Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 21, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Page 2
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STER1IN&. ILLINOIS. TUESDAY. MOVV2y916. 9essfe..tK jfpr Goodness Sake user ..... ........ RC BAKING POWDER KG doughnuis good" •\ ^ Parity First It will never disappoint you — try it if you like good .things, .to. £at. Ounces for <Mirrr nan • pound t * haU tor * quo run DAILY GAZETTE j VVrtt.l ! f,.r n -h. ! tlvey Mr. :n it \\ tit f.. i >i *•(.•..n 8tH!<la\ ith M'icfld* :H(d t.'t.l MOBRISOH, ILLINOIS, TUESDAV, NOV. 21; 1916. HI. ks - they wen tjH-nt fftlSTIN^AUDiENCES ling Tht £v«ngtliitie Me«V At Bnptitt Church. tlnif aitrttmrps nrr> It^Id fn thn ««i»tl«L ilrtl^r th** l«ulr>.rRlil|i of Kvnn- M. Dunfc. Sntnnlny fvrnlnM; tir n-Tstlrrlng f<HI 1*1* HiibjMt, "Jonnh nnd the -- Mn.ny wnyn <if "rtodslm? The Whip •st.inip. Th«-«» Mon." In Ihr old lirw.k; Jon- >.«f thom. Jonnh wn« a HP<«>« Jf'flloHH to jirfftrh trt ttirnt. H»" franxl thblr would hp thf> undoing of.hlH "trr. I'lcnty i.f Jon- will not carry I he tfor fpar th«t iwmconi* might mornlnit n HIP AT THE GRAND LODGE Delegates Of I. O. O. P. Attending Mrs 'o. Me«inB At tH'l Mathmvj*. If, A. Owtiorn and A. K. Weeks Irft Monday for \y|ier«* they will ntlr-ni! thr> inK of tirnntl IxnlRe, I. * i. K. Mr. Mnthcws will rrpresent retirement Itflhet Knivimpmenl N and Mr.«. U't'fks (rorn n.«< a from MtiK'lino itcockflh loilK^^ WILL PREACH HERE Sermon it Rev. Sterenberg To Deliver Next 8und*y, A Vumm'mttciitinti 'front iVv, HtcreiV- bet-K. of Holland, Mich., to whom the Dutch lieftsrmed church in thin «-lty ha« extended a mil, wn?» read during "Knmnoii, the Symbol I tho. M-I vices Sunday, ffe haw not de* -It wns handled elded definitely whether or not he would accept, but the letter read very fnvonibte. Ht» will preach ut the As lontt n* Bam- with O<wl ho rrtftlniMl tho If* fttolfd It nwny with Hl« only idnrc to got KO to <io«i, ttnd_he took At the Invitation thpn< worw more to the front and look meeting in the, nfter- "tlwrr.—jlVhwrlci—nnd 1 a trtn whleh v-nn rnueh nf»- the m«n, In tho'ovenlhf? ; Wtt» -well fllled. We llmencd Mild sermon on tho greatest t*'W th* world. The question »'tO th* J*w«, "Whleh will ye unto you, Jemis or Bn'r- The Hppftker showed how the iJPBtlon In being tiBked and mi__do_ church In this city next HunOay. THE 0.,DJN7CLUB MET Plettuntly EnttrUined At Home Of Simon Br»ckemey*r, The \\ I). N. flub witw entertained nt'the Simon fniu-kemeyer home at tin oynt'er Clipper vvlllihbotit .; tweiit.y friend* In attendance. The* houro were upent in playintf ennlH and rel'refh- menta were nerved. All report u de- IlKhtful time. Ml*;. \Villl.ltll Mil H,!: t \ wheY the d:i V I", tth lelnlivr x , . John Kl*blmtr tu.'idi- M t.ti<>ine.«« trip j to Stc;-|iiiK rim! l»i«*t.t! M'-ii'lav. j Mi*. Trui y Hhill*. NV. ti! to ''hleaKo Monday for ti vii»it w rrt<. lehiMvrs. Mlfws Alb'* 1 Hltmcr and Jennie Hook i-i-turned Monday rr'oin ••< 1< V « day." vi«it with iel;it't\«-H in lAilton Hril.ert llarn«!iy if- in i',Mnt>li'h;e |hl« week on hu«<ilH"<?i, (ir»nt 1-findi*. of Mtrrllmf. '•«ni in Morrison \i*lliiiK friend-*' Sunday. " Mr. find Mif< I'lmi-le* Mneklln arid KOII. H-nll, mid MlHJt e'l«<r-eti< o Amir 11 motored to IMxon .Sunday, white they ,«sp. n< the day with ftirnd*. Mr. inn! .Mr*, .lay Vtn-r < 1'cHnttcd Sunday evenlijfi from 1'ixon when f'ficy Imve.tie.n \iMiting at till" btitlie of Mif* v'fncr'H *NU-r, Mis. Ijerbeit Kennedy for lite-pant feu d.-i\H. MJ!*M "Xiurjoiy ,i%i>bus' lefoitn'.l Siih- ilfiy e\t'ii(n"fe' ftom a weW»s UHit at Hie fjnm'f «»f her *'Titi«In. MtJ; t»Wrtl'-Kili»tx, ut i'Veepoit, Mr. nnd Mr«. •'. H. HO>«M and noti. tjfiwretice, and I'r anil Airs. I* II Mlmtwoii and son, Doiuiid, ntid d"nut!h- ter, bin. enjoyed n motor trip to I'olo, Unind Detour and iUeKou Hun.lav. l'. W, .MIU hell retui'iii'd Monday, frofil ISotlifiiid W'hr-re be vi»l'..-d-at the Dr. J. !•*. Htokew' home-foi.' ti»e p.'>«t several day.*. MIH. Ann*. i« \> hu i»ccomf.iuiie«I her rather to lioekford. wyi remitln n'few da.^'loii«er in thai city'before retui nint; T**- h'r Jmiue in Hummttfy, -t'thin.—--- - -•- . poHition in the Trm-Kdcll *-tt»-i«-»>- s-toie; ,xhe l»<»K»n work Mondny'.' GROSS, FEVEfilSH CHIU IS BILIOUS CONSTIPATED t OOK, MOTHER! »F .TOXGUE (S COATEO 'GIVE "CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF FIGS," {., r Seen* from "Little Petiyy O'Mooce" «t the Academy of Mus'ic Tuesday. No vember 21. <: l l t.hii" iJlVS?,-; tfiem much addliional ."lo|. i,...ui which they are in «n-at need ..f Thev will i:iiiii «ome llfiy..f«'iil xiiuan tnowcf« to th>- roof of • the bulldint:. MORRISON BlRIEFS jf PROPHETSTOWN NEWS] '— i ^ ^_-l__—^•aJa^MMM^ ^ e«l~To hire borne nnd huwty by i ^ "''""" ' , "•_„..„,_" Iparki From the Anvil, f wn« cotiunnndiT of the Wniite«l~To hire borne nnd huwty by Ihe day for fi few iluyn nt a time liy j ruaiitiiiiib-lu (utcly l«_jut—»wu>«l~4mt—*if-t Motiiwn; - Horne to be fed PR.OPHETSTOWN BRIEFS. The ('itthiHu- rhureh i*s now about HTidy for th« m/ifouK and thin liu-nnH ibsit it will «oun In- In *du*pe for tin' I'/iilicnti'iH to i-oHipI'.'!«' with tJie «'*7T|»- tlun of th'' tb'iioratliiK. 1%. Kim'f.v )UIK tin- foundation pa «tof of Hvl'iiK in these partn nt llrst The '.dn-»n lmm«Nitately, Box "|{" c;ire }ti«xett«\ SterllnK. HI-* A. SIcKt'rjr Mjtent Sunday at HID In ft Ooi! MK fuough to big tmtnigh to HWUII.IW • , 10|IM . ,, f , ( , H slsu , r Mrf( t .,, urlr! , j, hn . y you? » l j (1 sterllnK- »n lout hi* power by rnnlliiR It ; ,.;,,„.V^H/.J-,, an<1 Fur( , Mt Ht .,, u V l«lt- tUinin* ttiltfffB n* »eour8eIveH. f , a trk .,. l|8 l(1 WwHnf f Hunaay. Mrs, I>«'||H I^jrkey and children,have from Spencer, Ohio, and «r<» nl the homo of Mr* Ijillli-vV.. tho Kecoiid call to bin believe thiit Uod full* many 1» In lliln llft-.jtut IVES-INE DUCKS Mrw, ICImer Janvrln. H.inifiuy went t'o Jiock Monday -where ho will hold court this week. Mr*. Henry Hel»w'.'of HterllUK. vM(- ''Mallard Duck* led friend** in thin city Monday, On "Hunting Trip, .j, ' i'hurle» Llnter, of Kliirence, >| > <>n(., IM Sluiw n^'etvod Monday \lnltii.K at the home o( hiM mother, They w«-ro Mrn Jniie leister, ., Harry, of Au«- .»'arl Xyberj[ spent the week .<?r»d ..wltlj W««i Held Ffl«t Ifntil Reicuod. * tieoiK'e Hummel, wiio |lv«'ft nonlb of town, while felling a tree recently lacerated ois.-.'.f bin hamK (Hid wn» pinioned to the Miuinji of the tree. of the tree when bin thumb and band were caught helweeu the tree nnd Mtumi* and limn until enjoying a hunting trl|» tlw» Illinois river, near In Clinton. " \ Lloyd Harrington «j>«»m Sunday with friends in Clinton, . ' ITTHEr'S ST1TEMENT he remained him lu hi..- p-'il IOUH fohrtltlon iind' ttummoued the nelKhborx who extticuti'd him and xum- molied « Hlir«e<jij»'to dlTSf< the Wound. Mr, Hummel IM doing 'well at thiM time and the ourgeon thinks th*> thumb. Which 1)e bad almn.Ht di-Smlred of KIIV- ltt«, will cotin! out Hll.wu-uud ni.ul tf«Mid. In for two rr*ldrneef which he *'Xpeet«< i,». tii-^.'t" in Hit... Kpi'Uin— both^ot .whiuh will l»«- iihout 30 tout KMiiari', w-ith n l>a»i'iM«'iit. They will he UH«.<| a« teui'- nu'iit hotift^* for which there Is a pr«'»n- in ir iHHtd in tbr town. lvre«l l>/~. Ij-Ji'ik n I,«oii7 wlio Ihi' present time wa« culled borne to Cret«ton. 111., f'eeently where bc« rintlK -at lh«- ftmt-rn! "f n friend, lie returned (o t'rrtjdiHatown Monday mortdiiK. A. A. rickitittt, of- MintteHotd, who OWIIN and operates a farm in that »tiil<«, \\-ii* mi at rival in town Monday morning and will remain several day* the eft of relatives and friend* and will tlt-T^lrt-inmtttt-^H^vhlje . here, .Mr, Mini "SfrH. Willin'm \Yhii ley, late of Miihtanit, who have been vlxliini: filendM in rropheiNtown and vicinity for n whorl time will w*on take their depurture for Tcline^nee where they will mnke Uirlr future hiime, . . • -. Hwati I'uiilwoii WIIH a pa«H<>nger to SprinKtleld Moiulny morning ws n rlele- Ktite from thit* 1<idK<> of (><ld 1-VMoWK. The Hehakulin were repreKonted by Mr», Ueberca Ott. They £0 ua dclo- univH to' the grand Indue. _ trrr^r-rTFiK mnth't-' If co.-it.-il. i-i\f n te\i- 'J.ooiifii! of tlii" h:irmh-«<t "fruit Inx.i- (ive." fit!.! in .'i f'-w bi"ir.« all f-h>' foul. ron5fIpriff>d wa-'.-. «,>nr liii' 1 .ind ui:di> •-;'st'-d food p;iv«K^ >'?it of ITi'F- t. : "iVri<i, and you hnvi' H tvll. pin > fill child strain. When its (ittlf n>stem 1^ full of crdd, Uiio.-(t f-M.n. JIMS', dbirrhoe:i, lndl<;f-sjlou. coiic reniember. n itood. "Inside •clenn-.lnn" «hinyKi n|. ways he the flint treKimcttt K\\< -u. Miiyoti- 11 of motjier.x keep "('alifornia Sjrttp of l-'lttx" bntiily: tln-y know n te,-i«poonful tuil.'iy K;I\<-« n <<ti:h child tomorrow. A;=k jour druggist for ii fiO- c».|)t hnitle of "('alifornia Syrup of Ki^H." which hii« dirf'-tions for babies, children of all airr* nnd irrown-tips lirintcd on the bottle. Hcwaie of eoun- terfeilfi sold her<% KO don't In' fooled. (3ft the .genuine, rmidc by "California Msr Hyrujt 4't.inuifnty." RID STOMACH OF GASES, SOURNESS, AND INDIGESTION "RAPE'S DIAPEPSIN" END3 ALL J STOMACH DISTRESS IN FIVE , MINUTES. Yoii don't want a slow remedy wllen vour MtoiMiirh i* bijd ror ari titn'crtnin oru<*> or a harmful out- your xtotiKieh m •* EtekJ^MMl8|P^<*iM Gold Glasses Latest jsljle Eyc-GJas?, iiH < lu(linjf...exam-. I SPECIAi; FOR THIS WEKK ONLY The mounting is the very latest finder piece style, on and off with one hand. Each eye is examined separately by ah EXPERT and the lenses ground to order and guaranteed correct DR. GOULDING, Optician Over'Oberaviners' Store " Bell Phone 101-W FirSt" Av&'&tfd East Third St., Sterling, 1)1. Mr. .-ind HiiMn-n yj Vln-t.d Is.'i !;. I,. With dl.'intlc l,'a|i« l '(« IM»i|i«-pHln i» .lioti-d for ItH K'rd in KlviDK r. ilc'f ; Itc !nirmli*s'H- '.HS; ltn ei-rtnln iinfiiillntr action In rebuilt MtlK rtlrk. ««>lil'. [t« miiiloiiH.of sHV HtoinarliH. in indiK>'Htlon, and other pti^mach roiibh.' lias mad(« il fiiinoiiM fht ; world over. K«.I>II this yotir hoiiu> • In tt.f <-ane from aiK^Trun ntorei/nd then if anyone .nli.uiliU eat Koniett/tU! Which doesn't ajO'ee Wllll thellKI I? what they ent lavn like le/td,r ferments nnd NOiir.f and form* »;IIM; caitMex beail- ti«UM of acid 7Uid . UUdiKewted food (•••member UN soon n« 1'npe'H |)iiii In contact with the stomach all the .Miinntim h- Mry. T.ibi •frxtn n\v>). .!!>• In Il'i'lll "" t ln» ..•;.»• i uji't! inakn limi •on. cd c Mrs. su Mr. -riiiti-ndt-iil. ' .•!.! t i-i,!. n<-.- .if > Iicttll at Ollv ti'Il'" (' ;>l jlillK -f ' if her «on, 1 >r. <;. on;--- ( <!,(!'• ."t'I fi'iilu t li<" . REARGUMENT DATE SET . Suit To Disolv^-Harvoitrr Trust Ai-, ,..ssg.tti.iJ..J r or February 28th. , - ' -Sy^Jiiiit-ri.n, t---,'-;-.-,-^- -•), Thn .! S''. I ! « •- ••> : ]. ( i II;. , ' ' r [ ; i»,. I; j t \ ! i H i 1 j'.-r ; i ;u ii'iiM. 1,1 .^'i !'. l.i nary R. f or Rheumatism Helped Him and is Friends —• Got Wonderful Results «IR ho Cured and U y i|ay. Tod«y K. n, R. the nttonlzln« jmln of in- VhetimftUo uuffererji who UiiB advle« of ibuKo that ijrcKl and aro being cured 'Road this proof of ihu R, B. ",»* Bet cured. lit of remedies without relief. I was induced to try Kiimpfmueller'H Hheu- with , ,1 had *iu-h good, ed ,conveniently f iiber of my friemla a ;;reat udi|||.i<in inniie HeMicdy, iind did s l'iry results , that u number who wero uffllcted with tho IHIIIIH* ble cuiuu to me to know wluit 1 had tuktfn for It. They «'I Irled It wilh -tvonde-rJ'jU jasiiulu.^— T1IOIIN WJiiJ. IL J-'l'lUt, ProKecutlnp Attorney, STOLE GLOVE FROM CAR Three Pair* »f Onuntlot Glovet Taken During Church Service. While Mr. and Mr». Hoy He«Hlr«\ Mr. and .Mi». Huy H«nn.'h and Hurl 4%lar- lln were Imride- lh«» MetbotUM chuirh enjoying a dellBbtful *ennon t-," thelvew w«>n> inakiiiK w«y with thn* |ittlr»of Knunth-t Klovi-B and two yell**, .the value of which WIIN In the neif,'h1<orbood of IIS. Tlu« thlevet* left a |26 robe In the ra'r. BUIUDINO, UAROE 'HOQ HOUSE. frw art' bnny on ill' 1 farm of on Alrn. <'. W.-Opbot and. her 1-Vr-n. sturleil on their return trip They on the way. They vicinity home to will «H»rtulnty nnd «'n»e In oVi'H' worft HtoniiH'h c1i^order« (ft n to those who try It. Sunday of Mr. an<l Mr*. _A»u XTr. at Mr. and KELSON SOCIAL CIRCUE. The Ni'lwou 'Hoelnl f'irrle bad one of UK moHt plt"iiHunil>b> uieetiiKi'M "VVcdueM- duy ofierniHin, . Nov. I,"., with the president, Alrti. \V, M. I'hJHIpH at hi.-r home ni>rth of town. The hidien were entt»r- tairmd hi M vocal number b,v Alrn. t.'lar- Ktitxel and by a by Mrs. .Myron both excellently giv- *r. ' bulidlnif a laj KO, up- . . , to-date ho** IIOIIM'O tb«> «ii5(» of which itixtiU. e,onH(ruri«><IJn tin- luiiln of I'onrrele.and iM divided into wevcral en nnd much appreciated. ' Klection of oft'icerH then followed, which. refult*><5 in nil I he former offit'orH bt-lng re- vkH'tfil. J-'ur 1 president, Mt'H. \V. M. ; for vlee president, Mrs. (ieo. 1't'Unii -mid inn'torcd to ~"A rihnr Maxwell amV .MIM. Arthur Milioy upcnt Suudiiy in SterliiiK. KUCMI?. of Mr. anil Mr*. Henry uverhol.ser. Mr. rtiltj Mff. Herman Mrs*. <!inkiiiKer . and baby Sunday. . Mr«, IticViard 1'roctor, of near Sterling;, wer t e Kue>t-t .Sumlay'of .Mr. and Mr«. I), n. Proctor. leC'omb, of I'olo. Mrn. Alice i and hahy atul Mi*.-! Vlhiled- .Siinvliry nt the .Mrs. MisKis M:ii% ! HS:t' <;.!;y, .NVllli- ,-ind Alfiiuii.. N't!.-«l'iUiin .'iii. I Klin.'!' !',ilii :ind Thir.ild Mihi'V «|ii-ni Sunrl.'iv t'v.-mn,r ft'i(li"M'r,"Vtiid"Mi.«. If. lily F>'.ilito\v" m'-'.ir" Mori'ixiiii. ' . l!« v. .in.! -Mi.". 1 (ittchii^Mii :»!<• c\-i tit-rJiiii: to vi'.-nd Th;inK<i;ivlii>: \v>-i'k • wild lii» ii;.-lS..T at i'.iH»...|i. |,i., iin.l u'ill li'avc ii'At ,Siindii>' nf'.'i Nov. .'litti. Tl<i-t« ; \t. iii !"• in. i-v.-iiinu .'..-rv- u;i' |i) thv M»'«!i..d.t:«l i'iiisi.'ii that i-V«'!>-, :i4u. I'll! Sh.'i.' \\ill In; the 1> "ii!,-ir .«.-! \ - !!,. ! l!.-t. lit O'.-I.K-K at:d l!n- i 1 1. <'". ! Tli.- |>,i-t..i' morning, "Tl t'hoi »rt'\ In The dangerous cold is thejicglecti. ed cold, Get a box of— u. I'orj.'.iUcn .Man," LOCKS WR&LF IN HOUSE New Congreiswomnn Puts *F,ootball Player On .Guflftl CASCAIIAQUIN1NE The tii,«rrl. r <K (> . .ind . f«'mt :jifi-, Mir f.wiily'nT!H'tly-!,i taWct to No liifh Je.'iiint'tle iiiiuKiu, the tirtd wojuau ever ci.-t ted a memln r of con- aivss, to.lciv let-kvd' h.-ifi'li in her home mil Kt.tUi.'tv.) her ' brother, n lorii'ivi: Hiiii<u-.l i<.«>tb.ill r-ljjyer, outride ill the i—no unpltTi.^nnt tific-r effectit. ill - I hull) , -drill 111 ,1 Mr. IliilV iiivturv on it J5 cvnta. At Any Drug Store Jerry Meuk'iim and family r Sunday nue«is of Air,, and Airs'. HaiiMoin; for ireamirer,..- Mrs I'Jtilllpf. for Hecivtarj, -Mrn. TH- M! W tnont «»f th«'iii to b(v'ii«eil. «o\('«. Thf lii'iiHe i for Jn prominent -plueeH only » and careful de-.j Ooiinty Court, Hnllslniry, N. O, this while read- ' I'*of rheumatism, lumb«Kl>, K'»ut '*ni| k'tter by an end- kindwcj complulnta cautsod by »xco«« uri.c acid, tftko K. H. ». Hotll" II. ut your druggi*it'«. A few dost-a glv» ro» ItttiON. * I • tr^eU 'a number I lief—euro yourself, K. R. E. is sold and recommended by THIS HBNDRIOKS DRUG 00,, Third Stand First Ave,, Sterling, 111. 'ssss^ss^ ed .conveniently for.feediuu nnd will !>• he place uitd add to the eci)iom> of fei-diiiK and comf'irr uf the nwlne. -JOINING TWO II. «'. AduniM, mnnaMer of thr liluwer <*»«., l« nl pfj'xent and lloral committee, Alii). <J. 1 1, {-ijewttlt. iJeltCJoils light.. refreKh- incut.**' wi-t'i' Served by thf h<)Hti'st>t. The utwtJUng vvill .oecur In thr-ue^xt'ekH luiefveiu:!*, ti.nd }t will u /outubUlon fnr the erei'lion of wiilitt wbieb wlil unite the i-reaiuery lutlld- lug. whlwh the company recently ur- ational Five Valuable Minutes You iiUMl'J - }|H W<( H i»«uuit Hint you spcinl IHUVO (line llii«kiji«- about inouoy anil innv yoif t^ou gc»i itf tluui pin ilo-lluuking' t»l' f re&twont Ii yn& A\ Howe ft»"4 HM J»ved a Y»«t Number from the Horror of OperaUon. be held, lieiv t>. at (he home of- MeH- .... ... ... Stewart mid.-.M. S. Ht'lUel. John .Scuryver mid firniliy iile Hunday liniier with Mr. mid .Mt'N. GUM Miller. ijiM'Mi of IdJ^^LJJ^HUize^^ueNday ainl Wednesday. . .' ' NELSON BRIEFS, ^Mr, and MIH. t'luis. Andernon and noii, tiall, returned Hiiuday from H VIM- it in I'iintoji, In. Mix W, M. Phillips I>on't prrrriit for pile* until you have s""i i'ymnild I'll* Tr«iilIH8«t «•'*« **• you in the vrivttoy of yqur owti homv, y, Krldiiy by'hep. mot her, Alr«», Klecta Kirk. of. .Sterling, . Mr. find Mr*. Carl'.tlaDMfte'ii enterfalu- i-d nt tUt'iier .Sunday,, Mrs, S'lilli^.'.lieldt And funiUy »">( Mr. nud Mrs. Wurreu t'lu-ytoii, of f>i\ou. • Mr*t A. W. l'e!»<i'«on In vis-It from her Miner, Mix« Hall, of Itclle I'l.ilne. l.i. John i fiim.ID and family and John onkt'ii »t(eiid<d the funeral of SUM (ifltfiide ll|oi«k of sunlit of Hock Kallt*. tthli-h w;i«< held Mr. and Mt>. t'hiiM. Klddlox Huttdny with bi« pitrentn. Sir. and AJh'n. J. 1.. l>eet« and dituuh tec, Achilla, and Oladyn, iiioiotvd Lyndon Sunday nnd npent the day with hl« brother, Harry Decix «utd family. .Hev, Mr. niiil Mrs*.- Sruiford and children were gucMl* tSunday of Mr. and Mrs*, luaac Keeohfr. Mr. and Mrn. Haul (lljie <-iitertiiin- wl iiit-.^Riiduy, .Sir.. ..-.and... .Mrs. ....John l-'ninkfather and chihlreii aiid Mr. and Mr«. John Suavely.' .. ., Mr. ami MI-H. Hoy" I .Vcttf. and b.-thj* of j^uuii'k, and- Mr. -tind Mrs. Hoy Mini bit by visited Sunday ut !h<- Ki-Jink \\'i>t;'.i'll home. Mr. ami Mi>. John liogolt and Suini.iy In Aurora ;in.l Mr. (uul MI'-N. Hugh .Hruwn, and daughter ami Sir. and Slrw. .Herbert 1'euKh sun! children .sp»>nt Sunday with Sir, tind Mr«. -J. <'. t'roiii, Mr. ami MI-J». l-'red Meyer entertained oil Sunday,' Hev. and Mrw. Hutch- iriKoo"." l{ev, Aumuii and fitmll.v, ' He Hinkle and wife and , Mr. and Mr Young from H Knocks Obstinate Coughs in a Hui f fy~ COLETA NEWS un- lul» M*-y tntjwk t Itit* "out for yoti.- B|R'U(t llvo minute^ in uur bank tu«la\ ;i'ii*t out lieu il work.x, : Ko eidtf ran be ralh-d h li'MH Pirniobl I'llc Trfutiiuuit bun been tfiffj iind bun f-ilhil. l.vtt.iti by tlu> «nniM from jifOi»i>( wlio Wllov»d th<b ra»»-» hoj»'b'»(i sire in our llfeH Tli«'v t'r.-.itli»' lb«> joy of tl>" will«i« I'viwmxl I'Hv 'I'li'ulou'iit >«ur. (••If r/ltbtr j't-l ;i bo»-,pibu t'>'- tr»w jour Urut'wlM or iiuill Mot t>nj- {lun t«l«w r»uhi «»v«jr for a pcift-aiy fru- li Uil. S tcrling Illinois FREE SAMPLE COUPON J'VIM.MJI» M'l'i . Mnt.iliuU. M It C'-" »ni>-t>l. In I'lulU JM»l' ' COLETA BRIEFS. • Mu Mi,itle I'Mtbau'iih. who recently Uiub'i VM'iit .in opeiatiiiit ul the H!ei- lillU li" 4H pi'tllllK lllullf.; line, lu \ Mr .iii.l Mi->, Haht'.iid iflid chll- du-u Wen' dinner KUetlr. of Ml, and Ml.-. Ulll. l»eet.H l'lld.l>. Mi nnd Miw t'lut-. Miller'and clill- dieii M.<i(iil *<l the John (ictt) liollii' I'rid.iv ' ' 111. llohjlttll lyiullj .-.pen! Sul-" iltitu aixl Suiid.iV mill tlleiid-* 111 Vdl '.!•'« II Ml <int Ml \ lit el Kef aiwi chll-- iii.ii n,ii \is iiid< \n>. I'.ii.i'* i 'i -UK ! It li> 1 .!,•! l !li III H II U . I e i,» e^lv J<III| • •I ,\ vt ^tl . I..I Ml AI II t i'l tlli.f.illi- i t " , Ml ...,( M'I \ ! i M.lf. r ,^id ' Ml ' • i .i i ,'i .ii.iti'i' t u 11 v u'.i ij.ui. }> ' . .i, i i', \i i!), >,uti HI. We M . '• ! 1 > I U>. , , . v[»< . I -t^' j i . ! . ' . •'<.'• 1 i i il l • ' ' ", , v. , I If,', ..l.i i.'" o( pw)pU< normally hculthv in -every other renuw't, ure uiiuuyvd wHh A pcrniisteiit huuguig on brouVhiul co war BfU;r yeur, dUttirkinu their # and uuikinir life db<i(;rtH'8M»!t< It'w no — tliere'tt an old home ui that will etui "iicii u cuu^'h ftiul uu'u-klv. Ci«t frwn tttiv dniwitit "-'-.: outuvu of . es'* (fiU cents worth), pour it into bottle uiul lilt tlie bottle uilii pliiui pint LTUIIU luted t»ui'ur tivrup. LTUIIU ute t»ui'ur tivrup. iie^m lukiii),' U »t onee. ur»duttl!y but .nurelv you- will notice the phlegm lliin out uiul tlien tliut eiidinu l coutth tltut you never tluuiirUt would cml. Jt-ulhu proinptlv Iuot4e»!* ti «hv or titrht ••yuyh, atopt) Uie__ troublenutm 1 throat.I tU'kle. BouUuM (Ue irrUuted metutiruiu'!*' (hut line the (hrout uiul broitcliiul tuheH, and relief cnuieM almost iimaciliiiU'ly. A dav'ii iihi' will uaiutllv b^euk up tin'or- dinurv throat or eluvt. cold, ami (or, lirotii-liitifi, croup, vtiiHtpiit^ couali utiU j linnu-hiul uhthiHu (hei u i f .t better. It tuatcs JiliHUttut tin;) HvrfcHly. . J'iuex in u imm ^«lu«l>le'»'i»ni>'titrute>l (ti|U{>OUtld Ut J.'1'llUUU' ,NolUHV . |illl t ' tl'm t, ioillbilii ij uilt-i- j;u, u. >.-<•! uml ttwd by millions of |n-o|ili' »i u ri, \ t uSid clu^t eoK)-* wit!, H>K'iidi< To ut. if (lilt titr..'!'!!!!!!^ lllfd * Ir^ 4 A ^ r uiiia.lit.'t \utli <lii-» pn ft \\'wui..', j I'm. \ dark Near Jackton Boulevard The Hotel Success Rooms $ Automatic Sealing Boriai Vault More Buautifyi than Stone ar \vi It ;J miiu'i .1! "< 'Impvr> | tliul Wat I will' 1 >-.! •4-

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