Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 8, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1896
Page 1
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VOL. XXI. LOGANSPOfer, INDIANA, SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 8 ; 1896. NO. 109 Handkerchief Wonder We will place on Sale 100 dozen entirely new effects in Handkerchiefs. Rare Effects never shown in America. TODAY Point Venice Handkerchiefs. Verv clieer Linen, centers, with 'fine hemstitched edges, encircled- with Handsome New Point Venice Lnce Effects. Tiie goods'wore imported'to sell 1 at 05 anil.75o•each. Throujli the failure of tho ln\portcr wo have secured them so that we'can dispose of the lo: at . _ - : CHOICE 25 CENTS. Wu> also place on .-ale many choice comprising IIiieu d>U>ivd luiuilUerolilefs cfl'octs worth up To Or>c. All for 2,"c-. Handkerchiefs from our regular stock, and Hue white' llaeh embroidered 5hirtWaists Lot i. 650 750 85 Waists - = Lot -2. p8c $1.25 $1.50 Waists Lot 3. $1.75 $2.00 Waists Choice of any $3.50 Waist 10 Days flore. The wlwelluistiO hours more to nin. It is riuniluj: from 10 to 15 miles tiour. A RIICW with every pnrcnase. 6pc 75C $1.50 400-411 BROADWAY. 306 FOURTH ST Clothes up to Date . . Have been In great, favor at our establishment. Fact la no one hat a finer line of woolens and worsteds to «elect from than our*. Important Features ... in the make-up of|our clothes work their superiority, not the'oheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street We are LOST $15. By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINOS for $85 and $65, We haver an assortment of SECOND HAND M\CHINES which miwtbaSold. Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETTEBS v LAMPS OILS GEAPHITE CEMENT REPAIR KITS ENAMEL ' SADDLES TIRES TOB CLIPS ENAMELING . BRAZING BELLS . . LOCKS VULCANIZING 0 LD TIRES Made Good ai New ZINN & COMPANY. 303 Sixth Street. Lopspori rWabash Valley Gas Co, U \, ' _^ • : -J • " •;• i Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace, All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special-Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July August and Sept- tember. Invitations Are always appreciated and especially. BO when they>ro tutef allygotten up.. ''....'. ; , THE JOUBKAL Job Printing Department ia making a : |- epeoialty of ' '•' •-."'• !; INVITATION*, PROGRAMS. LETTERHEADS, NOTEPADS. BILLHEADS,: STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC. ETC. latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material! PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. -i The well-known Spedntlsts-'ot New York hire appoint** A. HACK u agent for their celebrated SptotaolM snd Ire Glasses,even-pslrguaranteed, .-' 'J "-'. -.•'. :•- ; - ^,. D. A. jIAUK-hns oomplets aj5ortment»ndlnTlt«snll to iitUfr themselTea ot the greit superlorltr ot theiegbodt om ani mincroetond, at the stow of D. A. HAUK.'Sole agent tot. Lofinjport Ind. GLAD, His Mariner Indicates a Satisfactory /^Understanding with Hill. Conference of Gold. Democrats at Indianapolis Not Well Attended— i (Populist Conventions. Was'lll'rig'ton, Aug.' '•7-—H Chairman Jones; of 1 !the national democratic com; mittee,-'n-eceived uuy ^insurances from ScnatorHih'to the effect>tJiat that at.or intended to support- t.he Chicago ticket, the'-chairman ..is- keeping it en tirely to himself. He. was attlie headquarters Friday morning;,, looking-cool und comfortable, despite ;.tlie swelter- Ing- lieat of t.he early,-moriiing hours mid was in the full-enjoyment, of his usual sood spirits. -To.all callers who madf inquiries concerning llis recent visit to New York-the-chairman de- nk'd that'll had aiiy-.'sijrnUieiinci!. He only went over, he stated,, for the purpose of. seeing that .thc':arrajigemei)ts for the .notification ware-complete....Beyond tills Mr. Jones would say rothing, niid Secretary Gardner talked in the same strain. .:..;-....', Both gentlemen were'., ho.wevnr, in Bueh food frame of mind-1 hat • the.im- pression prevails t-liej/'.-U-iinu'd something' more to their likiiifT; while there than one of Senator Hill's, new stories, nnd that'their apparent-jubilation is due to something more Mian tlie inhalation-of tlic fresh sea air. - - • 'Chairman Jones aiidCliaJi-nianFauik- ner, of the congressional committee, were at their desks at an early hour Friday, putting.the finishing touches to a campaign book intenfled.for distribution among- the farmers.'.., Much careful attention has'beer pl.ncpd, upon -this work', .and it is said that"!t presents the silver question to the'farmers ia such n way n-s to lead tho'cpininittee to Iw- licve that it will not oiily be entertaining 1 but convincing. ti . . ... -.. Secretary Mercer, of'."the republican committee, found in lii's, mail Friday morulng'quitc a number.of letters corroborative of t lie cla.ijnsVi.hht he' has made from the beginning of'the cnm- paig-n that the'republicans would carry Nebraska, 'One of the letters was from Mr. George W. Post, chairman of the republican -st'atc committee. FEW IN ATTKNDANCE. Conference of .Gold JJ«mool*ti at IndUn- apoil* a bllm Affair. •Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. T.— Lively thunderstorms during the night had the effect of cooling off the sweltering atmosphere nnd 'the 'delegates to the gold conference-were-able to make themselves comfortably cool Friday morning. But the sudden chnnge-of the; Weather wa.s not the chief topic of conversation about the lobbies of-the Bates bnd Dennison hotels; where the delegates are stopping. As one of them expressed it: v -."This is n sfcrt of lonesome offjiir;''' but .'ex-Conpressiriiin' Bymnn, thfl'feading^plrit in the.rnovement, still assures :':all '.irSjuisitors't'ho.t at'least'30 states' p >-lli bd represented. 'It is also noticeable' and inucli. commented thai not oiie'-'of.- th'c big leaders of the demo- cratic'gold "wing IK'present, nnd, to b« frank',ith'ere.'ls a strong undercurrent of disappointment as a result; The'Iiio'ifi'.ia' silver leaders are poking lots oWifn'at,the gold,(iele,gnt*s because; of ^hte-'refus'nl,' inability, or whatever it maybe;-of Louis Ehrich, the promihtnt "sound money" leader, to be present, It seems thai Mr. Bynuiri received.three messages.-frbm Mr. Ehrich, who Is at: Colorado"'Springs. The first Etalcd that "existing' conditions" might prevent hi* coming, the Second conveytd the news that, ho was 1 not .feeling well, and tha third, that he was too-ill to at-, tempt' the journey. The : silveriJes claim to have positive .information to the effect, that be is not ill and that ho had stepped into ttie same, boat with 1 Hill, Whitney nnd, others, end taken.a seat reserved' for "spectators."' Mr) Byiium has no other, information,, he says, than that given in. the dispat ' from Colora'do Springs.' ;Mrl : Khri failure to attend basrspoilcd much of tbi'proposed programme:, p . . DlicuM the Hill Rumor, . ' The report sent out. from New York thn't Senator Hill has made-up his mind to : support the Chicago-ticket,.whether true or no^xwas generally discussed by the .delegates Friday. As• to the j-u'th of -the -report there were .varying opinions. 'Some thtekithat Mr. Hill is being misrepresented,.. while others Dear the opinion that he,will standby ;he ticket an has been said.•• It wss n great dlsajjpointmcnt'to; the dele-: fates. The gol'd people have been depending upon him as one of their.read- ..,' ....___' ',* friVl J _l' , L. ." * U TL-- •'varna. "I'no sircnscn °£ lnc mcjvcoi^npuii over tho country Is purely conjectural, but I am ot the notion, that tho voie that can be polled for a "sound money" ticket will surprise some people." ' The delegate from Maryland, J. E. •'EemiDCH, also says- ; that the "sound money "democrats ol'his state are not in fuvor of a third ticket: They will, however, probably indorse tlie action of the ''soiled money" convention and most of them will vote tor a "sound money" ticket The tendency of the "sound money" democrats from Maryland he says is to stand solidly by the republican 'ticket. Massachusetts favors a third ticket. . -',-.. Gnu. Tracy, of Xew York, und Gen. Bragg, of; Wisconsin, arrived at noon Friday. They will-'he the two most prominent figures nt the conference. "The delegations from Kentucky and Tennessee arrived Friday afternoon. Kentucky representatives demvind a tliird ticket, and are for Palmer and Cordon .as the noniinu-s. They insist 'that n southern' mii'n shall have a place o'n tlie ticket, and if Gordon will not Firtt tliey wnnt Gen. Puckn'.T. A secret preliminary con ferencc of tlie provisional committee was held at tlie Penison hotel shortly before noon. Sen- nt-or Tiroadhead,. of Missouri, acted as chuirniau and the cjucfition of calling a national convention and putting :> gold ticket in the fleld'.wns taken up. Objections came from several eastern states and also from the Texas member, but it wns-fually decided, ummimouslj', to put thelvrogTanime'-througli. Some warm speeches were made, but the meeting lasted'only on liour. Agree .to Call n Conx-ontlon. . The point 'raised by the eastern suite 1 ; was that 1 'a third-party ticki'.t met with 1 opposition among- the people of tha-t section .of "the 'country and that t'.ie plan preferred was to. jump party linos completely and support McKinley. But us. ag-ainst this the .middle and doubtful states fmt the ar'gnrnent that such a plan would not co'nsolfdatp the anti- Bryan forces. •,' ." > • •The eastern delegate's finally agreed that their states were'safe for McKinley in any event, ajid would lose notliing by giving.way to the doubtful states. This resulted in a unanimous decision to call a convention and nameagalci ticket. (Vt three p. ml Cp'ngressma.n Bynuin called the conference .to order. A motion wns carried, delaying permanent organization until'eight p. m.. owing, to the delay'of CenV.VBragg's train. which was late, owinfe 1 . to a washout. The conference proceeded under temporary organization.; Ban Neither Approved Nor DU»|tproyed. : New York, Aug. 7.—The Evening Post publishes the following: ' : 'In answer to an-.Inquiry about tha truth of. t report published In thin city. Thursday that President Cleveland had made known his'disapproval of the pro-, posed third.'ticket, tho president telegraphs as follow,* to the Evonlnft Post: " 'Buzzard's'Bay, Maafl., Aup. 6.—It la absolutely untrue,that I-have given any advice touching, the course of the Indlonap- olt» conference. ...-,,>;.;,..;•! - „ • "(Signed) - •-;• . ''Orgvcr Cleveland.' CAUSES; ;A SENSATIOs. Telccrami to Be Seat Out by Fopallit . I'onventloi^ of .T«i»i. , Galvestoii, Tex.", Aug. "-—The sensation of tlie "populist' 1 state convention was sprung'Triday morning'when tho committee appointed to formulate telegrams in answer to: messages'of greeting from other: populisVCOnventions reported. The committee was composed of .Barnett Gibbs; who made the speech *.«~.*:Hr,4:,irT T7"»nI.IMA '"Sf.iimn" Ashbv. 1 ~--or r.cuccnanc (rovernor.'n^ s.-ir. AMJIO For attorney general, W. V. Walton. For comptroller, E. 0. Mltzcr. FOriLlSI-PKOHIBITIOK TICKET. nominating 'Kearbyj "Stump" nominee' for lieutenant'governor, and Horry Tracy, editor 'of the Southern Mercury v ^-TOJb/telegrams brought.in !or the- approValVof the convention were: . .;/* ' ' Replying'(to., the .Louisiana, convention: - /\ /-:'.,••...;.•: .-. • • "Texas, provides full electoral ticket ana declares,for-Watson, .then Bryan." ,. Eeplyihg'to - : fhe : Kansas convention: ."Texas /returnsJsrectlnRs: Will put a ticjtet In Uie fl' Reply ing ^o. the Georgia convention: "Texas uhanlnioUBly Indorses Tom Watr aon and themlddle-oruhe-road ticket." .; The telegrams, were received with cheers... "'' '•'••••'•<•••• . ;rs', yet, they."-say,'-'l1ftTle J i.lse.could i be. xpected, everything-cbn'sracrecf,"'-•'"•- ;. Mr. McConhick.'p-f aWllfamsp'ort, » member of the Pennsylvania, d<-lega ; :iori, gave it as .his opinion that''the report is'true., FurtSccihfe'sald: ;, ' "My delegation ,and those 'from'Mnaaa.. chusetts and MarylrihfTWtld •'»' lort of In- torraal conference oh tiie train on the way to .your, city.. JVhllo there leems-to he an mprosslon that the matter of nominating third ticket wlll'.be huft'tiil-to the doubt- ll itatrs; >uch,ai Michigan. Illlnoln,'Wl«-. conaln and.Indiana, yet I think It can be ruly said that such a..tlckat will be;iiomaate'd: We, ot : Pcmi5ylvRflrar-a-statc which »'sure;to -bC'Carrled,-by McKlnley; do-not. 'eel.as If we should demand a .third:,tlckec. frow tho -conversation -wlilch.I have heard rom"delegate* rrom; doUb'tful states'there lecms to be no dueatlon-'but-that a national convention -will he-called: and a. platform adopted.and a ticket.pomlnatecl.r; ',. , -: • : "Are the democrats of youttstute In favor t'a-thlrdtlck'et?'^;^ •":••. if^'-~ :• • -• <:,; : r- N a Wliru ULnci.; .... . ',.*; • .- ..\, ;;,''I 'can't'say; th»t< theyi'are.: NBi T'/could, ot-cvonsru6Mattheitrfln«th:o(U>e"tounil :ne»jio... i •,. • , - • • • • • | S. II. Jenkins, chairman of ,the platform committee,, addj-essed the copr .vention', opposing^ the. Bending, of the telegrnuis, 'saying.'they. : would be flre- • brands which would-result in-the defeat of populism;;? He said he was a middle-of-the-road'-Tnan at St; Louis, but bowed ; to the will'of. that conyen- .tiOD-. : : -f. :,'.-.. ..''•-. •Bryan hud notbeen officially notified of his nominatioi), and if this action should be talc'eu pppulists could truthfully be accused W ^insincerity in its desire fqr'r.eforml;.. • -.,.' ' 'it "looked as If' Jenkliifi hod the convention with'him,' biitivhen the point of order" was jn'ndejthafeBoniinatioiis were the order of businesB^the couvention refused by a big; mitjoritj^to suspend the •'rules:'and aJlowf.jilnliitp'continue, his, -jpeech.; T|he, niaitp'i*: will uot come up agaik until' th«'lionilhatlons are'com- 'pleted. • ^:;.;iV:a;S^';. : : ' ' -- •; : ;Maj. "Buck",, gallon,^nominee for /attorney general,' states for publication that, if the'telegrams? ore! sent,he can-. :jiot go before 1 .thejneopje}fla.d ; %villinot ac- !ctpt'the noinlnaUon.,, ';'.:.,.•,': ;Ben Teirelir'ariotiier.prominent leader, says-if tlie -telegrams are sent he will not make a- speech^urtng'' the ctuii- p-aign. . • ••':. .v'^;;..ifMUV-^''. -' <'••.•> ;Se-rgeont-at>Anns, ,-Williams says tlie ielegrn'roa will be .seat just 'the ''sainq. Populist'success,' h>;says,' : does'not''de- pend bnjany.one roan.v.'i;/^-.- ,, : \ l "XTie morning; session, of the -cpriyen- tlon wns .taken 'np'jii'trying to complete. the: state .tlckflt. ; .;A's;far as-the'ticket; ]l«]l: WnnTl' ™* *'^^»' n*v 'I f-t ft+ffTwl n ? '. " '.-•''' Pmlnn of the Two Parties In Georgia— Wright Candidate for Governor. Atlanta, Go,, Aug. 7.—Seaborn Augustus \Vrig-lit was nominated by'acclama- tion, forgovernorby the populists Friday iiH-.riiing. No other name was put up. The triumph of Wright was a victory for the populist-prohibition fusioniets, and lie will, make the race on the issue of prohibition. The defeat of The mid dk-of-the-roadcrs, who opj)osed cx- treiuc declaration in favor of prohibition and who were opposed to going outgidi! uf the party lor a candidate, was- complete. Mr.' Wright has been an indepemient in ]X)litics. He is a successful lawyer of .Rome and is comparatively wealthy. He is 30 years old nji<3 is a nxugnetic and Ijrilhant orator. Thii jK'irro deh'frates voted solidly for \Yri-lit, and C. II. Walton, a , negro loader of August:), pli'dpi.-fl the support of r,o ])(>:• cent, of the •-.- i;;oos of Georgia to 'Wright. He predi::u'i] rhat all *he : ivh;u; electoral vote ot the rcpublicons would drive tlie negro republicans to i-li^ populist ninks. "Mr. \Vri£-lit was l>rought before the convention nnd made a stirring speech. The slate ticket was completed without contests.' Little interest .-was taken in T.he naming,of the other candi- (lnl.i.'s. For comptroller, Gen. Seaborn J. Bell, of Burke, wns named; for ,'onmii.ssioner of agriculture, W,' E. S-uiili, of Dtfcatur; for treasurer, W. C. Siblcy. of Kichinonil: for attorney gen- i:ral.'l)o;ia!il Clarke, of Chatham. The iioniinalloii of Siblc-y furthervcmpha- si.-'.cv! tin? victory of the {unionists.- He is the leading prohibitionist, but not'-n. uopiilisl, and his wife. Mrs. AY. C. Sib- It-.v. is :it the head of the AV. C. T. U. in Tin- platform adopted by the convection declares-for prohibition ;md' indorses tin- action of the St.. Louis convention. Xo action wns taken regarding tliL> vice presidential muddle. The convention adopted :i resolution I'.ntlinri/htg the state committee to negotiate .with (he democrats for a fusion or the electoral ticket whenever the- flfinocrafs withdraw Sewall, but not before. ' ' - Kunttat l^pullrttii \Vrunfrle. Abilent, Kan., Aug. 71—The populist state convention completed its ticketat 2:r.O Thursday night and then wranglei! until "i::ift. .The. fight was between the iJieidunthal and the anti-Brcidcn- t-h'al forces, the opposition having as its object the downfall of Brcidenthal; the state chairman, «M»1 leaders of the party In this state. The convention nt times Friday morning was a perfect mob, with no semblance o£ order, nnd the ticket is much weaker thereby. Tha anti-Breideuthul forces won an apparent victory, deterring tlie. convention from choosing him as his successor as chairman. The .convention left the matter of chairman to the committee Itself, nnd Breidenthal's enemies declare that 'the committee is against him. Jefferion and Jackion Democratic Club. Raleigh, N. S., Aug. 7.—The "sound money" democrats of Sewbern met Thursday night in large numbers and (he organization of a club was the first in North Carolina, The name chosen is the Jefferson and Jacksou Democratic club. Ei;solutions were adopted declaring that the democratic party is and has always been a sound money party. PopulUt Candidate Withdraws. Tittle Rock, Ark., Aug; ; .7.~At the meeting- of the state committee of the people's party Friday it wns decided tjjjlpthey should receive the support of theijigpjilists of Arkansas. A. W. Files; the--populist candidate for governor, nskcd "Ihiit his name be withdrawn and that thJS Influence of his support of his .•par'ty be thrown to Daniel Jones, the t-democrntic' candidate for ^governor. '., 'HcKin'je'jr Will Mot Attend. ^ Canton, O., Aug. 7.—Maj, McKinley isaid Friday niorniug in reference to the report in mauy -newspapers that he would lie : present ut the soldiers' re• u'nion"at"Topeka, Kan., tlic lust week in 'September, that it would be impossible for him to go to Topcka, and that he had no expectation of so doirijr.^ Maj. McKinley will not be able to attend the opening meeting of the Ohio campaign at Columbus, August 35. The leading features of tlie occasion will be speeches by Senator Sherman and Senator-elect Foraker.: : . • Caie or Polionlnir at a Picnic. Fort Scott, Kan., Aug. 7.—At a picnic of the Baptist Sunday school at Campbell's gA&o. near here Thursday, 25 persons, and maybe more, were seriously poisoned by cither ice cream or a tainted spring, from which the^ obtained water. Upon .this tlie doctors 'disagree. The symptoms- were all the same with those stricken dotvn, Phv- HOHENLOHE OUT. Reported That He Has Resigned and Left Berlin. Other Changes Pending in Ministry- Real Reason Why Emperor William. Abandoned His Trip. Berlin, Aug. 7.—The Neustcn Nach- richten announces that Prince nobeu- lolie, the imperial chancellor, hns resigned, and that he has left Berlin for Kassel. It is added that changes'ore also ,-impending in the ministry of finance. It'is said of Clodwig 'Carl Victor, prince of Hohenlohc-Sckillir.gsfurrt, thai it w:is the glory of libs anc.'Ktors thai>.forccd him to t:JiC the step into the prominence that his succession-to Caprivi's place gave him. For over 800 years the prince's ancestors have been •prominent in the affairs of the nation. Had he followed the bent of his own inclination Hohenlohc would much siclans were summoned and attended the:.sufferers, . -All of -them,were removed to. their homes .Thursday night. It ia feared .that several ol .the victims will die. .'.„_',.'... ' :.' / : Meeti D»»th on Ilrookljn Bridge. - , New York, ,Augv .7.—WUliam Brown, u carpenter, while making repairs on the Brooklyn morning 1 , was .bridge struck JPrldoy by train, dragged; about 20. feet and iiurled into the'well of the tower at the" New York end of tbe bridge. The well is about 90 feet.deep. ..Drown was .hoisted out alive, but died shortly after from .in juries sustained. : .. Election' rroteiteou Otawat, Qnt., Aug. 7, — Sir Charles Tupper has"Veen served with papers protesting, his.; tlectl6'p;t6' parliameBt PRIXCE VOX HOHENLOHE. rather liave preferred the quiet of one of his many homes, to follow the pursuit o' scientific study and literature. But the spirit of the old King- Henry ' I. of Wcikursheim blaxed out :it tho proper time and Hohenlolie R oes ' nto history the equal of his ancestors tor political importance. For Reason* Diplomatic. Berlin, Aug. 7.—It isasseru-d that the indisposition of Emperor William, who was'Thursday reported to be suffering from catarrh of the throat, is diplomatic, and that the abandonment of his trip to Wesel, Rurhort and Essen wtti due, not to sickness, but to reason! of state. In official circles it is denied that there is any truth in the reports as to th« motives governing, the emperor in hii abandonment of: his trip.' it is also denied in the same quarter that the chan- ' cellor is to retire, /* ' ' . BIG SHOE FIRM FAILS. Sheriff In Ch»rc» of the Home of C. & F»rio *_Co., Chicago. Chicago,; Aug. 7.—Charles H; Fargo & Co., one of the oldest wholesale housea in the west, closed their doors Thursday ofternoon at five o'clock. The assign*. ment comes to the firm after a life of *0 . j'ears.. The house was founded in 1858 by Charles H.'Fargo, a leading- business man of Chicago's early days,, and it withstood panics and fires 'that.:carried down'many of its associates. In the lire of 1871 its offices, factory and warehouses were destroyed, but tha firm regained its former position as one of the leading wholesale boot and shoe houses of the west. The factory of tha firm is at Dixon, HI. It was one of the first among large western shoe factories, and early amonff those., Into which improved and modern machinery was introduced. . , The cause of the failure is attributed to the general conditions of the money market and the uncertainty of the;po- .litical campaign. The.capital stock,of. the concern is fWOjOOO. No accurate stateracnT ol Die assets and liabilities was obtainable. According to an acceptable estimate, however, the liabill- / ties will not reach over $300,000, and the assets, liberally stntetl.perhapa $446,000. Brltlkh Barken tine Wrecked. Ottawa, Ont., Aup. 7. — The"department of marine and fisheries has been advised that the British barken tine William Geake has been wrecked at Bryon island, one of the group of Mng- dalen islands. The crew, according-to ; j the. advices, is still on.the wreck. The department will send .1 steamer to their assistance. The Gcake wns on her way from the West India islands to Montreal. She belongs in Biddeford, England. • New York, Aup. 7.—It is now believed that the vessel mentioned in the Washington dispatches of .Thursday night to the United Associated Presses as having been wrecked on the Fanlk-, land Lsinnds- is probably, the' City.,of Philadelphia, which left this port on February 2 for San Francisco. London, Aug. 7.—A cabinet council . wns' held at noon Friday at which Lord . Salisbury presided. The Birmingham Post, which is the organ of Mr. Chamberlain, theColonial secretary, saj-s that the cabinet will seriously consider'tbe position' created by Thursday night's action of the house of lords on the Irish, land bill, whcu several amendments to the bill which (lie government opposed', were adopted. The paper adds that the qrisis,invites the.attention of.unionist* • throughout the country. Jacksonville, Fla., Aug., 7.—At.High. ; Springs, Fhu, Thursday afternoon the- boiler in the Barr Lumber company'* null exploded, fatally injuring; J. C..,-,; Barr 'and: Nelson' Bell, the 1 lattercol- . ored. J. '"C. Easterling and- two' n«-..

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