Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 29, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1968
Page 2
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ft* ttaftdiy, Mm* 29,1S8I SOCIETY Life in Arkansas 7-3431 Between Colendor o! Events f Htm&AY, FEB. 29 dub Scout feck 92 will have ant) Gold Banquet at School Thursday, 3. 29 at G:30 p.m. :§ FRIDAY, MARCH 1 The Rose Garden Club will neet. at t p»m, Friday, March In the home of Mrs, H. 0, Kyler with Mrs. Charles Stone, co-hostess. "."I A Girl Scout neighborhood ""meeting will be held Friday, "^ March 1 at Is30 p.m, at the Lit* 'f'tle House, All leaders, assistant pleaders and persons Interested la "-TL Day Camp are asked to at* .Ik SATURDAY, MARCH 2 tk ' There will be a Leap Year ','l»riy at the old Country Club CT ''at 8sOO p.m. Saturday night. Hos- '•"tessess will be the men of the " :>: club. Ladles are only to come and enjoy themselves. ,,,-, TUESDAY, MARCH 5 '"' The Hempstead County Repu- -'bllcan Women will meet at 7:30 r - :l; p.m. Tuesday, March 5 in the — Citizens Bank lounge. ."I ft V • -7. TUESDAY CLUB MEETS Jonquils gave a spring-like ap- ,,.,pearance to the home of Mrs. -^E. J. Whitman on February 27, . j:When she was hostess to a meet- a~4ng of a local Tuesday Bridge .» Club. A club guest, Mrs. Com- r-.er Boyett, was high scorer for "the afternoon. Mrs. Harry Hawthorne was second. *• For refreshments a dessert plate and coffee were served, ... Coming, Going ""' J. T. Still has returned home *: 'from a business trip to Florl- v;; da. 8 a.m. *md 4 p.m. Mrs* L*oHarfsfleld,Mfs.Cafl thofnton and Dean, tftd Mfs, Dale Goodnef weftt to Malveftt Sunday to visit thelf ststef, Mfs. Calvin Hughen, Mf« Haghen, Linda and Beth, all of Lincoln Park, Mien,, and to Bentofl to see Mr, and Mfs, Bobby fhofftton, Dee and Lee, <?he Hughe&s had baea called to Malvern because of the Illness of his father, who died Thursday, February 22.) Those from Hope attending the Hughen funeral In Malvernon Monday were Mr, and Mfs, Leo Ray, Mrs, Ned Purtle, and Mrs, Joe Hamilton of Emmet, Linda Hughen of Lincoln Park, Mtctu, accompanied them home to Hope for a few days, Mrs, Howard Reeee, Linda and Peggy spent the weekend with Mrs, Reece's sister, Mrs, Pat Conner, and Mr, Conner In Ar» llngton, Tex. Mrs, Opal Dupree, MU Pleas* ant, Tex,, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Theo Bonds, Mr, and Mrs, Fielding Huddleston and family, Omaha, Tex,, were in Hope over the weekend visiting Mrs, W, B. Huddleston, Mrs. Jewel Moore, and other relatives. Mrs. Rex Easter and daughter, Jennifer Lynn, Pine Bluff, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. J 1 A rtatHc ' • *»• U*»TAO« . > i .. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Waddie visited Mrs. Charles Brlant and Mrs. Tom McLarty at a Texarkana hospital on Tuesday. Dr. and Mrs. F. D. Henry returned home from Little Rock this weedend after both had been hospitalized; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dew brought them. Saenger THEATRE 7:15 TONITE 7:15 ONE SHOWING ond Associated toes don't butt wfitd Us cold lad dot ill tefs cm stint te* cofdlfig to t tefetan" beekeepn ef at Par aftmld, to ftfli, Rif MftHster, 10, who fits been kwplnj bees for 40 yeafs, eaa ofiRfif rtot of in* fofmilloa oft bees thai Isn't readily luiowrt* He says bees stay In a semi* dormant state during the win* tef, tat that aflytitft* the temperature climbs above 52 degrees the tees fo out in search of food, this, of tottr&t, leads to their Importance as pollinators, "the iftpottifler of honey bees as pollinators Is becoming more apparent all the time," said MaLisUr, who keeps about 15 to 100 colonies of bees, "There ate more than SO crops that must be pollinated In order to produce, and since na* ture has been upset by modem farming the only pollinators we have In sufficient numbers are honey bees." "If the farmers would apply Insecticides according to the recommendations of the extension service we could eliminate a large portion of destruction to honey bees," McLester said. McLester explained that only worker bees, which are females, will sting. Drones, the male bee, don't even have stingers, and the queen bee Is too busy running things to bother about stinging. Often, It seems, that bees will sing some people while others can handle bees and let them crawl til over them without being stung. "Bees are very sensitive to odor," McLester says. "And persons who are afraid of bees give off a very strong odor to the bees," He said It seems that when the bees smell this odor, they know they are masters of the situation and sting with vengeance. the attractive estranged wife of the actor with whom of course he was eventually reunited. Antonioni's V. -,r (»• a P FRIDAY-SATURDAY Hunted by the Apaches! PLUS 60 COUNTRY MUSIC SINGING STARS IN "ROAD TO NASHVILLE" Its picking and singing time By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - There was a busy buzzing beehive of activity on ABC Wednesday night as a number of talented English performers raced and roared around, furiously revlv- jrjngie Noel ~ ( Cowari'Sw«yarJUme- The vehicle, sugnt fnorg ly satiric; showed its age a little but served nicely as.an opportunity for Peter aToole to display his ability to handle a light, brittle line. Although from time to time the actor seemed to overdo things a little, the total result was a merry two hours of television entertainment. 0"Toole played a London matinee idol constitutionally unable to stop acting for a moment and with a special talent for getting Involved with women. He was surrounded by an assortment of determined eccentrics. He tried to get out of the clutches of a predatory woman and also to prepare for a foreign tour. The script could perhaps have been tightened a bit, but from start to finish the special Noel Coward touch was evident. CCToole played one of those apparently sophisticated rakes who Is at heart just a helpless male who must be protected by strong, motherly women, Honor Blackman, once the nemesis of James Bond, played airiinQueen MALT'trf ,29 And FRIDAY, MARCH, 1 FAVORITE FLAVOR ONLY HELEN HELP US! by H*l*n Bett*l elementary arti high Oof tewft did IMI, AT Lucille Ball, plugging her forthcoming motion picture in England now that the current season's production of "The Lucy Show" is finished, told a reporter for Variety that the format of her CBS series would change next season. ^ trade-,paper quoted the sayingl thafoihe.pians fd f ;; ose twT5hfl3Fen Back Info'' the series—the boy and the girl who Were shipped off to school several seasons back and never heard from again. The locale of the series shifted from Connecticut to Hollywood. But when the children reappear, they will be the two Arnaz children, Lucie and Desl Jr, both in their teens. Both of them, have appeared from time to time on the program, and young Desi has had considerable show business experience playing In a musical trio that Includes Dlno Martin, Dean's young son. It may be that the success of NBC's New Rowan and Martin variety show, Lucy's direct competition, had something to do with her decision to revise and freshen up the show. On several occasions recently, a variety hour has matched and even pulled ahead of a long- playing comedy series In the ratings. At the end of this week, ABC will drop the five-minute morning news summary by Marlene Sanders, Miss Sanders, network television's only woman with a news show of her own, has had the daily show since 1964. Before that, the late Lisa Howard presided over a five-minute news spot. Recommended tonight: "Carol Channlng and 101 men," 9-10 EST, special program with Walter Matthau and George Burns that was originally scheduled for November but postponed by a strike of network technicians, Monkoy Taking Birth Mils ATLANTA, Gs, (AP) - Four, teen female squirrel monkeys wm take birth control pills in as Emory University research project aimed at deterrolftifls the efjeet of female hormones OR the asaiomv of the Inner ear, Scientists want to see U there is an aflatorai<?ai relationship between ti» pills and "<Jiwy spells" reported ty som* worn, en woo use them. Sub City Halls for Suburbs CINCINNATI (4P) - City Manger William Wichman proposed Wednesday that the city study the feasibility of setting Up '• sujj city halls" in some of the suburbs. He said the idea of the plan is to provide the people with more "visible a»1 tangible evidence" of the services they are getting. 100 Super Geriatric Vitamins «F-G.W> Loving Care Hair Lotion PANTS MAKE NEWS. Permanent press Dacron and cotton ensemble (left) Is In cool lime with contrast zipper by Russ. There's smooth sailing ahead in the jaunty long- sleeve cotton knit turtlcncck with stripes galore and white cotton knit pants (right) by Atlccn, __^ Bob Thomas at the Movies HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Recently veteran director George Sidney was quoted in a trade paper as saying that future American musicals wilt probably be made in England. This was depressing tidings for the Hollywood labor force, which has been hurting because of the unprecedented slowdown of production. Never lias there been so little filming for so long. And no relief seems in sight. Sidney's remark, of course, was partly aimed at publicizing his latest musical, "Half a Sixpence," which he said was helped by the proficiency oif English technicians and the lower labor scale. The latter, plus the generous government subsidy, encourages American companies to shoot expensive films' In England. But I wonder if the five-year flood i ,of. BriUsh;mad<> l ,.Amor|| can-financed, films. Isn't reacjL-, ing a diminishing rate of return,, The Academy Award nominations could be offered A as evidence, If only of a superficial nature. You'll note that all five, male nominees are Americans, whereas the Oscar race in recent years has been dominated by the likes of Paul Scofleld, Peter CXToole, laurence Olivier, Richard Burton and Rex Harrison. All of the nominated directors are Americans, In contrast to recent years. Of the five picture nominees, only "Doctor Dolit- tie" was filmed In England, and the majority of scenes were made In Hollywood and the Bahamas. Of course, the academy voters may well be swinging back to a more provincial attitude after several years of sending the Oscars abroad. But those voters very often reflect the feeling of the American movie-going public, as they did In naming the Immensely popular "The Sound of Music" as best pictureof 1965 despite the deprecations of highbrow critics. Could It be that the American public is satiated with British entertainment? I'm beginning to think so, I find nothing unfriendly In this, because Americans generally admire the British and especially support them In their present plight. Nearly everyone agrees that the English are the world's best actors, and they have also proved to be the most imaginative directors in recent times. But you can get too much of a good thing, especially If it has a foreign sound. For five years or more, Amaricans have been subjected to a steady stream of Oxonian, Cockney, Liverpudlian and other accents native to the British Isles. Js it any wonder that audiences welcomtfl the fiat MJdwest tones of "Bonnie and Clyde" and the Southern Prawis of "In the Heat of the Night"? Holidays on Noerott Monday BOSTON (AP) w A bill ob, serving three major holidays on the nearest Monday to the date they fell was signed Tuesday by Gov f John A, Volpe, Effective next year, Washing* ton's Wrthday wiil be celebrated oo the third Monday of Februt ary, Patriot's Day on the third Monday ojT April, gad Memorial Day on the last Monday of May, Labpr aod business froups supported tae bill! which veter. ans' or faai?ation$ opposed. HAPPY LEAP YEARt Dear Readers: Happy Leap Day! Or does anyone remember that today happens only once every four years? You know, this Is my third Leap Ywir as a columnist, arid the first when not one single correspondent has mentioned H. I even forfol February 20th myself until Twofle the date on my copy. Sid , . , What with wars, riots, bombs, disasters —pleasant 111* tie games 10«* Leap Year Tag have somehow tost their zing. -H Dear Helens I've been going with this boy for two years. Last month we went to a party and there was booze. H got pretty wild. Now I think I'm pregnant. Two weeks afterwards this boy and 1 broke up because we both felt so guilty and ashamed that we couldn't face each other, I never thought this could hap* pen. We both had discussed sex and both agreed that it should wait till after marriage. I wish 1 was able to talk to him, as I still love him. But every timu we sere each other at school, we just stutter a "n«Uo" ant! watfc away. My parents don't knw, t can't tell them. Therms no one to talk with, I've rnln«l everything Jus! because t thought H was "big" to be with the drinking crowd. — $0 ASHAMED Dear Ashamed; , „ . Awl the drinking crowd, wh«n they hear, will probably moke jokes about the dumb kid who got caught. It's a high price to pay for a HUle Your parents will see you through. The boy's folks may even help with the bills. But you'll never go back to how It was before. You'll never quite erase the misery caused from this one mistake— even though, hopefully , you aren't pregnant. I wish t coukl ship you a big gift-wrapped package of comfort and sympathy, But t keep remembering: no one forced you Into that wild party, anrl no one poured drinks down your throat, Only YOU are responsible for your actions. I'm sorry you had to learn this tho hard way. — 11 Dear Helen: Somebody sug< gosted In your column that they divide schools so Ilia t each has four grades *- lower elementary, It's W« are tifntti graders in "Mgh«f etemrififftry," which in* etwtfes fifth, stain, seventfi aril eighth grades* ft seems like we're «tt imM tike fifth graders, We aren't allowed fd have dances, chwr leaders, Girts Athletic Association, or even graduation exercises, they show us movies like "Snow White." Their Idea of A party Is si valentine exchange or prizes for the best Hal low pen costume I I'm alt for Junior high schools, as they get you ready for senior high. How can we older kkls show th« principal we're — NEARLY 14, tfGf 10 Dear Mt Unless the FfA sees your point, f*m afraW you'll h»ve to watt for high school, . , So let the PTA know, via your mothers, how you fwt. Good luckf — H W«* «** **l *M Ccrtntn species of flightless files ore parasites on bats, one of th« few families of animals which arc entirely n flying group. Permanent! 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