Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 29, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1968
Page 4
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iNTidiy, FfclJfliity 29 t MPt (MR) $Tli» Prtml ty WMK Television Schedule .1:00 (COLOR) It 30 (COLOft) is 55 (COLOR) SiOO (COLOR) tHfe 6AJIK t HS BABt GAMS CHtLfjRBJ'3 COCTCR OEJlfiRAL HOSPITAL (ccaxu) 7:30 (CCtCR) gjOO (CdOR) 9iOO (COLOR) lOtOO (COLOR) 10:30 (COLOR) 12sOO M .THE "CAROL CHAKHBIG i, ICft COtfBOt W AFfllCA THE 10 O'CLOCK REPORT JOSt BISHOP SHOW SBiE OFF FRIDAt. MARCH lj...l9<&JL &!i»5 AM TEST PATTERN 7:00 (COLOR) BOZO'S BIG TOP SHOW 8-30 (COLOR) DIALING FCft DOLLARS THEATRE "Mother Wore Tights" Betty Grablc, Dan Dailay 2»30 3iOO (COLCfi) 3.30 5iOO (C<3LOR) 5s30 (COLCR) 6tOO 6:30 (COLCR) 7)30 (COLCR) 8)30 (COLOR) 9)00 (CC10R) &AHK SHAtJCVte OAXS 61AL1HO KS DOUARS tWSAtWB "BfldiS Of Dfafiul*" P«Ur Cushirif, Pf«d» Jtokson ABC 8WS 5 130 THK RIFLSUN OfP TO 3135 THR WI2ARIJ OPHIATION EKTIRTAINKENT OUNS OP WILL SOHNW JUDD FOR TUB DKFENSK 10)00 (COLCR) THE 10 O'CLOCK RKPORT SEA DUTY for these Marines at Camp Lejeune. N.C., includes a wet deck launching in a rubber boat from a diving submarine. Marines use this method to float a fully loaded rubber boat without having to drop the craft over the high sloping sides of the sub. 10:30 (COLOR) llsOO 11:30 (COLOR) 12:00 HOW'S tOUR KOTKER-IN-LAW BEWITCHED TREASURE ISLE THE FUGITIVE 10t30 (COLOR) lljfcS (COLOR) liOO AM THE B1<S MOVES "How I Spent Ky Suaroar Vacation" Rob«rt «a«pn«r ( Lola Albright, THE JOET BISHOP SHOW suns OFF Pittsburgh leathers May Strike By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Disputes affecting thousands of public school pupils continued in several areas of the nation today. Some 1,000 public school teachers in Pittsburgh, Pa., prepared to strike while leaders of Oklahoma's 27,000 public school teachers called for a one-day protest walkout next week. The strike by about one-third of Florida's teachers entered its ninth day amid conflicting reports on whether Gov. Claude Kirk would sign the state's controversial education spending bill. And while Albuquerque, N.M., aries, better facilities and material and fewer pupils. They threatened new action if no solution is reached by April 15. Schools in the Wellston, Mo., school district, a St. Louis suburb, were to be closed today as the district's 100 teachers met to discuss a financial crisis which threatens their salaries. And at Matlnicus Island, Maine, teacher Tagdh Hanna closed his one-room, 13 pupil school, called it a firetrap and said it should be reolaced. Busing Plan Dealt Blow in Chicago CHICAGO (AP) — Half of a jontroverslal school pupil bus- Ing proposal has been vetoed and the other half postponed by the Chicago Board of Education teachers voted to return to the but busing advocates still see classroom today after a week- life ^ their pro jecU long walkout, the 1,500-member San Francisco Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, summoned Its members to decide whether to strike. The San Francisco union executive committee recommended that if the vote is affirmative the strike begin immediately. In contention are some 90 union demands for Improvement In classroom and teaching conditions. The San Francisco school board refused Tuesday night to act on the union's request to enter immediate negotiations. School officials In Pittsburgh §aid classes for 80,000 pupils in 116 schools would be held anyway with nonstriking teachers, administrators, substitutes and volunteers but conceded it would be "extremely difficult." The dispute between the city and the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, is over the union's demand for collective bargaining. The rival 1,900- member Pittsburgh Teacher Education Association has said it would not support a strike. Allegheny County Court Judge John P, Hester Issued a preliminary injunction Wednesday barring a walkout, citing a 1947 state law prohibiting strikes by public service employes. The executive committee of the Oklahoma Education Association, disturbed over the state government's failure to enact an educational program, called for a one-day statewide convex tion next week. Gov. Dewey Bartlett, who vetoed a legislative tax increase- teacher pay raise package Tuesday, and legislative leaders will be invited to the teachers meeting. Florida State School Supt. Floyd Christian said Wednesday Kirk had assured him he would sign a $245,5 million education package today but the governor's office termed the statement misleading and promised clarification. About one-rthird of the state's 1.3 million public school pupils have been out of school eight class days. A statement by the Florida Education Association, which is behind the walkout, indicated the teachers would settle for the package plus some other adjustments. The union said it was hopeful agreement could be reached by Friday. New Mexico teachers agreed to return after Gov. David Cargo agreed with the New Mexico Education Association to allow an emergency task force to seek solutions to the school system's finance troubles. The teachers want higher sal- Hundreds of persons marched and carried stos r a^;Jth.e;board^ plan, climaxing two months of public hearings, demonstrations and boycotts touched off when the board approved the busing concept in principle. The proposal Introduced in Decemoer was designed to relieve overcrowded Inner city schools and promote integration. The project proposed to transport 1,035 pupils from predominantly Negro, overcrowded school to some with vacant classroom space in nearby white neighborhoods. The section of the plan which was to affect prts of the Northwest section of the city was vetoed by a tie vote. A majority vote was necessary to approve the plan. Despite the vote, several board members voiced hope that a compromise plan Introduced Wednesday might be reconsidered at the board's next meeting March 13, The compromise would make the vetoed portion of the busing proposal voluntary. The second section of the plan, affecting Chicago's South Shore area, was sent back to James F, Redmond, schools su- perlntendent. The board directed him to work with residents of the South Shore to revise the plan and make it acceptable for implementation this fall. The busing issue sparked a controversy similar to the up* roar concerning the board's de. liberations In 1965 over whether to retain Penjamln C. Willis as school superintendent, WUlls's resignation was de manded by civil rights leaders who marched daily on City Hall. They claimed bis policies resulted In de facto segregation In the Chicago school system, WllUs had refused to alter neighborhood school districts to promote integration, At that time, school board members were victims of vU clous telephone calls and bomb threats, In 1966, Wlljls re, signed, explaining he did so to resolve "a current dilemma of the board of education,' 1 In the busif controversy backers of the proposal Uiclud* ed educational experts, church and civic groups as well as many white and Negro citizens, Among opponents were foes of integration and critics who objected not only to the concept of pupil busing but also to the abrupt manner In which the school board unveiled the plan and pronounced it mandatory. Education Oversold, Some Argue WASHINGTON (AP) - The dream of a college education for all young Americans, so dear to the hearts of parents and politicians, is being called into serious question on Capitol Hill. The charge has been made in Congress that the four of every five American youths who now fail to complete college are victims of a national obsession with the goal of a college education for everyone. Even In the academic world itself it has been argued that educators have oversold the idea of a college education as the key to success. A better goal for a national education policy, said these critics, is some sort of vocational education for all—some preparation for choosing, getting and holding a decent job. A college education^may^be^a gopd- ;v way s .,,, ibr-'some" to'get'such'prepara- - tion, they say but it's not the only way. Yet In a nation where only one youth in five graduates from college, the federal government contributes nearly three times as much money to support higher education than vocational education. And the total has remained fairly level for three years in vocational education while rising rapidly for higher education. Rep. Albert H. Quie, R-Mlnn., one of the strongest advocates of better vocational education, estimates 90 per cent of those who come into the job market without a college degree have never learned a marketable skill. The bitter fruits of this policy, he says, are staggering rates of unemployment among young people and the $1 billion a year the government spends on work-training programs to rehabilitate them. The framework for a national policy of universal vocational education has been prepared by a special advisory council appointed by John W. Gardner, secretary of health, education and welfare. It suggests occupational preparation begin in elementary school with "a realistic picture of the world of work" In junior high school, it says, all students study the economic and Industrial system to become ac- LEGAL NOTICE NOTtCE OF SALE $210,000 Hempstead County, Arkansas General Obligation Industrial Development Bonds >-»<*iU be subject to the approval „ . '-. 'of the bank of payment and the Pursuant to Order of the Coun- with the Universal Bond Values Tables and upon such terms that the County receive no less and pay no more than it would receive and pay if the bonds were not converted. Any conversion 'County Court. The expenses of the issue, including the printing and trusteeing of the bonds and the fee of Smith, Williams, Friday & Bowen, Bond Counsel, of little Rock, Arkansas, upon whose approving opinion the bonds will be issued, will be paid by the County. ,';•-•• .The bonds will be callable •for payment prior to maturity In Inverse numerical order at and accrued Interest as fol- ty Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas notice is hereby given that Hempstead County will sell to the highest bidder its proposed issue of $210,000 Hempstead County General Obligation Industrial Development Bonds, (called "bonds"), being issued under Amendment No. 49 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, dated June 1, 1967, bearing Interest at the rate of 5% per cent per annum, payable semiannual- j ows: from surp i us tax collec- ly on June 1 and December 1 of ^ ions aal surplus lease rentals each year, commencing Decem-' oi) any j n t eres t payment date; from funds from any source on any Interest payment date on and after June 1, 1977. The County will covenant that surplus tax collections and surplus lease rentals, being the amount In excess of that necessary to Insure the prompt payment of the .principal of and Interest on the bonds as the same become due, rjmust bi, used from time to time |on eachxtoterest payment date for the redemption of bonds prior 'to maturity. 6:30 ttenlel Boon*? SBC (C) 7:30 Ironside me (G) 8:30 DWffrtet NBC (G) 91100 the tXusn Martin Shew NBC (C) 10:00 New* and Weather (C) 10,-IS LottfU* Gibbons-Sport* Shew 10:30 the Tontgbfc Shew NIC (G) H:00 Sign Off fUirch }, 196$ 6:/iS RPD wilt* nob Rules* (C) , 6:55 Morning DcVoUtum (C) * ' 7:00 . The TodAy Sbcw XBC (C) 7i25 Arkansas Ktnos And Vfei»thcr (C) 7:30 The TtKffty Shc.n; N'ftC (C) 8:00 The to<*!*y Show SBC (C) 8:25 Arkansas NVu-s <ind Weather (C) 8i30 The Today Show NBC (C) 9:00 Snap Jud£ometu NTSC (C) 9:25 Nancy Dtckoi'sorv with the NPWS 9:30 Concentration tftJC (C) 10:00 PersonaHty f!!iC (C) 10:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC (C) 11:00 Jeopardy N3C (C) 11:30 Eye Guess Kac (C) 11:55 £dw in Newman \> i th the New* NBC 12:00 Little Rock Today (G) 12:30 Let 1 * Make A Deal NBC (C) , 1:00 Days of Our Llvea NBC (C) 1:30 Tho Doctors NDC (C) 2:00 Another World NBC (C) 2:30 You Don't Say NBC (C) 3:00 The Mike Dounlau Show (C) 4:30 1 Love Lucy 5:00 F Troop 5:30 Huntlcy Brinkley Report N)»C 6:00 News and Weather Report (C) 6:30 Tarasan NDC (C) 7:30 Star Trek NBC (C) 8:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC (C) 9:00 Huntlcy-Brlnkley Special Report "The Soviets In Space" 10:00 News and Weather (C) 10:15 Lonnlo Gibbons Sports Show (C) 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign 0££ THURSDAY ber 1, 1967 and maturing on June 1 of each year as follows: YEAR AMOUNT 1970 6,000 1971 6,000 1972 7,000 1973 7,000 l$74f.* 8,000 1975 ; " 8,000 1976 10,000 '" ' 1977 10,000^ ^ 1978 11,060 1979 12,000 1980 13,000 1981 14,000 1982 15,000 1983 15,000 1984 16,000 1985 17,000 1986 17,000 1987 18,000 The bonds will be general obligations of Hempstead County to the payment of which the County will pledge its full faith, credit and taxing power under Amendment No. 49 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, Including particularly a 1% mill special continuing annual tax on the dollar of the assessed valuation of the taxable real and personal property in the County, subject, however to the provisions hereafter set forth pertaining to the suspension of the collection of said tax, The assessed valuation of the taxable real and personal property In the County according to the 1967 assessment, the latest assessment of record is $16,175,855. The proceeds of the bonds will be used, together with available funds, for acquiring land and constructing and equipping a manufacturing txaildlng (called "Project"), to be leased to and operated by Hope Wire Products, Incorporated, (called "Hope Wire"), Hope Wire presently conducts manufacturing opera- 6)30 7«30 8i30 9iOO 10)00 10.15 j.0.30 12)00 DANIEL DOONE • IRONSIDE - C DRAGNET L968 - C DEXN MARTIN SHOW - C NEWSCOPE - JERRY HAMMON8-C RADAR WEATHER-VBRN STIBRMAN AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C THE TONIGHT SHO' - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL FRIDAY , MARCH 1 61 20 AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL 5 6t25 TBXARKANA COLLEGE — C 7«25 7:30 8:25 8:30 9iOO 9«2* 9>30 10:00 10:30 11:00 No bid of less than par and 'accrued interest on the basis of >an Interest rate of 5% percent .annum will be entertained and .. no contingent p'rovisions may be iif inserted in any bid. The award, If made, will be to the bidder whose bid results in the lowest net Interest cost to the County, to be determined by computing the aggregate Interest cost to the County from the date of the bonds to maturity and deducting therefrom any premium bid. The County reserves the right to reject any or all bids. The bonds will be sold upon auction bids, the sale to be held at 2:30 o'clock p.m., on the 14 day of March, 1968, at the office of the County Judge of Hempstead County Courthouse, Hope, Arkansas. Each bidder will be required to deposit a certified or cashier's check in the amount of $4,200 on a bank that is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, payable to the County, to be retained as liquidated damages in the event the bidder is awarded the sale of the bonds but falls to complete the purchase. Checks of unsuccessful bidders will be promptly returned. Interest will not be paid on good faith checks, For further information ad- 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 J:00 3:25 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:20 6)30 7>30 8i30 9.00 lOiOO 10ii5 10s JO 12iOO «• i TODAY IN TEXARKANA - C TODAY SHOW - C TODAY IN SHREVEPORT - C TODAY SHOW - C SNAP JUDGMENT - C NBC NEWS - C CONCENTRATION - C PERSONALITY - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C JEOPARDY - C EYE GUESS - C TV PARTYLINE - C LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C DAYS OP OUR LIVES - C THE DOCTORS - C ANOTHER WORLD - C YOU DON'T SAY - C THE MATCH GAME - C LAFFALOT CLUB - C WANTED! DEAD OR ALIVE , RSV - STEVE MCOUEEN MARSHAL DILLON - BiW HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY - C NEWSCOPE - JERRY HAMMONS - C RADAR WEATHER - VERN STIERMAN AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C TAKZAN - C STAR TREK - r HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY SPECIAL - C NEWSCOPE - JERRY HAMMONS - C RADAR '-rEATMER-VERH STIERMAN- AL GORDON o:.' SPORTS - C THE TONIGHT SHOW - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL KATV it ft! JO 7»00 flJO Ii<50 8*t«*n - ABC (C) tlhd ft- n « fton • d - A»C (C) (C) ft JO (C) NJiJO •1.UW fat p*tf»i - ASC filony SquArf * AtC Ark*n««* tftv* « ttetirf »*»« tej iwJ CMfbtti *ton* ccj *»*««**« Spftft*tt«ft (C) JUCB 1 . It 30 9i30 10(13 10(30 lltOO 11(36 UtOO tfOO ABC tiSJ liOO 2 1 30 3»00 3i30 SsOO 3«30 61 00 Ai 10 6i30 7(30 Bt30 9)00 10)00 10tl5 10)10 10l30 !««.'» Kg Top Comic* (C) ffc« fugtelvd - ABC Bonn* R**d - ABC tfcupiiuien - A8C (C) AIC Stavt - A1C (C) How'i tow* «eth<»t-ln-i<iw l«wtteh«d * AJC tt«it«ur« t*i« - AflC (C) Th« Moon SMw - Uv* (C) »«vljrv«<J <?« m « - AflC (C) 8«by 6ira« - A8C (C) ooeter . ABC (cj <J«fl*r«l Ho*plt<tl - ABC (C) fark Sh«dow« - ABC (C) Outing Gum* - A»C (C) lo«o'« It* Tap Co«itc« - Uv« (C) Bob Yotmt fvunlnn N«v« - AIC (C) Truth or Corm«<ju«nc«* (C) Ark*nt«t K«i»t and W«*th«t (C> World M«w« (C} Bud C««ob«ll Scoff* (C,) oet To S«« Th« Wltard - ABC (C) Operation. £nt**t«ift«Mne -ABC Cuna of WtU Sontwtt * ABC (C) Judd for fh« t«etiw« - ABC (C> , Arfc«n*«* S«w« and V««th«r (C) World N«v» (C) Bud C*fflpb«ll Sport* - (C) Th« (.at* 3hov - "BALLAST HOUtS" - J«m«* Ctgnny, ttannt* w«»v*r KSLA-TVQI2 _ THURSDAY FEBRUARY 29 6 1 30 Clmarron Strip 8 1 00 CBS Thursday Night MovU "Spencer's Mountain," Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hflrn 10(00 N«w»/Ervtn I0i25 Weather/Griffin 10«30 The Late Movla "Bangui Brigade," Rock Hudson, Arlene Dohl 12»00 W«nther/V«»i»p«r* FRTDAY MARCH I 6i25 6i35 7»05 7«30 8 i 00 9 i 00 9i30 1.0. 1 00 Economics (Mon-Thur)" Acros» The F«mce (Frl) Your Pastor CBS Hews/Bent I Bob 6, Ht» Buddies Captain Kangaroo Candid Camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy , Of. Maybeery ' ' It 1 00 Hi 25 Ui30 12(00 12(30 UOO U30 2iOO 2(23 2 i 30 3(00 3(30 4tOO 5(00 5(30 6iOC 6«25 6(30 7(30 8(00 10(00 10(25 10(30 12(00 Lovo Of Llf« CBS News/Band Search For Tomorrow CuldlnK Light N«w»/0wen A« The Uorld Turn* Love Is A Many SpUndorad Thing House Party To Tell The Truth CBS Neva /Edward a Edge Of Night Secret Storm ClUlgan 1 * Island Rawhide McHale's Navy CBS N<sw»/Cronklte News /Owen Weather/Bolton Wild, Wild West Comer Pyle, USMC CBS Friday Night Movie "Flight From Aahlya," Yul Bryrmer, Richard Wldmark News/Erwln Weather/Griffin The Late Movie "The Young Phi lade Iph lans ," Paul Newman, Barbara Rush Weather/Vespers TONIGHT THI PLYING NUN 7iOO A LITTLE JEWISH GIRL WANTS TO FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE FLYING NUN. IN COLOR Specific job training should be in high school to all sru- not planning to go to col- And two years of post-secondary school training in advanced skills should be offered free as part of the education system. The council recommends that meanwhile, existing programs should be greatly expanded and federal expenditures increased from the present $350 million a year to$|.5billion. The administration has accepted some of these proposed remedies but its response to the suggested increase in spending was to ask for another $15 million to fund pilot programs in the states. Rep. Roman C. Pucinski, D- 111., presiding over current hearings on the administration request, bluntly told the witnesses it was not enough. "This-is just a start," he said. "The goal must be legislation which provides an education for meaningful work and full employability." •IWITCNIO COLOR are necessary. The Project will lease rentals and any revenues derived from the Project may be applied to the payment of the principal of and interest on the bonds, in this regard, provision will be made by the County in the Order authorizing the issuance of the bonds for the suspension of the collection of the special tax as long as there is no default by the Lessee under the Lease Agreement. The conditions In the Authorizing Order will be such that there will pe no P* r- tlal suspension so that there will be available for the payment of the principal of and interest on bonds either the entire proceeds of the tax or the lease rentals under the Lease Agreement. The purchaser may name the banjc of payment and shall have the right to convert the bonds to an issue bearing a lower rate §r rates of interest with any this 13 day of Febru- Pat McCain County CJerk of Hempstead County, Arkansas Feb. 33, 29, March 7. 1968 LEGAL NOTICE In The Chancery Court Of Hempstead County, Arkansas, Johnnie Mae Undsey Helm, Plaintiff, vs. Fr wltlUi Uwrence Helm, Defiant, No. 9219. WARNING ORDER The defendant, FnakllnUw- rence Heim, Is hereby *ifB«4 to appeir In this Court within thirty (30) 4iy§ l»J »«*er the complaint of. the p&ifltU!, Johnnie M?e Unrisey Helm. Witness my baixi is Cleric, apd the seal of this Court, th|$ 6th of February, J969. Jim Cole Feb. 8, J5, ??, ??, iPICIAL •lOOl Carol Channlng And 101 Men SPECIAL GUEST IDDY ARNOLD WALTER NATTHAU - GEORGE BURNS INCOiO« • it '.' Ar t ''. Af .i In i Mil i', t ! ,-i it.', COWBOY IN AttlCA 9iOO I STARS CHUCK CONNORS IN COLOR 10 O'CLOCK BIPO*? THIRTY MINUTE NEWS REPORT Of THE ARK-LA-TEX IN COLOR JOIT BlfMQt fM9W 1f<9< UYE AND IN COLOR FROM HOLLYWOOD SPECIAL GUEST. tobby *yd«ll

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