Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 17, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1916
Page 6
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IJBK. STERLWG. ILLINOIS, FRIDAY. NOV. 17, 1916. i. _, -J.... 131m W. J. SOWLtS D. G. CO. KABO CORSETS "Kabo Thittv fflh bniversan Co; -t An Special !)••->'• fil on. A fill! I-:- - .- " « • TUT-ft \'~~t< r-t-t— '-4-, ttr f nil UK- ! "'I'' '•' - i,.f.,l nf Sir.O, C2-),», -$3.00 ;mii $5.00. o line «f Hi" Knli.>, vo Mn«!«'l iii;i^i<-r<- ai,«t<« nf 50c iiml 25c. :i/!£THOD!ST SERVICES DANDRUFF GOES! HAIR GETS THICK, WAVY, SAVE 'YOUR HAIR! DOUBLE ITS BEAUTY IN A FEW MOMENTS. TRY THIS! : M.lir stops CO mi rig Otit and every pfl ticle of dandruff d>s- Trv f ? > i «.- \'iM will, -i!!»-r nn .-ippUi-nti f't irit-, %>.:> r:i« nut Intit n ^tm: . - j,J^S.»l t ii " -« »J: ... f-lii H«*r -1 -- ( if ..... ?* f iSj! Will t..>! (1,i !t. last \\int wtlt ICX FALLS DAILY GAZETTE 3K FALLS, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, NOV. 17, 1916. YOUNG GIRL DEAD ;;';;' teh'j o'lh-iaf iiiw. Illadi* III the Itl lion- i Just for the KIDNEYS and r of * - • _ .',,». 'I'i'e I'lHU' v.i'l In- he-Id Stiii.-M}- nf Cferti* Block Died Thursclny At >,,., The Hospital. nv>. ,5,-rtle 1II...U died M-ter.iav < ! >^ i( w()| } f nbout '.» •" "''*"' ^ ; " ''"• H: "' ' fall". /Vtmi. ry. Tlii' ' iiH«e "1 h' r di .1' !i , guo, .-., t.nM.,^ ,,,,:,K..I- ...-. ATTENDEDJXJNVENTIGN [titty muHtm f iillutt tin; a inltmt __-\ , \ ' v, itt the eii'hfM-n v if *"*• F- Daugfllt Hpmo From Rfjxall Con IttliKhtcr- <)f Mt and N!| 'H ,1'ihn f vent'on Held At Chicago. ,u,d Ih.d ,,i. a I'.,,.:, '.'ill. hen H ( , M:|i;tti _ M M |U , d h(imr ; V ,, B Lt* wont of umu. ' ,..',•,•!,'•, ?,,,„, chi,., ft i, wh...- he at;,-,-,,! ft,ml|ylmo.he^n,.-.:,ihy»Mho. r(i ^ ^^ ^^ ,,„„.,.„„„„ Th i . mi V.I'on \\;i> I he liit;e.e.«t a IT.Or .n Its I-. Hid.. < \ ••(• held. Tin 1 eoliv i liliun- <<-le!sti,l i't t.ltlee i»'~H!tinH fllld eat h '< inn 1 Ma'= tnti n pt In;,;. ,1, K. Liggett and In fi;-iid the I'nitrd I'ruir eompan.v VlaHi.-d leM.-i that! nvehi- year."* IIU'». ; iitiil llii.n year il dlil a ImsitieNM of for: ly-tivo liilllinti dollars, : A Mel- the eonveHtloU an i-l.ihor;r.te Ue|,. .<).< ut 2f.ll llexali illlHh-lt"** IlK'H i |.|-4-.-|i lit. ! RELIEF CORP MEETING j Held YetUrday Afternoon With Ini • npection—L^rge ^AHandanco, j The XVotni-n'M Jteltef roi'j'K held ri imertilli; ye«teJ't!iiV 'tffei lltion TJi',1 ^1Fr)V7-"tih'if Was very nell at'otlded. j SlY'it. ~.Vla.\ "i'taiiier. df l''reejMirt. in' j rpoeled tl:i< vvoik aluJ eoinplimented (lie o.lierfH very highly mi'the manner Ir, whit-It they pei formed their w,»rk. Two ealldldate« tvetc Initialed. Two alHo novel ,il fmin SteiTiilK- After a ' ho*!:!*'** w*.t ion ' the time i j wits *peul wtuily.- and (i-iittsy iefro*h- j inentM were, .si-rved. I HALL REDECORATED ' ; Members Of I. O. O. F. Held Scrubbing i Sett Last Evening, ! The I, o, ii, I'" 1 , hull papering nud 'patnliiiK h.'is l»( • n euin:i|eted, nitiKlliK : i i: I ( i 'J ! " '-•lie ;!l'i| !" Iftilll.^t.-l I.e! !!.« .1:! Ji'Hi i', U! ' I ' l'-!!i|, I't . ,i ..f i.-If t >.';!' 'i !.:•• thi >'i ns;i inN !'ii ;i H 'i , M'i= i Si i r -' h h:s!l -A tin i'. \\e h ;: "tnail nien-Jii! i .'Uttlnt il.i % rut s;. ,i'i in': Tin h:it m (}ni If iltid hfarts to thi' ' nf t?te infi4K'']ii;«-' •< i.i! life ;t!nt I >->-fff fi> •>! y»'i •-'•'• tn w hriif. fiin at firs! ,y< *• .(.IK falfy <!W>i!*; rtll nv-r t!i*> s(J;s!)i. or sonl«ly urine ni di<* !<» l!i<» IvHlncys and bladder, KN^t^n' tin H so to IHII ,niil n«'JU ILL Jii'l^J. Ml? -IL rtti'd -H»t*^ -will " ttt<. 1 roc'i'l. \Vf pfiedy, purely vi-golnbl trurlidti niul in a Sidy (ahlfl foriM. lionv- choctolafc t'onl<>(l io for any fnstr. (.ftiick (o I qnito. powerful, cx- lioly pitii'iont. J. WYLIE orlpilon Drugglit Rook Fall* f Will i'JXllftf; UK 111 !«• Illltllster t.i the i-f.itiiHunit y tii this \i!" Itni.iiii ttittt Held. Thl" i-- a in w,'i entitle, hut \v* ati- hup- iiiu lit it It «III. j.tme a f tt'ti in thi* liuht difi'tlt'ii \\'v "hall sunn he alii" tii Milt|t»-h :l |ei--|i|-ir f^rheihile ff.f the hall. Kee|< lin>!tlni; t'nr antiiiiiiii i-in''iit,x. Vi.'aln ealliiHi 'i|'"n <\»-r\!>iidv ti ? tft-l tuiri-th'-r witli a ii.«<i!'> [u ninKi- Hnek ("allK the lieft ' '•lllltlMtllt } |»i«<|ll)l- [1f)il hi-lii vim: fr^l the . t,M|-eh h' the rci-n;;- ii!;-'•) i"ii|e« I'm-, I invite the ! 'iliSi. i,i i 1,1,,., i ale with tii. A. H- BIRTHDAY CLUB The JJiitInlay t'liih uf, the rjefin.'it! I.VItllel 'til ehnteh V. ,\t i III < ! t ilineil Se«. ;i'|-|fl\- Ml Illf. 111.Die III .Ml." II. I'. Jlel'lM The in i-.-iMi.M \^,c» HI hmtiir of ,Mf lieeif,' liirth'lay and the olTalr «,'!•< held all da.y. At ttimn jt deli'ii.ii«j iiirthd'iy dinner Haw fii'i \-eil. The mil Mi'en! xoelally It) J-'I.'IA h:i; >;anie». HEINS BACK FROM NORTH. Henry Heln<i lum t etui tied from SuttUiet'ii i'iMsuilu where lu> -hrm- liit'^e land tiulilltt,.;s, llr- 'iTfe"T'-.'i v -"t""t« 'i liloni afl.ei 1 |t|n;.t nf I • '• -millet.-.1. II,' diir.i' ." t;i< a' ii K,- k,,' IP-- ntid il'iw t;e\v hair A little I.leu the heaiitv' df y.iiir hair, *-'•• dlf- fi.-rei.,«. hi'W dull, fasi/i.l. !•titfi" ;,n,| Pi'TttK^y. j:l w t rT1lii',-(e|| ; t cliith With llrll)- ih-)i»)e at;i! i;»r(fii!!y drav : it thnttich Viiitr y-air, takiiu; utie >--tiir)!l "trand at ;i lime. Tlie «-.{T<-«-t i«? tmtni iHati- mid .'jiHayirte your h.'iir will he If.uhl. lluff.v nrnl wavy, atnl have rui :>\\t> at anee nf ;• - .in in< <'rti|i iial'te )n«;te, f-nfln- -vs' atld liMIl! iattee, the |.e,i ut \ :unl r of true hair health. (!et a 'J.Vi-ent l,iij(|(. (,( Ktn'ivvlliin's t>^ri!l"F itio frmn any rtrtiK stute n» toilet • nuiitef, nnd prove that your lialr Is JIK t>rt-ttv ufid !«ift n« nny ttisit it hanhoen tii'Klcrteil nr injured l»y tafi-Ie'-.s treat- tncnt—Ihnt'x all. die i« tii the hnir what fres-h nf rain and "unwhliH" are to n. It i(u*',K rlijht t<» thf* riiiitn. <-f and Htren^thenM them. |i.« stirnnlatStiu and life-pro- diK'Inic pn>|iertles eaus" the hair to Kri>w,.loriK. ^Iriittir and heatitlfii). ti' f«il until r liri'tttlttlK hud I'rt'll lill hl.H'K VllHl ll'tll l nl' «!ttliiji.i{'' to thr -|H uMiii'i) lix ttt;iny 'if tin" |;f<i|'li c Sterling and \irlittty who tut' in- th<-r<- iltri-t*h«'il l Miiirlfen tnitulrrd IwshrlR (if WJti-,it, fi-f *\i!(< v tl III' «.'»•! nlfolvd ^ tin- «'allhT r.'tjii« ii] _n ' '•! If l>i_li_in«' wtit til (In' umiu. anil IMI^N jT'ivcil ((» (if* ll|i> l»»it. .Ill'l i ii Idi-tl tlli' llli'Ht < '(' »• * ' it a line jlDiiIvtnsi room. Ixist | a! I'"' "ie». ir; wrnt to the hall ! titid h id ii s "' hhitiK hct'. Kiei >lhini; I WJIK vvaMhed'aiid put In K«M»«| Every Mu»4e Tcaehef Kr. and Ev»ry Player Shr^u'.rt ^-4fcw»U no finer i*orni«r»«w>rr«'l mht lunof ulii'ft vi<tt',t Hi m tiio w«!l ^Century Edition" :.%r f ",r,.?'!'«? SO car.:.-, a Copy '^to> nf i-i-w '» u«m*ruiij t u« l<« u mi I i. . ii.jli lid-isi-J utter, a.i 11 H.M naiurU ;. ami uta. *.«»»V*»» "*(^ * •»,-— T—- * —.- -'-" —._.--... ,«, , , . Bdiry Edlllitn" m««lr U uwd »nd eonum «il«-il I x "fti>«>i« J.i'l i H.M rtalnrli j, »H «t»d«» <««• t*'*' 1 * 1 ' 14 ". » r « w ' n «' lrooui " r *~""" ' l ";.''. tare* f«-w »|M«'l»rn» wln-tinl at minium f,i".i t«..i",% s 'tit> ' t'i! Jnj lM»...^»....r.. .^..fiwUnl Jr.. f ^ A'M...«;Vi'iU"i' C,..l-r! ».'i. f\ * KutMktiii. IW...AUI..I <^ (l "7'^ li|li - iMl bM"[ ' t<) u „, .. OM "".'.'" vi'.'i.h"""'. " i< <v > t '" II '':'' 4 ' ) v' ll% '",'''" •• '''* ,'•'''',^' A V™ Money <w< ui'c mart of tht t>f*t music in the ~ tdttieH h«*M»tt f»r "Century Edition" lie had had, KIHM) anrt hi' haK till'lIlM urattel'ed all ovrr the Wniitium part of lite dn- liiiiiiiin. f- » VISITED AT EP*1MONS HOME, Mr. and .Mis. I'il KiiiinniiH, .Mr. nnd .Mf;-. ('laud" and MfH, \\'ill,luin l.nrc. Mi' Tani;di n. spent yeNtenlay at the hi.fn.r of Mr. and Mrn. \V. H. Km- GERMAN LUTHERAN. There will he in> Snmliiy School nt the <iertnan {..uihei'.tn church thin Hun- day and no KnKllsh s'eivicefi In the eve- IllllK. * * ^ ROCK FALLS BRIEFS. SAGE AND SULPHUR DARKENS GRAY HAIR Brush this through faded,streaked locks and they become dark, glossy, youthful. Almost pvrryonr known that Mnitp TVn iind Hulphiir, properly ronjpmind- t il, brtiiKH Imrk th<> natural color ntnl 4tfH-f*--ff»-tht^-tt;tir-TrtTcn -fitrtrrt; Trtrr»akfvl • ir ijniy. Vivvrs HKO t1n< only way to •;**t tlii« mixture wan !«> rnnkf it at lio'inf, u'hleh ij* mti^sy mill trotihlc- «OHH\ Nuwndnyn, liy utorc for "Wyt'tti'H phtir « % om)»ounil," you wilt at nny «nd Suli 11 JnrK«- iMlttlo of tlli.H fHtnntlM old rvc)po, irtl- Pi-owil l<y tin- addition of other In- Hn-dli'titM', for nhoui fio rctitx. Don'l Htay uniy! Try It! ' No <in<> ••»») J»f)»t«lbly tl'l! thill _ You ...._.. i i /yi'Tfli it iind. draw your hair, taldim otic ut a tii7u«; liy luilr dlH,'ipp<Mi-H. and afft>r tinothi-r np- «»r two, your hair . tiv.-, \Vyfrth'» liotintl in n i)« thoH< youthful anrt Hulphur Com- htful toilet for durk hair tuul a not Intend- for OKI cure, i»UlK«'ll«»ir--<jr of illHeas«. Trim Lines Are Sure Signs of \SmartSlioeSlyies With the popular vogue of the short skirt, the lines' of a shoe can now make or mnr the whole effect of a woman's costume—by all means let her have the trimness and slendern&ss that makes the charm of picturesqueness in dress complete. * And, too, let troriiave the chic novelty of colors and combinations wherein this store excels in the broad variety it offers for choice. High shoes, low shoes, slippers and pumps from the best makers in the land were never so ready to fulfill a woman's individual desire to make the happy effect of her costume complete as now and here. Tne color range in our novelty shoes is surprisingly wide and includes black dull kid, in lace and button; black'glazed kid, in lace and button, eight inch top; all kid Havana brown, eight inch top; Havana brown buck top, kid vamp, eight inch top; V patent gray buck top, eight ifich; patent white washable kid top; brown kid, white washable kid top; patent ivory, kid top. All of the above shoes are Louis leather heel. , Especially priced at $4.50, $4.75, $5.25, $5.50, $7.00 and $8.00. THOMPSONS First Avenue Rock Falls Npent the week end v.vailnri at th^j llat U*lt(illoti IM on the nieU llpt. \\\\x on a farm snntli i..' (In- H\er Imtiie of her patents, Mr, and Mr," \\". i Mr. and Mrx. I', K. Knlskern, win I', MilliUan. rtnot'.ived t.. Paris _|{:ij>ldH. ,.\l iind ;MrH,,l'. (I. M.'iri.'V and i they are viHititut at wher home of Mr S* u; i W \V. !>e Ween? hiiMinei d.-nnrhtei-K. uf St.-rlliu:. Men. .M. A.jand Mrs- lti-rt Wniidwanl. wtlte ,,f ai <N ' r •'"'"' ' Nlr - H - s A - >>nillh and ami Mr«. .1. II. «'r»well. of ' i'!i'.-"an! atrhal. : :ih '' Alr - : ""' M|H NV - •'• H'dland an.I I.ynOoii. motored to AtKiiiMon to \-\n\i They |i;td no /mto aei-idi-nt and are tin> Salihulli with Air*, h, K. •ilii'iman. at Stutdx. W. (•:. Daily, nf Atnhny, nirtde a uxisier-K trip to Lyndon AluUduy. i Mr and Mrs, \V, <\ |'at-khur.,1' iuo. i M> ' !u " t't"we|| W iix t«n urrlvnl hum^ Muted t,. Sterling Hiiturdav. | l-Yidav from Mar, „«„,. IH.. ,wh«-tv he at i ho home <if l'iiifes<Jo|- and Alrst, )••. | cnjuy in:: tlieirtseh e>:. , A !•*. It Hey haw A. P.oll. . I i-hai'««- nf the elevator nt S:Uld,s ihtr. Mr, ""and Mrs*.— trpn: IJound were iiuv Mr.. KninKtii-fr." nhseii't 1 . Iti'Kalti \lKl!ni>! liidiiy aiul day. .Mrs. A, I,. lUnek \va^ ati arrival li.'ine—ft Mr a n. I -jj. _ Ui i-4^-' llil ' i i!lXii—^^^!^—^—'--U^- .went .10 where Hh- wifl OMt h .Mr. nii.l onlHon v \\. \\. l A. K, ...-.... ,.y«,.M«.. of _ .aim., home u, vote Mr niul Mrx \M|I Howard and fain- ily, of I'ropheiHtown. wvn- In l.ymhm , u ^, (!| . saturd liusr. wen- t;(ieH(.s l-' the lion , of Mt-r«:-W---H; Hnlmrrr *" danthlei'j.. I H^ K ,,. !yj , sl]l j-j u ,,,,„ ,,,.,,„ , lim<1 Wl>ri> i HI durilii: tile past week. - ' •. _umic, ^h: TENDER THROATS ,„,,.„ , HV1J|lVjlur . Uriiv ,. hi i moved hi. fai tf Uy to Itonn.l Crove. . Mltl!t Kl!1 ie AlorrU wan a Sterli I- readily yield to the healing influence ol Mr,", .(tihn liantpkin »venl to today for a sluM't V|H|I. li.uui 1 .Su.ui/. went to Harmon thlN I'llol Ilil.^,' <itl llllHilll'Mi. f Misn 7-;ila |!ro«aii went to .Mt. Ver- noii this nioiniiiK for a few days vl»lt. William lUidernan, <»( MIlclieH, S. I)., I'iitne tlitx nioritlnj» for a vlnlt here with friend-., S. !•;. SVheehti-U drliveresl u lartto I'Mld of furniture in t'Hii'on \eiterdav.* Mr, and Mr«. M. I' Seihiel and- fiun- to tht'lr home l}\ l'« v nn., today, Ui'V. Thorpe returned here tiujay af- tfi' .1 woekn visit It) ('nnution. I'nd. Uiirry -Amlmiji and <*lvde Sliehlon • !>eiit the day In lltinio on hoslne**. WilSiMin Mol'i'th. of .lnm«HVill«>, \Vix,. is hrfi* on luiHlnoHs for a fVw" UUVH. LYNDON NEWS READING CIRCLE NAMED, Tho JlemUlltf Cll'ele met oil Tuesday nt the. homo of Mrs. W. K. MilliUnn. Tho ladies Imvi- decidtul to num» th«» mtdinjr circle tin* "Klni«' H. Uoiihl Ht'miltiK t-lrvli'." Thr Ulfrary Manlms-i, II! ft MTI? pot eolT ll>« (»U tin* "' C.ntur; edition tuodird And • 0U^cl^^i If B4IV tottt *l»** Ub* l»i«li MOMdlftl' I«l*«-tl4tll, train tac«l ftu.t The Fanny Store Clias. S Mr a.n.j Ii here. Juhiihtuii went Thi'i-t! KtroiiK H'Hf.oiiM lithe Ji>u lo h»i> i- Utf Foul ty, FJrjd, lietTfii;«e ut itw li'i'oi'ii of f-.H Ihf'l' li'l J'.,n-l vii'e "to HH/lv than fllteen hnndied tlioustfn1 owiu-ix; Set olid, hi'i.-tnfx of th' 1 lehal-Hllv of the t'.oinpany \\lii'l> tu;<K<'rf II. Thltd t(,i • aii'-e ol i it* l.une i.idl,it"i ^.ind Mil Uiseil i.tleauiluii hmid. iim'-.n fendels ilolH sni'l M.'i<r. J'l.ii*., niiUel n immni-V'. n i.-. I»«<M illlr.HU',- m appi Man ' "i'o thi'M- iiitiht In; , it hied p. Ui'iidillill i >'|n"il. HI iipeiallon .IIM! III tllfli n.ilit e ; 4 t , , i\v>, i i.i i mile lil»e\\t,-e tin J.i.i I that hv ; , .,,,, :s ,.;' e Im.ihi iii in i iits-.ttisi tiou am,me ."in tji •)'»'.' .II"I i ll 1"i i( Xuie thoii nut l'»l.l ,!• i I.IM jlj.,1 ( > ),i,-.| !-i\h. .(• ii'uxe: il i' In- i i! Ti'ln 7TT* T ~''~tT "TTR'1 ffnihutt *i*-t7'. * t'tiprd-f »-•*>! 'l.nvtt-- - t •(>$•' 't, i " - •• I • I " I- 1 '< lloil" • in _iii Sam Frank * - ,t, * Eoelc Falls < h.i;np.-i1"ii this nienutiu for u Hhor visit. ,K. W. Huwyi r, >>( Ituriiu',' WiM., l» ><hi'HJhn^ u feM diiv.1 hero on I>IIM|IIOKM. Mr. nnd »liH lA^ter 'itlneH, of Will- mil, .spent Tluiinday lii'i-e with frJomiM Mi-!', l.uisix Stett.1 ,,«»»•! MiHH Huth I'ikellr njtent vfRtrrttoy in Vnn fat tap. 1'iaiik tM'imtiitti, ot' IKiVenport, 8i>eiit Thurjiday hem on hUMlu«'tcK, H, U', Hliii'khiini and W. «'. IMnlelw returned home > >«-Mer«lay after u few ilayN viml in l,'iSa|ie. A!I-M. liiehard «'ove| a'tul ,l<*annN<tn t'latetu'e- WiilJV! went to iluli^n t»i- day uir a f«-u- dni» vi.sit. -v-. % Mr. and Mrw, A. I'tefer, who have In-eli vlHitliUt for the piist three Weelm at llm luiine of Amos UavcrHiii U, . Pa toU-ffWottol" UiU Your Corn Eight Oft ^ In yoyr Mi» ««« a corn «oin« out like that? tiOMk ftt tho true akin underneath— Wiiootb M tho piUm Of your -hand! clrclo wan fonnde<l tw'enty-tlvr- aso by Mi«rt KM* U. Oouia, of Kter- lln>r, who later orKunixed the KtiTjiiiK. nnrt KocU Piilts UrowniiiK chih. -other nti have lived and dlfd hut i clr<'l*» HtlU nu>ve« on. KOT many itionthH the hoMe.s ltii\e heen to do .soincih'inn toward him-/ their early lender, aiul have nf lu«l decided tha.t In no wnj could they please Miss GmtM mou- than hy liumtiiK their circle for her. MIH, Mor- rlH, Mr«, Oreunh'p_, Mrs. MHIiluui, .Mrs. t'rowpll and .Miss Unit are the j only mtnubar* nov,- who woie inemhers nt t)u> organisation. \ •««-«» THE LADIES' CLUB MET, Th« J.tidlfs' fluh nu't Tlnirwday nt I ho homo of the prejiidcnt, Mr«. (?. f. Shulu, A Im'k'e numU'i- of huiU>* wtnv prvvnt and tho event wan onu of particular enjoyment to nil. The hulU'K «|MM»t Hie tlnui <M»hiK fancy work and u K|ih v ndid Innclu'on was ncr\cd. , MEETING OF LARKIN CLUB, " Tim Larklii cluh met at the home of Mw. Jtal|di Allan last Tuesday aflrr- ntioii. Hcfre.shmentM w,ere wr\-ed and a IniHiilesjt meeting wan held !•>' the l-Viday, wlten'they vlNltedat the hotm-l A v *,„„„„,« „,,« an arrival in uf Mr. and Mt-H. Hnm Shepherd. • ; ,,. wn . M , lfll ,, iv< Mt , . Mimnllll , ,. X| ,,. olH ., „„ , ~"^~"^"^"~'-. .,,.,.-- • (i| ,,,,.(,, .Mar-i'eline. ,\|o., .t.i vi>4tt hi.s I >-t .• , .•••.»..«..»,..,.,,. • l ^.,,,,, J ,- r ,».,,,, w ,, l ,,«, , |' Bl , ni svjiii.un Manning and futility. HOT TEA BREAKS I j •' w - '*'"'«'"« *"« fi i.'«»-«.»«-«w vi«n»r ^ A GOLD-TRY THIS {i'^^'^'^.^ir'a..--.^..: ....n... ...: —»ii t t i • i »-*-*.»-**.-*.T • r -t i i • • • »jl v „(,,._ (,',( Thuf-d.iy f«)t- H hnstm-s trip.! t',<l a Mnall |.a<-!;ai;e 'of I lamhtii'K M i'» K-.i'e U'allaie, \vhu IWH ht<en '' . , *t ' • fl « J ' Ufea.Nl Tea. or cis the (leiiu.iii f,,iKs '' •>'tin: fur her mot hei. M r-< Um Sliep- S It SOOinCS tnC inflamed Rietll* eall it. ' llamhiirtrer Itrtmt thee," at tiny I'erd, IHIN lytuttied to \ t ,-f home. Mrs, . KrartfMl nnr! mnlrAa r{<*k/sr KJ/vnv4 pharmaev. Take H lahhv.poonful uflHhephud has heen t ery mu.-li %votm i J* ran . eS «•» ""f 68 . 1 ?}"*** DIO 9» the lea. |»ut n i-iip of hnillni; watur up. i daring the past week, * j tO FepaiT loC anecteo u98UeS~- on it, potir through a »li-ve and drink ! l'-"il l-'.tvliu; was an arrival home, (Q help'Prevent tOnSllltlS a (eaeup full a( any time. It lit the i from Moiinv Saturday. . .1 • " "... CrYYTfVC most elTec-tive way to hreak » cold arid J Mi*H IJeitlah |lendei-,son »\ ent the ~* laiynglUS. ^ OUJi I Q cure m;lp., UM It operiN the pon«s, re.- i Sal. Lath a I the home of her pal ent.s, i IS WOrth insisting UpOH. HeviDK i.'on},'estlon. looseltHi the i Mr. and .Mis. K. 1!, Uendenmn.' i 8«oM.ABoi«»,Bloo«fl«M.N.J, ||4> hinvelw, tlum bl'ealiint,' u cold til once, i U. 1>. MaXjIeld ha.s moved his f:l.m- '- - . "' • '_..*,Jt l» Inexpensive and entirely vt-K»>- ily to MI-JV, Anna L, liouek'M rexidt'iu-i' jithk-. therefore hsirmU'XM. In town. .Mr. .Muslield hn.s heen Hv- INTHEGAZEm '•' >'M'\. •"•" a ,V.i 75 Ct. -Eye Glass, Chains or Heels;, 50Cts. WeCz Save You Money on Duplicate Lenses rv v'j- * MBTHOOIST AID SOCIETY. ° 'Tlit« ladU-H of the -MVihtutiiit fhurch ht»J»l an ufl duy iiieeimt: at il'ie i liuroh on Wednesday: The ladiiH^dl'l needlework and a .pifiiif dinner wa« fcerved nt noon. TOWN AND MASONIC HALL. The Town and Maxoiilo hall i.-) KO- IIIK up fast. Tht> luiilditiK i* m-aily t-nelo.Hed and lu»KinW to |m«k nm«, J'on- tiat'tur »' II, Miller hays, th.-it nc«*\ thul the htltldtnK is onehiiied the \VinU will pronrebrf 'intn-h taller. INCLUDING EXAMINATION f - r ._„-. *t That! , that Pocky Corn at Stick 0« a. ^-. ^rnilCj' ii.-sU:; 1 ., o. \t r-i —-UV I hat iii^J '« imiitoMa «f «'*>t»-i»efc- tf fed msoplo Is.'tPPS 1 . uwl that's "CIK'i'tj- •IT". .^I't'tv H In U M i-oiulB. It ilrU'U. :^ulll(» |)Ciitll»i j id i'lid (iiif at tt/ell- i oi MS with, tuiHufitnd razors— «VIT«II n s tr~io it K"in~ jwT'triUfeit with t«n- ti.uHH or .-is- '..v t.H«i', m itit> ttit-m r< ^ atul rsivv with tetUes NuthiiiK llko this» 'vviiU ."UKTrf-IT.." V«ir corn . — you lift' If'-oflf. There'll f t'i )•'"''>;>< i>» iho I'cvii. or hurt. A n:;«-l!i' <-eu!!l,ii't ;i.-l> fur morel Try H on -my !'"CH, i'«lllli« ctr Wart- it I..'MI';. „!..«'• K •). !,««•. itu; IMPROVES HIS HOME. 'K McOcaiiuou lu-i'ii h lrt houj-c in Ha-t l.viidon «* *i*vy v »4i VI1 if, I.' M* V- V/i V/J>V* V* VJWt.***^^ VJV/Ji.* J, 111VJ14 V.4 14<1» <«.JIl/V-Vl4, Each Eye is examined separately by an Expert and the Lenses ground to order.. This is your opportunity to secure a pair of hf#h grade .Glasses at -a very low cost. > - * . ' * • . »«:ei of , ' "lilt iij;''. pt.H-lllie of tint pail of ioun <, ' LYNDON B'RIEFS. .Ur .«n.l t \lix Pi.i til- lloiiiii-.'- nt \rt.( MMiii ,(i.d \! I" Ht»-w ill Ui.Ji.-i • i'! ('Ivii.igo, wt-r»i ilmnii'l' i.:: j «•;,!. y S-i<iil'd'l> ,ii Ihe ! '.t Air .ujTl ,\i!-is- ,i: \V s ,\t ff"i -M.. It. lif'' (J.-t.eVJ! )!(,.''.(>(! i .1 M'ilii 'll ...|-.| • ii,,.| .-, (id..i,Vt< t^u- V,-'' i : , : . ,>',f i't.i- -,; .'. in < 'l Fii':-t A \vnuo: and East hinl St., 8U»i;lin« ! , 111. , • „ Over Obenniller's Store * Bell 101 VY 4

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