Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 20, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1916
Page 3
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=«=£. -..-x"-~-gtef*-r -- ' itUMOll MOMP&Y, »aV;20,1916. PACJB THftJBK. IN SIDE AND BACK , Kelly Suffered and How She was CurecL \* 14.—' ' 'I Wft3 Vrfv jfT'f'ST'- jTHCf JTufi 7 Iff Tny "*t'1 rr fi nu" JTaV h'; " but niter tn king Vegf* ta ir!<? Compound Tableta anJ ' using two bott!»'s of the Sanative Was^l that I am t-ntirely ' cured of fhe?e- tro !>», ami fWl hettef all over. I know your remedies nave : done mo worlds of ! and I hope i^pfy suffering woman i gfva thnn a Jrial."—Mrs. AN~NA ; [Ki&L'r, 710 Chestnut Street, Bnrltap:- i ". Wl9, _... . "J [ ftbetnanycom'incinuU'stirnoninlscon- In the ncwppaptTfl j tii to be proof enough to wonit-n \vho I tet from ihos« flistr<>*«»lnK ills r»eu- f J ti* t«i Uielr sex that Lydla E. Pinkh&fh 's } [V«tetabte Compound is the medicine I 1 M& tills ROCK! old* root nrtH htrb|reme<Jy I W-ptoved un.<quallwl for thesu ilreail-I Scene from "Little Peggy O'More" at tho Acad*my of Music Toe*., .Noy.j-21 Iful ilia; U cnntnina what is needed tj ' """ ' "~~ ' ' "7"~ ' ~~ "~ " "" ' [ retltore womnn'o Jienl th\nd *tr«ngt)t. 11 rt A /^fir'JlTIHT' U there l» any peculiarity '" IS A IlK t A I LIT t our case rt^ulrlnir spcclnl ad- ; 1M riv **"«*» * «** " *», Write tho Lyellft K. I»Jnk- i |S!K^"ta$£a^ IW|> '™'. Bo , rder . Sc ry ice .. He| p s l; : £,: ;; . - T "- " DRINK HOT WATER j-BEFORE BREAKFAST Says you really feel clean, sweet and fresh inside, and ti are seldom ill. Broadef\ the Education Of the "Rookies." VETERANS IMPRESS THEM duty ,*<iinH'»ne will awaken I hem, "l>n them feflows f vi r i;it In Hnlp- in"'" j "<>\i. yi"s."»*The vi-teran ra.«!N n nhnrp jliriik n.t t'i»' iipptinlte !>iink. "\Vr w/iteh c.tty i-lone. Th'-y'H nstii until after dark." Th<' tfit-v H vi«ihiy Impre: hard' -ni'd v«-!f>nifi r lit, tlie faet- uf tln-lr for ih If you htv-''fwi!u»itom«il to wnko \ j With a Coated tnllKUe, foil! |i|-<*4th.. or IA dull, dizzy liwul«e|n»; or, if your dour and turn into KIIH aud |lng_yuu. mornlmr, immedintely «p- |ori arl«hiK, ilrlnk a ulawM^of hot water a tv.'tKpoonftd of HrneHtnne phoM- Iphftte In It. 'Thl« Id Intended to Iirnt I neittrallxi' and then \var<h out of your Jttomnrh, liver, kMneyw ami Iliirfy | ffeBt of Inteflilli'H all the llldltf''x!ilile |iuln(>n«. *«iiur Idle ami. loxin*. | thtl«"'an»)tiii, fsweeteniiiK am! piuify- the entire nl.imentary canal, •Thone HUliJeet to ulek heudachrR, iSCkJiche. lilliniiw attnrks,• ronsttpntiorr !OP Any form vf «tomach trouidc, an irter pound of lime- •tono phosphate from t!u lid liejfln vnjiiyliiK tlii« ninnilim in- i Aritd that men and tiil.M Ix'trom** onthu- it up dHily. - U in a [if-amirf- for It to keep clean nnd pure on i inside'than on tho outride, liernitH Bkln pores do not almorh liii|inrl I tiM Into,, tlui blood. 1 CRo— The "Silvery' ? Rio Grande 0^'-:,^ rH ,-,,,,. v ,, :ill .„„ torti ,;,,, the Sonas Is Anything But ior.-,.,, u,,, ......h ,IO,..M,,-« )„,„« „.,« 0 ' , that a tnrlHI.'i i« :i pincake. Ijut hi-'ll Silvery and Grand. ^.m i.o.-,i.-r w.,>, f ; ,st .>I,.>U K II. \vithm ' .i month ho will he .tntorini:'noun' iith- ••r "took" and sMt!«f,vliij; II!M thirst for It'** a un-al life, tlii.'* horder f-rvice, any way ymi take it and there ate the tMuratioiial ndv.-lf.taiies. DISCOVER NEW SWINDLE Love and warmth make the ,-vw**p #**w*"s><j »»uptw-^'-^ fHfl/Tf 'jiViW r , HI l'ir«» tln> |Vy ttV'l.l. Mill. r. 'K.V-. StiUT {'<ini'X|ti»lnl«M)l,i 'IV*,. N«iv. »<> - In rniiim-r« HU;Uiim i.f national 1:1. (U*' border Knineiiiie lias f -mi n n|>"ii I'lt llpntl till' .militiamen," 'they -nay "will j Fake Farm Loan Association* Have to 1m; Lome-with a elear»r| Sprung into'Being, o of a new *.*' ' ' 't.hnt "f onr[ ritniilry am! fin iimlfrwtmullnH <>f th<- .Mf.xican fitusUion." So :<•* »o'«rr UK thr trntw arfiiji ntul ho en n "Itiwn lcavi'".'th« l newly ar- \V»i.*btiiKt«,ti, l> i'., Nov. 20. — In tit- \vakf .1 tin- i/ttm luan law' there ili>vHi>j'< il ii ni"A *\vi •; the r.irtn loan' rlv.-d . Kuard-man hnrrlew down to 1 b.mi<l *.•.(.! i«i,lny -M'llin« faimfi-.* Mock I..-IITI all b» e;in about UK- 'M"\le,inn; tn J"">« I"'id irmk-< thr.(iit,-h fjike firm the'-sdtuatlt.n," fee tile. famon-i in-i'";"> "«""'bif fi.n* formed principally to aiiil shirk- sales- to eat and fit-op t< -batli. It who tt ["•llMtlc and kot' i>rlncl|ile "7ITTT bathing In-sido I." hew. MM million* of |>t>i»|ili> |jnu:tii'(> ;ltf? Ju»t an hot water anil Hiiap I' , ttna frcnhcir tti« akin, --.-jiu hat and a traiHiiounruI nt lini«'«iorin.' nf-C 'An tlit' Dtmnurli, liver, liowi'ls. ljiin«»ton in an ItiextifiiiUvft white i a!mo«t t«H BARBER^HAS SHAVED A . :* QUARTER OF A MILLION — s *j ' * (lly Lornn, t),, Nov. "So,— Wlu>n 'WB(«'I| frftn hiH.lalinra tiKluy, tWOWy-tU'th uiiniviM-wiry annjver- of h'x int" thi» )»nrlM»r'H trade — h«> limki'd tliiwn (he. '.vmiu uf a of a fi-ntury !ii»l saw n a intllUm <Jl whif.!u»rit .that- exactly n uuiirt»'iv «<ith«»r.' 2 .exact, %'urlla'.. mbuluiiitiw shuvv mm that iniiuy ini>n ' tf-rnatlonal britlm- ami ralch a >:limi of the tm-bub-nt- country at tin- mho ""•'' tho wNen-witnall if the "guurdie" IUIH ImaKlnatlnn t.f the patrol furnish tin •ilurntioiiftl ff At ih'Ht the I inl riling, -It lifiilw in aMiit «Ux«|i a rickety wyiwlen af fair. And the 'Vllvery Kin ? (irainle mentioned fr<M|iicritly in the |io|>nla in ti distinct .short:. It in neither nilyery tuir grand. At thiM wanon the year H i« a m«'n< thread of dlrt.v water me.tmderliiK '«ver the sanity river lied. 'L'nually a dnx.eti naked Mex- or -dirtien "Huh," sneered a PHtshtirKh Kuardw- mnn. "It Isn't near a* dirty a* our liver,'".'With twn"blotters I rntild Idol up their limited river." It in ,si«nitieant after Urn first of ..thC_-Stl'eitnL:_.tlU'__ne>v-e<>ni»*rH. upon railing -it "their river." After Kiixiijjj- fiilently at the of drab adobe luitH fprawliiiK up th< ! sddew of the barren mountain- back of the town' the'newcomer has a lot of ^ . sllonn to ThiH is where tlu: "Kay, pard. .are there many bandits over there?" iiixu'halatit niilit^iitioii on patrol with want interest. lleAii'a veteran >f the Ixivder sserviee, "rook«" . tfa*m, JIM*. *'\Vi'|l. Jmw'. «h>ej> dm old * irnif ft \vor>' t«iSay?",- ix a iiuoxtitm he pllt to 1'j(• MeKlnley, lio.ise- Ullil Tuft. Senator* Mark llanna. Quay, -Alhert HeverldKe and Hen HiJI, J«'»-!* \Vilhinl, Tt-il Hany Thaw. , ICOUI.DNT STUMP. THE GIRLS. Hterllns, ill, N'pv. "n: took ("Scow Seek man, a farmer, hlk wur<l when hf told them lu» ,. would clcnuUr.a rorn to be «oid th» bt'ii(i«llt of tht'lr Huiiday. ttchuol iniioy liint, lie h'a.s boe|i on the'borilor ,hr«v inonlhx. . "Ain't it liindii daitKerous doin 1 luty ritiht : iii l ro.s» from 'em?" piir«ues» :he u>\>l $ ilL'j!' '1 * ll< * > '. { i'!'* ll f ''T'lLnowl edge.-. •..••'.''. "Wai, yen," yawns the veteran. "Yen, W» do have a lotta trouble wltli th«n» bandilH, . I'm one' get« lined to it in time,-" The sit'i-Uer-afler-!:iiowledi:e (browK an appivhen.HlVi' ^lant'e at the other Hide. ^It JooUrt ijuiet enough. Si'oreM .uf KlKipi'lt?sa_wuiutui_-aj'^i-Jiu-Viu;liiii_iiVL'ji Jftile Ih'eH eookiim jneaN on tin- Chatty- baul;. S'i'Hders uf vt^efablex and i'h;- iirels are wailing their wait •> plaintively, < % hildn v n in evcrv decree of iialcul- iu>f.!ii an, 1 plujiiiK in llu* Haml in llie Hut at the other end (if (lie are »lnl«<t<<r fiijullini; MatiM-i-H. the If they would liiiHli il. 't'lui Hun- ,buHh<<l hat pulled ovi wan enrh'hwil by are the t'an.iiufoilas When it in IlKUI'iM They ate li-aniiu: eaeh with a two- trteir «.y«-i!. They Kuurd, T!i<tended to Htoji of that fii joint fU'irk land bank H rtn o.inUrd when \mn l)ei;;a i« In- fake utato ill be Client mi MM promotion, a.iij forbid re< tloll i.i' the li;.n!,i. until; OI'KUHlZatlon (>f iho' fVdcral land linnkH,. • f-;«,\ li!(!!ei'!*, the buard Vai-I, have operated by M-lliiui the . .farmers $50 in farm luan auMoriatluus for fur "tiro- !') K'n-B I" $]0t>~~!he MirplUH fifty iii' ?ft". tito. tint In must case**. It' -WUH said, Kiich «'onij'.'in[e» are not. organized with any inL-ntimi of helping out the teiruiurn;- themfuri' ..... l))e_u.oti -promotion i<.vp'enx( >;.* reKida'tioi'i. It U not intended, the boaiV said, to hit ie^kimaie farm^loan banks. J!»l in nianv l •UKi.'a t F«e|-t' j» evidenee tilat needy fainiera are l»elnn muli'ted by the. holding nut of anywhere from Ili to "><> per cent for "promotion^." To make a hank legitimate, the moii'-y IFlBry Hurt ful Aructi-3ti K.JMV r (.-'".(•titf Fond friends will grant the newly weds many years to become famous and prosperous. But it is o: t: .most importance that the home to which the groom takes his bride—whether mansion, Jiumblest cottage or smallest apartment—shall be gsven tho only right startby founding it upon the cosyt-oleanly, healthful heating produced by These now quickly installed outfits change houses into homes for new (or long-time) brides* Call up your IBOILERS local dealer today! /lilitnir&\T '/ifflt V ()AN ¥ /U |LI\lVni.l X f\ RADIMORS The ovefWh'etnTii'Hv"testimony"of a'tnSltioriuscnnitrhome and abroad pr^e the fuel eosnoiny. These outfitsTiced no.rcpnirs—• will outwear >t>ur buildingi No leakages of ash-duat and coal-gases into^^Hvirigroonts, as in stoves and hot-air furnaces, to^^ro^^ •housework and spoil furnishings. " , * The greatest money saver in a building is ideal heating Property outfitted with IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators sells quicker and you get full money back for the outfit: or 15% higher: rental. .Fully guaranteed, yet cost no more than ordinary makes I Accept no substitute. Whether you're a new or loriff-Um* bride or groom, you will jet a big fund of heating information from our (free) book "Ideal Heating." Don't pay further th* price of postponement but buy an IDEAL- AMER1CAN outfit today. Phone or writ* tor H imrnodlatoly, or call at any of our ahowroome. . " An unfailing, stationary Vacuum Cleaner You should alao know about our ARCO WAND Stationary Vacuum Cleaner, for dustlcss, complete cleaning tlirough an iron suction pipe running to each fldor. Fully GUARANTEED. Lasts as long as the building—like radiator heating. In sizes at $150 up. Send^for catalog.' , Sold by all dealers No exclusive agents A Na 5-J4-W IDKAL Boiler an d <00 ft. of 38-in. AMERICAN RR<!latofs, rniins the owner $235 werfuirJ tt>ht*t^no « tir.j'", At thJj pHc* t\ft good« c«(i be bought of nnv rrpuuble, conjpfient Fitter. Thi« did in-t Include con of labor, l»I>e. vilven. ling,!.', etc* which v*ry •ctwUim to climatic &n<J other cotvdltton*. Write Densrtnient S-37 •816-822 S.Michigan Avc. Chicago . Froncitco, Ux An*ele». Seattle, Spoluoe. PorUood, Toronto. Q/nntfonl (Out.), Loodou, PBTO, Bnnseb, U«l*u7c«io«o«, Vteao* MUw' gathered from the of m.(H*)v must bo • available lor loans to ^farmers— not fur fxptmspn to protnoterB, it Muurt'il 1'iuly <u' .\, It, J'It- OS, ifi>rnirrly n wvsiUhy 'lln'tMii. III., was. t'u BURNED TO DEjATH IN HOME Once Wealthy Resident Of Clinton, Victim Of Flame*. II!., Nov. 20. — The > ujjwl >Hl Of ,_^ ufU'r a ahaek ivhloh he JIIM* t.-u!k'd iiiuiie r%va« MurnwJ o ilin Krcund. Hcljjjr-HM from rheumri- imu, tin* old man VVIIH unablt'. tit save iiiiiHi-ll wlicii bla plan 1 caught on lire from an ovi'rhivitoil -slpvc. Tbc uagif tb'iUh of Mr. 1'iokorhiK nil.«i tni(» of ihe most |i- ¥ iihi'tU' «'.',s •vcr illM'low-d in !Jt»U'iit county, vvlu'n -MAY TAKE OATH SUNOrW In This Way President Would Bar Lapse In Office. WaHhlnjjton, D. t,J., Nov. I'O, — Th«r(> will :b<« ni> lapxe In the service of . President Wilson beeaiiMp of the fact that March jjlh next, inautruratiori day, falls on.Suritlay, nt-cording to 'an opinion reached at the Btate department. H beeamo known today that on account uf report* that a lapse would pccifr a,nd that Secretary I*analng would be net* \n« president on Maro)i 4, o, form letter explaining the law has bren prpp;»re«1 HI tin' -«itat<r d«i)Hrtment to be sent out In mjsvver- to inqulies on the a 1' .olep of .1 i h'livh eholr, a« well us liciii); an at'i'i'implitthed iiianist. |, a. -it *|i|iHf. his ulfti died ill the oi, nly iM.nie ,u ll'a'ihille, and I'k'ker- IK Man later allowed io return to 'lliHMii ID t»lu< out a living unit' old iron. la,, Nnv '.'».n bin Jaw leading Uip1d<iod <'nrhune!e '. ihe death of I'ralg I. , to KO off Mayor ofKotmnuiuiu, nwir' hur*. ffs-Si-s:--^ While it x in not expeeied •;Ui«_?«r» niftl ;"(|A'U"frurial.prn of "•"•«>! r/ r WIl»on-"w iii bo held until .Mflnday, Mare'h 5, he will l)<s advln'mi by SecrcUiry iJinKiiig to take tlu» patli of ottktt .on Bumlny, March 4th. WAS KICKED TO DEATH Patient At 8t*Je_Hs*piULOi«LQL Hit Injuries. I'eoria, III., Nov. 20A Itornnnt HIii- '.'4 mother llyes at »''•',» SIMM.nd Ktri-ft, afcordljag 1 to Dr. Italtiti llint<m. «u|'crli)t<Mi(|f-nt' of tho «tati> lioapltal at Itartonvillo, ili^d Tu'owday night us tho result of a rupture, rcHUlting front bflnfi kb-Kod by Mit-hai'l Malheny, a forpfgiu-r. commit* ti'il in tbo iu>yltim fnun fcmU I'oniiu'r K. M. Ifrkard Is Ing tlx.' i a HI' atid wit! hold un mi|iit'«t "Ilippit- wa?« a quarrelsome patient." l>r lihiton wtiil. "\V<- Wff^ romi>»>ll'-d to wMti'h him all the timts u« h> • •'- tt-n ci'llt'ptio atul ii)iisl;uii(y Hj-'i'-'ii^ with other p«lU>Jrti»." <*,, tVRICHERS WERE FOILED Mob Storms Jail In Michigan To Got . . > Italian Slayer. Wyumltitlo, Mich,, Nov. I'O, •-- Arnu'd <|o(jiili<'H HIIIruiindr-il th«v Wyaiuloito city jail, guarding Hnmwl niunoin, nn lt;iH(ui,nrrv>ue<l on «iii*|»li'luu tif i«>ni- iJllcity Iii thq miirdpr of Harry 1'unl, H^wl. S8, and MorrlH Harris, aged 22, fdtot doyvn fnjrn innbuuh in llus Thrfo luimlrcct. «»nraK*'d Htormetl tin- jail at mJilniglit, attempt* till, lo lyncti lh« iirliiuiu'r, hut Stat/ University Plans Important '' Mooting At' Qalesburg. (Hy Uiiliert Prtws.) frS15Jil»iri;. III.. Nov. 20. — Oiiixl oili- of t'ciitnil IftiiioiK nrc to lit Bfttor C tin- : November. Sit*, for ."A nfpronfe* urulor of tho utrtUs unlv«'ri<Hy. ' , charltuldt' onjan- tu\vn and ruunty Hsat«'laiii>iiH in thu central imrt .or Illinois, which .'ar«» with thf* Wi vi OPEN NOSTRILS! END A COLD OR CATARRH How To Grt Rclk-f When Head f and Nose arc .SlufTtxl Up. ~ Count liny! Your cold In h«id or catarrh illsnpjiwirB, Your o!osrij<Hl IIOH- irilM \vlll upcn, tho air I)IIH«HK*'H »t your lumil will clwir and you can lirentho N<> more snuffling. itii|t'ouH <ll«i'h»r>jt', • . .. , , , i- -.--if of boitt-r fommunltii'S In ucho*''na 'HtriiKKlink for lircuth nt ««f nftor a, »liuri» vtruitKlo. wtth W hU-h to llvo nnd in-which to rriako u '' tho , , " '.The.* lif)llL'P"hrtVo™l>S<:'n uniiilil<''"fo Teani the motive for tho slaying of Paul and Harris. Hotlj men were, wealthy, li«»- liig atJKociatetl in ilie organjv.atlon c of -mpany,' " body \^a«jroiind on (»ak m.reet, willi bu|letHr\!L few yards tip thu street Hnrrjw wan found A repi-.iiiinj? title AUIH found near the - CHINA LOANED $5.000,000 Continental And Commercial National Bank; Made; Big Loan, t <'. Atnonj? .. Jiuvix. Jubn liiviie J ta , this A, U, '' ,. on the i>roKr»tn arc: , mato .Mrs. Mug0H f* Purvlii.of" trciisvirfr l-Viloriit/'il \\'i>ni«'i>'« ciulm: Kdwuh! . HiiRfrs of New York, Bwrvtnry uT ih«» Amerifan Itin-r;— ill A»su<-i;iliiin; i!i;ili.iui 'J'uylor ut" jjjjj, IKO, lit-ri*! ot" lilt* jSt'ltCMi! nt flVh-X u Biniill bottle of Kly'« BaJw fr«»nj y«ur nillo of thin fniRrAnt 'In yoiir'iioHtrilM. It |j»ni'trait»» t'V«"ry air |iU8tuiu<* ot tl)*' hottil, Ml iTiuim aiid_ J'hllajrihmpy; " H. K. l<ann- iiH'mfrriUHv Kivf»B you 'Inatiuit llouA eoldH and catarrh yinlit Don't n'liiy stufi'td-up mid Hcllef Is Hiiro. uortliy uf t'hti'.iKu, i>r*.siilt'nt of- the] li!im.iH -.r,.ot-T,M,-h,.r «H*.,-l,til,.i.;]VANDeRBILT RETURNS TO GUARD, Jam*-** 1*. ,»i MOD uj' tltf. ItllnnlK Hl«h-| (l!y l'int«l I'ifMr, w.iy ('tiuini).sMiiii; Mk'n Ii. Albert, iin- Nov. Tlu» t'oriYin- ental anil i'(nnnu't( ial National hank yex! epd«y t-onelnded a loan of $r»,(j«t».oiM» .at ii per ei-nt for iliree yeaiw \\iih the Chinese «o\ernmei/t^ The loaii M said lt» he the (ii'Ht juti'inaiSunal Credit n«" I • }• ('hirajco hank. BLOWS SELFfO PIECES - WITH DYNAMITE ON CHEST C:i«klP, N. IX, Nov. -i. jiiun, ;i hju'lu'lt'l', Uvi* •;" illlsi VlllHM*', |-lj»f*Hl a- • •in h;.s chi^t v* ful 1 )'•* fil it dlf, nml. iu-t - -i llcMct', '•Hfi-llIK !)i>' I u-rt >l thr<it:uii»nt '!i % Jleit- at of KNOW IT WELL Familiar Feataros Welt Known v - to Hundreds of Sterling Citizens. hi'd, totich- *'ti f oil', rll» j biniv Ht'iit - ', FOB •• P»EM!UM CATALOG tQ OAKFOWD a FAHNESTOCK A f.iiniliHr tiurdfti in ninny IUHIH-M. Tl"' bin ik>0 iif n "bad lul*!. '' A luniv, a- vvviik nr sin ;u IIMIK bin k iifivu (cliH you uf lutliu-y lilt*. Uoiiu'A KUliu-y 1'illn uii-'fui' ' weak it'Kl Ininny, \\»'. I nu'tlluto .\i.\f-i jiri'wbb'iu of ilt>» Intt-r* national Ai^soi'iutiiiii. uf Uotury and iu:u- tbaiiinan or llu* .N!inncnma l-Vderation of I'ommei'ciiil t'lulmj <'harlrH A. Alden, t'niver»lty pamor and lecturer; 1!; K.. IlieroiiynuiH, eorn- munUy lidvifor i.f the I'mvej'Hity nf lihmds; J»r. t t'.'W. J-Tasi. of the State Hoard of Itealth; 1'. i!. Hcmiiek, of I'eoria; Joseph Al. Tiidi'ti, piesidi-nf of Ni".\ VoiK, .\*u\'. I'll ('tinii'ldm V(in- .li-ibill, r,i|iliaH-l. i!nn'>j trial titlt* tomorrow, bt-ruini'M Major Vandcrbilt of N'l-w VotK'rt i-'nU-uiliyi il niilltiu, and H<M-;; back !» woik. His !h!ii> day b-avo uf (tbwt-iii' 1 ' (''"in lioidt-r Hi'i vl« - i v . 'i« ov- i'i'. Vuuriui lull i,i liiK|>i'fini"-<,ii iH-rnl 01 lbt«'ht.Ur i'( .M.iJi'l'-Ut-ili'i'al .Joint !•', l>'» Hi an «-t.iniH;m<liriK Now Vorh'sr troot>«. MUSTEROLE-QUICK RELIERJW BLISTER! j It Soibthcs and Relieves Liko a j Mystard Plaster Without u ix/'H T L r'T"' -r c i i tfr e Burn or Sting He Will Take A Trip To Samoa In ;. •*» February It Is Announced. MusU-roJc is ;» i k-an, whits- ointmi'nl. X. vv V.-ik^N. V.-. Nov. -.'u, - All of llu-| n)a ,| t . ss ,||, (ho oil .>( niuMiUil. 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