Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 21, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Page 1
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I* IftttirtS P«op'f* krtow y/ha don't fenow whst you have on your »-<*!• vet to sell. ' STERLING DAILY GA SIXTY-IHIBD YEAR—MO AND DAILY STANDARD ADVIKTISmC* !t letting p«op!« who den't fcnow wftfif you Have on your thrives to **!f. TWO CENTS; DREW BIG CROWD Streets Lined With People For the Democratic Celebration Last-Night. PARADE WAS A LONG Music, Fireworks, Defeated Eelephant, Wilson, Teddy, and Banners Features, Th" Democratic Jollification ],,«( nlKht in KterlliiK ovt r the re-eh-ctlon of I'leNidenti,Wo.iifirow Wilson drew ttev'«>rn! th(Ui»nnd people not only from th" cltleH of KterllfiR and Hock Fall*. but from nelKhboTlnR rltles In the county, wevetal cur loads from' la., and Dixon. It was one the niost fill political celebrntlotm ever held in Bterllnic, The Hlreeta were lined for blocks diirinR the parade ,funt how many wen- in the paradi- CREDITORS' MEETING Sterling 'WiJI will Department Stor» Closed Tonight. Tt>" ™}«'s7inj^ TT<-|,;u ;"rh< : nt h*- -,-r^s. ,| totUsht ;iri'l rnnv- r«-m:iin»>ri Hi.Mcd Thr-re will be ft mi'fiinsr of the rff.7nii.fft <(ifr)<->rr. ; i>v rit which 'time .->'•• ttof) Will b'e t;it;«-'n n<« to the disposal of thr rrst of tlif- fftu!<li. if Jms been hinted that n numhT. of buyers fi>r the entire stock of ,«<>mr- <,f the r]r'ji;ir*t- ro<nt.>. h;ivc ht-fti looking nt Ihe stork with n vj» -,\ in mrtfiif't; offers for thi-v want. It is thought hy pome tlie <t'ii-f> will oj>ert ,i<ain. ntirl thf remainder i>f thr crxiflK sold as ttioy have heeii fur th" I«ts-t 'few week*. The advertisement in Tlir« <;av.ett'< ln.«t , nlsht hroiiKht ' humlrrds to th<- grocery department of tin* Rtorr. REGARDING TUITION i« hard to efUlmnte, but the proi-t-sslon wns over n mile bin«. Kvery one in the line of march wax bubbling over with RnthtiMiantn nnd gave . vent to their feeling* with ctn>er« and horn tooting. Many women were in tin- mito*>«nd many of them carried the biumern of victory and hud n* much ,i fun us tho men. Thw float H mid auto« containing the celebration, started from the cify hull ftt 7:30 o'clock for Hock Fulls. At the nouib pnd of the bridge they wer»- met by the Hock, KM I IN Contingent, t'pon roftftlilng Hterling the line «if march wa« to the cJty hall again, and from • there the crowd from Hock Falls au«« merited by «core« of other nutos nnd many marcher* on foot. Thv paradu started about 8 o'clock. The. procession had for it« marshal "In chief, Ktigetnv ijf.ii, on a protty mount, while tlie officer himself wa« gaily decorated in colors*, lie wan followed by the Hock Falln band. Behind a big float on which were a num.* ber of 'young men who were kept bu«y flrlng Honnui , candlen and the Jlre- work«, which mark a pretty HiKht. Ked flre wax Inirned along the way. vividly lighting up the Htreeu, The«e liglitH were left'burning until the procesxion had panned. _Then .came auton containing the women voter* for Wllwin, with a number of pretty gtrhv Included In the con- tlngent, Their earn were lighted up with fizzes and they did us much cheering an Home of the men. A feature of the parade wan a hnnd- noinely decorated 'car in which Htood "Woodrow Wtlnon" and t\» the crowd* cheered he bowed and doffed hi* nilk hut In acknowledgement. The prod- dent wa« Impersonated by W, T, J'llnn. M tat ion agent nt Acnow, State Supt. Blair Says Recog nizcd Schools Can Receive Pay For Students, ''otmty Su|>t. «>f SchoolM huvo re- celvcd i onimurtii .-itioriH from Hiate Hu|>! l-*i;ineis <!. Hlsilr relative to the !•;>> tin nt of tuition in (no and three veiir hiKh »i'hoo!« Jt m am fttlhiWft: "The c«itrti!iif Into effect iignin of the luw of I'M'! eont-ctninx Hich Mfh«-.ol tuition pri\ iH;i;e.«. u <meft/oti haw aualn iiilSf-n In le^ard to the payment of tuition to thf two year and tbrc-o year High Mchoolw, "While It in true that thin law authorizes (h<« payment of tuition by the home distrlc-t only to Hl«li ftchoolK of- through four yi-ari", it sthoiihl br- horne in mind that thl«< li> K !nhitlon occurred i Ktubllfhinent hy the "de- innirviction. of Hfandar<l!> llljfh xchoold. ha»i extaldbihed the followed" ihi-' rule recoirnltlo'n ' to two LOWEST BARGAIN RATES POSSIBLE SiMMf frioH«ls of Tho OazHle nrr'waiihijr br-forr- rc-- iH-wal in" hope tlu\1 (here will ho a cut price in subscription* «>r n-ronh's-f s-tarfctl whofpb}- they ran got (he paper af a lower price. * If i« nselr>s in Avail, friomls. The extra cost of white pMpcr alone for Tin- Uazefte next year will eat, up al! the profit of three of HIP itt-st years The (fazdte ever snw,if prices eontintie a%4h e y nro. * ruder such etrcmnsfnnrps Ihe $2.5(1 rate by mail outside of Sterling and Koek Falls is the lowest possible- liariraiu rate,. It will last only until January 1st. There will be no contests. Both The (lazejte and Standard were alwmf contested ofT the map. Another contest would put The (Ja'/ette into Imnknipter. So don't expect one. ^ The ifL'.rM) price is the lowest bargain rate that can IM- made. So those who desire to get in on bargain terms should renew promptly. There will btMiothing lower, MAY NOT STRIKE Trainmen Will Probably Await Legal Test Of the Adamsoa 8-Hour Law. CO-OPERATE WITH A. F. OF L. Railroads Fight To Eliminate Control By State Railroad Commissions. THE LEGISLATURE IN MINNESOTA PLANS TO . PASS REFORM LAWS St. 21 f!tnt«ti>ry FEAR FOUL PLAY wa» quite Htrlkins. KooMeveit in ft rough rider'* uniform ami on how- back wan also rjeverly impersonated by Fred Rublmion oCOult. One of . the «plendld features of the parade was a «ood nlzed dummy elephant on whose back rode a young man dremied an a girl. The float nnd e|e- lihant were connpletiouH from the many banner* with appropriate phrawH, one being. "Whipped -Nov. 7 and Htilt Bawling," Sitting on the end of the float w.a« the martial band which rendered utirring raiiHlc. After more au- ton, a man In uniform oame by riding thft Democratic mule. Thou cume exuberant young ladleM winging a uong of victory, and more 'uutOH with flrfiworks In prufiiNlon. Tlie anvil ehoruM from the Dlxon pUiw company made enough noiw>. to awaken the doad. They were on a floal and the Hunpeuded rolling coifllem were Ntruek by heitvy iron bolts, HIU! tin; .sound wan .loud Jf not musical. Another float ;cnn)e- »|!ort|y with tnorv men flrJhg Roman' I'midien. Tlie, .sterling Military hum) lend « IOIIK line of men on foot bearins catch yy banner**. A catchy Idea, wax a float KterJiiiK'H happy Hlnger. "Jack" Kirby, who utoppod every, block or two and wans through a meKaphone, "<;ood-'llye mind before th part of public for recoBtilxed "Tho department priuetple and ban Htrlclly of Klvlti^ year High m-hooln, and three year filch ft-hoolH only -when 4hey aetually are doitiK tw'o yearn and three yearn re- »P«H*tively of the work of u recognized four year High sehool ar.'.-ordltiR to the rei|itirementH for reeoK'nitlon extab- llxhed by tl\e Supt. of Itihlie Instruction. "The fiiperintendeut Oietefore hiin riib-d that any -m-oKniy-ed two year or three year High nehooj IK a part lof n recognized four year High m-hooT a«ul a« Kuch its entitled to re^fivo tuition for mm.resident eight grtule graduate* coming from dlMrictB ln*vblch no recognized hlKh_>.l!Fhw6| i* maintained, and has aclvinod dlrectorn of their home district/ to pay tho tuition in all alien cases," 9-. Former Sterling Man Dead In Des Moines. the Local Police Are Informed. CHARGED WITH THIRTY MURDERS BANDIT IS GIVEN THIRTY YEARS Hy '';iH . I>, ({font. (St.'iff ''orrevpondetit of t'ntfed l'rc«i?i.i \\ .TShltiKton, D. '".. Nov .'I—A cert- era! railroad Htrike January 1 may not follow as a result of the present., fit- tintion KTOttiriK i.ut of the Adamsun (i'iy i'nlted 1'res.s.) Itt'cif... Uraseil. Nov. .21.— Thirty yearn in prison wiiM the Kf-titence Impom-d on Antonio Siivlno, n btfndtt, wlio terror- istrd tin- holder of .three Htate.s fur by the court - , Wllvlno had I'thirty. K per If tc murder chnrKen array- Local Relatives Had Not Heard! 0 ' 1 n *. riit "" f '"» w '»«-n he «•«« «na»y 'captured hy the federal police, after a picljed buul* with the bimdlt and II!N hundred follower*. It i* claUm-d w. c. BURMEISTER is Of Him For Years and Refuse the Body. Chief of I'litlce -Hnglock received a iiile«nuu early t lifts " inoriilng...-. fruin .lamer* MrlloniiJd, i-hlef, of iletectlyew, ot lien r.ToHi".", low;i, fdiftalntng tlie t wo that the victims of number thoumind*. ' hl» border raids FUNERAL SERVICES k«pt tlilng»,. lively, by KivliiK vent «, their feollng with «chool yell« in words of victory. - - - . „ U l« ' (mpOMHlbie to gi vi « ,^| ,,f t |,,, bannur«, but h«r« arc w ,,nie of them"Who got tho Holdler* Vote?" "Wbai Doe* C|. Q. |», Htiind Ki>r? Nothing My Son." Teddy'« picture with the word "Delighted." "Ohio, I hove Thee.." "We Have Fuel, Food. Peace," "As the Went OoeK, Ho Ooe« the N'atlnn." "ln-iS73 -«5rant Wroto Kotew (,, .Spain " "W Won Without New York. ..... l'he Htdi We«t," "Would It IJ«i Niiiionul Honor to Jump Into that. Me»H in Kurope •"If You Want to Fight, Ho To Of George Mehaffey Were Held Monday Afternoon At the Late Home. The funeral c f George \V. Mehaffey Wa« held tl)i» afternoon at two o'clock from the late homo of Km*. W. |> t'ollin, paxtor to Fourth-Htreet .Methodint church. Mrs. C. 13. Hen- Hinger and MIH. .Mark Heitzel sang several «ele,etionn and the following friendu ?>f the family acted UH jmll- bearerH; John Wagner, A. H. Ueltxel. W. If. Heed. P. 1C Hchitinger. J. H. Matthew* and W, 1C. Kennedy Mr. 1 McHaffey vvim born Nov. '.'3. HKf.5, In Franklin county, I'a., and ^way Nov. 18th -at hl» hom> in ci.ty^aged 6- yearn, 11 montbH and, dii,VK._ lie.;.leaven to mourn bl«t death tern, Anna of Sterling, Mr». A. \V... Ifrooke of l^uiark. Mr«, Oitho Krnitli of ,Mt. t'arrol). Mm. \Vultor ViJ- monds of Mt. ('arroll and Mm. Murv 1'nger of Spokane, • U'nith.i al«o one brother, .John of I'lwtenN, Arlx lie had refiided In Hjcrlinjj' (or tnatiy y«>arn and was a membe|-"uf Fourth Htreet .church for thirteen yearn. Ho wan a lovlnt? HOP, it kind lii-pUier and. H tr'i" fiienil, living for others u» well as for himne|f. H<- \van of a r|iilet find retiring di.Htni.sition. never seeking to assert him'self but living'biH life and performing his diitiCH- wi'.h silent lldelity. In bin Juht sicknesB he Buffered con,- siderable, out alwayx i-iuiently;. v|th- oii! u mumur. •- RECEiVERlSlfAMEO "\V., 1'. Iturnieixter dead here. Card In hix poHjsejislon wiy« notify Adolph i IturmelKter, it. K. D., Hterltm;. No. 6. j ('lease notify hi« people and advise," j The local police department, got busy j and found Adolph Hurin«*lnter living i near Omul on a farm. Mrn. llurmelster f t.« Id t he-deowiwd -WHH a halfhrot her [• of-her hu.thiind und they had not heard from him ft»r~n number of years, that he hud been'married, but left Ills family In MorrlNon a number of yearn ago and they had lowt track of him. They did not care to take luiy action regard- Ing the body. Mr«. ubbe Johnnon. of \Ve«t jhird »treef, Sterling, whiter .of the deceased. WHM called up nnd M)I«> unld t*he and her husband'did not cjire to take any action regarding the body either. Her brother wan forty yeara old and .and nlie hint not nei»n him for BOATISAGROUND Pounding Seas Threaten To Prevent the Eescue Of Those On U. S. Boat. (Hy United 1'rewM.) I-ondon. JRriK.. Xov. ai.~roriou«iy pounding xean threatened today to pie"the texcile off all of the pan.Mcn- •i'K and crew of the American steam- Hiberlu of 3.U50 ton*, faxt nground i the' (loudwin HnndH, Life mivt-r* from De.ul and Kingstown endeavored during the night to get clow enough to take, off the 40 the only one of the several vesKels thrown up on the. treacherous HandB by the terrific blow of th«'1>axt few day*. To date the'Deal life HMVIMM li.'ivi- This interprft:itlon In plflfivl en the rehmrhx' of Clmirmati. Stone of the Hrotberh'-uid of fyH-oniotivo Knginrrru, that "the- <pientlon of »iu-fi ,t\ strike "will be nnxwred Inter." The element of doubt In M K iemarK<t nti«<'H from the fai't that I'ist week in New Y.ork the' llrolbfi'lmoil hejid.M lliitfootfilly unid there woobl be a Hlrlke If they didn't «i>t n real elifht hoiir <!,'iy Now it IH believed Jhr> IttothethoodM will bi> content tojiwalt the test of th«* i'O!i»t!!Hiit»nMHty of the Admiucm m»_'tiMnr'e. The Hrother'hoodK, however. are Hbit>udlng their mnvementM \v!tli even deeper jtecrecy than thi>y did during their threatened Ntrlke l«j»t summer. Toituy the Hrotheihooi! c!-ief>i are in Hnltlnioie to mieak before the American Federation of Labor convention In a movement that protend* cooperation between them ami the mil- way department of the Federation to force fin eight hour flay on all brani'he« of thexTTTTTwXv service. ,\t the same, lime rHtf depftrtmrnt of "Justice and tbr-Hrntherltood'H legal drpnrtment""tn ie;uly fisr the tipenlug of the utiilH at tifMe taken by tho Will be vital and i fU t'rsitf (I r.-isj!, Minn . No "taU 1 vviiTf- pf>'hl!>|[lr<ii. •A liirmw' tnv tin Miiif!f«<'tfs')> ou H"n, two hundrofl million ton* of un- niinr-d iron -orf. nnd reforms in ft.tte covrnimfitt" "thftt will follow the rt'f- cfnnu'ndutinnft of n hartl w-orklnK economy nnd ffftficnt-y eornmi*!*lon thnt !i!i» been ott the jo|>, (wo years, will hi- ef«(>ntl:tl ( v oiinldernt"it>ii!« of jhr jf>l7 cessionM of t(i»t Minnesota ftate leRi«- Inture. starting In ,lami!«ry, «>ne of (he first thitiK.H Sfttator K. K. 1/olirrk of Alexandria, Will do will be the introdiii lion of n ntnte wide prohl. hit ion bill, provided for by the »tntut«>«. without HitbintNit»n to voters. Woman raui' must be submit terl to the voter« tint! jr*-t n . t«vt-thlr<1.« majority lie- fore Minnesota women may vote. Two yar« a«o thn house «<oUKht to suhmit the iHsue to t be Voters but the senate blocked |l by three votes. Tonnage (nxeti will be aimed largely at tl»e tjniteit Htsites' Steel Corporation whieh control.t much of the ore of the Ktnte. On mlMi'H it ownx, it pays o.,t)tix of rlRhteen reutB « ton, "Wl,n',t.hpr . <»r not the ore IH ntitit-il. The ntate ownn ten per rent of tin- mlneH iti the Htatp and lenses them for which it in paid a royalty of 2!, cent* n tun which will be re. ol.-sced by a blither tonnagi- tax, prob- ndlv. crew the in i.'ity. The en in tJti?»e caneB it pon its action will prubaliiy reft I In {Continued on I'mrt* Klchtl DEUTSlLAND SAILS MESSAGLREADY Asks Business To ? Meet Unprecedented Trade Conditions After the War. WILL- -PREVENT .STRIKES Wilson Will Urge Congress To Aid Railroads To Meet Their New Burdens. Hy Hobi-rt .). it'ender. (Staff t'orrespondent of t'nlt'ed XVaHbington, 'u. t'.. Nov. '• 21. —A call American buMlnesH to rn«*et unpre- t cetletHed war will ARE1NJANGER Roumanian Army Theatehed With Being Outflanked By Von Falkenhayn, MAY EVACUArFwEST PART- New Russian Offensive As a Diversion Appears All That. Can Save Them. tHy t'nited Press.) tendon, Knp., Nov. 21- Another Him- fduti ofTemdve aloiiK Ihe tine from Constanza to Cernavoda, I* now expected to Inoneflne* the intensity of the fight- Ing-in the Hnlknrut, Military expert* _. here'agreed Hint thin l» the only MPf» than can !>e relied upon to lessen the weight of 'Jen. von Falkonhayn'* pfewK'ire on the, Wftll*chtfttt4£ontl«r of Rounianla—ii preft&Ur*' whleoS It 'Is now admUled "'colMUtutc* the greatwrt- ' Houmanlan army in in greatest r of being outflanked If the C!w» Ktatement referring- to the nonf nch of tin- Teuton* to Craiova, IN accurate. The Roumanians are forced .down the valley of tho forrr>«. cNtimated at half a million men. (ii-i, HWf>»|>iiiK around their rftar, nttfl steadily leMnenliiK the sap through which they nni«t retreat and clroum- scrlliitiB the line of retreat In a direction that apparently munt be du» «wt* t,'nle«» n diversion come»"nomewhWB elue In the Hnlknn to ntop Gen. von Kalkpnhnyn'H threat. It appeared almost certain that complete evacuation of the wentern part of Houmnnla will b« neo^ to Have tho Roumanian army. In estimated can b««t UuH»lan« becaun? of' the c«Ne of trannportlng reinforcement* , via theUlack Sea. Hope WBH almi exprenwed today that, The pur»uir*of 'Hie TeYJli !ir;ny, thrown out of Monaatir,, might he fditriclently hot to halt von Fatk«a- h»y«;'-^.lierllri offiria! re|»orlii admit r*« inforcement of thene forces. Mran* while ex pert n believe Oen. Serirail of -ft tnnn JTJ ThlH diversion It be made by (TTe flfteon yearx. . ' • .Thu.police depurtinunt.wired to the Do* Molnen ofilcialM position taken by the relative*.here. Jt i* tlioUKht by tin police that the man, -being u Hiranuei 'DeH Moineii muni have ffli-t fou play, elne he would have been known The brother and Hinter here are itwiiit IIIR further details to -TSiini if the deal! was due to other tlfirti natural' cauwes -M«lioiou» P*rion». Did 0«m«gt iji Street •<"onH|(ier«hl« » damage the pj-opoj-ty of (he I'tilitiet) company jttnd Hixteentii and Seventh .Home .l>e|-Mou ghooliliK .ihf THE LAMPS Considerable t. on |AM:U»I sirretH by on eral men was nwa by jseve'raj people to mi. north ,on- Locust hiivfi uiiout (i:3o o'«'loek'"ut 14 very lively raUv The uiHi'hlnt" wlioi ;it w\:~. a UM they (lew past. (Jf i|u< i-oo»im,uy w«n inldnlsiii hy ".\vonl iu»ili end ut ' 'l.o- were l>Hhg broken. ' erai The of tlie uf"4.tii> trouble. nuiii about K that «>n the tit reel lump* An Uiveufigulloa revwdi-d^ Kit' i'<tfl the »hadt> ovei'i Hit; Ittinu at ilu- i i »t' LuiiiMt tun! Hl&U-entli h<ul iltii'i' let lKJie» id M, Ulld I'lif' ^hailf '" (hut r^h \ IP ^• broken in d-one by ht be tolii that tuc;tlity or b> .i" 1 whe < ,.ui K,ui ROOMER^KILLS PAIR , J'foria, '111. Nov. . printer, ijhot und iijll Vbt'li I'vfuhi'd iniiailt:ii houfip. whv*».'.hf li.'isj i [4 Tavlwr WiiM ;u ('(•»?•>''! siu- Epper Furniture Company Qf Dixon Has Assets To Meet Its Liabilities. Tho HojH-r KftrnitureCo.. of "Dixon. Wits pia/cd in the hands of a rect'iver thiti morning. a.n tae n'-»ult of a petition in Itankriiptcy Jileil by t ho''City NiUlonnl liijnk. tl(e, >Dixon Nutioiial hiuik, 1 "H*fid 1C. N', ili/vvell, an i. through Atturney l|arr> <'.-•• Tbe-luinks aiv crt-illii'-if-N to tin* exlent !.'.[.... .S'.'\eji^it I itou'.s$J mi ijiiHiUM Had I hi- K, X. lliiiwll «'u. to only a nominal ox- tent. Tim NoUivan of l»i,v,.n vvuiji up- pointed ivei-i\ c-r of the coinputiy b> Hi-feree In i{;niKru-ptcy Mcnry i'isoii ,\I|. Sulliviin, -.HJ* rw-cUir. '(» iititdoi iv.c'l to continue tin 1 ' hu«lncs$ of ih»> roin- piinv ttml roali/.e upon all »ooney« poji. «tbb? for^Jhc IH tit-ill .it the riedltolH. The fui-tory will imiiinitc In op<-rulio''n until -all lumlur :ii\i..|. <,thcr miiterb»ls HI l;nml have hi't-n nindf Ittto furniture and M.ilci. It IN f>:iii.'*'ti-f| thiit H;,II- •mi. wt|| c"!-lintse .in the l',t.<>- BIGK.OFajNITIAT!ON Sterling Members Attend Big Event In Clinton. Iowa. Nine mcmhcrn of the .Sterling order of KnlghtH of CnliiniliiiM went to Clinton Humlay noun to.attend the meeting of th«i, Kl, Andrew" of the K C. wliere a olanH of Heveuty-tive was taken Into the order and given the neceKHiiry degrees. ,|«IIH»M Carney, of Mt. Carroll, wan one of the candidalex and he wan given tlie third-degree. The jHt.erjiug memhcrN d.ndure the exerclMe to lie very good and the humpies nerved after the work' at S< o'clock by the Ht. Mury'» pHrlnh ladieH in the auditorium WIIM pronounced by them to be ex- ceptlonally (Inc. They speak c«pecial- ly of tbe- work 4(0110 by the de«reeUe.'im. siiyinn they have nevj^ri^en J( mirp«u»«- 5'?L_T!he^ljAhlVdJJJ?JfllL*ULJi^.dliUL^ down (o-lhei4(> feHtivitien:--B.-.P. Harry. II. J., Kred J. Duffy, W. "J. Con. don. I). ,1. Knrlgbt, ,1. ,M. Mc(»ee, Kd- ward M.c^.falliHtwr. 1 Inward (ieoffroy, Leo KJnck and David HeuuviaiiK, uf 1'roplietxtown. * . . MORE DEPORTATIONS Qerma-ny "Ooritinues Its Work Boipite Protests Of TJ, 8., Holland and Vatican. (HI paK«-~MoitK MiKI'OHTATIO.N'.S -- t Hy United |'re.s«,( rescued 6« perform from dlMtfetmpd vew- Helo during the IUHI 24 hour* while 30 additional perxotiH have been taken off by other life Having crew», ALL WERE RESCUED. (By United Press.) Deal. RUB.. Nov. :'!.—Ufe boat Vrcwy. from th« .Deal and Wulmer wtatlonn today succeeded In rescuing all of the puHseagei-B and members of tbe crew of the stranded American Htuamer Siberia. .MALLORY L4NER IN DISTRESS. (Hy I'nited J're»».) ." Washington. D. C., Nov. 21. — The Mallory liner Lamlacn.H of 3,000 I.OIIH is In dlstretm off Brunswick, On., off Kt. Slmond'n bar, und tho coast guard cutter Tampa i« rushing to its ance, a wlretemi this afternoon German Under Sea BoldJy Put To Sea At 2:35 This Afternoon. (Hy I'nlted I-'rvi«(i.) New I»ii(lnn, i.'onn., Nov. ;'l-—The tiermun under-sea freighter Dcutwh- land made ttw second «turt for lt« home port of Bremen at 2:it, r > thl« uftornoon, escorted by two lugs which were to trade crimlitioiK* -after the be the keynote of President mtwiMige which • he will de- j liver to congrertH.oii TueHday, Dec. Jth. Freighter I ' l *' 10 president -In completing his rnew*- Jage today and It JH expected It will "otiu in» in the handM of the printer. Tile prcrddent bolleveM tb« intlu«trieM can do «. maximum of work only" when there i* a minimum of unrcnt. Hi« meminMe in expected to emphiiHl2« the need of more confidence each in the other -ami less tendancy toward cluH* feeling. In lhl« connection he is <xim- plettng plans for rendering practically (Continued on Fac« Eight) AFTER BOOST IN FOOD Congreitmnn 8ab«th I* Drafting A „. Bill To Prevtnt Combin*c. ffly United PreKs.) '••- chicftKo, III., .Ni»v. il.—t'ongfeHBtnan A. 3, Haixilh. of Chicago, conferred with I'.' S. District Attorney Charlen C-lyno today on n proposed law aimed at thn unprecedented rhro In fo««l prl- >! the j> iol'v "'t'o , «U«Ki OJ K'H -»->H.-I r .Mr. I! London, Kp«..' the .pi and I hi 4(111 depo^tUt -Morvove opened p of Nov. :n.—Nothwith- e>itn fi'otn -Atneri«rff7 vjjtii'un, (iecmuny Ix llcljhclan workmen, tu .hitv'e b«H'ji f'»i:., further depor- if Hwif/,erluni1 and the ..Duchy of laiM-iiilierK, icaMing in A ttinteiuein !,',t,iii'd -tutlay'-decinrcK: "The liepi.ii'tation of |!.'!j;|;m' HiibjertH oonlinufh. without ri'npit»v The cuun- ;'!l <>( ii-hh-tnii-ii at j'rusKi>ts was- ar- rented whi'ii a ti-ftiMi'ii to ciiiiMiutiiicvtif tho Hats of• .unemployed. Deportation ha.yi' J-ieen. tanned in tlie- of llaiiiMili ami in Weils and .SulijeclM, - ( if ' tin- Ducliy. of rg und al.Ho of fcjwitxwtlulid ID i;» s lj;iiiin art' rompvlhM to', A iHirnlM-r of huxi'iiitK-rt.' res- ! province l;"tandvi>, t'e»idliiK Id en < i* have ii|r<i;id> Air Ku ini.-iiut HI l i-l I! \S 1(1 uas ituu,,' >li en l^inc I'lUiK al! in li •Mie ti|«.;i IK MM If i- .Uie !ht- the OF BRgAO 6 ii. US,, Ni/v FgET LONG, . •/!: J.i,<,v-i.(l U. iu then tic information that tber« :« a combine to boost<'the' price of food, •Kg*, and butter He is drafting a Iilll ivblch ho. hellevos will prevent such •oinblues in .the future.- .'t'hi!' wari'ho't.HO owners and cofd torage- men will be tiu» hurdi?Ht bit fn ilt« h'ni whicl) will regulate the-length if time food can b« kept In «tor«ge. t Avlll also provide for a cougre»nlomii uvfstlgHtlon'of fond prices and will nnko tui appropriation so thnt tho din- rlct attor.neyM, can-pu^h their hivestl» giiti«»n»* of tin* alleged coi'ubliieM.' 8t)b- )i««nuos luive iM-en werved on two hundred cold ftorage wari'hitu.scs and 'com- i mon and retail food met"" MORE RESULTS Henry iv. uldn liv«m>Ut>lf-way between H'ock l''aIlH anil Tatupii'o, Ue-eently hr .-ulvertisert somir K<>IM| (,'bn.iist'er \Vliil(< inalefs for »H!« in •The liH'AHte. Tlie -iulvertii*einetit only tun- three days und he haw Void lltust of the fflock. I'lui'Iicully r uveryliody- who cuino saw the ltd-. .,,,yei -ttwt'tnujit in Ihi.s pupr-r. 's One puny, came frum-nom 1 I)ij;oi\. Another from north of ColeUi... AnviUw _from ni-ur Morrison'.' •others froni I'lofier home. None of vvdo came fnun a ciiM coiil.d hi.ive known i»f the i.ttt except through The (;a.*e(tu. Thi- tiuKfitf doi-H' no! .ii'vvH.S resiilis. It doi,'H not' |ir.cteiid ^i, • Hut ua U'.ivvrtifrttiji MMMdy tb»> t')i<'a-|te.»t, the crew, were .on board when the two tuijf! eam« churiiiujj up to the do< v k where (he Dcntgchland was tied alonKHlde of th«»<4lner Willehud, To Lhu accompa-lnment of cheers from the crew of the "mother nhip," the WHIehad, the Poutitchlnnd slowly itwunK out into tm> nnrbor shortly be- foro 2:30 o'clock. " ThP uteel net, which guarded her ntorn, hud been tnvuntf anlHe and thi» nea-Ki'een mon- uter of tho d.efp Hlipped out of itn berth unilwr its own power. Once in the miiin Htreain^ it xlowly SWIIIIK about uiel pointc-d itH none toward (he open Atlantic with the tUK Albert along side/and headed fur the «|>en 'sea. Heverul uiernbcrH of tho urc'w of the DeutHchland were on deck and waved «Hrr*lr lmt« at their coiuurymen nn tho Wlllehad MH th'e Deutitchland gMtliered «pe«>d Und wturted on lt« homewiird journey In earnest.. Helmninun Kloene alooo" at the wheel with Cupt. Koeniff. MtnlliiiK aH affably "« ever, utandiUK by lilrt^ wide. A great crowd lined tbe tihore,- cheeriiiK and u'avitiK goodliye to tno mcri'hantiutiii. There W,-<N no «ecr«-cy rcKatdiOK the hoodn, iielieving that thc-'rallroad' prableiri i« one of the inowt Important he will urge congrcmi to give the most cure- fill consideration' tii^poHnlble leglxla- tion to aid the traiiKportatlon nyHtems to ex|i«tul and improve to meet the added strew* under which they will be placed at the clone of the war. CondltioiiH abroad muat nhw bo given connlderntlon and lie will urge congres* •) act immediately along the linen of the Webb billi which would hnve.por- mitted American exwrterH to organize without fenr of anti-trust law ac- tioh. HUGHES IN A DENI Declare! He Has Not Prepared Telegram Of Congratulation To Wilson. (By United l»rea».) >. '--N. X. Kpv, 81.—Cluuften^ ugK*«, through Bflcrt i gi-t- do. th« morning thero wero rej>orr« tl«rt- Iho DcufHchlam! ini«lil NHI! ut any iltni!. At 2:10 thlM afternoon when two IIIKM reported to her pier ready to es- .ertrl her to sea, crowdH ijulckly lineil thn shttre. At ":M> tho merchantman piiHHcd Kurt Trumbiill ami w»» heuded for tlit» Hound. wiaM^inmpLEA Ultimatum Will B« 8»rv*d Mexican Commissioner* Today, (Hy t'nited l"res«.) -... • Allun'tO- *'lty. N, J., Nov. *J1. A liiial pi en for a horder [xUrol it fid withdraw- ill of Iho'Ainerieari punitive expedition from ftlexicu. luu-Rvd by I'repUltMlt Wi!- HOII'H appmval^ wan to be |)rt««eiitcd to the Meiiean members of I lie cotmtris- rflon toda>% with the .Nlutcnu-nl that this Kovermnent expects it to'.ho in-. c.eptvd' without further wriMiglins^. .'. Tbe. ,-iKri:.ement in coutintp.'nt on con- ci'Hsiotis h,v rurrunxti whirl) tmve not been nuide' public, , I'l etiideitt Wilson oxprc-t*.to fiiit into oiH^ration plans ot his* own to put «n end lo luinjiry. nn- lew.s tt'.n plutlH *i(lKKC«ted «ro" adopted by thu Aieyican conunitiMjoiH't'h, AMERICANS MISSING Who Escaped^. Prom the Town OfParral Say Eight Others Were There. Hy Pulted AriJ!.. Nov. J'rosii.) Ainer- tng t-'urrrpany, ^'tro,, r tled from 1'arral, Me*., on November Iflth. wlien word reached tberti that Villa InnidilM were ulioiii to attack the- town, took Htei/w tikluy to learn the fate of ei»{lit other entered the town. .. Th« four AmericaiiK arrived here idght after u two. we«k» trip. Prom l^irral they went to Cullaean, on the went epuwt of Mexlcg, and from that pluco jtturneyod .to Hermoslllu, Hitnora, and cnme hero by railroad The party .included T. .(}. liawk Bernard McUoimld and U \Vebb,«o El l*iiso, nnd \V, A, NorrJH. of L<os An have i i»*' als im today mid that the report ihtirmornln* thnt ho had pr*par»d a teieKnim of congratulation to send to Prmldent Wilaon, w«« without found*, tion. The »eerpt4r>' Bald there but , been no thought of preparing the- t«le- urnm. . "'-- * WILCOX •AYB~THE SAME, (Jly Unlte»d Pre*».) New York, N. Y.. Nov, 81.—Chafaw man Wllcox of the Republican al committee, declared that no gram of congratulation, nor ing tho election of Pr«J»ldent had been prepared so far aa he knew. Commenting on the report that such a meMiag* had really been prepared^ ho mild: "1 know of no such (itatement haying been prepared and I «|iw tl governor la»t night The situation: Just where It ha* been, there has beeniM no change. I don't Know the ro«ult of ' the ofliclHl count of the country anjr rnoro than you do and It would b<^- fdolinh to «ay anything about U." ADMIT VOTE IN CALIFORNIA. (Hy United ProBB.) Han Knuiclaoo, Calif., Kov, 21.-—Th«. Hi-|iuti|li'itti Htato central committee to* day cHtlniMled that Prealdent Wilson'* plurality In California will be In ea> OI>MH of a,4AO, Bauing their estimate* -an—t4tbuUUliiU- hy them of tho official^ returns in "50 countiBB" ttntJ^ttini-oBl*' oiul roturns from the other olght coun» tieH, wt tho Wilson majority: at 3.416,' PARTY* LEADER DIES. (Hy United Preas,) Hi. Paul. Minn,, Nov. 2J.—O, A. Con-—^ don, Mlnnenota member of the Hupub- Iti-un national committee, dled^h^ to* day from heart trouble aggravated by Indigestion. f to IbtwkliiH elKlil Aiuer re with them ui, l'nriul utn yet heen :ici'ount"d tor. !'"• •Kpre><Ht<d that a number > i'orebj-pnri<. .latMildlng In I'aVral huyt» been Miaughtcred- ISSUES IAN K CALL" «U : III] unil! |»;'i. p<>«Ji(-»JHtt' of- I.HT--J !\vo i-«,n US »<n.i\ ciili ;, Mi, «'£ -^ lit-ill. ll KILLS BROTHEH'S WIFE.' , i lUt»>l>tm«tvu. |i!,(.,'-N."'. si. In u' lit 1 f iiiNuiiity--.l;n.-iili llu»hh:.«Mer- ,''.', -!.'«! j mi i-.ilk'l I:M, M.-'.hi'i'.-' w if,-, .\lrji. j 'U"<i".utl pilu.-s-hbai.H-i',' in Ist't lU'iiiv. unil of Ij th im-Uivd, buy, . The p ' c tti spirt sr niuht f;u - . rcuching' im-ihoij. oijt if I'i'i'pU- Wiutl what ui t.ifti'r Hf uiiy other' i" li.ive \\bui you wuil.lo GIVi FREE APPLE PIES Abo^t 100,000 Apple* Will Al»o' Be Given Vi»ltor». ; ' i Hy UnJitnl |''r«'«N.) HpokaiHv Wa!»h,, Nov 4.'J.--'*)ne bun- dt'eil tlioujHxnd appit<«>. «n- heltiK jjtifii iwa-y l|»i«-i.v t>> vitiitois ut ihi: tiiuth Xu- tiolliil 'Apple *ho>y, The I'ihililt l,l!«t«. I HC<- nuditpri iHii, h •ifi hi «»t, riu odi-d ' while .cnh i-ntrain-e *\ -Mil 1 '"- J»U' ^tjV hi 1 i',\hiliit i.iv»-ii(i h.-iV', Comptrollor Of The Currency A»k* For November ^7 Statement, < |lji foiled f'|vs«. I \\'y.-.hingtou. D. <'., NIIV, *L'I, - <"omp- tioljvr (if the cuirs-ncy tuda^- itisued a call for tin* c<iintiiion of ntttiijtiul li^n al tlir cio.Sf o| bu.siucM.s on I'Viday. Novemher lift). STATE CALL ALSO. »!!>' 'l'llit«d I'l'i-HfM ' . HI. Ni>\-,- lfl.-~.Th ril a call today lor ,\'tdiii>r tin- f Ktati- of bu i>aiik.s .« ith the coin stiit'N>! »>o Nov.. |s«. aclt> f tr,iirt> atkl Tin* ,!.* tit Tin' MQTQQWOM-EN I'uliH, NtiV. i'!. Mil I'lirl;* ptl'i'ct l,n)vy't>;4 ivjility, --I-'rcfect «i|'.,.I. .[(.sui'ij ,-s!j i inter )iuU •jv)i:..vMji'ti! . uf ,w(tim-n PARIS. dtl UujlH'JS .M'-l '. ! .-f 'will puoe, i-t' a lU--v KUIJH is 1 . .J.,»f' orl/.li)K ! iu- t «':r, • Thi-.v . vi'itl f'rst STRIKE iS^PREOICTEP * *^*i>. "* ° Mexican T«jeyrapher to Quit in Sym- With the.Trainirten. « l !t> t- r I'l'ch.-t.)' . ^ . T> x - Nov. : J t. --All i,iilv>'a,y 1 ;t MI- th<i Un'Ui -Mt'Xlro are to •vvulk'out \ Vi'.tl'U-d i.ii jit -n\ .\\hvi-v with tin-- strlkiinj. Iraiumun. . t.. rllliihh-- njfui iiuitton i.-n- '!'))(.•_ i i -iiiii-myt Ktru'ck to [.. .r\ nit-lit ' of jji^ff' w,(t:i*s in K"iil 'or - Aiocri<-.'iii i i.'iti- ln- STUPEftIT EXONERATED Y*l« 8tud»nt Freed in Connection With • Companion's Death, • • (l^ United Pre««.) New Huven, Conn., Novl ai.™A (lor» don M unlock, a Vale, student from |n» dlunnpolltK, wan exoneratwl today by Coroner. Mix for wwponMibllUy in con*} «.j ncH^tlon wiUt the auto widont at Mil* ford.-.Novt 'u, In which' A|i^')own. of Ijidltittujmlifi. Threo-ottierH were injured "io -thu dent «nd Murdork in jitiil continod to, the hoHiiltiil UH tin? result of the Injuries he rt'i'ei Ved. .' . SUNK Captain and 'Part of Crow Hay* Been 8«f«ly Landed 8ay» Lloyds. (Hy'United i'rpws.) l*ondon,. Hnji.. Nov. 21.—A Lloyd's fiphtcli »t!Uc« thai the 'cuptain anil it of • the . c.rcw* of tlwi Norwegian Hteumer, I-'HHI, the victim of u- ne huye In-eisi ««f«ly ,l«tx<le<l Tlierw uVr» two Norwt-gimi mined tlie Finn, Hated in IJoydu, Ona *, n v.'i-Hel of f.HUS font*'und tbo pth«r if '^30 toiiH. The larger i« .EARTHQUAKE RECORDED S«r»mo9r»ph Regi»tertcl 1:24 to 2: If #, m.'Today. ' ijiv T7n.ite.d 'i'rert.4.l e«ii-«d. '*.•).. N»v. ill. TlH- se [ii.oh nl fit, l(.;t' ! H^y* v<'Henv iivl'i*. l»-.r«'i.l j<it. c&rth<i<uukt< I -I i/i liH->i tisijj IHi.'!'ltl!it.f Uliil nx iitidl. ~ 13 . lii'li'-uliMiis j *!,' wb* uU I(H- i'aciljc

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