Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 17, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1916
Page 5
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116. FflHB. A/f A R If FTP Mrs. Housewife; Do you realize the benefits you may enjoy by reading 1 these advertisements--and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by these merchants? By trading with the merchants who advertise here you will receive the greatest value possible for the money spent. Remember if you can't go to market use your telephone, \ I I S Market C 310 FIRST AVENUE BOTH PHONES S Sterling's Original Cot-Rate Market General Offices: U. S. Yards, Chicago WHOLESALE AND RETAIL s & s Whenever people want to do.jeal careful, right good and economical buying, if they want to know and make sure that they are going to get 100'V of value for every dollar they spend and get just what they want—then they will go to the store or shop themselves, of course, every time. They know that it is the only way to $et real satisfaction and value received, whether it be a suit or a dress, a new hat or a pair,of shoes, or last but not least, a good piece of "MEAT." Yes, and in speaking of meat, when bought at our markets it is. not alone that you will get just what you want—BUT you will also buy it at a good margin of discount as our "SPECIAL PRICES" are good only to those who come and buy at the store, thus saving us the extra cost of delivery. . A second feature of utmost importance is, that by making your purchase in person you will at once realize that we are not offering by our low prices goods of a cheap and second class and inferior quality, but that our goods will absolutely compare most favorably with any high grade, first quality meats on the market and sold at almost double the price at which we sell them. Therefore come to our store in person and make your purchases and you will have no reason,to kick on the high cost of living—so far as meats are concerned, Special for Saturday Nov. IStti (At the §tor* Only) "Fancy—Young—N-a-t-i v e Beef Roast, 10 1 p 1 ^ pound ., ., A ^2 ^ 9 AU Young Pig Pork 1 fi Shoulder Roast, Ib... AU * Boiling, Stewing and So'up £i U Meat, 1-1-1|» pound , , 11 2V' Milk Fattened Veal Roast, !t>. Good Tender Beefsteak, 1 A/» pound . AUV Fresh Pork Neck Ribs, 'Js* pound • v Fresh Pork Sausage links, Ib. .....,.... You will also find here Fresh Home Killed Pork of.every description, Side Pork, fresh Hams and Shoulders, Leaf Lard, Pigs' Feet, and the finest pure Pork country Sausage you ever tasted. Also fresh home dressed Poultry, finest riairy But, leriJfresJh_LCQuito Sour and Dill Pickles, and Fresh Fish and Oysters, Every article sold fully guaranteed. Money> refunded if goods returned "unsatisfactory." , We buy Live Stock and Poultry of all kinds; also Butter, Eggs and Hides, We call attention to and invite the farming public of this -community who intend holding auctions or buying beef by the quarter, get our wholesale price before buying elsewhere, V Leave your orders for Thanksgiving Poultry NOW. THE MARKET OF QUALITY, PRICE'AND SERVICE. SOME PEOPLE live to eat and others eat to live, but we live to furnish you with good things to >eat, viz.: Marshall's Best Flour, sack Minnesota and Ohio bu»h«l ,.. .Beit Lard, pound •Jtney Sweet Potatoes, fb.. Corn flea). 10 ft», tack Wheat Graham, 10 ft), tack Cracked Hominy, 6 ft>». ... Miller and Hart Bacon, fb.. New York Cheese, tb r ln» Brick Che«ie, fb. ..... McLaren Cheats, jar jar ... Canada Nippy Cheese , , . German Dill Pickle*, dot., Florida Grape Fruit, ttrgt Florida Orange*, new, doz New York Sweet Cider, gul Baltimore Oyttert, quart.. New table Raisin*, fb. pkg. $2.00 ,22o . 5e' . .35e . .45e . .25e , .30c . .28c 32c .15c , 15c ,10c ,.1Sc ,10e !35c ."20c ' ESHLEMEN'S GROCERY MONAKCH iJHA'.'o BU't RlBBift LB. AdheslvrTape. of otlliOKlvt- «I«U' of n st tnju', that H il to (hi 1 uwtl for JUST OPENED A BARREL of that «;0<>(l New York Ci(ji-r. If vyant soim» : ri><r cider you will want this. Fresh Baltimore Jersey Sweet JPo- js- tatoes * Maple Syrup Buckwheat Flour Those arc just a few M to help you with your grocery |>ur- ohasos.. V on AV i II Ihul many more if yon will call at thir-istore.- N, GAULRAPP, JR, i ' will prevent Its TAKE HOME A BOX OF OUR WOODLAWN ICE CREAM SEE IT IN OUR NORTH WINDOW Jt is, a New York cheese, June make, and the very best Leave orders for Thanksgiving* ,__We expect to cut it a few days before that time. Only 30c a pound. and save the wife the trouble of preparing 1 a dessert, For Woodlawn ice •cream makes the finest dessert that ckn be served on aiiy table, Far, more wholesome, top, than any other sweets. Tell your wife not to worry about tomorrow's dessert, as you witt bring some Woodlawn cream.. Made by STODDARD BROTHERS Sterling Dairy Co, Both Phones. 214 E. 3rd have all the Bread they want Give them Bon Ton Bread .HVgoq'd .for them ? bakecT-W^ i" many people. Why not*you? „ Special orders solicited and delivered. Bon JPow Baktry J10 West 2n'ct St., Eock Falls, B«|ll Phone 342-R The Quality Market Fork. Uuit will Iw'ut in\-in.-t> y»m. - ' ll'>mi' Ullli'il uncl hoin*- tlri )»u i-M-r (aHt«'<l .An ui'tlt-r 'vvl Pure Home Made ^ork Sausage, iiiuilt' rif noi him: -"lull fiv,sh htntui^lxiUVii i-ot-k. Try a p T^xinrnvrir.r'lluiliiig-Ht'pf. pm* --.poutui- . , . , . 'lih'kt'iis," jx»r jM»un<l Miiil yuu will iiiul l .230 HxJ!W _ y^y^^i^^ijiMmiir..!..,.,.- .*-.. > i _' ^ty^^w, •H.HBIj'»-*--^.^ Beien & ;Hutten's Grocery Both Phones Sweet Potatoes 10 pounds for 27c W» deliver $1.00 orders free. Sugar Fine. Dry Granulated, 13 tfcs. for $1.00 With a §1.00 order Both Pbor>:« They Read! They Come! They Order! out your list and if you are unable to i»rih# if in. (1 "H us over will ifivoflu" nr<lc>r tho saim* attention Ji. 1 * if jfoii wore lirro yourself. ; \v<« Saturday Monday Crackers |. •,,.«)) tt.iltl'il. .1 JMIIinilH for " , ,25c Hv the 1 box, |»*T tl>;...8c Apples Kanry York Itnpfrlaln. JUT piu'k 43e Pancake Flour Fnvorlu*. 3 jwrknRp* f,,|. ,'• , 20c Cranberries •'• IVr qiltU't ........ ,r100 - Bacon - . Kuncy curotl. (hi 1 Ib,24c Vegetables _ 1 Ifiul 1< «! ft U <! *'. iASttl"" lA'tnic**.* ..Gn»*n union*, Ratiffthcm', <F* a r H n 1 p » .• C a r r «> t H . Hutnlwuo*, .-' Ol«>ry. CnhhnK«% Hwts. Soaps 8 Ovul Qiu»en for , .,25c Ginger Snaps 1'Vonli from -tlu>- oven, 3 .Syrups Kuril. liKtit. irul . . . 59c White Uujii', gut. . . .59c I'crft'l'tion. O.'itk >?;tl 55e Knrn, IlKlit, i± «nl ,.32c' ivrf,. .lurk, 14 Riil . .30c Butter !lH.nfiii'il'(! (" r i> a m i- rv, pi-r jn'Uii'1 ........ ,40c Syrup Quart lioule M:t|>!<> aii*1 ("am! for .23c Rice Fancy, whole head, -3V4 ('omul* flip „.,.... -25c Hominy In bulk, rlrnn: ti jK>untl» for 25o Cheese .Cream, |)«»r lt> . ~...30e Dri.-k, per 11,. ;::.; 32c Brooms B«fn quality, . at ....35c, 40c, 45c. 60e , Pickles . In quart • Jans — »«•<»»»{, wour, mixed, rhow-chuw. }»lckif»d onions. jur..3Qc Oysters I.«rgt» and fresh i»v<»ry- Fish - Murkw'H ? for . . 25o Kmnkoil \Vht!t» Fish, per jsmmil , 20c Split Hi-rriitK. 3 f'>J. .10c Corn Meal FrcMli KMUIIKI. '" )">ui)i1 Mirk 35e A ' r ~~ ; ~ r '"Tranes :r ; ' : : "-~ 3 pouti'ln for , , . 25c »i JHHiftdf* for 4 v 25c Graham, Flour 1.0 pound -iwira for. , i48« Preserves Ijirn** 28 ouru'f jart«, |n>r jii r . . . ' . 25c Cod Fish l«n«i' 1 Ib. hn.\ Jtifiin- JJcii3._ jjt- r .buk_*-^ + 1 .^ * 22ol • Honey ' Pint Htraln<"«l, p«r Jur ..23e Pi'r t'omh ,18o Canned Vegetables 3 wins Corn ....... 35c 3 ««ris l\'na ....... 30o 3 cans Hominy , . . . ,27o 3. cans I'umpkln ... .28o 3 cBrin Knijir ..... 43o Pork and Beans 2 lie can* for a. .... .25c • • ' • ' • i Snaps ',' <"(ini -Stitr<'li . 15c i! Suda , . . . . . . 18o 2 Shoi 1 - Polish . 15c 2 St«ivr I'lili 1 --!) .... 1Sc 1! (Virn l*l(iUt»« 15o Grape Fruit .luii y tlilti Mkln, thrw for . , ....... . 26o Oatmeal Raisins Jfii'sh stock. 1 pM.und l»ui v katro f<ir 15o Cocoa Ht-rf.iivy'N l puuixt cans f 1 1 !• VtK Fruits nnna«, funcV A[1pfo'*,'» T o k n >• Ortt|iCK, IMtrj*,' ' FlKH. Canned Fruits Z! t'unn |*t*urn - 31 o 2 i'ltiiM Aijrlcots » 31c 2 cunti Pineanple. ,..S9o Coarse Feed 10 pouniln for , 25o Up-To-Date Market - --,- • .j§^ ^ - - ..-...• ... ,• ^. > ^.... - .... HEADQUARTERS FOR FANCY HOME KILLED FRESH PORK -Just I'tH'oJviwl_a~uu.'ii lot aL .young jqmug. piga, t'oiue-In...^n«l s<4(H't SSOIIIM of I lit» iii and swoptoHt Pork you' cyor had. \, ^ Some Specials at the Up-To-Date ' J<Vc>U por tb. fjc, for old .fuHhioiu-Hl hii'kory smoked, homo mm'd Baoon, loan stri] jwr pound ., Lean Pork Steak- per pound Pork ("hops, per pound 20c Tho tinest • 1(91110 Made JVu-k Sausage, made all of. pork, you ever tasted 'is to be found here, . ' • , . •- - - N'itMi Frosh Side Pork and Home Made Frankfurters, Bolo#n» ".and Liverwoist— the onl/ place in the Twin Cities where you eau.^ol these articles all home made. The choicest cuts of Beef, Veal, Lamb and till meats always found here. Spring Chickens and Duck's. Stewing Chickens, per .pound . . . . , ......... , .......... ,17c THE UP-TO-DATE MARKET 308 First Ave, PROMPT AUTO DELIVERY * ' , Both Phones I -•-'-' . , - - - • •- - --' "" MIJI U| . " < ««' ' ,i IIJIHJH " FOUR ARE CANDIDATES : T ™>-;;";" 1 ;, ****«"• »•••«». •w.-.m.,,; HAS SNOWED FOR A WEEK, _. „. f ."nuns ti<.in ih.- I'MM-mc-s,,,,U. ot Hi*-' » V ju>,l!,*.v, Ali.-Ji .v,>t It—Tha" F,d r ,t,on or w. r «-. c,u b , HM . ;^; ( ,J^ ^''^j^r;;:,: 1 ;?^;^,,-^'^;: is ;t r?^ .- ^ HotContMt.. A ,„„„,,• ju., S ,<,> of UK- Hup,,m, „„„•( M.^UM, of ih,-M««V l.u.ll.l LCllSiu llrst ' Hot C6nt»»t. , A f,,,,,,,.,. j,,-,,,,,, uf Uu , HupH-.m- M-urt „.,.„„„ ,, f „„. M ,, u . huiU .,, uwln ,..„..., III..-Ntiv, 17 Fur thi\ - — - ; — -~. . ,•(•» iiii'lti's uf tnu.iv Smtw Ims fatl»n *i linn* -in tin- iiH-iitui) i»i' IHX-HPIU ntr,An iiu f»AD cm ID unitDc •••'•Htiinwuhiy Kitnv j.tni •••• ificuicM tu nit- jiiuiDitf K.Hioran,,!, of Ut'Ay IN tAK rUUK HOUKb ; i« wmumunK. ^ iiiti.ii'u itluliM \» ' molt :ifi* rut:- ' ! .4 U»'»tU'i( «ifrt|itn:il I'unlM'V i-i fixi'tl, Wllll'tl V\ll.l_l«-' itt'fliliut . liitw no rmitiuiuU* »f It,-. HUM Hll(fiUt-H uii- ,Mi« SVflli.itn U. '>( )<• ntnit. A)iJ> Allx-it U.ilM'li !;f I( VrHHiii, Mr<* tii't.r«i- '<t\ •till" *i Pas»or*by on Bu»y' Chicago v Didn't See Corps*, '' riii-uKi* 'Hi. X'i\ '17 WliT^-' • lii'il> i-f j»r>ii»,s (Mf.'-fil in I'l.irK itu* AH «f ti I ti KV> to in n, t'tuiilt .s'h- lit. Mat Imli u|i- ' It ail iii !<f* t K'c lit »'f I ».".« -Nuilli Pest f Y\vil!K'!l . • , 1 , i lark >tr« • t "yi'.-tt'Nla <•<!. i am- ,—. ./ ... t AlH«»l It i- U ., \, t M't J.|. IjLuiT^l K'« ! VVll'i w is> n U.. st>! "«'.l. U.i-i" liirsiilii l ,ij;.| •»!!•.' -liBUi ,1> . ..) SJ.l ),,.- S .i.S ) Ittl-dtlxi 1:1 ihl". Sl 1 *^' I4i v i % tli> p.,jk li.iTl l.i.l .llss.4^1, !,(. (., H,,II-..t< I ' i ^rnrmtrf^fjy-^mmt. t^B flkMft^^^HHV Vflk ^^^^ *« LANOISBR0S

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