Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 20, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1916
Page 7
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PAGE HOW TO VOTE ON WAS SP!ILED! ST! : ' <im m «° OF TRflDE , CLASSIFIED RATES : ~ l •••'•.• .:'-. H...,'r.r;,"T, ....'• | OHECfiNfAWORB FOR. RENT Sterling Park District |Upsots-!n Both the West and] East Were Numerous On Gridiron Saturday, I """" f>o you WT»Tit ^tFrlmif tn lifive ample public irntyiffoiTTid space for children? I)oyou want SlcrJinir to have liberal public recreation prrmmds for lartrer people? })() you want plenty of free band concerts?.; This is largely a factory community and pdoplc that work hard indoor* all day should have pleasant places for outdoor recreation. Nice parks will tend to keep them Healthier and happier'. The City of Sterling: is not supplying- the things above mentioned, and is hardly in a position to do so. Adopt the Sterling Park District at election Tuesday, Nov. 21, and elect five Commissioners and there will be a legal organization that can supply these things. Women cannot vote on this proposition, but can aid the cause of progress and humanity by urging their men friends to do so. HOW TO CAST YOUR BALLOT , -Following is a sample of the form of ballot to be used. Each. voter must write in the names of the five men he ivants for commissioners. The names given below are those whom the Association of Commerce^,directors, after investigation and careful thought, suggest, to the voters as candidates who would make capable and progressive commissioners. They,are willing to serve although no pay is connected with the office. BALLOT For JPark'District Against Park District FOR PARK COMMISSIONERS L. A. Bhtorf W. H. Perry IM •Low C.'ose I HELP WANTED- MALE U AN Onts W <it' H^ . " I. ' '! . .t '.rT- t i t i ' ' I - < V f i !< .1 il| « M" ' !" i 'is !. > i. « r • 'f | . ii, •. 1,1 t V M . v •. , Ml '•l'.xi%i>.'tH(^ (!•» t (I! '' t li' ^ n , i ... I" 11 • • i • 1'r. ' u «• <s t \j i i , i, Kf. It it toiiph ininv. but. rm ..!!•• I..,,|.;»-.| fur (!;.- |ju|,' r,.|i<'tr- (,. trim thi- I'rliTittirt „'! t.» n.' Thf nthei listens £rirpriw» ',vn« the victory of C.ilcatc i,\.|- Kyraro*<» by the jo-ore r.f !•"> to 0, Then \f> print rivalry bi>- (low ^.Itlitl. d with HS f!l::l.S(j!i'i- \V'it!<. ili -:|.iii' i!« h-'ird jur-k d<"fi'.'»r :U "ihi- bands «if ' Vain, N i u ! h w * stci n v. a J? f'\ !*<•? I r-d io beat poor 1'uriinc and rnnde nood bv 111'' !»<•>!«•' of :t<» i.i fi. nlii,, .«!„!,. (!,.- old. i'T big run.* *^>iift i f IH r. eham I'i.inHhip t, r<l*-.i fame through Mitlttrday uitli a i I.-nti «late by riff <-n ting Cax.r Us tu ii. The ^iitn*' between Ohio Htiit" and N'oi th«i:st«'-ni. botli of whh-h 'have had |o\r raHiiir* In the bitf nine, will set I In (In- < nnfi'fi -lire title without the pos-iildliiv of my diiputc. an « L ver oth- Pork ' it' Lwrd M i\ I> < I tn Rib* M 1 \ it * H '",", H.:'.fi H 7 If f, CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. ' 'hi, ;n;<>. III.. Nov. _'". Hues opi'ii V'i !"•• lowrr. >,} <Me:nly to IT..' htiver. Hfronu t«i J"i" lltlM \VANTI-Jh-- .MAN To i)t» cHoitlvS HV - month. Stv.idy j..!i in riplit party. Karmi-r's phono :'i;i|U2. Morrison.' D •r»'« Sntu'rday were an fi.-l.- WEST. XnlthVMMtcf n, .'!>;; Mliiii« fsntn, , f .4; \VCM-n l'«-n.n*yhania. lii. Mi Iowa. ]'.*; A rni'?. IK, Kau^.t--!, 7: NVhraxkn. f,. (I. J. T. Williams L. K, Wynn J. F. Sundburg UOTE: Names must be Written in by the voter STERLING HIGH LOST to lack fight <>Vi-opt uhi-n re^ila.s uMhin tho hhii«' . j,'«iiii ' p<)»(.<<. M 1,1 plav-'-i i , ..... ji;; .> > D, l.i.'i.!, ., j.i|- lurt tram. Bockford Won Saturday By; .i- r «n>, oiamirr. d-e, und HaiMun ; Miirn-if for liiiekiord, l-Yrti played the jentiri' game', the Iir«t time he ban per> formi-d iiny et'inNidenthle |wl<ul wince i the early contCHtM of thr- neninon. H|H I line pluiiKin>; \v:ui ji .-rnvobiUo'n--lo-the Score Of 21} To 0—Head Starred For Sterling, It wan soft for I'orkfonl . Kins and/hi- tnre vleiounly ihroiiKh tho forward^, nearly nlwuyfi reg- K.'ilxlon n\mn her of fumbles Theso condition* tend>'il low.ird '(.lowing 'ui» the giimo "'iitd then- we r e On tin ills i'-bord.'d the The lineup follows: H.ockf'urd (t'.">> " Bnglundf I. e,; f'larv oVr, I. t,; Hurr. I. - if.; lieimeh. e,; SpuulflliiK. r. K-'. Ciirlxoii, r, t.;, r. f.; fJee, i). b ; ItevellH. 1. h.i Heilin, r. h.; Fern, f. b. Head;~l. err—MrCnr-' •Kler. I. K.; Ulllon.'.IN; Melu-rmon, r. t,; I»re\v. n, b.; iieliluirill, !. h,; mitk. I. t.; Atyru'i''!!'', Mr" Mr l...rii!.!inl. n<»; Itradley. , IS. .MlMsourl. 14: l>r;tht». '». N'otrn Dame. H: MlehliMn A., o. U'aajilnuti.n. 1.1. Cnllfiirnln, :!. HI, Vi;i)..|^ 1^'; I'luri'ka, 0. Itll'on. 1;!; LawreiN'H, 0. nilju.U Colb-^e. 47; Hhtirtleff, 0. Millilvin, U; UVjdynn, 3, charb-titon, -•»; Stnto Normal, 7. EAST. ,_lU-4*tt:.iv~Uj; Hnrvartli t». -••-- — Vale, lO; Princi-ton, 0, I'itt. N; caineKie, fi. Dartmouth, .7; \\'e»t Vlrnlnin, 7. Cutin-il. ;i7; MUM?, AstKlei!, 0. Williams, ii;. ,\inherit, 0. '•'• , 'in. <ii; Hoiy Ctiwf., ft. <". \ ^!la N'o.Vit, 7. -. Army, J 7; SIH iisiflietd "V," '.'. / SOUTH. |!;ty!..|". lo; Oklahoma. A.. 7. 'l"i'iiii<'!»Hi-f. 17; Seunuee, 0. Keiitui'Ky, 13; M. find M.i'3. ti'-oryia Teeh., .:i;'O«orslu, n. .1'. ,»•• Virginia, L 1 7; .Vtr«lhln, M. 1., 7, , :KJ; f. of. Alabama, o. a. '.M; MtsrtHslppt f., o, HIGH SCHOOLS. Uofkfnrd, S, r .: Ktcrliiiff, 0. nrt. II; Ktist Aurora, 13. (1, 13; TtiMfola, 1U. .1'tHiriu. K4; I'eUIn, 14. I»t'«'iUur. 42; Hhmmlngtoni 7. Moliue, 2«5; Roehellf. I) HoiiH i tuyc wti'Mdy n! t'sirly decline; top price,' t9.!«r«. Kptim:iit'd 44,(!'iO CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. \Vhiflt--Nir. 2 fid. Sl.Vl'; No. :{ red, 11.71 \-l',t 1 Ml; No. 1 red, J! ffl; ( N,), L 1 hfird wint.'C, $J,Mfi'.i I <(H; X"o.. jit hard "wTnT.'-V.''" }'}' 74 l-^'c! l.S,*.; No. 4 hind tvjiitir, mi\, Jl.,".1. Crirn ••••- No. 2 yrilmv, !>i"i l-^4r,;i7 1-L 1 ; N'o. .1 yellow, n.*,',! '.ir. \ --J; N.I. 7 \ellii\v. H.l'.'i'i.'i 1-4; No :'. uhil... Ii.", :tH'.» !'<'> 1 -U; No. .1 w hiU'. »t|'n!M; l-U;'Ni>. 4 vvhlti 1 , ii'l 'ti !M 1 •:.'; ^Ci|, ,,fi white. !'il'.| '.i.i; Nii, •> whiln. S!l lll'.i fii'i; No '' mixed, 'I"il-L''ii ;*7.; No. a mixe,l, *,%4i ;»*;, No. 4 mixed. '.c't-i"'i :•! 1-2; No. r. mixed, '.'n'./:».': No, ii mixi-il, '.Ml; S:tt11pt<< urtide, M>*J K'i. <»:^H.-No. J mixed, fifi'ii fit! I -4; No, 2 white, 57 l-2'.l 57 3-4: No. 'A White. 5fi 1-l"iir.y 1-2; No. 4 mixed. W: No. 4 uhlto,' ,'iii l-'."ii ,".7; Std.. fi71i .'s l-'J; Siitnpto. Kmile, 47<St.M ,!-«; IJtirleyCuMh. !io«rl i'«. Kye—Ni,. .', $l.Mi; No. .1, $1.40 1-2. STERLING CITY MARKETS (Corrected Dftily.^ (Mosca Dillon Company.) New No. .1 yellow eoru *>>'•» • New No. 4 ,yi<I!u\v eorn *~" Wlilte o,'ltn No. 3 mixed it;its ..... Whrat .*•-• "' ' !•''' •)-:,- r. =:. ,«r.'. r , 1 -, !:, !•: f::.-n-!!, 1 17- J.'»* \ .'•;'. \ •-.'•. f'-irvtrnrvfr :>'.''i. \V Tntt ' [,brin<» TO .\H;.V <»rit SVSTKM OF TI:A''H !F>B •ttor^ffj-nt; «-r^th;t«*' ynm tn trr^rn n profHdMn. pr'.f'-*«i<.n quicklr. WrHr MfiI«T Colli-K-p. fifth ntul Monro*'-, \VA\TKI) l.KAHX IVAIUU-n THAHF.. Hit; pMytriK tra.'i''. Ea.ty In h-:trn by our s-ystftH, \Vrft*» f<ir rninl.'.K. 2'il l«!h St.. MoHn«. HI. Trl-Clty K.-irbr-r f "(ill' 1 !:'-. " ['T>t»i; \S' A N T KI > . • < • O .\ 11 • I; T M N T M A X T( t li.'iruil.' fin ii|>-f(!-i!:itf Sini- i-f slm-k- rii- ti's supplier, fir-!,) *n vtork r;ns-.'i« only. Mn»r |i.> over 30»y«v»r«i of :>«;(> ninst not ilrink irst.ivlcniits «r Mnii">l(i> f!kctir-tt«'S. h.-ril find ! ntt f;irtii picf'-rrfi!. If int»r*^tr<!, write n( diici-, "M'rt>nn:in . s <'"., «^iinlf.v. HI'. A. L i M f |r i Ksi: \VITfl \Vr-T KlfttF Third S't. n|- AltiM'T 80 rt>i; I;I:XT TTT-rlfMT ITTi .<'. !•: Y. r>[7 T-nxr ' :o-r«•-•. V :tnl.'•! J'all wurk ,!-M lini.-. II! , i:. U r<'i: !;i:.\"r %!iM'i;t:\" Ht>rsf; AT Vl'i NS'r-r-t Thir.-t ;<'! - \Vin T «;:i!t 11:»-120 HELP WANTED—y WANTKtJ ( housework. !U, Koif rjlCNKHAt, Wiiti- "T" i-are <li\7,'•• ' 1 20-1 2",» WANTED COOK AT HI VKHKIDF, ri'st.iurnnt, It'K'k I'*all«. Must, know how to hake pi. 5. |lf> per week. W A X T !•; I) s.\!.i:sr,Ai>iK,s Woiihvortli'n. Apply i\ AT 1 |'t|.f >ANCK Nov. ^'2ti< ; in.'in ha' 1 " Monttnoreney In iVo ! '. ttm-rd'M (in '' >Htni, s'n'fjcr AXVuNi: HttNT(N<! <)|! . ti'rsp.;is-int; OKI pri'mlneK owned by .John'Thin in v\ill hi' prom-i-uti'd to tin hiyju'«t extend of tho law. John Thurtti, 12»-ll'^ V !•: AUK rilKPAHRI) hvitohi'rinir. will «-.T|| nml rity, l,to<'HfT rniil f't>rKi>t(, AM: r-hnn.- rA7-Hl'. To IX ) In UK In- rospotiKlbln for nny di tracted tiy nilf.ert Kmmlff. W. L. Kmmltt. NOT CIKt- s"j;\v T« r. r, <-,; In the i.M.ih.ill ijame with Stfr- lltiir ut Ki«,hwuul;ee HHd in Ho,Word , uui|(( A Bn , ju M ,, (Whl(r |f| „,„ i,, u .h, lH ,ij i,,,!,,,,. ,-.),; «'ver, r, b. Baturday uft« rin«on, the red and bl»i<'k; n nd «eored threi. of ttocKfoftl'N* fmir [ ftnckfnnl 0 6 f. 13~2f> trtuinphlnu without much effort by itj fouehdowiiK. lie was eMiKH-lully of- HlerilnK ., 0.0 tt 0—0 »cor«* of "T, to o The visitors never'! 'eetive throuKh tacklo jtnd sprlutPd for- TourhdownH — Ohu]ider, KnlMton, 3. .. , * .. .,' ',•', , in,, n.,,1 I' 111 " 1 *' y«^ls after breaking through tho ooal from imu-hdown.' itnlMtm. Al|K»ed threatened the HocKfMTd K.. ; .| line and i u! , lMi;4il:k , forw . u ,. l8 Koiilfuim t..u« hdown, Jdilslon. Hub- but for UuMndivlOuiil prowess of Uuhm j T)u . sm;ll | ( .« t t . rowrt ))f „,„ w , nMoh « t i Ult «»«. Onrlnt.ii for Hurr, 8um«>rn for at rlKht h»lf would huve seldom r*'K- j wltneHned the contest, wliich wan play-! SpituldlnK, Smith for Curhwin, Khores UUejed ttr»t di»wn>'.' 'my* the KoeKfoid led on u «h[>iM-ry Meld. Many plnyo! for linker, Uedin for C,«>e, UiVUton for Morning Star. jweiv ntp|ied in the bud berau»«e of the j KevellH. l-Vrn for Itedln, Bpauldln« for pri»nenteil a,, henvy team (wo wtttrs. .Head lit left end uml Duhm ut right half, but the eleven of thi>- i>Uiy<-r.«. tn Jui-p thuir ! 1-Vrn.. , vvlrllo tho < old vvt'iUhi-r hi'iiumlx'd ! »Ti«-izl«>. f ? rni>i»o, llt-ud Hiu-Hrniui, Day.. Tlnu« thi-ir iltmcn* und •rexuliwl In » mSm-i-uf qunrt««r>, -K>. THE 'fc l^ingjgi^ •'•'''.. . "V ' ' . ' • ' Every newspaper he sells is helping you. If your advertisement is there it is aiding you a hundredfold. • If the nwuulV'tui'or is aclviMiisinj^ hnuuls tJfat you carry-in styt'lv it is also' nitiUSn^• hu'siuessjor you. Von fan lu'lp this nuuuifaciurer'^ advt'rtising aiulJiwi-VHso your own, sales if you will. Read the advertisements in this newspaper. See what goods are being advertised that you have in stock. Plan to ,t-o ojicrato .with this advertising. Push thVsr t'rtiHtHl products. Put. them in your windows,' (lot every you eaii. everv (lav and ItjA rulo to wali'h Ihi.s nc 'with tho 'nuuuif«('iurt»r's.iu«wspn|»cr counting the thousands of Sterling Daily Gazettes that are sent by mai) inta the Country there are ,.; "' c .. ., • '-.••• '..•-. Siertlna Dally Ganettes Peliyered ah4 sold to subscribers in thf ^win Oities^oC Sterling: and Roek Falls. >t . , i i-arrior i»oy carry M mesxa^e J'roni you, Mr. l^ler .nl. <*'!Iinj4 oj' the of tlic Twin ('ities7 ^ • '* " c • Jt'.iii^dui^iitit, an* you not an.-,- At-r. Lt'l j lif Ua/i'tt*.' ht'lp vuu.-' «>ur .s for th<* FOUR PEOPLE KILLED Racing Oar Left the Course During Grand Prix Race •v At Santa Monica. Stnitii Monit-a. (>!., Nov. 20. — l-'pJir er?iiins were Killed und 'neverul injured during the runnhiK of tho Grand J'ri.x auiouiuliilt- race Suturduy w.hen u Miirmon ear, driven by Lewl» JnckVwn, left the I'ourHe and mmhed throuKh u row of trt'es lininu thi> iiiiirfltv •ilui'knoij'H hiidy, almoHt c»it In twt», WitM pinm-d between tho wreck of liM ear and a tree.. Tlu- trt'« wn^ cut down In aiiiiilluii to Jiii'kHon tho dend are Haiolil KdKertun and an uiiidi'iitilled woman, Inith Miu>ctiiturtt, nnd II. 1*. Jen- Uiiis,, u movtiiK picture e.-imeru man, whir W.H'H itlmiiiK the race, John OandUi. JaekHon'H mechaniolan, i brown clear -i»f the wrerki»K« >u his feet, and was only (slightly In-. LIVE STOCK- (PlpptTl Uros. A Cot > Kit Btcers ...f " on mo in the thirteenth I«P of the forty;, fit hi around tho 8.401 milt Culvon ..,' ,. •...•»«•••... JR.O f -*Mi Snt*f»p • •••» .'. ,$S I'l'Tjx Ijunbfl , .... ...$"<>n«/: HOKS , .. .'. .IS.OOiff.Jl.O LOCAL FU7AII. MARKET. (Storllnir .'JepU Store. Dairy—fletall. Hansford'cTPiunery buttor .........42 Dairy butter ,.,.-.,»... ,.,...3C «7 • *..«•*.««•' ..,.,», '* ..........Ml Dairy -Wholarale. li^t'^^i* *••* • * *I2' FreHh pggii ...I". ^ 3i New V«o«tablat. Head 'lotttjce, par,hc'a<l 12W' Celery, each ,.,T.. ...r.i Qfr *U *•!... »••....«• *.4.ll ,«•.•....«....*•*»•••.....«."* New potaioea. p)c ,......,, .h')i Lent "icttuon, bunch -..Be Bfcota, bunch .8c Grt'fn ppiuwra^ itich 5c - ', FruiC'-''^""*^' Oranges, Calif., dozen .........SG<930c SLASHED GIRL'S THROAT, Quincy, 111.. Nov. 20.--8t. LuuiH Qulncy dfrUTtiyiWltnvp been enlled t< HunnUial,-Mn., to help rim down tin n*KTO. wl»o • t»nt«rc»il two reHideiiei'H in Hunnibul, Klu*»hed one Klrl'M throat and attijmpteij to cut nti.uth«?r'x, Cruckcd , Crucktul eggs caij iitv noll^d safely by pliiclug B -Httlo vim-gar lo _,their water. LEGAL NOTICE * voiirso, .lack.Hon at a terrlllc- puns down Hun Viouitto boul- oynrd In tho hnckHtrotrh wlu»n'.hl« Klunt Marmon -car maidenly j«ft tho courxi> *nd plunKod into tho «it)Wit. 'pte woman vietlm wu« in |t« puth anil was run tlovvn and killed. Tho car .then smashed into a telogrttph polo nitd I'dieenod into two troo^; which wore snapped off -by tlu< iiowvr of th<* blow. tho movio operator, wan aw;i> ut hlw miu'hlno when the crash cnnto. One of the hroUen t»«o« vfciu heivt eruBhiiiK uKuinal him. eriishln,J him to tho giouna . Ucmouth hln eamern. The ofticlitU of tho race attempted to proven! tho MoriotiHitox of tho accidt-ut fiom kiiowir to Kathen-d uUout tin , coiu>e in erdor to avoid a riltdi to' the M'l-iie of tin. disinter and Uto pr«tl>- uhlitty of limber u.'i-identis. ' R»c» Won 0y Aitken. Joluui> Aiiken Won the raoi\ the li|i»c- lUdioji nioioi oyeut tif tho United State.x for .uiuther man. Although he a i'fiiKut tten.Ms tllfi line HIM, en-tilt for HIP vlctoi'y goes to hu ti .unin.HU., Howard Wlleo^c. ami (he loit.'V v\li| be jiald flie iittuo' prize UHmey .\tkius-- tiiiH' fur tin- iiu-i'-wat. } hum*, I.' tiiiiiui.'-, JT M'cuntlM, Hin nveia«i " ' • • .'"' nuK- an bour. This bctt I'i" .1 «>."u.I i,,!' Vh« am) "* * ''*'!.' I ill ,| Wt!H... u.t.H »i tun. \v,is i hi,ui-. Jh inn,ui.. A li I' 14,11.1 Hi- lii.K , Hi I... n. iMi.^i- i.f &a n tufii^ 'li in it Hiuinoy w.i«« ttu«' 6' C'ii 3; ur 7J> i:« Sad But True.'7 .iv |ii f ii«m K '-, UK- MASTER'S 3ALE. titute of IIIinoiH, \Vhite.Mldi' CoutUy, , In tho Circuit I'ourt tu the Oi-lobet term. A. I). HMti. Jiuvirt L. Mnrlin and John W. Martin ' • •'• :VM. .,...'.,. . Mlm raL HprliiK 1'f'i'l; A^oeiatlon. "-~ l'"orei'lo«ure. Public notlre'lH lu-n b> given that the uiuiei'hJKned maHter-iu-chanoery pur- MUiint to n decree i-ntered in the abovi I'litltled cutiwe oil the HIM day of Oi'- tober, A. U. I'JIU, will on Monday, tin 4th day of December, A. |J. l!>lti, at tlu hour ufxll o'clock <u the forenoon oi Unit day"m\the we'd door of the po»( otfice in thoT"Hy of HlerlitiK In naiu I'ounty of Whitehidi', oiler for halt- and *i-l! to the JllKhi'Ht and b'-»t bidder (in 1-nnh the following di'«*crlbeil real e>into, situated in the t'ounly of White- Hide, and Ktule of llluioiH, to-wit: Lot Xo. Two of the \v*Mf half of the north- e«»t uuurtor of Section Tweuij -three in "TowmdUp 'i % weul>-oue, noith. UaiiH» Heveu (><«M of thi.' foiuth piiuci|ial >a<-r idian, »<aviiig and esi'eptiuK that pan thereof couvejfd by MI id MIIHT.I Spring 1'iirk AbMui-iiion to |).i\ul 1. Murtlo* an<] John W. M.artiu by luiily dnt-U, dated AuguMi 31. 1:112; ,1111 ,o u p«rt of tl|e >'at.t half oi th tturthwi M quailti o| S('i'tMui -3 de«er|i>eU «i><- follow n. iH-KUintii>4 ' south 'of tin' norliiwi"-! funer i> 3 of the uortho.i -t <iu.ntei of s.n> •Stetson 2S. titeilfi' IUHIUIIK uoith • decrees* twoMlv-live nunuivH \v>ninety foot, thonro lo a HIM lliu- > ii'i i > diiooUon on th" .ii' 1 ' <'t ilio i-iiil. »' f \siiii-li i- ^ei> J>-'-l. -i i!r v\.i •1 we are 'Ih position t;' '>njiiHe nil of hldoM and fur. v\ .' i • • •- =' > ! ' • prleo. Also wan- : »,.. .' '' "•• ••.."' ,;-. . -ivvny \ ut,i jonk fur •'••' •...«,. > .'.it • *. -ilanfli-iil on la.iruwl "'tri'vi, Sterlintr.jboforo you •«•!!. 'You «ot full value lor your g'ootjM, H»th phones. 11H-K1S AlH.KVR UI'IIOLSTKRINO HOS> pital, bnnemtnit corner Locust ^ nml Fourth S««. • 95-130 FOR BALE—REAL ESTATE^ «|.|''iulid 7-l''-ii|ii him-,, .in 1'nitnr b>t, With b.irn nt I;:II.IK.'. loe.tti.l ntt one '.t Sl'-ilin:;' ••> I ! IVIHI... I,lb«-ral !'irn«, l<!.:si |i!.:< . f..r riiu.i! failure. !",,-.. .^«j,,r) t>,,\v nc Mateb 1. I'.U". If ,1 i"..!iiii-, l-:vr-iti^ivyAi:'iit. l-'irst N.-illon-iI Hani; |:|.| s :. U'O i'nl! SAI.I-; «'!'. ItKX'l' Mol»i;UN S- Sl<ilin::, Imjidri' nf Hatrv • ivildii?. li'Otf K«M{ SAU: m: i;.\ciiA.\(ii; A «oo» rheriji, hnpii' OKI Wimdhtirn Avf'., cnn- f«i«ii?n; i.f ri-i"nni hou«i-. bnrn. rhlfk- *ii li..ti»" and UI».M| wi-ll. Chinp oti ia»y ti-miH, Wctlbl aeri'pt tenftl, wntroii and li:irn«sH In part payment, II. l> chaptin. Ac. ni. . 113-U'Q IK H.'MIII Tlil-:i''.S I'|U»DCCI-: AN- ir.ially -IO.IHMI 'HIX.H <if but they pffirhii'i A m>\v $}i»«t.iino {''inriiht o(T..f.« $l*iii«'x and oti i<a.iy month- ,-ty |ia.ynn nix If 'H«n|n-d. This IH a propimitinn pii'fi-nti'il, by .exp< rieneett til'-ll «>f the liii:lH'-t VhJW.'fitlter .llltl)' ftanrliiu; aiisi IM t In re.fui >' f>ntit|i'd to your eai'i ful t'oii>!|iii>ia!ii>u. A«k f»ir full information. K. L. (inlt. ln.'i Wi»Mt Third .St. . 1 ID-ISO" and - dividend*, twlfp that. AUCTIONEERS \\ A NTRD—TO nuj L.WALNU T Will IiiHpert h'i loadtnif point \ml p«>' c«Hh. Writo R. W. TWTharn. 431 Ho Dearborn St. Chie:u:<>. 112-137 WANTED — AM, KINDS, OR.8CAV- I-'. '». Hr.MhKV. MVK HT*,»CK AND K'.'il •>*lute, nuetlotit'i'r, Havi» noli! ntiiV* nab % .s tlian any ntictluii(>i>r in Sterling and Hork |'"JI)|.H Mlni'e liojfln- nlnu btiHiiii'f,". My IOIIK lint of «tfttis- rtrd pntrnns nrr> snfftrirrtt Tt'fi'rf'HtiS. i'!i» aiiv w !u>re. Make dad-*' eiirly. Bl«ll |ihone. Ue.wideiiee JOUI> Went .Sixth Si.. Hlerlinjj. ' A. Li C(»H, AI'CTMtNKKU, HOCK Kaltw. llaVi- had expei ienee In all kind" of. xaicft. Hold nalen nnywhere nnd everywhere, (iuiirautee al.Moluto xatlKf.-'i'tlfiii. Can n-fer you to a. lonj; lint fi| xatirifled I'llNliini'.'rH. See mo for u.iti'N. It,.th photii'M.. ;?! ('. CltOM AXD ,SO.\. Al'CTJON- e.T.^, I'oleia or MIllodKOvlllo. We mako a j<pi'c|iilt,v of auoiion sah'.H. Conduct • many wilon ovory year and run rofir you to many fnti«»ifd mnion'ipm. AVo guarantee ahNolllte Halihfartino, Writo or phone UK for dHten. ..... , work In Hock KnlN or Sterling. Call Bell phono 32C-.2, F. H. Dobxon. n^ A N I) A U T(.>. H, will pay tho highest prico. soil nil kinds of ropnlrH. lllch- ost prleoK paid for nil klnilH of fur and hides. Mike, the $15 Tailor. Both 3Ctf \VANTKD~A YOUNG MAN WHO really witntit to lenni the drug IIUK!- ness. Hondricks pniR Co. IHtf WANT TO BUV ALL, KINDS OF beer bottleH. Will call for It. Jt. Lnngford. Both phono**. 115-NO* WANTKD — FAMILY WASHINOS Cull nt 004 Thirtl Ayo.« JIS-5'.V 1 U'XiHC.F, <!. KHi'lN', LF\ 12 KTOCK nuetloneer. Dison. UK HIJVO Hold puro 1. 1..! .-toi'U "in xevorof Htatori thi» pllHt He.'iHon. Sali.xtleil oii.ufonioi-i4. my bowt r.-f.-renee. All oiills jirnmp'tly attend-, ,od. I'hono or write for 'lutes. ;D\VAHD u. .M.KST. AWCTIONTKBH, _^ Fin in and FToek MaTT-S" my Mpocjnlty. tOxporioiieo hati boon my tetu:lj«?r. • Hpeak both KiiKllxh and Herman. thy . phoneH. fall, wrlto or wire at * I), M, FA 1 1 U N K v -A I ' t ' Di.von, III. with years of osperlonco In tho auction InininoHM wll Ktinran- tee NatiHfaction. For I'eforenee BOO people for whom 1 havo field KaloH, .Dixon Homo 'phono. ro.Hidonce, 152: office. !Mi. WANTKI) — 1>BY COBS. HKNJJV Heath. 405 West Mifln St., " IH. NJJY rMm WANTBD—OLD KALSK TKKTH. Don't matter if broken, I pay $1.0(1 to ffi.on per Hi-t. .Mall to Mazer, 2007 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, 1'n. Will send canh by return.mull. Ilt5-Hl* WANTED—-TO HUV, 60 TONS CLOV- or hay. J, A. Kllgour. Inton<laU> "l-l'l. . 1J8-120* 1 ?1£E^!^H?55!!M5H?![ 3 L S 't)H BALK —rt-l'ASSICN(.!K» TOl'U- IIIK ear, in pood eondiliiiii. Imiiilr* —Hm-f-y—lirtiiHsf-, --. H»H H. L. HAUWNCJTOX. ATTCTIONKRR, Klirht yeai« HiieccSHful sellinf,', Hnt- l.Hfaetlon «U(irut1teed. Offleu -\isl(h •K. Wilder. JJutii jmoiios, H <!. F. DKVJCNNNY. AUCTIOXKKK, rii.piu-tKimvn, III. Will cry wtle» nny- where. Conduct )<Hi to llo IIM)I>H yearly, lii'fereuees—Hank of I'roplntH- lnwn, CitiicenH hank. Fafmer'n Na- •{ , liank, l''armi,T'« phum«, both ll ri'Hideiiee and uffiee. D. W.-AniiOTT, AtTCTlONniOH. I'O- l<>. ill. stunk nml.fnrm wileif u npcc- hilty, All eallK prumptly attemipd. Mako your duti'« t-arly, I'hum- 2503f Mutual. ' •'.«'»It S.VI.1-: -- YKAHLINYS Kl'Ll; . blooded I'oland China boar, la rue type; aluu one full Idoodi'd. !i mouth* old; bin Ki'owthv Poland < 'liTua"i;illH: •lie bay mule. 3 old. bi'oke; 1 cult i ' 14 month* old. Loiii> Martin. Lyutlon. III. 120-121' iONKY—THOSK WIHHINC, IloNI-fv delivewd, (Jholild order at once, H» the supply IK getting low, 1*. Jlutmo Hell 927111. M» " llfi-lL3« ••tiVt 'SALK-THHKH THOHOl't^H- bi-ed llol«te|n roWH.'l t wo-Vr-ir-old IliilMcill bull. I MV'inolith old Ho|. Mi'in bull. Wrtto "J" onto W. J. ( .! '< >'K S.S. 117-120* .LAI'.tilO DI'UOC H 1 dl.VC Lone, Kixe and «m.illt> Morrison i>"un«' II j-J2U» JOHN N. CKNTHV, AIU'TION'KKU, Amboy, III. Farm mid live xtuek halea H «l»! v <'iii|ty. I'ariner'K teiephone. ITTrNuii^'T;~(7LnsT nT-lT —<U'lu=er. Satisfaction Uoelv Kail*. Route 1. «Utirnnto« f l '* plume. AUCTION SALB. ^TN^^TSATE' to null furmltiK. I will sell it puhhi- naio without rotiurve on th« loM-ph Kxhlemuu farrn, y inllwi north-* •ast of MoriiKon, 2 mil™ northeiiHt ot \luhein. T miloi* north of Itouml Orova Uolt4e,--J{uy of i;Uf> .feet, tl,n ni e Doit;, fortv miA till (H ( ill 'BWKNTV-F<»r»t \VIHT1* Wx,. p..>b.ii.. c.d) i;. 11 pimv. 3K'U,i. ..I.u-.»h ({. Com,ul. IIS, I2lf» <»-H S A Li:--'llRLUH'M JIAKKS Ni w Xi-aluid lid i.ilihii<-. b-uiMui* Jind ptai'uni ( .f. all Kmd» ISuil p!uttu> H- K Cu«.hm:in 121-U" <»u SALU HI:D ISLAND i!Ui:i <<M'Ki-rel and pulltts |, j;. j!ii ( i» ,n ln(.'iN<u(e phont* l ti). );_'' ihlt vi-:i;v i-ain'jT \IM.I ••• HI twin i-iti ,i , i t-- and «. !| !.,< ii, .) c,' ' <::>» -. \vi,t.' i ir 1 . M. \ - • , MM . -..- M.I. i ',.,•' property: His yearn ultl, .; biai-k KfldliiK, lit t. l.3f.O; Hpottud -. , s - »- - - i • • , •*!*«'ft »WM f-, I *i| "* ii\V, b yuirn old, weiKht, I.10U; buy mu^tt, . I'-ir-Hohl, wiinht, i.ioii; roan *uiro, 1$ l.utiii. coif, .. , !< Head of C.Utle 13 n <tt .d »ilf|) row«. tome he.-i.vj npiuiKoi-; I two-ycur-oM . t ., .. i" i> • ' 1,1 - nti .,< ii .1 II III Ml t. < I !• to the i: ill r <M lion, in, IW*'!ll\ tlii'.' tllilit't III.' |t.| u v '((I llf ,llllllll ,t.'l"* f UJ..M t'J I' '' , M 'I *•!* liHhlt I(HI(.4 ,11 It j-lmli IK- Illll'-f.UV to '"II to III,ii, ti.»' .UlloUIll of IJI"'IH-\< tiHIliil lilU 1' -out <!>.'ii"< li.^f^lii i with, utl iiitoi ! '.• n i H >.|p«'.. >ux i uvd -ind ..I! . ii-1 - i .(' .!!..» .•..Will It' ' \.'\< lli'iei |,'{. I'ltti i 1 ! nb'i li UiuHii-uiu" 1*1-Ctk, k FOR LANDS vJ.IAt.1, Ml.vj,-. ,) l;j r \il.M «iti-i |.t mi,i,u.;.. i,-i it 4l .-I Ml' !,l\<"5. i-t t'o 3 t bu> lii|lKit-J .\Vi,?i>f. i'- .1111) full intiiimi!i»< Mun-r-r ,\ 17^ .x* ^ J.H'i- ittdx , K in*-<•>. Vil^s MII . ' • j'ii. t:ti.« n IU-IM hi e'llf. 3 iiiiiu, on» dd i..,ui, v.< .,|t I.aoii. 4>n« j ]7 nioiith.s 1,1,1. weight MHI. ''•rd. l.'i irjoutliM iiK|, weight 700; 15 i""d >tpriiiK\es. )f, head" of hoitM ii|. ( . putobriil i'iil;itiil ( •o.ii. .,nc \.-.u ,,i,i |.\ii'i|, machinery^- ,ijrntn r \v,u--!>n. Kimij ,-ix new, <iii»-uow ' u*e. OIH- «..iu pl.iut.'r, 3 Kei-tii.ii fteol it u;. L' »,uiky plow;*, linn; rack, corn uow bay inki-. KOO.I hay rakf, 1U II.' K Iki'ltne elicltii', tup bllKKy, 3 wet'i v«4K Ji.iim-^ ,.„.- is,a, IMHV one, mills, • IHX .11.0111 .10 !,,,..« (.),,,i rt . ,.| im . r J, a j. H buu AI...IH 7 tons Timothy hfix in •'"" ll'iil.',-, f... d < e\i'|->bodv n* moil xih' immi di.iti'lv after. f * ill X>un , (,f f , (MI »n ,'itii- ,,\.r id,u amount aVredit of i. m< i-n, din,- v.ill l, r K i V eu on up. . .ii'.yid (,..t.- l.,--iutis,' 0',- f r< , m ,i ute jji ,'• - iv I-.,. ,|ue |f , t ,, lltl , |Mll| 7 , o f '•"'• ' |iiii|'i|t\ leiiiitved .mini u«t_ '["'I l"i Ait Fh trlu-r, '!•' ' • !•'• ul,' -^ ('it rfx. PORT HORNINCT. LOS'i' A Ki. it' Al-Jt» UN 'Kji.t it 4Vk' HI W. K. UUNMORE Eye «n,d H»»lth ' 8p«ci»li»t . Hrn, 9-12— 2-S GUAS-SES CORRECTLY FITTED ^ 9 g.Thfr

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