Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 18, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1916
Page 2
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.. JIEEUflg. ILUNQtl SATURDAY. ftOV. JS..191g._ Electric Radiators remove tlic cliill from cold rooms innjilFy. _Es- jKjfially v-i '.,«'.ir<« in the- &arnj\e car. No 01.--i fi !•'•>: r'rt rrtdfchAs. \VtII n-ii <] •• i •!• •> titf *iir. Twin Glower Style Pictured, $6 Other Styles, $4.50 to $12, f5 Write f, r Jeseriptivc literature Guard Your Automobile Against Freezing Below, at tlie ri&Ht, we illustrate B handy little Electric Heater for Automobile llnijne* snJ Met* U> Ottifo fora Sw« Of lr th* h«>oJ o{ «oek*t~if <! «b°a» le •« K mtwl t>' on -ho d»Bi*T Of lr*e»itifc or inmtwl t>'P«*. 1 <m miy fc**et}i« w»t«invcmr «.f on -ho coldan ni?ht. Cofof>t*t* with cord und pioA, shipping chaise* »S»ct,*4. ' • af, No mow 1 <m ni?ht. K,,... - K.-.I .1 '.T> (.,'• r. , , , i,f. t,i, ! ,.» 1 it '»* ' •' «. ,-,< ,, II) • - 1'i'U't <•• "'! ' I'" I'll !. i f ( , •!• ; Ti -im* >!••!• I ' . ' t'l i ,,i ,: , 1 — .1. •> t Hi.'° J-v, |/x:,-;n V" J-*T*lfrr""t\ ; .\fi)iu-iJ ronc.rf. ,,f <!'.-?' •• ?•!<-.1 .'i'lt! :tr'J>F"^ <"•' «.;,,,,.) . j ;..'.-.,;-t : ;••.,(. t l j •<•;•; i •" •: ,"• .] "! ri ! "V, *;,Vn" '-, ". tt.-dSr.-.'. 1 .! IN; --ft ' ' "f - - ' '''' ) • B* «» to twieify ikt ttlwfcfl of yot»f Hlhlinjl cin-oit when onterinfc snf J&ctrfeM AppU*1ic« from ElKtftc Shop. ELECTRIC SHOP 72 Wttt,Adenut Street CHICAGO IORRISON ; DAILY~GAZETTE MOEK1SON, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, NOV. 18, 1916, HAD A SOCIAL EVENING l«y»l Enjoyed Proflr«m Af- t*r Buiinen Betsion. f mooting on Thursday evening at Woodman iin.ll and after tbo bu«- rsjUt Bcwlon ti proRrant won rendered fid 6 *ocl«U hour enjoyed. Tho jtro- wn» an follows: no duet—Florence U<>ed and Lola fler. "My Complaint"—Dorothy . KJcwo'O lU;cd mid Mral . . "f'lty iKiioranro — Viorcnco .JMary H«H><], i)orntliy Heed, Cry»- FrOHt and KIur«>iu-o (JomloimuBh. "Poj<j>j' TJnif lit Old Japan"— You?"-Dorothy V,«onif, "Who's enc« Afrith) of ouKh »nd FALL BROKERS RIBS Charles Riley Fall* Breaking Rib And Fracturing Throe, t'hnrlei* Klley wan tin? victim of nn unfortunate accident ft few days aj?o. Ho was filtering tho rear door ->f hl« homo north of, town when h«vneetdent- ly flllpiHH.1 nnd foil "ti a pleco of Icy Walk. < Mi** r>f hi* rlbn wan broken and threw fractu?t)id by tho full. CIRCUIT dOURT ORDERS Nlwww, nat, t lalm 'allowed as of the 7th claHK. . Wolhor"* v». UldRO. Motion for now trial d»«nicd. Judgment on the .verdict in favor of plalnUf a«uUu»t I'rayrr for an n upon til to ap coniplyin« v "Alrn. Urown'sj Visitor" — Jlood.. Dorothy llwd. CrystiU and Floreneo tJ Koyal NolKhhors nnd Wpodmon enjoy (ihoihtT norliil cvchlnjt ha IbdKO rontnH n^xt \Vi-dnoiutiiy P DftnclUK nnd c«rd« will furnlwh for tho evening and imenu wt|l bo eeerved. PRICES IN HOLLAND From Holland Jhowa High Cost i Of LlvWa. f!JH0nry Mcdona rt-ci'lvcd a letter uy from a »l*tcr In Holland toll- fho rfwnt advnnco of prices In country. Hho that .. . B child fl^ht yt'-'irw old had rained ijpric& to $7 a p«lr and barley- was HJnjf «t f 1 n pound and Inrd was U!B( g at $1 a pound. ALL DAY MEETING iie» Aid Society Of M. E. Church ?*> : Mat Thuradny, ijftte iMtliCH Aid Hoclety of tho M. E. held an all day rneotim; nt tho Thuiiday. Two htirrclH of were packed nml will ho sent IiiHtUiUloniil chiurli of i\tty Jara- of canned fruit wer* and sent to^fhe Wesley hottpi- A plcnla dinner wan served at and tho remainder of the day VM vpent in "iNTERJjAINED CHOIR g, Qholr Spendi Evening At 0, A, '. ;• '' Oliy0f Hem«. t)o member* of the M. K. ch«mr were (ttly entertalnwj at the O, A, 'homo Thursday evening. The r reJieamii wa» tsone through ___.. »*oci«t way und~dainty re- wore «orvoU, THg O.JrVT. CLUB Afttrneerr"Wt-Hof*>e Of, Mrs. H«nry AWritt, t). V, T.' riijl«Tvr«^lydo was en- on Thursday at tho hunto of Atdrlt. The ufU',rnoon was In Ht»wliig and dcllol- i w^re served, The meetinK wlll..Ui>JieW^ Jaaivrin, when jftart ihelr all duty °A NEW^ANDINQ MACHINE, JolniHon wat> in I'hlwigo whutv ho purchunud u, ntnv" inm-htnc. U wilt bo court granted rul«» 'of court. " ••• tJlll'crt v». t'tty of Morris""of notion iaU0Hod. Hull with Cause Woodhurn v«*. IlUBsnll, Motion for a new trial jrranted. Vt-rdict »ct «tsld« tuid now trial awarded. - Lcuvftta VH, Vogcl. Judgment on tho vordlci In favor of plnlntif and uga!u»t dofcndunt. :nK nml " r> lU.i t •.'?- riiillip."- HMrirs; and i'f < i * f> Ht,i-:',-v, v» M. W. ' C!,.ifiTt, f..unt\- I'i'-ik |T') l« Tit. ' 'f) lnnf ::••••!) nrrtf-l'i'tl ,r'^iii-s '(',".vrr'it'v"(TffK' T'f" trrn. MORRISON^BRIEFS Mr. ;ttid Mr*. !!. !•'. Hr-)n1r!. ; k«, ^ nf FuMi-n. \i--iif7t I'rk'ii-N in JhM-^ltv I'ti- ItnlM-rt A!><I« c rrturnvtl i<< lii"" in Mullnc Pi i day 'nCt'.r .ii'-rnlinr- <ji'vti;i) u<'Pkn^1n ttit« vii-tiiity. Kd Jclifiunn wart a' -i>u;<fM<"5?-» vlsiios In cllntort Prldiiy. Mr. and Mr.«. l.-ife rirtrk M-ent »>» 1-iiHun Fiidfiy f«>r n. :Flif«T vii«t with rc''.f>ii v * •*• .Mlsfl Alta Jrtiivrln bn* rrtnrnrd from ii viNlt with n-latlvr-s at I'tH-nonticn. Mr. anil .Mrs. Will < "nates returned to his liom^ In MolHie todii.v n(tf«r a. visit df «-'t'Vtii'tl <!ayM with frlendn In vK-lnlty. In KiM-linK 1-Viday. Mrfl. 'William Pierce left for home In L><-« MoincH, In,. Friday a vl«ll at the Harry Traum homo In ihlH city. Mr*, it. A. tif-yn«)ld« •nnd'Mlfs Freda Iteynitldrt fju-nl l-Ylday with rrlonds In HlcrllhlC. Mr p. H. 11, Dutil.-iiy nnd MlM Anna Donlrhy vvent to ^tt>rlirt« Friday for u chorl vifit with relatives. Harry f Aintpaelt returned l-'Vldny from I'.'lniout where he hai been vis- Itlng hiw Hi.ri, flyde llatlleld. l.C. Plncklcy,.of Fenton, ««» a busl- nf^M vlHltor iti this city Friday. Mr. and Mr«. H. M. Umdley. Mr.'nnd MI-H. J. (J. Wotxel and Mr. ivnd Mrs. l-'iirrell, of StriJIriK. were otit of town guests at Uie dinner party given by r>r. nnd Mr*. PeUlU and Dr. and Mrs. .. Thumdoy evenlitK, I. I'. A. V/hllney vl#lted friend* in Hierllnit Friday. •.'•'• JameH Jeriklna went to fhleiiffo Friday for a fthort -visit with friend*. E PatMnfw Tpurin J C«* Roadster $620 ."1 Speedy* and Easy" Riding *f It has long 42-inch, easy riding, shock ab* sorbing cantilever rear springs. In addition - the 75 B Overland is a longer car inch wheelbasC* And it has 4-inch tirc§. Its smoothness and case of riding at any speed would clo justice to a much larger^ and heavier car. ' / — Come in and let us demonstrate.^ That's, the best kind cf g proof. DDAC Both Phones DKUd« t Sterling, 111. •» W There's little comfort in most low priced cars. You can't use tUeir speeds. They jostle you — they ride roughly — they ' "don't hold thu road. TLc $535 Overland is different. It is not only the speediest of low priced ears— But you can use the full speed c fits powerful motor when you need it. Buy-this fall and save r money. The WiHys-Ovcrlnnt! Company, Toledo, Ohio "M«d» In V. S.A," ..A* - --- J k ab* tlition -104- tire§. : any arger 'hat's, it *fe*»uiMW»jC*<lMW -WJMI .* ! i 1 j I 1 1 1 - ,»^.>,. J ..l^rf mnd«« ROYAL ARCJhMASONS Thr«« Candidate* From Eno Were Given tho Decree. Thu'wluy c'vc-iilHK nt Mimonlo 1ml I thoro wt-r<' W"iin) llfty prcwont from •mt-iif-towii und of the home chapter It A. M. Among the vlHltln» .brethren wan the ' vs. T«»Jmn. Judgment on tho vertlivt In fAVor o£ plalnUf and defendant. "vlch VH. Pociflc Mutual Inaurnnra Ho. l'uu«« of uction TlFfr, —SarfTHsmissed—»«—i>ef tlon on llle. Mtiifly vn, IJfo Demur to plea sustalntul. Dvf«'inlant grrnnUid leave to amond pU'as. by Jan. 1, 1917, aiclJrklo v». AVnlllnsfprd, fouml In . fuvor of ttl^ffhdant. Luther Wallinitford. Judgment in ffivof of Luther WullliiKford that 810 go without d«y nnd Unit ho rocover II^H coHta ilKnliiht I'lfiintll'. SnlKor lAtfnlK-r To, \^. Boblnspn. Ap- jirnl dl»mfsnp«t f*>r f.*Un»re to conn*ly with order of Oct. 13th. Prosdcndo ordrrotl to thn Just let* of th« P«tc<j. JudKinont njcftluMt defendnnt for costs of thlK court. PtHiplo of Suite of Illinois VH. Ocxcr. Court granta Btuto'H nttornoy leaVo to lllo information In .tho nature .of a quo warrant, na pruypd In the.'petition ro- turitablo on fir«t day of January, 1917. CHANCERY ORDERS * Ilnvliftird v«. Whlttjlngton. I'onsent iMiiriU This caumi referred to the Master In riianwry-to *aka-.»nd rci»ort Uio fvldenco and hln findings. »Jolin»on la unlihown wlfo of Silas Nohlo et al. Decree qiiltlng title ln- conM'lfiliiniit. \Vilttelm- J \*»r-M4Hiolm.- -Hcnrlng and decn* ConKllii vn. Cole. Mauler'* report of evidoiu'O and llndings tiled and approved. Decree In fuvorjtfj . «n,. which c«nf«-rr«*<l tho work on throe candidate*! from Eric. Tin- conftfrrlnt: of tho dcgroo* wan npokw of HH bi»liiK vi-n» line und rijfht up to the ntlmito. Among thoaw pnwent w«*r« olevon from DU'iii, ton from Morrison, five .from Krl«, ono from Fulton and two from Tampico. • .After rohferrlng tho dejsreoa the Indie* of tms KaHtorn Star »t»rvixJ a bun- C. W. Thtirn'W, v.lun oporatur In I'lopliftntitwn f«r nlmiK n; year, nn«l who wa* triunetvm*<l fnun j to a town n«*ar <'fil«u;<», h.t« promoted, this, tltnp livluir wlro chief for the llurtliiKl.'yi. with I lu«nduiiiirt<'r« at Uenrdtrtown. III,. zens bank. J»?»«t>nfliH v «l »»...hl^, hoini' by j a severe ntt.irk of -rlieuriiatlwin. j Wallufe Xnrr, living B<mth of town IH eon(ln»d to his home hy iiini'Hs and I off.' Hi 1 r«|iorlft W iiihl Mlio ii will I!" 1 II. »•' Ad.-unH iit ruu* of work tin* fli«I bo a tliiiii; of tho pnttt. :'< id in;. i MiiH Atnilna. 'f'lint'l- ! sor tA ''linton :i!; u | iii:.:ht hero nd nt Htory ( *!u> n»ii;iiii'''' over HiiHiiay Hiili n la-- , tiV<'>! flttil tllCIIllH. i' James Moody, <'f <!lik-ago, » nophrw v.lm arc vlHltlni; hrro, *i vlHJt. JJiH. Klhi IttiWhoit and Mi«. O. Q. Thontimotr worn pimwiifiviH l<> tfrhaun. KIchordM. who ha« in Knnsa.s for m»»"' ' > v ( ' < ' >iH ti« i- 111., M»nil:ty ntorniiiK «H I mm this j»!u«-(' to u medium i»f tliti \VninanVfliihn of the nUite. The two Indit-H lepmtrttled the Thurndjiy Club, —'!' hr= —M -tssnr- -Mrrtttrr—WnrnTr~~innl~ |.>iliu»-of Mrs. \VHll.s • <'al, M 'i, of Vt-«n. Itijipt: wcrt> |uiM*t>HK<'rs tn j Ti'X.TH, rnmn to ttm-n'Satttniny tn-cnint? j Monririy -tflttrtiliiif,—th<t i'nciwr .(n in;d<f« Mrs. Hrhrvver uitd family tuii! | r«'».4 and thft latter to he nt hoitio ul- I MIM. Cabot and daiiKhtor, M'.KM Pern, ti-r «j neaxtMi In tlw millinery Warner VH. Warner, Kxcoptlonv to part of nnMWfr BUBtaJned cauHft ro- forrt-d to Mtwtar in Chancery to and report tho ^evidence and lite SiUlhamtner v» Sallfiajnmor, Pecrca itlowlinf aJUnony and floUcltor'a feea. W4taon v«; iiallowell. Decree of par" itioiv-grantutt. Clpugh vs. C'tough. .Demur to bill tu>aitl and overruled, ' - ' U'ahl, • conservator, v» Sohultz. Btrleken fri>m docket with Iwu-o in re- iiNtatij upon imymeiit of all uosta. 'J'h(> J'ooplo VH. Coonwy. (-'. <?. Me- Inhon withdraws his appwmutco for- hu llffendant. Wlldrnan VH. poinan. Htipulatlon of i-iM lllt-d. IVi'ree awarded upon wlip- C/, MoMahon for cot'w- ierlen va. ('osuniun. withdraw* hia «*f «-i»fht Canada's Liberal Offer Qt Wheat Umd to Settlers Of farme f«n>(»-*f dcBMMK} lor CnnadtiUi Whiet w .«<. ed toast inatiter, ho calling upon" the candidate* mid the vl«ltor» for toantH all of whom responded, although briefly, It was an enjoyable WAS ADJUDGED INSANE. Wyatt •lAiipher«, of thin place, was adjudged Inaoha Friday mornlnir. the livsunlty commission nlttlnK In the of- nce of ,1L H, Walte. Many wltnenges were sworn nnd all agreed - In their tewtlmouy that In their opinion Mr. Lanphere wa» not of nound inltid. Mr. Lanphere JIBH been ac.tlng «trnn|re of Into and especially In the realms of his family and It wa» felt was better to have him cared for in »ome hoHpltal. Mr. Uinphere \va« taken to Watertown about noon Friday in charge of Hurry T. 1 Jerry, who was over in the morning to 'take charge during the hearing. v PRFOPHETSOWN BRIEFS. < lira. .Guy Kweru tamo to town l-'rl- dny raorntitK froni Fonton and durlne her Mtay In town will be a guest in the homo uf Mr. and Mrs. Karl Fasaett and family. MIHH ^Jlidrod Forkoy was a phaaen- ger to ClmrtipuiKn, 111., l this Friday morniim wliero she will visit friends for a short, time, She will also visit in Chicago bi-foro «he retunw home. . A. F, Murphy, who liven in Qene«eo M at preaent with liin HOP, Georgo and fainTly, who Hve« in liume." Ho wllf aluo viHit hit* HOD, Non and lilw daughter, before ho returns, Mr. Murphy is 83 yearn old, Mr«. Oun'J!lek In In town from Iowa, the KU»'Ht of her mother, Minnie Holloa and otliera of Uio family, J, M. lUgdon was ft passenger to Chicago thl" week where he went to replenish ht»« titock of dry goods. Mr. l« doing a nno M1»M Kthel .Turner w«» o to Clinton th|a week whew who will the tlmu witjt fdfiids und rvlu- tlvea. Mr. nnd Mrs. Justice Da. Qraff, of , 111., art* in towii imeatij in »f Mr. and Mr«. N. M. Crook. Thwy ar« hero but for- u »hort time. J. J, Fredericks ww» u jm^engejr to fili'WKu Tiu'»day iitorning on buainesu returning 'l.Hiino~Ir»' ttl»» eventuK. • ' ^lr»«. lU-rt Iletutlff', of Princeton'. Jit:, town Thursday evening and h«' (VKUi-jit_UL.the home of her par. .Mr. nnd Mm, Albert Hcsaire. Mrs. hli recently loat her tuothpr. l*unk'l ('(iiiMinltne, <>f riuvannu, JH at pivwiU n KlU'Sl ill tlu« liOliui of Mr. nnd Aim. UOSM Kine.r, being an i»i tiitmte frl«-iul of On- fu/uiiy. Mr, find Mr». C. W. I Vim ure en- ju>'jti« u t'onvt-iUldii nf Un> t(exalt<pco- plo which l» beititf ht-ld iu <'hifugo. .\lr.-<. Fei'm went in WcdiimUy inora- hi«'t») uix'umpany her luwlmud home \vhi>a tho •(,'«iiiv(»ution 'nhull huve cluH- iu utiu Wyiuuu, uf -'Aur*>ru. vlt.- itol it} 1'nijilu'tatuw.u several dayt** thia \v (•< I; wild frii-iidic f»hw was- w,vcu«i» jj-iiii- »< by two t'hlldivn, <it'n!Ki' I. I'oullcr j,»f t hi*- place wnu HIT "!' -'I t»tiM!HTK trip. '.luhii VVoitilriick inviU»|',inii d by five ,.l!uiu-,'>!,!', tMinf fioiii Stil.lfn in V.'ilU-y Vtii)if;iv jlit .--ii'.ni,! Ihe.ita}" 111 the I'.l'Uiv if Mi;.-', J4UV i'-U'jUutlil. WHY WILSON W IN CaBfornia^Kansas-Ohio-Utafe-Washifigton-Wycnii^ _ ______THE LITERARY DIpEST has received many telegrams which are reprinted in the 7 issue oTFJovcnflji^^ Kansasr-T^-;-- ^ Idealistic Kansas Voted tor the Idealism It Found in Woodrw "It was Kansas idealism that gave Woodrow Wilson the Electoral vote. Idealistic' Kansas voted for the idealism it found in Wood row Wilson, and which, with the friendliest will in the world, it failed to find in Mr, Hughes." It rejoices in a prosperity it has ntver before known", but above nnd beyond all else, Kansas voted for Woodrow Wilson because it recognizes in him one who, in spite of all vacillation and many mistakes, yet does* appreciate the fact that the American-people' look to something beyond mere dollars." "We Went Democratic by Default, Because We Were Neither Hungry, IMIgnaitt, nor Scared" "First there was a fat, rich cushion of prosperity, and the fanner was lulM.upon it- he refused to think. Second, the women voters were attracted very largely by tho quavering slogan 'He kept us out uf war;'' they refused to think. Third, the Republican state-managers could not believe th«;re was any real danger; they refused to think—or worry. So we went Democratic by default, because we were neither hungry, indignant, nor seareu. In • Kansas, it was riot a.victory but aTsymptom; It does not;mean the rejuvenation of Kansas Democracy, but the Tatty degeneration of the Kansas spirit." The issue of THE LITERARY DIGEST for November IRth is a particularly striking and interesting number containing such other informing features as: , HaaiW^ Showing the Park, that thc*Women Took in the Presidential Contett Germany's Real Food Situation Unhappy Greece ^ , Saving the Children * Teeth Spun-paper Products The Year's Poetry The Militiamen's Morals How Germany Regards the Somme 'How Poland Is Helped Japan's Constitution Jarred .Testing Airmen in France Are You a Thackeray an? The British Idea of Our Newspapers Catholic Germany's Submission Splendid Illustrations—Many of Them Dtiest" Readers Get an Accurate Focus on the News \yffn yo,u look at a fuiwy object your per- ""•»> •-—ov n,« M cr -., .. ^ -.11 ^ ionyof s *m details is blurred and detective.' . I* * . . I > _ __...»» - t » •• .kl >* _ M\ 1 »ii*C-*ll3 \ r .K^j\t\>t^ l/^ **^ I»*V*M<*» *** »'*«•» ' — — y But take a tulcscone i>r a pair «f. and bring them tp bear upon the bbjeci, and the details instantly become clear to you and you know it for exactly what it is, . In the world of nvw« your conception of facts is frequently warped arid distorted by the'multiplicity of publications ami- their widely divergent statements. Hut turn to THE LITKRARV DIGEST and at once all conies clear aud coherent and you perceive the ihiniJ as it really is. " The Digest,'' ukwahe tete- sciine; enormously increases the field of vision and lets in a flood of li^ht upon the subject, giving you la correct focus that reveals the truth, Jt you want authoritative- anil impartial tc*»tin!ony from all view-points on all the burning questions of the day, readJhb forempst of weekly November 18th Number on Sale To-Day—All News-dealers—10 Cents WAGNA1 ,J,B COMPANY (Publishers of iho Famous NEW Standard Dictionary f, NEW YORK

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