Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1895
Page 3
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We Don't Underst; Why other-shoe dealers don't do like *e do and sell Shoes cneap all tfte Time. And rot break out in a fresh spot every once in-a- and offer a few baits to get you into their stores .and then try to pan otf a lot of old stuff on you and call tthem "Bargain?." Don't Monkey With the Buzz Saw! COME TO THE Sample Shoe Store. Where good honest go ;ds are sold at lees than half tprice »)1 the time. We have DO baits— we don't need 'em We sell plenty of shoe* without 'em. Bel.ow are a few of our prices last week, this week. ne>t week and every other 'fl»n JO Menl8 tan Russia calf &nd \7, 4nK«nuiDe Kangaroo. Guar- V^ f ' U aDteed to be |5and$Cgoods • or your money back. spring heel pat. tip or Oxfords, tan or black. ijil but we never asked i-more than 48c. 1A all wo have ever asked for our fine $0 patent leather shoes. None reserved. Ladies' kid lined fine Oxfords ppere. That are good value 'for $3, -we never asked any more for them. JA-Iofant's fancy moccasins or Illlishoes that others want 3uo for. J,UU T ) le Baule prlce tt n the time. 'all we ever asked for $1.50 idles' OxforU slippers; 3 point 'slippers or any other kind of $1.00 slippers. None reserved. f TDat's Tne Way We Always SeU Shoes. OUK MOTTO:—Your Money's Worth or Your Money Back Everything Guaranteed as Represented. Opposite John Gray's Dry Goods Store. THE FINEST LINE OF SPRING SUITINGS To be Found in the City at t W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. Notice to Contractor*, Sealed propofmls will bo rccolrcd by the Common Council *t the onlce of the city clerk up to 12 «'clock noon of Wednesday, June 0. 3893, for the construction of all unnnUlied cement sidewalks -on North SIxtB street according to ttte ordinances or the cltj ot lotransport, and according to prollla, pinna ivnd npeclfleiitlon.i on die In the otllce ot the ' city civil (inglnwr. Proposals mast be slRiiod and«nclosi*l In a waled envelope, marltel "Pro voial tor Cement Sidewalks on North Sixth street" nnd addressed to the city clerk. The suc- cwaralD'dderwIllbn required to execute contract and Hire bond to the approval ot too.council 1 tor doing the work. The Common Council reserveu the light to reject any and nil bids, UOHK B. WINTKHS, City Clerk. Logansport, Tnd., April SO, 1S95. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. MAY 17. Road M. M. Gordon's real estate advertisement. Boy*' fine shoes nt a bargain price- Walker & Rauch. Special oa table UDODB, crashes and towels—Trade Palace. Bear in mind all Otto has been telling 1 you of his sale which closes Saturday nifrht. A good supper will be served at tbe home of Mrs. Peckham on High street, (Friday) evening, May 17lh, by ladiei of the Christian Church. The ladles of the G. I. A. to B. L. £., will serve supper at their hall, corner of Market and Fourth street!, Saturday, the 18th. from 5 to 8 o'clock. Krtrybody Invited. Supper, 15 cent*. A Buttle Sum-rod Veteran. Nearly every oae in Medina Co , Ohio, knows Stephen Rolph, of River Styx, tbe ono lepged veterao, who lost his log at Winchester, Va., March 23, 1862 In all probability tbe exposure and privations of army service, the effects of which are felt as they grow older by nearly all old soldiers, were the cause of theeerlous nervous prostration and sleeplessness of which ComrftdeRolphcomplained. He says: "People hereaboutfl know me pretty well, but you can tell others that I was down for about six months with nervous prosrtation and sleeplessness for wbicb I tried various doctors and medicines, but Dr. Wheeler's Nerve VitaUzar has done me more good than all the doctoring I had done. The first bottle gave me such relief that I have used Boveral and feel almost restored to my former good health." Dr. Wheeler's Xervo Vitallzer can be relied upon by tny one who are suffering from nervous troubles, sleeplessness, etc. Jf all tired out and run down, you need a reliable nerve and system ionic and health restorer as this remedy is. Sold in Logansport by Ben Fisher, druggist, and by all dealers everywhere. A Probably Fatal Attack. Mrs. Isabolle Donaldson, widow of the late ex-Sheriff Donaldson, is in a ?ery dangerous condition resulting frtm a recent and more severe stroke of paralyslx than tbat reported some time ago. The last attack has affected her throat and bead. John Donald* IOD, her son, has been telegraphed for^ •i ber condition is considered serloue. Knight* of the JUecibees. The State Commander writes us rom Lincoln, Neb., as follows "Af- ,er trying other medicine for what seemed to be a obstinate cough in our wo children we tried Dr. King's New Discovery, and at the end of two days he cough entirely left them. We will not be without it hereafter, as our ixperience proves that it cures where all other remedies fall." Signed F. V. Stevens, State Com. Why not give ibis great medicine a trial, as it s guaranteed and trial bottles are free ,t B. F. Kej$pM drug store. Ragu ar size SPOTTERS AT TVOBK. It if rumored from Indianapolis that the Marlon county grand jury, now in teailon, will return a number of indictments against the employes of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co. for alleged larceny. The itory is that a number of Jdeteotlvei, who are known D ae profenlonal spotters, have been watching the trains that run into In- dlanapolin, and it la claimed that they have evidence that a number of con. duo tors have been taking ibort fares. For instance, if the regular fare ie $2. theipotter would hand up$l and would be permitted to ride. The rule for years has been, to discharge the offenders, but the new rule is to pro«. acute them for larceny. Local railway officials In Indiana know nothing of the charge that tbe ipotterg have been at work, and the detectives are ld to have been sent out from the office at Pittsburg. If the arrests are made it is claimed there will be a mild sensation In railroad circles, as whatever action Is taken by ths Pennsylvania authorities will In all probability be followed by other roads. A. R. U. MAT RETALIATE Regarding the dismissal of several A. R. U. leaders from the service of the ^roat Northern railroad company, E. V. Debs, president cf tbe union said: "leee by the dispatches that tbe men were discharged because they were prominent in the American Railway Union, I know all of them personally, all are dispatchers and good men. In the absence of "an offl cial statement from St. Cloud, I coul say nothing definitely. Be assured however, tbat the A.'R U., wants c trouble on the Groat Northern an I earnestly hope there will be none But if those men were discharged fo no other reason than that the belonged to our union, tbe A. S. U will stand by them. If the offlola statement is made that they were firec for this reason I shall go to St. Pau acd convene the board of mediation and board of directors and endeavo to have them reinstated." RAILROAD KMPLOTES WATCHED. It Is stated on what eeems 'to bi reliable authority thai the Penney!, vanla system, from one end of the! lines to the other, are keeping track of the men In their employ who drink and frequent saloons. Not only are they looking after the railroad and shop men, but all employes from th highest to the lowest, olerka, superln tendents and managers. The list being obtained by the regular detec lives of the company, and the mos out-of-way places, AS well as the cities, will be watched. Railroad companies all over the land are look Ing Into this matter, and it looks now as if they would all adopt similar methods. A prominent official eays tbat a trainman in any capacity can not be relied on even if he has only taken one glass of beer. It Is best for every railroad or shop- man who desires to hold hU position to abstain altogether from the use of intoxicating drinks. is for m Divorce. Don V. Stunets has filed a com. ilaint for divorce from Mary A. Stam- ts, alleging desertion. Kiatler & :istler are hit attorneys. The plaintiff Is a Pan Handle puvenger irake- man. STEW O. E. C. OFFICERS. Atthe convention of the Order ri Railway Conductors at Atlanta, Ga Wednesday, Grand Chief E. E. Clark was re-elected; C, S. Wilkina, of Cedar Rapids, la., was elected assist ant chief; Martin Chancey of Mead- v.l'^.^O., was elected grand secretary aM*treasurer, to succeed W. P. Daniels, by a vote of 196 to 108. L. M. Armstrong Fan Handle oper* ator at Traloner has returned from an extended visit East. Walter Planck, a Pan Handle brakeman who was injured some months ago, has returned to work. The Wabash has discontinued the night telegraph office at New Waverly, Rockfield and Roanoke. The Wabash earned in tbe first week of May $204,420 against $181.497 in the corresponding week of 1894. The telegraph operators will play the Lions base ball club Sunday at the Cloott street grounds. A good game it expected. Conluotor Ed Gardner who has been off duty several weeks on account of an injury,has resumed his run between hare and Chicago. The Pan Handle pay oar came in yesterday afternoon and paid the road and yard men. Th* shop men will be paid today. A. J. Hartman, formerly Pan Han. die operator at Hartsdale i* rUiting nil brother Geo. Hartman, the Pan Handle blacksmith. Mr. Hartman is DOW located in Texas. Detective Gallagher Is enforcing the order recently Itiued by Superintendent Walton in regard to keeping 'bus line and hotel runners off the •tattoo platforms. All hacks are required to •Und north of tk« etation and the driver* are not permitted to stand on the walk to solicit custom, Indlanapolii Journal: Of lite a more friendly feeling has sprung up between tbe citizens of Loganeport and the Wabash read, and as a result. tbe buelneti of the road has increased at that point. The earnings of tbe road at Loganiport for April were, this year, $2, 300 in excess of those of April, 1894. On June 1. William B McKeen will have been president of Terra Haute and Indianapolis roads twenty-eight years, being outranked in point of Ber. vice in such capacity by but one man In the country— T. B. Blaokgtone, president of the Chicago &. Alton, who wai elected to tbat position thirty-one years ago last April. Partlei in Hagerstownbave invented a contrivance by which tbe safe In an express car can be locked in a second by either the expresa messenger or by the engineer while at his post on the engine, and the safe can not be opened till sent to headquarters. It is designed to prevent the robbary of ex» press can while in transit. .Pan Handle conductor W. M. Parks had a narrow escape from death Wednesday evening at Dalton. He waa standing on the caboose platform when the train parted and the automatic air brakes brought the train to sudden stop. He was thrown on a siding on which a train was approach- Ing and barely had time to pick himself up ind get out of the way. He sustained sbveral severe bruises. The Railroad Gazatte says: Draw. ings for a compound freight locomotive are being prepared at Al'.oona and the shop work is going on In the construction of thle engine as fast as the detail drawings are ready. This will be a two cylinder compound, with three pairs of drivers, designed for freight service only, and it is estimated that tbe power obtained will be somewhat greater than with the stan. dard class "R." The class "R" It will be remembered, Is tho Pennsylvania consolidation, which has often been described in print. Diffuse Help I In this way. \Vhenyouseeho\vPearline has helped 'y° u - te ' J "others and let it help , them. Where a woman is trying- to do housework in the old, hard-working, rubbing 1 way, it's actual charity to ,• tell her "aboii: Pearline. Perhaps 1 ; she uses it f.>r scrubbing, washing . 'dishes, etc., but can't believe that in ' washing- clothes it on save so much work and wear wither!: doing harm. Vour person-.'.! experience might convince her. That would help Peariinc, to be sure bu: -Y:n <'ho\v much more it would help her. 1 Y saving time and strength and real Psi'uilcrs ar.d some «::scrnpulous c™>- •A ivrs vi" tell vou " this is as cood as" - , ,. ,, Y'T'O ,, i - ": i<: sjir.ie -is IV-irhiie. lib ; i:" vour frm.vr s.m.is you ".n imi- ,,.-. ' :.\MES rVLE. New York. . v;O * ICYCLES, ARE TH HIGHEST OF ALJ HIGH GRADES. Warranted Superior to HIIJ- Bicycle Built ;!!.!....lii tlie World Rpitardlemot Price Built and piarnnleed by tb« Indiana BIcyel Co., n Millionth llnr corporHtlon, whose bond I* ns izood n*ttolil. Do rot buy » wheel until JOB have .wen Uie WAVERLEY. Scorcher 21 Ibs., $85 i - A Ind'ana Bicycle Co., Indianapolis, Ind., U.5. A meeting of The annual meeting at Frankfort of the North Indiana Ministerial Association of the Christian church closed yesterday. The following offlcero were chosen: President— Rev. A, L. Orcutt, of Danville. Yioe President— Rev. C. M.Filltnora of Peru. Secretary — Rev. T. S. Freeman, of Logansport. Treasurer— Rev, L. L Carpenter, of Wabaah. The convention clcsad a day early, in order to permit those desiring to attend the funeral of Rov.Ira J. Chase held yesterday at Indianapolis. The next annual convention will te held at Goahen. RO-W'H This! We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case ot Catarrh that cannot be cured by BalT< Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY * CO., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 rears, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and flnan- clally able to carry out any obligation made br their firm. WEST 4 TRUAX Wholesale D rugnlsts, Toledo , 0 WALDING. KINUAN & MARVIM, Wholesale Drug gl§t. Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Care Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous wirfaces ol the »y«te». Price "oo per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials Iree. "WHERE DIRT GATHERS, WASTE RULES. C 6REAT SAVING RESULTS FROM THE USE OF SAPOLIO Corner Stono Bishop John Hazsn White oJ the Episcopal church was at Marmont, yesterday and apofee at the laying of the corner stone of the new chapel- al the Culver military academy. Only a small party of those closely identified with the institution was present. Mr. Culver, tbe founder being the central Hgure. One month from yesterday June 16th, the corner atone of the big iulver academy building proper will be placed in position with impressive seremonles by the Masonic fraternity. It »ir Do as Much tat Ton. Mr. Fred Miller of Irving, Illinois, writes that he had a severe kidney irouble for many years, with severe pains in hi* back and also that his >ladder was affected. He tried many lo-called kidney cures but without any ,,'ooa "result. About a year ago he >egan use oJ Electric Bitters and found •elief at once. Electric Bitters is jspecially adapted to cure of all kidney and liver troubles and often gives ilmost Instant relief. One trial will prove our statement. Price only 50c or large bottle, at B. F. Keesllng'g [rug store. gnniUy Mchool Convention. The Eel township Sunday schools rill hold their regular monthly con. •eBtion in the North Side U. B. hurch at 7:30 o'clock Friday evening May 17th.- PROGRAM. Devotional services led by tbe president. ToDle-How does family worabJp belp the Snn- ar school ? Opened bjr Her. W. A- Wone«. Qne«aon draw*r conducted by F. w. Wlpper- tnan. JOHN J. HmxEBKAiTDT, Pre«. Otto 1 ! great ipeclal shoe and cloth- tg aale closes this week. A GOOD TURN OUT Of KnltthfM Templar und. Tiielr FrtemlH for R Il.iilidny at South Bend. About sixty joined tbe excursion party 10 South B:nd yes'e.-daj . Members of St. John commandery Kolghta Templar, their wives and best girls and friends were In the crowd, which was joined, by delegations along the line, Conductor Mancourt bad charge of the special Vandalla train, which left the city at 1 o'clock. Xho return was made laBt night, arriving in Lo gansport about 1:40 a. m. All re ported a moat pleasant time. A bacquet and entertainment, the latter being of unusual pretensions and merit, were given the vleitors by the South Bend Knights Templar. There ware delegations from the com. mandarle* at Michigan City, Warsaw LaPorte, Elkhart, Plymouth, Valpar alio and Nlles, Mich, besides the big crowd from this oily. Important Fact*. If you have dull and heavy pain across forehead and about the eyes; if the nostrils are frequently stopped up and followed by a disagreeable die charge; if soreness in the nose and bleeding from the nostrils is often experienced; if you are very sensitive to cold in the head accompanied with headache; then you may be sure you have catarrh; and should (Immediately) resort to Ely's Cream Balm for a cure. The remedy will give instant relief. Bet. The damage suits of Robert Eonk and Sarah E. Ronk agalnet Solomon Harness, in the former of which 15,000 ie asked, and io tbe latter f4,500 for alleged personal injuries and IOBB of services, have been set down In the circuit court for Thur«d*y May SO, _ Bucklen'a Arnica Salve. The beet salve in the world for cuts bruises, sores, uloera, ealt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. lions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25'ee"is per_boT. For tale by B. F, Keee il»*. Hammock* loir ihe M ;Call at George Harrison'o, G17Broad- way, and see the largest line of hammocks in the city. Prices, from forty cents up. Cottage for Eleven room cottage. 100 feet lake front; will /five a bargain. See diagram at the Journal office. W. B. BDBFOBD, ___ Indimn»poll«. We have shoei M fine u anybody at price* lets than half. Nothing re•erred — Boston Sample Shoe Co. Have YOD Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Sold by HEX FISIIBR. CHICAGO, March 7,1894 DB BciiiDiAK.CmcAoo. MY UKAB cut—My uttentlon was flret called to SAN-JAK lust yoar in tUe Kite ol Captain J. II, Broslus. ef Tcrre Haute, fnd., who was attacked In tliis City with acute nephritis and cystitis (la- llammaUon ol tbe blndder and kidneys). After prescribing ttieusiml remedies without nvall San- Juk was siiscHdted. and the Improvement was so marked alter tbe flrst dose, and n complete care followed so speedily, Unit I at once commenced an Investigation ot its merits and have since prescribed it In almost every known lorra ol kidney bladder, urvthrnl, vaginal and calarrnal troubles, followed In e:<ch Instance by the happiest result*. A case of eourasl.i(lnvoluntarr now of urine) In ray own family was very much Improved by a few doses, and radically curixl In less tnan a W««lc Krom practical experience In a number ol bad cafes ol leucorrhoen lam tree to my lhat 1 b»v« found no remedy that I* equal to SAN-JAK. And while I have never before given a profw slonal Indorsement to a proprietary remedy, I mj unSesItatlDKly and nithout reserve that i consider SAN-.IAK a veritable boon to humanity Mil filter applying It to tne mrext protesxlonal test*, can say wl h h confidence, It Is better than it la recommended to be. I HhaH continue to prescribe It In all cases of genlto-urlnary or catarrhal troubles, to preference to all otner known remedies. >n a NKBVKTOKIO, SAN-JAKcan be relied upon fuUjand entirely. The delicious taste of tne medicine Is ftlso In lt» favor, In prescrtbta* It for children. I am at present using SAN- JAK as an alterative In skin diseases, and In sever* casei of chtcnlc eczema have yielded so readily to Iti Influence that I shall continue to use It In similar cases, feellnn confident that It will raoet all th« Indications In Hnch cas«§. Yours sincerely, (Signed) (ixo. W. risTDKH. M. D. Chicago, m. «& BEN FISHER DE^GGIST 1,2OO Acres Black Soil Land. In Cass County can be purchased cheap for cash. 900 acres are improved; two frame booses, two large bares, and wind mill. Enquire at once. GORDON & COCKBIIRN, RBftL ESTrtTE flGENTS, HPKY RBflL BSTrtTB. M. M. GORDON, SPRY BUILDING. WANTED TO SELL The North Street Honse on North •treet between 5th and 6th rtreeti Will be sold oo reasonable term*. Address, MB& CHA8, MARKLK, Hartford City, Ind.

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