Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 29, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1968
Page 10
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.-Mr ' *,'-i The tragedy of MM: He starts off with t (pitty - and winds up with a Government! A Our Daily Bread SNCM TnM wj TM Cwttf AMR* Ni WHMMitll The Case for Water Development in Time of Crisis membership notice reminds ma that the Red River Valley Association will hold its 43fd annual convention tn Shreveport April 15-16- and that the Bureau of the Btidg*t his approved $28,969,000 for risen! 1969 water resource pfojeds In Rexl River valley, this newspaper is ft long-time advocate of water resources development and supports the Red RlVer Valley Association program year in and year out. Currently the federal government is in a financial squeeze, and you • might wonder if it Isn't inconsistent to preach economy in other fields of federal spending and at the same time advocate a 28-million outlay for public works on Red River. But some public works are productive, .others are not— and common sense should dictate the selection. Just a few years back Hope was offered a new post office and federal building although its existing structure equalled that of cities of 50,000 population, and this newspaper properly opposed the $400,000 outlay- a position •which Hope people endorsed in a petition we circulated* The Government built the new post office regardless, as Government nowadays Is prone to do—but we 'established our point publicly: It's a mater of what is proposed that is important— not its location. Our attack on a new post office In our own town made headlines from coast to coast. '•'• A new post office adds nothing of productive value to America, in goods or employment— 'therefore In times of financial crisis such as these, new federal "Building funds should be curtailed. -;• -?--.- • -• •••••• §ut the development of water VOL, 69-Ko. 117 - 14 ftps 18W, Press 1927 18, 1929 Star Printed by Offset &fct*ftttfft - Saturday fefert or bf *nd i at utt nm maw, mmw 21 \m Associated Pr«g§ * Audit Bufftta of CifcuUUon* Ay. fo( Circulation 6 me*, crrilnj S«p(, 30, l«1 -3,211 NICE 10* Local Youth on the Move Troop Escalation In Vietnam Will Generate Call for More Taxes By WALTER R. MEARS Associated Press Writer;;, W ASHiNGTpN (AP)George Romney has quit the Republican presidential race resources definitely adds to the without a ballot i.castrr and the ^|ttiftaiii<iEmployrrientaDdpr^Whlte^ House dr&f !F ;that Ne*w /diic^vify;p^America, regardless York's Gov. Nelson X. Rbckefel* wh$re the 'Indfvidual projefit''ls "ler :iias 'promised to answer situated. ,-Andso we support the' could be taking shape nbw5 •>' nation-wide: Our local Remney Drops Out off Contention, Action Is Called Incredible Rockefeller Draft Move Is Forming program support of Red River Valley Association is merely incidental to the developments which proceeded Jt in Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee River valleys. Whether it's the stuff dreams are made of or the hard core of reality depends not on your point of view but on how much economic information you have. Your editor claims to have a great deal of information. And not merely book^tnformation. There were people a couple of generations ago who called the advocates of navigation in the Ohio River valley "dream merchants." But today I have seen the great barges bring thousands of tons of steel down from Pitts- Rockefeller, most prominent cheerleader in Romney's hectic, fruitless 101-day quest for the GO P presidential nomination, said the wishes of his fellow Republican governors would be a major influence on his future course. Many of those governors are in Washington today and Romney in wlthd rawing challenged them to forge a consensus around some other candidate. The Michigan governor acknowledged he has not won rank and file Republican support. He suggested the governors look for another contender who might. Romney thus admitted he had no hope of defeating front-running former Vice President burgh on an Ohio River that runs Richard M. Nixon for the Re- bank-full the year 'round. publican nomination. Once the Ohio was a crooked, Some R e p'ti b Means were trickling stream in which sand- doubtful the governors' agree- bars made navigation imposs- roent Romney recommended Ible, Today it is a great artery could be achieved. But the pres of commerce. T. That's progress. That's Health, Th*Cs good. , .anytime V. .anywhere, Snow Closes Schools in fast Arkansas By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS : Snow blanketed a large portion of Eastern Arkansas to* day, causing schools to close and creating hazardous driving conditions, c Hardest hit was the Cross County area where snow drifts of op to 28 inches were report* ed with two'lnch accumulations, Wynne and Cross County schools were closed, Minor aqc(- <Jen.ts were reported in the area. :: Forrest Cjty a«j St. Francis County schools were closed alter three inches of snow ac* cumulated in the area. Roads were reported, as hazardous. More than two inches of snow & the PMIUps County area about two hours, forcing schools to close. However, skies were reported clear* tag this morning and the snow was melting. : Appointment ROCK (4P>* u>yis pf EJ Porado was ap- to i IP-year ter m on Ifoe Arkanss Iffjustrial De- sure on Rockefeller clearly was rising. Rockefeller said once again that he is not a candidate for the nomination he has sought twice before, but that he would accept a draft if one came. By HARRY KELLY Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - No one could really believe it at first. "It's incredible," said a Michigan politician on Capitol Hill, The: rumor said George Romney was pulling out of the Republican presidential race even before the primary in New Hampshire, only 13 days away. Sure, Romney was an underdog against Richard M. Nixon. He not only admitted iU he insisted he liked the odds. ' '^Besides, who could bfclleve that a jnan so persistent^hnt he once fsed 34 b*alls -until, he knocked down all 10 pins in bowling would call it quits before the first vote was cast. Romney did it. As the rumor flashed through the capital, newsmen descended upon the hotel where Republican governors were gathering for a meeting. They couldn't get to the governor of Michigan. He was In his room, Taking a nap. The governor's son, Scott and a state trooper who guards Romney on the road, were in a room down the hall from Romney's. They would barely acknowledge that the governor had indeed called a news conference for some two hours later. "Is the governor quitting?" a reporter asked. "If he is, he didn't tell me," said Scott with a grin. "Where's your mother?" Another grin. "She is campaigning in Wisconsin." Telephone calls were coming In, from supporters, and from newsmen, who wanted to know See ~* ; ' — Hope Star photo This group of young iidles/partof a "Youth on the Move" group, appealed to the Junior Auxiliary yesterday for help in a campaign for a new Youth Center here. And they got a pledge of 'support, In fact the Auxiliary will direct several of Its projects to raise money for the Center. In other business the Auxiliary agreed to assist In the mass measles Immunization program her March Lett to right in the picture are Pat Westbrook, Donna Connelly, Junanne Reynolds, Mrs. Bill Watson, projects chairman for the Auxiliary, Susan McCain and seated, Mrs. W. C. Brunor, Jr., president of the Auxiliary. Mrs. WR to Address Group LITTLE RCCK (AP) - Mrs. Winthrop Rockefeller will speak Friday at the National Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation's national conference in New York. Housing Issue in RightslFight H R, COYNE Associated Press Writer WASHtNOTOKCAP}-. Any escalation of U& troop strength in Vietnam mi* reportetBy generate an administration call for a tax hike even higher than Us 10 per cent surcharge proposal before Congress* Government officials empha« site they bolleve tho current sit* nation-and they stress current — requires at the very least a 10 per cent surcharge on Individual and corporate Income Lixss. Congress has been cool to the whole Idea of hiking taxes and the administration has left the way clear to accept less than the 10 per cent proposal If necessary. But any major Increase In U.S, forces in Vietnam would force the administration to at least consider a higher rate, The reason: The cost of sending one man to Vietnam for a year is estimated at up to $40,000. if 50,000 more troops were authorized, thfi cost would bo $2 billion a year. Chairman Earle G. Wheeler of the Joint Chiefs of Staff conferred Wednesday with President Johnson amid speculation of increases In troop strength in Vietnam and a possible new call-up of reserves. There was no official tlon, however, of what course the administration would take. In the present economic situation, one per cent of the surcharge means about $1 billion In additional revenues. The last time troop strength was escalated, Johnson coupled his announcement with a formal request to Congress for the 10 Big Copter Shot Down, • UJIW 4H I/* 11 J AP News Digest l9 Killed By ROMKEV««E PUBLICANS fh$ draft Gov. Nelson A. Associated Proas Writer Rockefeller has promised to an- SAICON (AP) - Guided by jiwer .«Mild be taking shape now radar, U.S. Air Force fighter- following Gov, George Rom- bombers flew through overcast nejr's withdrawal from tho Re- skies today to attack target* In publican presidential race. the Hanoi area tor the second Republican governors may b* day in a row. able to build a bloc of more than " w « have no operational r*» 400 presidential nominating ports vet," a tf«S« spokesman votes for Gov. Rockefeller if said, they decide to unite behind htm, the "Now we are waiting for the »«ency other shoe to drop," says an Hanoi North Vietnamese news' said UA planes raided and Its suburbs and one M. Nixon, who whethur Gov. enter the GOP aide of Richard Is waiting to Rockefeller will campaign. Gov, Romney In a man so persistent he once used 34 balls until he knocked down all 10 bowling pins* So it was a surprise when he called it quits before a vote was cast. VIETNAM A big UJS, Marine helicopter la shot killing American jet waa shot down, Tass, the Soviet news agency, reported that residential quarters in the center of Hanoi were hit. Tho radar-guided American warplanes attacked three vital targets around Hanoi and Hat* Phong on Wednesday, Including an army barracks hit for the first time In the war, But the Command announced Com? down near" Khe "ianh. ^unlst gunners shot down a big 22 Americans. More touMngtae C130 transport plane shells fall around Saigon. *<* «•»«• l»HcoptoM owr sim ROMNEY DROPS On (Page Four) Boyle Gives Advice on How to Get That Bachelor February 29 Dear By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) Pavement Plato; So far I am a Leap Year loser. I have a target— Melvin, the bachelor of my choice. I feel he loves me. This week he deliberately let me beat him twice in s row at Indian hand wrestling, and last summer when oqr crowd went on picnics I was the only gtrl he'd let help him look for fouMeaf clovers, B«jt when { speak of marriage, Melvin just gets a fara< way Jook and pretends he doesn't know what I am talking about. What can I do to win him as a husbawi? Rosemary: To begin with, don't lose your cool, Ttjere are a lot of girls In your plight, each of whom believes H»t just became this is Leap Year she'll be able to sweep her OVH particular Yin off h|s feet, pj A majority of them will prob- Commission Wednes- *bly miss their goal because of Gpy. Wwthrop Rocke- one thing-* overeagerness. Since they realize that there is a 366-day open season on them this year, bachelors-like any other hunted creatures~are doubly shy, Before you can catch Melvin you first must court Wtn, How should a modern girl go about courting a modern bachelor? The same way that porcupines court^cautiously. Don't pounce on Wm as if he were a mouse. Creep up on him as jf he were a mouse, Worm your way Into Melvin's life gradually until he will finally deckle himself that you are indispensable to his happiness. As most bachelors today are looking for security above ev- erytbiPf ejse, 4o everything in your power to bolster Melvin's self-confidence. If you go bowling or play pool together, }et hip win two times oijt of thjree, eyen though you hgye to play lefMiawled to do so. Poo't t%||e h}m to your apartment to show him how 'veil you BSYUE 6IVE5 tws) Associated Press Writer jj • WASHINGTON (AP) - sen* ate 'Republican Leader Eyfereft M. Dirksen Is moving to force a Senate -showdown vote on a qivll rights bill banning discrimination in sale or rental of most American housing. A vote on Dirksen's petition to end debate—which needs two- thirds approval of those voting to carry—is scheduled for today. Dirksen helped forge a Southern-Republican conservative coalition that twice earlier beat back bids to end the debate. He has since played a leading role in nailing together a compromise bill. Some Southern senators objected Wednesday to his petition, saying it wouldn't give them a chance to study the corn- See Housing Big (on page two) Religious Group Meets Here Friday Eugene Shuster, Presiding Minister of the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, announced today that plans are proceeding smoothly and final pre. paratioQs are being made to ac- comodate some 600 ministers ex. pected to be In attendance here for the Spring Circuit Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. The delegation will convene at the Fair Park Coliseum, Friday at 6;30 p.m. It was learned that many of the 23 department supervisors were arriving Jn Hope today to take up their volunteer assignments nee. essary to operate the convention effectively, "Ministers from all over the state donate their time and talent toward making the assembly a spiritually reward' Ing three days for all in dance, 11 Shuster said, The convention program See TROOP On (Page two) Retardation Center Planned by SWADC to Be Located in Hope Arthur Strech, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Southwest Arkansas Development Council, the community action agency serving Miller, Hemp, stead, Howard, tittle River and Lafayette Counties, announced today that the Agency is planning two centers to serve the mentally retarded of this area, A main center will be located In the Hope area, and a sub- center will be located in the Agency's Neighborhood Service Center In Wilton, Arkansas, Little River County, The Center will coordinate Its efforts and receive support from the Southwest Diagnostic and Remedial Center of Magnolia, and the Greater Texarkana Mental Health and Mental Retarda- tlon Center. SWADC plans to coordinate the resources of the State Rehabilitation Department, the State Educational Department, and the individual County organizations on Mental Retardation, The plans Include a day care facility tor the mentally re. tarded, and also plans to place strong emphasis vj wording with the 12,16 year old retardates. portation of the children to the centers. As the project grows, It will also provide facilities for vocational training for adult retardates. Though plans are being made to begin the program almost immediately, the size and scope of the program will require much time and work and coordination to reach Us full Implementation. Meetings with Interested people will be held In each county during the month of March, and interested persons are urged to attend these meetings when they are announced. Mike Carozza, SWADC executive director stated that the two centers will be directed by Mrs. Nonalee Stewart, Mrs. Anne Douglas, and Clinton Brlggs of the SWADC staff who have had experience In working with exceptional children. The program Is designed to serve Miller, Hempstead, Lafay. ette, Howard, Little River, Ser- vler and Nevada Counties. Any escalation of U.S. troop indlca- strength In Vietnam reportedly may generate an administration call for a tax hike even higher than Us proposed 10 per cent surcharge. President Johnson's riot-probing commission will recommend that tax Incentives bo granted Industry to enlist its aid in the war against slum unemployment. WASHINGTON Robert S^; McNimara completes a seven-year tour as Secretary of Defense. He leaves job with I /praise from v Pteddent Johnson but with sorne cf his policies under attack. ' ~*Senate Republican leader Dirksen moves to bring to a showdown vote a bill that would ban discrimination In the sale or rental of two-thirds of the nation's housing. Bill Amends Income Tax LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller signed Into law Wednesday a bill which amends the state income tax withholding law. The law now conforms to tho federal law In medical and dental exemptions, effective with 1967 returns. Tho governor also signed into law a bill requiring a financial statement from an Industry for which a city or county proposes to issue Industrial development bonds. Arkcmscm Is War Victim WASHINGTON (AP) - The Defense Department Wednesday transferred Army Ma/. Jam«s B. Payne of Trumann, Ark,, from missing to dead of hostile causes In the Vietnam war. He was the husband of Mrs, Betty G. Payne of Trumann. All Around Town By The Stir Staff Pat McCain Will Seek Re-election The Star has been authorized to announce the candidacy of Mrs, Pat McCain for reflection toth« )L'i* *>i County Clerk, She Is* sued the following statement; "{ would like to take this opportunity to announce my eandi» dacy for re-election to the o'tjce eludes the ministry development °f County Clerk of Hempstead school on Friday evenjag, a pu- Cow*/*' 1 blic speaking program and the "I hjve tried to merit thefeith Baptism of new ministers Satur- ^ <»«IWence you showed, by day and the public tajk oq Sun- ele< -Uog me to this office two day, which will he the highlight y ea f s *8°* During this time I of the convention, This tale. tove endeavored to carry on "Why Does God Permit Wicked' ness?", will aid visitors and delegates alike to appreciate the Bible and it's place in our modern times, "The program Is designed to appeal to persons of a|l ages", said Shuster, "and all residents, have work in the County Clerk's Ofc fice in a courteous and efficient manner and in the test interest of all the citizens of Hempstead County/* ''I will appreciate yotir vote and support ia the coming Dwroo crat Primary," of Hope are attend.** cordially invited to - MRS. PAT McCAIN Col, Samuel C. Smith, who was pictured in the Star Tuesday with a story about his being named to the Infantry School's Hall of Fame at Ft, Bennlng, Ga,, is the son of Mrs, Pauline Prince of San Clemente, Calif, , .Locally, he has three aunts, Mrs, Herbert Griffin and Mrs. Edward Schooley of Hope and Mrs, William Gilbert of Washington, and an uncle, George Clendentn of Columbus,, ,As a boy Col, Smith was a newstoy for the Star, For convenience of Interested farmers pine seedlings are being stored at the Delight District Forestry Commission Office, Forester Byster A, D^nton says, , ,the price is 14.30 per thousand either write or call the Delight ottjce at 379,2313,, University of Arkansas students making the honor roll In the College of Business include Charles Lee Brown, Hope, . »Edward T. ToUett of Nashville, , .John J, Wilson Jr. of Columbus, , .Thomas Edwta Woodson of Amity, „ .Thomas Mark Anthony of Hope,, ,Derooss Jones of Mineral Springs f Bob Franklin, Jr. of Hunts- vllle, Ala,, whose mother Is Mrs, R. D, Franklin of Hope, left Monday on a week's business trip to Kwajajlen Island In the Marshall Islands of the South Pacific, ,, En route home, his wife will join him In the Hawaiian Islands for vacation, There *as a big snow in Da), las a week ago today (Thursday), and on Saturday, February 24 a picture in the Dallas Morning News showed some who were enjoying it, . .They included Susan McCraw, a student at SM.U, who is i niece of Miss Dell MoClan- ahan of Hope, Whltfifeld Masonic Lodje No, 239 will confer two Masters De, grees as a courtesy to E yergreeo Lodge No, 175 oq Friday, M-Tch 1 beginning it 7 p,m, In the Jo* cal Masonic Hail, A Girl Scout neighborhood meeting *U1 be held Friday. March 1, at 1:30 p,ro. at the Lit, tie House, . t a!i leaders, assist tant leaders and persons Interested in a Day Camp are asked to attend. Marine CH46 Sea Knight that was downed U miles northeast of the Marine fortress at Khe Sanh, In the northwest corner of South Vietnam. All 10 servicemen aboard the Sen Knight were killed* the U.S. Command said. The latest North Vietnamese target to come off the Pentagon's restricted list was the Chuc Son army barracks 12 miles southwest of Hanoi. Air Force F4 Phantoms raked It during 70 missions flown Wednesday, but overcast skies spawned : by the northeast moo- soons^prevented assessment of damage. . ttnvj A6 ail-weather lenders. ..made the third attack In tour "days on the'railroad yard 1.7 miles northwest of the center of Haiphong ft3. well as a repeat raid on a radio communications receiver station 10 miles south* of Hanoi. Again weather prevented a survey of the damage. The Haiphong railroad yard Is on tho main Haiphong-Hanoi lino, and much of the war supplies from Red China and other Communist countries funnel through it. The Hanoi communications station Is believed to bo a key link in North Vietnam's air defense network and was attacked for the first time in the war Feb. 10. The big Sea Knight helicopter in which 19 Americans wore killed was on a combat mission when it was hit shortly alter noon Wednesday by heavy automatic weapons fire. The chopper crashed and exploded between Khe Sanh and Camp Carroll, the U*S. artillery post 16 miles northeast of the big Ma- rlne fortress, The Air Force C130 cargo piano, a $2.5-milllon work horse of the war, and the other two helicopters were downed near the Song Be airfield 100 mllws northeast of Saigon, Field reports said the C130 was hit by a bazooka-type rockf et as it approached the runway to land. The plane made a crash landing and burned but no casV ualties were reported. The two helicopters were able to land safely after being hit, * Bomber With Eight Aboard Is Missing FORT WORTH, Tex. (AP) -; A 852 bomber with eight persons aboard was missing today after flying over a bombing range in the Gulf of Mexico just off the Texas Coast. No bombs were aboard, an Air Force com* maniier said. Carsweli Air Force Base here said its plane should have returned to Fort Worth by 3;3; a.m. last contact was H;i3 p.m. Wednesday eight miles south of Watagortia Island,, The Air Force has a toRlb; range on the island between Corpus Christl and Houston. Col. Carlton L. Lee, commander of the 75h Bomb Wjijr here, said three helicopters, three fixed wing aircraft and %" Coast Guard vessel entered, for th" lvnih*»r

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