Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1895
Page 2
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FEW KNOW ABOUT THE SHAKERS OF MOUNT LEBANON. "We may net accept their peculiar religious views We cannot enter Into the spirit of their sacrifices, •ml therofere we do not study K>eir haMts of lire. It In no: nfceoiwrj to believe as tnoy do. but we can and do re«»ect their sincerity of purpose and the nonorflDd uprightness which marX all thdr In one particular the Shikers excel all otlier men or c n«.s> « of men. This la the'cultivatlon of mt dlcal herbs and plants. They have made a Study for more than on« hundred year". Tbeynre also rxperLi In extractlnt! from them their charac urisllc ensenoes and medical vlrtnen. This Is their peculiar industry. Their lives li»»e been devote* to It. By it they are Hiipponed. They excel In this branch as ilo tbe Monks of the order of St. Benedict with their famous llqaear called "Benedictine." How, this UMontfstudJ on th« part of th» Shaken has not been in vain. Tboy have accomfllah- wl much good. Their medical extract* und cordials arc known throughout tbe world. Tbe Sbaker Digestive Cordial l.s probab'y the moot useful medicine crer given to the public. It la not acureroralldlfeHse»;lt(lo«» not pretend to be; but one disease It will cnrr. and that IB Indigestion. Itln not pretended that It will cuie anylblnv «la«, and a sufferer ban not long to wait to*» the remits, The effect Is Immediate. Al- mo»t the Urn dose *lll give relief, and, II continued, a permanent cure will follow, Tbe Shaker motto Is:— "Prove all things and hold Jn«t that whli-b 1» Hood." I 1 or this reason the Shakers »ut Into tbe hands of tbo remll drngflsta who sell their remedies in small trial bottles, which can be bid In ten cents each sothut forthlssmall snm tb« reader can ascertain whether It Is adapted to bis cute. AFTER A PLUM. SHE IS 75. •Florence Nlglitlncule llnoolvon -Mnuy Cou- 1£ ntLuluUoiiN. ' LONDON, May 10.—Florence, Nightingale, the famous Crimean war nurse, was hhowured with congratulations Wednesday on having- reached hur 75th birthday. There were a nuui- : bar of cullers fit her residence, all of whom were received and welcomed, although Uiu health of the veu- crable heroine is not of the best. Queen Victoria's congratulations, in the form of un autograph letter, were delivered to Miss Nightingale by special messenger. Dispatches couched io felicitous phrases were also received frozn the empress of Germany and the czar of Russia. t'utHl Collision of Cycllittit, CINCINNATI, May 10.—At Loveland, Frank Hill and George Myers collided while going at full speed on their biuyclfs, fracturing each other's skulls, jioth are unconscious und are not expected to live. THE MAKKETS. drain, 1'rovlaloni, £t<i. CHICAGO, May 19. R— In fair demand and flrm. Quotubli u rollowHt Winter— Patents, liB033. TO; •tralghts. 12.753390: clears, Ii.36ft2.60: ngo. onds, H1C»32.:!5: low Krados, II.75Q1.90. Spring — Patents, t3.Wit3.eO; utrilffbts, ti75a3.1B.- bakers'. Jl.»3'i-i: low crudes, $1.7531,90: Bed •Dou.tl.tMHIt: Kyo. J2.75O3.te WHEAT— Eicltotl »nd higher, fair trading. No. » cash, «Xrf(WJ£o: May, K^^KHc; July, Conn— Aotlvo on<J flrm early, now easier. No, 2. B1Q51&0: No. ! Yollow, MHa&t^c; May, 60?< <a»l&o: July, SISOSlSio; Soptouibor. Sift sa52«o; Muy, I8S8, -UWa-llXo. OATS— Moderately uct!ve and unsettled. No, 2. -7^O28>io; Muy, WK<i}-BW, Juno, 283 X'S'/io; July, 2&3*s?»°: September, Cfl>i@--CXo. Samples are Hteady. No. 3, S«o: No. 3 White 3l«f<J>3il,So: No. 2, ^XO28Si°: No. 2 White, 3J5J SUXc. lire— Steady: a little more demand for HCN crop features. No. 2 In store. Me; sample loin, G4O(l!4a: May delivery, (Mo. New crop ryo, September 03c. UiHLiT— Quiet; not much offered; prices un. chunked. No, 4, 43O51o; No. 3, 48O»Hic foi lulr to choice, nnd No. 2, Ilffi62o, Screenings, imOOQlSMporton, Muss PORK— Tradlne rather active and prices bight;.- Quotation!) ranged at tl2.00Qltl2H cash regular; Il2.oaaii2§ for July, und QI2.IO for September. LARD — Active and hlvnor. Quotation! ranged »t |diiia«-M 'or cuh; |e.ft!KO&70 foi July and KS.75ij)«.80 for September. UvsPouLTBT— Per pound: Turkeys, 7@Do; Chickens, P^QlOc; Ducki, 8®te; Geese, pel dozen. laOOOS.OO. BUTT«« — Creamery. Sffliao; dairy, 7O15o, Packing Stock, &a7!4o. . nquons— Whisky q.uoted steady at U.2-4 per gallon for htghwlnei. Niw YORK, May 1& FLOOR— State snd western, moderate do- mand; arm. WHKAT— No, 2 red, strong, fairly active; WQ KC over yesterday. May, WJOTOo; June, 70(3 70*0; July. Wl&-HaTlMo; August, 70X<a71tto: September, 70H»71Ko: Dtcamber, ?JHG N— No. 2 quiet, stronger. July, SO 3-10Q September, H)T»3i7o; No. 2. yt&amor mixed, MHQ&5HC. OATS—NO. .*. dull, Brmer. July, western. Si i41o. Bur— Dull, steady. Extra mess. I&50Q §.00: (umllT.ail.OOO13.Oa POUK— Quiet, steady. Mcis.lll25<ai375. LAKU— Quiet, unchanged. BCTTICH— Choice fairly active, steady. Western dairy. 7®l2c: do. creamery new, 1IO1"C! Elg.ms, 17c; Imitation creamery, 8V4dl3a CHIMSI— Moderate demand, fancy steady. EGGS— Fair demand, ilrmcr. Western, The Russian Bear Plans to Seize and Hold Corea, Thinks She Alone Has That Right- To Occupy Corean Ports—News Credited at Washington. Lire Stack. CHICAGO. May 18 Hoos— Market active. Opened weak to 5a lower and later ruled strong at yesterday's closing prices. Sales ranged at M I5u}4.Si for pits: 84.3004. 45 for light: J4.1(X34.:5 for roucn paokinis; KSSdiSO for mtsod, ana M.S034.M lor heavy packing and shipping lots. CATTLK— FooUnK weaker; prices J&lOo lowvr. Quotation.-* ranged at J5.C5.38.10 lor choice to extra shipping Stews: $3.15® s.« for good to choios do.; HtJWiiS for fair to Rood; HOOO4.AO for common to mcalum do.: JS,9da4.35 for Butchers' Steers: .'$17<XB J170 for Stvckore: J3.S5a4.60 for Feeders: J1.75 O1SO for Cows; *350£4.SOfor Helfe.rs: Si'-SO 440 for Bulls: 12.90^5.10 for Texas Steers, •oil Ji5CQ4.-5 for Veal Calves. S"*"* 'P • •' • f^^ ^^^^w^^»" ^ • • •-•*-, DELICATE WOMEN sh.au IT.. IIUFIELD'S Female Regulator It I. a Niterb T*«l« and M«rt««woD- dcrf-jl Influence in ur«n(tb«nlngherir>Mm parities. Hiwltli and §u»nglh ar* <rui*nt*«d io rc^uitfrodICA TIM. Mr wife w'twdrldilMi Tor «lght«n monthi. ativr u»init BnuMteKT* Female Jl«tiu»- tor fur two months, 'lit rotting well. • J. M.JOHSsOS,M»lT.ni,Ark. r.IU I>FIELD REGULATOR CO., ATLANTA, OA. S(.MbT«llI>raiMtUM*t»l.«P»rl>ottl». | WASHKOTOX, May 10.—Russia's demand for a Corean port does not snr prise the state department. It was not born of an impulse. It was simply pursuant to the policy outlined by Bussia before the China-Japan war. It was known at the state department fully six months before the first shot was fired by Japan that Russia expected ' to obtain a Corean port in the event of a Japanese victory. This information came from 110 less a person than the Russian minister himself. In speaking- the matter he pointed out that Russia has no seaport on the Pacific ocean available in winter. In view of the railroad building 1 across Kuosia and Siberia it was absolutely necessary, he declared, to secure a seaport which would be open the year round. Complication! Satisfactorily Adjaited. The Japanese legation has received brief telegram which Elates that the complications with the European powers have been so adjusted as to leave no reason to doubt that a further conflict in the fiast will be avoided. JtuMlan 1'rotectnrate Neces»»ry. ST. PuTEKSBirKO, May 1C.— The Noevoe Vreme suys that a Russian protectorate of Corea is necessary to protect Russian merchants there from Japanese competition. The Moscow Gazette says that a military, stable and financial -power like Russia alone has the right to hold Corea. The puper adds that if any power should object to Russia's holding that., country it would be u mark of avowed unfriendliness with which Russia would know how to deal. To Occupy Coreari 1'orts. FBASKFOUT, May. i(5.—The Frankfurter Zeituug- publishes a dispatch from St. Petersburg- stating- that Russia will occupy certain ports in Corea until tho conditions she imposes on Japan shall have been satisfied. Sixteen thousand troops will be concentrated on the frontier in readiness for service in the event of Japan refusing to agree to this plan. American minister Thanked. LONDON. Muy 1C.—The Graphic publishes a dispatch from Peking saying that Prince Tching-, one of the vice presidents of the ministry of the imperial house, acting- on behalf of the emperor, culled on lion,. Charles Denby, tho American minister, aud thanked him personally and iu the name of the government for his assistance in the furtherance of peacp with Japan. FOR POLITICAL REFORM. Advocates of tbo Now Movement Call » National Conference NEW YOHK, May 16.—Advocates oi political reform have issued a call for a national conference to talk over the situation at. Prohibition park, Staten Island, June 2« to July 4, The object of tho conference is to regulate the sale of intoxicating: liquors, to regulate tho tariff, to crush out monopolies, to urge povernment ownership of railroads, telegraph und telephone lines, more rigid civil service reform, woman suffrage, tax reform, the election ol senators by direct vote and other , questions. Members of all parties are invited to send delegates and the call is numerously signed, among: the names being those of editors of prohibition, labor and socialist papers and officers of similar societies. Yellow Fever Attack* SoldUrl. HAUFAX, N. S., May 10. — Word which has come from St. Lucia, West Indies, announcing that an epidemic of yellow fever 5ms broken out there among- the British artillery men, gives rise to the expectation among- military men here that tho Halifax batteries oi royal artillery will be sent there to take the places of the affected troops, who will be invalided to England as soon as possible. A dispatch from St. Lucia states that thirty soldiers nave died. Wlil B« Well Represented. MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 16.—The committee on arrangements of the convention to be held here May 23 to discuss "Sound Money and Better Banking Facilities" has advises from points in the following states which will be represented by delegates: Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, >Torth Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri and West Virginia. Hohenl<fh«'a Son Wed*. COLOGNE, May 16,—Prince Alexander von Hohenlohe-Schillingsfurst, youngest sou of the chancellor of the German empire, was married Thursday to Princess Euaauuelo von Solms-Braunfels, widow of the late Prince George von Solms-Braunfels. Prince Alexander was born in 1S02 and is a member oi tJio German reichstag-. His bride was boru in 1S5-1. OVEB THE STATE. Events In Various Portions of Indiana Told by Wire. Object! to th« Suitor. SITELBYVILLE, j n d., May 16. — For some time George Pierce, a well-known young man of this city, has been paying his attentions to Miss Barbara Coors. William Coers, a brother of the young- lady, seriously objected to the alliance, and had told Pierce sometime Ago that he must cease his visits. Since then their meeting's have been clandestine. Tuesday night William went home earlier than ustial and foimd Pierce sitting 1 in the parlor. He immediately flew into a rage, went uptown and secured a gun. On reaching home he started in to perforate Pierce with bul- leU, but the young lady caught tha weapon and spoiled its aim and inter- nipted the irate brother until Pierce made good his escape. Wednesday both were armed to the teeth and there is a tragedy in sight. Coers sweart that Pierce shall cease paying attention to Barbara or Buffer violence, while Pierce ia equally determined that no one shall come between him and his affianced. Counties Mny T*x. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 16.—The supreme court has decided the act of 1893 under which telegraph companies are assessed is constitutional. The decision is in the case of the Western Union Telegraph company against the auditor of Marion county and all the other auditors and treasurers in the state. The suit was for an injunction against the auditors and treasurers of each of the counties of the state through which the Hoes of the Western Union company extend to restrain the county auditors from entering 1 upon the tax duplicates the amounts claimed as taxes against the company for the year 1893. The ground on which the injunction was naked was that the act was not passed in accordance with provisions of the constitution, and that it is in violation, of the constitution of the United States. War Upon the Boby Track. JWDIANAPOLIB,. Ind,, May 16.—GOT. Matthews and Attorney General itetcham bad an hour's talk over the situation at Roby. If :i campaign against the race track peo- jle was planned the governor will lot say what it is. He does say, lowever, that he wants it understood that the gamblers from Chicago will be driven out of the state. Dur- ng the day MVeral officers of the state militia called at the office of the adju- ,ant general to inquire if the militia was likely to be sent to Lake county. They were told that no call lor tha joops had been made. May 36.— A jury has acquitted Commandant Lechattelier, of the marine force, who in a duel with swords on March 1 last fatally wounded M. Dorcher, a sub-editor of the Journal des Debats. All the witnesses of the duel were also acquitted. May 16.— Mr. John Whitaker, founder of "Whitaker's Almanac," a well-known .book of reference, died at Enfield Wednesday. Immigration In Ten ai.nntb>. WASHINGTON; May 16.—The number of immigrants w ho arrived in the United States during the last ten months amounted to 193,621. Will Hit for • Portrait. Ind., May 16.—Ex^resident Harrison left for the east Wednesday afternoon. He will spend ,o-day at Newark, N. J., where ho will receive a medal from the New Jersey iistorical society. From there he will jo to New York to stay at the Fifth Lvenuo hotel for two weeks. While in York he will sit for a portrait by Eastman Johnson, to be hung in the white house with the other pictures of presidents. _ •Slot Machlnei Worked. ANDIBSON, Ind,, May 16.—The penny- In-the-slot machines of this city were worked in ft systematic manner and washers that represented pennies to the amount of almost 8100 were taken out of the machines. They were cut evidently for the purpose, as they were much different from the ordinary washer and the exact size of a penny. BcaU Fl»d. TEKBK HAUTE, Ind., May 16.—The Indiana bituminous operators and miners have signed an agreement by •which the men are to work for aucty centi a ton, last year's price, until July 15. On July 10 the operators and miner* are to meet to agree on a scale for the balance of the scale year, but it is pro- Tided that the price U not to bo more than sixty cents. Mad* » gnrcMi of It. MA.XIOX, Ind., May 16.—P. S. Bemis, of Chicago, arrested at Columbus for forging checks signed by Tato & Houston, of Chicago, worked his scheme successfully here, the Spencer house proprietor cashing a check for $50 drawn on the Hide and Leather bank of Chicago. Kl«ct«d Moderator. MABION, Ind., May 16.—The general association of the Indiana . Congregational church elected Rev. Frank E. Knopp, of Elkhart, moderator for the coming-year, and Rev. F. A. Slyfleld, of Brightwood, secretary. Michigan City was chosen for the next place of meeting. D*pinw to Lowi JU Pr*sld«Bt- IXDIAXAPOUB, Ind., May 16. — Affairs of Depauw university at Greencastle, Ind., have reached another crisis. President J. P. D. John has resigned and his resignation has been accepted by the trustees, to take effect September 1 next. KIVJOYS Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most heal thy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. yrup of Figs is for sale in 50 cent bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRMCISCO, CAL. LOUISVILLE, ICY. NEW YORK, H.Y. - Prof. Bartholomew is a veteran horse trainer, and has enjoyed a national reputation for years as such. He has ruddy face, deep-set blue eyes and wears bis iron-gray hair brushed back from his forehead. He resides at Independence and owns one of the handsomest residences in that suburban city, lie formerly owned the greatest walkine horse in the world. The auimal could cover a mile in a square heel-and-toe vfallc in tun minutes, and go the gait, day in and day out, at the rate of six miles an hour. The professor disposed of the animal iu California some years ngo. ENOCH HAWKINS' EQUINE GYMNASTICS. Veteran Trainer's Plan for Preparing Trotters. The Principle 1» the Same a» In the Training of Athleten—Great Kolultl • In Speed »U<1 Endurance Expected. 'I have invented ways and means to introduce the horse to a series of gymnastics which will shorten the time many seconds on trotting- records; and there is no reason why a well-bred horse subjected to my . gymnastic exercises cannot make a mile In two minutes," said Prof. Bartholomew, the horse educator, recently to a writer for the Kansas City Journal. "Wonderful advancement has been made in breeding- and training horses during tho past forty years, but with scientific gymnastics added to a horse's training it is sure to cause yet greater surprises in record breaking. The human body nas been wonderfully developed by gymnastic exercises, as everyone mows, and had this idea of gymnastics been introduced in the training- of horses years ago," Prof. Bartholomew continued, "great advancement would nave been made along the lines of speed and endurance. 'A horse can trot a quarter of a mile now in thirty seconds, and it stands to reason that if a horse can make a record of a quarter of a mile in thirty seconds, and it has been done, he can je put in condition to go a mile at the same rate of speed. Crack drivers have failed to put their horses in the proper condition so far, and it is doubtful if the present system of training trotting horses will ever bring about a two-minute record or less. Some will ask: How can a horse work in gymnastics? But If the principle had been grasped by horsemen years ago it would have undoubtedly been put In use. I have the principle, without mistake, and winter Is tho time to do the work. In winter horses, as a rule, are losing speed instead of gaining. "The exercise I subject a horse to will result in activity and long reacU and will cause running horses to make better records, as well as to produce more speed in trotters. I refuse to tell how these results can be brought about, simply for the reason that some man would undertake to practice my theory without judgment and knowledge of application, and he would fail to produce the desired result. The public would condemn the principle, which I have demonstrated to my own satisfac- ' tion. I have never undertaken to prove i my theory to the trotting fraternity, WISDOM. Genloi of Iho -Mnto Innlnrlous Milton" Order. I am acquainted with a. man who is always talking about a certain Enoch Hawidrs; whatever is under discus- aion i*y friend quotes something Enoch Hawkins has said on the subject and it seems to fit exactly. I was anxious to know more about Enoch Hawkins, but he was apparently such a wise man that I was ashamed to inquire, supposing him to bo u noted character who had escaped my reading. Finally I could contain my curiosity no longer, and asked the favor of knowing inore about Enoch Hawkins. He turned out to bo a hired man who had worked for my friend's father on a farm, and my friend said that Enoch Hawkins was tho smartest man he had ever known. Enoch never rose above a farm hand and died a farm hand of old ape, while employed in that capacity in the township where ho had spent most of his life. He was known for many miles around as a wit and philosopher, and his wit and philosophy were of a particularly good quality, judging from tbe samples with which I am familiar. Only a few of the remarkable men arc preserved in the literature of history. Among the common people in every community there is a great genius who is forgotten at his death; I have myself known as remarkable people in ray uneventful life as I have met in books. Had Enoch Hawkins been attended by n Boswell, a "Life of Hawkins" would have been as interesting as Boswell's "Life of Johnson." In reading Boswell's "Johnson," I have often been unable to detect either wit or wisdom, but the sayings of Enoch Hawkins, as preserved by his friend, arc always sharp and pointed. Had Enoch lived at the right time, and in the rig-lit place, and had his genius been of exactly the right kind, he might have been a Lincoln, instead of an unknown form hand. It is not surprising that he never rose above a day laborer; some great dunces become rich. Think what a fool Napoleon was in some respects! He worried himself to death at St Helena. Enoch Hawkins was wiser than that; in his last days he was so cheerful-that the children delighted to wait on him. Almost everyone has known |a genius as pronounced as those celebrated in history. Only a few men of genius live at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place and have exactly the right kind of wit— Atchison Globe. Ere* of tbe Nofro. A recent examination of 430 white and 420 colored minor school children of Washington, by Dr. Belt, gave these results: Normal acuteness of vision, white 74 per cent., colored 90 per cent.; myopic, white 10 per cent., colored 6 per cent.; astigmatic of all degrees, white 25 per cent., colored 10 per cent.: diseased eyes, white 10 per cent., colored 4 per cent,; choroidal atropathy, white 5 per cent., colored 1 per cent. Growing Pee* for Canning*. Green peas are readily salable at all seasons of the year. Recently one ol the largest vessels that ever came into Philadelphia brought hundreds of tons of canned "French" peas from England. They did not differ in the least from the kind grown in this country every year. Why cannot farmers grow peas in large quantities for canning purposes? By cooperative effort an ontfit for canning peas could be introduced in every community, not only providing a profit to growers, but also affording employment to many in picking and hulling tbe peas,—Philadelphia Record. Is growing onion sets soak the ated* and plant as early as possible. When on the Hlcb On tbe rail, jn a gteamtoat, abroad, n fishing smack, or yachting on the coast, Hosteller's Stomach Blttew, will be found s reliable m eaus _^ ^ ^ of averting and relieving ailments but the theory can be demonstrated in ! to which travelers, mariners and emlgdantg are the course of a series of gymnastic Lpeculiarly subject. Sea captains, ship doctors ' sojoumers In the tropics, «nrt all UarrUen Companj Withdraws. FORT WATint, Ind., May 16.—It is learned on reliable authority that the Harrison Telephone company had peremptorily withdrawn from the Fort Wayne field and disposed of iu list of 700 subscribers to the Fort Wayne District company. Tound Buried Coin. jKFrxKSOCTilxx, Ind., May 1*.—Ferdinand Eiggftrs, A fortune teller, located 13,000 buried in the yard of J. C. Davis, of this city. Tbe amount ta gold and silver was buried years ago by Blakely Hultz, an eccentric undertaker. THE STRONG POINT 1 the cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla is that they are pe.-l^ent trainings, say in four or five mouths. With horse gymnastics the fleetest horse can improve as much as the slower ones that underfro the same drill. Every muscle and fiber of the horse is brought into play until, in ^ ^_ prize ring parlance, he is in the pink of f g mong ^e condition. A prize fivLter, while in majberes< training for the rint,, has his skin, scalp and bones hardened until he is turned into tne ring a perfect man, physically. Every muscle has been exercised with a view to endurance. He has punched the bag, taken long runs 'to test his wind and reduce flesh. In short, the condition of the prize fighter is brought about by gymnastics. The same thing can be done with a horse, but the exercise on a race track won't do it. The animal must have gymnastics and be brought to the 'pink of condition' before he can break the record. He must be taught to walk on his hind legs, to strengthen the muscles of the back. He must be taught to lie down, roll over, reach out and gather quickly. In short, he must l>e put through a scientific course of gymnastics until every muscle shall be brought into play, toughened and strengthened. To do thislie must be a trick horse, after being trained in gymnastics. Great results will follow about to encouncter unacc',lDiaied, and nnaccus- tomed or dangerous climate, should not neglect i o avnll ibemselvea ot this safeguard o£ well ascertained and long-tried merit. Constlpntion.bU- lousnens. malarial fever. Indigestion, rheumatism, and affections of tbe blnddtr ami kJdoejs, are aliments whkblt eradicates, bndlt maj be resorted to not only with confidence In Its remedial efficacy, but also In its perfect freedom fr/m every objectionable Ingredient, slnoeltls derived Irom the purest and most salutary socrces. It counteracts tbe eflects of nnwhole some food and water. NOW! THE TIME TO MAKE MOSEY. • IMil UH.T •*« wv* •!••« ••»• *»" -f — — i erf to iOlid foundation-p n> *IOOd. j In the w«y of epeed and endurance. Last month I cleared, after paying all exposes, $235 33; ID" moLth before $188 86 and have at the same tune attended to my retfolar business. I believe anyone, anywhere. ;an flo as well, as I have not & particularly good location and .not much experience. When yi a bare an sniele. that., every family want* it Is very easy sening It. It seems ttrange tbat a good, cfiean dlah washer was n*»er before placed on tbe market. UTUA. tb* Perfection which sells for V>. you call nib. and dry tb* dbheXJor a family in twomltinlF'a/, without-- putting the bands In water. As soon an - tbe ..peopl*. see the washer work, they wanJoo* _' and tart li wnj so much money can fojna<s*,»o'qakKl]r.'.;. JOT foU pardcu.aniaddressTheTeTfectioo Vtg. Co. Station 0.. Enclewood. 111. 1 feel convinced tbat any lad> or gentleman. In any location, can make »5 to $10 a day, as every family will very soon have .dishwasher. Try It and publish TOOT ex- Weak, Tired, Nervous "I wss feeling as miserable as any on* could feel, tired all the time, many tlm»s unsblo to go out on th« street even after I bsd started. III went up one flight of stairs I feit as though I should Jsll. I hid pslplutlon of the beut s.nd suffered greatly with catarrh ot tb» hesd and throat. I finally decided to try Hood's- Baraaparilla, and soon Kelt better. I used. the third bottle and I then f«lt like • different person. I hope other* in 111 health will do as I did. It von Uk«- Eood's Sarsaparills and use It faithfully I am sure you will be benefited. I have also found Hood's Pills to be of great- benefit and I highly recommend them.'" Miss JESSIE FBEMONT, Saddle Biver, N. J. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the Only True Blood Purifier Prominently In the public eye today; Hood's PHI* euro all liver Ills. SEc. A UDY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal POMPLEXIONJ If FOWDEZU II I POZZONI'S Combines every element of I I beauty and purity. It is beauti-1 I fyinp, soothinp, healing, healthful, an' 1 narmless, and when ' rightly used is invisible. A most J ! delicate and desirable protection | t* the face in this climate. Insist upon having tb6 gancine. IT IS FOB SALE EVEHYWB: Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully cnj»y all of Its delights, if you take ono of Iho LAKE MICHIGAN AWD LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO's ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Sellings between Chicago and Madeline UUnd every week day (Tbunday excepud)* Tbo new Btoel steamship "Hinitra" la a Travels" 'twlxt Chicago. Harbor 5pri»t»> Petoakty, floating _. , Macfclnac Idand Cbarkvoix, etc. Write for o«* readable reading matter, tree, ot ask yonr nearest agent. Address Jon. Bcrolzbclm, LAKE MICH. Aim LAKK SUPERIOR TRANS. CO. RuibandN-Witartt Chlcaae. For Orar Fifty Taan lira. Wlntlow'e Soothing Sjrup hw been ueed for over fifty yeara by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect tuccet»> It soothes the child, •often* tbe fumt, allayg all pain, cures wild colic, and ii the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little Buffere' Immediately. Sold by d rugfristt In every part of the world. Twenty-five centa a bottle. Be sure and ask for -Mr*. Wlnelow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. fban Babf watafck. *•«•*• barC T>« aba was m ChUd, aba cried for Caatorifc ftuo ana becen»» HIM, a*» ctanf to CMoria, an* bad ChUdran. ate jav» Uxaa CMtoda Children Cry for Pitcher's P —Egg- Scallops.—Chop four or fiv» hard-boiled eggs into not very small bits. Mix thoroughly wiUi a tcacupful ot mashed potato, a teacupful of well- boiled rice,, a teaspoonful of vinegar, one of chopped capers if liked, pepper, salt and a tablespoonfol of melted but- , ter. Place in scallop shells,, or gem- irons will'do, sprinkle bread crumbs over the top, also bits of butter, and bake a'light brown,—Orange Judd Fanner. "•'•:. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cattorla. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Ca«or">

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