Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 20, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1916
Page 2
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fwo . MONDAY. NOV. 20, 1916. OH C'MON 60 If OLD FOLKS NEED "MSCJIR^S" FOR LIVER, BOWELS SALTS, CALOMEL. PI4.LS ACT ON BOWELS LIKE PEPPER f £njdy Life! Doft't stay bilious, sick I headachy and con; gtipated. Mo*t nld HEALTHY GROWING BOYS cl clothing that is built for service. Bring them here. You'll find an exceptional line n»f worthy merchandise very moderately ""priced. I ,H Boys' Corduroy Pants $1.00, $1.25, $1.50. Boys* Corduroy Suits made pinch back like Skinttay's at $5.00. CULLIVANV MALLEJ RJSON DAILY GAZETTE ' lMt<jitottSOH f ILLINOIS, MONDAY, NOV. 20, 1016. ATTENDANCE Bon * Evening, H6 second antiinil fellowship «>un- Of. jMfe M*n'« Hible Cluxs'of the Uyt«rVh a church wan held at tho ]» pttj'ltira on Friday evening. Ov- I, nnd Hfty men were which was prepared by the Ladle*' Aid Society, Ut Six-thirty, the table* be- decorated with carnations tf Th£'Y, M. C, A. M»ii'e"QuHr- 6f fleritmt f^rnl«hod_ggvgral_jjnfl. the evening which *n|oy«>d. Tho iuldrp«8 t»y H*v. John n. Ittsndntl. D. D., Ifu, who unoko on tho ItH IntUiPnce. on Mnnhcd I >„ 1'iirkpr House Holls j** Violin Ho|ft— Albert . .Ansel t. and Pimento now. must «fv*> to H)f »*>!!*, r ls« > thoy frnrn rnnSfipfftlon. Tli-"- ronrtl- tfini IK pi-rfi'i-ttv natural. It i« jsmt n« ns (t is for old poople to walk sliiwly. For nge'ls nfvrr su/iitiv* 1 ns yoiitli. The rmitelf* nrf Ami the boWHs aro museh« So all old peopl* rifc»d Cas rniKlit as wt'l' rcfuitR to nt!d fi'e wltn gtn,*sfs ns to n*>gl»«ct this* nld to weak hott'«>3.«. Tin? Ijotffd* must IIP kept nrtlvp. This i*t liit|iortnnt at nil fifcex, j hut never so nuirh as nt fifty. AKS l» hot n Unto for harslt pliy«lr«. Yrnjtli truly nrcustonnlly whip HIP bowels Into activity. Hut a Insh <-mt't tie uwHl »»v»>ry dfiy. What th«» IxnvelH of fho old need l» a (?eniilrtR »n<l rirttttt-nl tonic, Ont» that can he conHt%ittly ««cd without harth. The only »n<-h tonic I* .CAfiCflti'lB. and they cost only 10 cents p«?r hox nt nny drug Btor«, Tlu-y work while you >: • . ' -r-« - ..' :i.!"R-l!••: •'.'•-; l s!>;;! |.-n *! IWCH Pflrentu A'tf JSin 'l ;i ! k K 1 ' If!''' 1 ! ! >.,. !•!-.! t<V r. , . Mr.-:- t-;-, in ,.|-«^;|!j ifi>?'"Ti i mini-.'.he r |i. !T!>-::t'l«i VV!* 1 :-ui I •>-!•.«,-ih r, .- I .If! >\ <!Hr l"l Ji"'.J v,i!l i-'nin-.-i h<'?i r Cif ) ii.1 V ,«. ATTEND STAG PARTY Several Morri*4^i Mjjn 6ue*t» Of Henry PW.Trom fhl» "HM'flon of "inn romiiy and thr> provrd nnd prolitHblp. The fnUowlmr in n li>it «if ttic MihjfrtM under I||H- Afi-thoiln of TeachlJiK t'eournphy — l'MS Hnth J'nrker. Unrilenpbiln. Mi-(hod» of Teaflilns HliHory-- Miss HcnnHt, l-'ulton. -. tfur-t. U. U. Ualdwln, Ful\on. » Prf'p,iredne<i» f«,tr Uujslticss JJfe.— Prof. K. J. Wtrdent, Clinton Business College.* Prppnrpdn^R* for CUl'/.onnhl|> — Su- p«rvlMor Fred-Snyder, Albany. Kiifit. H. H. Price wn« prenent and KAVC'R lino talk on history, l^ldc* fiki.tiK an nctivi- tmrt in til" Uiwiivdlou of the other toplt-a, - ....... . AT MORRISON CLUB Second Stag Of 8«»§on Htld Saturday Ewaning, .-'r f J* 111 fill's H!y wflo n f. - jdviri hv l!< nrv .IfiJjjk'd 1.1; f Jf»»i«!», (if I'hutlr*! VV. t!. ft' M.-illf'ilt«t, ' '. K Hut. h. H.'urv t>. nirhy. M, 1'.. fv.Mf!, hinhfi- l!.im-.-,'iy, !, • >. \Vo<-.d<-, 1', I-'. BoVil, .T A. Hiwdfirs. !>»-. K, .». M;ntln- tlnl«'. K. \V Mil. hell ;Hi'! >'t>ri?. FitX- PROBATE COURT RECORDS K'ltittf, 1 M.-iry At. Wilkinson, d Will pr*'*fni< d ti'i'1 i'i -ttltnn to lilf-il. • Hearing »•« t for l>''»'. 1. F«tji(p U illi/un K"« I-. ilt'cffiK pw»jnf«»i.1l '.i« prolmi". Hearing; Aupnftta M, .1. . Will "t fur ^, Itoport of jmfolk' en!'- of t><T- ,«toii;il property filed at»d .ipi »vj- tltlrute of publishing notice to rredlt- or* tiled ntid approved. KM«U< Sa(4h Miller, dC'Ct'aSfcl. < '< r- ilficttli? of publishing nntJi -e to ere- ditoni filed ;i:i<! approved. * »olo~1leriry IHtrch; Poijipkin' Pit. Creum • Harry J. Ludenn, ToHstmaster, on UU'rntun*" — Hov. John H, Kendall. D, IX, AJuBcatlnc, Iowa. Mn*lc-l~Malo Quartette. lUsv. \\*. It. Quartette. ' yf, .H. ,Cmn«in» tnado a hrlef and .ejciended a Bonorwl Invlta- hwtieiU to attwid the thfr olusK. whtch are held mornlnti nf the Heading served RHcnllopcd Jelly «r«vy MEETING AT ALBANY t ' , " •., '.-'". oetorn Section T»«ch«r§' Aiiociation " Next Friday, i'ho western, m-ctlon of, the White- County Teachers' 'Association wm was held at -tit* Mtirrlwm chtb on Hatiirday evening with un atteii'lniiee of over «ev«-uty. A llj^hl luncheon vvan served, nt ten o'clock. There were In- fornml talkH by lipvernl membern. The most important subject under dim^iii- sk'n w:is th«« plan of di«<xir«itlnK th*: Main uttM't for thn holiday vu^on. nnd It wiu< tlecldoil that Muyor_ V«n OCdol Hhould uppolnt a (wmmlttee of l!v«« ro liHik after the matter, ***% SUDDENLY STRICKEN Mrs. Jaitct R»m«r«, 96 Y«an Old, Stricken With Parjilyiii. MrH. Janet lleners, who re«iili>» with her daughter. Mr**. i,uc|jida Vemierson, on Smith OeneBPo avenue, was xlriok- Ktiddi'nly with piiralyHiM Haturduy tho ntroko . rendering, her Sirs. Rencrs tn-'.'iilft«t»'Hix ' .\mm N, W fnv« -ntory tiled: rind approved. K«tnt<> t.vdlit K. PHsroSt'. dfV"iis» l d. Voiiehers fur illyti ilmtivi- sharer* pre«<'Ht«>d mill (H*th;ui;c KMfiil** H*-nry F. Krthn, Final report ftl«'d. Heurinj/ **H for l»w. 4. l!i|»;. • I 4 >t»itt« Itannah Kahn, tti-rMRPrt. Doitd tixfd at $l»ii, ulr-d nri»l n|t|»rov«»«l. Ehtato .Murtli.'t \V. ll!irr«'t», Invcntoi'y (tied atnl niiprovcrt. F>tnli' \\'illi;im I'urkrr, Ann'inlcd inventory (lied «nd Petition for Hiiivir of allowed; Anna F. : s$; Anua JA ' P. U^ldr-t*. ?£".* MSSJ; Smith ond i23.31; K. & .\V. C|<>. Hon»«>. $4,00; A. P, UlddlHgs «»il H-nii, $13.^5; JnmoB l'. Simpdon A- l.\».,"-^.'»0. Kstatc Jf»rthrt'\ \V\ Jlnrrptt, Aflldjivlt of j*o«tlrig fiotlc«_t» r The Dentist Sayst and see me /twice a keep them < clean *— wholesome," economical goody removes food particles that causes decay* f , -*» It's friendly^o your teeth and "gums. €oodto chew on. Helps appetitef and 'digestion, too. \ • ypHr» of uge/'und ».uffefcd a »trVtke . are greatly f cured by her rolutivcH and friendu. "GOOD Bm WEEK" Will B« Observed At Publfe Library D«camb«r 4th To 0th. . Miss-Anrtii Vorcoran'la ut present preparing for "good book week" at tho publUi library, which will be held from Dee. 4th to nth. She IH obtaining a list of approved buoka tmltubUt for held u meeting nt Albany on Friday, C There was « jsood attendance of tcuoli- Juvenile and adult reading and for Totijiia KaufTmnn, of poMltiK notlcos to ercdl" torn lik'tl utul apjmiVfd, Kstato JiimcM Mlildleton, doccascd. illort anrt •oDprdvcd. .Tumi's A. MolKlni, dccr-aspd. Bund list'd «t l«,000, IH<<<1 and approved, KHIHUI MuihUs J^gliulcr, dectosed, Aliklitvlt of i«i«tit)K and ccrtlllcato of notice li> rredilors iHod and , t "runout report lllw! and approved. • JHSs^tnti' , J-Jdward Coffey. dflccasfd. Wljl pri'WMUvtl und petition to probate rfteH. flcurlhg wt- 'for;Di>P. 11. 191(5. j KBtalo Kuby KauUnun, Prritloii for eonipromlKj- oOi and ivUowuiKc of. atWtnei''u fee* and allowod. K«tut« Cutliodne rallatiun, Cl«jm Allowed, E. P. Sullivan, $27.25, * IN Klnul *«?rx>rt Uoti ordon-d. and dlatrlbu» MORRISONBRIEFS pf jeVeral*days With rel- fl.UW«- In Chicago. Mrs. Bert Puddlfoot and Mrs. W, J. Hoyd visited frlendo in Clinton Satur- diiy. . Harry'Xteimin went to Chicago Sunday for a few dtiya vlHH %lth Sealed Tight Don't forget after every meal Kept Right Write Wnt. Wrigleyjr, Co.. 1629 Kesner BMg,. fjhicago.for the Sprightly Spearmen'* feaafc ix toton. gifts. 'A number of. new havfl been received at the libra- fA-V", •*t*tp4»r I,'".}''.' })•',' 1.1 • - •-.''' M »M «' f-i|jg;. \^' .- '/ • w ®• TN uUR "great-great-grandfethers* time many New England families'had a cask of mm ia-the^cellar*^ It was freely offered to guests (except chil- . JE — — %^ i^ *• r and Treely partaken of, even as coffee 1 is. • " old-time custom gradually passed out' existence, for our forefathers recognized it * ttut was,harmful. , . / ^* Anothej^d-timejcuslom -^coffee drinking.' is slowly passing in the same fashion and for * the-same reason* . . *&+**' . \ * ' -. ^-^7 J The abandonment of coffee drinking is made ca«y nowadays by the Mie&fJttst0nt'PottuM 9 the pure cereal beverage with the coffee-like taste.' /* ^"Unlike coffee, this purely American'table' drink contains no «caffeine_'l or other harmful substance. - "- -- - - - ''-<,-*•• " / Pfttum is now used daily in tensW *thou» ''sgnds of the best of American homes where rea~ * • & i *" ;son "rules and health 15? valued* - ^, of Chicago, arrived Friday rvpning for a »1iort vlHit tit the hoihe of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K, C, Odell. .Mrs. Afary Tojiplng returned to her homo In Chicago Saturday after a vis- It -at (he home of 'her daughter, Oryille Scott. . Mr. .am} Mrs. H. H, Marshall, of Ollntoh, arrived Saturday for n /Vvv days vluli at the Jl. .V,"Nlght»er home, MrK. Hltntiu Curtis and family guent Sunday with relatives In Sterling. Daiino Sillier »i»nL .tho^weeK end ftt the hom« or his parentB in Albany, Mr. and Mr«. William Carter vlalted relatiyeu In Sterling Friday, Al Shaugnensy, of «,'hleHRO, -wan In Morrison on buslneMS I'Ylduy. .Hev, Almlra Cheney left yesterday fur Albany, N. Y.; where «he. will attend a iargi* titiffrago convention. I(i>ath went to Sterllsis: Satur' C ERIE NEWS PLAN. A CELEBRATION- Wilton Dflmocratlo Club Will, Have Speaking and Music. Tho WIlHon Democratic rhih of Krlo met In the cluh room'. Frldny un«l inadii plaim for holding a -—\hl. and nwk«-« her liumv'«t Ht. IMu!,] Hjual..,,.., Win., MrM. MurKBivt l'<md . |i.\, iiui ami -Mr. and MrH, Wllhtrd Humphrey, i-.'|!.' .\II-K. Frank KlhiKfimttilth lluii ui.n«N.f M.irrlwm. nnd Mr. and Mr». Chan, _:,—J to 'Harvor, -1'a., t» mpend a f»-w wt-.-U.s ; Uirdxall ami B»II Oet»r{?o, ' _ (( Will Taylor, «>f Malvern. recently t<» Oht-. in (Mplulirntlon of tin* victory of th«« dcmocralk party, ....... Th«rw_ wilt in- viklnB "uhd rnirnU- will !»«« jfurnl«h«'d br th« tk-llii^i-r niinrtct. Th««_ini««vt- Ing IH f Invited,' to nil, rind tho the homo of his mm, Kay. Jay Vliun* went to Sterling and Plx- oit on bus|iu>«s Saturday. Cha^'li-N (Kuululn HjH'nt Sunday with friendn in Hteriing. MI-H, ItolK-rt Noirlsh and daughter, 17'lltli, Hpent .Saiurduy with friends in Clinton. ' _____ . n Wallace IJnter, of Davenport, visited ut tho home of hi** mother, Mrs. .Juiu- IJHter, over Hunduy. Miss Alice Hluger went to Fulton Saturday for u few days vi»lt with relit thes. Mlns Clara Hiekey went to Clinton Friday where she »pcnt the week ut tlit* h.ume of her jM»rents. Thr*« lowan* Swindled Illinoi* F»r- Among Otheri. , 'la, Nov. 20,— John W. Hrown, J. \V, lu-evew and Harold Ward guilty In thv aUtrU't eourt to unbplivd -to nxviiiillc y~VJl- Kvurntt. un At»j»lvhy eouitty luriuer/fiui of fio, «<i(i, Hei'enteen lawyers appea^- t-d in cowl to dvtettd tlu* Irli?, who were ueoutied of IteitiK membei» of a who liuvti MwinilU-tt luwa, Illinois Mi^t-our.i fainuTd out • of more than SIOD DIM) on ('nu.ilulout land ilcal.s und fuke hoi«!e i!tff»i Scnteww vill be pro- nouitfed on l-'i Way, AGED MINISTER IS D.EAD. IVIla, la, Nov. »20.- -Word reached herr of-H»e--^rtth at- 4U4iulli>ld.' N. J» of the' Rev. In J .Stoddurd, fonner tt'>hlfJit oi IVllu, and widely kimwn atuoliM li>« i l',.i|ilint». He W«l>> !*>> >««.u« old ''ii.l w,is i* nii,HMionar> tu ln- ON HIS FARM, lit. Nnv I'y - -C. H. <inM . Sui in ENTERTAINED CLASS. Tho hoyal Wonien'n t IHHH of. the Erie Lutheran .-Sunday wehool tertulninl at the Imnm of MrH. .1. "ttytiT'Tirf-srlay^ifrprTrooTr. ThirnhiTtirJT about twenty-live In number,, wrf taken there by nut«i« '«nil other, ''on -N-cyauwM, and a dt-liglitful thin'- »pent In vlKltliiK. ' Liinelu-oii'waH h«T\cd by a t'ommlttee from tin* cla»n. relative* and frlendsi ut her old i hittne. , Mr*;.fr'onlelbi-Sfjrer. reicntly return- oil, from a vinit to her nb'i-e, ,\lr«. Wal-|«"«Ko. i,.r ..liurnotl. at Alhaiiy. I MiiW Kv:» Fl.-»n!u K ' tvlunu-d to her Mr. and Mr«, Willln Wood, ..f Port j home In Ma taboo. W in.. I-rldtiy, (rom Ityron, *pi>nt' Tu'-sdny at Hu- John i MilU'dj;ovllli-. • W-ioi! 1,0,1,0. ! >«r. «»•«« WI-H. Jl«v LoiiKanerker. of Charles Mi'ljine. of Cbh-aK". was ;»n : North Clyde, ban mo\e«l to Mtilyer.n visitor on.bu«lno>.s thin'wiVK. i«nd ort-'ipii-H « purl of Alr». l>, .V'Her- ,,„« ' H\!l!l*M IlitttiUi .Friday night .1 . ., II, .^1,..,, V,.\, •<? (J|l«- V<.-,|HM I'M .iiunKHTTi inin ,,,..». th«- Aiditoruni -Nm,- ... i^rtrj,.,, iu.y to i, w mini'* l.»nw. ... VI ^ tt4.1, t'l^tflkk't' lit Illi* *T«.--i ...».^ ^ , ^ w •: home ut Dt-lavun. Hi,, tin- lir«t «'f the] nft.-r «n vlult !«• ' W. ,Mm-hel,l with fii«n»lH lu . \V*-'''lV« H* If i «i i| «-J% tviititn.1 11 s^ *i t*»'*iv» t "--"-' •- ^ K>!iiidpumiiH, -Mr. and Aim. Wllliniirf Claren.-r I'tilln bin* purthnwed ana SmU1)i j is ImultiiK i«rti fn.nv tln^John t:orde» Mi>*H Verna C.onrad, win* IM •tcacbuiK >'P'tiil*'- a whooj ueronH thi. river, in HpmdinK ( M«'«. Pan AtKerman, of Mulvern, a two wet-U»' vacation at |,er hoiiif. ! "will HOUII depart for Ih,- nouth wl^ro -,tdie.will upend the winter month* nl ii. u "i mi. '' . i"' ' i "\ • tin» hom« of hi-r HOII, Mr, and l| : HDPK1NS_WEWS J^S^SS^^ I v • •• • •: -' - : - J 1 '- Hump went io--..MIlU'dR«"Vlll« Hun« •«-----' - j.l.i.v, where they Vjirnt »«»veral d«y» ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. , \\ith I.-I-.IIM-M, intuininK homo "•Hiuni- MIH. s, ,(, Blribi.tll and diiiiKhter ( ' l; iy t-vt-riiiiK. ^ PlnMe 1.. Hump, t>n»«-rtaliM>«< l»i' dli»- ! ner Friday, ,MI«s Mvu Fleming. <>t"S HAD AN ENJOYABLE TIME, Friday afternoon the Friendly Circle cluHK of the M- K. Sunday 8uh8erH)o for The flay el t«. met at the homo of Mr«. All«'t't Slay- muker and WHH the hou«i'»« to Senior Ladles' i-lansi of tin' Sunday Kfhool. About forty wt*e pnwnt and u plt'iiKunt time was *pt'iit in Luneheon wan nerved. ( HAD A NARROW ESCAPE. } A Binall runaway on the nuvet Fil- dtiy afternoon fanned i-oif»\l<b'iablf ritement for u time and a liMs^o'-c injf tho -hiiKKVt narrowly «'.-<i <jpi--l rlouH Injury. Mrs. Cliarles dnuMhter Verna, ro-iiliiitf M>ntli of tywn, hud been ((hopping mid *\* ««• l"^ 1 ! KavliiK for home vtht-n tdc a<-< olcnt ovt'iirrvd, Mi-'-M Verna W;IM !MM!»<I In the bUKhV »nd lu-r m^tht'i' "•'i vl .i"-*-' ready li» ^»'t in. wlit'ii tin- JKMW hi 1 - friMhiem-d at an jtu(»»nol.»«-. and tipped tin- tniwft'i m 11 !' and ran a«'i'o»st the stieet, *ti.iwi;iii,; Mis' 1 - and lifting-tlu' lm«^\ n|-, hnnul tin-. )oiiitK-'lady \v-iH icit uilisti'il', uil^i. tbl- rhi-eplloii of a few M.I'-!H'» c!,» he) r l«ti v CHURCH HCy_DS REVIVALS. A tiVI ll'», of lI'MMll IOI ' tl»l:"> .U* lit-iisK In-Ill u't tbi 1 chu ii'iO 'i"o'l' 4'uiitliK'iiL'd !>v tbi- p,o»!'ii. Hi v .1 S«"U in r.c-.KU'ii.i, '>',ii. I.--;t>.'.i .tin,- jii'l f' al'-'i ill ' l.-tlflf ft tt.i- IH'it ! Hotel of Chicago „, . YOUR }»in-y day hi Ohirago A the 1'rinii its transaction oi' j»rt>xhnity lo ami jtuhlic I IS i (« \\;\* vl\»o ,!_!".nut> i>( $1" >•> Ib ty Hi rli, l! w ^*_iii; >i''«oiul_ j">Tui 'Ut\^"\~^"\^~<\\i\ \\itl Un d ij'-. l.tito. Hi- '•**' ni.'ini .\. u'- -iv.-. . i .inn-j H»i i\ ji'.Ue iijo, •!> >J »«.i_iiiity Mi^t >. '!'«• S, ,•• i • f .ii-iM. U,.- I «.U "'» "1-1 n<- n-< '- H. )> JHC'U.. t ).. . 'Jil i«, '• • The hotel's excellent service, lor iho <jui<'k inukc it 15O Rooms SK50 up Bath $2.00 up « cal iMt i

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