Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 18, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1916
Page 3
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My. ta, mi. |SiMlLrSAZEfTE tt,LMf0IS, SATURDAY, NOV. 18, 1918. MCE Block Whose MISSIONARY SOCIETY v.Jj-i Tin** TcPH Mrs. A. r>jrs/>- ,,'h (,',-«.; * Tt?w1;vy I 'f-rtnifinn i?t f n/-/"n:inj ftf HTfK Nov. 21-«t" r FENTON NEWS Meeting Coming. aver the IP- W* Block will be- ; at ten o'clock r»t j ' ; nt t!tf Friday Afternoon— Fine Given. .'•' !(-;>» (11 R .Tin-it it-r-y nre <Mrtp in [!••*-« NrsSio'-s nfii! TTnirrfr: itherinc Block £97, near Men? l*st dftU(?ht«*r of nt M«n(*. years njtt> *>h<* !«tf*# country with Mkrty yotith |;J»rd in Member of th<» fldelHy rtl the day of her I Sit. 8h« «h »nd to her dutiful, Mir»»ntfl, a tn»« an Indus- **r to h««r ffclthful child tho Bmnc, an well •'•he wnt »h<» •. The bpftrt h*r AD fcoon i made. A char- way K be tnlsapd willing 1 and fts otic, I and my with us hnvn t ttmonur un la and the place Mho It« jr<XH? dough* •later a lovlriK ;true friend, the the IhP r*»ir- ^Church it fn)titful have lout und urtiin* Hho hud isto UK nnd wan hor ; tru f'f thi- M ffr«l;l V nft< !>• \V If Ihvnrtf A T'O! «,«.,-(« ', !ji>fnf"< and ih*' th<* Btiiith .iirni rn<mntr»ln « Itif*' A sfor'y -was (rif t!>ro'»Kh tfi iJfTfnt tr"rk -tfrry nn* •-rfntrrtt in and f'hrlst Irinizinq; Kmma <»f»i'lnff .cat Mr. ;,v,,( M,-., l\ |-"ri«l:iy l.n.TP l.< J-Vvi-I- !••: f' 1' THE LADIES' AID SOCIETY. t-.'f 1^»i>*>«' -AI<1 «of-iffy of Uif I". R !."l.-iy Cur lvr-u r.-f ,-n; south. v <-?irh r ERIE NEWS j Mr PENTON BRIETS. rtn.i M« -> .. K.iric I'li-r 78 Cent 4 Eje Glass, Chains ot Reels, 50 Cents I can save you money on. \ " Duplicate Lenses (nlk r»r> wlmt th<» nnil Kirlx ftrr- nt f*«-k Orfthanasv. nonr Polo. r fhf riroirrnm a nm-inl tfrrif! i»njoypd anil cifilnty WAS THE GUEST OF HONOR Birthday of Mi»s (Wary Finn'isum Was Celebrated, Mr am! («t !-;M;t T«-n!<o/-! urifll S;itiiid-r»y «-;(•< a p 'ff.' U'riiriK ;ind ie ivt (f)^ li-i M."»r.v Fitinicwm fhf T honor sit n tmrty pivr-n tYIrtay Rev. RECEPTION GIVEN Antf- Family Lmt Large Crowd Attended, A reception \\~nn plvrn ll<n*. Hlmlotcr ftnrl fnmfly lust evcnintr nt tho Methodist chutch. The affair waft in the nature »f a fruit shower. Much cannr-d fruit, apples and jwitnlnp* wprn Riven « minister and hlrt family. Them tva« n very la rue crowd t« w*»!romn the now minister. A fin? program wns irlvon. A. L* t'of, In hchnlf of thf> members of the church, Rave a welcome* spcVoh. Mm.. J, fantlin played a vi»rv xwcct iilano solo. Hrv. follln, of tho K\>urth Ht, M. R church of merlins, RWVO a lendld talk In In-half of tlif» other HterllnK churches. A piano polo wnn srlven .by Gladys Host*-. Miss Orfte-hcn luck wing a solo" which rvpryono cn- oyert. llcv. Blmlster co.ncludod tho trogrant with a few remarks. Aft«*r the program the time was ijmnl socially, nnd refreshment* wore ,1-rvcd, 0, E. S. THjMBLE CLUB Held MtMinp With Mr*. Sowltt—Af. ternoon Spent In Sewing, Tho Knsforn Htn.r Thimbln Club held ning by hr>r sister, Mr». Hay The party wu« In celebration of Pinnleum's birthday nnd was a corn- to hf»r. The young PPO- wfw-Jnvlted to Mrs, liensi 5 p. m. nntt when nil hud Mlp(t Mnry wn* spnt for nm on nrrivinir was jtreeted by her friends. Thr» tfm«» wns pn*.««d •with music nnd floclnl time until'''", when n luncheon was nerved. A IB ornnmented with holders, the . Mts. A, \V. K-lliotl. fif riifilon ii<5 ;iti HTTtvn! TlmrscJ:iv nvi-nine tn,, and n delicious birthday candle* In nil llehted, nnd na flint as they burned out, the rnke was cut with a candle on each piece nnd the sliver holder* Klven an favor*. Soon after luncheon the fruesfs went to AHRembly hnll toj attend the jrnme of basket ball, lenv- pretty Kiftn "for Ml«* Mary, nnd th«»y liad onjoyoi! n very pleasant evenlnjr. Thope present were: MINMPS ICdlth and Nntntle An- der«m, Kara Mnjcter, Dorothea Mc- Kntlro, Helen and Kufh Itooth, Eva 1'nrnell, Mnry Jidmnon, ttuby 1'fund- steln, Ulndyn Mahana, and Mary Kln- nlr^um. UNDERWENT AN OPERATION. Erie relatives have received word of the serious Illm-ii/i of ,Mr«. Herman Hnuherir. of AlKonn, luwa. 'Her mother, Mrs. James Mahann. wan called there about three weekn KRO to Yffvrt 3Tr«: "'A1T>TTr-;Tnm»'>r nrrii Mr: nrnt Mr*, ("liver ,(iii<lan. Mrs. Harry <'«»nprr nn<I S'KM. K^nne find Mi?t«i A linn Cooper wfi." very p\t-t enterlni'ned Sunduy at (ho hni Mr, and Mrs. Wcwlcy foopor nn«' Mmlly. Mr. nnd Mrs. Willis Null nnd three children, of Morrison, tferre very plf« fthtly fiitfrfjilried Fiundny nt the homl* of Mr. and Mrn. ,t. A. Kwers. Mr. and Mrs, Dnvld Monlton. of Mor- rl.ton. spent ^nturdny nt the home uf J^lr. nnd Mrw, ThomnK Nr-nry. Mr«. Hnrry Vnn l.'yke and dnu^iiter, Ml«ft Annie, drove to Morrison K;Uur- dny nftfrnonn nnd »)j(| «?omi< f>h'>pplr1ir. John HuriiH wn«t n btt*dn<><<<t .visitor fti M(»rr!son Monday, lutviiiR some dent- Hi work done, Mr. nnd MrH. Willinni Keegan Jir" the pnmd parents <>t nn 8-pound sort, born Thtirt><!ny mortilnK. Mr. nnd MrH, Will Miller. fCfie, spent Sunduy nflertmnn nt the home of Mr. Mlller'H mother, Mrs. Jane Miller. Mr». IIIPX K^rr, of ftlntnn, town, wan iln arrival \Vedm>Rdny nih-hf nnd is be- I»IK rntertHlnett at the honu> of br>r dHUKhtf-r. Mrs, .1. K. l.ikfa nnd family the nt'. a fine meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mr*, W. J, Su\vien on 2nd for the ftuure avenue. There wn« a very good atten- eould look onto I dance. In two weeks the club will t It was lPTfeT*~thTiv«rTr"pIcnTe~"SnpP« r f~S'l~ttfiS" and -Maker, i hall. Ifl full of ltop« ~ taut Thursday 1 that she VMIS tie nurgooiiH had I?labor and were htr ey«Mi to new Ily renton'd to it * nhort time, it death, never Uhl« llfo, What <auinot b« d«- Tho <iriftrnoon"\vAJr«r>ent In nnd In n soda! way, Delicious refresh ment* werti Herv.pd. Mrs. !•'. II, (Jeyer. Mrs. Itobt. • blttor n» ^i. morning hale In tha cold quick are the : bow rutta and if».a« Chri*« and a con* ',. all thin eent serve u» and th» pain and w« .taken her-to id b*cau*e of Jth we can bo tiff in Je«u« wa *haJI nllneo St: ti' tier death her lien, her 0Uter; brothers and iUve», Her and Mm. «.'*,' IT, (Jectlng iwsinlcd Alra. fcowle» with |ho entertaining. TO ORGAJYJZE TEAMS R«v. Simi»ttf Appointed Manager Of B«tk«t Bill T«am». -''After lite reception In tit evening Ihj In taking cnre of her. She wiv« np» parently recovering when other con>- |kllcatlonH developed und I-tlday. her Condition Ijecame so critical that nhe wan taken at once to Chicago, where boy«'' claws of • the Methodist church appointed Ilfv. .Sliniiacr inunaKor of their basket ball toaniK and Glenn Tench captain of the llr»t team. Th« boy« have purch«8ed a now ball and tonight at tho McNeil hall they will have a practice, at which time will pick out the beat player* for tho first team, . , ; M.-W? A. , A, DANCE «n~o(w>rwW»n~waJt- .performed _ pita! Haturday afternoon. A telegram received Hunday here by-her brother. Warren Mahana, stated that the operation was «uecennful and' (dm was doing as well ns could be expected at that time, ERIE-BRIEFS. A mlantuteine'nt wan made regarding the d<»legatea to the Htate Federation of Women's clubs «t Champaign thin week. Mettdamcti BIlKabeth lilagg and Lillian Cnrnteimon were appoint- for n few dnyw and makinj? qunlntnnre of her new Misw Nellie t'n<i|>i<r attended the tenchrr's tn.othnte In Morrison Thnr»- dny and Krldiiy, the primary ftrnden had it vacation. Walter McMullen )H spendinjr « few days with fricndn in Clinton and Fulton, n Mm lllnrk returned home In Tro- phetKtown MundHy «fi*>r spending a week at the home of hnr son nn<l wife Mr, nnd Mr«. Floyd Ml«ck. Mrs. Wesley Cooper am! son spent Friday nt the home of Mr. and Mr*. William Cooper. Urn. Carl Mi-nkel and twin bovw spent 1' rldny with her mother. Mr«. Kdwln Florence. Mrs. Peter linsh and two children were pleasantly entertained Friday In Morrison by relatives. Mr», Amanda Allen, of Lyndon, is er-~rfniij?bter—Mm—William . .-.Alr....and...Alr«L Kurle Florence wrre passengers to Davenport. I own, Tuesday morning t<v spend the day at the home of hi« brother. Hoy Florence and family. Clarence Turney npeni Tuesday afternoon In- Erl«?. •' LOW PRICES SHALL PREVAIL I do not believe the prices usually charged by other optical concerns are too high, but I do believe as a rule not enough attention is paid to those who must of necessity purchase low-priced glasses. - • ,*, . .. , ; ^ My Policy I shall cater to the masses—not the classes. I shall sell many moi^glasses from $4.00,downward than from $5.00 upward. If expenswTglasses are purchased I will make it easy for you to get the best. Open Saturday evenings. DR. GOULDING, Optician * Formerly manager Siegel Cooper's Optical Department in Chicago. FIRST AVE. AND EAST THIRD ST., STERLING, ILL. Over Obermiller's Store, BELL PHONE 101-W 10 day*. May !iJne % upon her. fiONAL. acrvlee, of Stertlhg, vlct, ChriHttan will t>« no ovw- P IPATED :PJO«" can't imoh or ft wick child . win not f to empty their ii<Mrg«d up with «tomach M«iqu«r»do Dance Last Evening — Prize* VV*r« Given. The Woodmen and tho iioyiil Neighbors KUVO .R mnMcjuernde dunce taut evening In tho Woodman hall. There wan a very larKe crowd in ntteiiaance, MUa Margaret Mr.wrer wan KIVPII tlu* pri*o foJ* the preitii?«t coBtumo and Melvln Murpjiy_tho pri*o for.tho mo»t comical • coat u me. Them .were some other funny outfits and thiii helped to make nioro fun, BIRTHDAFDINNER Qiv*n Mrs. W«§hburn» Yeaterday At TheHema Of Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. fieri Wilson entertained fourteen ladies yesterday nt a dinner party In honor of Mrs. M. I* WnHhburno'e birthday. . The afternoon wan upent in 'sewlnR «nd v crocheting. Mr*/ Wnshhurne wns K'ven n beautiful linen tahlo.cloth In remembrance of the occasion, • . «i\, but fouml it would noT~lH» venlenl for tludn to-iio, and the Krle club wan there/ore not represented. Mrs, T, D. MoMUInn, of Kewanee, Is visltlnff her mother, . Mm, M. 1». Boon, and nlxtcr, Ml«« I^etlia, thin week, . • Mrs. Etta Outlirio, of Muncatlno, la., wa». an over Sunday vlullor at the home of Mr. and Mm, Kirk Thompson, . '" ' , Mian Brtld Hannon, of Davenport, upent Sunday with her parent*, Mr. and Mm, C. D. Hannon, Kir. a'hd Mrs; Clarence Cole, of Rock iMlund, returned to their home the flrijt of tlw. week, aftef a few days' visit with 15rlo frli»n*'n and relatlveii. MJBe Ueryl. Hubburt, who IH attend- Injr school at Mt. iMorrlB, cam« home. FV^day evenltiK to remain, over 8un- 'day. ' '.Mr. and Mrs. John Hawk visited relative's ni Morrison from Thur«day until Hunday. Fred Mubbart returned to his home, aL.lluard«lown Saturday ovenlnwr, after P«rt of the weclj with his mother. Mm. Virginia Iluhbart, mid L«. K. Ma»tl'iew«, SOONTOPREPARE injj ernment concession, arc telnj; trained aboard their ships by reuular navy otficerii and benlden must take n*train- Goes Into Effect In Brazil On December 1. ABLE BOOIEDTARE CALLED More Than 50,000 Enlisted For the First Call f-pr^Volunteer Service. - By .II. B. • Kobertnon. (United Prc«w» Staff CorreHpondent.) Mlo l>i< Janeiro, Nov. J»,~-"1'repaiv ediuutB," an a theory t« no longer open to rttHCU««loij In Hragil. The blp sonthi ern republic IIMM KO»O in -for "miUtnr- and nho has gono in witl'i «-n- inif cruise on a battleship or (minion *hl|j. each year. The volunteers for the naval reserve enjoy the wiiue jiriv- ileKe.i as those in the army. ; Perhaps tho strnngi-nt 4 fcnture of Brnjil'H adoption of the compulwry service lies in the fuel that tins man t»r III* owned. «,d r^SS'S-^OUSE-SiEM^^ .wHiclL.-tnicnUe under K oy- F | 8Ur ,».6 U nd 217 G. 0. P. Member. and 212 Democrat*. Washington, i>. C, Nov. 18.— Frank 1*. WI«H!S of BECOMEERY POPULAR that reunited In thi>. law'M enactment IM Sr. Otavo UHuo, Hnull'j" greatest living poet. • •Besides being the jsreutOHt poet, Olav Ullttc Is one of Uraxil'H chairman of the Itopublicun foiiKrejid- loiiul coinniitt«'«>. KuiiH that the Hcpub> Ifcand undoubtedly wt'iil<! <-<ntfni| tln« next house of r« i |>n»i»« v nt{ttlven. Hi-p- reMcntntiVe Frank UoremuH of Mlchl- Kan r.htiirmun of the Df.'inocrtnir con sr«<««lonai conuiiltt<>«> (*till maintain the. Democrat* will control, Morton, MnflM., Nov. IS.— Hddlfi and lowu. ft<lnM-« will retail at li'o to $3n « pair In DcniocrntH will endeavor t«> ><fiit Di-tn ocrut.x from Mome «.»f the close diMtrlct not yet complete,: awl jn thin way ket-j i'ontrol nf the lower body. The MJtimtlun IIM it stands lo dnti anrt,hi« J CKmpalgn wn.s fought gives the HepdblieunH 217 and'I ho dtiublo ptirpoHo—his c<»untry'« Kscnits 312, defense aijd hlu country'a cdueatlon. | UepriwmtaUve Doromus, chhirtnui mother! - If p»0)d or doesn't hit» sore aliment, ornlft Syrup its* It and Jn * low poison, «our lift* will gently r have in. -i thor- ' Is ofttltnes all should ba jiny : fig ayrtip*. 1n»ttle of i,**'which luw children of Wn-upH plainly Uwk by th« HIGH SCHOOL TEAM New Suits POP Basket Ball Toam—To Play Erie Next Week. Tli« HlKh school Imaket Imll team B«»iU for Ui^lr HUlt« yestprdny. They MUrte^iJock-wtth omngtt letiww,- Th«» I>I>>'H that Ix'lontf lo thiMt>um are J^loyd N(oti«r, LyJu }*ifi[i<n't, Paiialil Hmlili. (|«id««r IMjijwil, I.loyd KinmonM, Percy inlxtrr nnd i I'uul JuliiiHon. * v Noxt 1-tliUiy tliu buys arn w>\ng tu and play the hljsh school thoru. CHURCrTsERVICES Glen Graham -mid family, of Prophetstown, were guests Hunday of Mr. and Mm, Qlon Sawyer, ' Mr. and -Mrs. Bant Chapln, of Froph- etHtown, were entertained at the Chuir. l.alfio home 'tSunduy. Mr*. Fidelia Kddy, of Ht. lx»uis, is TlHlting her dutiKhtcr, Mrs." U. N, Clarence- Cole, of Davenport, was nlwo a iucst of' Mra. Mason over Hunday. In the Kiitnc of. bucket ball played Friday evening by Ihw Morrison and Kric high wclutolH. the Krlu teurn won by a tinira of 8 to 7.^. CompulBory military service, e«tab-> llshwl by a law pa»Hcd by lln> con- ure«H of 11)08, K°es into efTect Dec. 1, this year, and (f tho remiltn approach lh« prediction^ of the IIIW'H Hpon«crH a million Brazilian ITH<II will |>e trained In nrmn and munetivors within the next ton years. All able bodied men between the agca of^21 and 44 years are subject ttr the call to arms when called they must Join the color*'.or he liable to punishment as deserters. Uy a (johemo of '<«hort, time Korvlcw Vuvors advanced to HIOH.' wh<i- wlMh lo the iwa_yea.r*r servlt-e in the Klghty pur cent of Hrnzlt'M population In Illiterate. To pawn the milltiiry rc- examination,'tlie yoJJliiteiir _ activi* army, however, tht» part uf. Hrazll'.H army i*robnbly-wiU bfi poHed of "volimtoerw." Aforv than Itcv. CHRISTIAN, Thorp* 1 , ' iniiKlo by nutlo quartette. Hpec- iul invitation to ibo«o not attending other Htiuduy Hi'lumls. FriMti'iiinjr «*u'- Vlce, 10'45, Subji't't, "No Iloom for ClirlKtian Kndeavor". G:30. ucrvUo, 7:30 p. tn. Hllbjoct, 'Tin? ROCK FALIS BRIEFS Mri. I'. spent i'Vtd A, \\lliicney, iy- hero with «if Monlson. EMERSONNEWS Thii tcucherH ami pupils of thu Kin- school are- going to give a program «nd oyster Htippttr. -Nov, 29. Mrw, F. (},. Andrea* «nt| Mrs. Jlenry Mammon wpont Thursday Iri ftterlfng shopping, MrH. Hannah Adams and Mr». CetU Furgemm mient Thursday with Mrs, H. U, «ubright. M. J. Ryerson and family were calling in Kmt-rwon WediH'«d«y.. . Mr«. ilanntth -^Volber and Mrs. Jll«'h- tird Hhulta were Htcrling v!»itor» Wwl- nesday. Mr. and Mrw. T. A, IVrklns, of Hti»r- ling, «pent Thursday evftiing »t the II. (i. Itubrlgttt home. Mr, and Mr*. Kdward <)hms have both been wick, but «n« better Ut thin writing. ifty thouiittiid volunteer** enlisted for the short wervlct* between- Aug. l«t and Wept. 30th, thi.s year, and U in probablo that tliln number will b« doubled before U«c, 1st when ten per <H»n_t^ of thotio who did not volunt«H«r will" lie "KriTwiT" T»y~Iiil " for" "compulsory" xorvice. Tiin volunteer and drawing by hit pi'uccKH Will be repeat* d each or "drawn"-soldier-must bo abi«>-lo'r«nd and- write.'ThUBOIavo Hllae ben<>- filed' bin country by. ubtalnlng "cunt" pulsory nnd mlunteer education," The average Brazilian IM IntiMiHcly patriotic if he may Judge from ex- ti'iinilH. ICvery man lakes off bin hat when thu national 'anthem ix bi-lnn played or sung ami he leapx to his feet to do It. 'He ti|is )I|H hat to bin country's (lag and he honors the men -who defended it. illn record of the past in hlH country's service I* a proud record, und-(he wnr« of. limxir*-Iflxtury art*- epic* of heroism and »ucrillrt». "I'TOgrcMw and Order" IM the motto printed In gold on' HrnxlI'M green lla«. In ten years a million men will bis givtim the military ttalute to "J'rogreHH iirul Order"'und .will be Irnlned to defend Its'.-principles. .In that lima lini/,11 In proportion- to its population probably will bo among the-best'If not the be«! "1'rcpnrcd" A'rnerlcan inition, SUES FOR $100,000 ESTATE WON BY SPURING WOMEN Vundella, III,. Nov. 18. — "will lli«- tl»0,00i) i-stfite of (imnvlllio Fletcher K*> to hi«« nephew, Grant. IIH a re»Mlt of u agreement mnd«» thlriy-aeven ago between tho two men that single, would be •if the Democratic congn>t<*lonal campaign committee, receiveii a f ruin Kept'Rstmtati ve: iiamu*l W.I few k~ t>«, DeiHocratlc cntidlilntc for re-elec- iitnt -in tint Kecond .-Michigan district, claiming that n n.t Intake dbtcovered In the uhofficlal- -returns* will glvo him the flection over Mark U. U:IC«MI, He-, publican. WINS THE CLUB POST , «/ 'rr-r^rrf ..m. - „ ' Rockford Woman Heads Illinois Worn- an's Federation. - CIlHIIlpJli^iJi HI., Noy. IS,—Miji.s jA'ssir Hpafford, of-ltockford, I1L, wax cli'dt-iJ president of tin* HliitoiH Federation »>f Wonuin'«« f'luliH'after .a close race in willed four candidates tiKtired. fhe It-d MI-H. -William II, Hurt of Ht-nton by only nine- VOU-H. Tin- vote w<i« IIH follows; MiHK Hpa'fTord, 25l»; Mrs. Hurt. IMO; Mi'w. (H-org.- T, Palmer, of HprlfiBflwId, Jt4; Mr«. Albert Watson, of Mt, V'eruon. 73. 'Mrx. W. n. iiun'ier «a« .-h-ct.'d. r.-i - ordlnu Mcrrctary nnd Mix ' t'b.ub". II Xliniiifiiiinn, retlrintt pr«'M.lini, wa* Heeled fti'wrHI" fed«»r«t»«<n *{nt<' w«cic-. DCM Thr, men of the new army will be divided according to their age*, those between th" aguH of SI and 3i> going tulo the tttBt lliu> of the" active army and, It* ivnerye, between 30 and 37 Into tho second Hue and its r«wrv<?, und hctween 37 and 44 Into the third line mid H« renerv(» or th» national After iiliu* Jems in the active _ bold heir? • Thai is u <(ti(-stioii Judge \\'rlii»n tit the Circuit court, who IIUH l»wn taking lestimbny In a nuit bi ought by tlmni Fletcher. >\Jll deckle in February, OF' CANVASSING SLOW. incH, lu., ,\t.v. JS,— Work of the hallutx i>;r»t by members of I lie Iowa Niilitinul (Uiaid on Mi" Mexican border may nut >>e cutnpiet- •Hi fur » Wct'k, t»'l|«>rH repuiied to the tin- nut far distant future.. acconllitK to the prediction of Ira.linK li-afhur niul Krentvr Hoston, "'I 4 bt> public bafi not yet bcfain to p,»v the advanced price for nlnn-«." i« the Way they nlzo It up, .dull i,_lLaia-._»J[L.lakt_LkdJ!:..4iliii:!i l _Ui *-jc \Vlu-n nhoc-H\ivac^i $30 a pair, wooden sho.cM may become popular. THINKS HEj^AS A PRIZE Jo« Tinker. Grooming 10-Year Old Boy For First Bate. (By United PrcuM.) '..M'i'-aHy... ULv.. IS'uV, IS.—-Jy«J. TJnk'T ihlnlix he has a prize in 19-year-diet 10<r McGinn!*, and i* grooming him for the Urst KiVck {KiMltloii with the I'uhi in caxi- Vic Hi'it>r'» bad eyesight. hats him iii-xt Hcaw>M. Mi-oinnlH In from itowion ;md ilr#t pi«.ved Ki>mi>pro ball In Maine'two years ago. Boston tilgnetl him-last fall und lie pla>vU-iu«t summer with St. .rohnsberry. Vt. • Tinker heard of lit* ploying i.iud grabbed him after toohiiiK hlln over, " WOMEN BEST ON COAXING MI.LK. (My Unlii'd I'ruHH.) , .London.' Nov. 18, — It liun been din- •iivcrt'ij slnci' wuUH'ii bavo |i*'i'» I'lu- iloycd hi farm wWk thai cows an» loiiiJK much bi'tu-r thiirt un«l«<r the eaio >f then. ,i\n iiurlrullurui jmiriwl »ii<~ larew tin- \vornt-n , k»Fow' l|istlnctivi*ly in wto handlt* th« kin** antl k«-fp tin' oviiu" nervous Hystt-in in «oud order ur milk production. OPR( Every For Constipatioii Arncit 'K(<nipt<ter," of I'i; «n( Umt «>vc(iing bei«> \\ilh t'barlew Tabbcil let \cry nick 'with (7f thi hcait. " M. K. DttUdmin went li> Chicago ywiterday fur n week* vlrfit. mm Carbon Coke hard coal. ¥9,00 per ton de< 111 Rock Fails or Sterling. *> " . isf on'lumber^Co. Telephone No, 88 ^ OF ROBBER POSTPONED, IH-trult, Midi,. Nov, IX, -Thu utul of James M*Hltfin,'confe«Heti |^u.iU»r "f the ImnditM who iuolca ilwi_liurmugha ^uy car of |3;',(ioo hew h>»t ,A\iKUbt, wu« ludelJnJleJy p«wiponeii by Kccordcra Judgt* Connolly. Help Nature ttrmv »h« mvn are r«»tlrt'<t to the re- «ei"Vt'. The volunteiTH inv claused uccordm/g to hu\y Ihoy wi«h to »>erye, for 'the two yenr'M wvlie, for ilie-nutiuul limn- I'liveiM und training cump, or for training In M'lioultf aju| in fhuittiug clulm uiuier the fiiNtructliiu of army officorH. Tin* two laltt-c. cluMHC'M inut>t continut* their tralnliiK until Hitch tiuicH n« they an' i ublt) tii'pusji aji army i'e«iuirrtncuti> eximilnntloti. 'riu.t»f who train- nt ih« tldr<N,cbi«s are noi 'compelled lo leave their hiihiijCH* ur occupation UM t)te,v ;<!'(• p<'ititltt«<d l«t drill «'n Wuiui, jj*t, liol- and out uf work huur», 'fdn of Collefjes, M'htudH. uth- leilc clyliK anil nthrr urgauiKnttonK of !<• tttkiliK ii((,Vellti<Ke of <iie third \t>liiitu-«'r I'jKbl jiiid urc tniintnt; under UM- in>.liuction »if olUc«>|.« furt by tin- luiuMiT vt »ur to t IK-SI* SENTENCE COMMUTTED. . «priiiKflBld. III., Nuv. IS. — The JMMI- u>m'(;.s uf John Oukonnkl and VlndlH- Uiiirt NoKawits'chi, tiinitcnced in tliu Criminal f'ouri of t'ook county; in April, 1MU>, to twenty-rive \'i:iif» In iha i«'ii* itcntiury for compileity in tho murder cf a bakery; uagon driver fluting -» strike In t'hicagu .nix yearn »«o, were comnititteil by <U)\irnur Ititnne tin n-c* tiiiiini'iiitallnn. of (lif wUilo initial (if pardon:* ' SHOT SELF BEFORE MIRROR, Qtilncy, III., Nov. iK.--tVlng u minor In «dju«t-a ri(k' AKUlnot M* heart. William Iviry, <R, deHptituleut becuuHc* of ill health and the death of bin \\Ke, (RANORETH to Strengthen the Stomach Thi to Keep the and Bowels Regular 1 1' in I u of HOSTETTER f S Stomach Bitters v Ullll-C fill- till- nifii >n«' ni.iiiein r'i> ijiul tr.tin- l\\<>nlhM a >ear !>»•lilt; i'i>'t|Hf<l ji>;.ilip MTV Ire. uiiil .id, Hi< I (IP |||4<H' vl ">'iH it The t v*» >« .UN' t. tM'i v l< «• i>« bi'iiut -•»' i I'Uipuls-ot y .•x.iini- tfni«- tukioK' I<M!'- " I.l!p,i4i .H'tlM- Ullliy i.Tlll ilV tl!,- \JIIUJ,- ii>* of I? (if tin V iiitd "I. .«;> .1 iliiili'i. ^> it !i>H ll I i- •, • tin. • ui'.<" il i i<|i>Jjlif : < OUCH! ACHING JOINTS, RUB RHEUMATIC PAIN Rub Pain flight Out With Small Trial Bottle of Old - "St, Jacob's Oil" itlii-uHi.'tlj.iiu in "jjiiiu" only. Not OJH> r.tM- 111 itfjy IVI|UlM"« ljlt<T- ual 11 fnuiii'tti Sti<|i .lnu»:ii\K' Hub pt-ut'l rating "Wt. J.-it'n)^ oil" > >niif hiu'.e, 't«uii'. ni'buiji juttiti, tiinl ri'.Hi-f i'iii|st'h iiiMiuutlv. } "f»i .l.tculiH i Hi" in u iiuiiiili*^s I'lu'iiinnt i^in liniment which wv*'r ilii*(jppt>iiil» and can ni>t buro tbV t-klu. l.ililliiT Up 1 t^Ht! cu||i]jlfiilili'i;' IJt-t ,',t ."III.ill lll.ll Itoilli 1 i«f oi'il. li'<IH'il "rit. .fvitobh l"/il" ;it ailj lit UK <*lii(V. .Hitl iil^ "l-t H llli.lHt'Ul, i'un'1,1 ll" fl»-» I'ht'lUU.ilX' lull). liUM >'!!>• •< .<lli| I'«J<Vt H.iJfi I ' iiflii'f' liw.liliH >.ni, ".Si. ,l,ll''«i"( •111" l>l (Ull .1 . (sl'ilil fill' HI I .lll'.t, ti.-iH.ilt l.<, lull)'' il >', >IIH !, it ilf. Blachford's Calf Meal Do not feed milk when you can raise your calves better with" Blachford's Calf Meal And save money at the same time. Have you used any Avalon Hog-Tone The very best worm destroyer on the market. It is guaranteed to produce 400!^ Profit or your money back, If it does not produce the above results, your money will be cheerfully refunded upon returning 1 the iabel 011 the bottle, Carload Alfalfa Kay on track. .IIERK FOR'GRINDING W.fVFLOCK - the Flour, Feed-aild Seed Man

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