Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 18, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1916
Page 4
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r •f-tT!'"- rnr c trrrn*'~n- -t **•*•• s flie Slanted in firn «< :t. f. r h;t.1 »j< f n ('o would h;no : . '-^.-."-._|f 'Oi<* r * ".?!>!'•>! n::i H I. M)! !!.<"'. Made from cream of rartir derived from grape; NO \ STERLING DAUY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD '.-.,-• s •••••{• v,n. v. I;,- - v i( >/<T !(.ift!:«! «'f the ;:rn ni''i UIR f-x<-'-;<i Mo (ri::iri1« i? ;ifl i-*" <* *.<< (.pirn: sf, .1! !.-. t. M<r ihfne TH- w ])<•!(• wt.i-ld « h»>n on (iti n rn'-rf jnli tif fi-r UK- if I> — f»ubli*hed Datfy E^^cpt Sunday. D. W. ORANDON -4 SONS, Editor* and Pubic Hi"-*. Office, 111 West Third Blttet. ii-ld Is rrvmn fivr <'••>m- :-'-(• t;. •• lf'-:k ;it. tb»- I-is men of thri r- n-;'.i!>- t.-d'iy Mid iii'«s! cf fbrfrt enrne ;;i i i!i-'-".'i.:!i tho vr°ry chfinm N fh;it are ,i-< ri pi' 1 ,,- fi r 1 others, and wbh-h thpy :, \-. t - .-.,•<•, !>•< nliini- attempting (n fol- ,ji«. j.i hcfu-!- iiiim:^. Ther" is* v< r wi s tho »lo- Entered at Postoffiee, Sterling. Illinois,; if ;t •§ Second Class Matter. jt;,<- \rnt?< TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. , \,'.'. By Mail, Outside of Sterling and Rock w«Mh Fall*, Anywhere in the United. States or Canada. One yenr in nd\aw i ,$2 .'><> ntonthi In ndvmir'' •-.. t-25 thiin .nix mouth*), p> r tth' ._r. - ? j:, isr» \v!ur nrc- inovinp I Urn. us is strindlim w!n>r<- hf did to'l*rgln to i' H T!n» rnnn who fa in;iU«M hinipclf 'worth j «)>?)•• nil.! In- nlwny.t i.,s at <1)«' tori of 1'iiiiitiK down a wood j»atftry By Carrier in Sterlina or Rotk Falls, Or by Mail at the Sterlino of Rock Falls Po*tofftco, ywir In nUv«n«v...-, ...ffion W«»nlh8 In tidvfini'f..". .1 ".f>'» ninnth*) in ndv.nn i «'. 1 "'t One month in mlv.-incc 4& By till* W«-«'k. tn t\\e> mlllrr .10 GENERAL INCOMPETENCY, «'rt« there .such a dHntnd f«r Itbur n nnd mncr H bi^tosy v.»>r<' thi .Hid »;i»«id>rttl8fart{on that t«> \\ i .-iltinu/*for U!rn all HOW MUCH DID YOU PULL? ,:.,.. T'-i'v <:itT;" i'l !» ' -•! •••;'«•" to I he (•-,,;,;,. r \ jv^v rn»-i'< i.'.inf••) fii.l all the iiiMtiiur. U •••virv in.'iis HI I-'.)'-m; <« hnd l)*-i[>'-d -wish the invU'iiifiti'i lik<> the !>W 41-1 the ir.-'.vd \\"'.ild hnvo )>'" " tivb-f :(<, lr>n">. 1 •'.'••> ryrii.-in \\lni benefit? by !!ift-r«ivd I'lirchi in hf.-ipj'Ull live crowd. t«... t -f, .|i«-*f - f.-4.',r'-' ...KiiUiu: di.'vvu. iind brhi'i t<» f<«v-. ri i« hrmlly Intuit; a fair part of th" v, a-;. CAUGHT ON THE FLY Thank hi-.'ivrn for <-ne thinjj. Nob-is!*' |i;id " hi'.ird a <!!'•''!> out of Trim Min ^hiill Mw*? <<3*'' i ''t l< >n. H'Hvcvcr much f fi Us may think Mr. Wilson doe* "not nil the lull thny «><ieht to nihy m li'.'i'-I th/it hi-, will live ftul HI*- frill t'-nn. I'fi.rn UH^m <<> T'«M Marshall Is too The last Herllon Viil'wlpe out fi.iOS 5fi)i"inM w!it\n tho •' fiuifttdfnrnts art adopted by the pe«pl» fur prohibit km KO into <-nv, t. The trmpcrnnro pfoplr Coat Morning, November 21st. r our ad. in Monday's Paper The Murphy the rnf-n time to Rr-t WHAT ARE WE COMING TO? he i 'ilfor uf Thr Uiiiuottf yofi ii ,. \ if.ii fri'thi two proniinfiit far.'-ix vx ht.i W«T«« arriinKtiiR for niictlon lfi ii'nd' •idv.crllKlnt?- fur "their «al«.Ul. 1hr< :' of ri <-i>miiiU'ltlK «OtO« which d"tr»'s nwit-1 nry furin, fnun every f»ni>b'v>'r of ev- kmd th. A OtuotU* ln> ic «;ttiii4nn Pt bnin«'hln»{ < in ;dnl for r<>n iy i>n"«irt t«>r Ma Jlf < otni t'lt'iit «ind rtitllful hty«n>ly tryu t" do Don't ill-treat YOUR EYES It's A Shame If You Do You muy n<»t be awuiv uf tla- ttnublii \<>u are Kt«i)lii<: up for yuurf< if '' : -!• or later, nitturr will »U«-!f ,«)id in nu iiiu'erlahi your c> r vs will, tehi'iu Uio injury. <. , _t Yon Mr.y Need Glasses , \VJiy »uru by ut ua •W.T. JENNINGS OPTICIAN ^ itiioiit < •iinditlofiK. Th«> p'dltor rrninrUiHt tha.t v.ifli tho latK'! atnmint. of f«»>d Niitff'f! iM-Snjr wnt ti» Ktrt'opo thf-ro was ]H'it,«i'cr!?i that m- would bo :.. liat'U our ti'.Wf whrnt nt rlhH $2.00 (!iif» <•>««: HI tu l<c a ({Oixl tltno fur the f/ifrn' i r, \yftli Ki'isr-rally hiph pricca. "liiii," «riys one of tin* farmer."*, "wp j:ll Imvo nur trnnhlo.B. "i'oti nro havlntr !!•>;:!. Io hiiying imjx'r and j-aylng high rnrrn, \\'o f;»nm»r» i<old nu $2.00 uhiirt. One* of ; tls ge»t $1.05 mid tho uthc-r. by hcddliiff, g<«i nftmnd tl.30. It IH tho n}'fc'u|;»!i>rfl that got tho high |t»loc«.' Tlio f.-K-t i if the matlt-r \n both nut df bui»lnesi» 'Hid most <>( the f voting dry will not :u!naliy gu dry sin* til .lanuary 1, J!'1S. • t;|mfa may'.Jump.'but they will not bo tbo'klnd j hat. most foil** wt-nr. Hut ' i( » hrt'iiii nnd K 'H'- Ho f«r I'vr.rythinR hnn'd but nnbw-rlt«llons to The Tho prh-o uttfftt tho famo until January l*t, thon thry nlmi K<3 np, \Vo nro io t|<* 0 thnt nankin wr- >n«n ch'iMt'd tit fiMiKfi'Kf*. \\'«* don't Know what Kho will do, but wo lire 1 ready (o wager ton to on« that «h?* I'nti't pDHnibly tnaKo.' as big * fn»l of hcr.'Hi'lf n« n lot of main hnvo In Jh<- pant. Ho we W. R. C. INSPECTION ^ Was Held Friday Afternoon—Large Crowd Present. Annual inspection of the loenl W, H. t*, was held Friday nfternoon In UK* (i. A. H. brill nnd nn exceptlormlly lafwo crowd \vn* yresent. Mrs*. *\lHe T?i K pnnfin of Kwepnrt acted ns Inspect- IOK'"offlcfr nnd H|IP rompllrncntrd the officers* blsldy for thflr work. 1'tirlnjf ilio nftt-rnrion the charter wns drnp«»d In nuniory of tho tbe hiti> Mr*. Brown. « After Inspection delicious nn'iUs of fruit >>ntnd ivifli cream, cake Jind eoffen wns Ff-rv* d. ROYAL NEIGHBOR DANCE Held Last Evening Wns Pleanant Af* fair—Largely Attended. Tfce Jtoy:)l Neighbor dance held IriHt evt'idiiK vt'.irt InJ'Kely attdnlfd Hnd n. ^b'llijhtful cvcnitiji wna «'iijeyed. lIuH'u orchestra played. • nil our oven to th« last do- i»-.n our farth'tinr busiiip»^ -bccaust* H IH to help that Is »o longer MUlsfkctary, . \\'n sro going to quit. In tho faro of high prU'ftS \vo llnd it 'la ImiMwlMi* tu K«>t -farm help jtt prices tliut mnlU'M f«nrmlnK pr«iHflb|«.^ Othnr IPX I '.'PtSiffs • also mount and wj> projiosw to pit down and wait until conditions change," That Is not the vxnct IniiKiinKO hut it Is tlic exact fiiiiise cf what th.*»«o two fiiriit< r« .f.-Ud tu the fditoK Th«y hnve hit,', ili'h fijrnw. They have them well etcK'fcfi^ • 1'licy will have bltf~ wiles, }Ui( thi-y :»!<• K<>ir>ir to f|iilt. Thfro Is too iii'ii h wiii!.-- und uncertainty wbout Kt'ttlnc "uts- ,if!(iiy lu'lp, t'ndi'r «uch fondttiii!->: \ hat ''-.jiro wo corning to*' \Vlih uli'.-i,! '-\JH'< r»-d to Innd nt $2 or tlbo\(\ v.illi h< ;iu.« llliit OIX'O Hold at $_.n» !H'-U ;-i Hlim' wholwilo ut 19.00 or ;tb<j\«', v:!'; <i,in )"<»kint; toward tht< dollar mud;, t'ttix arTnTntftJio 50 cont tail. IVobtibly some of IIH would-have Komo bad hours, if we couldn't forsiot, Tho Prophetfttown Kcho tnke« the 'election rciMilt harder than tiny pnpcr In tbis wet Ion. Cheer up, Porter,' We ntlll huvo llllnola and It la uoiuo com belt, believe me. , 'Thanks, nwfully. Ing. ' IH now' HO high thnt it wlJl ci'mt'iit loant a Jiuiulrcd d<4lcuii to go nortlr Imntliiff deer ami Kill your I)cat friend., • f PLEASE UNDERSTAND (Contlniicd from 1.) rate's to roach tht» snmft pool»l<> by post fainl or other printed n>at- * ''***•"* to tho r*»Ktilar prlto of.prTn'llinK vviiliouf tuiy .Question... <I_.-._ Tftrso Bnm« twordo do not aHir~thd job t»rlnlor to donate his services, they do not nulc tho coal man to donate coal, they don't ask tho-Kiwer to do- tiatt* flv« hindiol* of potnto^K, th«>y nro rt'siily to pay evcryljody «'lw* but tho newspaper for HH Hcrvin-s and The pay roll probably oach would run hnlf ., tho growrlcM stores In Unvn. ________ _ ___ (__ ...... ._ __ _ _. __ - liii;!,trato oi.u*<» inoro. . A ilh- lun>t> >,)f coal out of a btitihol roprt< sonts a certajn inoiu'y, «A »ln- Two-tone Boots all the There's "a touch and a pleasing "swi the graceful lines spic, span, smart new that jevery well dre*sed woman I< seldom finds. Just now we are prettiest and dantisst color com! ahoe-craft has designed, color that every one can easily be cleaned Considering Quality Me Our Prices Are The GREBNER'S SHOE f AMUSEMENTS "Vbutlon to the campaign ' waged ^ SOCIAL AEJMIBS :) ^ i • — \-* murk, ?!.'*• I. at whr»i«'Malo around ,'i.t",:,, with I i and t» -ntrt dtiuni;. the winter, ' t-r<»fiin vi-ry high, upplr-n n biiwht I ujjd not very d at t!i;i!. whnt urn' wo coming to i'ii the t'urwors thi»m«plvcu aro unit- bn. n«-,vs licriuiM* tlu-y cunnut get tu !M-I i. tlc-ir f.urriH running pro- h .' 'i'hif* in ti ijiKviUcw for and It «crlously 'tv uii "i j rcr.mtry, ' u anotuor throughout the BOTH LOST OUT. what w Uo tlw»' tha P j;ft out of tho <""«llfor- tu ulilii BANK WALL THE PECPIE PRE-NUPTIAL SHOWER ' Miss Eliie Mercer Wan Hoqortd Again L*ct Evening. Mls« Klsle Meryer W«M tendered fin- other pretty preMuJpHul eourleiwy last At r«. Arm in KiuiKer, heiwlf u bride of but a few wm-ks, and AllsK Rtljel llersli enlertainlnK ten girls, member* of tbo A, o. l>. Hub.' at tho Znnger home. Tho affair wns In tho nature of a miHee!lnni.>oUM shower and Mien Mere* r weUed many ptetty «nd useful nlftN. The linger home W»« to«tofully dec« orated in hearts and ke\vpie», u red mill white color nihemo being carried out. A uftlnty wuppor wa« wrvcd by Ihu jicmtiwon, table deeorutiorts enrry- Ing out the jsenerul color tschenu', HOUSEHOLO_SCIENCE CLUB Of Ha-rmon Wai Entertained Thursday At The E*klc Home, Tho ^larmon " llounetiuld ^cleuct> Club met HI tho home of Mrs, Urlion KaUle, Tbur«.duy ufternoon, Nov.' Uith. owing to the absence of thw president! «Hed, Tho mib- Bio poirtto- out of a wick representM f cortiUn eoHt to thourocer. A HJn^jl yard of rmmlitrto tho mcrchnnt repre »enlH a certain cost. A single line o type to Tho <!n«ott« eoMs us much o mora-tlmn tho lump M roul or tho po tsito from the grocer. Tho c>onl denier co«l4 hnnd out .on liitjip of Coiil and. mwer feel it. Tlr *Ero«:er_couJil donate n potnit.u thi? trier chant could donato u junl of mu«lir nnd would never kiu>«* tho difference but if n thotiwind peoplo iislu>d for a lump of conl wich, the coal deale would have to refund to domito a thotiKnnd ItimpH, the grocer would re fuxo to diiffnto n "~t4ioiiMind potatoeH the' im-rchnn< jvifujd refuse to donate Lines of typo cost just .the same af potatoes nnd conl. Line* of typo con vt-y u «or\lfo, t-nrry nntUvx to peoj>ln the afternoon was "Hand EARNING FRIENDSHIP v "\\V Jill htnvi' aftt-r tfase niul cuiui'oil, « aihl \vc \vi>li our t'ljildrcu Io lu'ivt. iht'.st} . thiiiy>, lint Ilii'y miu-l he earuotl hy suiitt; OiiC. TI«i> huiil; N^H^oiiconra^t 1 and Miui- uliiti* \oiir c;ti'ilint;' powtT, ami will t;ii.- tltvivur t« «'nru your t'rieiuKliip. .,_ Make a bci-'jiftiiiti,'; \\iih u^ lotlay, aiul , fi'ii'iitl ul \»»u, We cordially-invite y*our business., State Ifta'nk'of-Sterling; t ./ »•«,>,_-_ ~i. _. *^ K, i!. \'.\."s" ;> \'..', fi -. t'ost." ' A nolo by Mr~. llendricks t\n« nlho enjojed. The' next meetituf will bo held I»ee, 7th ut tho Imme of .Mrs, H, \\". Lmujr, one week earlier, "owing to the l-n> vuunty hiMtit'utu, A FAREWELL PARTY Mr«, Bert McCune W«i Pleasantly Honored Last Evoning, \Villiuiu iletitiett entert«,lned of mcftitiKH, in which they uro Inter- eNt«'d, of bniuinrt, nnd of nil forniH o ndvei'tlslnK. Tho flaseHo could dunute one lino of typo or «no hundred llnva <jf tyi'** nnd would not feel It. Hut when jM-opIo lnnl«t that Tho fSa- setto mu.«t donato Inuulredo of lines of type, tbouHuudu of lines of typo ii the pournf of thcv yenr for their ex- clunU-0 Ix-nHU and nt jut Immense rout t«i Tho UsiKctte, it l« ttltHolutely. IIOCCB- i.nry. to nill i> Juilt. People pay etei>body ulm» with whom do InfsiineKH tor uvery «ervlct< they ru- iput!»t except .tho dally ntnv«pajwr. Just (iiH» inor* Illustration. Suppose every tlmo the Jitney o«m« uloriB peo- p|n would, climb in and tnkn u rldo free, how JoiTgr would ft Jitney last. Nobody thinks of doing thnt sort of thing, yet K«od and IntclllKeiit women mid bis und brulny bufdnebs men will como to Tho (Siuetto uflleo and for :tst.. i-j. <»> <i- 3£M,«* , M>Vi ntl Indict* lit n, chiintiiu« last eveuliiK «l her hoinii on u venue In honor of .Mr*, iiert 'Mci'u'ne, who will Mion move to Chicago, Uur- im? ih»> cvcmnjB ib« Indies were en- iH-t^jH'd with VJ«'troiu miihlc. • .. The hi»-ir(!i« wei'^ed duljcioim ivfrcwh* riii-ntH. MI'M. MI Ctiuo..\\jll (to to her iii'» - homo with Ihu hem wi»hea t<f itiuiiy I'i u-iitlH. • • i "" MR, CURKJURPRISEO Friend* A»»i»tod Him In Celebrating Hi* Birthdsy. J^ivsi'ttu'e Cial'k Wu» iilctl*><llitly blU"* l«it.»>i'l l.iai evcuiUK *il his hiijitc t»n l*u~ i uci i.-.tii'i-t |iy u psuty ol tv\eut,\ *ti\e fiti'Mdn whii gathered fo «,»<?«lf<l him Jll .-..)..I,j.i!..iii; hi i tweiity-fUft blrthduv liiiim-K ,Uiil a Keiu-ial. f{<'i»t liill«» \\rle M (i">i>ui' nir. wen- 1'ijM.d. Tin' ^.n-.'it In-Ill.; ,i,Mi''ii/, tin- |u(. , • ' THE SENIOR SUPPER - lkif\. Lvciunu ut the High School Wau Vci y Successful. ii'i'i i }U»n li-.l cvttiu.! 1 , .'( tb" t u!, I till, HI ,(Ml"i •> >'^, it ' I ,1 ,1' J .. , - ii ill i I I.-U .1 .it t ,1 .. , I I 1 , Vl ! !»• J'l n i .l t i . tS.I i -I' I .t . ! - I'i > ' ) • Vi 1 riduH (Jttxette for tho benellt of «omo or- KHiilxutlon with which they «r<> 'con neetcd und «•> nwiiy tnudder thn'if a wet ben lHH'.tUM« tin 1 hei'\ice la not grunted. • ' Tho newspapers hnvo been foollfdi In tho past br'r.w'iso they buvo borrowed money to giv« uwuy u nervico tftr which tho peoplo In other aro perfectly willing to pay hndjCwel they KhoTdd" pifyT' • t ~ Theses remsirkt* are made In all kindliness und all IriendlincHu but tho eon- fa< Jn« tho urn that hereufti-r .tl»y imi«t ehartw for t belt' '«<er» ices When* they uro niven«t(» private tarliert or orKiinUuliouH whleh' art* prhale uud not wpeti to the pubMc jUHt the-»«'inu"iii4 oUier luihincas b.iUHctf ch:it'?c \\ bi-n they fc'i'idcr any uc-rv Ico of any l^ind tiitinjluidy, CONQRESSWOMAW-BANKII. PUTS PAN ON KODAK MEN Mihitouht, Mont, Nov. ,1X. No mun- pict(Uet> »!'(,» tu tint titketi by moving |iictui<« mew tind pri'Ki j'huti'Kraj'hcr* Kf ftli«M Je.inuc(l« , H-u'Mn. Un i; -+il><t \viinuiu to bi' eHVicd to llit< t'tiltvd ittvely "} lu b ! !«," I'i JilluW' I")*' 1 If aiii^ vv ill Jsnt li'ine nt -it ,i!i<i<nd>" .'i.Uii Ali^^i i:.-i'J.ui. Tin- hl.u U in \v!o. h Vbe t'\< If- piiuolled bv < .tun i.t nil u Ili-t i ii'lc.ui b .ph i , ' \. tn • d ^!i>": , i. IM, o'ii>.h,i ••ti'-* ln-r ..-. ,'. f < ' WANTS CONVENTIONS AGA.IN. H.;,. .s, Mi, n , .*.'••* ' iv l-.'!« .i.-tit,:- ,t »• \si- ; i in- i" ' i li.,;l i it'll ' I' 1 ,MI, " <! • t 'i ,', i:, • , 1 j h!r n ' I it" > » < , . ~i -.'. ,- J i- '•! ^ .1 it 1 . ! i .11 11! r . t,, ; i. . / i i • -,.: • .' i ) " ;, • , . *t l n > i I ' i , 'i !..' II. !• {'i'i « • i• ; •. ii' •• - (<• i j i;' '• ..' .,t :; :• l;i < ! .. ; •!') «:'.-> i LITTLE PEGGY O'MOORE. tlte-bl#jst'»t -thea-trk'al In yuntm J» "kittle J !ai?titnst tho dniK « < vll nnd denlH uot !with the driiK habitant the AKaln," comidUteH tJie bill. '. T. ,« u .i.."—.faijnia :~War4-. - O'Aloor«C' tho nttractlon mannser Geo. OlmHtcad Jia^i bonked for the Atmdemy on Tue«d«y, Nov. 21, Thin piny has ForBesI "The Gutter MttKdalene," ti vivid picture of a-pluiuo of city life repleto \vlth stirring ndventui'o nnd romance. Tribune Newit Is also shown. bocn BWeepInK iK.-roH.H the country l(ru\"" ]•• Wednesday—H, XJ, Warner und Kuld n trail of ghwlnes-* hohlm'I that IslMnrkey nrc stnrH In In thai hJatorv of tluswrl- culu. In hln»>»t every town played this JK'riHon th« houstv manager ima been re«|tie«»ted by his t'nIrons to book date e_TJIr»fln?huruc« ter "IVjricy" IN one that will win your heart nnd ono y«?u will never tiro of " . In New York recently one lady na slip entered the* thcntrfi told tho doorman tliat it w'fl.8 her.llfth visit to ueo foggy UIIH year, she mid "I jtmt her and h»r <|tiatnt Mays and and wlKh that I coiihS see her every night." . THE LITTLE GIRL NEXT DOOR. Hero l« what two t'hlcago about the si'nsmtlunal Him, called i Lltth,! (Uri.Ncx l>oor," made from teporta of tho Illinois V'ico Commlu'- aion, which Hhowed yenlerday afternoon und evening tuul will \>v rept-uted Uiis afternoon ,«ml tonight with two lir.W« ut tho Academy of Mu»)o: The JU'V. Klmcr Lynn WilllaiiiH, pna- 43." the w«ir *tory of _a «py In tho ' posltiR' 'ua an American corrt»spondent. IWWolf Hopper In n, Trliingle comedy, "Alummy and the Girl," complete* the tor of tho draco Methodist clnirch, f'hictiKo. wrlten: 'It' 'you relied u ray of Thumlay an unujiually etriinu drnma in offered in, "Unto Those Who Kin," ft heart .Btlrring draft) u of a woirwLa's love for sold. Also Burton Holmes Travel Picture, Friday, "The Kvll Thereof" IB shown. This screen play dlplctH tho human tragedies und degpulrH thnt.exlMt in tho back wound of life and thul aro Forster? Vuneral D«v Call. !nt«r«Ut* f pressed Into every dollar bill. Cartoons are alao Bray . The last offering of the week IH one of tlm strotiKeHt features. ."Tho Child of Destiny" with Irene l-'enwlckv' VAUDETTE THEATRE. The followlrifir prosram will be nhown at tho ( Vaudetto ThCatro, ov«ify <luy next week:. Monday, .William .Fox presents Theda Uara In Quida'a ma«terpleett mate that n ,r crete r»nid rti more than u mil«j road ami that ti; In upUvep «f at" the ftr«t live y«an^J ten ycttrif $7,000 or Two FlaKH," Mlsa Uara, an OlBsirctto, tho UUIo.Kr.cnch dnimhter inlii n "f tho regiment, has uKuln tat you H for rat purposes. Tho report of tho Huiiato Vieo Com- hnw dono this very thing. Wa inform tho boyn und It we aro to proton them, lilt th* devil with HIM eraiih? nnd you will not Iwvo to light 1'lin with tho erutfh." Tho JU»v. ». Ifrni>hlH|ihuni, of tho Mouth I'lUU "Tho in'eHentMtlon of thin .picture will do morn for the c'auso of morulUy .linn ull tln» reports ever lik-d. It is uii'd to conrclvi* of tiny mini leading ,i sirl into wroiitf dodijj ^fter watching lie incxorublo wnrklitK out of tho inor- ihu urt which muKow herlhc forernvnt KCtress in tho films. Also ono-ruel uomody. - Jdatlnco-4J and SU5r nlgJU 7 ami S:-iS. ^ Tuusduyf .MuHterplctures p r « n c n t >largaret Courtot In "Feiithertop". 14 *trud» m.-tmifm'tured in Kuliable for concr there nr« no »ev«r try It la proposed- Tougli The toughust wording to forest that of tho oaage l i U l-iw nH'tohowiiTim tlus screen. Jt J» ihui nny girl should open lie door to de»trhf||on ut'ler having «<ou" wh«t~U»»s bo- Vhn, jueiut't* hu« ibe ioii of ti"j;rMil play !l " il tho sledge i.unmcr t»f trtfth." LYRIC THEATRE. llui vvi'rli beKiiiuiiij.? lay, Xov. 2«, li»e L.vilc llieutru (n Hock" r iiiljt bus iU'JUHMed nil t'AM'llfin JU'O- ^r.-»m. The. idferiuif on Monday is 'When tho MiJiiuti'i' I'uiuo to Town," \ hi.-U IH « laiMh iinnjiu'er from fcturt ti imihh, Tljcro i;i» ,jil«o 11 litiw Univcr» al Wci-kly. Tueaday in the iln»t eph uik> vl' Hw great l ! . 'H. 'serial, "JUlb- rt,n," und 1» <-ntltled "The Fungs of iu» Wt.ll'." uu -\\VdtVHUiiy. Violet icivcDMi i« sten in "Tius Angel ut' tliu Vt.tlci" nnd «. line cuinedy ,feu1ur!ny j Mur.ju u»d I'Mdle l*>on», "Tht 1 i>H- v'lSnti.m. Thuiwdfiy'i* prognim Jit- blde» Kiim,iirtf'Ji;ut U) -the "Lie Sti- beautiful production of the heart Interest drama by 1'utd M. Uryn In tlvo acta. Also travel series. • 8f>e Amur lea ilrst and cartoon comedy. .Matliieo 2__find 3:45. nlkht 7 Biid 8;45. Wcdneuduy, ji«w VHuduvSHc, threo high class* ucta. Another big feature act that is known all over the country •"Hurry Urookft 'und Co.- -"Tho Minstrel .Man." Thia Is a Ntandat'd net und cornea direct from the bin clllm Also JJerlHJit Camp,^ eccentrlo black fui'« 1 ~vinHtttet ; l*eo comedian. lin lio e* Kj n-." w hich I'hotopluya! "Thu (Jrip t»f Kvil" f«'Htur- Miss Jttckle yatinder« and Kolund Itol- tomley; also jA>Jiesomu .Luke comedy, Shows 7 and t»., Thur»<|uy, hi^li clnsu vaudeville and specinl featurf, "Wtith IlldU-y Returns," slurring Kdwaxd Coxt-n und- .Llziitit) Thome. " ' >. Friday, new vaudeville, tljrce jtrwit acts. Also don't miss "The Yellow Menace" und latest \\vcl\ly News, yh«'>w.H 7 ftiul 8, Saturday, matinee und jil^ht, hi|;lt >'l(isa vjiiidevlIlM, Alan special feature, "il'omo Fulka," aud extra, .leriy edy, "Jerry and big -hows, « l$andU»." Thice to .1:16. NEW ZEALAND ROADS TO BE OF CONCRETE! *.v.; It-its U!' to «l:tte ihan.fh»se »( New /.<•••»-• l.»»u', pruh,ib}y will bn KITI-HM t'l in team 'th;»t tliu jtuuhonticM tlu-re t-iu- .... , ' Ui'iul comniltudniierit In thin t i Mruu^. K'atnre ni in <ilsii u ccin- «'f (>' the UtJtK,"'' whu \i hi ultiacilUK i , >Ui . a , )tl< ""-' l i •*' [.,,.,,, t,» adopt concrete an .i n»;u! build-. «'l, umin.: \ mi-it b«mid«y i* Ai , m . u , liHl , .,.,,„ Am ,., 1( ,„ r,.,,si,i' ra.ta.tuU. i'"'l'>"' "' n«>-^l''ry ( ""•« H , ; , ,„,:»> n't Au< kliuiil l.-J-uftH «„ ii..,. tij I 'i,ll-i M-IH r, • ••llil fill i'MClU-Ilt i <i'll ' THE CJHANO THEATER." TIL- lu ui H.'-.'IH 'it "» O i, ' Ji.iu'f i 1 !i • ..().iat-i il tin' '••(•••u iui, \ • \ ., ',,,." in i- i tin i", i ••>' v, ) i \i i i >\ ! '.'isiit .| N"! m i T liiu r*i 'I'll, \l |l I ill <t • !' .' .11! |t J ! » I',,)! .'•,« r UH It is , • u.i Ui- ,th:U tin 1 .lullxiriiti ; in ,'\ b ».* thf .viihjc. i us K""«l«n'-ni.< • .; thai thi »t> aro ejiftijiilal tu ilt'r t nt i'f' the n-tiiuivr i -U lit ^|f tbe 1 "ii*'ii i>l" i mn'r< (••» r« i.I ; -j,': i ir- IM ',!•!• jll! •''' ll,'- I *! M« .1 f • , ' ' I ' I' I t t , • t « !'r j^ ' V' .'' )* i! tl ! I! I- fl .', i ,,1 i l.i .-l.i.'i t Kee Y01 nt (lie j ^wtabM H« for a other rwjgiii Tfl«'« uj* t by sly fragr li«htful niiila 4 t'ur iviint'inoiit, '/,\'il hottlutf *i Hen Dru Th,,'

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