Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 18, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 18, Local Sailor Is Veteran Of The Navy Chief Boatswain's Mate William F. Best In Service 18 Years Chief Boatswain's Mate William F. I.-Ji'st, well known Xaugatuck resident :md a brother of Jnmi'S B'.-st of Olive street If one of the real veterans of the Navy now serving t'ncU; JSam. A Natipatuck native and graduate of loc.-i! .schools, Petty Officer Ui\st ha.-i served .10 years In tin- Navy in addition to three years in I ho Army. At present he is serving with tin- fleet in the Pacific win- :;u1n-. it i:; bclii-vrd. Knti-rinji f'-o st-rvlcea when only ;i youngster, Petty Offici'r West first tried the Army, and then shifted into tin; Navy for his lonK anU active wiri-i-r :i:: one of Uncle Sam's HliU'.iackrts. Petty Office; 1 Dust has served cm all types of writ-ships and now is believed to he with tint destroyer forces, that nnf only ouver ttuul- ;;aii(ls (if mile< 'if ocean each mfjnth. bu' also takr- pr.rt in much of the ,'ir-iion that is daily happening with tho fleet's liKl't ticri'en forces. Tlu: man w*o was a crack bast-ball ,-ilayer in his younger tlnya j in Naii;;:>tiick. also coiiltl i-arry n; piH«kin 'in the frriiliron, but at all | time.-t was a ha|ipy-K"-Iucl\y type of ivnrrior always Klad t') see his friends and sharo whatever ho mitfht li.'ive with nny one of them. I'ri'Vioun to .shi ft in?; to tile Pacific- ocean war theater, Petty Officer Best was on active duty for m-nt-Iy !wo years in the Atlantic, on piitrul duty and convoy work that took him over a Kreat section of tho Kl° t)f -Later hn was Iran.-if or rod to the .Pacific area and id believed to have sc-en much intensive action since movinjr info that sector about a y.-Fii- rifrn, ('etty Officer Rest lin.i many friends and iiciiuaintanccsi here who will he crliul to know that he is doinfr well and that he has eompletr* c-<.'nt'itlence in the ability of the American armed fnrrrex to overcome anv comblnu- t.ior. of enemies in the world. Victim Of Polar Bear At Zoo •Ciithrrino Seiirli-s 2'l, socially promiiii-nt daiiKhtor of Henry Malcolm . w ;c-;irlc.s, Kaluva.v, N. ,]., iiidu.strlalisl, is in a >'ew York' hospital ro- eovrnni; fr.inl the :i;iipulalioii nt one arm that «:is nuiri^led when "Stic," :t polar ht.'iir in Ct'iiti'iil pitrk /.on, :itUiclxed her us she ;i{>pi-o:»i-hi-d his eajfe too clusely in a lali.-iiiKht visit. This Is an earlier porlrait nf ftliss Scurlrs. (Intorniitional) Town Exceed s Plasma Donation (Continued from Pafro 1) How Blood Donors Here Really Feel for the Funerals J'linoriil Of Mix. l.nulsc llnran The fnnft-al of Mr*. Louise (Thomas) FInmn. 38, wife of Patrich I-'. Horun of Morton .Hill road, who died Saturday, was hi.-Id this morning at R:.10 o'clock from the 'RilRkmillrr I''il hom», 22 Park place, if. St. Francis' church where n snli-mn hij.'h .Mass was celi-brated nt r .i fi'rlocU hy finv. Francis Mona- hfin. Ri-v. Cliroi'gi- Dunn served as dt-aeon and Ri.-| Joseph Kochunas as sub-d>-acur- Miss p'ranei-s Higglns pivsidiHl at tlu- org.-in and plnycd "L-iad Kindly I-ight". at the prori'snionul. "Pie Jesu" nt. Uif offr-rtory arid "Abide With Me" ar the recessional. Bearer.-, wen- [Edward McNer- •ni.-y. I'l'c. John McNorm-y. Ernust Thomas. Joseph Thomas, Louis Lynch and Kdw.-u-cl Thomas. P.urial was in .St. Jiirnes' f:emc- trry with Rev. Dunn conducting The committal s.-rvicvs. More t.han -I.500.0ri0 barrels of oil I are produced ovi-.i-y day by source;; | In th" i:. S. (Continued from Page ]) PIERPONT'S For Over 50 Yeni'si The Store of Quality. Value and Service HEGrSTKRKD DIAMONDS WiilcrlmrvN Only (Vri I- <»li>tflNf<. McirNl.-ro.l ultli 'rl''fin firm Sin-Ii-(,v , , , /finfro of A/Mln-ii i !«• Itin- I pro up prepared a meal ' M.-irtford staff. The car.lcen woi-Uci-s included: Mrs. Clarence P. Austin, chairman; Mrs. .Eclftru' Wyatt. Mrs. John Hayes. Jr., Mr.--.. Charles Border, Mis-- Hn;:^l Penrisp. Mrs, l.oon Smith. Mrs. John Millw.ird, ^rl•i. Cisbert Mertolmeyer, Mrs. Oscar nioniriuist, Mrs. Jumn? I^yons. Miss Tht:re.-ja Aqua via. Miss Jane Rus- i-io. Miss Miiureom Duly, Mr.;. John 'Iranica, Miss [Eleanor P.!-o<!erick. I Mrs. Clarence E. Jones. Mrs. Ditr- woocl Nichols. M:-?, Jnmos Kissane and Mrs, Jr.lin Joive.s. Nurses' aidc-s, stipervisecl by Mr.-. Mlldini; Olson, were Mrs. J-Ior,icc Cnndco «'ind Mr.<. Helt-r. Kj-Kykow- ski. Rt-Ristered nurses, \viih Mrs. Kdith Lalor in charge, included Miss Julia Yotilc and Mi-o. Her- mir.d.L Scally. Staff assistants v/cre: ^frs, JlrLt-- rL-- \Vhitieir.ore, Mrs. Chester Is- be!l. Mrs. Carl ID. Anderson. Mrs. Andrew Watson. Mrs. Milton IS'. Fordo, Mrs. Marshall Lotix. Mrs. Dal,; Wilson, Mrs. .Ralph Floyd. Mrs. K(,'nr.e;.h Johnson. Mrs. Carl Moore, and Mr.;. I-troy Wood, chairman. Mrs. Johnson arranjred thu staff schedule. Robert Shepherd, chairman of rirsi. aid of the Naii^'ntuck Heel Cross chapter, had charge of the fiivt aid ^rroup w.hieh incliulcd: Mrs. B, Ronald Parker. Mrs. H. D:ivid Ward, Mrs. George Lewis, ill's. J. C. Russell, Miss Colin Aim, Miss Amy Pierce, Miss Mikiroc! Brown and Mrs. William Ncary. Boy Scouts assislin;,' were: .Dor.- ald Kotiiu, who had cliarf,'e i.^ this i,-r(jup; I^ai-i-y O'Donncll. Do.-.- ald Taft :ind C.eorjjo Watorhomic. John O'Donnell -icrv^d a.- motor corps, usini; the station v.-ii^'on loaned by Mrs. Howard B, Tutlle. Aeti:;;; in a ^•.i;>ci-\-isoo - capacity were Miss Edith Slcever, i:xi;cutiv(; .eerutary of llic Xau,','a- tuck t.'hap'er, and Carl N. Moore, chairman' of'the plasma committee of the Rod Cross. wounded soldiers, and fool that my donation, i.wo times of blood, is of small significance in view of the sacrifices many fiKhtiiiK men and women are making." MRS. JA.M.KS SULLIVAN— "With three sons :n tliu service, one of them overseas, my three limn oont.rihut.ion of hlnod. still does not match the efforts that they are makint;." IVIHS. SYDNKY I5AVL1S — "I hnvo a son who has been on active service with the M.'irine;; in the Pacific for the p;ist IS months, and I also have nine nephews ill the service. I hope that my donation of blood will help someone." MRS, FKKDKRIC'K KONIXO— "I have donated blood throe times but now with my twin sons in the service, the war becomes oven more of a personal matter. I do hope that will be of aid to some boy." XOItV.AL TUKXKK—"I have do- n.'ited blood seven times, anil only feel that i; is my duty." .OK NX IS COlil'l-:—"1 did not find our about the- Nauj;atuck Blood Donor collection until after T had had my lunch on. Monday afternoon. I hoped that I could Rive some of my blood to aid some other wounded boys, as others did to aid ;TI.V son, .Robert, n lioiUenant in the p.'ir.'itroops, who wa.s wounded ir. France recently. I :im from Greenwich ar.d was visitinp here o:-. Monday and consc"quently did r.ot fini.r out about tho collection I he I until too late. I am sorry that I \v:is not acceptable hut please accept my congratulations on the m;L£ni:'iccnr. wurk that Naiij;aliicl: and nvcry other town and city In the countrv is flninjr In brinjr orr boys back to health and normalcy." Tojo Removed As Chief Of General Staff Weather Report (Continued from Paj,-c 11 .IN MKMOKIAM fn loving memory of our .<oii Ouirles, who away July 1?, 1030. .Vir. and Mr::. Olr.ey Trask, Euckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 rn>ln|)t, l')\prrt WATCH ii JKWKLKV KKI'.MUING William Schpero .lc\V«'li;r 1»n CIIUHCH ST. — J I-'llKlit Up — inir up" nssault agai:isL Rota and nrnrby Cunm. The pro-inva.s'ion campaign agaiinnt th<.- two islands appenrs to bo ris- injf toward a climax. Admiral C1i::s- Ifr Ximit/. has announced th'.it hat- llfships joined with crul'-'crs and dr-!it.royers in bombarding Guam Salurday. It was tho sixth naval bonihardmr>r..f. of Guam within n. wi-ok. Carrier based pian.-iK ridcd Hiiam for tho 13,'h consecutive day Sunday, and hit Rota for a 12th llrne. Japanese shipping, as -well as island b.-.isos. is coming in for Its sh.'i re of bat-tei-iag. Allied borr.bera have sunk or damage fl five Japanese vewsels in nwi.-i-plr.-x -11 lacks nlT Dutch New Oui.-u'a and t'ho JSast Indies. One of the shins sunk was a troop- laden transport. A 7,000 ton ves-1 sol was damngx-d. j Other Allied bombers have ."imshed a( VVolcoi. Palau and Yap! in uho western Carolines. Bight Japanese fighters were shot dowjv. Two Allied 'bombers were lost. On Dutch Mew Guinoa — American ground forces have repulsed lifflil thrusts by advance patrols of file trapped Japane-e forces near Ailape. Tho desperate Japanese Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut—Fair ar.d 'continued cool tonight. Tomorrow fair followed by increasing cloudiness in the .'ifternoon v.-ith scattered showers and thiindcrshowcrsi late ;r. the day. Warmer except little change in temperature along the coast. Temperature Report Another cool day en me with the break of dawn early this morning. .Red Herm.-inu wasn'i. up at dawn so we cnn"t -tell you what linro d a \v n broke. Novor'Jiolosf. Red slept under a half dozen blankets wilh a heating pad all ir.iight, trying to keep warm. However, hi trying l.o keep I ho red -head warm, wilh Ijlanltnt.s over it. the 7 3 .ed's feet wore exposed nil night—result, I'rostbiti: on one liltlo loo. Midnighl 02 3 a. m EC G a. m Ki 0 a. m 77 1 p. m SG 87 CUNNINGHAM nre under bombardment by stroycrs and torpedo boats. de- UATTI.i; JN CHINA ChuiiKkihK. July :iS—(U P)—A desperate battle is rajiinff for the key rail centor of Henjcyanjr In the 1 Hunan province of China. Chinese forces have succeeded in driving out a stronp: Jripnncsc force that penetrated the city, hut the situation is regarded as critical. North Adams, Mass., July 18 — CUP)— Columnist Bill Cunningham nnd Mayor Maurice J, Tobin nl- mosi. were rorcod to hold their own private Democratic National convention. The pair wore left fr.ipinp; on the station last, night when Ihc specially-chartered train for Chicago pulled out without a w.irniiifr. Cunningham — who fell when he attempted toswing him- soif onto the platform — was forced to have the train flagged 100 yards down the line. Of every $100 spent for Utio U, S, war program, about $10 goes for !he building of warships. DUY WAR BONOS AND STAMPS $50,000 Bail Ordered For Murder Suspect Scltuatc, Mass., July 18~(UP)— A woman who allegedly was pros-; cnt wh'cri .the body of 10-yaar-oId Frances McGirath was found," Jms pleaded Innocerot when arraigned in Ab-lng-l.on dtel.rlct court. .Mm, Bertha Plna. wart ordered iheld in •bail totaling $50,000 on a mitt-der accessory charge. Judge Daniel A. Shea continued iher case onc'.wcok for a hearlm'g-.. /. . • •' ' Mrs, Plna told- police that she was with Jack Lopes of Scltuatc in- a Norwu.ll. lane Dhrec days before, Ijopu.3 reported discovery of tlie- child's body on.June 16!.h. Lopes' IK held in. a •lolal of $50,000 bail,, also on a murder accessory charge. Medical authorities believe that line McGrath girl wua .alive at the time the pair allegedly saw her. Churchill Inspects, New Tank All States Approve Absentee Balloting Washington, July 18_(U P)— erviccmen from all -IS .states can 'Ote in Hie coming national clcc- ion. But the United States war allot commission says that only 0 .states have okayed the use of he short-form federal ballot. Governors of the other 28 states :ay their state lawa do not author- to use of the federal ballots. How- vor, all have approved the use of state absentee ballots. If the stores cannot supply you with some article- you nncd for the home or olllce a News Wanted to Buy ad may j,-et it for you. California Blast Kills Over 300 (Continued from T>agc 1) as a scene of shattered building* wliih tatti:rcd window shades flapping fhrouffh broken windows. Says Best: "I walked 'Into the barrack.-* area" wh.ioh wa.s the ;liomc of 1.1&0 Negro enlisted men and C.1 officers. To wn.1k down the Htrocts I 'had to «tep over broken' Rloiw. piece* of atcel from exploded 1 ship* and pieces of data-in which tnnnany instances weighed from 200 to 400 pounds. Thc'TJ-P correspondent, says the JJWO.OOO Navy recreation hall is a Mil urn-hies—thi roof caved in, the rafters jutting: out of the rubble, •An executive officer would not I take new.smem lo' the port itself, explaining^ "We wouldn't want to. go there, anyway. It is a terriblc- thing und hoi. anything you wvint lo write about. Some of my officer buddies were down thftre." -And For the benefit of who Wuh to remei»h. who liitvi; left thU , have n collection of morlum" vcr»e» innfHfd In Thi; 3 'cento per line per d»y**jj2 Include* your.^am,.. thl ?T •nd the n»me of 'the ^^ whoM. you wMt I* ou mny unc Miy wlith provided tt haai't lined by anyone elw. are vcrw!« to null all and occanlonv. There verneii .for. thove ~>i thefr llvPN In the Ibi-lr country. Xo orscr, j^ •V: received over the ' ' • ^^ the officer.added, "1 don* V^M go down there to nee th«n."-..-. Putting It off never ibiv£l problem; satisfy your need* by M»\TIK News Want Ada. Sm'«J| | D coat, bif; in results. This newly, developed British crulner tank-— the Cromwell — which mounts ii 7,-Jmiii. long riuijri' gun and Is now hciitR used effectively In tile buttle of Xornmndy, is given (.hc-perHOiiul O. K. of Prime Minister \Vlnnton Cliurcliill • shown hero liisimctliiK thin iicwext- weapon. (International) STI1MSON' ON 'J'OUJt London, . July JS-(UP)—War Secretary ^Stimson has completed an inspection toil!' of the American fronl. in Normandy. The cabinet member visited beach and hospitals and inspected i-iihabilita- | lion work in Lhn harbor of Cher- WARD BOND INJUIiEl) Hollywood, . .July. . IS— (UP )— Win-d Bond, movie totigh-Riiy actor, was. si ruck and seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver Inst night. J.f'.> w:is loavinjj. the invitation world premier of the movie "Since You Wunt Away," when the accident occurred, HEAVY TURKISH TOWELS Large .size both towel* of quick- drying:, fluffy cotton t^rry. Firm, long wearing weave. Choone frofc. Holld pcutleki. colored bordtrt <jf plaids.. . , . . ..',' WASH CLOTHS :. :5c G. C. MURPHY CO. CHURCH ST. NAUOATUCK, C0»». Ten years later, in 1929, Clara *t^ Bow, the "It" girl was voted the movies' most-popular actress and people were raving "about the new talking pictures . , , Babe Ruth, the King \>| of Swat, was knocking them over the fence for the Yankees , , . the first -^»/\ stowaway on a transatlantic flight was carried on the Yellow Bird's hop from Maine to Spain , . . and the average'cost of household electricity was still decreasing steadily ... Ten more years 49jh passed and in 1939, Humphrey Bogart and Connecticut's Rosalind ^_[ Russell were well on the way to their present movie popularity . , , England's King and Queen paid us a visit 1 : and you were probably planning a trip to the World's Fair , . . the first paying passengers were flown to Europe on the new clipper . . , and the average cost of ^TX household electricity had reached a new low, after steady decreases over a period of twenty years , , , Household electricity rates ^v continued to corne down until reductions were halted by increased wartime A expenses, You may not have noticed the steady reductions down through the\ years, because you were probably .adding new timesaving appli- '"ances and using more electricity for comfortable living. But today, in 1944 when living costs are way up, you pay all-time-low prices for your household electricity, The Connecticut; Light and Power Company •U you use Electricity Wisely. You Save Coal and its Transportation Down. Down. Down through the years . J. wenty-five-years ago, in 1919, the movie fans were lining up to !••'. see William S, Hart, the pistol packin 1 Western hero, and Theda i. Bara, the nation's favorite "vamp" . , , the seaplane NC-4,_^g(Bj' 1 ^^" pride of the American Navy, made the first voyage by- air across the a5jp*^^ Atlantic Ocean, averaging 80 miles an hour on a 1200 mile flight from Newfoundland to the Azores , , , and the average cost of household electricity had started to come down , , .

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