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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1916
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thing* trQffi wfstrt wtwr* b#. DA 1 f V nA 7FTTF l^jfl.AJL/JL \JfjnL/Ljijj JL JL ELr SIXTY-THlftD YEAR-NO. 120. _ _ j&AILY J STERLING. ILLINOIS, MONDAY, NOV. 20. 1916. ADVBfttUttffO taken thingf fram wh*r» tH*y art *nd put* th«n» whirl fh*y"iBtioWTii lit" PRICE TWO CENTS. ILECHONFACTS Only the Men Can Vote At the Special Park Election To Be Held Tomorrow.' 10LLSOPEN FROM 7 TO 5 Voters Must Write the Names Of Commissioners They Favor On Ballot. Born*" frtfts about 1h>* prop.!,«<d ' Pt'-r- lin.K Park pitftrict" Hr«-tlon tomorrow:' Thp potlw wit! bf t>r»>« n\ 7 o"i lo-'k a, m., find «*los<* nt .' oYlork p. m. Mf<n vot«>r* only tnk«« part in this Th«> propound park district takes in . nil the territory in the township of Sterling. • All voters residing east or thr east Imp' of Hroadway and a lino north of, the north end- of Mro«dway will cast their ballot* nt N. L. WilRer'* store, All voter* raiding we,«r of tin tin* of Broadway and (Sf line north of the end of Broadway n-nd cant of center of LocuM street nnd IVnnlngton rond will cast their ballots at Hter- llnt City Hall. All voters residing west of the center of IjOcimt wtreet atul pcnnington road will east th*lr ballots at Onlt Houte polling place. Those desiring to vote for HIP proposition will put n mww in the 'square opposite the words. "For I'urk District" on thi> ballot, and tho«r> voting ngalnnt Will put cross In the Millar** opposite th* words, "Against 1'ark District." Five park cummiHNioncn< arc Ui be and voters must write the. of th* five candidates they dp slm to vote for, on the ballot, for which blank lines are printed on the ballot*. While each voter will vote for whom IS DANGER OF FIRE Autos Will Not 8« Parked Torti'ght On Third Stf«*t During Parse!*. ' '• •rmTsi^-iunt't «,f 1'uMj.-' H f<->,|! h; rif.-i .-".-ili tv I I' ( 'iv.--i hiilw-r cr i|iit-ut<; that ;»>.••:<• i-.iniitin; to V. itti<"--ti lh<- I tr-?rK>. in *<«• ji<tif;r .-Hiun r^midf t"i:iitT»t In **f«-r- hnr. <•!{.. Mid kf>»'!« ;h(ir <;irfi <-ff TMtd <3?r"-t from nv<-!iui> f: to P.mrth nt!<- during th<« |.;ir;«slf, otvtne f f;tct tMt tbr-f Will h>- n IritKr- numo'-r r-.r rnrrnrrr rnniltrp -,->n Tn* 'TtrmTf? ''To T»~ (I *•«•••! n!!'. ;ll!«t .'IP :• j>r »»r":l ut lnn.'ir V' riT.'t- «iir»' iiu.'iinst *:rr dr«>j.pfu|f <>n the tui.ja or ,i •!(.'« pitting them on f'uf. Kx- M.'tvor WHiinm .Mt Di.jutttl appPftiod he-foil* thr- city conncil tin,-* rrinr'nlntr nj« cltr»lf man <>( thf rntifi* ,-xiion fl*«m striition and n*k( <l fur itcrml-'fi.'ii !ir»» (lie v/H'iilcs nn Third Hlront (hir thr («u.'i(l(». MARTIN BROTHERS >n- to ARE-SKEPTICAL German People Take Little Stock in the Report Wilson Will Move For Peace. "•x ^ ^ DISCUSSIol UNIVERSAL Two Papers Declare Time For Universal Peace Steps Is the Present Moment. h* th* Ansoclatlon of tho Com- °f .. who. ___ If ----- ..... . ___ elected would make mutable comml*- aionera: L. A. Hlttorf, W. If. Perry, 1*. K. Wynn. J. T. -Wtlliami«. J. K. Bund- bunp, Thene are willing to nerve. al> though they will have to work without Declare Thiy Knew Nothing About Park Proposition Until Started. Kdilor Hnily Oazette:' Humors l/»ve reached us to tho effect that the proposed p«tk district Is be- in*; poshed hy us with the Intention of selling it trnct of land for park purposes sit ti hiKh price. In Justice to thp public .spirited men who Imve been earnestly striving to rmtkn posMhlc a pnrk or parks that wunld he ;i pleasure and it credit to the community, wn deal n« to suite most emphatically thut we had' fio. A lenowlcdi;'o of their park movement - until long after tho park committee'of the AimoMatlon of <'otn- meree had submitted n detinite recommendation to the board of director* of tho Association favorablt* to the form- Ing of a park district. We have, taken no actK'o Interest In thp matter, 'and while we heltave u park would be of benefit to the community a* n. whole. It would not benefit tin |*efsonally an wo are large tux payers in Htorllng township, and own lands that are so favorably located that wo do not have to Bcfieme to sell '!Sy C'arl W. t'iff ' 'i>rff»:|i'in.ten» of f"»nt<i! l're«-t > Heilio, i!»r. Nov. ^o. -- Th<- t;»-rman J>ubllr irK.>.|-(t« «kr'j-tically tu ti\r re-' |Ki!is ttom \Va*hlriKton via Hv^itKer- land fiiiit I,ondon. tliat I'n-whlent \\"ll- t"»n tn.:iv -i»nt! tiike some kind of ptcpn for pen* (\ The gn\ r-i nrnent Kself Is hnvluir ttothiriK'-to do with the peace talk, nor IH the enemy. The army is concentintlnit Its efTort« toward wirlfiinK. The general attitude toward Ametlrnn Ambaoiiador Oorartl l« chantfins, Ht- probably will find htmxelf more pof.ular when he return* than lie uii« Mix month* auo There IR a peemlngly \\ell foumled report here that bi-fote ijeranl departed. otllclalH ao.kcd htm to return even In the event of i'i evident \Vll«nn's defeat anil a«kr»d him to remain nn long as powdhle. Hut as far a* the general pMhll' 1 l« concerned the iepoit .if peace Mtejtn !.«i caiittlng unh'erHal dif<cu,«nlon. The «ro«ih of fenlinient for an Interiia- tlonal HBreemcnt to prevcni other wat« is iiijdelice by. the efforts i.f tiortnan new.Hp.ipers to obtain fnun IHUJIC Wolf. president of the American i 'luunber'of 'ce. lufoitnatlon and ideas as Atneifciin League to Enforce 6AZETTI FOUND THIM .hnki . n:»v if. *i:. > m to tin Peace. The newnpan-r <3ermanla and its ulster cotiwervatlye organ, the Tneen hoth »ny that President VVil- Hhoiild ninke. peace— but these luinlly represent public sentiment on the official viewpoint, Tho <!erh«ifiln declared If Kir I->1- Th" Crtyf-tt*. The fir*! tinv- li- not -.}•• r«--'u!t«. J'.uf Mr. Jenkins was «MN tirm- ofti-rlnK n dollnr r'-watu. Th" next day'.i mail hronKht f>«rk th* .keyy. .N'o hody n«ked for the reward. Just happened thnt the .«»-rortfl advertisement, got into the ?ifind« of the rn.'in who found therrt. Mr. Jenkins <Hd not know who rt'jit them bark.' The (taxatte I* doin« that «ort of thing fur *onVhody r-very day. It does not always Kef results. Hut so often thiJf It pay.i to try t'he el.wifled di-pfirtmc-nt first. It doen noj ptiy tf> pive up rvft^r the fin»t trial, either. Kv^rli keeping at it gets results. GOES TO GRAND JURY Famous "Air Bubble" Murder Case Will Be Probed At ....... Olney, HI., Today. (By rnited i'reas.) f'lney. III, Nov. :'0.-Tht> srand jury nl noon today derided to |M>»t(»,nii the hcftriiiB of evi»l(.ni-o In the famous "bubble murder" cane nn«lii.«( Hoy lllnterH'ter until tomorrow Ruth Law In An Old Plane Established a New Non-Stop Air Record. MADE A 5SIO MILE FLIGHT She Arrived At Ntw York Today After Her 840 Mile Trip From Chicago. Pe-5'.p KILLED HI1MOIHER Searches in Mmnehnha Fcr Ui-ibrfsncpd Youth, ri:-.- fnitf-l iT*---^) .--, (..,!!«. Mjtu. , N..-. . _',i At' s! lit|>|ii-tl r T.tK"? I.f k.,«n \vitli rr , r} r.f his MAYNOT Theae men announce that If elected, they will hold public hearlni?n w> an to give the public a chance to nay what »tt» or .»lte« nhall be purchaaed for jmrk purpowx and to what extent 1m- pruvementis ahall be made. • Further* more, that In purehaaing site or condemnation proceeding* will b* re- •arted to If necessary. In dctermlng th* prices to be paid—the prlco to bv thtw flx«d by a Jury of competent m««n. The WTk election J* b«t|n K conduct«d under »tati« law« and under the or«*n» of Hon. William A. iiii>ag?tt. i <?ounty JU<|K*. to whom th# report of I th* election mu*t b» taken. t ^IMfEHSTPROTESr jit_ulLlim£H fur. any landu we ma>*.Jui. Hire to >cl|, and wn trust that no friends of OUIH;will vot,e yes under any liiU>r»'snU>n that we haviv any lands that Wo desire to sell tu the public for park purposes. On the contrary if wo are unfortunate- enough to happen to owi\ the lain! that In finally selected for park purposes we will gladly contribute to have some other land not owned by un ne- Iw'ted. And wo-slncenidy tnint that if tbu« election in carried that tho final choice of location will nut full on any land owned by UN or Mr. l-'order. RH we tiyrapathiJte rvith him In his. desire to retain his home-for himself und 'Indus* trlotiK family. •-- . And w«v. also Ijcllcve t.iaT""tr~p1>rjks. ar«» a necessity thefiv 1« a time in the (Hy United 1'ilney. 111.. Nov. 20.— The now fn-. tnotts -air bubble" death of Mlns Kll- zabefh Hadcllffe, ieventeen and pretty, for which Hoy Illnterllter I* in Jail hern on a ehartf« of murder, will re* the Attention of the grtind Jury which convened here today. At tho trial tho ctate will sPek to prove thnt Jllnterllter t a yotinir farmer, Hethmnnn-Holhvej? Oermittiy," l T re»idi i iiC~^TTT»iTn Ti'iilly want -un)v«*r- nn\ pearc after the war, now 'in the tlmo to get together. EVERYTHING READY 3. Fordw 8ay« It Will Be -In. human To Vote For Park and Destroy His Home. Editor Daily Qaisetie; t am not fighting "t|u- park proposition on account of taxe« but simply mm tryinif to keep a roof over my family. I }um*f4»ent all of the be*t'yetti> of my life In building up a little fruit f«rm with th» exix-ctation of having « home and nupiibrt in girt ago. Today 1 hftve a little home and a fruit and vegetable business which makes a ooinfortable living for a. -family of ten§ but when the votes are counted t6mor- row It may be found hy home is gone. For the Demonstration Which Be Given Tonight By the Democrats. Kyerythlrig In tending for a very bli; forlous Dwnocratn in Kti-rlltiK. So many haw MitdiUk'd their Intention of coming and. joinlm? In .the parad«..that , . , , th» line of march ha* been extended future to acqulro them the town- to p ourth avenue Inntead on tiecontl ahllj.hiw tho money In »l«ht to pay forhivenue, on account of the leuRth o/ the thp land und alao Improve the Hume. 1 parade. .In Hros:* j After the juinulc there will be ohort talks at the city hall by City AttorfR-5 1 Jacob Cuhtlln. of Hock Fnlln, Hon. J. I*. Devlne. of Dlxun, and probaiily. Hon. Henry Dixim, of Dlxon, Thin will be wn Important twrl of ih* evening cele- tion Is that it calls for the breaking up of. w)V«r«l homes In, Wooillawn. Now ' th«r« is nothing which huru a ma»i aTi"TO~ |ore"Ttrr Ttome. ' T*ne mUforiuno which can befall «ny man Is to lose hla home ami be turned oJrlft in hit* old ago when the »un of life Is setting and it is too late to make another xtart. The tiwectfwi word in th* Knclish language in the little word home, and the most popu- THE CITY COURT OPENS The November T*rm Wat Convtned Thi« Klornfng. The November term of the Sterling city court convened for the first In the court room thin, forenoon, with City Judtfe C. K. Sheldon on the bench. The flrut tiling done by the court was the divorce proceeding* of Hnttle Hayern versus William .Sayers. I'pou motion of the plaintiff the cuwe wax iliKintHwed and the pending Injunction wiitf dl,H- nolved. Ward and Lurtenu wan coun-, uel for the plaintiff^ und N. O, .Van Sifot for the defendant. clirr« from bei-ominR a, mother, pumped air tiito hei- veihtt with ,i catheter niul that u'bubble of air reached her heart and killed her. An nlr Inihbltt £n h»r heart WAR the cauxo of her death according to a commimion of phyislelann which exr.mlned the body, lllnterllter. the body of the girl iu-tos.1 Ins kneea, drove madlj up to o xanltarlutn nt, midnight July 21. and begsred nttendanis to revive her. He wild Hhe trid fallen uncoiitu'louit In hl« aVols iis they :we4-e driving Hlontf- ti dttrft rond, Hhe was dead. Search leveaJetl pariH of two catheters beneath a towcrinK oak, in a stream bed nni) Hllghtly oft" th« mnlif triivehHl roiiU. Ftwti;frint» Hhmved slgnn that a Mtruggttt ha4 taken place. The authorities inulm they can prove Hoy an Kdllxabeth were beneath the tree the- evening of July 21 and will attempt to prove that thft younu far-| mer induced the girl to let him uue THE DAREDEVIL LAWS ARE SUR£_LAWLESS A chronology of Hodman I,aw>, nnd hi* sister. Huth Lnw'fl, jests with Mr. liohes, alias Dent It, ' ^ Rodman Law, 21; li»!2- Jumped from the rK hrldgf; Info the 13" fwt below. July 5, 1912- Made the Annahle chnmn leap with AHim f'nn- stiinit' H. lipntH-tl on horse-, hack. July 3d. 1 Hi 2 Wan tired In n "bullet at the moon" by a 2.20(1 i haiMe of powder for a tnovle thriller, March, I!*l3--Uriippp<! | n parachute from th* Hint u«- of Lilt- erty In New York harbor, July, liH3 Blew up liln balloon . 3.UOO feet tt-hove the earth with dynamite and dropped In a parachute. AiiRUHi, 1^13— Drove from wharf into the 8hr*-wttbury rlv«?r at HeabriKht.'N*. J., on motorcycle K«dnir ceventy mllen an hour. March, I»i4— HtotMJ on hid head on the ball on the Hinger bulid- IriK, New York. September, JS14-— Climbed up the of the )-'iatlron build - h:ilr. The boy thr-n «««« wpf-U to thr- •w-ildjt <.f ;h«- (tat-k. Nfi^frhnrs fay thf hoy tins h«><-n imt>nl:in<-f>d fur. a yi»ar und*'d under thr- hallucination th:i( Ni* rrtntlK-r fchrpfltonrd^ him with harm -whi-r^as inntcad Phf >ffun«>d to fir-nd him to an anylurn. GEN, TRElolETUBNS Mexican Defacto Commander Is Back In Ohihauhau After » Chasing Villa, fBy !"nlt«'d Prp.^i HI Paso, TPX.. Nov. 20. — From pas- on, a rp«ch«Hl Jutirr?. jfovrrnrnf-nt' nK^ train which nt rnldnl»rht. 1*. H. conllrnic<l the army. »trt»et draw on a motorryclp. Ruth Law. January, 1915 — Made the first . flight In aeroplane, V August, 1915-- Mndt» nmt loop ' the loop (light «ver performed by air driver of her »ex. Hept. 22, ISUS—Kxnetiteil thlrty- ; tlve loop* in flight over Luke MJchlgnn. , ' Sept, 2-2, l!MB-:Mad« nlKht turn of Clen. Trevlno, Mexican de- fact o commander to (Milhunhun. nfte'r marching .his army out into the optm to cnmpniKn ngnhiNt Villa. The tmln brought 300 tmtfven, tunny of them women, to the border. They declared Uen. Trevlno In all able bodied men Into hi? Civilian* in Chihuahua moii expect an attack to he miule on the city. • line woman t$i]d t>f swing'the body of a gray haired American lying In front of the .llmlnez hotel in Jltnlriez, It In believed it was the body of Dr, FlHher. Another woman, who claimed My had i-oii'ie from Parra!, mild «he wiw four American prisoners taken along the street by bandltM but Old hot know their fate. Seml-offlcIaT rc- porm from CarrnnzlHta o'fMclahi at Chihuahua mild thnt nlr Americans In Par- Teutonic Forces Because Of Heavy Roads May Be Cut Off By the Enemy. MONASTIR HAS TALLEtt Military Critics Give the Tram* formed Serbians Most Of „ the Credit. (By United I-«indiirt. Kn«., Nov. 28.— With nnd wlpet Intorferrlng with full r«8Ulttp« tlun of opri-.'itionM fihuifi the Bomma, It wan the HnlkntiH that furnished ittofft of the hattlf" news today. Addition*! fid vices 8prv»-d »to tnrf«aS« the bril* llunce of t.ien. R*rrnir* Frfn,rh«Ru»* «lan*It)illan-fiprhinn victory In th* tnklnK "f Monnwtir. It Is notf doubtmt here thut the (H'rman-llulgar foreM rnn rompletely pscnpe from tbft endr* viMt- of the allied flanking 1 mow w«hl." l»4 •• the allies) try to endows the enemy. Th» roudu, a wen of mud, uriow and rain. will. It is belleyed, make It Impomlbj* for the Teutons to prt>ce«l with HUftl* rlf-nt ttiNtw In their retreat to accomp-- llMh a complete wlthdniwal of tht&t forceH nnd equipment. Moreover it appear* that few from iieltiK content with the mere occupta- tion.of the city, the allied forces are ntlll thriiHtinH forward in thoir drive. Trilep, to which city tho enemy !• withdrawing. IN about 24 miles to the north und tne way for the moat p«ut in acroNH level gnnmd with few natural defennlve features. Tho allies occu- pnncy of jumltlonM along the CcrnA rl<-er bend, given them a fulcrum fop ^ their lever to force a clearance of th* plain. Military today agreed that the capture of MouaMlr U of th* greateHt Importance and diplomatically moat of the credit IN given to the Ser- Nov. 20. 1916 — liroko Unitwi States record for contlnuouH Jllwht, In trip frojp ChlcaKo to Hurhell, N. y. tlrokc all »pe«Hl reconlH rontainvd in .the effort,. Broke record for day'* fliKht. CtileAKO W ton, N. v,i 7S3 mile*. .-_...-_ TTerrern, (Tic cbmman<l<*r nm nutny <'onfllrtln»r rej»trt« reaching- tho border rt'Knrdlntf the fute of the t\w Amcrlcnnw who did not leave wltli tht. party of Alvaredo miniitK men, Dt-Mplu^ tho efforts of the minlns company to learn whether tins AmericuriH arrlveii safely on the west eoant, officials of t!ie company have been Un- tw recolve n reply from five tele- H and tracem udilre««e»| to Supt. Hawkins, who gent out. the Jim IIBWH of safe -•-ttrpivai-af--i-'hd "band A'tnericuiis. ' ' TO FORGE AGREEMENT Administration WiU Stand For the victory for their •plundtfl llgTitltig alorig'the Coriia fiver btnd, which compelled TW enemy to abandon their Houthern defenHen, enabling th* advance dun north of the French and, Ku«*l<tn troopa. Kje<:ted from their own country a year ago by Field Mar»h«l _J Macken«en'« tremendouB drive MMt forced to nee In dlanrder. tho Sarbhinv have been transformed in a brief 12 rnonthM into a formidable army with new arma and equipment under th* splendid tutorxhlp of the French troojw ,' with thom ~ u« brotnere In- Home, W* It Kver-"go Humble There'll No Wac» Uk*» Home." ' Bvwy man |« born with *a love -for ilia home, and tho nearer he gets to the end of life'* journey the stronger be- eotnea the deelr* to upend hi* Ituir days with hi* children in the obi homestead I have never po»ed n» »n atif^l cftunw we At) have, our. faulu but forbid that I *houl<i ever KO up tu bwllot box and cast a vote to destru) the home, peiw*7 und happinc** of an; human bx'lnf or to take the roof frori over th« h»»4 of any mother who 1« MnnreUntr to ftMMi, clothe and tsluci m l«rg« fureiiy of little chiutren" u -44MH»w«h«»ni ef thU country who liK the matter of lUglin Broderlck and Nance, the CU.BO was from tho fact ptflt the' defendant failed to (lie u dcciarution ut> he-whouW-havfr done -for thin ter-m—f»t, court. The «ult wuu an appeal' cuae. It 1ms Iwen dfeclded .that the. pettlt jury, will be ua«d on Monday,. Dec, 4, and that they inunt be on. hand at that time. There is likely to be several jury cases at thlH term of court, wet next Wednesday for reading-thw docket. At that tlmecunen will be n««t r for trliil. The jury ca«c» will be aet at thiti time. bration. . Jtthn McfJee, who was In Clinton Sunday nay« there., will be several auto load« <>f v l)*widcnU3 from that' city come ever, Dlxon in golnw to send down a lai-K*» delegation and every 'city In WhiteaUle county will ul»o be The KtrantrenesH of the girl's death has aroused much comment among rioted phyniclanH, »omo of whom have taHi'B i»*uo with the • finding of the commlHHlon, holding that the air bub- l«lt- emild -not have caused the death; The atatt* reru»4H to KO Into detnlls of Ita ca»o l)iit proml«en atartling disclosures, llinieflltej', nm-Nted July 28, IH held In Jail without ball, lie inniate he in innocent. . . One of the feat urea of the parade will be the Grand Dolour -1'low Com- puny band from Dlxon. This mu»t not bo overlooked. ' for it is an anvil choru* long to be remembered, THE CITYCOUNCIL The , court adjourned ~~1fiiTU ~ 1:30 l nlbe~~afreTm><JTir~Ttfler the transaction of hiislnt'MH. loafer In the tjay thtj court udjourtted court until Wednesday, now bearing the heaviest burdens ii r«i«tnr th« Iwyn and girla who ore t< take our j»lac*«. when \v t» are dea«f ant gune. H .» the mothers of this count r> who ftj-o noU' working ha hi. ID r'aiwn tlu boy# who Muma day nwiy-becuUvdon to a muski-t, und Uy down their battierteld in *lefen«e of lives on thin Country: The In-lit friend any man tv#r. h»v* tn this* 'World w hi*. mother «nU no manly nwn of UK- JtooseVtfU typ« who lia* r«sl -blond in bin veins and a uingle JioV of tlu- tiulk of huinan kindiit-s* in hu bcmoni will u»« h(» vwtju to bn-4*H up the home of a«y mother who has u large family c fur. To mke the 'front <* HHJther und tMght UiUe -chlUlren 10 m#kt» a pliiygrotiiul would be the cold«MtWilt-it win*, inhuman n«i coniin(tteir,iit ' of do- of it g ««' u» r't - U Mhtii ^." city of -church*'*., in w^ic all rac*'«i and. fi'»-i.'d».au< f-rpiv- uiui it 8 t» (.-.uitntiy to. all Uu t«ACbtnj|>i of th.i> i''iu religion C hotuo, i>vu*'« .jini bap|-n>c»i« , faintly. ' -J 1 .. i\ad»-i * |t"t»,"tt pour .i'«-r».;i .on BIG BARN DESTROYED Former WhiUtide R»»id»nt Mo«ts With Misfortune La it Wok; "V • -' Ham ' EmmonB, formerly of Sterling «nd south of th« river, where he farmed and lived a great many yearn, but now of southern Minnnaota, writ en that he has met with dire misfortune by having hiw barn and other out btiikliiiKH burn -«n» day— ljtstw«fili,,Jklr^ Kininuns ban been «hipi>ing Bt»veral .s of potutnoH from his farm to of them iH'.iiiK of hlK own ' and re turned honiu from thit) city about two WM>k« ago. His ban> •aught tire In some Jm>xplulmthh> matt- iwr an.d before ' U could be extiiig- it burned with all of it« contents, fXi'«i>pt hl« auto and a> few other ihings. - lii* ^jaU hi« wiiue.r's grain, iuy. farm tools and all that a farm HI K tin tjtich a- far.m, in -the buiid)n\g. .. .-This' Fortnoon*- Granttd D»oor»tion Permit. 'At the meeting of the city, council tills morning, Matt Potts made his bj- w'wjkljr -report:"- : '"'"" "" : " : ...... -•••.- i - s ~"- ••.••"-•-•- • A petition was ..presented^ asking permission- jtor tho decoration of the streets. frot)i December 1 to January 1 by st rings -of electric lights,' It was presented by the merchants' division of the Sterling Association of. Coin- merce, who have In mind the early Christina* buying •_•- thought.— it was u*k«l for strings of lights across the streets on the following intersections: Third street and Avenue A, Locust and Fourth Htruets, First avenue and Fourth 'street. First Avenue near Second street, an dulso a^ Christmas tree -near middle of Locust street Just soutl of Third strwt. Each Htring of light to carry a cloth banner with a smal bell on the bottom. It was also' wiutcd In the prayer that In case of any o th» equlpnu'iM falling down tlf« pcti tioners --would bI'"rt>8pon»lhU! for damage dorm. The "prayer of the pet I- tioners w/is granted. It was signed by Frank Murphy, president of tlu> di- lX-Juhii. Mt'C FEDERAL OWNERSHIP Of Alt Public Utilities Coniid«r«d By " Little Further Delay By the Mexicans. Jly Ilobert J. Render, Uuth l,w, .ong distance av.atr.x, .r-l^^^ rlyed i»t Governor's Island, New York | mlnlstratlwn will stand for but little City, nt 9: New (My United Press) York, ,V. Y.. Nov. 20 '.-•Miss I :3»n.-.7n,7 having tiowns<or furtl " k » x *'**'">""" the--Mexican-side-of n Chicago m an obsolete t .^/' lan ' it ; tl : U . y < ' ( »'V Vrpnc ! 1 - If « P 11 ' (By United Press.) ' \Vashlngton; P. f,, . Nov. 20. The first hearing of the John Congressional Investigation into the whole subject of government regulation and the pro- lK»*.«?d government ...owiiurtdiiji of ' rail roads, was held today in the .Senate otlice building. . The in'vesUfiition IK in rejpon*e to a congresiiitmai resorutJon, approvod by President Wilson July 20, calling for "a Joint sub committee of the In* t erst a t,f Commerce committing of jhe HOUMM ojfd "i^enate—to invest Igay^J the subject of the .government regulation and control of Interstate "and foreign transportHtion; fllicioncy or the prem ^d u not tH'i'i wed chemicals for hits nctKhbora who nls house would 'haw no Thu wiiuluiill buiuVil and water \vu.s obtainable.^ HIM v«ltl be consiilcrable Jor he curried only little lurtuiiv. FIREj DEPARTMENT ELECTION. An vM'ction haw luwn calle.d .by tin- itprltnpr tin' rtepartmrnt-rfor line ~pn r- *«*>»" of electing two inoiubcrs of the rt'UH'ii's pVimion itoilrd li» lake tbt- litci'S of .two'-wlw have Ve«ij;iif.d. .by 'service i-ntlr*' und FrtHl JU-n- .Iwld at the i4U.'irlvr^ at 7 o'rltu'k J ».,>c. I, Thv ca.ll ti ,. . Tli»-y iuy' ,-i-ji- Tin- chTH i'-p,irtiuent b«' VUlay «:vi.'iti») . t ioi»" will (> is oy Ou> jivctvtary. 'to drop itt l»Mth >>iui«v5i ut*vtn lif Mvt-r. • Vv'U- n«> f • and tht lift-^liul. W. i>. ".I,- W.. lUn Uoi.;hm. WOMAN WANTS TO HUNT • What Is believed to be the' tlrst wotna'ii to 'take out a huntWs in nurthcrn Uliudis |« Mr*. fetraebvlrg, living. h.t Sterling. Hhw Ja feu I (I to )<.> 'u huntrcMH of and for thU iva«on win- juttt out it licciust' Instfacl of her hus^ In SOIIMI of the timhuird coun- a. nu'mb^r of WMIUCII make w practice of lioing out after KUIIIC but band in thln'statc it Is vj-ry 'wishes to tramp .out bad enuugh to hunt. vliUnu a woman in the country In, a losier to Tht' iSsi/.<.'tt(> Harry L AjwsH 1 ' 'Sii'.v*" tiiiitr'hc 'liuti" fiii-" "suu'illi'st lilblf in tht'.M-otld uusl u is own slliiilli'i- tlian tlu« one recently tclctrt'il !<> iii 'i'lic Uii/ifttc. lliit U'htaiucni iut>'i.i- surt'si th c-fiyliiH l>,v iutH'-yiMc»'ts! he C. A, ,1'hnn spent Uu; dd-y in Chivu' stiul Uii'ec-i'ijihtj* by .l»u» ;(i«l <'f Mr MOIJ.,-. |j> ,; ..It iVi a pom ' ii puilt, msli lj 11 j'aii only a \ i'i-y. jHiyvcH't. H"'!!i|«'H( «>t' *U.i.ti currlers, proposed j-hanges In the In- torstato Commerce Commission; and the subject. 'of government ownership of nil public utilities, lnij(udjug tide- graph, tt-ireleus, cable, telephone, express companies, railroads engaged in Interstate and foreign commerce .'U The committee Is also empowered "to report as to the wisdom of feasl- hllity of government ownership, and us to the comparative worth of-s<»v« crnment rcjrulatUWj .without yrovorti- incut ownership," miles from model aeroplane with a total (lying time for thd trip of eight hours uiui 69 minutes.... The smiling little American took her place UK the premier woman aviator of-the world and equalled the ••all- American record. She landed at 9:38 a. m,, having flown the 840 miles .from Chicago lit an old Htyle exhibition machine, Incidentally Mie broke' the American, nun-mop record made recently by Victor Carlstrom, exceeding hU performance by 110 tnllc«. Major -General Wood, Henry Woodhouse and AuguKtitH I'oHt, the hater two KOvehtorM of-the Aero Club of America, helped tho little woman from the cur of her aeroplane. She wae numb -with -the eold. "The plucky young woniHn huatled to an auto and was ruxhed to an army officer'** houmv to "tlmw out," " , - r- - . ue last' leg" of the night~g70 mliea made today through a dense fog. Tho fog'wad-MO heavy Miim Law »«ld thut xhe WUH forced to Hy low. barely tupping the hill alyng J he Hudhon. in order to be able to a we : .jlhi» ,it) 4 ouiul urul U» keep her <'oc.V«e, AH nhe landed on Governor'* Ittland idie W«H given it rou«- ing reception, The baud at the head of a lU'taclnnpnt of yoldlera wan on morning parade .when M!KM Law wa« ttlghtud and the UIUHHS burnt Into a once iti at tho breaking point and tht next few days may bring pnrtentlouH developments. • The Mexicans will bo told In em- phutic language, stripped of all diplomacy, thut the United States cannot Hit In Uie,»eH.s!on« If tho dilatory und chHtructlve tuctlcH are continued. Hy .'such n meant) the admlhlMtrutlpn ItopCH to force a peaceful ugroemont on- tho vexations problems between the t»M> nations. The border patrol Is only a part 'of what the administration hopes to accomplish. Primarily the mft;ty. of American lives and property In Mexico must- be guaranteed. If rights^tre not obtained tutltifac- tory und the border patrol agreed" tip- on, new stops, will bo taken by this government \w These facto w«ro learned iouuy\from a trustworthy source..,,.What tho alternative course will be if the conference retiultK in- failure, no oho can "say, President—-Wilson,- Secretary Lan*. It is* expected here that the Mona»~ tlr victory will have an Imoortant *f« fet-t in relieving the German pressure 'i against Koumanln*—a pressure that ha* fi been, ('ugardml gnively of lat«._ tt* I^ondon press does not hesitate to call the situation of the Roumanian "precarious." THE GERMAN STATIMINT. : . (Oy United Premr.V Berlin, Qer., Uy WIre.lww To vilie. 1^. L, Nov. 20,—The evacuation o* MonoKtir was. a measure prepared for several days sdnce, said the special "r*-, view issued ' today in regard to the evacuation of .the -Balkan city, which— It .said was without any military im« blaw of Miss Law paid, her own of FINANCIAL MEET Witt—Oiicarw Mlana Huge Flood Of Gold. (Hy ('nltcd Press.) Washington, D (',. Nov. 2«'t-—Twelve big bankers,. repreKcntinf America Sir their cuiMichy as of th«;Ads-i»qry ctnincll of the id R»-8(?rvi? Hoiiril, met today with the IJoar dto dtticutt^ umong' otht-'r things nieuns of controlling the huge flood of t gold .that' huV swept into the'United .-s vMih the ti(l4» of wlir tiuu* pro*- iwity. H P .Moigan headv tin* ll»t. He rt«pivsttntx,th«. New York dist'rict, Danel «}, Wing ..represents Boston: Lieyi L. Hue,. Philadelphia: VV. S.' Rowt-, Clyvclaml: J; W. Norwood, fUchnjond/ e» A. 'Lyerly. Atluntu: J, H. Korean. Chicago; Frank O. Watts, St. : ^t*. T. . j'uffery, iMtiiAeapolit*: K. and T. opinions as to -what tu «lo with tlw lil diftVr ssis'arply..." Tlu-y li-.tsge »'iutit i! tU*£trc mi ilu- i>itrt. ul ' «iij!>»-« baii-k- ti to get rid of it, to u belief by ot% r •rs that .Miiitt uf the gold' van be ai»- bivl- t-y tints country 1 " witlii-ut j tu Utijuji fl>«n}littM*M the trip Hint will try for the world's record long distance flight soon. k-? Miss Law's recpitl—BtmuiH u«i'. ..t'nV: second longest flight .ever: made. Her flight of 6tW miles i» exceeded only by thut of Htib-Lh-.ul, AliirtOiull of Fmnce, who tlew from Nancy tp I'holm, Po- __JH_jjL».'e : «>f ' tlia year, it Nll'.5 in.Hc^. Mit*s Ijjw l«»ft Chicago lit -7:^6 central t inn* Hunday morning andkiainUui at - Hornell, N. .V., fiat) niilea-awiiy at 8:24 p,-m. After Ulllng her gfts .tank she to«(k the'.air ugalu and arrived at Hinghuniptoti, i;HyniiU>i» away at- 4:20 p. in. ami.resumed lier.llight' thlw morn-* in private Uf t < Miss l«w, is Mrs.'WIU lliiin oiivi't*, of *'iuc«tsO. j|»H' hut}luiiui' UK her. tnunuger and ehlvf UHI- |ittl« uvliitrlx, Huih J*uwjinked her rccurd . Secretary Lansing'and Secretary Maker aloiro knew whitt It is, hut It Is freely predicted by those In ch>se itmrch with^Tlit* lirotilpnjnniTl n sinTT In policy will bo forthcoming that, will deal more strictly with Mexico than in tho .past." Administration otttcials IH>|H> that such ideas will not have to be used. 'Leaders hope thut the Mexican cnmmissitiners can bw wiuppod into line! ' • poruincc, Tho review said that the method by which the city was, taken wa* an open avowal of the fe,ct that the original plans of Gen, Serrall'n army to Join han'ilM with the Russo-Rourruurian fowi»H IIUH 'been abandoned forever. Tho report declare* that the British sustained heavy losses In attack* on the German llnoa. "The English artillery tire-yesterday wa* generally strong on both sides of the An _ said the repiyt. "Between Serre Aak Beuucourt and a«ttln§t our position* south of Mlraucourt, during the evening hours, attacks wore launched, bflt they failed with heavy losuea to the thiiiihV. Our Infantry In hand rronad* attacks -ejected the Bngllsb from Ui* western part of Orandecourt"~ •'KftW' positions north of Monastlr wer« oc» cupiefl v by our force* without beln« disturbed "by the enemy. New Oer^ man forces have arrived along the Nuglcnu front. The Serbians, who advanced to a point near Dahova and Tu^Jii. havu been repulsed by the Bui- guriims," . " PUNNINQ^qOLONYl Widow* And Orphans Of The Vtar Will Be Cared r"or In Canada, (Hy United Press.")' Chicago, .III.. Nov.-so—Plum, u» brinVr fi.onO^llj-ltiMh •'war widows and 10,000 announced today by David-Lamb.'com..' inlhsioitiii- of interiidllonul Immlgniilon of the Halvatloti Army. Coinm|»siotu>r Iximb la IM»VV Jvii-sJjig ll.OWi.OOi) to'.lih- 8ANQUINARY REPULSE. . .. my tt United Press,) Holla. Bulgaria, Nov. 20.—"Sanguinary repulse of renewed allied attacks in the Cerita bend region neaV Monastir," were asserted today In the offl» cial stutemiwt-^of tho Multfurian wap ofllce, HEAARGUMENT 8upr«m* Court 8*t§ Dynnmit* For January Eiflhth. ('Uy'- United Press.) Wasttihgton. D. O,. Nov.. 30— -The «u< •preme- anco the'.movement, of widow* and or phuns alter tUy war. Duly women of goo.) clianicu^.and health'will bo taken.-'and ,ikirifd,onh-s will be (•MublUih* t'U in >rVpt«<rn i.'anadft,. where they will b_f Kivei{\M<.rk-on tho fa.rnsi* and lii the th , The \-«ry for when she brvakiirg night was f«ct» poVvdi-r. UMSIV was shiny. " ----._ S^IM luitti itul. into ait .mto at th« army iiviaUoiif MVId ;uul' H.IS rushini 'to'jlu* honiM i.r Major William Hartiuann. of the army signal nu'ps, aivd the .\ j:->ii l r tlu a;v.-u- ri>r it Then tl^«j daiiiiK iiuiid uf t had uuF-.iarlstriini.-il \'ictui- in hcf"-ilight -from I'hlcugo nor'w Island, i>|;u'uily unsan; "M.;.iy-.l t'or.iow ,>, J'uvv.ivf" .who to <}u\cr" . Hurt- your face TWO AUTOISTS KILLED ' Roc'tor And Attorney Met Death Today ',.:. When Struck By An Interurban, ' , -, (Hy I'nitcd Press.)'" \Vrtukegou. lilt. Js'ov. 20:~Dr. \V. ll" "' tu advance tho arguments! in the case of Werner Horn, aJJegVd dynamiter and Uennun army olllc«r, who la ao«- ctised of nttemptliis' to blow up th»» in- ternatlonal urldjfM In Maine, Horn a»kt-d ,fr»r a writ of habeas corpus on, Dm that tho charge against him was «i military offenae. The }»r«»m«' tho gun»«iu t>n January 8th. ar- . . Vuu ' UNABLE UUIHI;. t ai^ c,v«-r '.tti't*. 'thv <h»* >MI trance to inec. '. I'DI* the i.f thf iron - Urand Str«*ng "itml' Miotm-y Jy.tcph Lang, both of Richmond. Ill, were-almost in- •«fat(ti>- Kti|t;d brre today wtTen'TtwuuJ to tu uhicit they '-vv-ore riding was MriMj l.y u. tui'in ,>«, itln Chicago & Ni'rtii .Shoto l-;iw'trlc. '' , APPENDICITIS CASE, I• rv-d Prat-tit, ojc"* \V<iliu.v'v 'was <n'-vrutvd on for appenaicitis this t'orc- in/**!! The young man WIIM l4kv» ill tJju?>U,v, ,'nul lu'i'i vu u> tht< Sti-i'lin 'A v«-tc 'iJM :&*' '•'liniii.suictl. but tli^ .rt'tfulur i.'-tn ; *i". ii..r,,j ' \iurh is a 'vote for « t—-Hvifc,.,Xu. fur—Uut—C. -^HOLLAND OBJECTS TOO Minister lnitruct««l To T»!l Otrmsny Of Objection T* ptp»rt*tI0n. (By United i*r«H».) ArnHlwdain, Holland, Nov,".20.-~~Tht Dutch minlsti-r at. Berlin ha* been In- Htructrd to notify th«» German govern- ILVyiil-i'i illy ll'aiiuMJjniJJfiftSlon.'!.»hidt,. Holland has received aa th'e, result o^ i thu acportatlon tu Uennuny of workthvit. .. . WILL Pr«»id>nt Wii*on Will R*e*ivt Head* Ol Brotherhood*, (Hy rnlteil Pn-t* > . it. ..,«?.. Nov- 'i't».— wJfr confer with' four Th« ui .':45 at

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