Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 29, 1968 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1968
Page 11
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[Govtrnort \MUDttUo (on ffocfcefe/fer By JACK SELL AP Political Writer WASHtNGfOK (AP) - R e . iblican governors might be to mount a formidable bloc { m6re than 400 presidential Inatlng votes for Gov, Nel* A. Rockefeller of New York they decide to unite behind ifll* . Michigan Gov. George Rom' y's; Abrupt withdrawal 'ednesday from the contest for GOP nomination left the moderates barren of a idale. the Immediate reac- was that they would push the publicly reluctant Rockefel- l£r into the contest. «In his parting advice to his moderate colleagues, who number about 18 of the 26 Republican state executives, Romney ialled on them to get together quickly behind a standard-bear- fcr who would offer some alternatives to President Johnson's policies- 1 -Vietnam included. "If the governors actually do achieve a unity they have not displayed before, they could jfnass a sizeable chunk of con- ifentlon votes— mostly from the large industrial states—that 'might keep former Vice Presi- jjent Richard M. Nixon from jsweeplng to a bandwagon victo- J-y at the Miami Beach, Fla., Convention in August. jj Romney's decision to pull out seems likely to blunt the effect .of what Nixon was counting on ks a smashing series of victo- tjes in the presidential primaries to establish a new Image as a winner. With the exception of the May 28 Oregon race, where Rockefel- l^r's name might be found on the ballot If he emerges as an active .candidate, Nixon Will be beating only shadow or write-in candidates. There is no major political profit in that exercise. If the governors "draft" Rockefeller in a huddle during National Governors Conference sessions underway in Washington, they will count on the New Yorker, campaigning actively fpr the nomination. He has said he is not a candidate but would respond to a draft. But if the state executives .think they can announce their 'choice and the convention will acquiesce, they don't know Ntx^ pjtf^w&lt'enough/* He will be In mere "slugging; -with an almost solid Southern bloc behind him -and .strongholds in alhost every ^section of the country. Rockefeller as a candidate .would reap support from the belief popular among a great many Republicans that he is the Ntn (MR) STMf WWII wf tfnMH Ntfr* HIGH LIVING Is enjoyed by these hogs who like nothing better than to look wit the window and watch activity on their farm In McKean County, Pa. Discharged Friday^ Killed in Accident PARAGOUID, Ark. (AV) Jerry Wayne Dunn, 21, of Paragould, a Vietnam war veteran who received his discharge from the Army Friday, died Wednesday night at a hospital here of injuries he suffered earlier In the day in a train-truck collision. Police said Dunn was at- man with the best chance to defeat President Johnson in November. However, the New York governor would have to come out from behind the shield of his state office and take a position on such Issues as Vietnam. He has supported resolutions in the past endorsing Johnson's Asian course but lias been able to avoid details. Party conVwpJafiv j es l "isUlLan- gry with him for avoiding active support of Barry Goldwater in 1964, can be expected to start shooting at Rockefeller at once. They long have felt Romney was going nowhere and that the New York governor would be the moderates' candidate. tempting to cross railroad tracks about five miles south of Paragould when his westbound truck, hauling a caterpillar, was,struck by the southbound train. Dunn returned from Vietnam last July. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dunn of Paragould., Group Seeks to Build a Dog Track LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Two Hot Springs men have filed articles of incorporation in the secretary of state's office for a greyhound race track in Little Rock. The men, Clyde 0. Halk and Harold Land, along with Lang's wife, also filed papers Feb. 15 seeking to establish a harness and dog.ckclng track at Hot Springs. "Should Hot Springs... not show adequate Interest in obtaining a greyhound racing plant In Garland County, we would welcome the opportunity and invitation to build one of the most modern greyhound racing plants In the nation In Little Rock," Lang said. Court Gets Briefs on G&F Board UTTLE ROCK (AP)-A brief filed with the Arkansas Supreme Court Wednesday contends that Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller possesses the power to remove members of the state Game and Fish Commission in certain instances. Rockefeller lias said he lias evidence of misconduct by some members of the commission and planned to conduct ouster hearings. However, Chancellor John T. Jernlgan of Little Rock ruled the governor coukl not conduct the hearings because he said providions of Amendment 35, the Game and Fish Commission amendment, that provided for removal of commissioners were ;' nec( j St »' GOP Ltff IE RtXJK (AP) - Mrs, Minnie Pstrl Ross of North Lit* tie Rook Ms become the first Hegfo to be elected to the state ReptiWlWn Committee, Mrs* ROSS, the mother of 12 Children, was elected PttJasW County state Republican com* mitteewoman Tuesday nifhU Hixon Just Waiting for to Drop" By RELMAN MQRtN AP Special Correspondent MANCHESTER, N»H. (AP) Richard M. Nixon's camp reacted today to the Withdrawal of Gov. George Romney from the race for president wilh a com* menl by a Nixon aide who said: "Now we are waiting for the other shoe to drop." Translated, this means Nixon is waiting to see whether Gov, Nelson A. Rockefeller of Now York will now enter the field as his chief rival for the Republican presidential nomination. Rockefeller, disavowing Interest in becoming the Republican candidate—or wanting to be president—had been backing Romney's candidacy. . Notwithstanding, Nixon has consistently felt that Rockefeller is a candidate. The former vice president and Romney had been battling it out to Win the New Hampshire presidential primary, March 12. •**» Nixon's assistants believe Romney dropped out of the race because polls taken within the last few days indicated that Nixon was on the way to an overwhelming victory in New Hampshire and far ahead of Romney nationally. .> Nixon, genuinely surprised, declined to discuss the startling development with reporters covering his campaign. Ho Issued a brief statement which said: "Gov. Romney has waged an energetic and vigorous campaign, t am sure that, as one on the nation's outstanding Republican governors, he will play a major role In Michigan and the nation in assuring the Republican victory in November which is so essential to provide the ;new 1 o.ad e r s h 1 p America UP Pgtflifif Mtttk By JOHN f. WHEELER Associated Press Writer KHE SAHH, Vietnam (AP) Through th« still, cold mountain air MerUte outposts hoard ttw sound of Soviet-built taftk* clanking only » few hundred not self-executing. Jernigan said no enabling legislation had. beep enacted. ' Rockefeler's attorney said in the brief, however, Section 5 of the amendment was self-executing. Their brief said the removal power of the governor "is certainly not unlimited or unchecked." 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Morton t Chicken Beef i TM/key Patrick Buchanan, one of Nix- top 'lietitenants^niras asked whether he thought Romney's iction\robbed Nixon of the opportunity to destroy his "loser image" by a dramatic victory in New Hampshire. "Quite the contrary," said Buchanan. "We think we have gotten rid of the loser. The fact that Romney withdrew was a demonstration of Nixon's strength." With regard to Rockefeller, Buchanan said, "Now we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. We would of course welcome Gov. Rockefeller as an opponent in the primaries." This is consistent with Nixon's position since he announced his candidacy on Feb. 1. He said thn, "The decisiv winner of the primaries will and should be nominated. His ideas and ability should be tested in the fire of the primaries, not simply kept in the grandstand and then submitted to the tender mercies of the kingmakers." Romny's name remains on the ballot in New Hampshire. The ballots already have been printed and Robert Stark, New Hampshire secretary of state, said the governor's name cannot be removed. Rockefeller has considerable support In New Hampshire, although he asked his backers not to take any actions on his behalf. Nonetheless, they-are running as delegates favorable to his candidacy, Says How Is Time for Firm Stand PtNE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) Former Gov. Sid Me Math said Wednesday that "if there ever was a time for this nation to stand firm, It Is now," Me Math, considered a possible Democratic opponent of Sen. J. William Fulbright, P^Ark., who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was critical in his talk before a civic club here of the review the Senate committee is giving the Gulf of Tonkin incident. He said the Vietnam war is at a critical stage and that "this is not the time to souiri the uncertain trumpet." "The Tonkin attack is now treated by the Foreign Relations Committee as a single incident, separate 3rd apart from these other provisions and acts of aggression," Me Math saw. Spotter planes had reported heavy troop mow? menl all day* Marine officers here'felt that ft( list the big battle for Khe Sanh was about to open* Deep In his command bunker, Col. David E, Lownds called for missive air strikes "up tight," as close to the Marine lines AS possible. North Vietnamese assault trenches have reached to within 100 yards of the encircled Marine base at some points. Air Force B52s and Jets together with fighter bombers of the Marines and Navy responded with a massive display of firepower, possibly the biggest single day In an air war campaign the Air Force said has already become the greatest sin* gle effort In history. In all 2,48 million pounds of bombs, rockets and napalm were poured into the North Viet* namese defensive positions around Khe Sanh during last Monday's 24 hours. It Included what one Marine called "the night of the bombs." The sky was filled with rippling flashes as jet after jet dropped their bombs. Some of the strikes were so close to Khe Sanh's perimeter that the heavily sandbagged Marine bunkers jumped convulsively. Marines looked at their bunker's roofs and hoped the supports would hold. None failed. During that one day, 19 B52's dropped up to 50,000 pounds of bombs apiece in the Khe Sanh area, and 279 smaller Jets dropped 1,532,000 pounds of bombs. The crucial hour of 4 a.m. passed with no attack. Generally major North Vietnamese onslaughts start before this time so they will not be caught In the open during day light. The following night was one of the quietest Khe Sanh has known since two North Vietnamese divisions laid siege to the 5,000-man Marine base 14 miles south of the demilitarized zone one month ago. '" ft the North'Vietnamese final, ly follow up their heavy shelling with determined ground assaults, It Is air power that Is supposed to give the Marines a needed equalizer during the battle. Marine artillery also has Us role, but Is probably more than compensated for by enemy siege guns, rockets and mortars. Since the battle opened In January, more than 1,000 B52's have bombed the area, together with 10,000 individual strikes by smaller bombers. Three jets have been shot down near Khe Sanh by ground fire. A major concern now is the threat of a North Vietnamese air strike against Khe Sanh, probably aimed at the base's defensive perimeter to open up a hole for assaulting Infantrymen. The Air Force keeps fighters In the area, and Marines are confident that the Air Force will do its best to knock down as many bombers as possible. Moore Bros. Serving YOM Sffict TIM P* 7-44J1 - Wt D«l!v«r Grade White Eggs Bacon oo: J Jelly Fryers Large Loaves [White •Bread Food i Bananas Picnic Hams ft Large Cans Pet Milk 1 OO • Solid Pound JMT ~tf I Oleo i L,S 1 00 Probation System Is Proposed TUCKER PRISON FARM, Ark. (AP)-Prison Board Chairman John Haley said Wednesday that a bill will be Introduced In the second special legislative session to create a statewide probation system. Haley said only a few counties can afford a probation officer now. (t also was Indicated that the special session in May will be asked to change the state law to remove the sentencing power from juries except in capital cases. The power would be placed solely with circuit judges. Haley said Arkansas was one of 12 states that allowed juries to set the length of sentences in other than captial cases. Haley's remarks came while the state Prison Board held a special meeting here Wednesday, mostly to discuss farm problems at Tucker Prison Farm. Marshall Rush of Pine Bluff, a farmer and a member of the board, saW the director of the Soil Conservation Service office at Pine Bluff has been asked to study the laoJ at Tucker to find solutioas to severe drainage problems, which are reducing the yield at the farm. „, ..„.., ^e^ jm f^ ! Cured Hams 4" 5 Pork & Beans 1 i ^-^ mjj Pound Sack <^ 125 Flour 1 Pound Sack Potatoes 37

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