Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 18, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1944
Page 6
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•<V-. -»-.'*V.f,-~.-» Paire Six TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1944^ Now At The Gem from i; P In Arm*" Marring .Oanny Kayr with an »ll-.Ntar cant. • On The Air Today .1:1)1) p. in. •\VABC—Broadway Ma tines WOI1 -News; Gambling \V,I5S-VVATII—lithe! and Albert. IVliAli'-VVTIC—Backstage Wife '1:15 |>. in. \VQU - Rambling with Gambling WATK-WJJJ— Dun Norman Shuw \VKAK-VVTlC-Slcll.i Dallas . .1::',« i>. in. \VWAl'"-WT[C---Lcircn/.() Jones WABC—Off the Record WOK—Full Speed Ahead \VATK-vVJX -News •1:15 p. in. \VEAF-WTIC—Young Wielder Brown WATn-VWJC -Correspondents Abroa<l WABC -llnymoml ik'ot: Show WJZ—Sea Hound 5:i)i) 11. in. W.EAF-WT.t<J—When u Girl Marries WA'BC- Fun wiMi Dunn WOK— Uncle Don VVJZ-WATfi—Turry ar.d the Pi- ra-tes 5:15 p. MI. V.'.M'.'.C -Mother t nd Dad WJiAJi'-WTJC •• LPJVC and Learn W.IZ Dick Tracy WATJ1—Malody Kevue WOR—Chick Carter 5::;o p. m. WOfx -Tom -M:x .Show WABC—Navy Trogram WKAP-WTIC — Plain Bill WATU-WJX .Jack Armstrong 5:4,"i p. in. WJX—Sea • Hound WABC—Wilderness Road WTIC—Front Page Farrell \VATU-WO K—Su pornian l):0!i p. in. WOII—I'rayfr; Unclt; Don WATIi-WTIC-WISAF-WJ 7. -New,: (>:I5 p. in. WAr.-'.C -Nows WKAK— Scronadu WATIi—Music for Dlnliif: WTIC- I'M-df. S.rh:-nkur WJX—Mop J-farrigan WOU—N'ewsri'fl (,'::{() p. in. WOP.—News WTIC—Sports WKAI-'-.-TJic Mood iM Music WAUC—Ji-ri KulkLViiri. Korig.'i W.rji—Whose War? .Mand of Week WATfi—New--; Surenado (j:•!,'> p. in. WOri Stan Lomas WABC World Today \V,\'/, ll.'iiry Taylor." -\--w:i WTrC-W 10AF—Lowell Thomas, Nuw« 7:Wl |>. in. WKAI-'-WTIC -Music Shop WAF-'.C -I Love a Mvs.'ory WATt:-W.I7,- Land ,/f iho Umt WOK--.Bill C'uiiningharn, Nu-.vs 7:15 p. in. Wl'TAF-WTKJ ,Vi:ws of th<: World WOf-:- T"d Stculo WABC-Dfitcli.r-0 7:30 p. m. WO.n—ConCidentiatly Yours \VJfiAl 1 '—Everything for the Boys WATR—Green Hornet WTIC—Dick • Haymes WABC—American Melody Hour \VJ2—Diane and Jesters 7:-l5 p. m. \V1-,AF—News Won—Answer Man \VJK —Don'L Boliove It WTIC—Price Control, Rationing ,S:lill p. in. WATU-WJ2—Watch the World Co By \V.EAF-WTIC—Johnny Presents WABC—Big Town WOK—News .H:15 |p. m. WJf,-WATR—!-.un: and Abner won—Nick Ciirtcr H:»« p. in. WTrC-WEAF— .Date with Judy WABC -Theater of Romance WATn-WJZ- Nit' U'it Court %VOR— Sinfonk'tUL !i:IK) p. in. \VTTC-\VKAF— -Myslcry Thea'.cr WABC—Jack Pepper Show WOR—Gabriel Heattcr; Tc.<t WJZ-WATR- -Jury Trials :i;;in p. 111. .-Vm-WJZ—Spotlight Rand \VAP.C-The Doctor Fights WOK—American Forum WTIC-WEAF \Vords at %Var l():lil) p. in. \VABC—Corwin for the Fourth WATR—Raymond G. Swing WEAF-WTTC— LoUie Greenwood Show 10:15 p. m. \VJK -Ted Malone WATn—Dancing Discs; News ll>:Hl> p. m. WA BC—Congro.iS Speaks W KA F-\VTTC~-H il'.loga rde Show \V()M — Symplionette \VJX-WATR -Let Yotiivclf Go 11 :(Mi p. m. AT.L Stations —News 11:15 |i. in. WKAF-WTIC- -J-larkn-ws WABC—Lcs Brown Orc.1l. \V.!X C'mvcT.tlor. Prevtie WOR—George Hamilton Orrh. U'-A'Tn—Convention Preview 1l::«) p. in. W'tTC—Polish Program W.i;',-\VATn—Creeps by Night WA.RC—Lee Castle Orch. WOJ1—Eddy Howard Orch. 1I:-I5 p. in. W.IK--Saluclw: Amigo"; J. Smith \V1CAF—Dennv Rorrkner Orch. .12:00 Midnight WATP.-.Si-gn Off WABC—News; Buffalo Presents WTrC-WEAF—News; Variety Sho\v WOP:—McGi-ane. Corroa Orchs. Tis Over 19 Years Since Lou Gehrig Started His Streak Tha New York Yankees had- a .great collection of stars ten 1925, but somehow the team wouldn't jell. Everything went wrong for Mnn-. agcr Miller Huggin.s and 'his crew. The great Babe Ruth, collapsed with a slomaiih ailmenl during spring training, and when the season opened .the Yankees could nut. buy a victoiy. Hugging was desperate. His team —a bunch that should have been h'jirlliur the leM.guc — sunk lower nnd lower In the standings, Even Urban Shocker — on = of the best pitchers in .t.he American league— couldn't pull the. Yankees out of their lailspin. Huggins know he had to do .something. The Yankee m;wva.cer had a rookie firsl b:i.sorri!i n—Lou Gehrig —and Hug knew that lihe young- ;itcr could hit. Lou had played it few games with the Yanks in the fall of :102-l and pounded out an even 000 average in ten games.' So T-Iu.ggi.nis tried Gehrig in t.hc r»ui field for a couple of games. But Golirig wasn't a noutriuldor— lie wns n first baseman, and lie didn't do the Yankees a.ny good jii the outficdld. So he went back to the bench white Wally Pipp. l.hc rcguhir first sacUer, remained on '.he bag as usual. The losing streak went on. Everybody was trouncing the Yankees, and the fall champions became doormats. Then Huggins decided to do something that hurt, lie Knew he had to do it—but it hurt just Ihn same. On May Oth' Muggins told Shortstop Everett Scott t'-i stay on the bench. And n rookie—Pecu'eo Wanningcr — went in the shortfield. v It wasn't the first time n veteran had been benched to make, way j for a roukic—it wasn't the first I time a manager had shaken up! his lineup to break a run of bad luck. But this was something dif- ^S >' f 'T I 1 ' '* .'• '* AMERICAN...] No games yesterday. '_ • ' . ' • The Standing W. L. Pet 9!,. Louis -18 37 .56 Nc-w ' York 43 36 M' Boston* 43. -10 .51 Al> All Washington 41.41 Cleveland. 40 44. Detroit 40 44 Chicago 36. 41. v .,408 Philadelphia 37 45 . .45 Today'H Games, IMIcheni . New York at St. Louis (nlft'.ht)— Bonham (5-3) vs. Muncricf (8-5) 01 Jakucki (7-4). Washington -at. Detroit (.twilight) —NiggoliuTg (7-4) vs. Ovcrmirc (48) or Corsica (5-9). Philadelphia at Cleveland (night) —Christopher (4-9) vs. Smith (4-7) Boston a I, Chicago (night)—Terry' (3-0) vs. Dietrich (10-7). NATIONAL M2AGUIS No games yesterday. The Standing St. Louis ... Pittsburgh . Cineinna.ti New York .. j-'hiladelpliia Ch.icago Brooklyn Boston \V. L. Pet, !3'1 23 ,701 41 33 .S5-1 •14 3li .550 •10 41 34 4-1 32 42 34 -15 32 17 .494 .430 .432 ,430 .405 Today'* Games, 1'ltcrcm St. Louis at Brooklyn (night)— Lnnlor (8-5) vs. McLish (3-7) or Gregg (0-10). Pittsburgh at New .York (night) — Ostermueller (6-2) or Strince- victv.vs. Fcldmau -(8-3, SIGHTING RECORDS• t£. - By Jack Sords 6AMBS ccwsecu-rWe ScoyiU Outhits In Fine Pitchers' Battle Yanks, Two Games Behind, Start Series With Browns Today <?ED MOT SCLCOiS vu'i-fM earoeo ' Only,, panics scheduled. This'n'That By KAZtAUSHAS (Sports Editor) ferent. Everett Scott hnd played in 1,307 stragiht baseball games. i-lis stretik of consecutive games was the longest that any ball player had ever run up. And he might have gono right on piling more— but Huggins benched him. It was one or the breaks of the game, and the veteran shortstop knew it. -But the change at. shortstop didn't put the Yankees back into the race. They still took their lickings regularly from the rest of the league. Huggins looked around for anothe rcombination—another dash of now : bloud to put some lift j into his fading veterans. Then—on .Tune 1st. 1925—Huggins made another move. Wtilly Pipp—the regular first baseman— showed up with a headache. Pipp might have been able to play that day, but Huggins decided that he might as well give Wally a rest. Huggins looked up and down the bench. And his eyes settled on young Lou Gehrig, Lou glanced at the manager. And then Hugpins snapped: "You go in there and play first base." And Lou nodded, picked up. his) glove, and headed for; first base. He planted his feet on ihc. bag, And he stayed there. That day- June 1st,. 1025—was the beginning of a streak that .reached 2,130 consecutive games. . . . That Yankee .losing, streak in Sports mean a lot, to Americans •held behind -bn-rbcU wire in German .prison camps. Games help pas; the time — help t:he boys "sweat out" the days that, must go Brown Completes Two Weeks Of Hot Football Providence, P.. I.." July IS—The Brown football squad is now completing the second week of its summer practice under the leadership of Hcait Coach Charles A, "Rip" Knglo anil his assistants. During American League Aided By Return Of Veterans by before the gates swing open for i the past fortnight the coaches have xiiat is, except for the luckless them. Ar.d one of tho ; sports thnt Arrier- icaivs 1 bcrinxl barbed wire have taken to In a big way is tennis. The National War Fund 'has shjppcd 3,000 rackets and- 35,000 tennis balls to the -prisoner. And • 1-cnnis 1 on l.hat scale may well produce -a cou- plo of cOiampions or near-champions. The boys won't all be great, or cve-i:. good, players. But some new talent is bound to show up. Some guy who plciiod up his first racket in a prisoner-of-war earn.;) may come back to learn more about the game and develop into a champion. Those prisoners won't play in "ice cream pants." AUK! tlisy won't have gaily-d-ressscd ladies applauding from the stands. But they'll have some fun, anyway. Tired of at old 'S DKUAM I.AKK Kllsiworth, Ate. —(LT'')-;— Some f"li<.s think that Branch L-ike might hr-ttcr be named "Grab Bag I'lirifl." Jri one day, game warden VV'fiyne Lindsay hooked from' its iv a tors a Ki.\-and-t.hroo-C|Uartcr- pnund brown trout, several .smaller onrw, a number of salmon, ,1 togue :i(imo hruok trout ranging in weight from three to live pounds— and a .six-pound pickerel.' You don't li.ivc (o tnl;o ic off! Jus: jaiti; oi'cr i: witii Muc- Tone— die iijtotiisiiinj; new waier-tlii'mii'd paint that's uu<i- abh . . . Covers wnllboarcl nncl painted v.'nlls, ten! ICO colors «> rhonrc from. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Great Oak Farm OM''OItl> { MILK — EGGS ; Dull very To All 1'nrti Of SKKVICK: llrlnj;-yiiur vacation <lry clean- rig here and !><• assured of >,ii'l>rrni:in's prompt service. D.LIEBERMAN 2« CHUKCII STHEET Railroads in 30-lli produced one tfl onc-hftlf time.*.' ns mnny ton- cnili.v; of freight trairsportal ion service Jis in Mic previous peak year of iniS, CLEARANCE SALE Coats,' Siilii „„,! Orcally Itrdi SOUTH rvlAIN > 1 IU t KIJGISTKK NOW FOR FALL TERM OI'KNS SKI'T. BTI1 POST J U' N 'ou VOJ - COI.M2GJ5 2-1 CI'JNTKAI, AVKNITK 1920 is etched in the record books of baseball and In the memories of fnns everywhere. Not because the New York club lost a few ball games—but because it w!is . then Lou Gehrig dug 'in' at first' base. DELINQUENCY FILM IS CURRENT LEAD AT THE STRAND "Are These Our Parents?" the .child delinquency drama now on the screen nt the Strand, presents a colorful picture of the present day trend in American life which is nothing less than startling. The story. In all it's d'cUiil, demonstrates that thn parents tire responsible for much of the waywardness and that delinquency begins at home. Helen Vinson is starred and heads a cast which is uniformly excellent, including Lyle Talbot, Tvan Lebcdeff, Noel Neill, Richard Byron, Emma Dunn; Addison Richards, Anthony Wards and many other excellent players. In the story Miss Vinson keeps her young daughter in boarding "Il'.s Life" Department: A German officer surrendered only .two days after- he. had arrived In .Normandy from the eu«t- crn front. And he had a good reason, lor his quick decision. He Maid bluntly, "In Russia, we u'l.-re I old that the Luftwaffe \va-s In the \vt'«l. In Normandy, we an; told that the Luftwaffe IM in UK- edit, I can't stand Dial wort of trickery." been getting a line on the capabilities of the S3 members of the squad and have attempted to uncover passers and kickers. In the remaining summer practice sessions Eng!c expects to concentrate on his offense and try to develop the reserve material necessary for the rugged schedule facing the 'Bruins. .The nucleus of this year's team will be those veterans of the 10-13 eleven 'who" are still available. -These include Charlie Tiedcmann, Pat O'Brien, "Stu" Goodman in the bncklleld: dipt. Bob Lowe, Jack Randall and Paul Zuhor at end: Joe McMullen and Bob Grady, tackles; John Pctropoulos .and Curl Paulson, guards; and Line Lippincott at center. New York, July IS—(UP)—American loa.cruc teams who've feared further draft wwui'sions in their ratlin, are surprisingly gaining' instead of losing- in the manpower race. "THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER" POWERFUL STORY AT LOEW'S M-G-M's "The White Cliffs of Dover,"- is a powerful love story which spans the years of World War 1 and World War II. It is also a triumph for Irene Dunne, last seen in "A Guy Named Joe." As an American visitor in England Miss Dunne meets Alan Marshal in England. She falls in love with ~~ ' I him immediately, and after a brief Looks like the Dodgers may be cou ,.,_..,„•„ marr ; cs | lim . Thoi ,. ; O vc Washington Senators who put all their eggs in n Cuban brt--ket. They brought up a dozen odd Cubiuis for the .spring training season, kept a handful, and -are .now losing three of those. Gi! Torres, Roberto Ortiz, and j-ccond string catcher- Fcrm Gucrra, are going back to Cuba rather lhan buck the Selective Service act. . But. other junior loop teams h.ivc welcomed back much-needed veterans. Young Dick Wakefield—the Detroit Tigers SM.OOO rookie-— has gotten jn honoryibl-c discharge from the Navy, ar.d is back with Bengal*. And he's giving them Hie punch they've needed all yoa.r. He connected with two 3iis first time out, and belted a homer against the White Sox in his second game with the Tigers. The Cleveland Inc.ians arc back in the runnhvjj, with Jim Eagby on tile mound. Last year's' 17-game winner has resigned from t.hs (i;y United rrcss) The New. York Yankees op< •what may 'be their pcnnant-wi: ning drive today, wSien they star a accornJ •wc.'ile-rn road-trip wit' tJ!ic 'opcncsr of a four gome scric wtih St. Louis. The Yanks, who've succeeded Lh Boston Red, Sox a-s hch-s-apparcn 10 the rir.? Browns, arc ii bVsl condition yot. They c< the red-hoi Bosox, winning four out of five, and poling ou 10 homers ]ti the series. TUicy'r: meeting .shortstop Fru.nkie Cros at St. Louis. And. they've fin- overcome their flingir.-g deficiency. Alley Donald hnr'hii his stride almost overnight. Big Ernie Bon hnm is back in the running-, and Hank Borowy. a consistent winiici all sea-son, poems headed for Ixst year. Emerson Roscr svirs among the rookies. Bui Wall Dubiel. Joe Pa^re and Bill JJuber are settling down, and doing some preUy dependable twirling. Xlic J3rown.s, the team that every ere said couldn't win, are still doing all right. They're not very far in from, of the Yankees—just two games-—but they've held thru load tenaciously. They broke even on their road trip, winning 30 and losing ]0, but they're back i:n their homo i p.Mrk again, and looking forward to a new winning streak. The Browns have never been more four g.imc-5 ;i:hcad of Uic Junior league scramble, but they've been siuir.g on the Yankees' traditional perch sinco the first of June. The Boston Red Sox, slipping, but not yc-t down and out, open a four game series against the White Sox ai. Chicago. Their chance for the penr.anl rests largely on their showing j n the i;e.\t couple of weeks. In other American league games, Washington plays at Detroit, and Philadelphia plays at Cleveland. The St. Lou:s Cardinals are sIJU a cinch to grab the senior circuit pennant. And the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds are still battling for second pjacc. The Giant.s arc secure in fourth spot.— 36 1-2 games behind tl:-> Rcdbirds. Three Runs In Sixth On AS Error, Walks, Single Steal Win Ball Game Rubco pulled on upset on SCA. V vill last night in a. Watcrburv iT I dustrial Softball league •>»• Recreation field. The locals out the league leaders, 3-1, A lone run, that the East Mai, street club scored in the u,|Ji frumc looked' bigger and ]j| g , cr :IK oach inning went by 'with the liubbermcc swinging in vaj n ° Chesty Carion's offerings. Scoviij had scored that lone run on H dou- bio by Strcch, who was pushnj around to score on outs. But in the last ofthc sixth, t« 0 walks and an error filled the cor- ncrs of the diamond, and by Ed. Walker scored two runt third run was added on a st home, which was more enough to win. Rubco got two hits, single, and a single by Lefty Pai-I rar. Scovill's Strcch got two of i three hits given up by Paul C»|. lasher. '• The leaifuc is now ready to j back into a mad scramble, as Sc vill meets Watcrbury Too! tonight, A win for Tool will result in Walco's leading the league. Rubco plays Chase Metal Worfa at Pulton park tonight at 6:15, with Ed Uraskas slated to start tonight, Brownie Karaban, who is tailing over the helm of the Rubbcrmca as Mgr. Sy Seiberling is vacatioa- ing, .said this morning. U. S. Rubber's record now is ; :ind 3. and another win tonight nil; keep the locals right up close w the top. Last night's score by innings: .covill 0010000—1 3 4 Rubber 000 003 x—3 2 J Canon and Chicffo; Gallagher ind Booih. Umpire. Ker.ncy. 'News" Open Golf Tourney August But. the second division race lig'lucnjnsrun. The:v are ihrep games between the firth rung Phillies, and the cellar-dwelling Braves. The Brooklyn Dodgers, who finally won a game, in Sunday's double header, ai-e seventh in the scramble. They meet Ihe league - pacing Cardinals at Ebbetts' Fi-ald. in their first homc-appoara,nce since they incautiously ilioeded Horace Greeley'a advice, and headed west three and a half weeks ago. The Pittsburgh Pirates inect the maritime service, a.nd is ready 10! Giants, i:i Uic only other National getting back up. in t.lie world again: especially if they get Pete Roiscr bae-k. The .Dodgers 1 were so low prior to Sunday's split decision in a double header, that oven Red Hermans was contemplating on a ciondract with Leo Dur- ochcr's club. We're waiting for SI. Frauds' CVO to skirt burning up Itio^Wn- Irrliur.v CYO league.- The lads uro duo after losing five tough ones. "UP IN ARMS" IS FEATURED NOW AT THE GEM THEATER Hailed as the funracsl. musical offering of the year. Samuel Goldwyn'-s- new Technicolor production, "Up in Arms," now at l.hc Gem theater." bases its gay action on the hilariou is idyllic, but it is interrupted by the outbreak of war. Marshal answers the call to arms and never gets a chance to his see son. Time passes quickly and .'mother World War has interrupted many a peaceful home and fireside. Again Miss Dunne makes a sacrifice, this time sending her son of!' to combat against the Nazis. But this is not all. She gives unselfishly of her .time, spending days and nights on Red Cross duly in a British hospital.. Her son is brought to the hospital mortally wounded and with ! her at his side ho breathes his last. Miss Dunne's performance far the' greatest in her career. She gives the warmth :ind color to a role thai requires the utmost in perfection. Supporting her .^at'c Alan'Marshal who also gives-a sterling account of himself as.her lover and husband, Prank kiss and m;ikc up with Manager Lou Boudreau and pitch for the 1 ndians. Lew Finncy —a l^ss spectacular guy than Wakcficld and Bagby— queilly rejoined the Boston P.nd Sox a. while'back, after a year of farming for Uncle Sam. li::'s relieved Manager Joe CronJn at first base, and is wielding the willow with his usual sure touch. And tile red-hot Yankee:, welcomed back short 1 -stop Fra.i-Jiic Crosctli, Uieir inf.icld "fire-guy" at St. Louis last night. Crosetli has left hi.s shipyard job at Stockton, California, a.nd ready to step into his old job of inspiring the Yanks. 1-oajrue game scheduled. About -13 per cent of American stockholders arc women. WOWPUY1NC. STRAND The Nnug.'UUck News tourna- CTIL will !>c held at. the Hop Brook Country club starting Aug. 19. The oumey wi)J be completed tic .'ol- owing week-end. The cverst is open to ail residents of 'N.iugatuck and ojlfics will be accepted soon. Last year, vhc Naugatuck JC««3 Open Golf Tournament was won by Chct \Votjnck of Union City. Dick Sweet is chairman of the tournamem committee at tl« countrv club. An average farm in Nebraska has about 1. 000 acres. GEM TODAY - WED. - THURS Morgan as her father. Roddy ilc- Dowall as her son in Peter LawJ'ord her son grown up. Also there are such line actors and actresses as C. Aubrey Smith, Dame May Whitty, Gladys Cooper and Elizabeth Taylor. To Clarence 'incc is by j Brown goes unstinting praise for r cinematic hj.s deft direction. He h.-is captured all the charm and grace or a beautiful storv. C I A L — ' — S J' :i2-riKci-: " DIN.NKI: ST:T (for «> .5,1 4. 'CRfOlT JfWCLERS »W SetlHl Mo/, Jf „ «.'7206 SNACK and SNIFTER SET ^+-*-w^ •* * ^^*-, 2.98l CENTKU ST. DIAL 3-37U! 'I for the simple reason that thci girls being at home would'in- tcrfcre with many of the mother's social activities. Rebeling, the laughter visits a notorious right club whic his raided, and after escaping falls in lyvc with a straight- living boy whoso father, however, has iallen from the path of rectitude. Unable to arouse her mother to ii realization of the dangerous f-Vuiition she has brought about, the daughter goes on to further excesses, until finally she and the boy she has fallen in love with are hunted by the law, being suspected of murder. How the problem of those concerned Is finally brought lo a solution brings about a very dramatic climax to the film. The second feature on the Strand bill is "Cowboy Canteen" and stars The draftee is one Danny Wecma, a wal-kiavg drug-store w.ho think:-; :he has every ailment, In the dic- -tionary and is constantly prescribing for himscir and for everyone •he meets, includiag hi-s buddy and their two girl friends. When' the- two friends are drafted into the Army together, Danny's peculiarities keep him in con-linuous hot water, a.nd when the pair go over- | seas they find their feminine pols are aboard the came vessel as Army irurscs. Danny's subsequent troubles with his colonel land him In l.hc guardhouse and lead to the sparkling climax jvhcn he is captured by a .troop of Jap raiders and escapes to find himself a hero. Five gay new tunes, a wealth of movelty 'effects, the glamorous Goldwyn Girls and a spectacular fantasy sequence are woven into Lite plot. himself as a one-man show, in his two ama/.ing solo routines, "Maniac-Depressive Pictures Present' and "Melody in 4-F." as well as His musical efforts wi S'hore. Chn/ics Sta'Tott and Jane Frazec. | Danny Kayo, Broadway comedy Featured in the cast also are the Mills Brothers who sing several numbers including the ^it they made famous, "Paper Doll," Also Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys and Mn.x Terhune with his dummy, "Elmer." .star, makc.3 his screen 'debut in "Up in Arms" as "Ihe-hypochondriac, and Dana Andrew;!,' Dinah Shore,. Con-dance Dowling, and Louis Calhern have principal supporting roles. Kaye's work is said to be scnsaticwiial, and 'he reveals Electrical Supplies ^Lighting Equipment ; JiOMIJ 'KM WITH BOMIJS . Victor — Columbia — IJecca Records SWAN ELECTRIC CO. IS CHURCH ST. TEL. 2374 DON'T FORGET TUB STJI • WAlt LOAN DKIVJ5! !•HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEL. 4880- ROCCO KADO, Prop. On the same Program of Hits jccls and latest news of the d:t\ ied through RICO Kcdio PPC«U.-CS. Inc.', Also "HALFWAY TO IIEAVEX" and 1'opcyc The Sailor O»rlo° n ALCAZAR TODAY - WED. - THURS. "HIS BUTLER'S SISTER' 1 1 with DEAKNA DURBIN and PAT O'BRIEN AI,SO ADDED SPECIAL 1'KOGRAJl NOTICE! TO OCIi XAOCATCCK STORK CUSTOMKHS! I>uc lo \v«r time conditions are compelled to close our >'»»• Kiituck Ntore. CAIX US For the day our Ro.lrtc M«n be,on your xtreet- • ,' Free Telephone Service For'Naucatiick Cunloniers • Call'Enterprise 4700 SHALETT-LUX Laundercrs —' Dry' Cleaner* 58 E. Main St. Watcrbury Main Office * Plant; 22 Walnut St, Est... Wutcrtown -^" Middlcbury

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