Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 3, 1963 · Page 8
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 8

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1963
Page 8
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- h V 1 I - J. 3. 1 1 * I \ 1 4 i ft t r 4 • L r L ^ • • * • 1 J . 1 _\" I I • > A. ' * 1 ' I • f n>'.+ T IjH .. *-H-L iLri rir A.ri j- - f * I P n . q . jd • ^ / Mrs. Gregory L. Goodwin (Miss Peggy Joan Calvin) ornian* win Bakersfield St. Francis Catholic Church in Califor- ouAe Newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Isacksen, will be guests of honor at an open house Sunday given by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dales Cooke at their home, 461 Burgland Ave. Friends and relatives are invited to call between the hours of 2 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Mrs. Isacksen, the former Carol Cooke, and the bridegroom, a member of the Class of 1963 at Bradley University, were married March 15 in Morrison. After July 15 they will reside in Chicago where he will be employed. Mrs. Isacksen, a senior at the Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing, in Moline, will com- MRS. DAN IIIBBS. . .is the wife of the program fnattager at WG1L radio, . .moved from Davenport, Iowa, to 1249 Spruce St. . . .is the former Shirley lllg of Frazee, Minn.,. . .was a member of Newcomers in Davenport, and is a member of Welcome Wagon and Newcomer Greeting Club in Galesburg. . . lists as her special interests bowling and swimming. . .is the mother of Lynn, 5, and Cindy, 15 months. . .attended beauty school after high school graduation. MRb. F. E. BAILEY. • .moved from Clinton, Jll., where she was a member of the Parent Teacher Association, the Church Circle, Beta Sigma Phi sorority and the country club .attended Eastern Illinois MRS. R, DUANE PALMER MRS. DONALD ME1SENHE1- , • « is the former Beverly MER. . .Is the wife of the Navy Foster of Abingdon, where the recruiter, now stationed in nia was the scene of the wedding of Miss Peggy Joan plete her training in Chicago. Calvin and Gregory Lang Goodwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. William To Be Among those present for the ceremony read at 1 Qu es | Q£ H Oil OF o'clock by Rev. Loydell J. Marth were the bridegroom's parents and his brother, William L. Goodwin of Madison, Wis., At UpCll tlOUSe who served as best man. Mrs. A. R Smith, a resident of the Illinois Christian Home in John Harmon was at the organ console for the pi elude as the Jacksonvj] ^ will be the guegt of guests were seated by Gerald Foreman and Sidney Sheffield, both ]lonor at an open house Saturday of Bakersfield. + Wedding guests offered felicitations to the couple following the ceremony at a reception at the home of the Sidney Sheffields of Bakersfield. The couple, both of whom teach in the Bakersfield High School, are residing at 708 Castro Lane, Bakersfield. Carries Orchids Miss Calvin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver B. Calvin of Kalispell, Mont., carried a bouquet arrangement of two orchids to complement her Constantino gown of organza over taffeta. Reembroidered lace outlined the scoop neckline of the gown with its modified bell skirt. Veiling was caught to a crown of seed pearls and crystal * Miss Gwen Calvin, Kalispell, Mont., the bride's sister, served as the honor attendant, and Mrs. Gerald E. Foreman, Bakersfield, and Mrs. Gerald D. Miller, Phoenix, Ariz., as bridesmatrons. With their full skirted delicate yellow dresses, each had picture hats and carried bouquets of Talisman roses. Mrs. Goodwin received her degree from Montana State University, where she affiliated with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Mr. Goodwin, a graduate of Northwestern University, received his master's degree from Stanford University. noting her 86th birthday anniversary. Hosts for the occasion will be her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Forrest B. Bonesteel. Relatives and friends are invited to call at their home, 236 Olive St. between the hours of 2:30 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon and 7:30 to 9 oclock in the evening. * Mrs. Smith whose birthday anniversary is on Friday, also has another daughter, Mrs. A. S. Segal of San Diego, Calif., 8 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. A graduate of Lombard College, she resided at 556 Olive St., for 48 years. Her husband was the late A. R; Smith, for a number of years Knox County superintendent of highways. She is a member of First Christian Church. University for two years. . .is the former Mary Ann Sullens of Oblong. . .lists boating, water skiing, swimming and bridge as her Interests. . .is the wife of the agency manager of Country Life and Country Mutual Co. . .is the mother of Leanne, 10, Dianne, 9, Cindy Beth, 4, and James 5 months. . .is a member of Welcome Wagon and the First Methodist Church r in Galesburg. family formerly resided . . lives at 101 N. Ivan, St. ...Is the wife of the co-manager at Kroger Co. , . . was a member of Junior Woman's Club in Abingdon . . . flames sewing and reading as her special interests . . •. to the mother of Steve, 4W» Kay Lynn, 2V& »nd Jean Ann, 2# mftnths ... is a member of Welcome Wagon and Civic Nu-Komers. Galesburg,. . .formerly resided in Witt, which is also her home town. . .Is the former Mollie Braunseis of Witt. . .Usts bowling as her hobby. . .is the mother of Gordon, 10, and Mickey, 8„ . .resides at 1445 Garden Lane. . .Is a member of Wei- come Wagon, Newcomer Greeting and the First Methodist church in Galesburg. MRS. ttOBERf H. LEMAY. . • and her husband, a member of the editorial staff of the Galesburg Reglster*Mall, moved from Isanti, Minn., to 11W N, Kellogg St. . . .is the former Mary Ann Fabian of Arlington Heights. . . lists sewing and reading as her special Interests. . .was graduated from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. . .Is a member of Welcome Wagon and Neweomer Greetthg., ok i pee A 3* ompan * - • • i 4 • EDITOR'S NOTE: As every woman knows, men reporters are impartial and objective, as well as intrepid and fearless. But once in a while news events strike chords in their essentially home-loving souls and they are moved to write from their own experience. Such a story is this one from a Pulitzer Prize win- mi ning reporter. By EDDY GILMORE LONDON (AP) — Jacqueline Kennedy is awaiting MRS her third child. Queen Elizabeth II has three already. Three-children families are definitely fashionable. Almost status symbols. TV, inc. P ovrj+orl nirplpc than mvaltv SY\d the White Is the former Beverly Belt of . .moved from Aledo to Joy. • 912 Frank St. auto .Is the wife of at Mc- mcchanic . .is the moth 4 + • P J • r L - \ i House, three children are ing vote practical, comforting, in a op j n j onSi way economical—and gloriously TOYS: and a variety of No. 1 nearly always outgrows Wagon. * i • + • .V. Miss Betty Lohaus confusing. TAKE TRAVEL: a toy very quickly, leaving it for Today's automobile age is tail- the ot (, er two to struggle over, ored for the three-kid grouping Thig buil( j s musc i ei an Creery's Motors, er of Rita Rene, 2)4, and Lisa Marie, seven months. . .lists bowling as her special interest. . .is a member of Welcome f MONMOUTH •mama and papa in the front seat and the trio of offspring Miss Martha Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sheridan of Abingdon announce the engagement of their daughter Martha to Robert Murdock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Murdock, also of Ab- r ingdon. The bride-elect, a graduate of Abingdon High School, is attending Brown's Business College in Galesburg. Pier fiance, also a graduate of Abingdon High School, is employed by Fengel's Service in Abingdon. No wedding date has been set. ADS Do You Forget? Read This By JOY MILLER NEW YORK (AP)-Do names fall trippingly off your tongue while performing introductions, and do you never forget a face? Do you always remember exactly where you parked your car? Can you invariably go straight to where you laid your glasses or keys or sewing, hours before? Then you need no advice from Dr, Bruno Furst and Lotte, a fellow memory instructor and his wife of 35 years. "Anyone can develop a good memory,'* says Dr. Furst. "Look at me. My very bad memory when I was a law student in Munich 50-some years ago was a classroom joke." That's when he got interested in mnemonics (the science of mem- and latr BISHOP HILL—Mr. and ] for th e we dding. Mrs. Everette J. Bergren of ne^r Bishop Hill, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Miss Helen Joyce Moulton, to Frank P. Wyffels Jr., son Mrs. Lee "Lohaus of Monmouth, announce the engagement of their daughter Betty to David Malli, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Malli Jr. of Clinton, Iowa. Miss Lohaus is a graduate of the Immaculate Conception School, Monmouth High School and Mount St, Clare College of Clinton. Mr. Malli is a graduate of St. Mary's High School and attended Clinton Junior College. He also attended St. Thomas College m St. Paul, Minn., and will continue his education at the State University of Iowa in Iowa City. No definite date has been set Mr. and buttoned up behind. Bake stuffed tomatoes in a moderate oven for 15 minutes or . . i until tender. Don't overbake or When it comes to food, children j the tomato s kins will burst and FOOD: Make sure you hear the name. Qf Mr _ flnd Mrs _ p> p> Wyffe]s Sr . ory) astound judges was and abl k> sway juries with his impeccable recounting of testimony and previous rulings. An outspoken anti-Nazi, he came to this country in 1938 by way of the University of Prague, with an | unforgetting wife, a phenomenal memory and practically no knowledge of English. In the last 20 years, he has taught at least 25,000 absent-minded Americans—in his School of Ninety per cent of introductions are slurred, he says. If you don't hear it, ask again. It's flattering to the person you meet, because it sounds as if you really are interested. Then repeat the name as often as you can in the ensuing conversation. Form an association with the name. Mr. Black, black hair. If there is no meaning find a substitute. Barlow: bar, barely, barley, (U^ing the same first letter.) of Atkinson. Miss Moulton, daughter of the late Harold Moulton, is a graduate of Galva High School and Kewanee Public Hospital School of X-ray Technology. She is employed by the Highland Park Hospital Foundation as a registered technician. Mr. Wyffels, a graduate of Atkinson High School, rs an active member of the Illinois National Guard and is employed by the International Harvester Co. in East Moline. education Be sure to see the China and Cry staJ and register in our "Bridal Book." Receive WEBERS THE GIFT SHOP EAS'I MAIN 342-141? -in Memory, at adult courses in Brooklyn College where ! he and his wife are instructors and at various business firms where he guides young executives in remembering names, price lists and sales talks. He has numerous systems of memory, but for those who would just like to be able to remember ! the names of newcomers at the garden club meeting, he recommends : you can. Write the name down as soon as | Wedding vows will be exchanged by the couple at a Nuptir.l Mass Saturday morning, Aug. 17, at 10 o'clock at the Visitation Church in Kewanee. Some invitations are being sent, but all relatives and friends are invited to attend the ceremony and reception immediately following at the Flemish American Club room, 313 N. Burr Blvd., in Kewanee. And while you courteously append his name to every sentence as you talk, study his face. The biggest reason you can't remember a face is that you really don't look at it. What about remembering where you park the car? The second you get out, form an association between the car and its location, connecting it with a drugstore, or a peculiar tree or a green shuttered house. It doesn't hurt to ] ^T^f 1 look at the street sign on the corner, either. Elect Miss Helen Moulton Honored O 25th Ann iversary Have us dryclean and STORE OUT-OF-SEASON GARMENTS They'll be returned when you want them... ready to wear! K-336 Fremont A Seminary St*. STORE NOW PAY NEXT FALL NDERSON 343-2191 And the glasses you put down when you answered the doorbell? As you rise, mentally associate them with the table or wherever you've laid them. Furst has had few casualties with his students. But he remembers one young man who took to heart his admonition to look at people, then look away and try to form an impression. He was doing his homework diligently on a subway train when the object of his study, a shapely young thing, crossed the aisle and slapped him. Sighed Furst: "I'm sure he never forgot her." A picnic was held in the Lions Shelter at Lake Storey Tuesday evening, for the first meeting of the Tuesday evening Circle of Covenant Women. Mrs. James Hawkinson presided at the short business meeting when Mrs. Robert Mead was elected secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Dale Levinson was elected to represent the group at the meetings of the Council of Church Women. A name for the Circle and plans for the year wove discussed. Mrs. Roy Hilgenberg, membership committee chairman, gave a report. The 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Maring, 1546 N. Cedar St., was celebrated on Sunday when they were the guests of honor at a family picnic at Eagle Point Park in Clinton, Iowa. The Marings were married June 28, 1938 in Clinton, with Rev. George Krueger of Zion Lutheran Chur«h, now of Texas, officiating. Their attendants, Miss Winifred Kettler of Fulton and James Wiebenga of Savanna, were among the more than 50 relatives and friends attending Sunday's event. The couple who have one son, Bradley William, have resided in Galesburg since their marriage. They are members of Covenant Church. Mr. Ma ring is employed by the City Water Department. READ THE WANT ADS! Four children make a station wagon, or a second car, almost imperative. A pair of children rattle around in the back seat. Or fight. With three there isn't room to fight. They just pinch, a less serious form of mayhem. Five or more children and you'd better think about a bus. Three children are perfect for international air travel—dad and mom on one side of the aisle, well segregated for sleeping and out of soup-spilling range. On the ocean liners, father and mother in one stateroom and the trio fits well in an adjoining and connecting compartment. CLOTHES: Two children can mean a sav ing on the bills—but only if they are the same sex. With a trio, you're bound to have two of the sex, and maybe three. If you have three boys or three girls you've achieved the perfect hand-me-down situation. Even with two of the same sex, and one of the other you're not badly off. But after the third, things get rather threadbare, and you've got to start the clothes cycle all over again. BABY CARRIAGES: Out of a carriage used by two successive children you get good mileage. With the third, the mileage is perfect, for the carriage is well broken in and the springs suitably mellowed. TELEVISION; Two people seldom like the same programs. If you have but one child, outvoting junior comes under the heading of bullying. With two youngsters, you can only reach inconclusive split de- (Continued on page 9) your effect will be spoiled. Sale Starts Friday 9:30 A.M DRESSES THAT SOLD UP TO $25 J Misses. Half Sizes Summer Sheers, Cottons, Jersey Linens, Knits. Many tyl cisions. With three, you've got a decid- LADIES' STRAW HANDBAGS la White Beige Reg. $3.00 $059 LARGE SELECTION Elsa Marie Hosiery Shop 314 E. Main 343-2516 Cotton Skirts Blouses Pants Bermudas Jamaica; ALL f,

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