Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 21, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Page 4
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TUIStAY. %Q¥. 21. 1S16. DAILY GAZETTE; AlttJ DAILY pi ,,,., SIXTY - K,u!t, n n?r\ff than a htill in »t china W> rln it tn Hferlinir tt> rtrt It i-; Fylis., Wf do it in t'Hntor? We .lo H hi r>r- AKO Vt"c« .ir<> rii! Dally, Fxr/j.t Hm<i»v > i! in IMxon. A iii lira or f'l - ••! vwh<--rf in do*vn thitt TV M* nUAKP 1 > B<lL!<-r«» itj.I f 111 Wr«t i>- >n sk" TtRMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. OwHtdd of St «nd Roe^ in th« United $t«tt» or Csnatf* in mh dnrc ... , $£.r.i) Six montho )n advnnic . 1.25 than siK month*, j-*r • >-th .25 Tri~6t*fhn0 #r. Week F*!lt, m;:ri n.'ium" over > k w hi n the orcnsii^'ttinn f:j:is >-;:M."-- nh'f viV- H'k V'M-rj If!'- <•}"• ' irv* to collect the fliif«! w<: i:r''i-'i to pay, in nrd'-r th.-«t )( 'Mf-y v, ith vi-hl' !i f<> do f:'iv.- s \\ r.-ff n Wimr> > i-i' k.if H frills tfi j.itll r>F i v. i» M'.-k when if docs 1>?!!1 Jirrmicr. It T!\« TK't dnTU' nvnv. Wf> ki'-'k becnu.oe so tir-r?*. Tf th* 1 proposition 1* v.~-t ;hf voters th^fflf^TTF? H-fttif T'ft for thwnpf-lvrs th«» right to bond thrm- «<Mv ••>.«, and In doing en th^y i i rfficrt ion «'>n pithcr the 'f *'oTnrn< 1 r< f-- r>r flnv of OlEMERGiRL infc lior ,«uilaMc nt'-H f«<r i.rr !i;!.i th<* .contest. ?r>< mf»rr»'(l rtfnt tho if--«.'ie c.f JRii/'irifi tft.t intr e.'»«f nn»5t bf» ff- voted an ,>f }>,.tul« for pnv- that when smn'-thiri^' done. "b*»caois»» It tir a<hrnff5p f * firt months in adv«ne« — 2 f.ft Thl*« ftionlli* Jn ndvancp 1.2r, <h» month In *i«lv«tn<f ** By th« wpfk^ imynbtp lo thr* rnrrlr-r .1ft A HARD ROAD TO TRAVEL. Every city of nny f»t?f wants a bi>t\- fj»»iMi ornanlzfltlon to kwp thinR« mov- and kM>p th«« town on tho map, town almi flrt\l» fiuilt nilli ynns»t , of the things rtnnr Mo«l of Ihr fault III fcfund by hiMi «'lu> urnbnh conlrlbytwl rllhnr n <-»-nt or a tIon to the m»-n n»>l*>ctrrl In run they IUIVP Aesoclatlon of the people of this Ity to wxy A park district or not K\fr\liudy ml- tnlUi A. park district would l>f a pood itiinR, But Homebody who hides bf- hlhd ft dark scrrrti put out n lot. nf cir- cut&rft attacking Mr. Jpnnlnjrs. Mr. Whittle nnd Mr. John, tbr former tind thl» pttwnt WcrpUsrlcM. of (lie HKKIH:!;!- tlott, bectiUfM* thf f»»|icndit<ir" 'if, rhoncy <So«Jl not tnnkn H Kn-nlct Khnning. Such men hnvo no riiwctilinn of the Work that a business inrn> tton tries to do. They hnvi» no th* difficulties In 1 the way. Thnt nils are miul«» Is uniiupstiont'd. nn men work for nothing t'\o>i>t th necretary. nicy spend hours an hour* when their business needs tlicr trying to do something. ir>lng lo plat •Otnethlnsr that will make this com munlty a belter plnce- in which to' llv Und do business. AtMiut nil they Ret It •turn Is one, continuous round o knock* " Tha men who handle the nffnlrs o these organizations hnye hnrd rondr t6 tr*V<9. The ftvi Officers, pays his dues nnd tells "ihe officers to KO to II If tho commit* 1 YilllS^-TrF'TrTTil^dirWn Jl ~f*IT** ,lory- every feu- weeks ho begins t.< *'klck. He does It tlrst under his lire-all I Jater he g-etn loud enough to make row that cnn be'lu-nrd l<» tho Missis I* JrfppL Why didn't they do'thts the oth •rway? Why didn't they do that this no WQ yell our hearth off, th'-y think IM the-bent thing tli« folks who «<tflnd on the and ki< k w«oldS>ear Homo at wrought, up, t»*nr our npedod or Into HhnnlN with no mom i:WHAT FATJOLKS SHOULD .. 00 TO REDUCE WEIGHT ^ Thousands of people suffer from ex esslve fatness, wwtk nerves and fee!• •tomachH, who, having tried ad Jtood-fndH. phy culturo HtuntH and rub-on cn-anm, themn*lveit'tt> n life-long fatiit«av think nothing will make them thin. Sp"*t'their Ctt»« Ix'not hopelee«, A re- |c«ntly dlacovertnl combination of fat Suclng, agents • hun made fra dlsap- after yearn of obenfty. and it in unequalled, judjtitig from reportM, |f«r r«duclnir flenh- without wwtkeninR aigeatlw nyntem or ImpoverlKhlng nerves. This remarkable prepara- ptlon IS called! Oil of Herein and com en la capsule form. • Fat redticlnR and i,iy»tem-bulIdlnK elementH of acknowl- inerU have been combined in preparation, which Ui endorwed by erywhwie. It IH abHolutely T _ Inexpemnve and efficient. . A-t«W weeks wystomallc UHC of Koreln ptljiould CO far to reduce flenh and fat £*V«n, - after everything haa failed to f t>FIng the denlred remilt Frod II. Kber- and Othw gotid drutwlHtii every- er*> are dl«pan«inK Oil of Koreln in form In t)i« original aealed oratory paokagv. (let HOHIO today- •uid'iiee for yourtwlf Jiow iiulckly and *"—(ilcesly U works. VI' tin Tif"'l fiHf'iT'T 'ITie meetings to discuss thine;-- with th" committee \Ve <in not hurd'-n UK- committee with our wondepfnl knowledge of the way tilings ought to lie done until the wurk has heen'Rtnrted or contracted for some other way. The cnrrt- •s h3%'e t" tijse their brst and <1o the best they cnn. do not Rhed'"our grcjit Intellects on them until it is too late. \Vr» either oiijtlit !•» attend tin- meellrtgs smrl hand our wisdom out where It Would do some t?'t"i! or H!O|' hir kinf;. These roi-nmltti>es work without pay. They i|fv»t{n tlielr time to our Intere»i! They do the hesj.,they know what >. If lines the burdens we would soon bo singing another wing-. And so far ns Ht«?rllng Is concerned before this city ever gets the best that It^crtuld get 'n rlvlc fttnt- •fi'fi, in husiness matters, in every other H-I.V. the kicker who Just kicks and kicks and kicks an most kickers Just kick iill the time, JuM like ft Inlky mule, «ill ha.\<> lo changn his tune. The mime- IM true of Hock I'nlli. The samo In trim Of every city. The chn.u^f kfcker is u milMnni'e wherever lie i« to lie found, lie l» an injury to himself, a. detriment-to his lielghbor, a drag on the town. This is strong language and will givo the kickers another chance to kick. TTlut H Is up to somebody to point out > to the chronic knocker that the only thing that Is the matter with HterlitiR or Hock Kails It* (he fellows who u re always grotich- ing on everything that Is done or attempted. Stop grouching, get Into tho gnme and help /lo things for the good old towns-of Mt«irllng and Hock l^tHM, both f town the pn.n year, (hr« rity f« exf'cn'.linsj ovrr iTif/.^ctfT w '.rth f»f lsond«t for p-nvtnp: i-urimses. Th«'«n *r<< large bond iissups and while. .liit*. ..... 1'f'i.arlc- ..can fafiili'.l-.taka.. care of them, R'tme of the taM joy era may feel they do nut want to hdd anythlnK nl prrsp'nt tint!! thfy ftnriw wirat ttw future !n»l(1r« for them. Then there is R str-onjK fcelinflr'tbat tho First avenue brldKcj nrross the river should be M>- I<laff(l with n. new one Thnt will mean. additional expense on Ihe part of the township ttnrl city nnd H Would seem to be R necessity of the very neur future. Many people consider th« park proposition n hmury nnd tho bridge, n necessllj* Thus If the proposed pjirk district Antopsy Of Chic&gtf'. Expert . Clears tJp Suspected Case ( At Pontiac, 111. |Y*!iU,ic, • lit.. XiiV. 1*? --f!i I'iemer w,x«. . drowned. Sh«-» w,» rcr} £rrt her N>t!y lhrrrt»-Tt into f)* f! Vermillii.'Tt river. th<- -e of l'*r. in the 'pec This Hr-k- The Last-The Best tem. which h» compU-t«'d 'KI!*- Srttur- rlrty nffr-rr:r.n-,, State's Attiirnpy tTftfnnrt. ''nron<-T Mrer. nnd »^thr>r officials stood by in ab?<orbe<l in1ere»it while thP *»vidf>nc»" on which- the d*ad Rirl's wealthy fnth^r. her mother nnd her y«iung' > *t sifter charetd. with mansiauphttr f,-tdw? GET BOARD OF CENSORS ringficfd Connmtts'on Heed« Advice Is' defnnted nil those qt'irstkms -will have hurt more, to do With it than anything else. If It Is curried U means thnt tho people nre ready not only to have a,few of the luxuries of living a« wcH'as they go ntong. In the face of the objections enumerated rtbovo it will be a high compliment both to th« association and tho gentlemen selected us park commissioners, Thp Association of Commerce hns simply given the people an opportunity to express themselves tin the proposition nnd their course should bo approved even though the majority of our eltlwniR do not cAre at pfcfpnt to undertake the extm burden of providing enlarged park faclll- tlen for our people. The time Is corn- Ing when they will do «i and It generally taken a number • of efforts to accomplish nnythlng worth mhlle. WAR HELPING JAPAN before their Un the two- crucial stntr-mr-nts in his re>p-irt Coroner's Phy-slclffh A. H, Mi!- dlrton was reversed. He. had declared thnt Mip« Dierner's skiill was fractured nnd h^r neck broken. Evidence of Drowning. E.irly in the examination there wan a stir In the little croup of physicians nnd officials about the body an ])r. Mehtoen announcfd: "There Is no evidence that tho skull has be*n fractur- M." A murmur of Interest followed shortly afterward when he- said: "There Iw no indication whatever of n fracture or diiilocAtion of «ny of the vertebrne. thp (Hy t'nlted rr'«-?<'» : rir)fc'fn>t.l, 111. N'tu 1 . L'!.— fn-Mlfrn rnoti'.n pii-titrc's \\-llI cor- th(> mitiflR of FprtnKflf.ld's yiiiiniT" rr ecrw-rnt ton, fifty promlrifnt wnrnrn of . thfs .city have petltloti'-'J the < ity ion fo nat;ip a « lly < •<-n> ! orinp found- to hf>l<1 prit'ior." would Tin'- 1 nrtrumfntfl w^rr co ed that tho crimmJRiion (Ifr n mpftlnj? to whl«-h an of th« motion pfrturn askr-d to ftttf-nd. Th*> entire matter will hr threnhed out, ThP womrn presented an ordin.inee for Htif h ft <-ffi»for: e h!p «nd crnntihsr perml»«*lon to I he L-er hoard to rennor find eliminate nil Illms The kt^t invention in cnshlon^slioes is the "Improved Cushion Shoe for men.'' It is far superior to anything- heretofore accomplished in the development of cushion shoes. The famous inven- tor'f latest patent" is" a bsolutely new and comes as a climax to all that has gone before in cushion shoe manufacture. In fine glaied kid and gun metal stock, priced at $5.50. portion* object l ttt pood moral? nnd th«? publif" pffue." The orrtl- .mill Inter Dr. Ilektoen told those Who watched his work that he found conclusive evidence of drowning- in a peculiar wrinkling of the skin of the hands and feet. "This," he .<wid, "could never 'appear in a body which was dead before it fell Into the water." Bo 1'ontiae's bluest ncnsation Is over. • ; - and._>'_ou wjlj bo so blanked busy that you will have no tlmo lo klckjind knock. Mr, Kicker, whoever you are—we do'n't know who you nre nnd'don't jdve a ha UK— Foreign Trade Of Japan Is Orowlngr By Leaps and Bounds Everywhere. Hy. Itfllph II. Turner. fXtaff <"orr«-M|'iondent of United PrcHS.) Toklo. Nov. ^1.7nH(imc. Idi-ft of'the we Just know- you exist in every ti>w« on earth-kindly take a day off, nit up witii yourxelf. and tako an Inven- ToT.v" or Mr. Me, y.ourSeir, and find-out |UMt what good your knocking ever lid either vournelf or your town und »ee If yoM will not decide to be a. hoiiNt- cr. Innti'iid of u knocker In 7lu» futurf. ThU doeH not apply to the mnti or Wonderful progress Japun has made In her foreign trade since tli« war H Kaincd from HKUTC* Just announced here. In every part of !h« world this nation has been efjluhlinhlUK her pro- din'ts, new markets lmv<> tieen o|M>nwl and hteatnshlp lines. HUlwidiatcd by the government, extended to every Wg port THE PARTMJOLTERS May Determine the Control In the Lower House Of Congress It Appears. Washington. D.' <.'., Nov. 21.— It he» gins to look ri« Jf there would he n upectuouhtr Mtiujtgte for control'" of the hounf In (he Sixty-fifth congrenw. On the fnve of the return» there are three mure Uopubllciins than Demo- crntB, and the wlx Independents and members of other parties hold the 1ml- mice of power. " Beneath the surface. however, force* nre. operntlngr which ma'y make thin balntif* of power negll- Ijto dr-c]art>s "no person nny motion picture perform-" a rice, nny portion of which shall he lows, obscene or Immoral." A, fuibMantl&l fine will he nttrn-hed to \ |uii»(i'in« If the ordinance Is passed. ATTEMm^MADEljN LIFE Anti-Saloon Investigator Sent a Box of Scorpion*. (Hy 1'nltcd I'rewi) nanvllle. 111., Nov. 21. What i* believed tn have I teen nn attempt <m the life of Klliett Leurutrd. a Hpeclal anti- saloon In vest I Kn tor. by nieiuiH of a novel Infernal machine. Is being In- \fstigtttcd by nuthorltlr's, < iff h «T« now have the death dealing device, {houch it IB now lna«-tlv«s Just a« he Wn.H leaving home a few nightH ago, u messenger left for him a small parcel. He threw It nn a table in his lied ,ro«»m, the window of which was luckily open. When he returned yesterday, he opened the ln»x, In which were a mmiber of scorpions. All were torpid, except one, because of the cold /rum...the ...window....... ..Leonard. a«pcrt8 It - Superior to, any shoe for comfort. The Bootery H. G. Bray 21 East Third Si. B. W. Mason New York Buckwheat Flour Best in town, 10 tt). sack 'Phi s s i» nort of a Joke, fnit the gen- Will belief JH that the Bender believed he would open the box at. once and he Mime by one of the Infects. oY.t!ftU 6n " ' the men who mnk«« fniRWHttonH to the com- ttp^s, who pay their dues promptly ind try to help even when they think mttunkp IB miide. Thero are htt>«» to erSHHBe nnd tlmen to do It are things to kick and time to kick properly nnd progressively, But he knocker who never hns • n good word for anybody or for anything, who K always against everythlng"Tind ev- •rybody who falls to play his own Ht- n. good man tor n le HplilMh Kami', own (.0- tnko by -tlKH'-ntMra-'Aad-liMi«f oul- ldi- the corporation limttK. We IH a good miin to band to another com*, nunlty—although It would likely ho on the other community. Greatest prosperity Is being enjoyed, perhaps, .lu tho trade with Rusuln, Japan's ally, who Is buying everything 'from munitions to boot* nnd shoes. In one month, hwt August, Japan exported goodH to valued til 15,343,Thin figure hc-c«m«*ii nil the more when It In stilted that the import* thl« country from . renche<l only 132.125, leaving .a tmlancc of $5,311,475 In fitvor of the exporlH. Houth •H tr«n«|»lrf« that *wm»* l*rojrr« r Rs1vf s Republican membirH nre threatening to holt the Republican raucun nnd refum- to vote. for J*mt'S R. Mnnn for.spettker.' Half a dozen «ueh bolters might enable the Democrats to elect the speaker. Tammany Mtn May Bolt, At the mime time Tammany in_Jiufflcicnt_ «>n.- America l« another' part of her to enable the tiepubUcanA to «k*ct n Bpeiiker an the RepubllcanH were-enabled .to adopt the Cimnoh rule» In I"909-—with the votes of twenty-one Democrat*, chiefly Tammany men. Whether Tammany holm depend* largely,, on-the m*y«ralty election in New York next full. If the administration fight* Tanun^ny In that content Tammany will be likely to bolt in the organization of th* house. Opposition to Mann. DRYS HOPES Look For Dry Legislation in View of Dry Gain*. (Hy United 1'rens) • Springfield, 111.. Xt»v, 1M. Great hope* for dry legislation hi the next assembly are -being entertained THE PARK PROPOSITION. At this writing judging from the PX- ircMxioiiK so far heard, tho indications ro that the proposed park district will 10 defeated. 1C It l» defeated It Is no eflectlon on tbo Association of Com- nrf rco for— vresentiWR- -tlwi—ma tier an d For and ,no reilectlon oh the most--excellent Kcntlcmon Htiggcstcd for the live, tiiein- bers of ihe board. It will be defeutofl under tho law the hoard would Is «t Service Equipment Call Forster & Sons C*II(T Night Call t» f r No. InUriUU 191 willing to gh-n any grouj> of men nt tlita time. Tho board would have the. power to issue bonds, buy park property ami m«ko |>ark linprovimiontu without any consultatloit with tho tax piiyors. -While tlio gent'l»men % iium«d or suggested by the Association of "C«"ifmiMWir~woTn9nFoii«tltule~Tf~iii be-" lleved it and conservstlvo board tho voters do not kiiow who might be selected in, -f,uturo and they wo more and moro becoming careful of thflr own rights to vole on bonding propo«l- PP phra Uu uUIQ Last Night the world where Japan has found mur- kets which she hardly knew existed before. Exports to the South American countries for the tlrst eight months of thin ycnr-ttmoun'teVI to $l,038,CtJO, not H large figure when put alongside records in American'trade, bxu worth considerable itttentlon when It Is recalled that during the Hnmo period last Japan's exerts to South America were valued at only J6QS.57<, Thus her trade in that direction has been nenrly doubled In a year. The South American republics to which the principal amounts were exported are: Argentine, $44l.:'7f>; Chile, $35:J.33. r >; Peru, 1157,017. Japan has. found it new and very'proJItiibln market In 8outh America—and she intends to hold it, i Then comes, Chlnn. R market .which Japan declares really belongs to her, u market In which she promises to outrival nil other foreign powers. During the last ten day» of Heptember, Just one-third of a month. J»pan's exports to her neighbor amounted to |2.'418,3119. For the rtrHt nine months of tho yenr the total amount of expbrts to Chlnn wit* $60,751.721, an increaao of. $l!i,l!iS,4«fc over the perhM.I u yvnr ago. AH itn IIIUHtrutiou of the way trade with Australia lm« been growing In Dm proverbial "leaps and bounds." | from the Jupun'a lurgcMt Mtcumshin company, tho Nippon YUHCII KtUslm. a firm in which the linperiul family o,wn«, a great pan of the »toi:k, haa juirt added two more veissfle to lt» lines to the The opposition to Mann is based oii the fact that he has been affiliated with the old crowd of Cannon congressmen and that he was one of "Uncle Joe's" right hand men in the sensational mien controversy In the house several years ago. These rules have changed recently, however, and there Is no "reason to think that Manrwwould deuire to return to the old rules. Among the persons who have been mentioned! as- possible' opponents of Mann are I>nroot of Wisconsin, flard- ne'r of Massachusetts, Graham of Penn. aylvahla, and Mondeil of Wyoming, SOME RUGGED SERMONS by members of the Antl-Haloon League foljowlnK" the puhljcatitin hy the Icagiie of a map'showing the wet- and' dry townships In the state. There are 1,240 dry townships and ISO wet township* according to the- map. The-map shows fifty-three dry counties, more than half the number InJjbe u'tale. , Eleven of the" wet coun- Clen of the. slatt; have but one wet township, The twenty-four congrwi- siorn)) district la entirely dry. The Fifteenth nnd Nineteenth districts imru'lyiK'kwlionl, which we linve liniMllt'd for six yours. WHITE AND YELLOW CORN MEAJJ Rye Flour, Rye Graham and Wheat Graham. Bran for domestic use. We have some choice eating potatoes which we are selling at $1.90 per bushel, USE KING CHARLES FLOUR -^JiiLkiiiLL^^ nutliiri"; Ix'tim: than kiiipc -Cliarlos Flour, HERE FOR GRINDING W. F.»FLOCK ^ ' "" ~" ' '" " ' J-.T - ' . The Flour, Feed and Seed Store No, Substitute Handy. : A Now ..JVork phj-slclan Mays thnt When wlwt we. Is fowcr dniff storc8. For Brown Shoe*. drown ~8hMtt ' darken more Maybe— but w here would one buy toothbru»h(>,H nnd clgnretloH niul post- Thirteenth district ha* hut • four/wet townxhlps. , The drys also are jubilant ovur the wet and dry election, tn the country. Five u.lntCH wpnt dr>'- Chaplains At the Front Have To Preach Horse Sense To the Men. TEACHERSJUte MISSING One in Michigan and Another in M«e§; • . . Can't B« Found. Hen ton .... Harbor,"., Mich,, Nov. 21,-- Oernlcu ..L«hman, a country «chooi stH)ti|m— anil wliero wouTtTone jjo to llnve n look" nt the city directory?. — Cleveland IJIufn Denier. Precaution. Mrs. Willis — "Do you hnve a hnrd than IN liked, a liquid polish will often •remedy .matters; Add n little turpentine to It, »uiil.fuh well Into the loath- I'ollsh' with nlluMtcr und Then clean pud of brown velvet . Canvas Pipe for Ventilation. For ventllntliiR In places where blasting Irt heliiR tloin; there hns been In- time getting money out of your hus-1 vented n varnished canvas pipe, which trwch'er, haa been since Nov; 6, when she recovered fr«n» n short illnetMi, • She left home to resume her work fifteen mile* awny. . MufsachuMtt* T*aon«r Misting. Attiol, aiass., Nov. 21. — An, all day K«^rt*h of tho woodw by members of the lire and police, departments for Misa Ulna M. Hhorey, until recently Ix>ndon, (Itv I»res».) Nov. 21. — Xo bljfh ' AntlpcHlew, &neso between a. total of ten Jap- which <m> now plying this nation und Australian sounding phrases and Involved bible' quotnlioiiH muko a dent on the "Tom- mle»" at th.0 front. It'n Dimple, KWIP- box alfresco language that army clmp- taina Jiave to use If they get an aiidl> ence. And »ll army Hky pilots urc do- Ing It, according to t»n olllcer just back of KngliHli In the blgh uchool here, who }wn been tiilM-lnir since TueHduy, ended In failure. Members. <if tlut Hrhool cnmmiftcc Maid ,N(|M« Shorcy bad* been acting at of . Jut e . tind, .t pressed the' belief .that Him had wundered Into the wooia and died of cxpofturc. bandT' Mrs. Glllls— "Yes. Indeed. He innkea It a rule never to retire without tii'Kt putting n couple, of lulce lu his trousers pocUef'—Judgtv , , Do Good Every Day. Every day some goo,d IH duo to he done In ""»•• "»«'« ^ t '" rl 't l f""' 4fl " «ur duty to do It. Tomorrow Ihere's some other, or moyhiip the stune KIXH! due to be done ngnln. We stay even with the world when we do our duty as It conies due. MISSING BOY DROWNED Body "Men who preached from Immaculate pulpits Ui'words of thft-liiRher education before the war are out there talkinK sense to Uie soldiers and are. having no trouble to get congre gations," said the nfllcer. Here is u sample of the latest kind of sermon, the login which the "Tommies" listen to and like; "If what I am going to *ay_ln_Kotng '"' of "§onny" Mutthawi Found nn tht Lake. Wa* _ _ __ Mijlthews' body was foiFiKT III flic lake off Thirty-ninth »ircct- So closed the search for the W year old boy whir wan lost on Feb. 10 and for whom,a continent hap..been combed In ochulf-of tlm heart broken parents, Gypsy bunds,' mysterious let t era dt>- mutiding rantiuin, kidnaping <-k'W«, and every in'tluence that might have had to do with "S«i|iuy" Matthews' (llHii Devotion., "Wli.v « n« you inkjng «m hot; nny?" Kltty~"IU» my - flnnro Is IMS tho ndvnnhigo of being practically proof tiKiihist (liuunne froiu hlnsUf, as It collapses Jf struck. Good Disinfectant Pennungnnatft of iwtash |« an ekcel- lent, <fhenp Utaiufectnut Dissolve one ounce in n quart of boiling water, nnd . pour n little down every drain onco a week. If you sweet. to keep the house Qtrman N «-w • A 9 • n c y E»timat«t CatH«lti«i «t Z,\^74. jilerlin, Nov. 8l.-rAcc0p»Jng to jthe central . Identification off lew at Kleff. 8ay« the <jv»rse«s News Agency, the number of ciMiuajUe« <*lnc» for that tired]fee1ing * , _ , - - * i' i, %F June 1, lUlti, has n-itchcd IWMl of- ttiHl' : ?.0?7.8.&3 'men.' the 'soldiers who recently fallen, according to Uj» ««mc sourcw, are one general «'f .brigade.- four coIoju'lK, M*n<t- four . Iteutenaut colonels In command -of regiments, It is apparent from Ihe recent Hus- Sluii llwta. the OvVrseua News 'Agency aays.-'ttiut part of this HII»M!UII on -the-- t?«aj:iniiaM-. front. trunsporti'd theater. to the* Kurupfcun war it^-lf-tt I a trj- at it. Now the Hr»t thing a, fellow haa got to get hold of is jhat some one is responsible for this out tit we call the world.' 1 fc?ome one put'Ht here. Volt won't find,' a shell in your 'bore or a feed in your nosebag untoss «umc- -one hup put It there. Very well. »ome- t»ne put this world where it IB; someone' put us here and someone is responsible, ft>r our being. That's Upd. I .think that's horse sense. • "I know a ntaiv-r-a friend of mine, whO' lights und boxes foe a. liviiiK-u man with' a ln-11 of a punch—tjiko bis own parrunyivhere, He'a not a»sh«wtned to nay— • or .let you hewr him nay: Vhrlst helped me to play tho, KUIIIC.' You know what we tnean i by trocn ilrttlemi putlcnov £«r nearly u yi'ur. Ite- wurda have be<nj offered and nhnoat iiuinhcflcHs , dtMt'i'tivMi h»ve -boen- off tht; trull, und ul| tu ilo effect. A . former plMymate dlwcovvt-ed the body ami rccogaiiscd It. In a )iliint of Hoiiii> kitid I want to lie iihle to convorso InielH- trcntly with him about ills husIncuH."— Brooklyn (Mtlzon. t- A Manager's Opinion. "N'l-ro tlildlcil whi;« lti»m« hunu'd," M I fhiii't bt'llevw Ir. No vlolltjlsl would Cmui with « pyrotechnic dl«play." « Werth WhlJ« Quotation. "Mere fnmlly never uinde a man! great, ThoueUt. nutl dped. not pedi- j free, ara the puHspprta (o enduring i fame."—Skoheloff. Boiling Criekid; Cracked eggs cnn b.u bbilwl by. placing n llttlo vlnnga^ In their water. S&SMARKETCO.S&S /Sirloin Slisuk, llj., . ,18c No. 1 cans, , . ,5c HUGHES QOgS FOR VACATION. New York, Nov. 21. Charles K. UugliMS will lea\i! line tm Huturduy with-hi« family for Kukewood. N, J,, vvhei'c luv will rest ««*\«ml wcckK; it THE W|pP TW TpBrW^f ^W^PFW^WBP^^^^B flW WB^f^^PP^^P i^pflp^B^|P^ "^il^ f^M >.—,—»i_.CO.: •- v ..,;.i.-;..r ;; 306 Firaf Avenue (Jet a «nmll '-puc-kage of liaiitburg Ureuwt, TCH,-'or us»' I lie • Ijuriiiun folkn ciiil il.. "Hamburger" JUruot Tlu'f." ut ujiy p'iiuniiucy. TaKtt" a, ttt.blv*l«>»>nful of th»- tea, put a cup of boili»K .water upon it. -pour tHfough , u j«tv-vv and drink n teacup fuU-ut any tiuio. H is* tint itivxt flfccUvw w<iy u; break a-ixild UIM! cure iirip, ;is< It upv-ns tile pwrt's-, roll'.-ving t'uiigcstltili. Alfci.'" {uonv-Mtt '*">«.' bi'iwvls. llti.i't f'leafeii'g M .rtdd-ut one* It iji- in«'x|K'n*iv«» ami' i;ntitij> vt'^v- tal>lt-. tiificl'i'l going- *> traits lit with men and women \\'e wl|, know what It nu-uiui, doing your .job «»ti nut doing the 'dirty' to v Hliyune.-' ^ "What, la the'rw to bo ashumed of if a mith »iiy¥ l» his he«irt~vhe needn't «ay It aloud'if he doesn't want to—'l bolieve in you Oiirissl wttb all my heart. 1 know ji" 1 go gi^iitr" You'll stick to me* ami I'm going to try ulway-iTurgo »tju«ie; and, if yon-liiul me getting on" thu tiuck.Vnelp tne to get back.' • . "1 don't tw be a. paatm singer, wiMU' lotus hair Mr he$u:pn't-drtnk- y«U to IH< tiMinly, It's.'bvll l>u>s fur cvMt', 'in tuup The siifht t>f y,>u IH-. c:.uise you're n iiytt'^r. 'IVH'Him bi'Vs that >i>!f'n« cut tt> <t<i -,t tat (>}' g««:i r'i.'i- vvc.; ttua- y'wu w.twt Him tn bs-ijv If you are looking for something gooa to^attry our Pumkin Phs They are Ijaked fresh every iaoming. They are on sale on our wagoas and at our storta. 12.cents each. < Sterling ingl'ompany, STERLING, ILL 0<Hiv«ri«i everywhere. '* Both -*"! for Ihe Kiddies SEE (JUR EAST WINDOW ..yollim«P.s Bc«ut4ful «'i'-<it)oso' Hook, . Flower Hook, .Auiiiuil Hook. "-'iV'iislou* til'ustralctl Hooks- in nil .sizt's juul jini'fH, All Lini'ii Hooks' of Tom 'I' u i' l< t> r, • Tubby,- «ml Tootlh's, iia Wf,sr I'aint Hooks and the Paper,Doll Cut Outs with the Doll HOHSO and •Furnihuv to uiatch, '."'"* i he l-'uiiimnj Nature Hook -Pux.xle, a (took that will en." tertain the I'hjhl. }»v* tho .hour. .-'*./•' IH- ,si to Quaoky Doodles and Da^iny Daddles- are Oou't lurjioi "Tho Skiujuty".' Hot»k> uiid ''\VUou u _ }*V!h»r Nvftls-u FVit'iid,""'by Hriu^s, ; Gall's Book Slore v- ^mwrm n mmrri n*mu vmmkH .

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