Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 17, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1916
Page 8
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EIGHT. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS. FRIDAY, NQV, AMUSEMENTS. •AMUSEMENTS. Democratic Celebration WILSON PARADE Monday, Nov. 20 TWO BANDS Fire Works—Red Fire Automobiles for the ladies Everybody invited to join in celebrating for VAUDETtE TONIGHT New Vaudeville Bill, 3 Biff Acts We arc going to present tonight and Saturday, without doubt /one of the biggest at tractions of the season. FELIX HERRMAN, AMUSEMENTS. LYRIC THEATRE Tuesday, Nov. 21st TheSerialdlorious LIBERTY or r<Mio\vii«. v d n»-t on Hit- Circuit. A Orpin-urn cyci'v •.•{•i.'onil, » s* 1 i'Vffy minute. Don 'I miss it. AI--H Clark nnd Ailtt-r. itovdtt. .!•>«' Klynn, i-firn«'ih , Kx:i:t' Th.-it Krt-Hi pirture, "Thf H.IW Metm. .••- "itrop* i.f IH.XK) " \|.- f» l.ins» \Vr-fRIy News. N,ili,e!' Show stnris (-inly KM n<-. rount of Hrrrnmtiv ,v On, iri\ itu: Imiif ! «h'iWl| :tt thiM l(!e:«!tl' i«-f?i- ue-"! i,,'i • !.. r:>t"«t !.i.>.eiti;ittiie. i!,,l '..ji'!-ii:i! !.b'.'i>T.(.i\ '•••rial .n. l','i.,e li.riin bt nveeri it yoiim; .Mi-\l,-, t n Hti-1 :( L -:il- "TWO ShoW*. it, _»*omt» rnrtiiner- L» H«»ml children. Don't p. ln . lant Amerit an . j Hie golden t/ncf .'0 almoi !,i>ik- enl* tMves f loin,Hire IhrotiRh Marie Waicamp, Jack Holt, Eddie Polo The Pink Freshness of Facial Beauty t'.rr-, rr'-s, B-i<--rr,, S hp s . Kfd Spoft anj u: !»r Si»m £" •on* Bnnmihs.-l b-, Stuart's. C^ici-um Wafers. Workers. I Scncf For Free Tr.aj Packag*?. .X:.'. 1 . 1 . _':v • '.. .1'.«:'..•:! i.'.-'A. Liu: small t:»xe* tit:.t mil i... i,.•!-,He,| t,, r>,tfi!-ii St'-r- iillt; ttiSb ;, e'nS.-tXr • 1 ! |; ...,-,.,, f»,|il- !i. f'ltiKv : ,r, -;• < ;,, .,||. .,,,.; ,., , . ;.j, i(f ;.«i'ple es; t-i i.»!!'.. -,-. !;>,- t),, ,;,,{ ,, lt ., at; . <"•« '<• ';<(••• !!;• !ii •• ' .-f ;•>« n, >-»:i,:>|.| ;:/!!> miT iin,l >.,.«.. <-,.,- i!:- 'j'ark !>!.«• h..||iel,( --p. H! Tb!lfsd.<> in erf Home of F*»tur«t - GRAND-TODAY..3 Beautiful Blanch Sweet in "The Thousand Dollar Husband" VpUiy' iliarall will •oiijoy. Extra! Bray Cartoons. Saturday, Harold Lockwood and May Allison in "The River of Romance" ROCK FALLS TONIGHT Grace Cunsrd and Franeit Ford in the great serial, "Peg 0' The Ring" Alto a comedy. ' "A DE8PEHATE REMEDY" Huil MCHLV Ste( II.OK fcl,-.| t n ,!,,. »-. N; ;-<T|) rill s;tlt- .•! I 1 - !,'>, w J|:::.hv;f!f -i^! ,1« • Mr. .-mil Alt-, lt.-ml.el I'< i|« : ,w h7T"»iav, beet, vi-ltlMK IM tbl>: viriTiily f -'l tilt |-;fil vcV'et_lll «,-t-i;t.- ),.f; \ , <i(er,!;r> I'm their lii.UiM lit ?rv'r:i-,-t, r. l';i. \V(i> -ib'.MM t!>,l Mferhtu.; !-!,,-, ..jr. j'j J ie-rc:ith-fi Wish ;t>i.-,|,,:ite park f.i.ili- iSS'nM's ('.i i> htm \\';if,r« I !|,•«••!• t I ,'llb!' S ' nine ! I dill :,M,| M et. !>... «k.r. ,i-> .--! • AII ..r 'lie bloo.l ,. ,,{ Ilie tl'-M. rtw nhi-r i\\< ttui MS i!u IN, i ,'icitur ,1 •d\ DICING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M. For private lexsons call H. H. KELLEY. Bell phone 430R not be Mi-ared <if the (A') eri^r- 1 be «m;ill tatej« i*'.|uiri-i| «iii ti,,t inn! ,-in\biMlv. Vo< o<i. "Ve«" ifcxt T!>t'«il:i'. " Mrs. l',i'«rtli- (ilinstr-;i<( ;-ji<.r>t ny in MiitrKi»n. .After tht- r.h { Nill'.s And if |\>"l "Mj ) 1} \ •,;!(' t-il,,,, I Vi!!i the pt<>p»r ; m.-lt»-| in JK il will runlet 1. fbe bi'ih' p<'-j. < *"()S into ;i tin miles.* «uI'Mt;iiH'i' and Ji;l«>s off IM pel,•<!>!!,ttjufl IflS-eid "f HKl, at i i>mti!:iti<in." 'I'be^e wrift-rs' work ijiiii K , *r!t«'il ,'i'Huii in roiiKtaul art they ronfiiti the best blood piiTHIer Known lenr n:ul One Night Only.Tuesday, Nov. 21st Kirby will sing "California in November" Starts at 8 p, m. sharp, from City Hall i, 7.K-, $1,IH) now "on eale at the Sterling P FOOT BADLY BURNED. V'ruiiH Xucllt-r, of I'rsmklin /!r«>v»-. fitt tin* il;iv in (hi^ riiH \\ntt7, t^-ij-Kti'p silid .ill the modi-rn n!-- vt..|,« .Mr.j. 11 i' \v«-r!e. :•«:. stif.'!. Men rii"!i- •rfr \v * Moon- jinil vim I'rMnVi h iv<> r<'- tijriifil IH>IIH> fi'irn Krcepiti't. win re th«'v- lriv«* \>< > n atti>n<!iiiK tin- fniiNtslory. Ni-n tiiirttdil fL'tim at $1"'', i>ti»ran- iTil. Mtmicn'H *Iu>«ic Stoic,* Mi-!<. Jilt-lilt Klof-k lui« hi-i-n lirourlit hoiiu- front thf Sterling h<.<*pltnl wheiv ... aubtiiitted. ,.J.">.....an_ tij.i«>n _tl)r»''» weeks ago. Hlic lifi« bci-n ilnltig till (*- first Amm et?,;ir y f«;ile starts ti-rnni - • '" **' '"'"' '' ' ; '* ! "''''''''' ^ViVyitit rou Spet'ln! offe'ritiKS <-!l '-II three; V "" r Nk! " wllt 1 "' ! '"'" (1 !1 * (U'or.i. Hille ebiNe-: \\"r>,lt|f^,S;l v -'lid ;!' !;!< ' ! '- ; .-!~ i-t,?P.' V«HJ .Will l>< \\'ytJe-1 >e:l', er 1> U (',,' ''*-"''&'' ""' u ""'litful < tilHIKe tllftt The,, J TrotiTls in 11 leu, r ti> Tbe • "^ f ' J " ! -'^' s I 1 '"*' in jvi"t a few <la) Uazptte writ* < th;,J be ban ;i,'.','p(. d ;( : tine pONitjoii «it!.i the Mnlmnv I'mbr-i l>arl.ii.« ;M Hbetidaii Hi.a,I .,n,t |(ro;»fl- ; way. t'hieai^o j •held in Wi«itdm;in bull f>vt v Sat-i 'nv :>!ui Mi, ml, «> t",i)u,H'« f|i,|(i r .':'• •' "•''. .>"' i.i! daririn;: !«•(•(» t,, |,, .» , >Je( ! y.-ic.r Vietmla fur (' asHnrtniMit. llaiuen'H .Music Htoie.* Mrs. John Hebron*, who WHH tipernt- cd on at Hie Htetli\u; hospital Tui-«. Oa'y i.« doing an w>'ll ;t-> cotilil be ex- peet.-d. l-it«-[ <Yiii)i\ I'iKarj Sa!«> sl;iris tumor-. Sj.«'>fforliiK3 on ..... all. thrt-u A CADEMY OF MUSIp Tonight and Saturday Afternoon and Nipt \*+ * , • A photo-play that will amaze Sterling TheLJItleCirlNfYlPoor ts •' - "^ -. . Matinee each day 2:30, 15c and 25c; Night shows 7:30 i , and 9:00, all seats 25c. NO PERSON ADMITTED UNDiR 16 YEARS OF AQE LEE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT. Th«« flrcull iMUrt of !•«•<> county i»i»- iviul CraUtrt i t>, mm yf thw lau> Jtiilg en* Thurtuluy, Nov. 23, fop « wsHlon Crnbir««>, -aiiil u ijl«rk i» tlu- Dix nf »I»VITU) ilayn tlurinj? which. M>vcra1 ion Xatlorml tmnlt. wn***evftr«>l.v burn»M huUl-uvcr cuat'it Hint h«vt> been on theyojttvrtliiy.jnornlnK when he will lu» <H*|>OM:HI of, JudKi> R. jlardo hottlo VontnininR muriatic ucit ' JS.. Farratid' will occupy the bench injln front »f S.trutton Jt Co.vcrt'w jobac jitll probabilltie«j, Mout of th« cuHes j «h.»ip on Flrwl Htreet. ThV bottle w; ci wan minor «m»»« and there 1« notbinp j bruken when il wtruc-k the walk am |[of-. any-vital importance to the .tried.'the acid burned through hiN shoe am iAll of the criminal ca^eH on the ducket j nock and caused a painful burn on hi jar*- t.o be tried tiuritiK the January j left foot. • - — |tfrm. The fact that the Kraud jury •— |M« nut in HOH^IUII now makes It wee*.- AT FREepoftT CON8 , STO RY. . ) Mr. nnd Mm. A. P. Moore. Kninlt ! Motire. It C. Itenslow nml Mr. ami J 'xur.v to hub! them until that time when hthnt body can meet and return trut; (bills ajjninut a ntmxber «.f prisoners, j, °*;, r "". c - lu>n8low aml Mr f win. are now'In the county jull. j •*-.«• wetzol have b«en In ._ . \ |lhe pawl wevrrnl days Where the K«-nt- r «*)aBeMM*«MMMNMll^HnMMMWiaMM^«mi*MaMMeMM^MMMM»«Wie^«i NEWS JLN BRIEF LOCAL MAN IN BIG DEAL. Th« hlRh grade sis -apartment build- -jlng at S0«-s»>« HldKt*land wvenue, Oak . i Park, on a bit Mxt','5 feet, has been N «old by J. |; v 1'ljHT of HlerlittK, 111,, to " ' " t'hl'cHsh. for 11 reported lemen-'havo been attending the big Masonic meeting. The meeting; endinl With u bis.ball Wednesday , OFF/FOR BIG GAME. I-YI>. Itus'p', of ChumisHinrn. the ,con«lderution of' |33.00n,'Subject t« an j ftlr 'l«cturrr. KenenM Hold maiuMrer In itnmmbrrancp T Chi- f wa» here last pup»r today, In exchange for the • n '8ht to attend the toncert ai the FRANK BUYS GOOD LOT. . > , - - - , M ,. . .. , „. I% . • ., , „ ,, , ,equity the purchimer conveyed the •"• l - A- Helen Hrown Ue.-vd, I-rank, of Hook 1'alls. has i,, ro , n , rl> . u , f>8t , W e«t Divliilun «treet. |'« » cousin of. Mr. Hu 8 g. i ratio, the vacant lot on ihc nortuwest , improved with a bttildttiK contuinlng'a {corner of the interspctuai u(. Third f* to <'«' ««»t| twelve apurtmenta, nt H vaJu- f ration of $18,000, . - ... j.strfrt ami II'avenue. luMt wouth of the I l klk<j' hufne. Tne Urt Iri U«s10t» feet and i Mr. ami MI-H. .1, T. \Villiam.i went to *hh';im> .ThyrHday. i'hocoluto fudge. Jit rents a pound i\'. Illinois i':indy Kitchen.* Wayne \.f~r %vfHt to yeht<t-day f./r a \tnit with r« i noVelUeH, l>ee. l^th, Minnie Mr?«. Sarah Rich wont to Jeriwyvillp, III.. Thursday to Hpend the winter with relatives. Jf y HI n-.'tnt a more attractive town, more and .beter place for outdoor I-P- ertiititui. free ti> everybody. Vote fo the l»«rk Hintrict Tuesilay, Tito smal extni- taxes will never be felt.* Mrs. Tl: K. tloke and Mr». fihfllf'r of Lyndon, Hpetit Thurnday here on J2Ui. Mlnnii . Mls« Klla <;. liiebards. Mix C.racei \Vnnb.,m iiinl MIH. futile Ji, I'tley went! !<» ChiciiKo > ^'!lut^dily, win re tii«'t"wii|! ^itt«'inl t!ie (Jland opera, "t'armi-n," i Nit Hon«« < - or.«iei;| ltnpr»vcd nplral ! Hue. Hell |,fio!>e Tuii-S.* Kpendinii; fev( r.-il dayn with her ri'la- tivcs it) tbJM city. ' NM>i-(,i| sai,. ,„, jetjf irMtmMO Saturday; •tt (JerileM ' | PARK ELECTION. TUES~ NOV. 21, 1'ollK open from T.-iio ii'rlniik a. m. i Free Trial Coupon F. A. Stuart Co.. 340 Stuart Marshal!, Mich. Send me nt onee, b\ (Hum iiKitl, "i free friii! pa r»f *HUMI''-< »'n|eil|fM \Vt4fers* Street Cltv State MARTHA FEY, The Sterling Chlropodlit. GRAY, Flrnt Clnxn Chlropodlit with 110 W.4th St. HBelT'plione 8S7-R to proposed oVIerk p. in Voters living In • |,| sln ,,t rant •<f center ,,f ltr<milw:ty and line in>vtli »r m>rili ciul of that HtrtM.t. will-«-ast- tinii.iUi at \. \, -\\ ilgi-f-'s mure. Tliujsoi livtuif |iftwi>«>n rcnu-r of lirmuUvny ami; «vnt«-r of I^XMJMJ «tro»'i an.l LViiniiiKion inail Hill c-iiHi t;nll»ts a( *'i!y \l»\\ , ; Tlmi-f liviim wi-«t ,,( < t-ntt'i «>r ivwimt i .s*r«-i'{ :u-,il l'fti.nlrti.;!"H V->,li[ v.ill c;i.«.-! I'iiilota at Cult HoiiM' t>nlU.nK plm-t- ! \Vom«n ilo Hal vitti- nt HUM i-U'1-ti..n.' N V G. VAN SANT Attorney at Law State Bank Building KUPPENHEIMER and ,, iOCHAEL-STERN ercoals $15 ,„ $25 Uiouijht by many to be orm of .the^ In ttie IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On Nov. 17. 17R«. a k'trer writien by In MAHW »»/^ DAILY WEATHER REP.ORT, fl' 1 «'hicano weather bureau fore- for today is- ax follow^;. Fair tu- ""'I Haluntay; not much c • 'hristma.'i! VOB, De t*ro«k.« ICd. >4boney, of C'hleaKo. itpent Thurn- lai* here on \\hy .should not Sterling provide ita i-hlhlriMi nnd othera reimlrinj? outdoor recreation with adeiiuiifn park fnclli- le.s, Hame as other live towna do? lin lot lie wared of the ex|>emte—the »mall axes reuulred will not hurt anybody. Vote "Yes" next Tuesday.* ' Mr«. John Urynou wan removed from he hospital Thurwday to her homesln Como, Hit! Uowery dunce at Heir» Monday. »ubllc invited.* Dr. ICMkey spent ThufMday in I'roph- tHtnwn on buNlncMN, S>l> Kale .on 'rimmed ftatu for 51 fi Saturday.,, Manning A -.larvis.'' Mrs. Jamen Trouthman ^turned to er home in Topc-ka. Kuii., Thursday ftc-r "a viwit here at the \V. 'J. Holl i»me. _ - , , Van lioutrn'u hot chocolato and all Kinds ot hot drinks, at Illinois Candy •Kitchen* Dr. WilkittH »ppn't Thursday In Chicago on IT'S YOUR LIVER! YOU'RE BILIOUS, HEADACHY, SICK! DON'T STAY CONSTIPATED WITH BREATH BAD, STOMACH SOUR OR A COLD Enjoy Life! Liven your liver end bowel* to light and feel fine. C.C& J.W.Johnson ATTORNEcS. AT LAW Practice in all eourle LOANS H.E.VanEpps,M.D. » Rooms 10 and 11, over Jennings' Jewelry Store LITTLE LOCALS tri.-t. The lot was »o!d by the FirM jtime there wt'.re about HO families in j Na'tiontil bank of «terliiiK who owned i 1 "* nv " French vilIUK>'« of JlllnoU The j 'it, -$he consUleration Jm« not been letter reciiniineiidh founding u «ol$d e»- i v \> uiv exclusive a K i>nts for the Dr . .... .. ... »•„ l^ _ . k . . I *. HI luM •»•... nl ttt »!... ......I.*.,., it. ....!.... ... f ^»w»..... •»•» *,,» * ?l . out. Mr. Krank HUJH be hux not : !>«•! deci.ilcd whiu he will do with thf { . mMuro !o ll '^ I'V* nch the 1 lui. •• /of lilioiw, impoitiuu ax a link bcl\('t>t>n i > •• Canada and in tht- country. In older to ^ jt wi ] Mtid lVter«.* Winte shown CHEAPER COATS intends to follow Sole Shoes. Klllen • T. y. Davis .spent the day in Cliini- Kt>. Don't iVtrKCt I ho UoynJ NetKhbor'x dance,tonlttht in the Woodman hall.* |<oy Finch bus >jon»» \n (Jary Ind,, for i few month's vMi. ' , New nuinb»r>! ju»t arrived in prt't- tj; party flijtiiefs. The Hootcry.* K, W. Murphy .spe t ,t yesterdas u. \Vomen'» Jin-} bo\s shoe* on .sale at Jl.UX and *1.4S. Killen »<• Veterii.* Mr. and Mi> -A, r itai^tirtV Went ti> i-"hifai;o )cfieida.v "pl't,>er" piu.ii', u "han;,un " ill'si. W II. (iuilitbfl. tif (\ilrt.l. -<pcIH Thin !>d.i\ here. tK' ! till it Sietinu Utah ^-|,,«,| i/|,,s.u X,.y l?, -Seised n-i-m *. in ; ii/m .:">«• \<\\ Mr*, i-'ralik!,.spirit yet-t< rd.iy Muri'i,->i(ii <-j|i bush\i'!<w. • • • • liethietioii ,.ai Ulf ivti'iaiinn^ two tune f bi'mtji, Tho i>i«in>ry, ;!! 10 more ami better place»- of outdoor ro- cn-ation, free to everybody, votn> fi>r the 1'ark District Tue«day. • The 'Mnitli extra taxes will never be felt!" Howard Cru«e Hpenl the day in Tarn- pico. V«u will never feel the small IHXOS that will bo repiiied to furnish Sler- Hng with .1 .siijiabie park nynteni, Piil>- !»«' parks are. freo to all, and working people e5>iM«ciiUly. wb4i do not own au- JACOB CANTLIN LAWYER 5% farm-loant.V Prepayment privilege ' BELL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL, FARM LOANS AT 5% 5, 7 or 10 years, up to $100 per acre if security warrants MORTQA'GES FOR SALE Law office Stager <& .Stager Tonight sure! Hetnove the liver and IHtlHuh which Is keeping your head diitzy, your tongue coaled, breath offensive and stomach sour. Don't stay billoi'iH. Hick, headachy, cohsti- to.s to tae them out of town, tuni and vote fur. the I'urU l>is- .tri;'t. Tucntlay, Nov. 21.* Mrs. Kivd llou'Neniiin, of Morrison, In iipendjiiK the week in tbi.s city with relatives, , • New-uprljjht I'iuiio at II.'o. Ouarun- t<-ed, Harden a Mtinio get n box of OfwcatU'ts from the dniK ; utoro now? ICat on» or two tonight > and enjoy tho nicest, jfeiuicMt liver ] and bowel clettiiHing yoit ever experl- ! enced. You will wake up ft-eliiiB Mt and fin P. Casc.irets nuy r Kt'ipo or bother you ull the next day like .calomel, Kullrt and pillw! They a<-t HI but thoroiiKhlyv ' MoHier« should'., cross, «lck. bilious or feverish children a whole Cascarct any timo, iHiey are and children love Utern.' H, T, FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONDS Net 4 to 0 per ««nt Exempt from Income Tax LOANS _, ^INJSURANOIL 310 Lawronc* Bld0. dttrling, III. ATTOENBY AT LAW 411-414 Lawr«nc« Bldfl. A COAT BARGAIN. \i-liitir »'<i t if i! jtuv in>;iif. ihv (; t .(j,L> FAT PEOPLE CAN < REDUCE WEIGHT Fat men uiid women-vvh.o',would-like to reduce tlu-ir weigbt by^ I*! or 10 p<>ui:ds ;»b<>ulii try a little with tlitu; mealti and note reaulln, \ Here i« ;t tf.ii \\iirth trying Kli>t wei^h your* .self a ml iiie;>t>iire yourself. Then twkft K-itviij" one capf-ulc with every meal ;!mi one iu-fore retiring- for a fesv wvi'i\». Th«-n.- wct£h ami . .menHurt" ,ii4ain. The .seJUee. ,aml'"tbe tape DNMt-uie will tell their own, aiul ,li;.niy t;i! lin u itiid Women we b.elit'.W c:tn ea.-lly take ,,11 I'l'util !l\:.e t,i eijibl 1,,'usttds jn 'the tir.-t IJ.diiy,s by. follow-j my tliss ^mtpli'- nx-tliod ONEY TO LOAN On Farm Lands. I have arrangement* . ' roc unlimited amount* of Monty for Farm Leant. Lowest rate* of inter............... est, prepayment privilege*, and <mick • - confident!*! action. , ....... W. A, BLODGEIT, Morrison, III. in • y,>t v r« liv r J*,irk l)j.-.nn' a. in tu ivhij; in ill !\t, \.\ti. ti> Uj-fti.-t l!;e t,d (in- Ifb.HMl" ty U.'<f up-. t \U,i t'.it tit Jill IJ-H l.s 'i.. ''• VH. V'!l! <i;> t . w hi!.' sa .!' Jl.i l-;ip.>,u|ef t i-|'..-«' -In.- Un I'llilll it (UliISi j nd i-ituhumi 1 tbej if Ilie l)i-,|y. I known MI -the M<,!« ilW *Ml t'f lit. I'llt'U'liI ;U!ii ; ; >.( bet.-.iu.-..- (.<i! ,'l k llu.lept -tub-lit . Fred It Kberu-y. <!'-• -|'i-n.-m.; itil .,! K"niti In ! >-•' a.K>;} "Kif'n'i ttm•> '<nrU-u;< --. 1865 There are many things w« don't know, and Many things you don't know, but-we : BOTH DO KNOW 1916 W^ Is the BEST Fuel onithe li^btfor the money, Order it at See us for Soft Coal'before you order. '

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