Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 14, 1964 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1964
Page 8
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAMS . n> RA7HB! » Ni3TSPECUlAT^ SAU.^; UNTIL HE SETSAPmSCAL EXAMINATON.- ANDRRSTHE HAS10BE JV, KXIND! r HCWMOUT NaGHBORINS -|0WNS?0OES HE HAVE AM/ FRIBIOS LOOK! HIS. h44 SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD MORTY 3IEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI OFOlKHIN0THSA,BUrWHy D01HE/HAVE1D KB ITIN... ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAJILIN CI W4 fcf HI*. TJ*. t*,. U.V r .t. OH PKISCILLAS POP By AL VEBMEER CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER I'VE TKIEP TO T HO IM3MEy ,£L0rHEJ „,0B FRlEMRSlI MAKE UP TO TH' AND THEY SW TM WANTED BV FAttlLV FOR RUM- POllCE ..BUr MAVBE ICAM GRAB NlUa OUT ON 'EM- A FRBSHT OUT 0' BUT X CA^fT TAKE ^•b ;»^TH< AREAi UN5EEM! ANV MORE 0- THIS, MAYBE rVE LOCATED EA5Y1 lU HEED . HHP, WASH'. COWEWITHUSTOWSS ,»5 '^!^^^>LcAllBAM '5 SISTER'S PUCEJ V0U5EEM50 EXaTED- ill TUBBS CAN HELP «El IPX BUT OLA )l\AE IM TO TEACH ELWOOP \ WON'T UKE MOT CARTK)MlNO .MrSGOr IBEIW'WAWJEP LBWtT3WNTOW0RR0W//HEAVEN5I HEKE COMES MELVWl IWi NI*. l-t- TM *^ Ul <y« OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIA»IS E5CPECT fAE TO PALU FOR A LINS LlKe THA.T? SAVIN' SOU VJEBE IN ATOR-> NAOO THAT BLEW OFF YOuR HAT AM' COAT— AM' A SEAR LATER. .VS 'HSN SOa VJEFCE EXPLOfTlMS INI (SRESNLAMD.YOO FOtJMD "EM HANGING ON TH£ ANTLERS OP A RelMOEES — AN' TMOSE ARE HIS ANTLESS NOW, IM TH'HALL.' THAT'S A LOT OF RCI<L6 CAhfE.' IASRE.VOU 6AM1N.' HOW ^ •D^oST VOU TALK to SOUR •UNCLE LIKE THAT?-"— e6AD.' M&AM TO IMPLY. Sou OOU6T /K"/ / VERACITY.?' HWP-— ^ VERY VJELL.SOUK AUNT MARTHA V^ILLHEA!?^ OP THIS/ "ifHEVJORrA TURM6 = j.„ . *-H O: R .WILLIA «5 8-Sifurday, Mar. 14,1964 Redlands Daily Facts TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DC BBOW HOLLYWOOD (UPD -Notes to watch television by: The celebrities: Heavyweight champion Cassius Clay will ap pear on Jack Paar's NBC-TV show April 3; the boxer will sing and, of course, talk NBC-TV's "Today" proeiam this Tuesday offers a look at the many careers of showman and stock market wizard Billy Rose, who will be on hand. More celebrities: The appearances of Britain's rock 'n' roll group, the Beatles, on CBS-TV's Ed S-allivan show zoomed the program to the top of the rat-, ings, past the kingpin series, "The Beverly Hillbillies," which dropped to third behind "Bonanza" ... The BeaUes this weekend are 'appearing in a filmed show that is scheduled for airing over closed-circuit tele%'ision in theaters, auditoriums and similar places around the na tion, and is expected to clean up ... the musical group is, of course, back in England. Business: Theatre Network Television Inc., which broadcast the Cassius Clay-Sonny Listen fight over closed-circuit video, says about 175 million persons in 16 European nations saw the bout via sateUite ... The backlog of Sam Goldwyn movies may be-sold soon to Australian television; a deal is yet to be set in this country. I Provifien: A spokesman for NBC-TV's "Profiles in Courage," series, which is based on President Kennedy's book and will make its debut this faU, says the late Chief Executive insisted it should not be aired until after the November elections. Noteworthy: Maj. Ernesto (Che) Guevara, a key leader in Fidel Castro's Cuba, will be interviewed in Havana on .^BC- TV's "Issues and Answers March 22; the reporter is Lisa Howard, who landed a lengthy video conversation with Castro a while back. NOTICE TO CBEOrrORS No. 33177 Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of San Bernardino. EsUte of ANNA C. SWEENEY, Deceased. NoHce is hereby given to the credi tors of the above named decedent that aU persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary -vouchers, to the undersigned at the office of Hcnton 5. Brenan. Attorney, 306 East State Street.' Redlands. California, which is the place of business of the undersigned In aU matters perUin- ing to the estate of said decedent, within six months aiter the first publication of this notic Dated March 5. 1964. MARTIN JOSEPH SWEENEY. JH. Executor of the Will of the above named decedent. HENTON S. BBENAN. 306 East SUte Street, Redlands. California. •93-4755. Attorney for Executor. iFirst publication Mar. 7. 1961) OUR ANCESTORS, "That's the third time you've fallen down those steps! You'd better invent some new eyeglasses, Ben!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer IN HOLLYWOOD By ERSKINE JOHNSON ACAPULCO, Mexico — Lana Turner can still wear a black, one-piece bathing suit and look like a million tax-free dollars. A scene for her latest movie put her in the bathing suit and on the beach here. In private life, in the castaways' use of the words, she has also been "on the beach" — and she is now. Divorced again, she is dating a handsome Acapulco restaurant owner. But this is different, just a beach volleyball game with a happy, laughing Lana Turner. Under the bright sun her face, almost make - up - free, re veals some of the'years she has given to movie screens and her headlined personal life. But it is still a beautiful face. Not as serene as it once was, perhaps, but still capable of giving her a femme fatale film role. There is a concession to her fairness of skin. A boy with an umbrella runs in and holds it over her head between takes of the volleyball game. Another lad brings her a canvas chair, which he plops do ^«7l in the sand beside the net, right in the midst of the other players, all extras. As chair and umbrella arrive and Lana slumps, breathless, into the chair she looks up at director Alex Singer. He is with the camera on high palm-shaded ground 10 feet above the beach. "Why couldn't we just be playing cards?" she pants. There is a laugh, though, with her protesting look. It is the look Lana Turner throws along with the volleyball in the scene that cues trouble in the movie. But first she has time for a frown in talking about a new generation of young movie dolls eager to shed most if not aU of theu: clothes in front of the camera. She tells you: "Nudity on the screen. Why? I think it's vulgar. The mysterious is what is alluring. It's all m the mind, anyway. The movie busmess doesn't need nudity — it needs new faces. It needs young actresses about whom people can agree, 'This girl has it.' " Above us, behind the camera, policemen hold back a growing crowd of American tourists. Watching their faces, it is obvious to see that they thmk Lana Turner on the beach m a black bathing suit, still "has it." Classified CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum 2 lines, 5 average worda to the line. 3? letters and spaces. Do not abbreviate. I Time 2 Lines. Sl.oo 5 Lines 1.25 6 Lines. 1.50 T Lines US 8 Lines. 2.00 9 Lines 2.2S 10 Lines 230 Per Month _ _ _ Commercial Kates on 3 Times 6 Times $IJ2 S2.40 1.98 3.60 • 2.64 4.80 3.30 6.0O .X96 7.20 4.62 B.40 5.28 9.60 5.94 10.60 6.60 12.00 the line —$3.50 Request CLASSIFICATION INDEX Lost and Found Personals Special NoUces Employment Wanted Help Wanted . Schools - Instructions — Nurseries - Day Schools Room and Board For Rent , Wanted to Rent. Bargain Spot Business Services Musical Instruments Real Estate L.cans. Money to Loan~ Money Wanted ._ Mortgages - Trust Deeds Business Opportunities _ Income Property Beach - Mountain Industrial Property Lots and Acreage... Real Estate Exchange Groves and Ranches.. Real Estate Wanted- Commerclal Property Houses for Sale. Mobile Homes - Trailers . Trucks - TraUers Automotive __________ Imported Cars I . 3 . 3 . 4 . a . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 13 . 15 . 22 . 28 .40 . 41 . 42 . 43 . 44 . 47 . 48 . 49 . SO . SI _ 52 _ 53 _ S4 _. S5 _ 58 _ 59 60 ._60A CANCELLATION Cancellations of private party ads may be made until 9 a.m. the day of publication. If made after 9 a.m.. cancellatloa -will be made for the following day. Each ad placed must be published one time or there wiU be a type setting cost of $1.00. ABBREVIATIONS Readable and untferstandable ads promote greater results. The use of any except standard abbreviations in Classified Advertisements is false economy, therefore only Standard Abbreviations are authorizf^d. ERRORS Where an error is made on the part of the Redlands Daily Facts, and tha Facts is notified by 9 a.m. day following first insertion, correction will be made and the ad will be run properly one additional day. The Redlands Daily Facts win not be responsible for more than one incorrect Lnsertion. DEADLINES ' Private party ads —4:30 p.m. day preceding publication- Commercial Ads — 3 p.m. day preceding pubUcation. PHONE 793-3221 Daily 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8:00 a.m. to 12 Noon Saturday Trading Stamp Directory Once again the camera turns. Lana throws the ball — and the look. It is that dangerous "Stay away from my man" look of almost all of her movies, dating back to "Love Finds Andy Har dy." Mickey Rooney was her man then. She wore a black, one-piece bathing suit in that long-ago film, too. But in today's "Love Has iMany Faces," her latest, there changed film world. Her man is admission to Iwth time and a changed film world. Her man now is Cliff Robertson playing her husband, and the look of danger she throws with the volleyball is because she sees him with a younger, freckle-faced chick. It has happened to Lana Turner before, and not always on the screen. The crowd of onlookers grows bigger as the scenes are filmed. Necks strain and eyes focus on the girl in the black bathmg suit. The figure is just as good as always. Yes, Lana Turner still "has it." Enough, that is. "This'll take s whifal She's makirtgthe most Important decision of her life!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox 2-14 • W^ MA.!«. I., OS. Pit 0« "I know I'm going to worry all during the party—they have sc much fun with that baby-sitter they don't seem a bit sorry to see us go out for the evening!" McGOVERN SEEKS CHANGE WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen. George S. McGovem, D-S.D., wants the government to re­ designate Jewel Cave National Monument in South Dakota as a national park. McGovern told the Senate Thursday that Jewel Cave is about 20 times bigger than any known cavern i" the world and contains cavern formations unique in the United States and perhaps in the world. S. & H. Green Stamps THE HARRIS CO. 17 E. state Phone 793-236* 1 Lost and Found LOST or strayed — Siamese cat, darS color. 792-1300. 4 Employment Wanted BABY or elderly sitting by hcui; day or week. 792-4633. CARPENTER, cabinet maker, small al- teratlons. repairs. Walkins. 797-0596. CARPENTER, cabmet work, remodel. paint, by hour. Tony Smit. 792-1113. fAlNTING — A-I workmanship, reasonable. "Bob" DeWitt. 793-3722. CARPENTElt work, repairs or r=- modeling. by hour. 793-4016. GIRL with transportation and references desires :itcady job or day work. 792-6472. LANDSCAPE GARDENER Experienced. A-1 work. Contract by hour, week, month. 793-1176. PLASTERING, patching, additions, accoustical ceilings. No job too small. Quality work. Licensed and insured. CaU 792-3374. 6 Help Wanted "RECfiPTfdNiSTTTYPIST Phone 793-2588 for interview. WSNTED — Baby sitter in my home, 4 days week. $20. 796-9121. MAN 20 to 35 as »7uilder*s helper. Some experience required- DurrcU, 793-5-85. RN for doctors office. Give qualC fications and references. Write Box 36. c/o Facts office. tELEPHO.N-E operator preferably with local PABX experience. Permanent position. Write Box 33. c/o Facts oflicc. MATURE housekeeper, live in. care for 1 child. Must be clean and cheerful. Own transportation and hobby advantageous. $125. Write P. O. Box 1031. Big Bear Lake. References exchanged. USE THE FACTS FAST ACTION "CLASSIFIED- CALL 793-3221 Eat and Drink Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS I Popular British • drink 4 Food seasoning 8 Apple center ]2Editors (ab.) 5 Winged 6 Kind of ham 7 Number 8 Had affection 9 Mineral rocks 10 Plexus 33 Succulent plant'1 Direction 14 Dining ITExponger 13 Eomao god of 19 Gemun stream underworld 23 Cirdes 16 Female falcons 24 Spanish doak 18 Food and drink 25 PrepositioD caterer aboard 26 Eagle's nest ship 27 Prime (slang) 20 Plant anew 28 Athena 21 beets 29 Haze 22 Mouthward 31 Middle point 24 Choice of 33 Virulent meat fpl.) 26 Blackbirds 27 Eccentric wheel 30 Each 32 Kind of oil 34Unluckier 35 Vine fruits 36 Feminine name 37 Prongs 39 Cudgel 4aKomannud 41 Peat fFr.) •42 not. want not 4S Caustic 49Amtise 51 Rocky phiaade 52 Plant part 53 Small island 54 Masculine appellaUoa 55 Marbles 56Saintesfab.) 57 Head covering DOWN •IScsfier^asiay 2 Redact 3Vindicat£oa -4 Dinner coarse 40 Ledger entries 45 Vex (coU.) 41 Com breads 47 Girl's name 42 em . sandwich 43 Brazilian tapir 48 Snare 50 Poetic contraction

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