Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 18, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1916
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ADVERTISING IMf)«» from 'IBiy"lfS"'iftii pufi they euaM to t>«, V. ... \ SIXTY-THIRD YfeAR—NO. 119. AND "DAILY STANDARD" STERLING, ILLINOIS,SATURDAY, NOV. 18. 1916 f>em »rt *"*d 0U(* th»> TOBECONDEMNED i No land Will BeSPurchased For Park Purposes Without Process Of Law. TO INVITE DISCUSSION Park Commissioners If They Are Elected Will Hold Public Meetings, * There wt-mp to be> much mlj<undr-r- trtandlnj? anil many fonfllc1ln«r reports* In connection with fhi* proposition t<» rrwite th*» proposed Sterling Park I»is- trlet at the election next Tuesday. Here are jwrne fntts In connection ^Wlth thf proposition that will nhjnvrr many <|iiriittnnft that have heen )t»du>d. If thi 5 - ^lection carries next Tuesday. five commissioners will !><• elected, one for one year from iifXt April, one for two yehru, on*» for three year*, oni? for 'four year*, and CHIP for flv«» \-«>an« from f «f»xt April. the annual elections of the J'ark District occurring in April *-:trh year when one commissioner Is elect 4>d tr» nerve another term itf five year*. the nex^ annual election oc« 'urrsn.8: I p. April 1918. The commissioners have the rl«ht to acquire lands ft>r park purpo«»y3 l>\ purchase or-condprnnatlovi, They can- not'aeeuro <*orttrol of th" present < Ity parhn unless th«» fltv ootincH votes tn turn them over l» the lank, coninilx- Blohers by pronor «rillii«n' r *'. Thi« corn- -ml*»lonws ran l<ny un iinnunl In.x amounting to four mlllH on the doljnr , ii>f taxitljlc property in th«> p,itk «ltf- trlct, but It In not likely tin- totnmH- nlonorH would ever levy nii\iliinir like th* amount they eouUl ralBp. I'ur- they could *nof l-alne nity by tax levy unlit 11 year from next winter. F»r thct purpose of .purrhamlnK lamta «r "fnaklns Imjirovementu the oornmlB- Dionora cnrf raiHe by boml ISHUP an unmount equal to three cents on the }- in tfir rtln- tfirt, but it l« not HUely they wonlrl ever rnfae Hii>tliin»,' like that ainount. Oii behalf of the Aiutorlatlon of Corn- ttidfcc and the men HucKetttei^ by ,the Aiwoclatlon directors for park e«m- nilUMlonei'itt^Jt can he Hinted that If thpno men ar* elwtec! next Tuesday, th*y 'Will hold public ine«5thiKH where 'full and fn>e tllHeuMnton will he In- STLOEN GOODS RETURNED Youth Turn Over Gtovfs and Lights to .Polite. > sit:* i h,- to t,'ilc*-ri, : ftr.rn ria? 'ii! t-< mak >) ins? brt<-k f'urltig I .i* Flash who \vi-i •':-! :it f>!X- jrood on th" K«>,M!« RIII? WEHTft HEATH FLY FROM NEW YORK TO PUKnfil/ lUI/EiAlIl NEW JERSEY TO SEE THE '• nV'i'iarirri' ; T!T. TTi (-«•<• 'or"ToTi'f CI'XK! -fl.ish Huhls wtTO broucht alone .11 w*-l|. Other ftrlich'S will bf brtnipbt t>£H'k, Ef OH- l>o.vj» £,."/n K<\ hold of thftn. it said to tr;< M»>«t nf th*' ffiiiisf! ,«t»|(.n fi.'iV' ti •Ji-.ld !Hi':l !h>» boy.s hrivp in bunt ufi insyf'i?! anil (::*•{ the ii'mft** -ntid make Miu.'iri' with th<n), Th'. r->U'kr<t>n ( imp!ir-at<-d in (!)>• IHsmi th>-f!« not In lif fh»- one- v\i\d ti«ik th of Hllwooit Mny ,'i wr-f-k ntjii. 7'h>' « hi«-f nf polif.'t* h'nl ti f tlon with' ('i>!nnii°s|.>ri»-r Vrtn ' Isibbrr, tif.'ld of tlic polti'-e clep-'irlmenl. of I'lx- on. nni! tt!i> bundle of tr|ii¥«« ntid th*- ft!!<.!h liiihis were sent ii|i on th»» In- lernrban this fut'i'iioon and the owners will receive them after describing their Seven - Year - Old Dixon Boy Met An Awful Fate Due To An Explosion. YALE-PRINCETON GAME DAIRYMEN ORGANIZE Cow Testing Association Is Proposed By Farmers Be- ! tween Here and Dixon. A < ornti-ntini; association is belne fottm-d by dairymen living' In the vl~ elnlty of find tu-twccn,. Sterlini? «nd ULvm. To make thi' organization a ma i eh<« there must be twimty-slx members and i-nch rritiwt have nn avvr- aRi« of twenty cows. Tin- ;)'io| option i« endorsed by i,. H. (irllYitlm. !.«-•»> count}-'* agricultural UWfllt, as one of I hi' methods of put- tltiK dairying on a more buslni'ss .bfisiH, litHi dairyman who %**•» Into it is to pay H-ftfl. W r y«'ar for each vow hi- enters, and- {lib* money RO»-H toward paving ih> expc-riHew of, th» expert who remains on the ground for the I'iitlre 5 car, anjt~Avho IH to % «pend at least .'one flay per month at each making the neceftrtury tents and vited, not only .an, to the location of park or pi'rkif'but a1«» im to their that no land will Iw purchaned for iiark :s pur|H)K«»» without tuirh land In ron- , dornned by duo procettN of law and ttu> .".price to be paJd'wllr-be fixed by an * tmpttrtlnl jury acting through Jthe letmlly- conetltuted courta. Park wimmlssJonpm rorelve no p« tor — thetP— iwork, --- They— rniwt— -ptit— ' thftlr tlmo a» park dlreetora almolulel .fr»^6f coat to the <llntrlct. They ar empowered, liowever, to hire a neere lacy and treawurer, who generally woi for nominal pay. The propoHpd j>ark or parkB to h etttolillHhed here will be for the hem • fit «f tt*ll the people, and unco e«tab Jlshed will be of Krwit and lustln fjeneflt lo every one In thu comtn(tnlt> r THE MEN'S BANQUET Held At the Morrison Presby terian Church Last ' Evening. I'll* annual Hrothcrhood banquet •lielrt under th** mi«pJce* of the Men'x Bible-cJnKH of the rrejdiyU'rian churcl of Morrison occurred la*l I'wnhiK inn over a hundred men enjoyed thn event, Tho affair wait held In the dining room of tlit) church and 'a delicious Pv--bamjufit was *ervi>d nt-4^80 o'clock-h>- the ladles of the church. During tb<> serving M««K»trs, flu it'll *>nte,rtalncd with flue vlolli cornet inuHic, I'l. .1. loudens wa^ inawtor for tho t-venitiK ami aft- JT thn boUiH'Jotij* spread iuiil been <>n joyml In« Introduced the ttpetikcr of tin evening, Or. HendHll. puMtor of the 1'lrsi » f I'ri-jibyterliui churoh of MuHcatlnc, la. jV. - b«nrd lit Mprri»on on thn HlbiK ll« compared it • with other wonderful books of piuit and, iirewent tlm«»«, uhow* til? its tmpt'riot'lty throtiKhout the agt'B. Following th« uddrcw.H of the cv- «ntiiK, Hev, CnsmeanM, pastor of (be church Ktvo n short talk, Miihical iium'borH wem Hivon by the Y. M. <*. ' A. quartette of thiri city com posed B«3cri*tMry Crawford, Attorney u.. \V, Huaut', Foater Vlkv wnd Jumew Wood ard, The Mfn'ts Bjldo <'h«H« whU-li sored thii uffuir IH on«> nf the <»rtitttilKuUonH of (IK kind in «M* imd tdnct' it« or|;mii%ation I nth wonderfully. Club roonm un> th« atiwt'from ttio church and rrwwdn• enjoy the morning lc!»«oii each Huitduy, • CREDITORS MEETING At a Creditor* to Got Fivo Per Cent Nov»mb«V 28 ; qiewting of thv cr* 4 dltorn of (;u« .iMUikiupt, «et by liefcu-v Henry Dixuii, the- sum of the -perx-em Will Jm paid to the civdllorn and tht- to bi; puid in ninety .lay.-*, Tin liua been .set for '.' o'clock November 33 at iho.oftU't* of Att^riu-y I 1 H. WiU'd. A* this iiieelhiK of crvil- jtur* thtiy Avill vicct a lriU«-< In plat e iif a rei'*'lv«<r.. fot- the office of t)u- rc- «'«ivier U'raiiiuiU'w «t. (but tinn> Si AJ tbcir tu votw bills- UctoliJ-iltM t" the STO(-€ 180 CHICKENS. of Mrts. IViet 1 J*r(>ph* 4 t*ttiWn, Hiid \v|»ici* »he could li»» tn« Cl(r!i?tntt«-t.--<i Mole l. f >i» t-h \f ^ulil im advice a« to feeding, etc. The idea JH to enahle the dairymen to pick out the moot revenue prodne- IDK VOWM 'as well tin to uue tbo hen! revenue producing met hods a« tofeed- ijiK. caro of cows, etc. There, are fifty-two of thcKc axiioclatlona in Win- roiiHln and wevenil In-Illinois, tho nearest belnsr the Vork-l-'silrhaven a««o- clation in Carroll county with heiui- ijUi-rtern at Thomson, Thin has been rtiruilttK for Meveral year» and ban proved of much profit to member*. IJenideB impn»vlni? the, xrade of eowu and production. It lias c«»jitlucted fro- <|tient cow ««!«»» to <lin|)(>:<(• of MiirplUC Htock and hiiH enabled memberB to.Kvl about fl'.'i.oo per cow more thuti non- membcrn K<-t for tbi'irn, A Bimilar liMMoclatlon ha* a IMP boen formed at MurrlKon and will get to work as soon a» the mall hired «« cow tewter-come« there. • . ' All this work In carried on under the atmpiceH of the aKi'lculiural department of tlii- «ti»tc unlverBliy, in fact, the organization hero i« belnK formed by H. M. Clark, a representative of the university, Over twenty member* have already been secured for the sterlitiK- Dixon aMHoclutlon, Including three prominent dairymen living junt eanl of 13 te CLOTHING WAS BURNED OFF Negro Rescued Boy From the Burning Room But Death Followed In Hospital. :*<vrii yf«r obt Harry N''.t!»op. son of .Mr*. MaMic- Nelson, met a horrible dcnlh yV-stcrilsiy. when a trrf>c'irift can exploded in ;i room nt the home, nt Lincoln n\ mw and Third street, Dixon. tltc blast sen Ins fire to hip rwntK and burnliur them completely off his person. The boy died ft-vernl hoor« later In the Dixon hospital: cjcoifce ColtiTi, the neirrn who rescued Intl.- Harry from The burning room, told III" jury: « "1 tt-a.n on" a loud of . onl pawning (He houiit<; and 'heard them yell 'fire.' I ran into the bouse and tried to get up the Hteps ito- Ki-t tbe boy, but roiildn'l, I wni outside and phlnnwl up :i post, kicked In til" «>a»t window, wenf Inside and found"'the boy on the floor, and brouRht him out. When I !<•! *:o of bint tbe burned 'flcfdi on hi* arm MtnrU to my Klovt-. It wa* tnii.'htv hot in there. 1 never Ihoiiiihl about Mi' 1 datiKi'r. It fcrmrd to tin- that I juxt had to iirltiK him out." Mother Burned. "t trlfd'to Rrt to him," the mother told the jury at tho inquest last nltfht, "Tbe mnoH" dr«v«» im> back and the fire burned off rnoKt of my hair •Hid a < hunk of planter hit me on the arm. net ft re to my drefw and huriiPd mt>. I think the fire muM have been eturted by ratH, which are very num* erouK in the house." Building IntpecUd. Fire .\larnhatl IKdiert, Harper, of Hock Kalis Inspected tho - ncone of the* ;:'ili»n cling -' lime? to t TO TALK PLAINLYj •American Commissioners Arcj i Tired Of the Delay By the T 1 ' Mexicans. I TYPHUS FEVER IN IOWA in is of Tf> (H I 1 -' '\' fh (> Y.-iSn l->(. Ten ( {' fv arrny Li»ut. mand'.'d !i:i!) thr- rrsi-n , (V Hc the fleet. i:!:;r:t-< and • ! tlK-ir f ;!jn«ensters .if the 1'ririfi tun- t»:j>= uf:<rVi(.M.n. v.-.("rt IU:v.rt by I', two . hy civilians. :T led »nd com- CABRERA IS MAN BLAMED | lo\v.V< hi»ti'|-y, u-,i« »h-> '-itniilf anRi-njnr- (<-i T{<-.% Ift.'i } volunteered !? ; *-'tiiiii li:ui' t-f ! rr.a i r ' in with e ;,.u! nRi-njnr-emf.nt nf th'- d»>TTb , Trsan. a traum-'! "nttr^e wlm tn art- for a poor Mexkan . HcoffTi'in Contracted the .. made no roinnient for publication. ('oroner Ktephan, of ,,A«ltton4 held an liuiue.Mt over tho luidy n"l the Morris >V- I'reHton undertakinK parlor* Ia«t and after llateiiinvf to the of many witnesses, the jury retired and later brought in n verdict as follows: Jury's Verdict. "We, tho .Jury itnd that the" hoy, Harry Nelnon, came to bin death from injuries fnuM«d by (Ire'." The fuiierivl iff "to tvo held from The MorriH & Preston, chupei thin afternoon at 1:30 o'clock, Hev. Altman In charge. Interment In Oak wood cemetery. • . ' "' " PLEASE UNDERSTAND Once More The Gaaette Is Compelled To Explain Its Free Service. The dastotte, lift* tried to explain ltd- new nil» about free nrttK-e»*w) clearly thnt everybody could understand. Yet there, jarw mnny who do not seem to know what It rneuns, Tim rule 1« very Hlmple, f>n nceotmt of the blub cost of print paper which will run into mnny 'tbou<tntidfi of dollars extra for Th" fJaJseite ibe com In if >i'ar tltls pitprr In compelled to charge hereafter fur all notices of all kirulK of tnectines Ihrtt arw not open to tha J'liolif. } The fta-/.«'Ue will continue to donate its ni'ivlceM free to the public but it •niift draw the llnjp.oti lodttrA. soctetlef*, individual*, or ofianir.atiiinn of any kind which bold mooting* and want notices In The fJazettn when the meet- iiiKS arc not' op« ( ii i'tir the public. * l.t IH t>,(> simple. LiHtpn- Any notice of a lodffo meetlnR-of nfiy kind will be cltat'Ke*! for at the reirulBr rate of Hie a iki'e. or 15 cenla a line on first paffrs hecautte such meeting 1 I» not open to thi» public. Any 'tlmp a lodge .ban an installation w an '"open meeting to which th« public Ki Invited there will In* no charge. This rule- applies to women'* club», I Administration Though Is Not Convinced Deadlock Is Permanent One. e. 'i v\ ( Mexi'-o >thfr attendants of <\n- hn v n also con! rn t te«J OUT^ALI ATTORNEY DINSMOQR HOME He Has Been in Carlisle, III., Connected With a Will Caie. Attorney Jarvis DiiiHtnoor returned home Hriday from Carlisle, the count) of <Mli>ton county, where he baf wince Monday, connected with r- partltion and will cam-, which wa'f roufrht up hefore the Circuit court f that ciiy. Tb«»'eiwe. wan Jesjse T Klmoro, of HtrellnR, tiKHtiiKt The Trail*. it and Building Kund «oclo,ty of 8011 Supporting MbtHiou' of New York City nvolvliiK tho»valldUy of tho will of Walton Klmorernn tincte-of JesBe^Kl- nore of Hterllnn. Mt^DiiiKinore wa* Attorney for tlit* complainant and VlcKHi'K. l>*oi>l and Line^, of CarllKlo fon he defendaHt. TJiftJiaHit.WiiH cmUiiU'-" •il on motion of the defenduntH for tin Hirpom' of taktiiK depuNltion : in .\c%\ Vurk t'ity a« to. the riglitM of the com- tany'to tln> properly under the will 11 thj' xjate of lUlnolM. ___. ' r '• The late.' Wiilton Kbnoro died po«- of ISO IHTOM of land In ("linton Port Horning Will Hold Big Auction On TucBday', Nov. 21, On Ashleman Farm. ..Throufirb an error in tho mechanical depnrtineni «>f The (Inaette the ndvor- tlNc-inent of I'ui't Horning for hi« auction 8ftln has IHHMI omlttfid for several dayx and The Gazetto IB giving thlf •tprrlal write-up In the hope that IIP may have a crowd for tho same. Mr Horning IntundH to- fio«a out his titoclt and machinery on this Joseph K«hle : man farqi, »!n* .^mill's northeast of Morrison, two mllcij northetmt of MoJ- vorn, iM»vcn mllcM north of 'Hound Orovp. and flvo miles nouthweat of Coletti, on TucHdny, November 21, Then will be a lunch «t mum and «nlo Im- m«>dlately afterward*. : Hn will offer H|X sood hbrn<*8. 37 head of cattle, 18 jrood milch COWK,: Including «omn heavy Mpriiu?^i'H, threo bulls, on« Shorihorn, ona Ih-reford. 46 hwd of food HlioatH, purtvbred .Poland China full bill;'In ndx-emlnemcnt today on 'page 0, . _ r catfimitteo Ui" fact any meeting of any' kind. that;. I* not open to the public will ho charged for. If l!n» public 'lii invlttni and nothing IM • wold, no ! - n'dmlMion I'harKed, no colleclioft taken to pay the speaker, tho notl<?«« will 1>« g'iven free. \\*e hope tills Is cloar. Thlx ruje ail- piles in .both, the- city and the county, It bits beep, forced upon The Gazette by conditiona over i which this pap«r tuts no control. l%op!6 hrlni? ibenn lt/»mH ..n_nd__lpli»iihonf_tlu>m^ u call It n«vv», yet wiiift thcyrfally wruit is to UR«* The Goxedo to get out their members wilboMt expense, whereas' it would Cost them flVn tlmft* v> bat Tho Oar.i>tt« would clia^e if they pitlil g.d- • (fiv T'intfd Vrf".f } Wa«hlnKK'it, I». <".. NOV. 18.—Within tho n'-st f f 'W days the t'nit'd Ptntr-H Kovernment rcprfft ntatlvr wi'l tn!k plainly and forcibly to the Mexican member* 1 of the Atbtntlc conff-rencf in an effort to force n nrUtpfuctory s»-t- tt<-ment in Ihf confcrehc*' -wblcii has now bo«-n on f«>r three months. . This talk will doubtlfss be framed rtn l'rw>idf»nt WJlson*« own views ns Hecretary Tjitu-, chairman'of the Am^r- Ican comrniKsion, pl;irt.« to si'i* the pre«- IdetJt over Hunday. Ttie patience of the Am<,*rlean.<i )it»s been faxr-d liy the dt-lny^n re.'icJihiK an agreement and r<>«pon»lbility is plwced on i,ul« Cabrf-rn, the 'Mexican chairman. Tb« latlfrV oppowitlon to a tonthtlvc p»'nce plan i* seriously di»- laylitK a wHlt-mcrit siiti.tfiictofy to a.Il «f his CoUf'jUtHf*;- Kor thl» tf.-iwon thn Americano will us>» plain Inn£tin<;<•.. Th'is method in the pant ' ban proven v*ry effica'Cioui* and will probably be «Hcc«'j*.sful . this tlfrte. it Is believed here, Thu administration U far from con- >^/uted thnt a permanent deadlock ex» i«tH jtnd in fact IH layiitK -plans for the >>nrly relief 'of the border patrol, it wa« learned today.- The .allnation in Hiieh though that the admlnlMtration is anxloiiH to come t<» terrnn noon. The powKibility of the ftillure of the confer- ence'has not been overlooked and military plan.i have b<«en mtule accordingly, IStit on the whole- admliiltttration men believe the conference will bo frocod into a mttlfffnclory conclusion. WILL RlH BILLS Judge Adamson M&y Not Wait For Report Of Inquiry Into" R, R, Problem. WILSON TO TAKE A HAND He Prepares Personally To Fight For Proposals To Prevent Big Strikes. PRICE TWO-CENTS. liRYlllGNANf England Plans Reprisals For tho "Enslavement" Of Belgium's Men. GERMANY DEPORTS THEM There Are 300,000 Males In Belgium Affected By the Orders From Berlin, dav i Hy United on. Mni:.. N')V: IS.- ?<««kinf some »ne«n < ?'r>f d to-, fi«al in- (Continued ounly, IlavliiK no JlviiiK;wlfe, find no hildren ho willed tho entiro farm of 80 acrex to. the abov« mentioned so- Jety of Ntnv York City. Tho com- daiimnt-utid lily four bro|lior« and al»» t>rs, wi«ii to prove Mus will itt invalid rom HIP fact that under the laws of ho wtatti of liHiioiw a, pt'rwon can not vill to uny rtdigiouit socii'ty .more than wenty aeri-ti i»f laud, «nd a'*" the furjn otitaiiifd iso acicrt, and It WIIH all vilit'd to It, It l» claimed it can no! hold. AM no particular part of .tho 'farm •Jin be net awiiiti for iho uocloty it it TKUed tbe entire Will J» KO«Ht for IHHh- IIK and the entire lurid will K<> to tin [ve nU'coi and ncphcwx. Th«' <;pmi 'hijn;iiil> claim tiit' Mociety IM 'a rcli- Jouh one and MM ».«ch can not expect o.rocclvt' H.ny- onf of t bn. piiipertjv 'he f«ri«i i.x x«id in !>«• n fairly;• good ne. worth many thpuaamts of- dol- U'H. .;..»-'.• ERICKSON BOUND OVER Ro«k Falls Youth Acknowledged He Took El wood May'» Bicycle. it WUH Swan ICrickHon of--feivk Kullw >'l»o «at< ai rt-fi^ed, "i'Wdfiy tiftcr- oon tor laldiiK KM wood May'ifr whwi Si4tind.iv, nu<l not-- V'I<-ior KrlcUi on ;i« niated by [h*» pvHce; the nittiifs f tbv lioy.H got' mixed -up ntiil tin/ V\ lU'-ll lil'OUtjh! bH'MI |- iiTln tfttri-^rjttjsj ^^Irl nd not \'ii |.,r -Tb*' hid'--vva» liidj^c'i I i.ul .il! nu;iit. • H|' w.-iiti ins was four- '•t'H \t-.ll.s «>| ;i^o Hill) oWllffJ UP Id iKmu tin- ^ li«-«'l daii.1 ^(ilntiiiif it uj! • is wri,!-! iij^t -bt'.^recojtnlicfcd. He •,tH,.J »\c'r to uwult tlu; action' of •n\, :<i'.il 'duriUK thv-interim. i'ii p.indc under • f-i.ui.'U'i -i H. Uev.'f. MANUFACTURERS LEAGUE Bowling U»QU« Will Start at the Y, M. C. A, Mont W««k. Its plunuert to hnvii ihn first games "the Mottson tttiirt n«lt week, Bceri)- lary Crawford and Physical Director •Blehurdnoii are nt work arrunirlnB a (kchoduia. und as «oon UM It ia competed ino Iwiiruw will stwrt., The league will 'be compuHiid of OIM> ted in from tlic Nfi- Uono-l t ,uno from l^awrtnmo Urotheru and lira from the Key»t«M»», MISS CARLJiOSTESS She EnterUinod L««< Night at * Pc«Uy BlFthday Party. Qrttcw Karl en tort allied u hum- o'f Kirl frleiiilH at a 6:3'i dinner WfflJKRSTCRISIS German Military Authorities Say the Solution Is Drawing Near. By Carl \VY~Aokern>an, (Staff Correspondent of I'nlted Prfsn.) Berlin, O«r,. Nov. 18.— Tho war '-Is -Xftproaching ii docl«iv»» stugo and d«- olaiori will re«t in tho ChampalKn. Transylvania and Houmania.. Such IK fho expert military viewpoint. A» Bummed up by a well informed military a-uthofity tho sit nation Is: "Tho tHanqulor IOHS at Ancr«» does not effect, the Somme.'tlfl us a Whole. Viewing all of the war theatre?" the whole war lias reached a period of u-nsiou. -The tiolution is drawing near. \Vhen this .tthull come depends upon <}H-* progr'.'ss of the lighting in tho H«wi- muniaii pusses. We ar« makinsr pro- ^rews then?, but tho mountain dllllcull- lle« are greater than In Serbia, Onca Gen. VMuFklkeuhayn cn>s»«-«' my inie»H i« the deeinion will c.ome. How long it will t.ake we do not know — but one mu«t ln<" patient awnhlnj; tlw rrmilt*. CONTIfiUE MONASTIR ADVANCE. . •-• (Wy United . Press.)" PariH, Franco. Nov. IS.— .The ' Hilled advance ttnvard Mona.stir- contlnueg. Tli« official tUatmetit credited lhi> Hc*rb« ftrHbi^— <btttrter~wtfb— tlm~t^ttptttn? — ot" SOU meters ' iif trenehew ea«t of Ui«« CVrna from thft TeutjiUM and with tuk- Ing heiKiilH nortlieubt of Iven with bloody ,lo«ses to' tho BulKarw *ynl. (Serman». The Advance about Momislir wan mu do detipltn heavy floods, The statement also detailed repulat 1 of hand grenade attacks by- the Ottr>< in a n H in an attempt to reach the French trenches at HiacheM, Kix. (Jennun «ttr~ MINNESOTA COMPLETE Official Beturns Show That Hughes Carried State Over Wilson By 396. (liy fril'ted I'retm) carriod MlnneHota by 3S8 voten. Thin *Hs tuimj-l on tho official*return* complete this afterno<m. They give Hughes a total vote of '17U.553 and Wilnoi '1.79,16T. Them will be no official recount of the Mimicsptn tlffures. Fred Wheaton tral committe«\ and other r>ernocfat8 intlmnl<*d today. . HUGHES MAKES BIO GAIN. • " (By United Proas.) Fan Francisco. Calif., JCov. IS. "hnrics Kvans Hughes will «aln S,"iS vottvS in ihf> I.os Aniflen court, if trie 'icml'Olflcial (IgurcH ,Kiyen out today tre boriio out by ihci oJlicinl return".. >*ljfur«s Kiven out 5»y the LOH Am?clr,« i'oard of i«up«i'vlHor«.'covering all but •moi precinct; glvo .the blRh Hushes' elector inri.-IU'.) and tho low Wilson -lector J 13,2.18. This IH a gain for of .S"iS over prvvlona available Tho new.-Baln. however, l» oiiotigh to effect, \Vil*on'» In tfu' xtatf, tluniKh' It l» the dlfferwicf revealed betwtnn the •inofflcflnl ajnd official recount. LEAVES ON VACATION. New York, N. Y.. Kov, 18.~fchar!es KvnriH Hughes will leave, for-. l.siko- ivood. N. J., tonight where ho plans to wmaln for eovernl vveoks. resting at L«urel-in-the.pines. Ho will be nc- (StnfT correspondent of I'nlted Pr^ss) WashltiKlon, U. t'.. »Nov. IS. President Wilson today prepared personally it> enter the KI *>*( Uifce. vornej-ed ..^flKhJ hetween labor, the railroads and Che irovernnient, in proposal** for the prevention of Htrlki'n in thla country. .Monday he will confer with .ludtje Adamnon, chuirtnan of the hoope c'otn- inlttee on Intel-Plate Vommerce, as to ! he completion of the program, advocated at (he lawt session of conRrrni*. Adanifoh my a thin proirram will t>e punhnd through <'oHKre«« Immediately when It reconvenen in Deeernher and that it may be found. Inadvlimblo to even await the report of the Joint con- Kresplonal commission authorised to make a HcarchinK Inquiry into the entire railroad problem. ; With the .rnllrondH a unit In com- hattintr tho <.'un»tHutlonallty of ^ the "elKT»l~Iii>ur' law, witlf latior Feady i<> flKht the propowils Tor the settlement of Industrial disputes by leKlslation and members of congredH 'Widely divided on these finestlonH, the railroad problem threaten* verloimly to embar* ra.HH the smooth operation of the legislative machinery «t this «e»!«lon of (jerronn.v .for the "en^i.ive- mow»" of t<rljmim> jpen the »";»'< ijtifin of XJIss Hditfi *'ave!l th«-r(- li«->-n fufh n wnvp t>f p' dlunatlon .-<« thnt which I* i he conn'rv tt\t-r news of the detail* of the employment of ftMfrimn's civilians by d'T-ortlnp tftc-m to <5ermany. It Is realized' that with tho t'nited States rests the only ho|x» of Inter- i:e««sl(»n to prevent a clean sweep from ihf desolated ndtlon of all it* mail- hood. Stories nf fathers pnd Bonn purled forcibly from wives and moth* er« and loved ones by tho German soldiers has served to fan tliw Indlsna- tion Into fever heat. Thet-p are 3"ti,000 males in HetRlum ahove the age of 17 jeafft who are affected by the employ- mrnt. orders from T!</rlin, Ho far at least 4,V«tfi of these men )iavt> bei n trim«ported from their homes to <}er'- rnany, Hint they may b« Riven "«m- pl.-yment." accordlns to tbo Oennnn explanation. 'Hie trannfera arc bc- ItiK mniie '"«t the rtite of 2,0<K) n dny. Inforniiijlon today received, via Hoiland, assert*' thnt protests avail notb- iiiK ami that in several instances where tho pleas wero more than usually for* the Oenrinn commanders rutb- enforced their orders with additional IHX burden*. The, town of Tour- ' rial, It won declared, had been fined .•oii.oofi marks. ($'>o.i>00), "for arro- gnnco without preemlent" in tbu« op- the employment orde-rs. figures. •ml be Joined later by Chairman mid Mrs. 'Wllcox, Thu repuldlcan notional head- fjuartWB Is awaiting the' official n»- tuniH from California, before »ejidin« its meBstige, of congratulation to l'r.v*>i* dent Wiluoii, 'Imr lust in of •ner thu evening at her home, . 4'om Ntnvell. wlwiw btfiWiiy' oc- tl lhlt» w«-i«K. t\ ihroo-.uourwi *lin- VVUB -MCI vwl, thu femure l>i>ing a drtiidwy. cuke ', wliitth wii»- table center piect'. Following the ilnuer the Vwiwd-.uticnt'led. >t picture THRIEg HUNTERS KILLED. rriuctte. Mic l,i .; Nov. IS. - Three. dentils in (breo days wero r? ; herv, ' VViliiain. U, Wil|iiim«, u ---fil. living near Misery Ittiy. »hot,, htiDHt'lf in i lie U-K «uid lde<t to dt'a'th; pi !•: C.i-wn;i ija, uf ,M«»ki»Ron, WII-H mi8*fiil«-ii .for. (itu-r by » • .c.ompanioi.f H»<i kill,j*il, and U if*, of Ke«!UMn-e, )p|(tiu->i broyght down in air GERMAN STATEMENT./ •(By Ifoitod Pre«K.-)., <!tr., Hy '• W4rei«»iw -to ffay- 1., . Nov.. J8.--H!Ui«uinary rer Serbia AH und Kryni'h osi fb*« MunnMlr and (In THE tierlin, !<of of of lieights jtrevioiisly taken' iiy the al lie's, wafiViuiourU'ed today.' Th inent Baiii: '' .-'"_-•-- V.. t*'ttackM i.n th of .\loiiasur anti a«aint«t the, -ii'isd, infantry "on tho «*now covered heights* of -trt»r-iJ'a bend, wi*r« wan- 'intl.srd. Kvcrj- 'day !h»*«» violent lighiiog for. the height 8 nortiieaKi of t"i>^i«|,, one «>f tlio , which WHS capt tired on 'No- 15 t»y UH- troojist of Otto von «outh klUe-d hlniwif • ANNUAL The annual nu'> ihi.lde.iB. .'..'J 1 / Thi? . MEETING. \Vbite»<(df nu«' .1! ,' at tiu'ir on Alun 30 ' l,t 'Association ) 4 ill l*e (filicc, K'T :;if'..'l'*ii'»ft aye-. undnv (.'vi'iujig Nov..»o, \."\&. II) , !'iif Ihi; Itutim.s* 1 t>( I'k'i't- iiu«:i-t!ti->4, JJii'l *t'-u-U -otbt-r S ?,U l,V *'MtlU' )i*-!itr«.' it's*' UM r(- •' l;V K<'i!ct', l r u> ulcnl ; j. <;. \\' (•(,•','.>,. '^i%'u-'t,'u'j.* |.tiji,'li»w. wlio hand (o Suuul _, Tlt<* war o l !h« pK (isjlititii; " ' - i'lfi' Mtutemcnt in pulling. inan >f the- (lii-riiiiui Ihi Th»- HoiimaniHa in thw valleys l»uck tll,c iscar Cmtt- J SMS ait' de- ul the of thi- THE NEW^OBK^ORLO Delcarea That Morgan Is Back Of the Fight Being Made ' On 8-Hour Law. ""•• '•. "(Hy tfiiited Press,)" Now York. K. \',, Ko^, 18.-— Deelu ing J. I*. Morifan (4 back of tb» light agaitiMt tlm i<ig:ht hour movmneut through tin,- National •Industrial Con fcrtmcu ljuiit'd, tho .MoruhiK World President'* Proposal*. There ar« as ytit four proposals li? the president's proRram for «trlke pet- Ut.*!yyiL .*£'_ !;SLJ!;*!lsL_l- I !l_'.C-l?**_.Hol<l!i to his original plans. These Include: Provlfdotr for ordargement and re- orK;ini?4tlon 'of th« liiturstatC , com- merco commte^iont Approval by contfrcs* of cbngldcro,; tlon by the Interetato commerce commission of the Incrcajsea, when Justl" fled, in freight rates, to meet such de«?tl nect'MSiiry by the adoption of the eight hour day. An amendment to 'tho existing ft'd- eral statutes which -provides foi mediutiun, conciliation and arbitration of intluftrlal controversies b> 'iddliiK' a provision that in.oaso present agencieiit fall a full public investl- cation of the merits'of every »urh dl» rule Hholl lie tnHtltuted and completed before Hi.tttrilit.v~or lockout may be luw fully Attempted, CJhliiK tlu' president power In oasi of military nccesHlty to take contro f such rollinr' stock of the railroad- us may bo required for military us< uud if rant ink it authority to draft In to military service such of th* railroad, crews and administrative, official• is the ' circumstances' require. The preeldcnt also is- expected t«. ur«r« in his message that all urbltrn 1 awards bo made a judgment by reconi of a court, "in order that their Interpretation and enforcement may Ho no wlih"6no p'arty to the arbitrulion' bu' With an authori'attve and impartla; TO INTERVIEW CHANCELLOR. (Hy I'nlted Pre«».) Herlln,' Ger., Nov. IS. — Secretary to tht» Atnerlcan Kml>a»»y Grew baa r«- quested an Interview with the chancellor In response to liiHtructlonH ,frfim.__ VVaHbirinton for Information concern•n« the transportation of Belgian %vork- rn to Germany, Tho interview will probably be arratiK<d foe Monday, Grew ha» informally discussed, tbo Hitler with the foielKH ofTice and ha* iven copies of the orltrlriinl orders- 1«- iied. Grew, personall'y l« following tho -ubj'ect in detail. LORD CECIL PROTESTS. London. Kng.. Nov.* 18. — In a Lord Robert Cecil, minister of (Continued to page 6.) Makes Recommendation*, Legislation to p r e v e n t railroad HiriKt-a "pentSInK a (settlement of di» uites between ernployera and em- iloyi-s," was recommended by the na- ionul council-of tho U. B, <?number of Himmeri'e today, and that t the Kovorn- nont t«kft steps to" muko^certaln stabilization of, (mprovemenis and ox> laetUUcsv DAMAGE-WAS SLIGHT Dcutschland. Could Depart At Once Except For the Probe Of Accident, (By United Press,) New Ixmdon. Conn... Nov. 1S>—^Tho < "<*rmnn undersea merchantman ; KHitscJihind, dpspito its collision with :tio IUK T, A, Scott, Jr., could again Titt'crnpt » voyajge. to Oerninny at once. l.t wu.s only sliKhtiy damaged, anil If i i-palrs are made it will not be ncc- • >'niry to take the boat Into {Jry dock.' Tut whcu it will prepare to Iravo will •' discussed by t'upt. Koonls nor -•nembers of * thp crew. The Deutsch- .ind miiHt rcmttin in port until tho U, •-•'. authriritiuM hi|ve Completed their ln» 'tHtJgatlon ol ihc accident, which re- »alu;d in the Uws of tho convoy urtU i ve of the ci'ew at the Ptart of H* . Air. Morgan is thn chief owner of thft (hMieral. W|wtri<? coinpa'tty, one of thft lurgejst ejTipJoyprs ot' labor In tlju country, urul H was Hint \'or|iuiiiiioa which throug'b o'juvof lt»i ullli lulf. Miit;- jni» Alrxahdv.r. .began curly' tbtii ycui Hih?'-irftrwaUau_cl t ";thi'i' industrial ('ouftuv- enw board." • Thn M^ornfjiK \Vurtd 'points, to tl'o fact thnt too (U'tieral Kh'i'trio com- patty nH*eniiy emt-l'iftHi' vk-lorjous lit a light wnh its 'empio.Vcs who wUHU'd un eight bun}' ci.MU-eMjsion and mnu'Ii for it - --•'..'.. GIRL'S BODllXHJJtiD WAS A FAMILY , in.. NVv.'li-r- ii«r «if «>ci«>ncii at tHi.-(U!<:d at tilt! \ i'r. KstiK'f. .!" ^; iiiii, ,'i'., .'. Hii'd. bis <-{ •'(:;( nt^b.t'.«!. t hit I'll Hill, Khrent'elU. sml other ->ir (or tlm AFFAIR. pr. \v; K, Nov. . } ^ 1 «liiu to break 1 in t>y " >i. To htci''s (h-Htli » iiiirgt'si ri «hp gbU'r. the today . ,i".\hunied fin* l Isrixlint' I'it'Hii'r 'and. hu<i«-;tr XcKu-ufi, iviti rrt'iVft'SHy of Chicago. Jacob Pieim-i', tiu> glr THE REPORT IS DENIED Both MUs Kellar and H*r Secretary Deny Wadding Plan. (liy UiJtod Press) Wrentlwm. aia»s., Nov. 18. — Mis* kden Kellar. one of tbe, moat famous women in the-country, blind, deaf and dumb, until tauslit to »peak by^ her tutor, officially dimled tbrouKh bet companion the report. t|mt~ ube ia to marry, bt-r (iecretary, Peter !<*agen. Fitgen wild "that deH|ii»t» the, statement ofuho rogistrar of Honton thai he. had tnado upiilication for u marriage li- eerifsw to jnwrry Mltta-Kvjlar 10 du-y,- 'a«fo, th«t ji« hiifKiipyiJr considered euch ii Th« taking ift tentlmony may con«. •nine noverul duvn, and a decision may MO rc-*er\ p ert a day or two longer. Capt. yinsch, who was aboard tho tuj? at the tlniP fif the aocldfnt,™U-ill testify today. It is beiievad the. accident will >o [ittributt'd to UIP had judgment of r*apt. Uurtiey of the .tug in Hteamintf of the Hulnuurlno inutciul of re*of ifc SUES THE DEUTSCHLAND, (liy United. Pr««s) Now Haven, Conn,, Nov. 18. — Huit to 'recover for the IOMM of the tug T. V. Scutl, Jr.. wan IrmtHutfd in the U. ^, dint Net court hero this aftrruuo'ti igainut tb«» Qerman under soa fri'Ufht» ir DiMitHchliind, wltlcii rammed and .-utnk ihe IUK y*'»terday .drowning ilvo men, f Ji6 libel action WUN tih-a by the T. A- Hcott company of New Konlon, Conn.,' which valuou thu lost tug at 113.000, THE NEW NAVAL BILL BRYAN OPENSTGAMf'AiqN. TcH* Dnmoerati Party Muit Take The Pry Side Of The Fi£»ht. (By United.' Press.) Indianapolis, lud., Nov. 18,--"The rJcniiM-vatli" jsiriy cannot afford to bi- (niricd in a drunkniVl's gniv*', lint ilmt will happen unless li—mKea u stau'l on the ri(5bt Bide of the prohibition oT-hbi -wa« the t.' 1 'iii ,hi,s four 'year's ' h«t of -\V. J, campaiitn to ty <ii'y. He t hi.s afternoon. il on tho entire l'lt ; tut»r !;i^iiU body of 51i-'| U, S, cnHV-d in l>i'.j. '.oUigist of its.'!' '" ' f»r an «u.U>;><<-y. j.' tMtic J'8 father.- b'*}'va ; asi'iits thai CUNE eiowpucts A RAID vi'lH>i-»< I'ody was 'taken mlUtun '. riivcr on Kovci i'ailu'1 Kiijit'uains . thai the faniiiyj -ath of the gli! J'H'in 't)se \Vr-.| lu'r' 'bth. Tlsc ' his u.iu^hiv." • pi*trict Attorney Seiiiss T3opks Qf Wholesale Grower*, • *' , tliy i'nui-il f'v***.) ^ -.- ^ro. ill.., N';,iv. \$. ~- Federal workii'iK . undt-r (!»•> dir»'t : tl<>u' dJf i", t?... Distriot 'Attufiioy Vharb-tJ t*iynn io.lay ,sr-i,;c(t iht:< ti=n>K,s ;i,nd |-,< of two .local wholw^te grocery I\IUJKC,> in Voniu'i'Uon v.ith 'tiu> isu i-s<!ig;iH(*ii of "fhc- alK-iO'di -. A"'d wmbiwo tn ln» Call For An Ixpendituro Of >376,000,OdO An In- orease Of $30,0.00,000. ^ . D, C-, Nov. lS~Ks. luwt ycu»-"« total by more than I90.000.tov, the new naval appropriation bill to be introduced in congress Ut- the furihcomiug jiseeslon will call for un cxpendltur.* of 1375.000,000. •"".hiUrinan Padsctt of the hou^e naval- itfxir,»! committee, «n,ld lodav. Of thla Mum }3?lj,OOU,«00 will be de- vu'ttd to new ^bijis and the payment *>f rwumrarijj alrcudy exiutlng' and the»-r.« iM*Mao.WW M»-SO'<or thu-pur- +%«i ti« uf . .ii.iiiWjC.rn' i*n t tt I ad in i nis t ra t ion^, Coutructa. f t j r e i g h t d«n»^> oyora, iutlit>i'iK>;d by nppropi iatlonf Uy thty Uic Fore Ih Qulnc-y, anul W!.or.k» Co.,'' i re i'lvwr " i for JMfiM.ytHj tlte hrjst ( WlM cc>!( |l.,l IVW ^l,li»&, '",'! fu, to th« I'ni. tix d" i-sia I'- fini!<Jtn;/-'» for «tii.'ii o'f- tbe t'w f?.Cr Ti !V j j ,,HI .'t* \\ i," \\ .

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