Perth Amboy Evening News from Perth Amboy, New Jersey on July 3, 1913 · 12
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Perth Amboy Evening News from Perth Amboy, New Jersey · 12

Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1913
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STATEN ISLAND FOURTH JULY CELEBRATION Electrical Display and Bam Concert in Tottenvill· Special to the ZVKNlhO NKWS. Tottenvllle, July 3.—Electrica illuminations will take the place ο fireworks In the celebration of thi nations birthday tomorrow in al parts of the city of New York. Then will be five separate celebrations ii the borough of Richmond in the eve ning beginning at 8 o'clock, consist ing of concerts and splendid illuminations. The celebration on this end of the island will be held on the grounds of the Tottenville Athletic Club In Sprague avenue Tottenvllle The Tottenvllle band under the lead ership of Frank L. Hadkins, band· maeter will furnish the music. Th« other evening celebrations will be at the Curtis field, St. George, Alaska park West New Brighton, at Port Richmond park and Washington park Btapleton. There will also be a central celebration with patriotic addresses, singing, a band concert and a drill by the Staten Island boys brigades at the Curtis athletic field at 9.30 o'clock in the morning. In the afternoon at 2 o'clock there will be a eimiliar celebration at Linoleumville. At 4 o'clock an entertainment will be given at the City Farm Colony for the benefit, of the old people In that institution, while lovers of sport will find attractions at the Curtis high school field, where there will be a series of athletic contests and a band concert beginning at 2 o'clock. During the entire day there will be plenty of sports at the Tottenvllle Λ. C. grounds. In the morning there will be a baseball game. While In the afternoon there will be running races an another baseball game. The races will start at 2 o'clock while the ball game will be at 4 o'clock. COPPER WORKS NEW BUILDING Ground Broken This Week for Power Hous·. to the BVBNINO KBW*. Tottenville, July 3.—Ground was broken this week for the erection of the power house and machine building at the plant of the Tottenville Copper Company in Church street, Tottenville. Sullivan Brothers, general onctractors, of Pleasant Plains, are doing the excavating for William L. Vaughan, the mason contractor, of Tottenville, who has the contract for the building. Excavation for the building was completed some time ago on another part of the company's property, but had to be abandoned because engineers employed by the Tottenville Copper Company foun<i the ground unsafe to erect the building in that place. That Is now being filled in. jpf As soon as the excavation is com• pleted work on the building will be started. The building will be one story high and will be constructed entirely of brick. It will be ninety feet long and fifty feet wide. It will cost $7,500. Jensen and Depew have the contract for the carpenter work on the structure. PLEASANT PLAINS. Josiah Townsend has returned to Hartsdale, Ν. Y., after a visit in Eltingville with his daughter, Mrs. Robert McKee, of Eltingville. Mrs. Charles Boenlnghoff, of Stapleton, is visiting in Prince Bay. George A. Wood, of Prince Bay, was in Tottenville last night. Charles Bumps, second trick man In the tower at Prince Bay station, has been transferred to the tower at Clifton. Mr. and Mrs. J. Knovack have returned to the Bronx. Miss Beatrice Ashe has returned to Manhattan after a visit In Huguenot. Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Gibson have returned to the Bronx. Miss Mabel Sprague Is recovering at the S. R. Smith Infirmary from an operation for appendicitis. Miss Ida Goodrich, of Great Kills, is recovering from an attack of rheumatism. Clarence Walters is recovering from a fractured arm. Mr. and Mrs. II. S. Brower are home from ail automobile trip in Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. John Jensen have gone home to Elizabeth after a visit in Annadale. James O'Nell has returned from Atlantic City. Molly Stark Council, Daughters of America, met in Amicitia hall last nieht. · FRECKLE-FACE Sun and Wind Bring Out Ugly Spots, How to Remove Easily. Here's a chance, Miss Freckle-face, to try a remedy for freckles with the guarantee of a reliable dealer that it will not cost you a penny unless it removes the freckles; while if it does give you a clear complexion the expense is trifling. Simply get an ounce of othine— double strength, from Barnekov & Petz, aud a few applications should show you how easy it is to rid yourself of the homely freckles aud get a beautiful complexion. Rarely is more than one ounce needed for the worst case. lie sure to ask the druggist for the double strength oihine as this is the prescription sold under guarantee of money back if it fails to remove freckles. i'. iiù&'Ù. ί-ίιΐίϋώυΛ OUCiKiBeot to William» A Peter·ou Contractors, Street Grading. Concret ο * Flag Walk·. Curbs. Gutters. Etc. Tel 1023 W-To tt. Tottenville, N. * Perth Am boy Hefereuc^* PLANS FILED FOR BUILDINGS j Many Structures to bi Erected on Island tptoial to the Κ VBNJSO NMW&. ι Tottenvllle, July 3.—The follow • ing plane for new buildings were ill , ed with Superintendent John Seaton I of the Bureau of Building, at thi Borough hall, St. George, during th( past week: W s Crescent Ave.; 200 ft η watei front; Benjamin 0. Kirkaneen, owner; A. W. Anderson, architect; Alex Lundgren, bulldyer; 1 % story frame, 16x30; cost $500. W s Seaform Ave., 140 ft s Britton lane; Ocean Edge Land Co., owner; Thomas Sanjour, builder; 1story frame, 14x20; cost $300. Ε s Centre St., cor McKinley Ave.; Mrs. A. D. Eisengreln, owner; A. Eisengrein, architect and builder; 2story brick, 27x27; cost $1,200. W s Westervelt Ave., 177 ft η Crescent Ave.; Isadore bernsteln, owner; Jos. Keenan, architect and builder; 2-story frame, 30x30; cost $r,,400. Woodland Beach. 350 ft s Lincoln Ave.; H. W. Putnam, owner and builder; 1-story frame, 10x15; cost $180 (three buildings). Cor. Third St and Midland Ave.; George Kuntz, Jr., owner; Mr. Knoler, builder; 1-story frame, 14x16; cost $250. S s Eighth St, 160 ft η Lincoln Ave; Albert Corrigan, owner and builder; 1-story frame, 14x18; cost $200. Ε s Eighth St, 120 ft η Midland Ave; Francis Dickinson, owner; Adam Marks, Jr., builder; 1-story frame, 12x26; cost $250. Woodland Beach, 60 ft s Lincoln Ave; Β. B. Babbitt, owner and builder; 1-story frame, 10x15; cost $100. W β Bay St, 57 ft η Canal St; City of New York, owner; Jaroslav Kreuse, architect; 1-story brick, 50x 26 1-3; cost $15,000. W s Barrett Ave, 300 ft η Wallace Ave; August Miller, owner; Aug. Keller, builder; 1-story frame, 12x 20; cost $ 150. S e cor Rossville and Rathbun Aves; John Nesblt, owner; I. B. Ell, architect; 1^ story brick, 2 4x24; coet $ 1,500. W s Broadway, 75 ft η Henderson Ave; Jos. Silk, owner; H. W. Pelcher, architect; Samuel Mollinoff. builder; 1-story frame, 20x50; cost $1,500. Ν w s Richmond rd, opp Burgher Ave; Chas. Isola, owner; W. F. Nastaii, architect; J. W. N'astasi. builder; 14 story frame, 32x24; cost $2,500. MR. AND MRS. SEILER ARE SURPRISED IN NEW HOME tprcfat tn !*« SVKSINQ ViFl Tottenville, July 3—A number of the ladles of the Maccabees o! Per.h Amboy with their friends iourseyfri to Tottenville Tuesday evening aid agreeably surprised Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Seller at their new home on Mane« avenue, Tottenville. The evening •was pleasantly spent with music, both Instrumental and vocal, and games. A violin solo by Mr. Seller was appreciated as well as the trio sung by the Misses Nellie Seller, R. Welngard and Adelaide Nelson. After refreshments the party wished Mr. and Mrs. Seller much joy in her new home and left for Perth Amboy. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. E. Applegate, Mr. and Mrs. Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Seller Mrs. Hagar, Mrs. Rogan, Mrs. Leidner, Mrs. Blow, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Honderson, the Misses Anna, Helen and Jeanette Wicburg, Iris and Angle Hager, Evely Blow, R. Weingaurd, Violet Luckenbill, Adelaide Nelson, Nellie, Reginta and Louise Seller, Messrs. Borge Jensen, William Nelson, Willie Henderson, Edward and Charlie Applegate, Peter Jensen and the Seller boys. ANNADALE PEOPLE WANT TELEGRAPH STATION BACK *ρ·Ηηΐ to tht btnvlira irtwa. Tottenville, July 3.—Because the telegraph station was removed from Annadale about two weeks ago the residents of that place have appealed to the Public Service Commission of the first district of New York. The telegraph station at Annadale was abolished when the double track was put into use from that place to Prince Bay and a signal tower opened at the latter place. Besides complaining of the telegraph station removed by the Staten Island Rapid Transit, they want water on the trains, a roof over the exposed station platform, a telegraph station open all night, and a chance to get a commutation ticket without any j red tape attached to it. The station j now is closed ev'êïy night a 7 o'clock. CONTENTMENT. Shape thy life so that contentment will be thy later heritage. Contentment in old age is deserved by him alone who has not lost faith in what is good, his persevering Crength of will and his desire for active employment.—Turgenev. North Carolina's Gold. The largest gold mines in the United S'ates east of the Black Hills ure In North Carolina. The Difference Between "The Summer Girl" and "The Summer Woman." While the former is having a "good time" the latter is too often dragging around nervous, run down, tired out, with aching back and weary limbs, sleepless ami wretched. Often it is kidney trouble, not female trouble, and Foley Kidney Pills are a direct and positive help for the condition. Mrs. M. J. Strickland, Mt. Willing, Ala., writes: " I'lease send me another bottle of Foley Kidney Pills. Tliey do me all the good. I can not sleep at night without them." For sale by all! druggista. I NEWTELEPH0NE TOLL RATES Reduction of Charges Now In Force iferial to tht IPS.VWO Κ V Wi. Tottenvllle, July, 3.—Reduction of I toll charges from Staten Island to the upper part of Manhattan and the Bronx, and to the outlying sections of Brooklyn went Into effect on TuesI day. These reductions are Included In an order recently made by the Public Service Commission with the consent of the New York Telephone Company. The telephone company has established three zones covering . the old city of New York as follows: Zone No. 1 comprises that part of Manhattan which lies, roughly I speaking, below 110th street. The telephone company's zone 2, comprises Upper Manhattan, Melrose and Tremont. The telephone company's zone 3 takes In that part of the Borough of the Bronx known as Kingsbridge, Wllliamsbrldge and Westchester, the Upper Bronx. The rate for five minutes talk from Staten Island to other sections now are as follows: Ten cents between respondent's zone 1 and zone 2 on the one hand and Tompkinsville, West New Brighton and New Dorp. Fifteen cents between respondent's zone 1 and zone 2 on the one hand and Tottenvllle. Fifteen cents between respondent's zone 3 and all Staten Island points. Fifteen cents between all points on Long Island within the city of New York and all Staten Island points. The pay station rates are the same as subscribers' toll rates where the subscribers' toll rate is ten cents or more. Where the subscribers' toll rate is five cents, the charge Is an additional five cents from pay stations. The question whether the pay station rate shall be five cents wherever the subscribers' toll rate is five cents is not determined by the commission in the present order. The reductions in rates between Staten Island and other points in the city of New York, Including Long Island, are made notwithstanding the question of Jurisdiction of the commission, which exists in view of the fact that the company's lines j from Staten Island to other points : in New York city run through the j Btate of New Jersey. TOTTENVILLE. Charles A. Thrall and George . Thrall leave today for Gettysburg to ι be at the fiftieth anniversary tomorrow. Sir. and Mrs. Edward David will | spend the week end at Asbury Park, j Miss Nellie Dunigan visited in ; Manhattan yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Kutan are at t'nadilla, Ν. Y., for a month. Lieutenant John Turley of the 99th precinct station starts today on ten days vacation. Lieutenant , George Wilson of New Dorp, attached ; to the first precinct in Manhattan, ί will be here in his place. Elmer Russell has returned to j duty at the Terra Cotta after his va- j cation. 1 Mrs. Ο. B. Hayes and Mrs. W. J. Hayes were Manhattan visitors yesi terday. '· Seymour Case has returned from a trip east. Sterling Wlnlcapaw was in town last night. A number of men in the various ! ι plants and shipyards quit work for ! • 'he yesterday because of the intense heat. At the musical last Saturhday by the pupils of Miss Adele Perrotti of Amboy avenue, Miss Veronic» Fountain was awarded a gold pin for the best in music during the year. A business meeting of South Baptist Christian Endeavor Society will be held at the church tonight. Two covered scrows were launched at the Coasey shipyard 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. S. S. White Dental plant closes down tonight and will not open again until Monday. Rumor that William LaForge had his leg amputated at the infirmary is without foundation. He is at that place with a broken leg and is improving. United Council Jr. 0. U. A. M. meets tonight. Dreamt). Sometimes a man calls a girl a dream and then wonders why dreams are not RARITAN BAY PARK LIFE SAVERS' DANCE SATURDAY I to thé MVMKINO IfBWi. Tottenvllle, July 8.—The first dance of the season of the Rarltan Bay Park Division, U. S. Volunteer Llfle Saving Corps, will be held at Frederlchs Shore house, Rarltan Bay Park, Saturday night, commencing at 8 o'clock. There will be good music in attendance and every one will be assured of a good lime. At this time a gold watch will be awarded I for the benefit of the local corps. A portable house 12 by 20 has arrived on the beach and Is being put up on the southerly side of the Shore house where most of the bathing Is done during the summer. The station Is going to be well equipped with life boats and buoys and the beach will be patrolled from Sea Breezo to Mt. Loretto during bathing hours. A red cross corps Is also maintained at this station. A tenant-hunting task tests your ability to write a classified ad. See page eight. DOG SHOT BY ORDER OF COURT THAT BIT BOY ipecial to the EVBNIXO WBWt. Tottenville, July 3.—Henry Zimber, of Freshkill road, Krelscherville, whose dog attacked and bit Chester Killmeyer, twelve years old, son of Albert Killmeyer, of Krelscherville, was yesterday summoned before Magistrate Marsh in the second district court, Stapleton, for harboring a vicious dog. Magistrate Marsh Issued an order to the effect that the dog be shot. Patrolman Newman shot the dog last ntght and notified the dog ambulance to get the body today. The dog bit the boy In the right leg on June 17, while he wa» playing In front of his home. 8alf Conscious. "What made you Jilt Harold Hicollar?" asked Maud. "I didn't," replied Mamie. "His conceit misled him. I said I wouldn't wed the best man alive; he thought X meant him."—Washington Star. Greenspan Bros. Cor. Smith and Elm Streets Telephone 224 Prices That Spell Economy You can't help being swept along by the current in the direction of economy and satisfaction. The way to get money is to save it. The way to save money is to buy all your groceries here. Every dollar we save you is safely saved. Our promises in print are always performed on the premises. Try us this week. Sale Ends Monday Night. Red Star Brand Potatoes, Best on file Market, very special Per bu. 98c, Per pk. 25 PLOUR Gold Medal or Mauser's Flour, 24] Pound Bags, Per Bag 78 BUTTER Best Elgin Creamery Butter; Per Pound 33 SUGAR Standard Granulated Sugar, 10 Pound Bag 48 CATSUP Large Blue Lable Catsup, Per Bottle 19 COCOA Lowney's Cocoa, Half Pound Can, Per Can - - 16 Corn Flakes Kellogg's Corn Flakes, 3 pkgs. for 25 SOAP Β. T. Babbitt's 7 cakes for 25 Evaporated Milk Van Camp's Evaporated Milk, Tall Cans 3 cans 25 Stubard Brand Succotash, 3 cans 25 Best Onions, Per quart 6 Jello Ice Cream Powder, all flavors, 3 for 25 TOILET PAPER, 7 Rolls, 25 Best Pound Cake, Raisin, Marble, Citron and Vanilla, per lb. 15 Evaporated Apples Pound Package Per Pkg. 10 LARGE GOLD DUST, Per pkg. 17 Large bunches of young Beets, 3 for 10 PEANUT BUTTER, Quart jars 23 Campbell's Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, 3 cans 25 Raisins, full pound packages, 3 for 25 Old Dutch or Babbitt's Cleanser, 3 for 25 OLIVES, In quart jars, Per jar 23 FANCY TEA 70 stamps free with 1 lb. tea; any flavor; lb 50 Bonny Best Catsup, 3 bottles for 25 GOOD RICE, Per pound 5 Ohio Blue Tip Matches, 3 for 10 BAKING POWDER, Purity Brand, 120 Stamps FREE with a large can, per can, 45 BEST TEA 100 stamps free with 1 lb. of Tea; all flavors; lb 60 $2.00 in stamps free with 3 pkgs. of Corn Starch. 3 pkgs 25 —^—— Borak's Meat and Fish Market THE LEADING BUTCHERS ..SMITH STREET β · The Golden Opportunity _ :ω'°f «« wmanawy i„w ΡΓ«8 «ι,™, ·, , · Week-End Salea of reliable Pure Meats. 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