Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 2, 1963 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1963
Page 19
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X famirthouqhiy Golesburg fieg»ster-Maij ^Gale6buf£ y III. Tuesday, July % 1963.1.9. OUR ANCESTORS fcyQtrincy Dear l'cnny, A couple <if years ago, my wife was asked to Join a card club by a group of women whom the admired greatly, for the la«t few months, I have noticed that she wat writing cheeks to cash almost every time this group met, When I asked her about this, she told me that she just ran short of money, the checks kept getting bigger and bigger, until I was forced to demand some explanation, She told me that the women had suggested play* Ing for so much money a point, and she owed these women the money for which she was writing the checks. When I Insisted she quit this club, she said she was afraid she would lose her friends If t made her quit and become very upset about It. Wc cannot afford to part with the money she Is losing. What are your sug* gcstlons? TROUBLED HUSBAND Dear Troubled Husband, If you are acquainted with the other husbands in this group, talk to them about it. They probably are not aware of what is happening and would want it stopped as much as you. If you do not know these men, tell your wife to quit, using you as her excuse. She can tell the other women that you have insisted she quit and let them put the blame on you. Regardless of how you approach it, I would definitely see that your wife got out of this group. Gambling can become a compulsion, and then it can create all sorts of family problems. If you sit down and point this out calmly to your wife, I 'm sure she'll agree that the friendship of these women is not worth the happiness of her home. Dear Penny, We have an only child, a boy, who is going on 11 years of age. I have assigned him various tasks around the house such as, making his own bed, carrying out the trash, and washing and drying the breakfast dishes. He is very reluctant to do these chores and complains to his father whenever I insist that he do them. His father defends him telling me that this is woman's work and that I'll make a sissy out of the boy. I feel that he really needs to do these things, even though it would be just as easy for me to do them as to argue with him. Should I keep on insisting, or should a boy not have to do this sort of work? ANNE Dear Anne, Stick to your gunsl Boys, as well as girls, need to learn that there are certain little duties in life, dull and menial as they are, which simply must be done. If anything you'll make a better man out of your son rather than a sissy as your husband claims. Everyone in a family needs to realize that there are obligations in a home as well as privileges. Dear Penny, I am 13 years old, and I live in a neighborhood where there are mostly boys. These boys tease me and call be dumb nicknames all the time. Every time one of my girlfriends comes over to see me, they're riding by on their bikes teasing and yelling. What can I do to get them to leave me alone? PESTERED Dear Pestered, It's a pretty good bet that boys don't tease people they don't like, so in a way their teasing is a compliment. The other girls are probably green with envy because of all the attention you get. Try to put up with it a little longer, because soon you'll learn to appre ciateit. Thinking of you . . . Penny Send your questions to Penny, in care of the Galesburg Regis* ter-Mail. Your letter will be answered either in this column or personally. Letters need not be signed unless a personal reply Is desired. "General Bonaparte .seems a lot more confident since he got that shoulder holster!" Jacoby on Bridge Everest ft Jtnnlngt WHIll CHAIR! feMt H 10 Inchti •MftUrtA .lt* THMS Go West WEST DRUG CO., INC. 324 E. Mala St Chinese Moonshine OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) Treasury agents raided two Chinese grocery stores and reported bok jow, a harsh tasting rice liquor, was being bootlegged for $13 to $15 a gallon. All Cards Work For Experts By OSWALD JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. The great difference between an expert and an ordinary partnership is defensive play. Experts use their low cards to best effect and thereby get more out of their high cards. For instance, look at this defense by Cliff Russell and Harry Harkavy of Miami. Cliff opened the queen of spades and Harry played the four spot. Nothing abnormal about this, but Cliff knew immediately that Harry didn't like spades. If he had liked spades Harry would have played a higher card as a comeon. South won the trick and led the six of diamonds. Cliff played the three spot. Again nothing abnormal, but it told Harry that Cliff held three dfamonds. With an even number of diamonds Cliff would have played a higher diamond as the start of an echo. He could not be showing strength in the suit so the echo would be unmistakable. Harry allowed dummy's jack to hold the trick, but won the diamond continuation. Cliff's first play had shown three diamonds so Harry knew that South had started with just two. Then Harry led the six of spades. South played the five and Cliff was in with the ten. He couldn't lead another spade because Harry's play had marked declarer with the nine, so he shifted to the nine of hearts. At this point South was doomed to defeat. He struggled on since there is no bonus for giving up, but the best he could do was to gather in eight tricks. NORTH t 4832 V643 • KQJ52 + 76 WEST EAST * Q J 10 7 +64 V975 VJ1082 4973 • A10 8 + A82 +K543 SOUTH (D) + AK95 VAKQ • 64 + QJ109 North and South vulnerable South West North East 1 +> Pass 1 • Pass 2N.T. Pass 3N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—+ Q Family Honors Vacationers KIRKWOOD — A family reunion was held at Monmouth Park Wednesday honoring Mrs. Jeanne Grover and son David of Florence, Ore., who are visiting relatives in this area. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Chalmei Lovedahl and Becky, Mr. and Mrs. John Lovedahl and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Icenogle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lovedahl and family, Mr. and Mrs. Creighton Lovedahl and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Lovedahl and family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bethel and family, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lovedahl and family, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Monticue, Mr. and Mrs. John Monticue and Joyce, of Monmouth; Henry Palmer and Kathleen Haggerty, of Chicago and Ralph Monticue of Kirkwood. v WAi Can you earn a living with this machine? Of course not—not often, anyway. So what do you <3o for bill-paying income when sickness or accident takes you off the job? Your Country Life agent has the answer: Disability income insurance—regular monthly payments to help cover ordinary expenses and relieve you of Wheelchair worry until you're on your feet again, YQU'U want to ask him about the other important parts of Country Life's comprehensive health insurance program, too. He'll show you how to meet normal hospital-medical-surgical bills—or a costly once-in-a-lifetime medical catastrophe. Make it a habit to check all your insurance needs With your friendly Country Life agent. He's an expert in helping you plan sound! low-cost protection for many purposes. Country Life INSURANCE COMPANY «N£ Of TUl COUNTRV COWANIiq 95 NO. SEMINARY IT. 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