Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 17, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1916
Page 7
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STERLING.'ILLINOIS,.FRIDAY, NQV.J7. 1916, f AC1E SEVEN. Finest Hats Made You may have your own idea of hats; we u'iVe you v a r i c t v ^ j • enough tosclect from. All the new smart shapes and colorings from f he" "btsTjn afce rs of hats. See these Austrian vjkun and Stetsons derbies; Complete show f $4. $5 Bradley-Boynton Cto. Co. CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD HELP WANTED—MALE i FOR SAlte-FARM LANDS I , , • „ ' % . f >*- ! \ 1 MISCELLANEOUS LOST r T -• n- TK.VH I i f • I'ill p,!> ! nur «y.*'. lfl<h St., I.I;A({\ li: tr.t '.Aur.Kr. T;: \rij: I /I-<> to i. -I!!! l..\ Write fur i';i!'il'is,-.'..'< "". III. Tf 1-CitN H.i! t'' M A X HI U r-i! of ;>• ' Ml). M i'i )'• 'tn ;n-ii i i :• i j! !..) If i'i'.-ri -t. ,| v. • '.'."•r mail M:tu' '!.v- " i . \ i i > ll.-tilit'.n, III, tti hliie • 111' niseh ( I'/-i i, hiily your*, 1'. II. ,\If Keen. CHICAGO ^CSRAIN %IARKET. 'i"hir,ii-o, 111, Nov. 17, N" l"l. tl.TTHlSfi; Nn. t °4; fJnll Stonf*, c,in Blomarh and (nl« • tlon, Yellow Jnuii'.'i. other fnhu 'llin«-n • aeh Tr -i! ' -<"• of thf> llflUwiind i Getting Ready To Ke*p' House.- Aii-adf fliilf-l. SI, I'l-te. No", H. . lo any o* . «B •«' d. if f I.-- < Olllll .III idenl* . : It IK I"!' i tttke.n evel think that e h \n." J hind wint'-r. Jl H* I-I'. j N'".v .(',,,), X,, •_• vr-ltnW, "' No :: y.-llmv. MX 1-:,"•/!.ou'/Co I • !n; 1 ,:'-i 1'•'»; No. '• yel*ow. '.<l 1 -:"•-< •."'•; ! Nr». il vi iliivv. :•:,; N... ^ nhit.'. !",!'.( i n| ..... , .. . I-.' No. f tntvd, :"' !--"•?'''': N". '" otrt KtOtn- 1 l.dllor IMHJ *,:i •/.•!< e. >,,,Ued. !i.V.|!u;: Simple tirade. ''II-.'. f" , t .-,< i • Htomaeh j ,\<- ,,ni lnu>!"w if not quite rendy, | ,,|,| ,.,, n ,. \,, j y,.||o», $1,111;. *" ! •' ' r **' ov<>r>f I we are at the lintel, l»tit tthnppInK fl'iilti ' U:its No. '2 inivd, fiti:!-4: NtV ^ , ' ' i^n'menf^'ISr'''>''''' "'»^>t- •"»" tblnkVwr-nr,. I..I-K- « hi,,., ^M -.. No. :i « hlle jr. ^t > •o.Mi'li nllnii>nt«. J'or . - . j^. 4 \-.i I uhlte ",fi :i- ( -<i:>~ 1-1. Md. • I ii'imuey Co, and j >'"? •'' "''-"It Matt In life. Si. \vc /"" - 7 ;t '. ,,, y r ,., •'"•'- i rnnnintt from Mote to More, looking | • n.irley -i';ish, !',Vn t JT. ^ ' '"" , :it ill.xhei. mipkliiH. table e|oth«, eiir- j Itye Nn 'i, tl 'Oifi I.Til 1y!. ] ' t.'tin*:, Hioves, IUHIS. liiilve", hedcietidn, -~ ,,-«,«„ mattre^H, coffe pot*. - rnK, |. STERLING 'CITY MARKERS i boxen, lablew. elmirs, drei-Kern, Hpoolin i T- 1 —""* - -•' 'mid the end .« not >-«. Oh, ye*, and j ( M 0 se« O %l!on I*"*'* I tron,«, for (here l.n n. fire-plrif-c. ' J sveitt | , .•""... lo bed ui Keven last nliihl. j Neu No. .3 yelluwv'eoii j New No. 4 yellow eurn sr»H'< mutu-u'».Kw:c'et- rt'HLorcii'.J ..._. l:J3Vfi]Nil<;{Us"/7...... ; •...••'.'.••.•'•••.•'•.•. •-•'?.' Tin- \vretebed he for- N", ."t mixed nuts ........ nit'l-i I tV bell I «... f 1 .'_'' j Ityo ..',.... -.••• • •*"< n-iitev . .. .»• ••''"' As usual,, we .hall every .straniter on!' - ' tin! street. The last frllotv IH MurK'Hill. i . LIVE STOC. *C .U'i|i|<<-ll ll!-«, mil- I'll;:' r .,, "III t" !! -l\'-! t"l' II" It Ui\.»>. l'i(--!»>it. C!in...!... Hi'nkf«'S-d l.,'iK>i!li', .('i-f u. Sprint: Viilley. Mdlin |)> vnifii'il. Vi ry jib-awant »'stabll'-b«' line,. p('riii:in>-nl. Hi:r money. fib'l ' n Make* A Correction, XHiie of \Vedl««"«iliiy. Nov. •'•tU the ,iddreM« dellvere I ; " i -if i tie iinnniil^mn- f ,. n , • mioted the 1?|H- ' HELP WANTED---FBMALE filHLS \V.ANTKI> AT', THK KYIS!- Cat/dy f.uioiy. Call Salurdav. I 1 -V -1 !! \VANTKI.) -i-oitK AT hoW !•! hake $ir> jn-r \vitU. 11: -11.' f'.iuh \v.-\N"! ;;i..» KUH ni-:NKi!Ai luiii:>, VMH k. Tu«i In fiirnily, Mrv Ri.-u ki-. Hl'>i. 7th Avr». Il7lf \VANTI-;i> I.ADV l - «ilt rSKNKUAt ••him*. «o:h. Wliltrtey llotH, . Kail*. . • . tt'AN'TKU AX i:i,Ui:i{|,Y LADY T* care fuc e|)ililreii and who c;,n t:> holll" nithK IJefefeU''*" l'c<|imfi| Aillll»-M Icix "ll" rMire <!a'/.etle l'*|«ltlr lo think thnt IH\II- v foreiKli • ciilintrlen lid he Iflle t'l lhe ut onc«i. Fur] We haV(i '. , ., , , ! • out the KimiUh 'ind | all rlKht, "tld HH'il- ] /.. ii.y tiiut Mtnndiitd." ! Strange name, we Kiild, HttiindM HKe liuiKoyne of-inir hlMtorb-H. Yen. ho re- fillert. .My grandfather wan from Kng- Innd. and a brother of (Jen llnnzoyne, i whu mrrn i mli > rert~Tn—Knnuoirtr In l"7t. You have done the Hbdmu an •«..- ! Ho wt , ,.,„„„.,„, ,„„ „„„„,,„ tnin , tw — irtt»-nih?niit -tu UiU nuittwvl B r | *»> not nay the ahove: In fact he U, ,,. r , im , ,„, ,„ ,, m , <)f i ml I Wild thO OppOHlil'. I WIlH hertt Is what tho, lUtdu»i> mild In lie' is a farmer from ' Clftflon • IH tlr«««l of north for "<> drove», One rreeslriK every winter j»>ars. ToiirlRiK an , .. , • itttndf«4—iu*«t—Vfwsk—tw. c. tiU loyalty.or the loyalty of, ^^ t ^ fy ,,„„„,,,. Mj|| , am| any AiiKlo-,-axon « lt «"| l '« l ""-'-f r , )m *'|'lone«ta. !•«.. In nuto/n^n htlU'S, That too often and I</IIR IIIIH the at-, |( ^ J)n|n|( , • tomtit been made to tunUe tin and all j ^.^ ,,„,„,„,,„ „*»;,, y , ,, rk ,, H arp Hh . coming? to our nhort'M funforqi lo the uwlll|)v II1(M , t>ru(t ,. We are im>-lnf only AftKlo-Bawn l'i«-al, .whleh Ideal, UK nny fi|U| . ( , ()||H| . H a wppk for n room , Om< rmn may h-arn from hl«tory. »'»« i'"'«M ,„„„ ,,,,„ r ,,,, m lin ,j K(M) «, , lf)lll . t | OIJ rt worthy of Iminitnttuii, H« «aw In bin ma|n glroet fop g[x do ,j ars a W(H , k> or I**I Bleern COVVH ATJOTION SA\LES. LIVERY SALE. I will «ell mv entire liverv ntor- SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9TH, 1916, it 1 o'clock sharp, known nn Hie Smith l.ivery Harn, mi the eorner of T»oenit tdnj KifUi Mie*-«.—-Tin* f'»llowJn«-{»*- (be de*eri|itloit of the property: Fourteen ||ornef<--I blai'k ^1lrar*<e 'Irani, weight 1,3on Ibs, each; 1 black team, will makr «ood ..hearse team, W'elsrbt l.L'lift lb-<. "iii-b; 1 lilnrji team, Well ni.'ltehed. 7 •uid X yenrx old: t'bay tr-arn. ? and s years old. Welch! .l.««tl HIM. etH'h; J ILIV team, well matched, (5 and 7 yearn old, I buy homo, aued !' Veart*; 1 Korrel' iioiMe, used 8 yearn; 1 Itay horwe. ai;ed LOCAL R-* (Steilhji Da r/- buticw • l.mirv bu.tter ml turn eyo nn Amflrictt urn rid and i?lor- Imtn, hut only fiftcr It had -fr«v'I ItMi-lf from that Inllurnws An Ameiicu with Its own lltt«rnum»,_ It own hlMtory and not thut from the standpoint of tho AnKlo-KiiN-on. * In true rhetorical style uitd with tfront oratorical .fame. ht> n«ked why u Oi-rman'* lojalty, 01 the toynltv of an IriHhman. of n Toll-, of nn Italian, or any mitn'H loyalty should |M« called Into (|U«>Htion Mlmply hcr-anso It'In not the kind of loyalty defined nnd out hy the Aii«lo-H".\on. He did not nay: "\Vv U«v<> taltfu orvrytliliiK trttm the MuKlish and think that way l« «II right, Jind nienHUM* up hy thnt utandiird." What he wild wan that ton IOITB have \>i» A t*i!t- cn pvpri'ihlng from tht» l'Jngll»h; nnd not only did ho not think u right but ho dpplon-1 Uie f«cl .ihat we wer«* i«.o long hyimotUsed Into believing IfrlKhc. : KK>. long wero «4i Uyimuiliuul intu * * t Ii I ft let iitr t iw^ vVfiK l(' r r^u Xt t n iiM'iiHiiii'H : nnd HtttiW/ifdB tin* real, tru« utid right " Mta'nditrd' wwl measureii for AmerV ir'/tnti, no matter what lln'lr rm-c and blood, . ™ >In ju»tU«« Ihen to Ameriea and Americans. In JuMice to the Hinhop wh«i Mtuiidn KtT-rind tn none In lij-* loy^ ulty. In hl« Idealo, ..\ lil.i vvork *or that country whh'h w» si.i lian- buvu the urlylb'Ko of i-ul'i' 1 *. •>ui* >iwi. I ank that you corriH-t >••••'. M- Ut) aerloiw error, fluid you A .-««»•> ed f'.iii'-'iment! tho coinplbo•-«—'•<'•. f^*-?'.'" > »"' cy; of 110 iHii- \.i\>^,, <•> •>•'! In a tlm« and SIK»< win-re t- . c • l»er» «ct>m to forget iheir I ' •m to' Imvt 1 lowt t,he ^ .1 • ' • «• p, Hid IIIIVP made purlt- " d t fully [K-IIH Inter, aiidlfiK't'H lant Sunday. The tottrlntH are a iiobpr, t!i«' tbt» into* niuy ICIi'K.'iitt. ••iiurclu'H, . i»i-u|>lt>, who «lo not to tlm wild crowd nt I'pnn*, uml <m Hun- ilay !*)•!• fiiiind In thpfr JW»WH. • I.ibC'Kil, too, tho ortcrlhir at f 'onKrc-gntluniil for inn wan IlK'.Od. At li'liKlvtfiil v«*Hpw wrvlro from four to live. A girl from Maine t>luy<'d u chiinnljig violin solo. Anmnif tht» tmirlMtK aro urtlMtM^arid orutora who frocly «lv« tlu'lr Thy htrd, thy bower JH fiv<>r jcrao/i, li'y la ever .eU-ar. . We* find our- -blackbird frlondH .of l!«'lli>viu> hert»* t<» give us it ci>nu>, 'and the mocklnp hlnln of |«*t n uro muplcul .OH cV'or. And . flowtT«r TloiKjiH'tH of ruHt'tt tn church, oleandcra, hibiHciiH, |>olnHfttlaH, in 6 dot of bln'oin along themrt't'iM, pr<|tJ«p .l't»ftnij?ul with . tliflr demiit • <](vk ' le-bvcs nnd chiHisrs <»f fruit, I£lKhty yt-merdny. Wty mtmt lonk up our \vhlt*> wardrobe., W, \V. DiivlM HOW TO KEEP THt PIANO ,loorn^Htw ^ Cl««n It tho Right Way' t ^ A piano is a }ife-long,po.sscssii)it. Un- letg proper care is-ust'J, unsightly diccki ^ and cracks sooner or Mater pppcar on Jbf fmc finli^d'surface, >V}icn Uiai 'liappenj, onjy^- a cdinpletc rcfuiisinng wilt rwtoro id " . ' The way to preserve the fine finish of your piano is to use Tultcy FolJ!.h, This prevents checking by keeping the varnish claittc and now. Then your piano will not deteriorate in looks. Tobey Palish is lite famous old jecrct •hop formula of The Tohcy Furniture Company (Chicago anil New York},' and -used for many years on their, finest pieces. This of itself is full assurance of Its safely and-.efficiency. You cau'J afford to run any risk. .. Tpbey P«|i«h gives immediate results. No hard work—ho rtitit>um—Tiu 1 0 lilnV-iiO veneer. It beiiulibcs by clt-an- inf and restoring the original ^.urfacc. whether variush f>r enamel. Takes nothing off hut 'dirt ami l.>U;mUlu'$, Leaves nothing on,but-tlw nnc'luush »» all its original newm'-is. .._.« _ Try U on an> thing (mfn a. chajr to a •piano.' Si'e.iitnV/it maintains I la- btan-l' IH-W app«at.aiH',p of >«'tsr autdiift.f.ijc Ti'bcy PoJKh it iu»w bfiiii-; if-ril m tin,' finer hvnii's ilu"%hi nt ili^' i'"'.m'i> .! - S«4ll at' t ' u " 1'ClUT itotvs «ve[ i wlurc. ' TALK STREET CAR STRIKi. IKnroit, Mich., Nov. 17.-Detroit IH ijjiiin fiu-iiiK «he poMMlbillty of u street •ar strike, Confronted by a ecit of living which they .«iy i« ftir be>'' * i I' <•" -I'ec. <•-1- ii' 'oi ii. '•! i ' conilin toiN have dcU-fmimd to, pruuent new di'in.inds for pay- Incrcuticti, . * STERLING BOAHD OF TRADE Maxwell «nd Qulnlevan lUiurd of Trudo. :»», III.. Nuv. 17. I Jnlry IM> « '«ir Da'-/ - .34e . . N«w Vegetablei. l«"tU>co, F^r hwid .... , rush .... !*, 6* 'h . **••••*» "• • ' **»«»*t**«. • 'l . *••*•»>*! Ill . t t # * * * • I lltllich ........ hunch . , 1 Tie , . Go '!,"*"* lliK.; I lili\rk liorn«'. ;i|.;i'd ,1" yc.'ini. vycUclit U fir > I""- Thcxr hnrxfx ar«' \\>.(l hr«ikf for woirMMi 1*. 1 drlvf, i^iu will not find a li«'ttt>r, lot of livery hoi'Hi'H , In Nurtht-rn Ilackx. HuKKi'-H. AVaKoiiH fall wood iu'w)~l nn-adii-r's hrohm; 1 pall bfurern hack; C ruhher tlrwl haf-kn; 10 rubber tlr«»d. Imju'Kii'M, almost new; -1 -jff ivj;r " f Ti v-il ~'1inKjftr»s:— roort ~ ti «•- nrtv ; — 3 O.r«'«'ii Now c -, 111, • ™ Fruit «. Calif,, dozen 3&<it30e <,i«jo"<». « i»>« 2 r " L^GALJNOTJOES^ OUAROTAN'^'SALE. Hfiile Uf Illlnolri, - V County of A^bUcHlde, | Jlv virtue of a deeretal onb-r of UK County Court of »ald Count> at the AiiKUMt term of m\<\ tourt, A. .11, ItilU, MIII the appHvalion of 1'iank \\ \Vbeeb-r. Cuaidinn of I'aul \V. Murray mid ViiKil «>. Aluna>, tuliiom, lo Hell tin folloWillK dehrribi'd I'eaJ t'hlale. lielollH'- to Hlid tnlnorx. HUunliHl In tilt of Illinidh witil m ,• of wni County An undivided two-thlrdft of Lot l-'lve In Hloi-k Nnus* In IHI« City of Uoel Kallu, mibjeet to the dower mteieM therein of Nellie I-'. 7 Alurruv. J ^hall. on tb. xUI»m«b dav of l»e•ember, A. U. I'.'Hi, at the hoiit i»f twi iVlofk' I', ^1,. Ktdl K.'lid Intl."!-' rei- mlate, at tile went dour "f the |io>l In City of Hlt'iling, in xald poisii of Mile ax follow*: Cawh 01 rubber tired mirro'n. in nli:ipe: 2 hpi'iiiK WftKons.' 1" HetH o Inmble l!nrncx£—L' nets of brann trim nietl ha'rnt'HM, 1 net of nli'kle trltnmei harn»*ft«; 1 wet of hear«e hanieM wetM of double driving hrtrne««; 12 of Kinule liarneKH, all in MlKfelluiieoiiH MeinH.--4 eutterH in K"<" sdtape; 3 biiKi,'.y pole«: *J dox^n whipt* 10 rojii-K all In. Kond Khnpw;, 8 Hetn o stown blankets; -lly nfts; hay rope»« ap' forkx; neck ropt-H; pitch fork*;. «hov el«, anil other thln|4H i«w» nunierofiH . ti mrntlon. Thin IK one of this best liy- >-ry Htockfi Jn thin part of the KUitt Don't fall to attend this calo, All p-op 'rty will be sold' fiw I am jfolns; to t?i ml of biisineHrti Term* of Hale: Hv 'i-ylhinK under flO.OO rash. HmiV.alib .tiotert ac'i-fjiteil on lartrer amountx, .will 'ntefiist at (!'i from dati*^<if Kale for ! rtionthii, if not paid whenvdue. In tHIh ic-n^th of time, "%• will be churned fron •late tif tiiile. F, O." Hlimley nnd Har- Clerk. A i ..a .1.1. ?••(t-. ',r«-,'i j,| s,-<. i -ill !.u left .-'A I s» A''i:t:s IN il iJlil.p.M •'! -iHi! CARD OF THANKS r v. 'M i r ( n • • t i - if WANTED •A \.\TJ:! > - r» i:rv '.\-\I;N'CT \.<>••,?• ••',-! fs V. l ;!>•• ft \\' l>'i! ham, t:<! S. i '( .-ti \" •'. ti S: . ' "• ' lii" * i i .'- i '-'•', 1,1/1 ( [ ' --• --•• • • ' 1" • • \V\NTI-:i> AM, KINDS <>K Si'AV xv POTATOES- AIJ, KINDS <>K Si'AV SM i'..rk 1".i!l« or StVHir.'.r ..!:e ;!:«-2. !•*, H I'- '•• . •• t wiil (• n Ih" hi;;;i| V . • ;• • FOR BENT u AUCTION SALE. CLO 'NG OUT PARTNERSHIP SALE. id' r-=t;;l!<-«l will .tell ill' public f'nl wilb»iti if'-i-rvn' on ibe John Itifiinid HI fti»n, .'! mib-t \v».«t and 1 mil ,!li!i of Millcd«e\ llle. K mil'-.-' Hiiush i-.f of Ch;<'hvt< J< anil 4 trill'M north ,..t ,,r i-,'.:. i.i. WEDNESDAY, NOV 22, It)'.''., '.:•' followiin; piop'-ny. 1 Ho t.xi .• ii.iV mate. Hi'dl^ nld: xvieli l.fiii'i; black Ki'ldlnr-, '.' year." t''d. \v«'it,-n 'ntl by b«-r jtitl": blaek Ufblini:. ii >'!ti )!d. w'i-ii;ht !,'.''•>; bny t'l-ldinu. 3 >'•" .hi' id fo,-tl, w»-i(;ht l.;iilll; b.iy in.-tre ••••ai'M old; » vvfstidini; ctdts. .'i 1 ! tl«-n »f I'jitUe -13 (,'imd nillrh cow,«.. 2 ff<"< H.Vi 1 .^ I' tlftlii"'' ft' H)| dlli'ipu" Wlnlel ; u.. -, i-ar-oid li'-if'-i'; •!_ ye.irlim: ln-ifer ittil'M, in HplittK ealvi-.4; 3 fall t-;ilvi!s |i UiMti ti'd tterefnrd bull, *.l yeaix old 1 ri-«if-'ti'.red llerefore litifl. 2 yt-ai" old Vr ll'-ad of .ShoytH --About even III *e\ i-'iirm M.H'hlmVy '!. W:II;OIIM, liii-akUm ft ;ilitl harii"HH, S-foot Peering blndi with tongue truck. S mowern. Cb-n •!wt-ep liay loader, Siimlwh-h td» d« hety rake, ^ Oliver ••iii'i.d KIIU doW'f*. John Deere rltlitlK I'olli plow, diibble plow. 4-wctlon barrow, fan- tin K m I ttr trays~rnnv" i d« f i f «"-r, I ef<- v<-n not seeder, <lii4e, lialnl Corn uliell ionic lHninebt)ltl xootH. mai'v other at- \t:i'ft tiio nutne|iHiH to mention. llnr i-xfi f«'i"dH every hotly at noon, M.I!I> lin inijiu!«-ly afli-r. . Terin^'of. cab-: A) ,um•-; of $10.(MI anil umb-r, cash. «'i inn < over that amount a credit'nf \'. ti«iit!ij< time will !»• Kiven on iipprnv loies. IM .irinK ti per cent from date it »,iid when. due. If not wt paid 7 )• ••" ent. -will be i-barued. No property !• . N. G. REIT2EW Owner. . N'U'. 17, 24, I)t*% J. 2, 6, 7 Wheat May " •July Corn May Open 'High Low -!H 'i Po V May Jan. I-..- IX-c, 'SJun. •17 Rib. 27. r» XT:-. 10 .'a 1« 7 ' n; il H «•' JHII. H i CHICAGO &••>''•:'". .•, r. !'• si;. '.I t* yi ,i y i»n lay of wile. Frank \V. Wheeler, Ctitudian for I'aul W, Murray and VlrtHl «>. Murray. MlnorH. Nov. 17, 24. pec. 1LJB_ ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. l-;.-aati< of narbiira HendrlekH, deceiiH- The umlerHlKfied huVltiK been appointed admtnifdrul r of the n*duti» of Htabara lU-ndiJ.-iu Jute of the Count) of Whltewlde and ^l U*' of Illinois, deceased, hereby Kiv«-H notice that he wib appear before thi> County Court of VVhtteHide Count)', '( the Couit HWUM« in .Morrihoii. tit " January term, i»i lln« firm Monday "' Jaiim.rj next. Ml Which 'time all icr>-"tiH '>'\ ,njj i- suid eit.ile ult > tilled il' PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE. The iiiulersmiied will sell ul publK auction on premlHt'M. Kltunted In th- Village of- -Walton in .Marion towi'ishi|i Leo County, lilinolit, <»a TUESDAY NOV, 21, 1916, the fulh'niUK de»rribet| jr b"-'!., tlii- i i»t,itc of the late !'i><-t Iiilif'h The ii.irtheaxt i)iiarlcr of (bi -iiir- • toiih of nuiKe !'. ea^i ,,;* tin !t l ' " m«ridan, ( • i , .>...iih Imlf of th. jiialtti of llu M'UtllWCM ifiaitii Ju|i It, tit* 'f !•• llUVl? till' t-Ulllr U All -|»I'|>OIIH IndvhliMi , wild m*-nt to tin- iHiitci Uati-d (Ilia lOlh duy uf Novi-niln-i A D. is».e Wlllliiin L. llindin-KH. AdiniiiiKtiulor. J. J, laui*'im, Altoim-S. Nov. H». 17. LM NOTICE "OiF FTRST MEETING OF CREDITORS. In tin- iJifillu-! i'l'iit'l uf Hi'- Cull" i 1 HIal<-« of AnuTlr.i li'i the Noilhcii Uihtlirt of Illlnoth Wo-li-in lUvi.Mtui 'In tin- intitli'i- of t!iV lli'-ttlint:, i jmiilj!Ul»t. In |!)UiKlli|.li > No •»!". " Ciillli- J»lu : «-|' - J' I (,««' To the ciedUol- of "<iu;» Hl-ldfiu .let lint:, in the Conntj "t\ \\hn«'"-id' Ulld Dlntrii't ;ift»les,iitl. (l _l> tlllu tijit .Nolle'- IN Ili'Hl'-. JJllefl Ihut oil Hi' ilnl\ adjMdlr.iUd that tin to -t nii-'-lini; of hh «-ledltol-4 will be h« Id .ti'Xh" oj ot I'hihp H W.inl In Ihi' Cit> "I illns:, llbiii i-, on (In- I'Sih iUv "! 4'i 'IIMI y',ii i N''\> inbet. -tl tw" o'l-iorl. l< lit -»l Iwbuh lime the «aitl 'i<ilit"i, mis ,*t- 't'lU-tei t > mime tin- li.iliUinpl. " tiid ' tl.tir. t< " siu h MI!,i I lueiii'. 1 - >•* lil^\ I plo|M'l ll I OOh 111 !""! I 1 ll'l lit' < III'' ' j pj\on llbnoi . N'I.VI nil.. I i', I'.t.V. ||< m \ H I't \<'ii ui lUnUiwpUj. , rl Lff l'nlinl\. ill) K>i»t| I. KM ii r^u: 1 i |.|\ llllNlill. (Ill-tl, ftMlCI ll Ilfllt ITH8M-f('|li'ril 1 la lilKli .state of riiliiviuinn. Till ''irm nmnLlM' Kohl _t o fii'lLlf ibn «i«tiiljL •Alho ii iu«uil M'l of lin|>rov«'iai'n(M. i^.i! ift.'s - o'clock p. in. 'JViriis •' Hi 1 , fiiNli on »lay of Mali-; li.,< 1, 1U17, \vlu n }Mini«i>^siiM, will lin Kivi'ii. John PowiTN. Auct. E. H, JONES, EMILY LOGAN J. A. JONES, APDIE ROHRBECK- CLOSING OUT SALE. • The underoJKnrd will hold n i out Hub* ut IUM place of rt of 1 mih lorth of ll.uvliiy Ni»l.iool IUILIHI'. 6 inH«.' S'lHt of Mlllf(lK»'Vllll- Utlll UU HlllfS W«'f-' •f Polo. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29, 191C lo i'tinini<*iu't* with (iff lunch ut MOOII. The nt j»i'ii|H<i ty tci-wit: JIoi<f« — 5 I't-n hoi'M'«. « H«'hltnjjh uiul I iiU(,ri' rotuii> t yc/iirt M^i. .UK! 2 inair- ii.iiiinv. ;i yi i • ilcl >'.»Uh' a lilllfli cows, J )«»llo)'. IciM'j, 1 In own J« i »<•>•, 1 (Scriibi v, I, hi'.'nl .-.KM*', _' )<-arx old. wi'iijht Mm .' . lic.ul -<i«iih \vi-inlit (inn, ,'t) >«|iiim c.Uvc,-. H luihlH .tiul ii .sttu'i>, 3 fd'l ••.»lv» J >», i hull, while t.ici- jHuliuri-nt Muviinii M 1 unilin \\nf4oi!, ! -l-jjich It IV vv.u;ut. At null inaUr, tl Ufl\, V>.i."t'n huyiuiK, l'i» t 'tut ui \ Al.inuit* f-pic.nlti \iMn- i"!i» luiiiHi. Olive Chill <!aii («l«iw, Hi-Hi Ii -Ti5 '\\,ilhhtK |ilo\\ II ilU'li \\rilkliifc; |'hi\\ 3-MCj:4in N,I'I>| ilt'ai; .Ml! waiiU. •• tiiouti, tliMi. (J.ilf coin tilj;hfi than <•• >-t« i -ic.tH'i I hoiM' Jii'VSi'l' H-t'u'kt'i i KKtiii- \\IIH I'.ill I' Illk . I'l I ll (-Ilithl'-l', .Hit U'lll 11,11 IH v - tti I i-H),, ll.ll lit f ^ ^' ,-vli tl\ lit Ir,,|li^~. l 111 N lU ,ll!ll LliH III,II) 1 !- I..HV . 4" u.itl in itioKii. i old \\.itei ei'< mi MIVI 'itol,, > ilit' L'lt |,;iilii|i j.ti ot'li'l j.ii-. iVtr-T^nVn— rtturn frnrhtrrrt ' pr.nTi'T " .--tl.Uiiid Itofitv. lloii^i hobl ! tiii,- 1' II 14 IK !'t !,'*tl L't- ill Chull'. pie I.JIK-. I «>ltllllV'l • l-tlU-.tll S '.ll.ll "tun 1 - S' MI.I lU.hi-. t.ik'n, IM M« -.t Am Ui'i . i»i , '>b i 'o\ A t'.iiii lit \. Cl> 11. - SIE8ERT HARTWIG. X.-v S7 IN s.1. L'l 'J . ^r II, l> . \ An ",\fi hih-t (.nlmujf'.' "j jii-vcr >fav .^ 1 "'.!. 1 '" 1 ? hi.-Hi,i,," "U'cil, M(,,it" o you Until. I :iiii • n m<Tf ivl'.vN'lV" !!c t'vui.vr ^ n-niovfil until Bi'ltlcd Ton ,1. ,t *rom it Son, Ani'tlont'crH; II, t'.'. Knov *H-rk.-. .......... ------- ......... * .................................... - ..... BRAND AND RICHARDSON. IM-JI!' CLOSING OUT .SALC. to utilt farmlnK, !!»• «in_ (it puldli^uh'. v ih- lit fi'nVFv*', !"i'»i~TnS TiiriiTTT inrfi'M""^ Htr" wt-wt of Mnlvcrn. " niih',s cast of MIT rlHiiti, iiinl 3 niih'K \VIM| of Itoiiiid Urovf, on tin* I,inc'iln Illiihway, TUESDAY, NOV, 28, 1916. HIM follow Ins property: 7 llt"!!il UOI'^ON- ItlacK mure- 11' yj-ar« did, weight 1.100; H.irn-1 ninf lit y en r« old, wi-li;lil 1,1.00; Bray i!i'lt!iiifC ,15 year:* old, wt>iKlit l.HUti; htiy iii -i re i! yt-ai'M old; Imy mnr«" I ym old; Kiii'kliiiK coll; 1 Shi'thiiid pony. ,11 Head t'nlUi* ..... 11 Kood milch fow.-i, I' hcifVix if yc.-irH old; 4 y<Mirlliut hi-if- cis; 7 yesirlinu «tccr,s; 3 hi-if«-r cahcn; I Inirhiim hull 3 years old. Karm Ma- p|iln«T)^— f)ifrli»K hinder; 20th I'l-nturj inunuru xprontlrr; Hayen corn plunter, John Dt'«TC. dixo; wnlkliiK Ktiihhh plow; Ortuul Detour nulky plow; (Iran.ii lletotir riding corn plow; 3-wwlioi MtceJ drag; lumhcr w;i-;tin; not of wau- tu< IIUKKV.; huh H|«M|: t\vi •HIT (Utlt'f.s; hniiil corn work liarnp»H:''lt Bets 2 hoj? troiiKhM; I.IK» founlnlr clippers; l! m-t.H o harnefH: tank: : hay furku; hay rope ami pnH'-v.s; «rind f'tone; Inird c-oal burner: ,'i i ill Ifiw'n mower; 35 ' white t> M ; "00 hmdicls of choice nf-il o. *ome hdiiHebold Kuod ii'itl iii,'\n-. oil, urtit'le." t« o niinii-rou;,- lo iiienis.'tt l"i lunch at II o'clock Nhu'p, '• • n,i- diately mti-r. T. .in>. Aii ... •• > ,ind under, CM -li. n>er Uu 1 . .-n • • i monlllN time Will be r \t ll o|) .;,', jH)tf> I'tillillK It t'i*l t «-n! l> « • date if p.ifd \< lii'u ' iM'f C' I ' f t o l • ' 1 tV '" ft. ! . ' I ,,,, ,, |0[ V 'M3S, HENHY ARMSTRONG. %'i.v . r ». id r»' ":i, ft. "f C'.CCINC OUT SALE. ' Vi Wi' 1 offer to the h!"hiV hjttdi^ •TTT—nrj— f~i mr~ sevrn ~rn rb^BTFTTjrrlTAV 1 ".! ~o" -,, .' lltllt'. I'OUlhW '"I of A! I e\\ , n. 'i-j .1'itln-.-•. t.f .Muni on l.ntiwt .D c,- Cum, on MONDAY 'it 1 ,* T li< «il lloi" i I bl,i«.K ft< idiiiK i %i,,i. oitl, e..:i-l,i ! i"i'i- I ^i'ty man 1 ye,^;- old. Wilw!.. I.4.M). in foal; > ii.ii MKii'% !' yi'.irn-old. Wciwht l.-Kli. ,n foa!: l bav KiUlliiK. 4 ycnr» old tvelKh! i,5,'»o, l IM> ijnure coming threi yearn «iUI.. wejulit l^'d; I norrcl K ( 'ld- UK, ti yea"«i ohl wi ? "jt I,SOW; I nor•<-l m.ue i utnlnK ^ ' v_< d, KOI«I tlriv •I 2." He.ltl Catlb i ttl of cliou" id", I'-i ht'iivynu.. • I tv.o vcat thblK.i'is. I tuo-* ' . d, Shoiihon •nil; !' »|irltiK calVLt., 7 c;d < ' 4' n.itl 1.1" i^uioe .le|>«.y IIO|;H, .ila l>iotti .o\\t, t.inl '.'- billow^, 3 ni'e bo,u> •',11111 Alui'liH.'!;, u via^oiiH I Mnntl \.iKon Rood HI nittt, 1 Nt>rlhv>exl M.IK >n, J 11 tn-It walnut with lack; 1 Miuitl nannrt* f.pic,-tti'-i, tJne new MeCmmicI mwel . I lleeiiMK hay iitAdel . 1 I on uult'l . I 'Knti'i "in JJ.IIIK pbn\ , I M nch wulklnu plow, 1 hii'iiMn,; plow inlinu /'t'l n i>l'H\s. I ill.,' 1 luiiiovt "t'l IIH new. "in.' puH'i'izti n'Ooil :t i w, -I 4-Kectio» II.IIIOM; I Alohiit Ut-ld-Uttvl", I ifeedei , ! i t te«-l • I ollel lop bu^fgy. 1 M( i'i bie.ii hlfij4 iiai ih, t'.lKltl Uh In VV ; 1 lioii ^I( ll, j£00ll IM lew, ;$ >.fl of Wiiii. l.aiiie^... I st'l o lilvini; IIHI in H-. .' 11 I.H of lly nt-th; J hi IT-h< I'm- t'oiu iiu;)i;c; I pomp |:trk lit W < .tfll Krilltb-l . I let d toohei, ;i, on •• ot* ilovei mid tiiiu li^ hav aiu' illier Ihnit:.. ti.ii muni'»U.H t" III' lillon •'rei' Iilneh lit nooii, • lie ,lt lil o't tt.x K flu. All -ntti '-I C>1" "". ,ind until i e Vtlil Ii.' fi\'*n "H ,ip|nii\jil noli lliu! 't |HI tin! Inliii t' Hoin it tit f !>«. I «i^i n dtti , othf|\\ I i ; ii i i < lit I "III li, 't''o| id'. No p»i>j,t|l\ |o In .IHiiXiil Itlitli -ellbil |i»! i*|D IJiilil- 1-1, Anetioiu , t \l i; \\ il ,'i ••(, ti. c. H. CASSENS AND SON. . N'ov Ki I ; .-; -j'j. i» _«..,: >".\'i' .|{«"MS AT V. M, r. A. ••' i ••.:•,,'..>< '<•>• l-.j.diiu: flsif; privi!<-.:''•?>, -v •..•:,r '-"i. 5 . !M!!'-. .ir. . 1 !7-l!*» v •-.;;•• ;,);• i-::\T "fi'K'K Kl-MTK. Jf»HN !!.; !.,-.-, nut phiiin lt!o.-k. IJell |jhon«* 776-1. WANT T<> li't'V AI.I, KINUM i>T! 1 rl! \IS!11 si > lC<«i»M Jolt ItKNT— junk, aK'i !•• i r Imiil, -.. Will call f..r ' ,\!IH!,.HI t ..iiv« iiii-nr>'«!. J{*M {iliono i!. It, 1/uuf..!.!. |.-<th phoni-:<. j -••;;>. \V , . S5tf ll*,-l»'i*i --•.—-. - —iKdtt mc.vr-MoimrtN FLAT. WKHT \V^\NTi;i> rAMII.V WASIIl.VfSH ! Thitd Ht. Irnjiiirp A. !„. llwkmnti. • 'fill at "'ii Tliittl Ave. !!;.-!:.:••'; - *" \v\N"Ti;!> ?>uv r*>HR nr:\i!V ! i''oi! i:)- M,-.-|tli.. !'!.", West M.iin St.. ,Mi.i!i-<«is i H'"tn l!. tjj j i (' !"!*•' H« nry I v«mi-it\ BKVKN- Mil Tiiild Ave. Sf'O ;, corner <t!i nnd Ix>* \VANTIIH ••••!,(> r.M.s'i-: 'i ti> t'l I'M !n t ~i ', M,-iil Iii Max H, Mfih S' . I'hil.-ob-lpliia. I' !...|lil I'a'-h ( >\- T'tntll in-ill. ! Will i u',A.X'n,i' TH f.rv. ','".T<INK i'r.ti\ t-r IMS'. .) A .Kiltrt'iir. lnia>-t:tt' Ti-- h l. I "-I.'"* ITI private fnmily. MO.I. St. Ka«t Third NM: I:I:.\T Ii.,-, •-. (., . |,u,t.. H'J l-.'-ivt "-til St. and Itth A\. . 110-UH ••>(; i!t;.N"r <: i:t>«i\i iini'si:. «MTV U.iiil. ti:<<*. i I- i-l I H ll i . ti.llll 1'OtlfH, l!;.» : k from ( .if li.n". i! f ' (it i rnirii i , . V. - -in . . ' . | l.\ir ,it \>"-! oflicc "i I h..|n:is » I'ii.trl.r i:tu,in.- Woik- ns-H'.r newly fillii', ,«(. \V"1I be;iti-d, out- mlniitf fr-Jin i'lisiiu'fK portion. 3n."> I'otif ih Av . ' 1 I>.-I )'i* FOR SALE. - MISCELLANEOUS Knit i-'.vi.i-; ir, 1'iANii ituXKS. A.i,s<i tWrt little . usrd piiiiioH. rail for «~|iee|;i| prioek N«-w plano-t at f H-- tory prires, Klmbnll Htonv tis« Wyruidiitle birdx. iin*J,ndili[T "lie-yfat- nld lii'iis. yoiimr pulli IM uiul .enck'-i'- • •1s. Stoek H nf Kc«'l« r .strain i;«'n Str-Mtip. ISM; JO.'ifit Third St. ' lis.|!i« SAIJI: .. in K iiiAr. IIAKM COAL cotidltion. "in \ [iiNKV Tliu.SH \V'IS»HN<: l!n,N dell Vi'l'i'd. hlliMlId urdi'r at mice. tii*' Kujvpir-is ji.'-itijitf u.w. l,.~nr,i Hell JC'TIJI. '<>H SAM-;- .MIICIIANICAL TtKA\V- iiig 'Mililt. .'into tire vulcariixer -and auto ri.yr. ^i/,t> 5x7 yards. Crant IH-etH, lliH KjiNt 4U> SI. •OR 117-1 is l-; ( TMOUOiH;j|. __... llolMt.-in initi. j MX. month old ll<ii. sit in hull. Write "J" cure Uay.eJte. . • 117-iro* "OR SAI.K--TOI' at O 117-ir.i* •"OR SALK TKAM OF IIOItSKS. IN- <iuire uf siaiitliird oil «'o. 'OR SALK LAiUn- C Si'ltlNC oo,'il>i, with tuuie. Mi/e'and ijii: !ny W.,.,,1, frump, .Morrison phone. ' FOR SALE ~^REAL ESTATE^ 1<M£ ..SALi: .-K"OM roTTAUK — iip-to «> South i.iirt of IJiM-k . |-:.|:>*. A - iciill.-.- at ll.'.'nti. ' SioiK- Si raiitlin. !(-•« k I'ah* ! IR-11!* con SAM; i INI: LITTLI; HOMH LV e.a-.t pall of i;.i. k I'aUH. li.if»;.'i ill nt Si.iiiMi. S' " \\'. T. Stornf liock l.'nlts: HS-116 I'tiK SALI: AI»!. .MOI>I:UN T-UOOM hiiik honse, centrally liK-uted. Olio hlock ft'ifn tine. K<ir prlrp nnd teiuiN. t'.ill r.ell phon<> 476-ltl. 11T-119* itii; SALI: SKVICIJAL MOD Also..i iiii>.ii'iif ln'nti> i>!) W< sf .Si ,- sit-rbiii;. for $:t.,".'"ii. S"«- W. T. Stonv. l{i.i-k l-'alls, 1 I.S-119 FOR SALI; A Nr.Miu:it OF C • |iM;« in buth Su-riiiiK mid li"< v k l-'alln, , « - -Hrr Wr-T--iS«mr;---Kr7rk--Kn«f»r -I ____. MS-119 i I-'lit SAl.K CKMKNT HLOCK boiine. MI-w. In K'»<>d location In Htirk'Kails. Tl Irr. StOnO Falls. US-119 FOR SALK I ti-ROiiM OF brand new furniture, ditln-.s. ujid oil ,j ouinjilete. tiwner lenvinik' «'ity. Aim will 5urr»'inler lease oil modern house •within 3 f Third .St. Fine t-hanre for ynumr. married couple. Call (113 l.oeust. Hell 45f!-4. '_ ' _^ 116-118 t-'oH SAM-: <;oun H<».MI; JN WKST l, v i..>. I'.tlls, 1'rlro Il.t'f.O. .. . T« riu>,'$l''.ii i-a-ili. hala-nc'e on tnuntb- , I-'. ..-1'^.f ! 'V pn.vnienis. Stout. ,V Ciintlin. |{ock 1 . ,:. ; 1***!!^ . 118-119 •on SAM-;-- ?;AII rvu 1 ; i!i{i:i» Poland i' . , l> >;M-.-.. ineludiiiK twenty . he; if, y-.tituiKs. On Mncoln Way.. 3'i mil* M ea.Nt . of Morrison. lntt ! r-j t^:it»'"'|ihiiin-. Sinu.'ii \V-hK't:."";': y Kri, &• Sat r tl ' '(»U SAl.K T\Vi:NTY-!''Oru WHITK * \Vyii-ndofte tn,ii,.ts. ('jili i!,.|l phoni i .11"\V3. ,l;tV,ili (S. Conrad. li.S-l^ii'i Both Pronei 203 Lawrence Blcfo. . Df. Weilfn^tori C. fossier Sulphur Health Batha Osteopath and Chiropractor STERLING, ILL. I IT:;;'.' I.A coKSl-rrs -MAU.I-; T< * i ?_!JH..^.^J.I.-I;L: .T:;," in ., • nientH, A)ipointnient(i \\\ i pho;... Fell 130-W. MI-H. J. V. Wirtti, I Mi, i >•„,?• to ^irn. oR S\LK HORSK. WAfJoN AN!. !. ii"'^, i*h«'ap for ijuicK - >*< . MI _t 'J'hcid St. :i%- 1 l'i • it S A L i: IIFMMT'M II MiL's' y,- • Hid i» d t.ihldt ' ii ti:t> «ii nil ! . ,. |, i i R " ' *n"hniaii. ,_»'i»:> V. K. DUNMORE Eye and Health Hr«. 9-12—2.8 nnd o.^teopnthlc treat- GLA9SE8 tnt-nia CORRECTLY STERLING, ILL, FITTED 9 E. Third St. \\. ( i''i.|jd -i \cs ' ' ..l l>'it-.< t.n u '-l ••• l . i ! _..( Lit .1 . A '.i l.iii.b ii- I id I* i-i •, n . Mil ' 'h i M' 'iiti n, i imt*,. '>v AUCTION SALE SATURDAYJ2:00 P. M. - ^ f of Pantry Sets, Enameled Sugar, Tea and Coffee Cans, Kittjlien Utensils, Dishes; numerous other articles. All new, slightly damaged by fire; 1009 THIRD AVE, H. L, Harrington, Auct Chattel Mortgage S^e |^T ^^^^^™^^^ l ^ il ^^ ww ~ ^P fpBP^WppWii^HiWIW^^^^^W^^^ OF PRACTICALLY NEW "COLE 8" * • AUTO, atB KATUUJDAY NEXT, at2p,"m. •ti great hArg-ain.

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