Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 18, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1916
Page 6
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DAILY AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS, Heu»* of FeMaret - GRAND-TODAY = Harold Ixickwood and May" Allison in "The River of Romance*' MONDAY Norma Talmad&e and Tully Marshall in "The Devil's Needle" ... Alsa-Willie- 6IO CROP OF ft VAUDETTE MST TIME TONIGHT "i!w..iv>. T tl t ,r ,- -i .,;• Hf f,!'. S,r t i m- Felix WO'Id's other <?r#3t, acts. zomt-dy .. S^d, wtlrf big shows—starts MONDAY, 'I'!", Two Ptsg*." (treat- Co.. tv.c f,f fe»tnn». You wilf hav-e t*"" 1 * to see tH* first show Monday night . th* psfiide— cr see th* parade fi.-jt -inrf er rre te the second and get warm. show CADEMY^OF MUSI One fright Only-Tuesday, Nov. 21 st M ALTON PC WELL, PRESENTS A WfcUf HIST OP YOUTH IITTL* PEUYOMOORE PHK'MH S*«tt One Big Season's Success now art ««Jc at the Sterling P hamtaey $1.00 Starting LYRIC THEATRE Tuesday, Nov. 21st TheGtorkmsSerial LIBERTY 40 Beels—20Weeks All th»* Fnlverstal Htrttf, who hr-ad fui f Xrrj il"fi;i!ly l.'irpt- and notitbl** east. .: • • Thr>r«- arc bundre.1* of f-owhoyji, P»H»n«, l>!iii'IHs. toiiKh riders. BolUlers, and Mexlciui*. If ><'»u want I fie ijre.ilest ttiovtiif: pii'tuie entertainment you iiUAe e\f>r enjoyt-d. <!(> not mlw* this <". H. s#rt«l —FTF \V- .-f WHL MOVE TO STERLING. t » >-r ve h«- rvr win the. i LHIC ROCK FALLS TONIGHT A atrons plw.v of tinman-appeal, WRATH OF CACTUS MOON," ftljio « comedy, "lt'« All Wrens" ,. SUNDAY, "THE MARK OF CAIN." A fted leather phodi-plhy, a powerfttl moral regeneration, ni\. n in . M«Un«« 2:30, Evening fi*'e HERE FOR THE WINTER. William Omlfman. of MltchfH, H. I)., tv.'irhctl tiiijt c-lty^tau^c KrJdfi.v moriifn*: fsiirl i'\|iiM-ts to m,"(kf> thin t'ity ;uul HocK F.UIK liifs hnirn' for the rf«>t '>f thf winter. Hi" if a »<m i<f Kli (!<idein»n. Th» fnmlly lived for manv >oar« Iti this city ami Hock I-'ailM »n«l th*» fflthfr o|M«rot«tj n .KfocfTv ntoric. Thry w«'tit t<s itfhfll l;«Mf winter ntn! h«vi:> been piHiii%'. William wilt K«>! a Job ili «!>»ne fiK-tory and return to Houth l)n- kota In the spring when the farmer!" start work. K K t y» i in Pt e f»«nS "f Mr>- n'i«-.1v h'm fjimil> f thry v, ;!| taki- xhfp hiah «rh>ni) «'!ti rrH'iieh fur Mnthew has rn>r n'nt ji»ir»-ha«*« n l he H\c° h«-f«' t'H»k« around. The par- Mthew. Mr. nnd Str,-«. \V. live in S!< rli'if. Mr M;.!- Xrr w i! h Mr* f !•' Tt'i f!i> not stn<? . Mr. mny Jiew h;i,?£ l!t<'ii on*' of tin.' |»rii»«'j>orriltH f a rtnt » .s. ...i'I._ .Uic-.. ctin-r* t- >••;- twt vHrtr -tr-ri 1 rj' hits*-, furin 'of excslh-nt larsi?. FORMER STERLING MAN HERE., .s'.im >,!«--» C, 1>IL of ToTirk-t. Knn., !•: hen* for it visit with hi« l>r<ith*-r. W. .1. fti'll .t»ui at her re?Htivf-«. -Mr. HP!! i* She own^r of otie of thf Jnrre fruit mttt'lif"* in Kansrtp wrn1 he tmttjilly fttrtkf'* ft tiit» to SS* -flint; «-neh fnll, hrlhtint; » t-ftr load of two of hl« fruit, »«•• h*' fain*' without th>' friiii thH fall. it wH! known hi-rf where h REPAIRING Htoii« % 'intifi't th' ( ' rtult'oad In !iU;t* ittcl will rush tin- ri ih*-»i- i*» «-Mtnp-h'tlon «« !»th«-r if possible. RAILROAD BRIDGE. H are* aealn nt work on •pnir* IM-IIIK mad«' l>rfiire the • coM They arc li ln»rn to nuinhood. IN STILLMAN VALLEY. it>>\ . AVillwm ritil,'iir\v l»>ft tod/ly Stlllniati \'a!'ey, w hero t»*-- will CK at the TisKHwa chinili Hutidity for M h •»• trtkr-- thrm mrt-rrf t-ntrr? ^tl~n1«l ''"it .and \t.if for shr- park !»•«:- T-.if^.lny. Nov. 21.** •olive < 'ra<ld'.»<'k r> tinned h»»me today from n f» w dav*' -visit «IOi Iir-r in Are'*. '', A. t»avl.». founty treasurer.- of M"rriM'!t, was in Ht< rltnt: today on HKVM of the Military «'Pib are risked )n rwH at tin-' rirm»!y in uniform at 7:S'i ;< rn. .Mondfiv nltrht for Miirpopp of frskiriir ji-itt In rat I !!<•.•< Hfii jiftrndf.* 1 ; ' rl ^»ke jjjH«fyj;jej^wjn_sj^.|t.^L T tTi"TV> n i m "Sunday t-vmSiiK lt« i ar him,* The ninny friend* of \V. I*. tMley will be" plnd to Irjini that he continue* to improve and ban been valn-incc mtifh fa«(-'e"r "'than -liad liccn anticipated by ninny. ,™ M< M t>f th" ffiirry'•" ~ST r'ri wTFerrleiif whirh thf piv>j>|»* uf Ste'rJtflK Iwt-ve r»n~ (riyed "•!';,. pifk'-d by Mrs, Kordrr and hrr Itttl' 1 irtrl*. You r.trt ft\\p tin'' homr- by voting No 'Tuesday.* If y-'ii Hunt H more ittlntitlvf town. re- for TO Isn't It A Lot Of Bother CARRY OUT ASHES? And besides a waste of money, Why not buy a coal which carries the right percent of a?h? Our "Leader" In Lump, Egg and Nut People's Ice & CoaHCo. fr ><tnt<'- DANCING SCHOOL JH_MYfiTJC_ WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From --- ^" ; 8 to 10 P. M. . H. H. KELLEY, B«H phon. 430R, Into the fstont* «iip[u>rt« of th« turi' about fo-M' f«'»'t below l)n» jiresent tflrderf. which will l»e tnken out anil r<'p!«c«'<t with n>'W ones* of he»«vl**r con- 1 *Vr«otlon. On toj» of the new girders will ne jdncetl hirse concrete »!«*»», these to be covered with IS Inches* of crushed rock lmlln»f. 'Thl» me'tluHl of have »eer» of tin- IN BRIEF J DUCK HUNTING IS GOOf% huntfit" Who -hrtVo be,i|| til tivcr. report h'nvini; '»nen more the past few day* than they all winter. The little freeze up en tawed! . r i'l.'l!?_lJl!!_J.nJ. ( .»H'l...ponds -tu lui eov«r«-.l j CAUE IS CONTINUED. with Ire and the duck* have been fort" j |{y an agreement th <><> to p»i to" the river. It IH cltiim*HljrHy of yterllng and in nwnv places. One man tww n rnkp|preNldlnK Justice of the pence.has con- tiritJK'd the ease betwt*en the two for a period of ten dayf, unit brought by the chief of a few nlk-htf H#O for DAILY WEATHER REPORT. Tin- ChicnKO weather bureau fore- ;v«!»t for ttntay i,* ax follows: V.itr to- hijtht and Sunday; warmer tonight and In'the »o»th jiortion Sunday. G. W. MEHAFFEY DEAD. _ O. \V. Mehaffey. an old resident f>f. construction will mak£""ttre tmtlSfe prat*- JHierHiw... pa**e<l away this afternoon tit-ally fireproof and do away with 4hc|<tt>m»t 3 ocloi-k. tit-<*wnity for carpenter - wurk, nnd fre-j M ., —i <iue.nt re|>alrn. I LITTI^B LOCALS WHnte»1,'»«ale«l!id{e<« at Woolworthn.* of Ire floating down the river nnd on it wen- s^'i-n a 'dogc-ii or more duck;* tnlting a vMc, A KOodly number of dti.'ks h.ivi' been bnK««>d the jwmt week, MILITARY CLUB MARCHED. - ibout fifty "of tho 'rhemher'n Hf ""the fichtTor "XiniraTy~ eliili "morclietl' tho prlnciiml . Htreetn of the |t»ll«lnewii district of HterlInK Frid'iiy, e Ie*l hy n »«.y with u drum. l»oy« did wt t 'have on their- u«»- ttfthtniKh mo«t of them have ni'M. They were ntYomiianietl hy >num» drill rhih. Thin l«« composed from 12 to 1T> yeilrs of a«e. taking' fio*t lemons u« a numv re Vh«*lr white tijiroitH wnd white a very hainlnomo »| ink Ulnir, careUik««r of the lit. in the orBnnlser and drill man- If iind b<J'ha« been arcomplishitiK wood |l»ork with them. ; CEMENT STRIKE ENDED. The strike of the o#lo»l>y remcnt- Esrtf emlfd at <4ltuwa. Thursday, »r n«ven ttionthx" dunulon, Em- SUFFERED BROKEN RIBS. l-'rlirhtened by the »«proa<-h uf . $ .N*. W. train about 4 o. m. -ye " s« l»y- ,Mr. «n«l |)eiri|iM>y of Walton bolted near the brtdKe on 'South 1'eorhv avenue, Dlx- •>n, tht> v«»hk'k« collided With u 'hilt-h- Injt block, throwlnir the oocupantit into the*, street.; -The fall resulted In Mrs. Ijernpxoy «uatainlnjj three hrok«rj ribs, and w»vere injuries about the head. Air, I:k'in|iHey WHS iKiinfully but not nertouiily bruised, The city ea*e in the through lt«* r»t Avt. period of etpht m!tiut«'«. One (if ..the' official* .rtf'. the r»ilrf»ad company ha» been here Kath- '•rlnir . evidence on the cas*e, ' and it in -said the r<iitip»li.V' <l'*»«*jnot j»agr;i {InjFof'TfiersFfeets'in di- rwt opposition to the urdlimncc*. to. work at uiit-i'. .Himllar we- expected by th«' st-rllsljiK ein- of the Jwi H*ili,« eetneiit millx. It l»d ret'ttllrsl thai <*o. 15 of Wferlinj; calleil to LaHalb 1 lant nunimer in« th$ riots of tbe ; cVment sttik- SCHOOL HOUSE BURNS. •The <Ur««:torx of the ' Pope School, il.ttri.ot 20 in Hamilton towimhlp. south >f'Vftn IVtten a few mile*, which was destroyed by fire of unknown Sunday morning, have school in a room Jn a I'enidence near- j by. and ar«> now. making preliminary .plntiM for^ tho roiiKtruction <»f a IK>,W uul modern standard wlHxil building The old building wa» eompletely de» Htroyed. only a part of the furniture he- ink Hitvi-d by jjf«opb. reMidimi' in that vicijiity. Mi«K Merle loder IM leachvr of tJu 1 M. H, UNKNOWN TO ASSOCIATION, It; hus Ijt'im c«IUnl in 4he attention of tho AcKocitttloit «»f <"omiperce ottl- cial« that fvr'tain prominent eltlfcens h/ivft bwn 'recvivinif anonymous pe»tal r»nln Condemning them for*- oi4»u»itton to thn H!.'*>*linK Park iiroject,' The •A#»oc'Jstipn ofll- oat «»mphntteHlly dtaclxltn—nny IN ILLINOIS HISTORY, Nov. IS, 17?!). John Todd. tlrnt lieutenant of Illinois turned f h.1*. wffU'e lo a dopiity and ley with the with tJa f <'ffi-ottve FULTON ACTiVITlES. Acklett, owner df tlm hie rol- at -Fulton, which he IP tiavitiK titled up for <H-eHp»n*'y for far- lory purpose* evidently in coming to KuJton to locate and IH taking advant- ajje of the low nrl<*€» of real ehtnto tvy iiiukinj: n number of Investments. Till* his niter of $2,400 for the old t-lunaf* jbo(n«.«t,.;td prop«»rty furrnerly owned Kovern-|'' y ''rlan'lo Hpragno, loeated <MI the «n«l Kourtb - 1>y ^i'-'j Avenue accepted.' ' knowledge of th«» writer of the postal ennl*, and nay the card* ore'evidently out by m<rn« |x«rfon who take* method of arotiyint; opposition to l>roj>»>»vd park tiintrtct. _ ANONYMOlT8l.ETTERS. The .mayor i>f the city. »om« of the comtnitiHtonttrH, and the chief of pidlci*, recffiv«« «very little while, anonymous latters calling their Attention to ftcand- «lous storii's conrefnihK men «nd women, the Illegal ni'llliiK of hooisn and many other thing*. The officials d«- Hlre to Ktate that xurh communication* ar«: never heeib'd. Numett edutald be sinned to MU'h I'Mtnrx to nhn\V guod h, -• AUTO AND CAR COLLIDE. , of tht* htrvet cari«, nnd an nitto by sin out-of-town youtiK man, collided about H ner. T.h -,_ tht- (Jny in this city yesterday, W, S, MrCIoy spesit the day in linton. ^ Xmas Kift)< fW>e.- 12, Minui«« r'rofik.* Mr?. SI. I». John FiM-nt the. day' In ChloaRo. ' t**>ed '"player" psano. a "Bargwln," 'l"p«To-r»a!e Music House.* 'Arthur Wheeler • *v<"nt the day in Chlcugv on bi;sine»». Jf**:L I »t»l!Oi.^vv wiL. -iu _ Chlcasu ____ to* day. »Vn>' «)<ou)d fifir-SU-rllnff j-TOVitle Its children and othert rvtinlrinsr (Mtt«l>->or rwreation with wdcfjuato park facUI- U»»«, «*ntt- ni« other live tov/i\s do? Do hot |K» »t-ar»tl «f the cxjtcnsi 1 — the small IHX-CK re<jult»d will not hurt anybody. Vote "Yen** next TuctHiny,* Mrs. W. P. Palmer went to Chlcajro v today. •.•--— ,• - •; Fred Wi-Rtcrs spent the day in (Jlln- r i Int'f* for outdoor to everybody, vote ( ti<> 1'rtrk l»l*tri'-l—Tnen-lny. The r»\«r;i-tatrs will n-'vcr bo felt* Mm. Marifaret Sheehan and nii'feji «iertri»'li» and lt<'u« Kiinnll),' of t'hl- r-,-i«!<••, and MI«H Nellie ttotirkc, of |K>- Krtl>», »r,(,f, n ( {(,,, ,triy today at the Am- br««?e-KHday hnme Paul \Vttrd.Jia« r«.'turni>d to bin. hum** in Davenport, la., aft«-r a vl«lt with hift aunt. Mrsi Pat M<'iir> nnd bin grandfather, Syl-vi-Kter Hnyiler. Mr. Hnyder nccomptinied him home and will upend part «f the winter at the Ward home, I own .1^0 ticreji of land In the alpha Hiiil clover belt of Michigan. Clay .foil within one-half miln of railroad. tytrated between two' town*. R|X miles apnrt. S>rhmi|- nearby. Will wll cheap or j_rftd»__<3n_ elty pmberly. _jHv_W. J<. 6OTH PHONES 211 SECOND AVE. f-M- FOURTH Pai»l or. \V. I., O*yin; KImer 'i;, Ki''«'; i.i U<'ti.»lriK«>r; Sunday il-'jit, «'. !v Itensltif at !».-3u. l,et flic H. E, choir . l.u'dei 1 . Miit* Vi«>;ic srhool "fmpcrmti n- r. Simday m h<>»«i fine attendance of th a' i«:4r,, Tn'Vi t(> ft.v Hairy by tho a (Jrfa! opportunity.'* Jtt T <>'( li-i k. Mihjptt; "(?«'ttlf!g <>HI Hut," You will fnjny wcr- t; with ttn> oiij friondji at I!n>adi* Sun(tally Diiy set a new fitaiidnrd of attendance.- f«r nil the year. Mornlnt; church ft-n if <» nt 10:45, Kpworth li'iiKtu- fit t»:3t> p. ni., topic: "Why Join the < ¥ btirt"h," I>«-;tif«'r. Walter Plough. ( »ur l«m<ru<» nu'/inx "dtmtnpHK. Try n Kitnplo jncotlng. t.hms mc-Ptinjj at 6:30, Kvcnlnt? #<*rvk*e i»t 7: SO, A scrvlcir for the pn«pl«», Oi^ IJSK thnt warm* th* hwtrt' that touch t'V^ry^tuy life 1 . A that rlnnw tru»>, J^arKf numhor* t?«- Jt>y ail lhl». Why iml .you? Next TRINrTY. H'n, t' \V l.>«sut^t !»«•, \ .<nt«ir day •» ,! 3 311 Pr«*ai'ltln.R sit lo,?ti, t«ult.!«>(t: "Christ AiiiillnK. K. 1. <\ K at fi 3n, wuhject: "Why Christianity IM iln> Hope of our Country"* Aithur Ihll, U'.uli-r, i'>«'!ilt»M j>«"rvl«-# at 7,30. Miilijrtt. "\YuU hct» nl the \Vlth it food f u m Ine TK> you favor I"rei«iri-dness? Hear [oofstltler.* «'Iir»Mtmi,*i! Ye« ; Dec. 12th, t Mlnnle rook> .'..'* Misa Helen Hopkins went to Chl- today for an over Sunday visit,'; VV. I*. lU>n»on »j-ent the day in Chl- spent * Chi- Mlj*» DanieltMin Is home from a «hort bu»ln«« trip t« ChicaK<». . Mrs. Oalt Urookfleld went to. Chl- Mrs, Alllce Burke and children the. day In Cbtcafifb. .Harry Gait rtpent-tho day in th«* peo- Hf*nl all the berrh 1 * (tnd vegetahJeH It in ji|i!«hlli)t v to pfinhn'o the i''iinlri55 wft- »-c>n. Th* 1 most foitlij«l( Milr(K-tbo pei»- jiii« rj»n <!o SH to \«itc out <if liiiHiivcsH iinv man who 1<« iimMuoluK ;t lot of f<md t« f«.-«Hl the iK'ople. Vote Xo Tueiday.* You will never feel-lhn Hmnll IHXOM that «f.H In- r«'<jnlr«'tl to fnrnl«h Ster- \(f\K with « sititnhlc }-.:irk uynfem. l\ib» tie -^rt'k-rt ..... an»- free ttrTifl, -«t«t Tnrfcln(*r r»i'uji|t> eHpeclM-lly. who do hot own auto* to take them out of Uiwn, should iiirn out and vote for tho Park Dla- ir'U-t. Tuewlay. Nov. ,?1.*. . .. . . C'ome to tbo Ktauity .Store, Plrut- M. 15. (Rhurrlf 'Tuesday night, Nov. 21. No ndnil*!«lon. Kverynn** welcome^* SCOTT MAY BE HANGED Firit Church Of ChrUt 8ci»ntj»t. St'.' \ ii <•-«. Hiiiii|:f\", II a n>- £*nbject» "Soul juiil l*od>." Sunday H'-hind, IP,* J*.. \\ «>dni>»C'1:iv »ervh-i', s mi p. m, Iti-ndltiK f"«'in «-«|*en dully ft4itn two to jia iiiiiukv VERY INDIGNANT I nv«i*i»'u«tl from Pay** . H " r !n " !<% 5!iu '" sl l»r«»lrt.t f !M- Its ulrn IH -to win our own Amerlc.i to a new loyality to Mini w|io Is j'^>rd and Master'of us nil. Have America 'today nnd you R,-ive the world tomorrow. The m'f\ i«-i'!« of the day at Konrth Street will harmonize with this st'it- j eral plan ami n Viote of Christian"'^•""*' s ': r '">' i n>> Ufpoii.uioii putriutlom will |>ervndi> the »cr* Ices, j *»''"'* Tho piuttor will preach In the'mornini;; He (l«-«-!u»-il th«* t s-oi-l-' of on "Some Elements of a True Amer-j and no lew th« Icaiilsn^'-aud^in-tha-evening on "T!M»i<if UtlKlum 'hope that Am«tUan Eastern h>j£r~-A Story of Homanoe J b- opinion ui>l nhow it/elf not «>»ly Jn find «ei((Kin»lht>i!it>." Specially arf- f « f p « «ln:» "r werkn of ptote*t« ang dr'esswl to youn» men and women.' At I' but HI sU-svdy pre-witro mxiti thf* hi-rvlcc amonKHt other musical 1 ' 1 " 1 «nv*d*r* of (f.-lnium t.t conJuct f«Utm-« aw vim piece t »rch«»tra will!* 1 "' VV! *r »*;»in«! th«« «.ohi»eri ot th<« give m>le.ctiftn». tirtfan numN'm ft>r the day will Inetude "Harvein SOUK", <Taylor), and "Kvenlng ytar" (Tunn- in u " t>lr l* tv " fr - It Is Not Believed Oov, Lowdon Will Reprieve Negro Slayer Saved By Dunne. to the car. on |.t aveiufe Friday evenlns . uYluck while ttirtilnu the cor- unto skidded and jammed lit The auto 'wa* lto one'M* forn*»whut Tllt'pf be iPABK ELECTION, TUES., NOV. 21. } open from 7:'i'l o'clock a. m i t»*clocH p, m- Votei'» Hvii»K In ( J5t«'rliti>r Park i>irttrict e«st j la-ntev of Hi\«uhvay atul line north! Jltiflh end ol that wtreet, will cast i lUetn «t N, I*. \Vii«''r'« ftore. Thow |»ad ..„ MOVED TO FULTON. Mr, nnd M»'«,,». K, Hendrick«. who fo<- M- \ernl >«'iu-H hail re.sldi-d on their farm In Hopkins, Wednesday riioyiH) t heir 1 houneliotd K«o'ils» to Fnlton. and an* now located in their n«»w home, 1 ^^1^^"^^t^ p ^"t T f in ^^ | TrT«^iTIf^v^ Btieet and IVnninKlon This IIOUHC for the past year and one. Will c««t -IwHots sit t'Jty HaU.lha'lf has been oocttpled by the^r won JlyluK we»t «/f center of ix»cust and wife, Ur. and Mr». C. '('. Hundrlckw. mwt Pennlngton mad will ca«t The doctor Htlll rchldt-H in the dwelling, llotiw |H)llio4 phicts SIM hl« new residence will not be ready Ction.* for occudany for a month or more. THIS 18 HOR8E DAY; liJt'Kt- n 14111 her of lioiii** buy**!**' have ii in Kti't'ltnif tm|ii> on a'fc'nuiit of lo-itig iiorwn day, tln» tWnt <S«tur- tjny of *<v»-ry uiurith h«ai t«*fH hwitsi- tiny f«»r »«-vfr«l yonrw. A'tttimbor «>f itw A-dnm Helen spent tho d«y 'In Chl- _ A. J» Carter «mJ II. JS. Moordo, of Hur«ra *jwnt Friday here on buidneiMi WHlter cjtffrow und Arthur Htowkli- »I»>nt Tbumlay in H«'rt Kiil«t»r, of I <!ay hi'.r*- nit Why »hou>d not Sterling provide ItH children n««t wtberti requiring outjjt«>>« as other liv* towns do? IX> of the*expenti<«- -the xninll mjntred . will not hurt, anybody. King Winter j'lrros wt'f«» only fulr, AT Mr. ^iitc «l H nuntl>*<r « al ill/uHT lust ntsir town. KolluwhiK « i nj'!S-'-\'H*L ajiwit cotit«>«t WH.S HOME, John l<< iUrl i>ntt>rtiilu- at t/ieir h«nn«' dlirtter the ev- unil an Hdi- Mr. town, p H*nry and Mrs. L. t Krtttay Hill, here of «m Prophets- (Uy-lTnlted P HI, Nov; 1(-,— THat Kl- Kton Scott, much reprieved negro murderer will hanjr at Murt'hy«horii whort- ly after Knink O. Lowrten n««umei» coji- trol of 'the state «ov<*rnment is the con- of opinion .of the governor- fi'iend>i here, It is certain 8cott will not tiiutff- under Cldvcrnor Dunne'si regime un- Jcssi "Sheriff White of Jackmnv-etnmty «ho*\H a sudden rt-verMal of hlii idea as to the manner of. cnndiurtinK the execution, Kcott ij« wchedulvd to IUIIIK enrly in Ihicemb«'r ftir the, murder of his H\H~ tct'-in-trtw at C'firhondaU", He wan tlrnt n«>nt<>n0<*d to haiiK <»ct, 16. 10I5 V .When Kheriff White of .InckHo'n county re. f-uwcd to Specify the number _of _I»er : « * liauser), -Mornlns anthem, "Jubilate" in. A l'*lat, ami evening 'unthem. "In the CroMH of C'lirln't I Glory," all services. Ktranircm ami visitors In town will receive a cordial welcome. The motto of our church. It), Not Owed but Chrlal. BllU-a In tho trench*** nj^d not t'm b« lpi<'*B c'lvllltinn wh"tn they in trru- "The (•••rnnn.-' have <'on»lni«*nly re- fujved to do ait\ thiUK- to »(H»,!«t the re- chorus j Hef t-ornmifwUm HIM! IMKfnn industry. TTTmrrtn nKVe~ir*iTcfe"n nTrTj - ~f«ltl-~ lto,i francN H. month ftmn Hclglum, n— ijiilKitioned »*\et"y kiiul of machinery and taw mitti-iin). »t»l7«nl the funrtn ct ihe iiiili»nal bank and leMrleted v\» j-jM-nt Thurwday In Pro-- Kd. hi«re CLOSING OUT SALE He official He is Not Bluffing " "~"""v* * ' - *' '• intendn to follow up Jiis first week of cold weather with more. Intending in ault fftrmin*?. I will at pubJi<t Mile without rencrre on th* ut 1 mijew north of I>oun4 lb'» • wuthwwM uf TUISOAY, NOVEMBgR 21, 19J«, describwl property: . 8 Th* His old, , 13 Ire, «»f Princeton, r'rbljv «'ii bualResis, H. K, Huivheil, of Krie, i-pent Friday hrr* 1 on t>uKiiti«K>i. New uprisbt piano at llf'd. (luaran- teeit. llimlen's Alusii" Htort<.* Mr. and v Xlrw. A.' W, I»ovi', of Tarn- piiH*. w«'re he»'» k Friday on Imnin.-^h. .Mr, ami Mm, Krti**t JneubM and Mrs. fl.itwtirthy, wf Harmon,' w*ye here' Friday. Mis* lv.>!s Kennedy has returned home after a few tJayu" vitdt In fhi- ftovernor Dunne renrivved Kcott. ThU took place a number. of tim*>N and tho liCRro himxclf ' ex|it*t Mned the hope "CJov'nr I>unne nnd Atl«tal> Wdute would nebuli auree." lie figured not, however., upon the election. The majority that put Mr. Victrola tor Christ ma* IltK a»»«rtineiH. Ht«ruen*« Music Store.* If vim uj»i a mor yc»r« old, weiRKf, t.160: »pott«-d fit*. 8 ye*rs old, wHttbt. U9&; Nijr 7 yeAr* old, weijtht, l.iOO; roan pAr*. ysmra til«J. weight, 1.0i>0; *ucltUn( coil. Are yo,« ready? We can supply you with --------- — what you want ~ The Weeks Coal Co. of *M>KIC heavy springer*; 4 twu-yi*r-oltt h«-iffr»'in calf: J bull*, «n# two-y»nr- t.ld roan. w*l«ht l.sno. on« Sfeortharn, W WiontUti old, weight two, An* W*r«- Iford. 18 month*, old, welpbt TOO; 16 good *}>Hag Cftiv*". 4* h*»d uf iv«r»lir Farm nmchiuer y mun» and fwnter phu'cs of outdoor crtMAU«»u, frr* t»» everybody, vot« th* 'Park Hiwrict Tn^-lttJ'' The e,\ii-n t«-t*r» •will never be felt.* Metfi me at tbe -Forum ui hear re- for Mrs. K<ibeu -Metier ' atjjl daughter, i'iii to i*btc«go today HC»-K » »«l with friends, 4««imih«.>r was. to h*>r lu-mi' rfky I)«>!*'i x»»te t>* tuKo tise home crow HH old nis»» v*b<» ha* u i.mttly of tell t" ^>^^'l'' l; "* Vote No,* * ' Select V« v «<r Victr<.la for «'hris(ini»s. us«}>oiUH«'«!t Hunicu'ji Mumo Store.* "Sir- MilMiv HU1 «Uid MJihud Hill, ^t^*•»' I'Yiduy here poihahility. "will iliu,' the death knell for the much repiievcd <nuirii>jrer. I'Vleiula of ( Soverjior-elect • l«iiwdeit declare Sheriff White und Mr. Lowdcn are Mt>od friend** and a.s n»on ax the latter aNSutiH'M tho Htatu executivt'tihlp an aKreement will be reach<>d for tht» immediate di«po«Uion of the convict- I'd murderer- Thenn name frlcnd» <!>•- clare the execution will be curried out according to law. It waw pointed out it would be fool- •httt'dy for Mr. I^owdeii' to «trr.y on the M(|uabble for at lea«l four mor*» yearn. For this rwisoti, tlu-Ht^ friendx lnS>i«t. notne agreement In certain tthwtly after! FIRST CONGREGATIONAL. 'Sorvlces* tit the First - t'onirrejtutlonal church tomorrow will hr. at the iismal hours,. Hundav Hchool meetti at »:4» i't, m. MornlnK worship at 10:45. and the evcnlttK tjervli-e at 7:30,. Totiior- row- m«»rning'a mcmoriai .coirlce ftor lUe late I>r. Theodnre ('rowl will ht» hftld. Kor nearly 'seventeen year* this 'ifood-ngsin'wot* pastor of thin church, and trioiitcs-to hl« memory a« citizen, soldier, • -piiBtor rind preacher will >>c paki -Dr. On»wl wmi loved and revered by all who knew him, and "he being dead i« yet Kpoken of" in loving term* by hist multiliple of friend* in' the city a« well H|I In' the elmn-h All. ar« most cordially invlted~ro \ii-ts in memory of a great and man Tho prc-iMiiriittl nifelintj of th*»i cjnirch will i>e held tn the twrutl, TIMIM* j Tjn^next-'l'fnrrsrtn^evpnttiif, v/hen u iw- f , ( ^: ( * nil- wupr-ei' \v'll be served^al ii:.'!c. "They linvi* drwiricd •itrtppftl h-r bar*', and «e this policy vvjiK detibei-ately <o create •r'um.jUmunY aiih. i In order ttiat dry an-' ,tll know nrri»'c<l »>f when their ut».. ue *fo|nsf to Oernwny VMII K. They a^*' to b^ crn«ln»d Hi tho I't l^ji cfsliiuit y up and Uernwa machine fur tntit>Ulxiiu{ be scatten»d to all th* remott* corner* <»f U<*r- to WcMtjilwlia, Hj«>n the machine, - "Tbev will town* in the niHiiy, from un.l, on- «• i 'u y_ne<_*M^ dm; np of «i nanoii that in the w ft horrible fealur«-f»f.the »|tiiat)on, _"l astly^ it_iyi!»t_ lM»j'rmejuberjed_JJ»a to which all the mt'tiibt-rs.oT the church and con«icj3rut!o»inl arc ti'mttHl S !»'J I Hot v> 1 mil bear ;u<-f(Httlult», they cju» »R'I ih» burden 'of keeping tl«» dim "cl trn,uH'v« MM* they 8T. JOHN'S (' H.'irti.v pjiKtor. Pi caching Ki-rvU LUTHERAN, tor. Hihle i-i !•» 3". I ,IUIU>t ft> , ti . ' cannot i lihi mi' (1 n i!"K» it istiM' thnt when Oel- it wilt b« u notion. lt_JH Qtilv the nqu^ our Shepherd." Hi-ni<«r »', |-:, r. ju. "\v hy t*hrihiutnlty i* th»' Il»p4. >t j <»ui- (,'wuntry." Ix'Hdttrs, Iwt IJjv., ptaNer commltlei.. iltjfh school l>n., Maiit* Lel'Vvcr. Preaching M-r- vice, 7:H«, "Truw -AfAi»)inc«a Alone In • 'hrltft, 1 ' Kph. 4:l-)7. " , by ,f th. with an »•#• CALVARY BAPTIST. J, Alfred • lam It, niiiii.stfr. rtth-*iiV4»t and »ih avenue. l«i: Uible -Hfhool, 11:«« a, m. sertntin by tho mlnlBti-r. T l*eoi»l»»'»« Forum, «nbject. " liOKS." »'u|t Jacob H * 'onicr i:tjJi a. m., worship. 30 p. m, I'n'pat'iM- Th«_ , II" | nidi-' Op{ l.oiM a*>t»>rt-< (i»i prcr>totl of hopi- th.'lt tllip" AIIT rtcan p»jb|tc opinion v .»bi>iit thi. n-Mjlt. Thirty th<m«<Hid Iieivi<iii« already havo been di»p«'rted, to tiertnany, PARK ELECTION, TUES., NOV. 21. .".on oVIotu P m -Vnict!* living in of i'«'iitt«r of Hiuii'lutiy and line north uf luu'tb cud t,f tjmt »tr»'««t. Mill i tit N*. l»- Wilgcr's stortt. between «enter of li'roudwvy and. "HOW OS HIE TBEAf"irOU? M BOOMER.AWG TO JUDGE AppM'w.-. Wlw, Nov. |K, llocuiuv Mrrt, tSustave Hulfo'rhecker (u*4.Ht«i ou «howia,(| Judge Hp'encor jut»t how h.-r tMlMiid treated h«r, t)^e judg*' ia nhort u .few bturs. from bin\ IM-HI!, and the court has uhKcd'tlu? juiHtor to builil 4 r-iiltnt; between tin 1 witnV(,» tmx and the" JuilKi"'*' dc«k/ Mr>>, HuttVrlH'cki'i' c*>mp|<iuletl ih«t n-r ItUNb.'ind bw<r and iniMtreated her, und when il?i» ( judfi<« linked her how he. utiHreatcd her she ituddenU'. it* h'-r «>\- •itcment. !<-ft h<T fiat ami M-l/svut him •y (he hair, SIVJUK. il n iji--iy fi,nl fr«-»-tl litiii.-.rlf. nave Mr. Hnffcrhi<rkt»r thirty 'Ui«> \V'iUhi'iri«f «uid then J«tt!i*i»4 FIRST BAPTIST, j Htilph V. Hinkli*, ji!«!«i<jr. Suit'!a> | Kchooj. ;*:;'.'*, M»ininu worship; !•' {"•,' "the Hoy \Vi.»> \ k . -is.a | «t nuou, "S«-« ins ' .ICMJK"; n, y .P I'.. «.••»;• ' KveiiinK} worship. 7 3" Ku.bjci't, "i*ute«Mi-" *'», Thur«'d'i> ovcmns ut. 7'3>-, the' nu«l-' •ftftK dev'ttlimal met'lintt U'e *• ill *""J Klail tti lm\i- you worship «nh us. ^ u»«d > bwlbua at City IWl. «>«l <«c, eent«<** of- l<i»ciK«t **"' Jvim|ir4tnu load »ii! «v»st -U *!(tlt JI<'U»0 polling place. tio not vot« wt thM «lectioit.* , PRESBYTERIAN. Chester M, Irwiu. pastor l>> B. T. MOREHOUSE Ov»r Optometrist FITTINQ OP 41 1 A new 7 ton* Tmoth evcty iy after. foiU»Wv\l I'N »ilv iitfoitil'li public t« cordlllH ll«\ Itt-d f hay in at Terms ON TRAIL" OF NOTED THIEF. ,\,,v lice I'ciicvv thc> hav ,V-n !'.-n, wntft >v>i\<*tiinii nt, '..|UHH'.)nni ju. ,')••= fi..(?i a in. ui 'tin! i I t If t ri«'U her, fORT HORNING l, iff. ifi, "Kxuitina; a X "A Hrotht-r Hehned " S'UO, thf thank o a' Xl*'\ic<in. «iti ci lillifcf |>iol»l«-lii» f a c I IJ in hl«t own iouiui> rOHN A, Attorney at LAW MONEY TO LOAN On Heal fetau- Security MORTGAGES FOR SALE Lawr»»tc» &UUf 8t*rltnfl, ili. J OR. F. W. 8ROORICK Pr*ctic* t,imit*4 ta BA8, .NOSR *nd TMBOAT BRAIN SURGERY Huur*: 9 to.JS.a. m.: 3 t« 4'*« {k. m- Fifth Kl.ti'.r^'jiiwroDC* Bid#. • III. Both

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