Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 20, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1916
Page 5
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ftfl, J i!fi> .-) * n rTtnru-r Mrn, MiHfr'5 hsr! «?r,f . w« rf Mr" t* 1*1 ifi Honor KNOX-TURNER WEDDING Occurred Saturday Evening At 7:30 O'clock At the Bride's Home. rffi'-v arvl f.irm •if. I M," 1 !, r). \fr- irvS Mr* h'la) Thais'' find >!)?>, <"h v. Kit win ant} M k M '-yr* r'n.) ' '(nrf":- ••-. .U v«-r \Vi Mr- Ar< uf \V!il IVrt "f Otiti -r» illip. A »1i!i<'! l|OTri»- WI-.l.f'.!'K •'• • UMf.i SfltnMlrvv tM<<nnu^ .'it " ^" <-•'>» k ;i- tf;i> horn'' t'f Ml 1 .1«i! :llr«i M. VV KlH>y «if Wfw»«Hnwn, their il'i!t^h!«''r. ,Mts« Nevci K Kti'«t, liccurnitij' !h«- v>if» of Mr. Wlllinrn <! Tinn.i Kf<- K <". ftn'rrfjt. p:t!«ttir of St. .totm'* >-liurch. ' rrtnny, am! Uic (, r ur-«t« w*Tf only tbf nU' fntnily ;ifi<1 stu-rnl IntitnntP INTERESTING TALK Was Given By Mrs. R, V. Hinkle At the Woman's Club Last Saturday. % thf wedding wa« x.-rv-mmpl.. nnd Thp , nrp(> at ,». nn , Jf)c ».. n , thf Wf-rn- Mulft throughout. Then- WIT-; no at- ftn> ,,,,„, 8Bttjrt j ay afternoon, wac fpndnnt« nnd ho w>>MtnK man-h. th«> |jg n },,,j w j t h lnp i^ttirp ,, n -A taking their (il««-« « ,,f HKVt»t an.! th«. Nilr." t»y Mr>». Knth- , rink and wbite »-ar- Jtrnv^lrd extensively'in tltr- Orient and (lirrlfil out the pn-tty «'"lor f nmllRMt ,„ „„ „ ehnrmlnts. nni<|iM- nnd 1 view uf Cairo., the Nil*- tind tli' 1 I'.vtMtnlils. !i« s*'*'!! of t>ink ninl white to««'«. i through the »-yf>R of a liriKht, ii|i-t«i- Following tho t-eromony a dainty |,'iat«- tuvil thoroughly !unfli'«nn wnn Pervert At Sijrt .,', l.irk | m jy t<niii«t. Hlif hn« llif happy fur- •44**4>*******4^ Cut Price Coat and Suit Sale I ^J ^ _ _.,,_ J ... mJ ^ J: ^_.^^ J .^ fe ._,. ^,. J ,.^ I ,...-^-.a^ J ^^. J .^ g ..J.^.,_ ^.J^ -^__ ..._..._^.. " ' J|^ N - "* {£» Opens tomorrow morning and involves every suit ami coat I e one hundred garmenis in alf, which will be placed on a basis t JM A iBMI «k ** dft 9lhBk HOB* . ^M «••*•» Mt \ " f that represents prices usually made lateln January and February, f J* - . . -• " . . . ' *r | As is well known we carry only high class merchandise and this great early f * season sale means much to those who are satisfied with nothing short of the J I best In Coats and Stiffs |j <& • . - .... . •• • . —. : .. ^.^ | The sale continues through this week and Monday and Tuesday of next. J " • * • • - . . . ' ^*i £ •he me. . Tli(> bride's drrns wn* <>f t>lu« moHt crl trtMir find l»-r tlmVors wi>tf a, Thct><.« ; ^ t>oun<ltt which iHTomi«uiy a rtiarlvari rx and party vfftf hciinl :iinl i frM-ml« iniml»«'rltiK nvrr. forty nnd K«vr- thf nt-wly w» i il!| n —After rnrikltiK tlv*> tr«n»l ntitoiint tilty of u keen Into human na f nolHi" the crowd went Induct H find Mr. j nnd Mrn. Turnfr found that a fi»lluii*«H(« »how«>r . had In their honor. A ilellehtfttl rv wan enjoyed and many nlie ulftw jiffwnted to the hrlde and ture. whether that of a fofelcn C ctr <>f an KK.vptain donkey hoy. anil her fine M>h«e of humors, Rave to the descriptions n and orlKituUllv that was sirnpty delicious. Her lerture will he remembered n* itne of the red letter ilayw In the year hook. The uuirvlrnl jmrt of the pir)grain opened hy the- niriRlnK of ««>verrtl i patriotic KOIIR* hy tfu> t-luh. led hy.Alra Today Mr. nnd Mr*. Tunicr li-ft for Ontvrhnudt. Mrs. l'itnr>y, nccon(finiitKt Helklrk, N. V., the home of the «rooin'n Marlon parent*, wlipr« t»K»y will nuike th<-lr i *<'»"«; two Arnhlan luinu*. -Doth youtijt |nnipli> will tukt- tK»«t wlKhcti from n howl of filfti'ln with them ti» th«>lr hurm*. Mr««. Turner durlnif lu-r'rfflldcnrr* in Ih'lH vicinity has nuulc' nimiy frifmlfi. Mht» IN ri iMi-nilw»r or Ml. .lolfn'H .t-litiri'li mid hn« been tin .active worker In HM vnriotiM drptirttiH'iitH. Kor wvcrjil niontliH |>ii«t K|IC hurt hoeii i/inplo> i-.I In tliw bindery department of tln<! Hter- IliiK ' Htiindiuil 1'rlntltiK i-otitpatiy. Atr. Turner canie from thc^'axt m*v- ITU I yi-iHH HM" find duriHK M» ntiiy iti this vh.'lnlty ha« mndi- inuny frit-nd.i. GOLDEN; WEDDING Of Mr. and Mrs, Frank Weaver Was Pleasantly Celebrated Sunday. > $ Mr. and Mr*. Prank Weaver, well known re«IUent8 of thin city, are oh- HervInK their Koldeti weddloK today and In honor of the notable occasion a family minltih WUH held Sunday «t their homi* on Klnhth avenue. All of the children anil their families* were -homo for tlwdny.nnd~tht« event t»rt»vetl t«»-b^ one of greuteMt pleasure for all. A UellclowH dinner, prepared • arid .served by the* children, was enjoyed at noon and tin- entire duy watt Mpent 'In- a Boclul wuy. • DurlriR the duy Mrs, Weaver was presented with a wolld gold thimble and Mr. Weaver -with a gold headed cane. A» H. •un>rivf> Mr. Weaver In Mrs. Kohr nnd Mrs. Woonter. «l«-lo- Knti'x to the Stall 1 Federation nicctlnti ut I'rluina. nave cooolm. atitl intoreHt- ing reports. POTT-GOETZ WEDDING Will Occur Tomorrow In Rock Island—Sterling Relatives To Attend. "*Mr. nnd.ftlrH. Hpnry Pott and dnugh- fers PmnrlB and G*>ncviev<>. will go to Hot'U Itijiuid thin ovrnlng to he pr«" went nt the nrddln^ of their son, Al- Mui in r;<ir-tai u in JK»-#.->icmnli!fMl «t-SMIO- o'clock Tuesday morning nt Hi. JON- oph's church In Hock Inland. The wcddlnK-will be ii.very quiet one, only the two ftunllli'N to be prfKent, Mine 1'ot* will .wrve HB hrldi>«mald turn pr«Hented euoh of hiH dren Hti<l nil of hln children with a 'gold offering. .Wlllhtrd Weaver, thf , oldest Krwlidchilil. prenented the glftM of honor. It wax late In the day before the f 'merry crowd left for their homes. The " folio wing were present: Mr. ahfl .Mr*i, | MUHOU Weaver and fnnilly, of .Mllledno- jvHle; Mr, and -Mm. /Austin Weaver land famlljr, Mr. und Mr«. Abe La#df« |«nd family. Air. u'lid'-'Mrn. Charles j Weaver and family, Mr, and Alra. Fred ^ Heed and family, and Carl Maass. I Mr, »nd .Mrs. Weaver have spent jthe. greater Him re of their married life i in thin vicinity and huve rnuny friends who will wish them many more yeurfl together. und the bride'* brother, !<>ank Qoctz, wJII be host man. A weddlnji breakfast . will follow at the hnni<« of" th»> brldd'H- iwrcntn. Mr. and Mrs. 1'cwt will tnke a short hoiifymoon trip and wlllieuidtt-hi Hock Inland where Mr. 1'otl IN i-mployiHl a« a, nmchlnlM. ~"TliJritfiHilrj~'i i i" i »rd«'«T"t»r l1i1»~r'Tty"iinTTT n f<nv yearH ago, when ho wont to Hock Inland, where ln» Iia*' sincp resided. Many SterlliiR fri«>nd« will t-xtund conttrutulntionH. , MET FRID^AFTERNOON Mr*. Pinkn«/s Clai» of Cpngragatlon- •I 8. 8. Had « PT««i«nt Social Time, 1'lnknoy'n bible claii»i nnd the INCLUDING THE WEjffi CLASS "PRINTZESS" GARMENTS J Silk.Suits, WooLPoplin Suits, Silk Poplin Suitsi Broadcloth Suits, browns, greens, navies, blacks, all colors and most ^ all sizes are in stock at the present time. Eyery tfarment included in the sale. None laid away and a perfect fit guaranteed at no extra charge for alterations. Koine Department cla»» of the Con- irrexatlonal Sunday school met hint Friday uf lermion ut Gray for a clutw^ Modal. The afternoon wu« «pen< In the telllnK of dlf- fwrent Itjfldentii which each remein' bered «lnce her connection with tht» church and Hunday BIRtHPAYJHNtyER . Wa* Given Sunday by Mr. and Mr*. a W. H. Millar at Th«ir Horn*. , , w Mr. nnq Mm. W. It. M tiler, of -<02 ut another such meeting a year from school, • It was very IntcrestitiK and Instructive an much of It went back to the time when the church was first organized, and while the 'cervices were held in the bull and In the firm little church. and under the different early pastorate of fcev, Smut), Hey. Plum and Rev. I'ost, At the clone of the afternoon Mn». Gray and .MJ«0 Milan »erved dulnty refreshments and each member felt ,H hud been* an afternoon long to be re> membttred an a plrtimint and profitubli! otw. .->May we all be upureil .to meet Look! Two Big Days! Look! Tuesday * * $29:50 For Skinner satin lined Sealette Coats. $22;95 For W061 Velour Goats, silk lined. : $18.75^ For American Bolivia Coats,' navies, browns and Macks. SI8.00 For ZibMine and Eponge, Coats, si " lined. "$10:957 For nov'eliy" mixtures, curf- ettes, lambs, etc. ^$9.95 For novelty , m i x tares, cheviots, etc. Reduction in every instance is large. Every garment is new and we intend to make a quick clearance of all suits and a large reduction in the number of fine coats in stock before Thanksgiving. _ • ;: . .-^ ~ Many garments will be gone when the sale is over and we urge you to attend the sale early in the week. Remember this is a sale of this season's very newest and most ' .... desirable coats and suits. now Uiry. the wiah of the claKH secre- LADIES' SOCIAL CIRCLE Of the Pr.irievillo Church Will Me»t All Day -W*4n«w>«y, • ~> todies' Sovlql. .Circle BOTH PHONES: BELL 451 INTERSTATE 35? Wednesday WE DELIVER $100 'ORDERS FREE The todies' Sovlql. .Circle of church will lwiv» an all day mpettnjf Wedneminy ut th« church. A. iilcnlc dinner will u« aervwl at noon and a lurKe utiomlunre .la dcalml WH in much work to be done. IN ROUND GftOVE coast Unitfd IIUB tn'en the on both Hides of thejcrpwd w«us preswu and much enthus- H'f_Wea was that itjjalwn and loyalty »V««» uhown by. the rooters on each wldp, DurlnK the «wnu D^ one ATO» nerioutsly Injured excep In; the lust Jiuartfr when Osborn WUH ttiken who -have been urging military prpparedneas. not no much for i>OH»lble war, aa It >va» "for . protection- of their capital, and it wna the -cupitali«ts who havei up BO many patera ond/^vho Th« Will Kraft Horn*. Air. Htul Mr»s, William Kraft onter- tulnod ut a roitHt gopitp dinnt-r Sunday »t their homo m>iir Hound Orovi 1 thp huv«. bwn udvoditlng ThP spettlwrlH of the opinion that after th»». war there ivlij be one of the religious revivals th* world has «>vt«r known, and the result of it win be thsit thJd will ix> tlu* last grout war the world will ever »c«-. out and of a Ini Kin place. the Durinjf tli^ ilrst wore made, by AN AUTO CATCHES FIRE A Good Maxwftll Own«d M«n !• Badly By CoUU following. «nd 10 Sweot for , 29c HOMINY N ? cny <'loan stock, (j lt)». for ...'Vi.V. GRAPE NUTS for CANNED GOODS (i mm OornTfor 7. V,. . () wins"Peas for .'896 . Mr. und Mrs. Will I.Hmuld, Mr. \Vnifam Mr. nnd Mra. liormon Ooerrinj?, Mr, and Mrw. William Zi«U>r. Mr. Ueu- NCIIMO. uti()l-'Mr. Ih'tiry THE Will B* Ent«rt«in«d Tutiday Afternoon By Mrt, John Bnekw«lt«r, Mli». John Uui'kwttltpi 1 will pntt-rtaln '.In- 11. i). Club ut lior honu< on Fourth Tiu'sday afiwiUKUi. A plcua- FuiR-y enters and co(>kc i i>«» 39c (5 fans Pouches 0 cans Apricot H U cans Pears ..900 .90c .90c. tnt BtRTHDAY plNNER. Mjr, and Mr». <•- K. KfHy "entertain- Ml 1 «fcdlnn«'r..yf»tt'rd«y lu lioitor of Mr. Kt«lly'M birthduy, and Mm. C. H, PRUNES ,'{Ihs. iiuulium siz** for.25o li Il>8. large size-fur. .-.J?5p- GRAPI FRUIT juiin-, thin skin, '.* ' QRANOIS pur for OATMEAL packages ' Q1 |i Aumpifi and Mr. und Mrs, Ke v n Ulll» and duughu-r. ENTERTAINED SUNDAY. Mi', and' Mrs. Mittt Iliinsvin t-rfter« titliu'il Sunday ut dinner Mi*, und Mrx. J&tMt Hcniit'ti, Mr. und Mrs. Hubert' lluii-siiii, Mru. Henry l-iuif of Stone Stiitfiui, Mr. ' Vtncont Mitrwrhont; uf Joidun, and Mi«»s>s Fruiu-ih and Ut>n- CRACKERS tiry grunu- I, a'|!>.s. tor. 41c COL. JACOB HOOFST1TLER •. ' ., Gave Rou»in a Talk Sunday Evening At Calvary Church, • , f'oliiiU'l ^(imb Ifoot'stitU'r gavt> on? of hit* old liin.' .l.iilllant talks before tin; Fniiini ut tin- t'uHury HtiptUt « hii'li wa.*. in fil to by an ^ppr • ' Hoofstlik'i" touk for his* sub- ti. I'll-JiiU'*!*}'!'.'^ *' '-Hi!. feii..Vt'- iiun.'li - having is A Maxwell automobile owned- by W. Hrown, «f Coletu. waa badly .damaged by tire Sunday night shortly after "mid- 1 night. The car was btantjiiiK yn the norUi side of the Gait House and In some m»tt> rioiiu manner " the engine caiyjlit lire and great Jinnies i »hot • up in the air. ,Tli«- Hre department wa;j called and -with the aid of ehemteals the blujte wa« exUiiKUiuhed. Th»,nuMI» neto was completely ruined, and many of the wires und other devicea were al»o damaged. It 10 estimated tlio damage will amount to one hundred and ttfty dollars. t The sire created considerable excitement and » lar»« gutlterx^ for that time of night: V PARENTSIINVITED T0 Sp«nd W«dn«tdix Of The Union Schools. Wednesday .of this w«-i>lc, Nov. ,?2, will bw I^irents Day at th»j • yu'rlb^ Union tfchoultf, All pasonts uru cordially Invited to visit tho sfchoola, become ac<uu»intetl with the teachers, the schot^ work, and the methods t'oiiw~ih the forenoon if |H>s*ibte,, tir ih^ ei'huol rooms witliout Too little iirterest ie taken in Kclii.ols by tbe part-jus, if .tho ty'of their visits l« in any way to be tak«»n a« an index. *• . T|im« win ~\uf no Jjfrmrram of't?x«r- t'lscs, nothing 'but tfl»» ivgular iMuiuL \vofk ttill be on exhibition.' It. IB hop$)d that ali parent* wilt? couporute with two touch UHV. Morrison te»ni and M0in> by tin- vlBltorM. in tht> swiond nnd third iiimrtt-ri* ncithvr «!<!« ueor^d, In ih« fourth Morrlnoii nuiJ(>tluet» touchdowns und Dixon ncon^l tpslV-by u drop kick, which imulu tlu< ilmii Mt-orn ay to 3 In favor of tlu* Morrinon T-lJe Hrnt and fourth touclulowns woro mailtt by Hlek. Th« other thW* by Dlohl, who <ll.stliiKiiixhetl himticlf by his playing, nnv* ut one lime running th0 pntire llfld fur it, to'uth- SIXTH AVENUE The work of putting In thu th by MORRISON BEAT DIXON . Town Taam Defeated Visitors Sunday By Seer* Of 32 To 3, ' . g-iiiic jiton n a v^ry pluyo'd sni tli0 -iui't'i! the Morrison u "va ViolelDulceVan ishing Cream foundation for the Sixth avenue part of the pHviiitf xy.itetn wax nturted again tWB inornlnK. after a lay off of several days on account of the cold weather! It was too cold week to Handle that he contemplated moving fr "Who would want to lei,ve a dry ntatn like Nebraaka?" said t'ommoner. . . that Indiana may get the concrete and all work w«« suspend ed. It In thought by the contractor«| lino wllh tlm drya wa« indicated that ther« will be «nougb warm wt-uth- j Hryun dcolured thai DemooralUo. er now HO that brick miiy be laid thin j »-r« •thoro' had formed a committet fall-oil all of the Byktem {hat has been excavated, BRYAN WILL NOT MOVE (lly United Pre«H.) £hjcatfo. 111.. Nov. jO.--VvV||jlam undttrtuko tho prohibition question, "It'is ttkt'ly that-Indiana will hftV! prohibition by ututute within a f« irtonthM." dt'vlort'd .Hryan, "and * HttUiliiuial I'onvention an tioon an run ln« provided for." A. C!. Van JQ_ Bryan today dt'nltM) tin' report tudny on Central Union is ft greaseless and txguisit»Jy perfumed skfh beautlfier that deserves a j*lae$ on every dresser, use mean? a complexion that everyone will ad- ire. Price 50 cents HendricksjjR Drug Co*\ The Universal Servant You have heard of the Waiver* a^l* Bell Telephone System. - .*-n • You have seen,the Bell advertising- and have been reminded of the Value of the Telephone, but have you all of the telephone facilities that you need inTyour office and "home? , Let the Bell telephone be your Universal Servant. , Central Union Telephone C. M. Armstrong, M»ua««r. . T«l»pUoue. Main a00 . '

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