Perry County Advocate from Pinckneyville, Illinois on February 13, 1941 · 1
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Perry County Advocate from Pinckneyville, Illinois · 1

Pinckneyville, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1941
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.rsKN We Lcc!i Dncli Fcrty-Tfcrca Yc:rs (, READ THROUGHOUT VOLUME FORTY-FOUR Circuit Court 1 Convened Last icnday , Circuit Court convened on Monday .morning, at 9:00 o'clock with Judge Alfred D. Rkes, presiding. Due to many of the attorneys being sick, many of the settings were postponed .. until the next session of Court, which ' . will be on Monday, March the 10th, with Judge Riees again on the bench. The following are the Court's pro-, ceedings for Monday: An Order wtas given for the selection of a Grand Jury for the May . Term, 1941, of Circuit Court, also for a supplemental panel of 20 persons to genre as Grand Jurors. Also, an Ord-- er was given for the drawing of Pe- tit Juros to serve for the coming May ' Terra. Homer Layman vs. Elma Huggins, et al.; Complaint for damages; 6ult - involves Cedar Hill Coal Co. mine property; On Plaintiff's request, case . reset to March 10, 1941, tor time to procure counsel. v- The People of the State of Illinois tor the use of Martin P. Durkin, Director of Labor of said State vs. E. K. Spencer; Suit dismissed. , - Howard E. Craig, Admr. of the Estate of Prentice A. Jones, decd. vs. Illinois Central R. R. Co SuU involves the death of Prentice A. Jones, 8 - years old, in Du Quoin. September 6, 1939; Defendants motion to strike 4th Count on file heard and allowed; Plaintiff granted leave to file amend- - ed Count 4 within next 15 days. Irene Brock, as Administratrix of ' Lois Irene Brook, dee d. vs. James Petry and Edward Petry, Complaint; Suit involves the death of Lois Irene Brock, in automobile accident; De-. ff rodents' Answer to counts 1, 2, k 3, of complaint on file and motion to strike counts 4 and 5; motion con- leased and Plaintiff granted leave to file amended counts 4 and 5 and same Bled; defendant granted leave and ruled to plead thereto , in next 29 days. , Gregory Mudd vs. E. J. L. Larimer, Admr. af Estate of Arthur Larimer, dec'.; suit iuyolvas careless auto- i mobile driving; Defendant ruled to .answer allegations o t complaint within next 12 days. ... Agnee Moore, Admr. of the Estate . o( Thomaa Moore, dec'd. et aL va. E. i J. L, Larimer, Admr. of Estate of , , Arthur Larimer, decd.; same order as in preceding case. , ' Roscoe 8. Finn. vs. Call Publish-.. lng Co. suit involves publication, of .r Any. 8, 1940; Motion of Defendant to withdraw bill of complaint and to : : dismiss on file; motion of defendant to withdraw motion to dismiss and ; for leave to file answer on fUe graut-. ed; motion to dismiss withdrawn and . v defendant granted leavea and time to answer extended for 20 days from Feb, 10. 1941 sad Defendant so ruled - i to plead within that said time. ! Conrad Theobald, et al. as Execu-i tors of the Estate of Freak Theo-.i bald, decd. vs. W. M. Schllmme; salt . involves automobile accident in Spur-. ta. Illinois, on October 19, 1940, in . which delivery truck belonging to 5 Frink Theobald, decd. driven by Kenneth. K. House, was damaged; Suit dismissed at costs of Plaintiff. Causes continued February 19, einDCr&T Anna Szczepanskl vs. Andrew 8z- zrpanskl, in Separate Maintenance; . This suit has been pending since the November Term. 1935; Motion for alias execution is on file aid defendant's motion to modify decree is on ' file; on defendant's motion, hearings thereon are reset for March 10, 1941. Maud Long va. Jesse M. Long, Com . , . . .. . . i four daughters. A son. the late Char' 5r adfTOra ' d. nf le H Weinberg, died April 4, 1940. ed. finds defendant on date of hear- Ing was 128.00 in arrears in payment' , . of alimony payable per former de- II 17 fcrjrlf cree and that proof did not sustain l$le fcwwlwll allegation that defendant, could not at present time. mak payments provided ta decree; motion to modify de-, cree at present time denied and pe-tttion therefor denied end ordered that defendant pay 825.00 solicitor's fees to plaintiff oa hearing of petition: , original decree to continue in farce -until further order of Court.,. k Jttal , Hilda Davison vs. Thomas Davison, o'clock. She was suddenly stricken In Complaint for Divorce: Ordered ; on Sunday. February 2. and her eon--Ihnt defendant pay to plaintiff oniditlon grew worse, when Monday she support money la arrears and aa ere- entered a coma In which ahe remain dtt thereon 815.00 on or before Feb. ed until death came. The ailment with end fr.00 on er before March L -1121,' end that ho pet to Plaintiff for seiteRorn fed '$10.00 on -or .before March L 1941 and $15.00 within 20 daya thereafter; former decree to re-.mala in full force and effects, subject only to such credits. Edith Edei ilearickson v. Jennie A EdeL et aL in Parti tiro: Oath of Special Master, Judge L P, Harries, filed an January 20.- 1941: Special Masters bond preroted snd son roved; report of special Master Hied end approved: decree of partition granted ; commissioners appointed and. report premises pot divisibleT decree of Mite of real estate by special master in chancery approved. -Dorothy Anhroaer - v. - h-ira el Ttomsa ia n anlt involrlng.tb- title to ftf No 9. hi Block No. v Mifflin and Bradshaw's Addition Oh Quoin: rie by summons on residents Sefeud ants and by prblicsHon on non-re! drot and unknown onne j-f-n'''1' enuri -nrints ra-e-c' Kiurue! r (Continued on page five) PERRY COUNTY. PINCKNEYyiLLE, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1941. Clubs Asking Support For War Stricken Countries The National Committee on Food tor the small Democracies Finland. .Norway, Holland, Belgium and Central Poland, is distributing literature through the various clubs, civic, social and religious organizations of our town, askings for their support toward agreements to be made by the German and . British, governments with a neutral organization. No funds or supplies are needed at this time. We have literature furnished for our information, also often have articles in our daily papers, on this subject Tour cooperation and Influence are requested. Listen to radio broadcast Sunday evening, February 16. at 9:30 p. m. Central Standard Time by Hon. Herbert Hoover in Chicago. The stated purpose of this Committee is to raise a voice on behalf oi the peoples of Finland. Norway. Holland, Belgium and Central Poland so that agreements may be made by the German and British governments with a neutral organization (a) by which their domestic food supplies can be protected from the occupying armies: Ob) ' by which supplemental supplier can be imported through the German and British blockades and protected; (c) to secure the efficient operation of such a neutral organization; To the end that the lives of millions of children, women and men can be saved from the Inevitable famine and pestilence Which confront them and that renewed hope may be given to them in the' ideals of mankind. Funeral of Joe M. Rathke, of Du Quoin Joe Martin Rathke died at his home in Du Quoin last Monday morning after a lingering illneea of several months duration. He was a retired miner and had reached the age of 78 years. The funeral was held Ai the Sacred Heart Cathotle church and was conducted by Rev. C. N. Haff ner. He was a native of Germany and came to the United States when he was 28 years. He is survived by hU wife and a daughter and son and one step son. The deceased was a cousin of Mrs. Antone BuechsOhuke of this city. The latter accompanied by her husband attended the funeral ' Wednesday morning. Funeral of Wm. A. Isaacs The funeral of William waa held at the First church in Du Quoin last Sunday afternoon. conducted by Rev. O. E. Grimes. Interment wet made in the I. O. O. F. cemetery. The deceased waa born in Franklin county, but had spent meat of his life in Dn Quoin. He la survived by hie widow, the form er Miss. Birdie Bidwell. and two daughters.. Mesdames E. J. Jones, Earl Boner and Clifford Bidwell attended the funeral services. Mr. Isaacs waa a brother-in-law of Mesdames Jones and Boner and Mr. Bidwell. Funeral of John Mr. John F. Weinberg, aged 83 years passed away at Du Quoin, Saturday afternoon after an Illness of several months. He was one of Du Quoin's substantial and prominent business men and waa well known throughout Perry connty. He is survived by his faithful companion and Died Last Thursday Mrs. Carrie Harries Essick, wife of A. W. Essick for many years editor and proprietor of the Dn Quoin Call, died in the Marshall Browning boa-last Thursday night at 10:00 which Mrs. Essick was stricken war described as influenza meningitis, yarn la this community. Mrs. Essick was torn la Dn Quoin June 24. 1872. a daughter of Mr. an? Mrs. Marion Harriss, pioneers in this community. With the exception of s , comparatively short time during which the. family resided on a farm In Paradise Prairie, her entire life pf service and consecration bad beer lived In Dn Quoin. Besides her husband she leave-daughters. namely: Mr. W. f of De Moines. Iowa: Mrs. E of Du Quota; and II I Wilon. of Tncon. Aril, tenoral -service were held Sunda Iternbon In the First Baptist rhnrr tr. The paster. Rev. L E. -. was In charge of the se relatives and friinds who cam -nn pesrlif tnd distant points at --ted to the high esteem in which " Fstc- Vl(j lour- been held i" his coumirnlfy. A pocfeslun of flora' tributes. bankd about the casket I'd fuiijcbr of the -ountles friendships .hat were her to enjoy. To Conduct Song Service Here - V -r 49 u 4 ' I RET. H. C. SEEFELDT Brinkley, Art. Gospel Singer Rev. H. C. Seefeldt, of Brinkley Ark., will conduot the Song Services during the revival at the First Baptist Church. Rev. Seefeldt is pastor of the First Baptist Church of Brink-ley, Ark. Before becoming a pastor, Rev. Seefeldt, was a trained Gospel Singer, and gave his life to that phase of the Gospel. He received his training in the School of Sacred Music of Southwestern Baptist Theological in PL Worth, Tezas. The song service of the revival will be good gospel singing led by Aev. Seefeldt ,in which the congregation will have a great part. - The song services will begin each evening at 7:00 and each afternoon at 2:00 p. m. All are invited to come early and enjoy good gospel singing. Fire At Fred Biby Home Monday ii- 'The local fire department was called to the home of Mr. and 'Mrs. Fred Biby, Monday morning, to extinguish a firs that had started in the home caused from an oil bunting stove. The home was badly damaged by smoke but no damage waa dupe by the fire. The estimate of the dhm-, age had not been determined, but it le thought the interior of the house would have to be re-decorated. Circuit Clerk Enters Hospital Circuit Clerk Eugene Kellerman entered the Marshall Browning hospital in Du Quoin this Thursday where he will undergo a surgical operation. He expects to be confined to the hospital for a couple of weeks. 9 Perry County Old-Age Assistance $11,575.00 Payments for old age assistance to 142,716 recipients trough the State of Illinois will total ii,170,01? for the month of January, Artur C. LAeder, State Auditor, announced. The average payment for January is $22.21. 686 more people will receive checks In January than were sent cat in December of 1940, when 142,030 warrant, totalling $3,132,054 were disbursed. Perry county has 656 recipients and they receive a total of $11,575.00 for the month of January. . . .1 1 - - Mrs. Bob Gladson and Ray Gladson was called to the bedside of her husband and his brother. Bob Gladson who is seriously 111 in Bethany hospital. THE VOICE 1.50 PER YEAR Grendend Petit Iiicrs Drawn - ? For Regular Hay Jam Circuit Court In compliance with the order given by Judge Riess oa Monday, Grand and Petit Jurors for the coming May term of Circuit Court, which will convene ca Monday, May the 5th, were drawn as follows: GRAND JURORS DU QUOIN: Ed Staahouaa, Charles Kohler, Isaac Mania, A C. Kuuze, Maggie Meyers, Irene Eaton, Addie Melvin, Chas. Cook, Edwin Heterer, Mildred Heape, Lillie Stein and Lizzie Cawthorne. SUNFIELD: Flossie Morris. PARADISE: Helen Thompson. TAMAROA: Elizabeth Bottomly, Helen Melvin. BEACOCP: Ed Waisath. PINCKNEYVILLE: Emma Schoch, Scott Marlow, Henry Kiehna, Nora Brown, Marion Perry. SWANWICK: Harry Goddard. CUTLER: Ira Martin. WILUSVILLE: Fred Hummel. DENMARK: John Knop. Republican County Committee Hold Meet Monday Tuesday evening in the court room of the court house, the Republican County Central Committee held meeting at , which all the precinct committeemen were present except two. 1$ was .a very entbnafastic meeting that consisted most of political discussion. It was decided at the meeting to endorse a candidate for connty commissioner in the spring primary and thereby avoid a great ex pense of holding a primary election next April. The Democrat central committee has also deqided to use the same method in nominating their candidate for county commissioner. Industrial Educational Planning to Meet In Carbondale Industrial Educational Planning, Southern Illtnale, Incorporated, will hold a meeting in Shyrock Auditorium, Southern .Illinois Normal University at Cartondals, onTuesday, February 18. A splendid program has been arranged starting at 2 p. m. and will continue throughout, the afternoon and evening. Several reports will be made and talks by several able speakers. The first thing on the program will to the business session presided over by the president, O. W. Lyerla. School board member, boards of education and teachers are urged to attend. Former Resident Here Passes Away Mrs. Sara Peak received word Friday morning of toe passing away of VIrs. Luelia Mellott, last Thursday evening at her home a Gallon. Ohio. Burial took place Saturday afternoon at that place. Mrs. MeDott, a former resident of our city, will be remembered by many of our older citizens, had been in declining health for eoqje time and her passing came at no surprise to her many friends tore. Mr. sad Mrs. Earl Caldwell mdved Saturday (from Diamond Town to Kill Keenes cottage In Oklahoma, e Those who attended the National hrlstian Mission In St. Louis; Wed' nesday and heard Stanley Jones, Mer rill Lester and other good speakers were Rev. M. P. Sctoroedel. Mesdames f atherine Titter. Art Heisler. John Schw etzler and Mias Norma Heisner. OF HISTORY w THAT GOVERNMENT j OF TMX PEOPLE, FOR THX PEOPLE, AND Cy fHi FtCPLE THAU. EOT PERISH rROH THE - .EARTH? IN PERRY COUNTY. NUMBER SEVEN PETIT JURORS t DU QUOIN: Charles Broach, Hazel Hampleman, Chas. Harries, Edith Little, Geo. J. Miller, Thomas MatchelL r Howard Ozburn, Frank Pol ter, Eugene Koschei, Mande Webb, How ard Wheatley, Gertrude yVooten and Robert Zelder. A SUNFIELD: Alva Brayfield. PARADISE: None. - TAMAROA: Ellsworth Loucks, Joe D. Pokorney. BEAOOUP: Ruth McCrary. PINCKNEYVILLE: Bertha Beck. Bessie Carson, John Craig, Louis Ep-piin, Homer Hammack, Mae Keene, James Mann, James Milliken, Robert Vineyard. SWANWICK: None. CUTLER: George Dahlhoff, Katherine Eldridge. WILUSVILLE: Irene Stoffel, Dora Wright. DENMARK: None. lions Club and Firemen to Play Donkey Basketball The Lions Clpb held their weekly meeting as usual at the Tea Room and after the buainesa was transacted m social hour was enjoyed. Chas. B. Roe made a very interesting talk which was greatly enjoyed. It was deddedT at this meeting to give benefit donkey basketball game at the Community High School Gym on Thursday night, February 27. The preliminary game between the Independent team and an out of town team will open the program at 7:30. The lions Club will furniah players for their team and the Pinckneyvllle Fire .department will compose the others side. Much fnn is in store for the public and everyone ia urged to atteag, " Marion Graskewicz Receives Award Marion H. Graskewicz, Metropolitan Life .Insurance company salesman. of Morphy aboro, received a letter from the home office in New York, congratulating him oa hie qualification as "ace in toe accident and health department Mr. Graskewicz was first in the sale of accident and health policies ia southern Illinois. In addition to re-ceivteg the personal letter from toe ptoaUent of the company, a bonus won added. Oft: Graskewicz also qualified for ton "Star Salesman Club" for 1940, being the only agent In southern Illinois to qualify for both. Mr. Graskewicz is a son-in-law of Mr. and. Mrs. Roscoe Sawyer of this city- Local Youths Enlist III Army Air Corps Two Pinckneyvllle young men have enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corps through the local recruiting office in Du Quoin. Eduard O. Albers, R.R. 2. Clarence J. Ha gene. R. R. 2. These two departed for East St Louis, February 5, where they will complete their enlistmenta and will be assigned to station at Chanute Field, Rantonl. Illinois. This brings the total to five from Pinckneyvllle to be accepted at this station. There are quite a few more vacancies for the Air Corps for men between the ages of 18 to 26, single, good character, and who have had high school education or equivalent or a journeyman's rating in some mechanical trade. PTA To Have Joint Meeting The high school and the grade school Parent-Teacher Associations will hold a joint meeting at the-C. H. & on Taeaday of next week. There will to Founders Day program. J. L. Buford, superintendent of t ity Schools of Ml Vernon, will to the apenker. Hugh. McGill Funeral ' This Thursday'At Two P. M. Hugh W. Mriiill. formerly a resident of near 8waawick died nt his home on St, Louis (greet. In this city, Tuesday evening nt 7 o'clock. February ii, after a lingering ill nets. He was torn near Swanwick. the -on of Mr. and Mr. Deris McGill. He had readied the age of 79 years, 10 months and 13 daya whea dearth called. He was born March 28. 1870. Funeral services wili be held la. Swan wick Thursday afternoon ad 2 o'clock and Interment will take place in the Betel cemetery near that place. A fall obituary will be published neat week ia these columns. Rev. and ' Mrs. F: L Kinsman. ler. and Mesdames J. F, Templeton. T. L Templeton sod Lire. Mar--a-et Vaten attended the funeral of John Weinberg to Da Quoie Monday January 22, 1898:- During his brother Joe's vacation yesterday oa aecount of Ql health." J. C. Nle8ing, assisted at Thorpes . carriage works. Sheriff King, Deputy Wtothrop and County Clerk collected taxes to Du Quoin, yesterday. One marriage license wm leaned since last publication. The contracting parties were Everett Gladson, 23, and Misa Laura Tbornsbury, 18, both of Dn Quoin. Dr. Meade has sold his farm to Paradise known as the Thompson farm to a Mr. Breitweitsen of Lenz-hnrg. j , Ed Bertie has purchased the stock of goods belonging to J. S. Bettzeli to Du Quoin and will continue the business at that place. Ed Is a deserving young man and we wish him success in his new venture. Mr. Baltzell has accepted a position with the L CL Railroad Co. - r Mias Sarah Biby took charge of her millinery business after aa illness of five weeks. Mr. and Mrs. T. L Wallace were guests of their uncle. Dr. Simpson and other relatives at Sparta, during the early part of the week. Miss Hallle Roe and her little slater, Ernestine, returned last Friday evening from a weeks visit to SC Louis and East St. Louis. While to East St Louis, Miss Hallie had the distinguished honor of being entertained nt n reception given by Mayor Stephens, complimentary to her. Mr. Herbert Hewes and Mias Til-lie Bischof were visitors in SC Louis last week. S. Y. Hawkins, Harry Grover and Dr. Morrison were among visitors to Du Quoin last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Ogden were guests Sunday of' the formers father,. Sam Ogden, of Du Quoin. Married at the residence of the brides parents in Holts Prairie last Sunday evening at four oclock, Minnie Wilke to Mrs. Albert Davis, of Sunfleld. Rev. M. Teague officiating. The bride is a daughter of Jas. A Wilks, a prominent farmer. The will of the late Henry Kants-ler waa filed last Monday lor Probate. The will provides that his two daughter, Mr.- Henry Dry of Holts Prairie end Mrs. Hegry , 2tolier, of near Vergennea shall besom exec trix of the estate. The ninth and last Clause of the will reads as follows: "It ia my further desire that within one month after my death and hartal my aaid executors ahalhesH a meeting pf all my test friends sad treat them to two kegs of beer and n No. 1 dinner. Unless sickness or death shall prevent the execution of this my last desire, the neglect or refusal to carry it out shall work a forfeiture of their benefits under the wilL Sickness or death shall to an excuse m to time, but ay said desire must be executed ss soon as they are able to do so. As each of the executor are beneficiaries ander the will to the amount of 8809 it Is safe to assume that the peculiar tostroetloa of the instrument will to faithfully carried out. Mr. Kantzlers wishes were carried out Miss Anna Ismert went to Mur-physboro last Saturday to visit her brother Theodore. Engineer Ernest Pope end Fireman John Lemon were to Carte rrllle Sunday. Miss Dona Schsoeder returned Saturday from a three week's visit with relatives in St. Louis. Mrs. Frank Van Kenren and son, June, of Du Quoin, were guests yesterday of Mr. and Mrs. A A Drie-meyer. i 4- A little son was bora to Mr. and Mrs Offie Winn last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wild of Frar Mile are rejoicing over the arrival of a little daughter who made her appearance last Friday. Two little playmates, a toy and a girl arrived at the home of Kasper jvellerman north of town, last Sunday. The residence of Thos. Ozburn of Fear Mile was totally destroyed by fire Tuesday. The family were nt home tot the fire waa not discovered until U had gained eoustderabie headway. Few contents were saved. Horace Sima and Mlaa EDa Smith of Du Quoin spent u few bourn to our city. Sunday. ' . Henry Young toil leave tomorrow for Chicago where be will, Wert for the Deerlfig Machine Co. the remtog year. ; - lost Sunday, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Hanna to' this city, tbelr daughter. Lillie, vm joined ta marriage ta Mr. Yal Bearing of Do Qtois. Tb amrd which bound these happy young souls together were pronounced at six o'clock p. to. by Rev. A J. Uttell. . Circuit Clerk Driemeyer was pres- ent at the democratic caucus held at East St. Louis, Monday.- 1 i ' J A little -daughter arrived at tb 1 home ef Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Haw-kina last Friday evening Gns Retneger and family will leave tomorrow for Fret burg where they will spend Sunday with relatives. Wis Minnie Kzfkr spent Sunday with friend in Dn Quoin.

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