Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 18, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 18.-1M4 Tennis Making To Hold Annual Outing Saturday, July 29 The Teruuls Making Deparlmnn of thi- \J. H. Rubber Com i>.'uw'.- Niuiffutuck Footwear Plant l.t holding Its 7th annual clambakf « Cotton Hollow Grove, Snttinliiy .filly liSHh. An Intero.'itlng program of game: Including Softball, bocal, quoil.'i ruul hor,-c.x1io»\s has bi-;*n- iii-ranged. FVx- tivltli'.s will start "I 1-:00 noon. The Trnnis Making doparmie lias nindt- nn .annual affair of t.hi. 1 : clnmbuku nncl It .has 'boi-n growing In popularity every y.-ai 1 . A full turnout Is i-xrwe-ti'd to bt> on hand Ihls yc-ar and transportation is bi»- Inp provided so that everyone may attend. Andy Salinardl is ponc:\il chairman of th«." bake and is being n;<- .ttsted by the following coinmiltcos: Ticket, committee: Stcvo Roue, i-.halrrmurv, Kosa Brunla. Phil D'Acl- ilio. Alice Oowlls. Msiry Forriter, Glendn Trafford. S. Ruby, Liliby Wiikowsky, Hi'liTi Osowk>cUI. Ida Burkf, Kelly Cutonelli, Angi.' F.loi roiiu, X. Sxymjmskl, Frank Krits In.skl, Ann Bowaliclc, Hailwlg- Kul< Eleanore Staskwic 1 /, Corcr/u 1 Ckil luccl, Carl Franqnet, LouU Russo Jolm West, Manuel Henry, Do Peterson. Eiitei-tiiinmcnt cnmmittfe: Olsr Czaruy, chairman, 'A'.nelia Yarrow, Mae Baker. Mary Sorulla. Publicity committee: Lillian TCcll- ly, ehalrmim, Hi-Ion Rykowsky. sie CriillURCi, Josephine Tt.-mporelli. Manuel Henry, Location: Los Ogilvle. Food: Marvrlllna l''ui - t:ulo, ohair- man. B. L, Sullivan, Vituik- IVk. Vonnle Cook. Arvnc Si-i grist. A1<'X StiimoltlH. William I'YrminuVz, Jc'- ale Oe-Mcderc. KurreshniiTvts: Frank Haydt-n, f'Hilrmna .Frank Lima, Leon Ha.-i- kauskos. Pictures: Harry Ross, chairman. Carl Moore. Transportation: Bor.. Rykowski. chairman, Charles Nnrck-llo. Li'iui Rapallee. Special Window Display On Waste Paper Collection Tn connection with the Waste 1 Papor cnlliictinn liero next Monday and Tuesday, Chairman C.. •Arthur Fagfr in cooperation with state salvage officials 1ms boon able to have a special window' display brought to Niiugnluck to show the part paper plays in the war effort. Through tin; cooperation of Mil- tun Lent, niuriaj^t^r, the window has b'len placiul at the Connecticut Lij,'lit ^ Power Co., on Maple street and already is attr.-ictliiK a K'roat dual of attention. A. F. Livingstone of New Haven dime to NiiuKUtucic to arranso the display and the part that paper ilays in the wai 1 effort is really nd ! Americans In France Fight Way Back Into St, Lo Second Time («y Unilwl 1'rnw) The AnUM-ic-nnf ill Normandy linve fought their way back Into St. Lo for .'l.'lio second- Lime .In I wo days. i revelation to those who stop ,'ii-w tlu> window. The window display is based 01 lailed newspaper, small sera] >apt;r and magazines. Among the items made fron iaper scrap and which are on view Tntero.'itnd in how you can set a little extra cash? Just use a News Want Ad and sell sonu-thing you no longer nt'rd. TVit.'phom. 1 2---^. i the ation window displ-.iy boxes for the arc "1C 1 soldiers small shell containers, large blood plasma boxes, ration boxes of various kinds, containers''.'or shipping ammunition lacqquer and boxes for T. N. T. Resident.-! arc Naugatuck am askocl to put aside waste paper of all kinds, m: wspaers, maga/inos, otp., for the collection hero on Monday and Tuesday of next week.'It is hoped that at least .10 tons wiTi bi> si-curud to further advance Naugatuck's great record in was!o paper salvage. On -Monday the collodion will bo on I hi 1 [Cast side of the borough to also include ston> stops rind L'.i'istol Terrace. On Tuesday the collection will bi> made, on ".he West of the Liorough. to ak-,o includo -itoro stops in that aroa, Rirsidftits and stores are asked to place tile paper accumulations on thi: curb in front of the houso ir store and s'roct department om- >loyes will take care of tin: rest. ' The fighting is extremely' violent. Supremo headquarters announces l.hat American forces inow firmly hold the eastern suburbs of St. Lo, :md have n.'ipturcd Ste, Croix. De Lo, a suburb just, one mile due east from I,he heart of the base. St. Lo is the central hinge of l.'he i-ntire German I'lnc Jn Noi inandy. To the west, the Americans ir.ow haive brought (.'he 'arterial highway northwosl .ward to Periors undei small arms fire from a ridge 200 yards a'bove 'It. and about midway botwocrr the towns, Tho liighwuj Is the spine of the present Cer man defense line 'in lilie American soclor-niwl a d.rive across it would split'-Ihe Nazi defense against the Yanks. It's revealed tlvat losses fo the Allies and the ara running fairly high. Official and Held reports indicated that the Litter battle for St. Lo had turned d'e/lniely in favor of Llcuermnt General Omar Bradley's. First Army. Tho German high, command acknowledged that it' "assumed th<! greatest dimension" and that the Naxi defenders' hud been pushed back to the- fringes of the town. Heavy fighting still was going on around Noyers and Evrecy, hotly contested strong points on the rim of Lho British salient below Caen. Latest reports to headquarters said the British still were holding the Moyers rail sation. Local Soldier, Now In Italy, Meets His Cousin whore both arc.; Sergeant Russell Molllca,.. i with" the U. S. Army In-'Italy, recently, wrote to. hlB parents, Mr. and Mrs.'' Salvatore Molllca of Louhsbury. street,- to the elTect that he had met hl.s cousin, P. F. C. Frank; Mii//ullo at Wllllamsport, Pu., ln,j Naples near " ' •.-.•- . ..-' .stationed. -, The cousins have' been in cor-, rcspondcncu with each other since 1 arriving in Italy and .recently circumstances were; such that the sol-; dler.i were able' to A'et together In Naples tor a holiday. The local soldier is in tho signal corps while the Pennsylvanlan is a member of the field artillery. Sergeant Molllca has been in the service more than .two years and has been overseas 18 months. His cousin, who has often visited in Naugatuck where lie has many friends, has been in the Army for the past two. years and nan boon overseas for the past 12 months; • Sergeant, Mollloa has two broth-- ers in the service, Sebastian in the Navy and stationed >iow in New. Guinea, nearly' two years in the, service, and Matthew,'a Naugaluck, high school graduate of a few years ago, now In the Army und 1 -. stationed in Mississippi. Committee Is Named For St; Mary's Event ntOFKSSOK ON TKIAL U. S. railroads operate about <>,-.00 pullm.'in sleeping cars and .17.00 passenger enaction. 5i;v WAR imvns AND STAMPS Hartford, July IS—(UP)—A German-born University of Connecticut professor is on trial in Federal court, ;iccusi!d of taking the oath of American citizenship with m.intjil reservations. The government charge.-; that Dr. Theodore Karl Siogi'l intended to remain loyal to the German Reich, and to return lliero—although he swore liilelity to this country when he I was .'inturalixed in 1038, Dr. Siegel. has entered a blanket denial of the' ' accusations. William Rado, Discharged From Navy, Expected Home " ; Rev. Thomas Griffin, pastor of SI: Mary's church,-•-today announced the membership .of the committee for the parish., carnival Id bo'held Friday, July 21 to Sat- i.'rday, J.ujy 29. •Elaborate preparations have been made for the event -which promises to be. one of tho'imcot successful carnivals of the kind over h'eld Iri'St. Mary's parish. • Josep'lj Kane, is chairman of the •carnival' and the chalrlddy'-Is,'Mrs. Krncst Anderson.. Other committee members Inelude: John; Hackelt, Betty Huck- el.t, Mrs. Richard Neary, Ernest ' , Bendler, Michael Uo'lan, . Francis Scully, Mrs. John Klssane, -James .ocn, .Kileen Healey, Eleanor Rathburn. •Also Patrick Sh'eridan, Thoma. Local Soldier Guards Supplies At Overseas Base (Special To The NBWH) AFHCj; Mediterranean theater, July )8—Soldiers wno guard Uncle Sam's gold bullion at Fort Knox, Ky.; ..are: .mighty Important men In the Treasury department's organization. In the,same way. u. group of soldiers who guard Army supplies in North Africa are equally In the United States Army organization. These highly capable soldiers <eep a watchful eye on lion* of. dollars worth the mil- of food, YOU "CAN- TAKE ALL YOUR SUMMER* WEATHER HURDLES GRACEFULLyl WITH A PALM BEACH SUIT — $19.50! , . Gfant, Lois Antlcr.son, John P. Kis .sane, .William Dolan, Mrs. Henrj Zw.lck, M-ae Montambault, Lconari Geascck. Also Mrs. John Cullinanc, Mi chael Stokes, Gladys Hlckcy, Rich urd Neary, Frank Neary, William Klleva, John Smith, Mrs, Francis ' Scully, Connie. Bulkoyitch', Also Joseph Neal, Rose Flan nagan, • Pierce Caspar, Mrs. Richard- Neary, Mrs. Patrick Sheridan Seaman. William Rado of Coen' si root, borough .treasurer, who on-, tcrcd the Navy,' Jan. 3. 194-1, and who w a. i? honorably discharged from that branch of" service Saturday, will probably be renamed to Jlis former' post. ' at a meeting- of •the boi-ouffh board in August. Rocco Rado, lihe di;ich;urged sailor's brother, was appointed to the- treasurer's 'office. At the 'time he said he would on in tho- office vinlil his brother returned. It ' The battle for the World reported 1 -.. this -'morning-- thai- Jie in tends -to resign. ' ; Seaman Rado, who. was stationed u.t Sampson, N. Y., ia'at the present visiting in Buffalo, and is ex-' peeled to be home tomorrow. A knee injury suffered in. a eofl-. 'ball game. here, some time- ago was tin; i:<iuse of the di.scliairge. Ha :•; expected - to take up his duties with .the U. S. Rubber Co. here. upon hla return! D.'. Michael Smith, Mrs. John Van- oase, J. William McDcrmott, Irene Cocn. •• : 'Also John Vanns«e, . iTIss M«c Stokes, William McDermott, Bernice Ncal, John O'Connor, Nellie Brcllls; Mary Brazis. -, !Also ;; Mrs. John Czaplicki, John Czaplicki, Raymond Dinklc, Rosemary Reilly, Leo Smith, Mrs. Joseph Kane, Julia Brennan, Virginia Scully; Mary Dolan, James Sheridan. .Also Julia Smcy, Jane Smith, Mrs. Thurston, Martin L. Cainc, Leroy Behlman, Stanley Gcsseck, Mrs, Thomas Lawley, Peter Klukis, Daniel Monohan, Margaret O'Connor; Also James Grant, Peter Boscoe, James Hayes, Joseph McGuire, Bernlte-'JSeal, Grace Bergin and •Madeline Caine. clothing, and other supplies which pour into Africa for the use of American soldiers throughout the Mediterranean theater. Included in this detachment is wul) known Naugatuck youth, Sergeant Calvin W. Miller, son of William,F. Miller ot 23 Hotchki«s street. They guard the Army's depots. Warehouses, ammunition dumps, headquarters, an dalso the docks, quays, jetties, and other installations which make up a large Army overseas port. They also guard trucks hauling supplies from docks to warehouses and from one warehouse to another. Sabotage is a problem these GI's must deal with also, since they arc operating in a country formerly occupied by the enemy. Gasoline and ammunition dumps arc carefully watched, both by guards and by two-man jeep patroJ.s. The guards arc armed with carbines, pistols; rifles, or sub-machine guns, depending on the posts nd the neighboring terrains. Cows Reported Ruining Local Victory Gardens The suit of sixteen hundred tiny windows to the square inch- ventilators are the fabric that allows the natural heat of the body to escape—and acts as insulation against the outside heat getting into your pores. All in all—if you want to go all out to keep ;cool—get inside a Palm Beach. I \ i • • vi V? Matthew Scully Carnival Set-Up AtStSfery'sHas Marshal's Approval For Convention National Democratic conventions are getting to be mere routine for Matthew Scully of Prospect street, Union City, m-ho left for Chicago yesterday afternoon. The meet in tho Windy City will bi^ the ' fourth one the 'local man has attended either as' a delegate or as a 'spectator. Mr. Scully attended the 1932 and the 1930 conventions 'in the capacity of spectator, and in the 19-10 in Chicago, he-was a state delegate. The trip this' time will be made ns alternate .for Joseph DePaola of . Mcriden, who, it has been reported -i.will attend the meeting. * Mr. Scully, who-has seen Franklin De!:uio Roosevelt nominated three times, hopes to sec Roosevelt get the call again. THAT the chips arc clown . .. now that our men arc writing decisive history with their blood , . . There can be no halfway measures for us. The greatest battle in the history of the world must be matched by the greatest war loan in the history of the world. That's what Uncle Sam says ... the same Uncle Sam for whom your brothers and sweethearts and husbands are fighting and dying this very minute. Thoy, in the front lines, are throwing in everything they have, We, behind the lines, must do the same. Remember, this is the battle for the WORLD. Our world. And we've got to win it. That's why Uncle Sam expects every dollar, like every soldier, to do its duty. • Put thii Fifth War Loan over..• buy more War Bonds than you think you can! - BUY MORE THAN BEFORE THIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED BY NAUGATUCK'S CERTIFIED DRUG STORES: Donovan's Prescription Pharmacy 217 Church Street Tel. 4125 Albert R. Adams 2 Church Street Tel. 2680 Olson Drug Store 174 Church Street Tel. 3341 Naugatuck Drug Co. 1 No. Main St. Tel. 4288 Parks Drug Co. 67 Rubber Avenue Tel. 2854 Edward J. Sodlosky 411 North Main St Tel. 4921 Republicans To Hold Caucus July 25 At Town Hall A Republican ' caucus will be. held at Town Hall Tuesday. July 25, at 8 p. m., Charles P. Rodenbach. chairman of the Republican town committee announced this morn- Ing. Delegates to the Republican state convention, will be chosen. The convention will be held in Hartford Aug. 7 and 8. Delegates to the Congressional convention will also be selected for the convention to be hold Aug. 9 in Hartford. The meeting .will ..also tike-care of any. other business that might be presented at the time. Marriage Intentions Filed By Two Couples Marriage intentions were filed by Walter Krampetz, 34 . Aetna street, and Alberta Bates, 83 Edgewood avenue; New . Haven, and Willam F. Ostrander, 312 Scott street, and Marie Anderson of Fairview avenue, according to Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John. Fire Marshal Michael F. She» announced today that he had made a final on., the- St.' Mary's carnival insinuations, and found everything satisfactory,. ', -•••• Tho tour of inspection was made laU-. this morning, and the canvas and •wiring was declared to be fireproof. ... • - x : Fire extinguishers, however, will be placed on the grounds, Mr. Shea said. Firemen recharged the containers with fresh chemicals -this •• -afternoon as insurance against the slightest possible chance that a fire may somehow be started. The canvas. Marshal. Shea said was ; treated with a substanc .which •riiak'es tho cloth fireproof. 'It was feared by many.local resi dent-s that- the event sponsored' b> th'e'chtirch may be a fire huzarc flit" Mr."''Shea assures the pubfi that conditions at the affair wil be extremely good, since the manj i'ire prevention measures have been taken. The 'carnival starts Friday nigh and will continue all through nex week, closing Saturday night. Naugatuck Soldier Injured/Now Is Based In Burma . P, F. C. L. Taylor, Jr., of the . UmiHed Stales Army, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taylor of Spring street is hos'pitalizud now- in Burma duo to an ankle Injury, latest reports received'!here • indicate. P. F. C. Taylor is said to have injured his ankle and foot and that Ihe member was swollen to three times: its 'normal size. Later t.tie leal her compresses were removed, and the soldier is now able to hobble 1 'about. • The Union City youth has been 'overseas for some months 1 , in New .Delhi)' India, but in recant monlhs "ivas-. transferred to Burma, from 'which section the Allied forces are kcepi'iiig' . a sleady 'pressure upon their 'Japanese foes. Cows today were reported to be getting into the Victory gardens off Millville avenue, and. if owners do not check their depredations, local gardeners'will not have much to show for many weeks of work, to say nothing of the investment in plants, -seeds, potatoes etc. Last night In the Victory gardens one gardener was heard complaining that cows had eaten some of his young corn! but few of the gardeners in earshot paid' too much attention because it was assumed that the "<Mws" he mentioned were probably one of the thousfind-and-one species of bugs, worms and insects that run ' riot there. This morning, however, one 'ambitious gardener went LO the area to do a bit of weeding and lo and behold there were three cowji up lo their knees in succulent bush beans, really putting away a meal of green vegetables. The amazed gardener lost no j time in giving the three vitamin- minded bossies the well known heave-ho, 'but if the practice continues of allowing cows to foam at will in the area, gardeners are due fo i'some .real shocks when it comes to'prodiicts from their plots. 'Whoever owns the cows should sec to it that they are confined behind fences, for the majority of Victory gardeners work too hard in their plots to allow the 1 fruit'of their toil to go as a meal for bovines who can get along very nicely on a diet of grass instead of supplcntental' fodder of choice' vegetables. Perhaps, however, if the cows still run wild, the gardeners may-settle for a-good stea.k oV a roast of beef. " ' I,OVINE ELECTRIC CO. 8 Church Sircrt SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS! For Faster Baking; And Easier Washing — USE — PYREX WARE Bake, Serve and Store In Same Dish Friday, Saturday Johnny Rock 'n' Kin R»ck and Rye Boy* Polkas and Sw»:r>t Muiio Bill I.uback 1'ollu Orcbwtr, 5 lo 9 Sundav» We Have An Excellent Selection In Stock White Eaflt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET'^ Member of Connecticut',^' TEMPI-ETON'S COKMKR WATKRIICRY 'DIAL 40x0 (No Toll-Charge) DIVIDENDS DECLARED TO DEPOSITORS JULY 1st AMOUNTED ..TO §86,000.00 Gov. Baldwin Asked Legislative Council To Study Fire Laws NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed - OLD BUTTONS ''EXHIBITED Springfield, . Mas,.— (UP) — The first, display of button collections over held took place here recently as SCO collectors gathered In convention. The more than 1,000 visitors saw hundreds of thousands of buttons on display—many of them more than three- centuries old and .other from the .clothing of famous .persons. Justice A. L. Brown Elected Ch. Of Board Mansfield. Conn'., July 18—(.UP) —State -Supreme Court Justice A-llyn L. Brown of Norwich has been elected chairman b[ the board of- trustees of Mansfield State Training school and hospital. The Rev. Charles "X, Hutchinson, Jr., of. Danielson, was elected secretary at an annual meeting of the board, SENDS MEDAL TO NIECE Lincoln, R. I.—(UP)—"I'm' sending home a box .which I would like you to keep for me," wrote Marine Pfc. Louis W. .Langley to his niece. The box : arrived from the South .'Pacific and was the first indication to ; Langley's family tha>' he had b"ee~ wc^inded. It contained 'a Pur- iple -'.Heart, Hartford, July 38— (UP)— Governor Baldwin has asked the legisla- ivc council to make a study of the tate lire laws, in view of the ircus tragedy of July 6th. The governor said this survey hould cover laws 'relating to lire protection arid flrc hazards, and that he was particularly concerned about a.muserncnt places. The governor told the council that Connecticut should make sure that such a tragedy as occurred recently at Denver, Colorado, should not happen in this state. Six persons lost their lives in a fire in a tunnel. of Love Ride at an amusement park. Some law should be enacted, said the governor, to require the tire- proofing of flimsy decorative materials, or such inflammable materials should be prohibited entire- 1 State Fire Marshal Edward J. Hickey has been asked to urge all local lire marshals to closely check hazards in public places in their communities. .100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. _ ^^ ^ UNITED STATES RUBBER CO, Naugatuck Footwear Plant Pres. Roosevelt Prefers Wallace Chicago, July. 18—(U P)—President Roosevelt has given the Democratic 'National convention a free hand in selecting a. vice-presidential nominee. The president sent a letter supporting the renomination of VIce-President Wallace but making It clear•;that the convention itself must 1 make the choice. Mississippi delegates are trying to'boom War Mobilization Director Jimmy Byrnes. 1 NEW BICYCLES 1 BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES GARDEN FERTILIZER LAWN FERTILIZER HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS KLEEN-FLO • Clean* Your Oil Tank Conditions Your C«r Motor . - " CHIMNEY SWEEP Cleans Furnace Fluen OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT Tra ns ,, arcnt Filler and 4 Color. : The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. p hon e 52tfJ it.

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