement tame at a thou of much uncortalnty as to tho future of the uebt cimterelu'cs lb ports that the mcstlngs wire about to end have met repeated denlqls but have )K?r-lM it nevert heh ss The conferees met today and plan-ni d another gathering for later in the week Today's discussion vva-descnlied as a continuation of recent conversations devoted to an exploration of possible solutions Sir Frederick ct nferred today with Governor Black of thu Federal Reserve Boud und Aiding Secretary Aehes-on of tho Treasury Hu declined to comment on -his visit which appeared significant In view’ of unofficial suggestions that thu American advent into foreign gold markets might ho accompanied by an tindei standing or even an agreement with Great Britain LECTURER SPEARS OF DRAMA OF SELF Symbolism and Dramatization of Soul Discussed By Rev Lawrence Clare The -eu-cii -ulu tm- soul thu dramatization' of self was treated by Rev Lawrence Clare in the thhd of hls juries of lectures on "Didma as an Interpretation of Lite" Under the heading of “The Drama and the Mysteries 'of tho Gulf" the lecturer discussed the soul plays of Maurice Maeterlinck the Idea of Blrandello the psychology of Kngune O’Neill and the indirect and symbolic Nuh plays of Japan "i he plays of rhumb llo move in o etrrle of" mutations of self" said Mr Glare "In 'Naked' the hi mine tries to construct her own person-ii it v jx hicli she has lost Gontact wit ft' fuet destroys the wall of t lotion she build around herself In ‘As You Desire Me’ Cia reconstructs tin personality oL Bruno's lost wife Her purpose Is defeated by the appearance of the real wife who is a lunatic Cia is mentally 'Bruno’s wife The dement ed woman Is Bruno's wlto in tho body Bruno unconsciously chooses the materia! and therein lies the tragedy "In O'Neill we have eruptions nml explosions of the repressed instincts of subconscious desires of man' continued Mr Clare ‘‘It is the American dramutini't avowed liuipbse t& she voice lo tliu evasive depths of tho subconscious mind But Uoys lie a further than the Khukeapearinn aside? Doe he go as far as James Joyce who puts In a novel tliu stream of consciousness? Is it possible to do this on the stage?" Mr Glare answered tho question by pointing out that the fact that it Is a communal art saves drama from such extreme subjectivism" Maeterlinck was characterized by the speaker as having a profound sense of that twilight borderland between the real and the unreal which Is the mystery haunted life of the soul Maeterlinck asks not for a theatre of movement but for one of "soul states" In the last analysis he resorts to symbolism to express hi ideas Tho aristocratic Xoh play of Japan were held up by MrClare im supreme examples of urirealts-ii- and symbolical drama In them life is held at a distance yet depths are reached beyond the power realism to express Tho Noh plays deliberately exclude reallutiu verisimilitude and illusion They succeed where realistic and romantic drama could not suueeed liy reason of their close adherence to a number of strict conventions The result Is a strange beauty which expresses what is dtdicate fragile and evanescent Extensive extracts from the Noh plays were rend at the conclusion of tho 'ecture Welsh Choir at Institute The Montreal Welsh Male Cliolr 111 present a programme of solo duets quartettes and choral number at tonight's concert at the Sailors’ Institute Mis Dily Williams and Master Gordon Williams will be heard In ong and recitation and Miss Cecily Moore will dance Concert partle have also been promised from the ships In port Including the Alaunla Duchess of Richmond and Lady Homers Till Is the first of a series of five farewell concerts to be held at the Institute fiver 33') bomb fell In Paris in 'the twenty air raids ut the Woild M ar DIFFICULT PLAY IS CAPABLYHANDLED His Majesty’s Stock Company Seen to Advantage in “Biography” WORK MORE SMOOTHLY Full Advantage Taken of First Week Together in Second Offering Which Was Well Received Thu stuck cumpauy at Ills Majesty's Theatre: opened their second week last night with N Buhl mi's “Biography" hi enling "'this play the company merlin cupgriitll-! aliens in that they lmvc attempt-cd a play which is decidedly it tusk bji any stock company to attempt Undoubtedly thu play wih written with a ou'tain autro&s in mind which makes H dillicult for those who aru laced with thu task of pre-sentlng a dlll'irent play each week Tlio company at Ills Majesty’s managed last night however lo bring out tho subtle nuniedy and showed In their jierCormanco u keen appreciation of tho Hues and thu underlying meaning There is little action the play depending fur thu rniret part on the dialogue Thu lines are smart there are moments When the shading of these Hues counts greatly and the playcis suc- ecd admirably In attaining tills effect Thu various role call for more than a mere knowledge of Hues and with such a paucity of action as tlio play permits there Js v heavy ileifiand on the players Gonstderlng that Iasi night's was u first perfonnaiu'o the players gave a good account of themselves There was evidenced moreover the fact that tho ono week they hud played together had hi cn ued to the full in that there was a surengss about their work which conics to a stock company only after they have had tit® opportunity to play together for a time lienee the production last night ran much more smoothly than Hie initial ont- of their engagement "Biography1' is the story of a young woman who has achieved a certain degree of success in her profession She has known love her life has not been uneventful But when a young magazine editor comes along and persuades her to write the story of her Jito she finds love for the first time The story is excellently constructed and affords the company opportunities for real acting By no Kendall realizes the possibilities of the role of tho young artist: JLeslie Hcuison gives an excellent portraiture of the fatuous pompous HCiialor elect Alan Marshall shows a good conception of the role of the magazine editor and the supporting roles are capably handled CLASS CONFLICT SEEN Fascists Are Blamed for Ar i gentine Trouble iSppeiul Cable to Thu New York Times and Montreal Gazette) i Buenos Aires October 33 — Fascists are rushing Argentina toward a serious das conflict according to unanimous editorial comment print -ed in leading newspapers today condemning the firing on a Socialist meeting Bundav resulting in the death of a workman and the wounding at others The rapid spread of political assassination by armed legions represents a lamentable civic retrocession under government tolerance the editors say La Nacion comment: "Repetition of these incident forces recognition of tho fact that force is being used to eombtu legal political cam-tstigning at public meeting propel ly nulliorized It 1 a grave error to consider Sunday’ outbreak a )rn ib incident it is a threat against the exorcise of fundamental rights'' La ITensa says: "These assassinations are being committed by armed band organized to prevent any demonstration of opposition to the Government "VVe face a stale of unrest eiidangeimg public peace and order” BYRD AT CRISTOBAL First Leg of Antarctic Voyage Is Completed (Hpuuul Gable to The New dork Time and Montreal Gazette) Gristohul October 30 -— The I'M oh Ruppet't with Rear Admiral Richard id Byrd and his Antarctic expedition party arrived huy at 345 pm today finishing (hjlrst leg of Its voyage lo tho Hoiltii Polar regions Thu veeHul immediately began to discharge a supply of coal for (be second Byrd ship — the Bear which is expected November 11 Admiral Byrd said the Jacob Kup-pui't would go through tho Panama Canal early tomorrow and would sail for Dunedin IN' Z as oon as all supplies were aboard Tho only stop on the way to New Zealand will be at a Chilean port Admiral Byrd explained that again making his base at Dunedin he would tak® only forty-five men on the ice Hu was looking forward with keen pleasure to hi® return to Little America which' would be like going back to a home town The Bear will make a-direct run from Panama to Dunedin and the expedition will leave there for Antarctica on the earliest possible date FALLS IN FRONT OF CAR Man Arrested After Suffering Severe Bruises Claiming that lie had thrown himself in front of a moving stress car hi an attempt to kill hlniselt Henri Edouard ilurtcau 34 years f iige of 3530 Dpzery street was arrested by Constable Poulin of the trafftu department at 155 o'clock yesterday afternoon Hurteau was taken to the Ste Justine Hospital where hu was given first aid for severe bruises He was later taken f to the Notre Dame Hospital and last evening was transferred to the prisoners' department at the headquarter police station He wilt be arraigned today ' Constable Poulin reported that at the corner of Hi Deni and Raehel iitreet at 155 o’clock yesterday afternoon while he was on fluty at thl corner Hurteau suddenly dashed from the sidewalk and deliberately- threw himself In front of a street car of the Ht Denl-Chrlstopher Columbus' circuit The mun wa knocked down hut the motormau via able to stop the car iiefuro Hurt nail Win full over Gou-i-Hlilu foulin' and lhn crew if the it reel ear went to hi uld scotTeavesTalgary Famous British Train Due In Winnipeg Tomorrow (f'lumdlaii J'ress Guide ) ('iilgary October 30 -— Making lls Initial bow to Ouiimlu's western BralrtcH thu ltoyal Bout steamed eastward tonight in uuiitimiatlon of Its tour across Cumnlu After a brief stop at Medhlun Hut it will resume Its run to Moose Jaw and Beg inn The crack flier Is duu at Winnipeg on Wednesday More than Hi 000 persons passed through Uuj famous train ns it stood ill the yards hurt- before leaving for tliu east Beverul niore thousand people were disappointed due to lhn necessity for keeping to n strict schedule of departure Many lii'iived a heavy snowfall In the country districts only to view the llh't’ os she disappeared from View lit tlm east QUEBEC OFFERS ' $1000 REWARD IN MH CASE (Continued from Bugo One) hud hot euleii for three hours hi foi'e being cast into the water It was recullud she was lust ceu by a relative around Ji) o'clock In thu evening after eho and her cuunlit hud made their farewell They vveru to liavo left for Quebec to cuter high' school shortly afterwards Dr Fontalno in his report dissipated tho belief tho girl was jiuud when thrown in thu bay Hu also said no knife wound was discovered In tho abdomen a previously reported Miss Acah had been gagged with a pieeu of cloth torn from her dress thu expert reported Dr Fontaiiiu said that part of the body would bo shipped to his Montreal labuiatoiy where lie could completo the preliminary autopsy performed toilyy Meanwhile pulico and flsiierrucn under order of Gaptain Rosario Lurnire of thu Quebec Brovincial Detucllvu Bureau eontiiuicd dragging the bay in the hopo of dls-eoveiylrig some clue to thu futo of tho elder A scab girl Tbev are convinced both young women met the same i’alo and it ift widely believed here they were the victim of runi-runneis vengeance '4 be Amah family is prominently connected with the activities of tho Quebec Liquor police and the Dominion customs Liquor Preventive Service Arrest May Have Saved Nearly $3000 Oklahoma City October 30 -Henry Stephens a bricklayer for merly of Denver arid hi wife may have saved nearly 43030 by being ar rusted Saturday night Sheriff Stanley Rogers said today the couple wa put in Jail lie cauHu he hud information they were going to be robbed Stephens was eat Tying ?3900 in a sock He said it represented the savings ol 14 ye are The sheriff said he planned to release tin voupis and go with Stephen to seo he deposited the money lu a bank WILL MEET THURSDAY Quebec Cabinet Not to Convene AH Saints’ Day ‘ (Special to Tho Gazette) Quebec October 30 — A meeting of the provincial Cabinet has been called by Premier Tascherean for Thursday morning The customary Wednesday meeting had to be delayed on account of a legal holiday All Hftints Day which falls on that day Thu Premier left tins evening for Montreal It it- not known yet whether lu- wi'l take part in the campaign in tho two by-elections scheduled fur thu 14th of November But apart from Hull J K I’ei -rcult Minister of Highway amt of Mines and Hon Hector Laferto Minister of Colonization Gamo and Fisheries who aru respectively In chargq of the campaign In AVolfl and NlcolM several of thu members of i He Cabinet will address tho electors TWO ARE REINSTATED Suspended Postal Officials Back at Desks Ottawa October 33-— L J Ua-buury deputy postmaster-general and Arthur Webster secretary of the Post Office Department have been reinstated U was announced by Hon Arthur ttauve Postmaster-General today Mr Gaboury and Mr Webster Were suspended early this month pending Investigation Into expenditures of money by departmental officials on the universal postal committee which met here last summql' The two suspended officials were back at their desks today Mr Sauve made no comment except to gay that they bad been reinstated At the time of the sunpenslmi It wag explained that premier R B Bennett had intervened in the matter This intervention had coma Mr Sauve said following an Investigation ordered by himself and after ho had refused to authorize the printing of an album and his refusal to ordctLpayment it was the printing of thB album for presentation to thu delegate which started the investigation KING TO BE HEARD Hopes to Deliver' Christmas ’ Message to Empire London October 30 — HI Jin jiesty-flu) King hopes to deliver for the second time a Christmas Day message of greeting- and goodwill to th® people of the Empire by radio December 25 He spoke for several minute® last Christmas from tho ground floor apartment at Sandringham Palace Coming Over Short Wave Ottawa October 30 — No elaborate broadcast uch featured last Christmas Day 1 contemplated by the British Broadcasting Corporation officials of the Canadian Radio Commission atd today The address of the King will be transmitted over a shortwave length and will be picked up In Canada only by those possessing receiving set® of that character The C'KC ha pot tilts 'facilities to pick this up and transmit It over land-wires the officials said STEEL PURCHASING STILL YERY LIGHT Buyers Have Own Code Difficulties to Settle So Commitments Limited REVIEW BY PITTSBURGH Tightness of Commercial Credit Also Factor — Operations Now Around 318 pc of Capacity ih’peclul to The Gazette) Pittsburgh I’ll October 3U — Hales offices ol the steel companies find u much roluetuncu us ever on tliu part of their customers to make piii'clnisea Engagement aru made only In case of nucessltj Tho code of fair competition become fully if-J active as to sales on August 39 und for week llghtmss of buying was attributed in part to tincerlahitles ua to procedure In many cast s salesmen did nol know how to sell whtlo bujeis reijulred time Lr be-com convinced that base prices extras and terms had to bo enforced rigidly Later It was pointed out that many buyers of eteel had code problems of their own engaging their attention and making them indifferent to the making of purchases except in eases 0f extreme necessity While difficulties in connection with code have boon1 adjusted except in a few Instances such as tliu quesilciu who Is a job-b r and who I 'not no freer atti-tudu as to buying is observed A difficulty ng mentioned is now nmphuslzed Ithut buyers luck even moderate banking accommodations and l hid it dil'llcult or impossible to finance pun liases c-iopt of the most inode lliiienioris Application to the mills for ex-tended credit lino linen numerous but the mills are unwilling to coni-ply Thu code permits the grunting of credi' apparently l'or ilunitril periods but only on payment of interest utter the pi nod of free credit has expired Tiie Amertian lion and Steel In-Mtitute estimate production of -steel Ingots last Week at 315 pin cent of capacity and thereby esuhilsheg a new statistical Berks with weekly statement Each Monday steel mills representing about 98 per cent of the total capacity will reimrt to the lnstituto their intended or scheduled pioductlon and the Institute will thereupon compute tbs rate for the industry Tho monthly report instituted a tho beginning of 1919 shows actual tonnage produced in the month and a computation ol tho percentage of capacity represented The weekly and monthly reports may diverge slightly by mills altering their schedules a® the week pro-greaser Tho trade is well pleased that this authoritative series supplants the weekly ustiinales that have been made by various trade authorities which usually differed noticeably from one anothei The rate of 318 per cent represented for last week compared with monthly aveiages of 40 S9 per cent for September 4943 per cent for August and 5S93 per cent for July the high mouth Weekly estimates rnude in conformity with the monthly figures Indicated that a rate of 31 per cent was reached for thu week ended May fi with a rate of 33 per cent in tlm follow ing wefit Thu highest rate 3 per rent was shown for the week ended July 15 and July 22 respectively Irom which it is seen that tho descent has required about one-half longer time than tho ascent NO GAIN'S AHEAD With their present outlook steel producer do not foresee any iu-creas® In demand during tlm remainder of tho year but rather expect a lit tin further decrease Bv early in October the Unity for usual seasonal increase had been passed By precedent the trend would be downward in thu remainder of tha year with marked improvement beginning immediately after January The trade is unablu to guago at all closely the present rale of actual consumption of steel but feds that whatever tlm ralo is It will in general continue through thu remainder of the year There f no means of knowing how much accumulation there was during the recent bulge In steel and manufacturer of steel and conversely how much liquidation 1 going on at present In only a few Instances aru stuck actually seen but that stocks must have plied up somewhat was shown conclusively by thu“ production figures No ono could even lanoy a rate of steel consumption in the circumstances approaching closely tlio rate of teel production last July t That stocks whatever they may be will be fully liquidated by the end of the year is taken for granted excupt in the care of tin plate and cans "If liquidation is 'moderately well completed now there "might be a slight upturn In demand on the mills If there 1 much more liquidation to b® accomplished s marked decrease In the steel producing rate from last week’s 31 per cent la almost inevitable Producers confess they are unable to gauge the situation Thu general feeling la that tho trade will simply have to livd through the remainder of tliia year whereupon a new page will t® turned With current trend not clearly marked and of no great moment anyhow" there is recourse to a longer view giving thu trade much comfort With production of bessemcr and open-hearth steel Ingots In October eetimatod at 3303030 tons the ten-month total becomes 19-400000 ton or about 45 per cent more than thu production of 13322-33 tons in the whole of 1932 It is regarded as clear that 1933 despite the handicap of its early months Is showing an increase of one half or more In actual consumption of steel over 1932 STORM HITS JAMAICA Three Killed and Damage Set at $3000000 Kingston Jamaica October 30— Three deaths and property damage estimated at f3 03301)0 woe unused today by a tropical storm which passed over the western part of Jamaica ' Two million banana trees were destroyed Bcveral roads were damaged and a number of bouo wiye wrecked Thrett pc-xoua v r s li'OWiu'd lnau attempt to truss swollen rivers Cuba Also Reports Gale Santiago Gulm (R tuber 30— A heavy lorm lashed this eapltal uml Santiago Pruvlmo toduy wlthstiong v bids n ini ruin (A National Observatory bulletin raid a tropical disturbance would th realm i Orient Province especially thu eastern half If Its Jntunultv Increase after iiiuvlngfroiuteiitial lamulei) May Extend Language Work Kitchener Out October S3— There 1 "rnuro than u possibility" Instruction lu comm language oilier than English will bu begun In grades as low ua Junior fourth In tlio near future according to II JI Pructer public school inspector here Language work previously given pupil in tliu first year of High Bchool may bu brought down to thu I'ourtji book ho bald YERY LOW PRICES OH CATTLE MARKET Good Steers Sell at Top for 3V2 Cents Per Pound Oil'enngh on thu Montreal Hve-xtuik market jcuterdny totalled 9777 head compared with 13-SSS on lhn preceding Monday a substantial fieri euse Final report on prices by thu Dominion Livestock Branch here follow1: Gattlo receipts 1370 Thu cattle rffarket opened slowly and an easier trend developed a trading proceeded Tho bulk of tin- cattle were not of a quality to bu held long oii tho market and every effort was made to l-Ic-vm up tine offering liy late-ufU'i noon it wns'ttaldent that not inuny lots would bn left unsold A email miuibtr of good steel sold for J335 to 33 59 Medium strers were from 3?-!5 to 3‘ioo with but few at tliu hitter figure and common steer sold from 5125 for ver light thin yearling to 393 and 235 for quite heavy steers in fait-tle-di Buti her cow were from 4125 to 335 and tamiors and cutter from 475 to 125 Bolsgna bulls were-from' 13r-ttr169 and Inilelier bulls from ?170 to 230 Calf receipt 291') Good quality calve were sold for 3(190 to 3659 with a couple of choice veals selling up to 3700 Medium vial brought 3525 to $575 and drinkers and common veals from 4375 to $450 Grass calve were selling from $159 for yearlings lo a top of $335 with most of the sale at $300 Sheep receipts 3151 Lambs were weighed at 3575 for good ewes and nether Lamb weighing 95 ib or more were discounted $100 per ewt Gull and bucks brought $375 A couple of load of mixed lots were sold at $5 uu to 3565 Including culls and bulks Sheep were unchanged at 3 LOU' to $250 Hog receipts 2 649 Hog were slow in moving They Mold at $575 fur bacons and butchers Select brought 1(9) per hog premium Heavies were $525 and extra heavies 4175 lights $550 The few how uld ranged in price from 450 In 559 Winnipeg Market Winnipeg October 3n — Receipts 4199 entth : $50 calve 3100 hogs-2350 sueop Gattlo trade draggj i liok-e ateeis $250 to $325 Calves weaker: rhoieu veal $350 to $599 voinmoii $100: medium $399 Hog- stead) bacons 4500 heavies 4459 lights and feeders 4850 to 3475 lows 3359 to $450 Sheep barely steady good lambs 4469 to $509 Buffalo Market East Buffalo NY October 39 — Hog 19200 weights above 160 lb Generally 39 cent under Friday's average: lighter weights off 15 to 25 cunts fairly active at decline desirable 290 lo 259 lbs $4 59 to $469 169-219 lb $450 120-150 lb 415 to $449 Cattle 1659 dryieds iimlei 1050 lb "Mid grassy offering steady to 25 eenls higher: xx eighty steers weak to Mlig-htly lower good yearlings $625 to 465()F'good to ctrolee 1199-1499 lbs steers $085 to $619 Calves 909 venters sloxx weak to loxver good to choice ?700 to mostly $750 common and medium $51)0 vto $609 atieep 6801) lambs draggy steady to 25 cents loxver mostly steady to week good to choice $650 to $700 mixed Jots $625 I Chicago Market Chicago October 3o— Hogs 39909 Including 1299') direct mostly 25c lower than Friday parking sow good and choice 149-160 lbs $400 to $429 light weight 160-290 lbs 3-tlu to $439 medium weight 2o0-259 lb 3429 Rj $435 Cattle 17000 cakes 2999 no reliable outlet for medium weight and weighty steer kind Dealing 1200 lb upward trade fairly active and generally 10-1 5c higher on light steers and ) curlings all grade slaughter cattle and venters steers good and choice 550-909 lbs $525 to $659 900-11 !0 lb $500 to $825 Sheep 15990 lambs opening Blow around steady to 25u loxver 90 lbs down good and choice $575 to $700 Toronto Market Toronto October 3o — After weakening gradually through the laat few montns hogs -made an about face and rou five cent on the Toronto livestock market today Choice quality cattle sold actively but the bulk of the supply consisting of plain cattle were hard to move Twentj-flve hundred head of cattle were unsold at the close The calf market dpsed steady Sheep and lambs were Heady Receipt a reported by the Dominion livestock branch were: Guttle 5959 calves 17960 hogs 1250 sheep and lambs 2910 Weighty steers ranged from $250 to $4 with choice export steers at $450 to $480 Good and choice butchers made from $375 to $425 Goinmun sold down to $3 Butcher COW sold at $150 to $250 with eanners at 75 cents cwt Good butcher bull made $2 to $225 and bolognas $150 to $175 Fed calve were slow at $4 to $680 according to quality Ktoeker sold steady at $2 to $3 ewt and good western calve brought $3 to $410 Tho calf market was steady at $660 to $730 for good and choice vealer with common at $350 Oras-ers were mostly at $225 to $250 and come as low as $150 Hogs sold steady to flv cents higher at $510 to $515 fob for bacons $535 to $540 off truck and $560 to $565 off car Lambs closed steady at $023 for the bulk of good exxtsand xvether with some at $0 Culls brought $450 bucks ami heavies $3 to $525 Hheep were Heady at $2 to $23 0 c tv L for the bret liaui awes LATE REACTION ON WHEATMARKETS Both Winnipeg and Chicago Lose Early Gains and - - End Lower SECURITIES FOLLOWED Canadian Prices Close Two Cents and US Prices Finish Three Cents Under Highs- Winnipeg October 19— Keeping lime wlili iiu Chicugo nuirk'-i Uirinigliuui when prices on lln-Grain Exchange were up I i cent at one time Im1 finished to cent lower i o 1 1 -1 x a the southern market weakened j-i the bit" stugi Developtm-rn- m III- money market a rising out of President itooM-vell monetary policies con tinned lo exert u strung Jnllucnro on grain and tho early strength w a based largely on action at Clil eago with little or no relation to the International HiluaUon- J-lxporl business in Canadian wheat over the week-end wus estimated lex 1 lift II 699099 budiel and wh Hcurcely a factor in lhn day’s operations Value followed Chicago up n tho start but us support lagged and te southern market Hipped price rapidly came® down from the high point October option finished ut 62 November at 61:li December at 617& and May at tixo cent Tiadu volume for the da) was not heavy although severa) quiln active period tteri exporiem ed Liverpool wheat show cl gains of 'id to VI while Buenos Aire was nearly a cent higher World wheat hhlpmenta lust week decreased about 699099 bushel but the movement fiorn North America fell about 2-099909 buslud® Only 4468099 bushel xx a shipped from this continent chiefly Canada Demand foi cash grain continued Indifferent and there xa no change in spread at thu closo Oflermg xvece-light Coarse grlln price followed wheat futures value up In thu early dealing ami in tho late stages followed them down hill to dosi w ith louses Gash prices: Wheat: No Hard 04V No ! nor 62 No 2nnr 59: No 3 nor j No i northern wheat 66's No 4 nor 55- No 3 52: No iNo 2 not" hern wheat 6 48: feed 16 track f'' No 11 No 2 CW oat® durum 63 i No 3 CW oats Gate: No 2 CW and tiuik 29-V iNo 2 feed oats ' No 3 GW 26-V ex 1 feed 26"s iOats scalping No 1 feed 25V No 2 teed 23V jNo 1 fetd oats Barley: Malting grudes 6 row ex No 3 CW barley 3 CW 40 V 2-row- ex 3 CW 41 V (Corn (South Afilcant other grades No 3 CW and Hack Corn (Argentine in bond) 33' No 4 GW 31 No 5 (' W ' 39 No 6 G W 29 Flux: No I C W and track 1 il: No 2 CW' 126 No 3 GW and rejected 115 Kve: No 2 CW U Itanse of futures: Open Rlgli Lou (lose Wheat: Get Dei Mav Kye Oet fie May 1 33 134 139 1 37' 3H-1 t3‘ 137 i 44 1 34 J 30 43- 437 43 41 43 42 40 H 44 42 4 4: Chicago Crain Market Chicago October 30— Jolted by fibi-upt stock market disturbances wheat values turned sharply doxvn- ward at the laM today after hax- ing risen 2 cent The advance of wheat was based chiefly on an - liounceinent of I'nlted States Gov- ernment moves to purchaso foreign gold and was also aided by almost 5090000 biibhel decrease of the I’nlted St -iiu wheat xisiblu supply in the lat xxeek making the total supply in sizbt about 43000000 bushels less than at this time last year Wheal price gains were knocked endxx-a)rf? however when securities endeavored a tumble Wheal closed nervous at the same a yebterday'a finish to 3 cents loxver com 1 to 1 down oats 1 to 2 oh' and provisions varying from 10 cents decline to 12 cents advance Attention of wheat traders most of the day focussed strongly on new that the L'nitod Status Government would enter the world's gold market as a buyer Brisk up--turns of all grain prices were witnessed as soon as business here began wheal quickly mounting to 23 cent above low levels touched two weeks ago the season's bottom record Helping to strengthen tho wheat market xvas a further rise nf the Washington quotation on domestic golcb Steep jumps in British exchange were construed as bullinh regarding wheat and so too was a decrease of wheat supplies afloat for importing countries Houses with eastern connections were conspicuous early as buyers both of December and May deliveries of wheat and there' xvas also some buying of May attributed to foreign account Government-financed agencies were active in purchasing immediate delivery wheat here today and at other leading markets Corn and oats advanced eaily til! whtMlf lillt lnrOilMtrifJ liQ&V MfTliiiu vitli inrflo ary H't'ClptN ul ih a tnlay 1IRR0(h ItunholH rympiuiMl v lUi lM70oa ft Provision uvMMKori higher w lluonrod liV 1 1 U (‘1 II if m n oi’ rtjuU Immliwl y '1kIiI minin-iiMn! imi ta7 oti lit't’C un a cuiuMthor of urk i 'ufili prlt ofT WlHint' No U rml tn No 1 lur MP ffiini No 1 jri’llow Hii No 1 wliuts hVi out No :S Mhttf’ 3M 37 U I r No 1 K(P£ Hmolhv' Q7i- 1 rwl tlovw soul UVJ-IJ&Q i vvl lUi'tt uf future S Unit ago 19627093 ear ago 9 92799" North Aincrb-n's share lat week wo 4 46$ 999 bushel-) week ago 6 300 999 bmdml year ago 67"9099 Following are today's pit- bushel wheat quotations (-if Llveiponl hi Canadian money ul cm rent sterling exchange rate of $4X7 a mippllnl by Hroiiinhull (yesterday's price" In bracket) : No 3 Man nortnein LocaJ Wholesale Fnces (Bee bushel basis track real ex-store) Spring xx heat Horn First intents Second patents Baker’ patent" ' (Rer barrel in iute nags- Ucil eted country points less lo itn'1 per batrel lor spot cavlH Winter wheat flour: Choice grades in iai lots pur barrel oi25 Choice grades In broken lots pi barrel ex-store 3 5" White com flou per bbl m jure bag dellx ered to the trade 44 j Millfeea: Bran Khorts Middlings (Per ton Including hag® deliv ered country points taking Montreal rate le-s 25 cents per ton fo spot cash) Brewers' diied grain wholesale $17 per ton retail $19 per ton Rolled oats per bag- of 90 lbt t 4 0 $132 192 4 j 1 Lx'ra No 2 timotny I “ timothy I timothy ' (R®r t°n fob cai s here) wide- 1 J ? 6 ' Real Estate Board Meets A meeting ol member n Im Montreal Real K-iittt Bomd an ad junct ol the Montreal Board o Trade xv ill be held a’ the iuob board's olticcs oil Bt Buoramum street on Wednesdax morning s' 1130 o'clock Mendoza Langiui-chairman xxi’l preside ‘Canadian Immigration' "Ganadiaii Immigration" i® l! subject of a radio address wlde'i will bu given by Joseph Jenkins from station GFCF tonight at 9 o'clock under the auspices of tin-City Improvement loiague and Municipal Herxice Bureau with D Milton Hersey as chalimaii Mechanics Institute "The Burden of Debt-Can Debt or Buy?" 1 the subject of tin-opening lecture of a popular series to be delivered this fall and winter at the Mechanics’ Institute of Montreal Atwater avenue The lecture will be delivered Thursday evening by H Carl Goldenberg MA BCL Soviet Returns Visit Naples Italy October 30 — Communist and Fascist naval officers and enlisted men mingled today in festivities marking the formal visit of a Soviet naval squadron eon-Histing ' of the cruiser Krasnji Kavkas and txvo destroyers undei Admiral Rail The squadron is returning a visit of Italian naval ships last year I v I I y

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