Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 18, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1944
Page 7
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Page Seven TTTESDAY, JULY 18, 1944 NAUOATUOK DAILY; NEWS Far-Sale Ads Efelbw If It's Announcements Announcements STEEL IS GOLD ^ ^ ^ tt'n'slrd In „,>!' <ir ''''.'.''ctii-tlen. I'nrt or full uorkl 1 "-'. '•_ f ji'iu-m and Nurs- :1 f\-Mipawck-V\'atcrbury hlj;h- .jlCO SO . .\KT TIMU •INT.S • •[••inlsliinj: dept. Good ni .,..C MFG. CO. MAIN ST. WATERBURY I UN. WOMICN! WANT VIM? Stimulants In Ostrcx Tonic Tab- U'ts PI-P up> bodies lucking; Iron. Vitamin El, Calcium. Trial sl/.c costs HUlii. Suvn REA'L money, tret ,M sl'/.u. Ask about big: moneysaving "Economy" size. At all rtruilfjixts—in NauKatuck at Allen's Cut Rate ami Nu'ugutucU Dvufr, -—.rTTT Tnii'li ilrlv.-r unil hwmly f '' o a m. lo 1 P- "i- -APPly ir.tifl' - _' ...... r*,^ i r . ^Aiiih ., 25 South Mil" St ' -—37v_tii tl» d<i»''l"B ""«' <l««»', r ,i' le* I 10111 '-" 1 ll weok> Co ° a ' n!> v Apply N'iiuycatuck Daily TEACHERS STUDENTS "HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR S " PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE Making Footwear Puriiiu 1 Summer Mcmtlis Experience Unnecessary APPLY AT United States Employment Service 123 Bank St. Watf.Tbury, Conn. Stabilization Conditions UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Xaugatrick Footwear Plant NAUGATUCK CONN. The Republican electors of the own of Naugatuck are requested a meiM -i n Caucus tit' the Town lall Building on Tuesday, July 25, 944. at S o'clock, p. m. to elect Delegates to tills Republican State lonventlon to be held In Hartford n -August 7th and Stti, 1944, and o elect delegates to the Conprres- Convention to be held on U.V! !Hh, jy-t-t, and lo transact uch other business as may prop- rly come before such Caucus. By order of the Town Committee CHARLES P. RODENBACM. Chairman. Dated at Naujrntuek, July 18, 9-1-1. Girl or Womiin— .'or general housework. Good sal iry, Tel. Watby. 3-OSSG or Box 'K. 1 care of Tht News. — Trulnod uttcntl ants or practical niirae. Main lencincc If desired. Good salary Stabiliv-ation plan. Tel. Wtbj 4-OB77. For Sale 3 Housi-w Sulo 5 ON K-FAMILY lioiiHt-s of 4 room fiich. all modern improvements pre-war built, 3 years old. Retiso (or selling, owner in sorvici 55,800. 0 room. 1 family house, all Im prcjvrnii-nts also 3 years ok!, situ ntcd on 3-1 acre land, price JS.COO If you want, to buy or sell so Patsy fjibriola. 172 High street Phone 3-I5S or 5834. XKW 3-KOOM cottiiKP, vncnnt iilso .'VP.OOM bungalow witf three quarters acre land; nei, 10-ROOM 2-family house on Wes side. A Sh«pl«y. Telephone 2-133 FOK SAI.K—Two family rooms, 2 car K«" ft K e anci barn All irnprovemenls. Lot 84 * 105 Atiisai-ri.'lue, Tel. 3-5403, Ecldjte port. ONK-FAMII.Y. i: room IIOIIHI-. car KaraRB, S-I90C.OO. Two-farnllJ f.ousp, .Highland avenue; two .'tirnily hi»us.-, rfoadlcy street or,i-.r;Lrnily house. SprlnK slrcel John Heuly, .US Church street Tel. .',031. \Vunt«d To Buy flVfc or n room lioiiiio with mod i>rn Improvements. Fairly new Box N-O, caro of Nowu. Uind For Sulo lot. 120 by I0») fi-ot on Shirley dtivnt, two mllea fron iKuturk olT New Haven road fo $ir,n. Call Wiitprhury -l-'ISS Hnlldlm: iMtn 111 l'r«»p«« for siils. Phom> Nauj;. 5524. For Rent XVitntfd To U«-nt or live rooiim \vuiitt-d t« wn b y two ndults. Acklre.s^ Box "J I" car,; of rs'ewn. KIMIMIH T» Kent KOOMS, fiirnl.Hhi-il for t-ou Apply ra Johnson street. *KK ItOOMS HH iipitrtmtMit o ln <livlUuiils. Steam heat, SlnRl P*rsrms pt-eforru-.l, riotchkiss S '" a CJuruici. For H.-nt Cl J'WOK, 1HI si^T<low St., rour 'nquln- ll;iiph S. I J «»ho, carp o t>om TlipiUcr or Waller A. Noi *i>sh, care of Norwush Sho Kill ^fow.s Want Ads 0.1 soon a. ' ou Ket action. Special prices on All MemorlaU IV, RICHARDS 2(10 So. M»ln St. Naugatuck TITK KLHY BKAUTV SHO1 1 , 1HO Church street,- will be closed Tuesdays during July and August. Automotive IS'otlro* KKI'UBLICAN CAUCUS District of Natitfaluek ss. Pro- iuli> Court, July 17th. 10-M, >UUe Of Catherine Duly, late of auKiituck, in said District, ru- OUMl'd. The Court of Probate for the District of NiiuRntuck hath limited und allowed six months from dale roof for the creditors of said estate to exhibit their claims for ettlt'tnont. Those who neglect to resent their accounts, properly at- t-stt>d, u-ithin -said time, will b* debarred ft recovery. All persona ndebtecl to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment to TERESA B, DALY, Administratrix. 103 Oak Street, NauKal'uck, Conn. Per Order Of Court. \TTEST: STEPHEN J. SWEENEY, Judge. District of Nuugcituck ss. Probate Court, July 17th, 1944. K-itnte of Herman Zchnder. Nau- iluck, In .said district, deceased, T!IP executrix having exhibited her administration account with •mid estate to this Court for nllow- incf?, it is ORDERED—That the 24th day of July A. D. 19-14, at 3:30 o'clock in the afternoon at the Probate office in Naugntuck, be and the .tame is assigned for a hearing on ine allowance of said Administration Account with said Estate, and this Court directs the executrix-to cite nil persons interested therein to appeal- at said time and place by publishing this order in some newspaper published in New Haven County and having u circulation in said District, and posting a copy on the public sign post In the town of Niuigatuck, where the deceased last dwelt, and .by sending, postage prepaid, a like notice to all parties interested residing outside this District at least three days before said day assigned. STEPHEN J. SWEENEY. Judge. l-'or Main DODGE —: PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED Sales Service • Parts, Accessories Malcolm \V. Starr Corp, ISS Watcrtown Avo. Dial 5-11-10 WAR BONDS USED CABS , f: . . at new celling prlces, : 6r ..loin. ' PACKAKJ3-WATJ2BBTJBY, INC..' • •-•; ;• • '180 Watcrtown-Ave. DlaU'jijGlOB' JABY—Cur suits; Play pnnH, liiiUil-. nctts,.cribs, -high.chairs, Kantwet mattresses',' toy*.. .,".• THE RADIO .SHOP'. ISO Grand St Waterbury Contractors 22 . Painting , .-. .'.".-••" t'APEB HANGING mill Painting; W. F. Coin, 17 Cedar .Street. . Tel. C45b. Merchandise 28 HotiHuholil Article* FOR SALE! ! .ABC Washer Easy Washer Hamilton Beacon Vacuum Cleaner Electric Iron Francis Furniture Co. •HO NORTH MAIN 3TRKET Telephone 3000 ' V'v?: ' BANK Httfn deposit IHJXOH wanted. Highest cosh prices paid. Wire collect write or phone what you have to oJTcr. J. E- Murphcy, Republic- 008-!, 815 •YOH.tmsin Ave., Webster Groven 19, Mo. RATES ARE SMALL; RESULTS ARE LARGE Classified Ad Rule* Words Lines 1 Day 3 Days 0. Days ' ' Prepaid Charge Prepaid Charge Prepaid Charge I .27 .36 .63 .90 l.OS 1.47 Ifl to 20 .30 .4$ .84 1.20 1.44 1.92 21 to 25 5 I .CO 1.05 1.50 I 1-80 2.40 20 to 30 6 I .72 1.20 1.80 2.10 2.88 .03 1.47 2.10 I 30 to 40 .72 .96 1.68 2.40 1 2.SS 3,8') •U to -ID 9 I .81 1.08 1.89 2.70 3.24 46 to 50 10 .90 1.20 | 2.10 3.00- I 3.00 4.80 to 05 11 1 .99 1.32 2.31 3.30 | 3.96 5.28 ' 50 to CO 12 1.08 1.44 3.00 4.32 If palrt within one week after insertion, advertisement will be' considered as prepaid. I, hereby'Kivo notice that I have received a rate book for a tax on the Grand List of 19-13 District No. 1 of 19 Mills on the dollar payable- July 1st. 3944- On and after August 1st, 1944 interest at the rate of R per cent per annum will be charged from July 1st, 1944. I will be at the Tax Collector's Office Town Hall Building on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 o'clock to 5 o'clock and from 7 o'clock until 9 o'clock, except on Saturday, will close at noon, for the purpose of receiving said tax. Dated at Naugatuck, Connecticut this 20th day of June, 1944. PATRICK F. McKEON. Tax Collector. Dresses From Feed Bags Feature Wisconsin Review Lancaster, Wis.—(UP)—Dresses made from feed bags and discard-; ed curtains . were featured in a "rnade-over-dress review" demonstrating wartime clothes economy. Miss Helen Davis of Grant county staged the event as part of a rally here. • ' Some 300 women witnessed the review in which farm women displayed Iheii- handiwork and told the cost of their made-over dresses. The expense was mostly limited to thread and nn occasional package of dye. Mrs. Jennie Calcy, a Hurricane farm woman, was the owner of two dresses made out of 100-pound feed bags. Tho dresses were mude i n two-piece tailored styles, dyod soft shades of blue and brown and resembled high-grade linen. Tho discarded curtain was made into a rccl-and-whitc-chcck frock by Mrs. William McKinley of Fennimore. Spring jumpers made out of spring coats were modeled, ana one woman proudly displayed a sheer light blouse made over from a prewar formal. THAT'S HIS STOHV 11 Ami Found LOST—Monday uftcniooii, In Murphy's store, walleL containing sum of money in bills. tt«f r ?Mrs. Frank Rucla, 102 Maple street, or call 325G. 1IOUSK KEYS with trinket on chain found. Owner may have same by identifying and paymp for advertisement. Apply News. IIT.ACK COCKKB S I? A N I K L FOUND. TELEPHONE 3114. HUNCH of k«!,v«, "» «»t°»>» lllle keys. Near New Dam Sunday. Upward. Telephone 3484, WARD. T«l. 4-2762 for a LOAN (Ask for Mr. Wu") TIIOMO arc bw^," 0 ^.™' to you h.ivo use for CASH to meet H«"Honul nccd.s: FIK. Clothings, K»"-"^, nCi ^ n /°a will find the telephone a "rcat tlmr,suv R r. A loon of $ 10 0 co»t 3 $19-50 when repaid [n 12 equal principal con- iocutlvo monthly installments. PHONE 4-2762 Northampton, Mass. CUP)—Jack Clifford, loading local fisherman, returned from a piscatorial jaunt with this fish story: While fly ty- inj.'. h« accidentally slapped into a hole in the river, and th? wa- trr .urged over hts hJ^'h lop boots. Subsequent investlpalion of the boot revealed a wriggling 71-2 inch trout. (A.nyway, t'ilal's his story.) New Zealand's wheat fields have- on-j of tilt- lai-KCSI. avei-u^n yields in ihf- world. The average Is about 31 bushels per acre. President Of Mexico Honors Airways Official Mexico City (UP)—Capt. RodolfO Tn'TOS Rico, P:in American Airways affoliato flight supervisor, has received the Mexican Ooid Star Medal by order of President Avila Canracho. •Tt was l.hi; first of the new Gold Star-order, and honored Torres Pico's flight record of 15.000 hours Only a tow. years ago Hie received ihe Ei-milio CM rran'/.o Medal for being the fh-rt Mexican pilot to re.'LCh 10.000 hours. Last year the'Cuban Red Cros gave Kim the Modal of Merit foi his assistance, in the rescue 01 shipwrecked seamen off the Yuca I,in coait. Torres Rico has been with the Mexican affiliate of PAA since 1920, ^ Fitting Glass Eyes For Humans Her Job -Minneapolis, Minn. (UP)—Wo. moiv-at-work ilcm: -Andrea Nfilson'.' job is to la-ka measurements and recommend proper colors for or derinp; plass eyes. She took up the work four year ago. when as a student at th University of Minnesota, she used to vi-sit the Magcr & Goucclmap Co.. a.nd found Ihe sij<ht 'of many rows of human-appearing eyes hi Iriguing. ivlis< Nelson says that the US' of safety goggles lias reduced th demand foV glass eyes in. spi'te o war casualties. STAKTS FliPI'y IlIGHT Boston (UP)—Gen Douglas Mac Arthur has a namesake in Soul Boston. No, it's not a boy, but a English bull pup. The genera wrote the owner—Michael E. Hui ley, 6, giving his permission. PRIVATE BUCK Easy DoeJ It, With Want Ads "DEATH TO J1.0ACHK.S" will rid your house Of roaches and n.nts, or money refund-ed. .tl.2n. Adam.f Pharmacy or Union 'City Pr.arm- acy. • '' ' ... KIDDIE Kob|>' Crll>—U'oublc electric plate, McKcc'.Ever Cold ice box.LurtfO si/.c. Call 338-1. 'Oil SAL1S—Smull l<:c l>«x. ^ .'"•' capacity, -28 Carroll Court, upstairs.^ !)' To Buy ;ALL 281(X— If you have unythliiff to sell. -SiriKo'r sewinfj machines, bicycles, - old furniture, . russ or junk. Right prices paid. _ for Your MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Tecca Music Co. . 203 Bank -I-U22 CJ T-T & ' l OXK STORK KefrlneriUoiV ulici-r and scalBS. T - - T - M6nl;imb;iult, 532 Norlh Mahi street, Union City. Tel. 2683. CKIIiS —~~Carr!iiEW. J'l:iy 1'cnn, Lni-firo ,aulcclion of toys.' lowest prices in town. • "KIDDIE CENTRE T . wtby . WOLLIiNSAK v:irl-powered 1 . telescope, new with leather case. Not a toy, Tel. -1800 0 a. m. lo G p. m. BARRED P.OCK CHICKENS More Than Half Crown . First Come First'Served." 11,3 Elm SU-cct -" Phone ClHl BKOILKHS & ROASTEKS FOB • SALE. INQUIRE M A PLE DAIKY, UNION CITY.' TKL. -H79 Services Professional 2 VOKCir SGl'CKENS—7 fr:ot lone.i ' Excellent condition. Only slightly used. Tel. 3825. Musical JOHN'S MUSIC SHOV r'n Imv, si-ll, 'r-xuluinKft, and repair oil k'inds of instruments. Lowest prices in tho city. 380-382 So,. Main St., Watby, Conn. Solve Your COAL PROBLEM Now i'nst.-Ul art Automatic' Coal Slolccr using- non-rcstrictnU low cost stoker coal. Do not delay, aslc for. Free heatinfc survey. We have new stokers on hand ready -to install, also one used stokifr. WATEREURY AUTOMATIC COAL BURNER CO. 3SG S. Main St. Wtby. Phone -l-r.770 Trodu something you have for something you n'='= d more. Use a News Want Ad to KCt in touch with someone who \»ant.s to s-wnp EXCELLENT UlC-tlPlIOUSTKRV —Allen's Upliolslcrinpr.Studio, 1 Grand Street, Waterbury. Dial 3!) Wanted To Itcndcr Service* ELKCTIUCAT, IK>pBlrln«r"SnrvlcB Appliances i «p«eia]ty.' Ray Decker, -102 N. Main St. Tel. .<000. ATTENTION iCIcctrofiix Own«r» —Repair*, genuine parU ..»nd aervicc. . By bonded ISlfcotroi'iX Man. I.' .NI«s«n, 3 T«*es»"Av«. Tclephonn 4822. = GRABOSKI'S lUclio Ilopalr Radio's expertly repaired; moderate prices. 'Phone 5C17. • 4(1 And I>yeln«: KTEVMAX'S j-.'n.ijs-ai.ucli's Dry Cleaning Firm, offers i's first class dry cle.i.ninp; not only in family garments, but. blankets, rugs .ind other specialties in this field. KIEVMAN'S 70 Church Street "I don't daw be late for rolleall thU time-my furlough starts today!" LOOM, SAWYER. 1 WEAN TO QUESTION VOOR ABIUTV AS A PIIOT, BUT ARE YOU $*WW THIS IS THE RI3HT W.ACCV STRANGE THtt'S WHAT I'M V/ONMR1N6. BUT WHERE'S OUR RECEPTION COMMITTIE? HERE WE ARE, SMITH. , AUOUT. END OF THE LINE. |J> PAUL ROBINSON 71 S" DANCES- j ; YOU'LL HAVE TO SHE'S PUNNIM£ it^jft^ $j "tt^jsisz- SECR1CT AGENT. X9 •-,'*..•• , . mm^m Oliffl, STILETTO. Iie.A ION£ AC'ENT, TRACKlNS |N TU'c NEXT IH5TANT, TWO V, FPO.M Sl-UE-JAW'S P.'STOL INTO STILETTO'S ROXV, HAS CA?TUfZ£D ONE OF SENTSlcS- COUPON-:-...Ti-:.AT't.L J i GOT THE Sa A HAL?- ___/ A<OM=V P:<3rJT M BABNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH we SICK,TOO. OUT CORE JUVCE SNUFFV CURE VACXVWKV-POX >>. H\fV\ CORN By \VILLL-\M- RITT and CLAKKNCE GHAfi BRICK BKADFOKn TVS" TWE-ORDER \ PROCEED^ / ? I TAKE THESE OF bSMDA , OUR JT7] r\r*£l PRISONERS TO OTECTOR' r^ T iV THE PROTECTOR'S ,^*a£4Kr PALACE - r MUCOS AND'SIOSETER w_c-_,lM THE OLD CAYS *JE USED TO <S-ET UP Ar_S THE MCRKJIMG C3PAMPS WAS TC2VIKJ TO KID US^WE SAID VOOb GET US UP CM TUE. FAPM '5 O'CLOCK _ . S*4OKTAGE: =S VJE <?ET UP AT +

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