Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 17, 1916 · Page 3
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November 17, 1916

Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1916
Page 3
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STERUNft, ILLINOIS/ FRIDAY, NOV.17, 1916, tmm SOCIAL AFFAIRS j PRISON COUPLE ft ' fere Quietly Married In This City Yesterday By Rev. irwin. M)«" l.illi-tn %?,. \iii- 1 ' r f r< ". two ni"fni!:» (it Y niti««>n. i-.-iiri'' t- thi-: nil TVrri' i(ili«>!Iv fTt'U *p lu >^ f'Wl friend*. in extending FOR MISS MERCER v M,r.-l.-.H.." N. Gilsan. .Entertained.'""Girl Ffienrf* Last Evening. Mrs. H N, r,!iv..;i i-nui trtinr-il •-> \ • rnt i-. ?-,<->!!••>• .if M^-<i KKjr XJnri >••!'. tt-tii' IM ••. !-»• -i TK-n>Vy;m inir 1 'a y I'tl/lc". Th»'- "VpTiiue .'..«.« M-"i":t tn .-'in insi.trrn.ji \\,i\ .ML! <i,>:>,!•. f ;'r>.<ihii!"!it-" W'--t<- -.-rv<-.!. '!"!••• ;ifT;,i! H i-. i'iy i'r<-Hy .-ircl ^r»-'tt- i v . il !i>\ •-.) tn ; t H r.[-(.«;,.nt. CELEBRATED JIRTHDAT" Mis* Esther Rirfg* Eniertairt*^ Number Of Frifhrf* L,i»t Hf-ly nflff'Wlsf cfti'fn'itty Mr,] Mt.«? KMtifr Ui'tfff rnjrftnln*>d n Picric loft fur rt. i>HJ:i! nip .laiK" nurnln r nf ft -it-rid* n! the liom«' Mf «. Pic *- f-.'i««t, t" i»f :it. burnt in Morrison. n(:il In Uoth lirld<« .'ind h' i t' :| i '•»'"•. Mr. a " 1 ' Mrs. I/. A. !K<>. rn<;ir l>i\«in, I wcnltiK In hnn- «f h< r H^Mi'i-mli lilrthil.-»v.. Tin"«{» went >.u! its tl»« IU<IK»* htihif In «« and tift«-r ni-rtvlns th*»r« »(«nl ft *l»f»ht In sm-SnJ <'H-i'irs| .Mt '1'u tir le j (ilinhttnl IM \ni.K with dnticlns! arid tHt»<h«-r of .Mrs. Anna' IkilM-t -ttiiVltH-ti rnr<K" At ttililti'tshi the hirlhilny « f*ftt OH* pant s« v«>r«l moulds in". MIT- ! was broitKlU In ;~inf) nil th«« liR-hts w*-rt* turned off sir-id t!n'*'i«tiii'<m t-iindl«".i *n ari ; \vHI n the «nk«> «<••!'»• ligtilnl. A In Mniriflon utid vii iitlty, ,tui<l t!i<-irfut|i}n-i WHP *«•( A-«-d and tho mcrrj flit !; ar:«t f-itv did »!••>? »-«•>>• h 'h" ii..»Ar tills momme. i .'f (!;< h.-.vM-si ;"t iv.n ru',-1 ;'?'•• !'-.!!<>-.'. M(-t JiniiM Myrrif- ' U . tl u ,.- S j..r* \\:1!riPU M'I'.'. ). )>••;•:>. .,!;!! l r -i-|T?-.- \Vi1li.lf1l l-l'.\v.. KvirniU." M; \t.-i)-:-. KU-j •. F'--( GIVEN FRUIT SHOWER Mrs,. Ralph f -NEWS IN BRIEF j ANOTHER GEORt.E MANN ~. Was Afternoon. rll -,i;i« [•!<-.(' >n, >,•.< UP ! .' I:H i V DANCING PAfiTY .ua... tU/ i --!ij^.r.,-.'a..,.i... ^.r.\', :i,r r.ti .nu:. : i i- if: !lll«il!"IMMi- ' i 1 ; n> !>'''• ri<-i'.-f> HJ f. r WILL SPEAK Married Peepte't Club Ga'va Pleasant !>m»tiM ' i.r, Party La«t Evtning. V :-." r.. m. Th" si I |-(U<-dp*-*.«." This I IV»>fil^"«s * 'hib gavf* ffif* s In the K. I*, liall. ;ind ri ilHitrlitfiil <^c- j rr },. )M Im !!)!•-• i f Wyne-Deaver D. G. Co. Sterling's Greatest Store Our First 'Alt h lii? 1 tn> will i RUM. i .-i.|t!t :ll ll.'lf iort.'l) ill 1.1 71 I' S11 ti il n v. !n-;il )uiu DR. PROCTOR RE-ELECTED. ENTERTAINED FOR DINNER. Mr. anil MM Will HtioviM, Mr*. H.llf !*ear*>>n nwl Mr-s. Will t'r-tiKh niotort-dj- I .»<•;« I rH;ifivr*« iinvi- ivi-lv-fit wpm )iU»Ti«nntly rniortalru'il nt tli" ; Hint'- K'TUit'>r fntin <••,-, R!I«>J' county, lmtnt» of Mr. :ind Mr*. Mllo 1'lttinnn. i Idiihu. t»r. I'ru'ri.r . i<« titu KOH of .Mr. . nnd MJH. !>:i\iil I'rnt (nr. \\{ ('iilf-.tsi. nnd j.iii'tiiiil for n nuiiiiii-r ^f \t'tit*t In THE UNE_OF MARCH Democratic Jolltfiotion Monday Night _,,, To Be Big Affair. jnr< Idaho. wheit« h»j is with our New Home—318-320 First Avenue Saturday; Nov. Closes Wednesday, Nov. 22nd At .1 l»y th»- In r liiinn n fi-',v I!;I>H \viili hit- Mrs. l-*r;uiU Kotuiiily. hi'ld Thursday I'ViiinW • , ~ ~ nrl>MiH fommlttt't-H for tin* rut- ' , , , '"- v • ||/ " 1 ' mi^lltiK of thr- |.f.m.H-mt« fi«-xt | ni - » l!l * '"'•'".'M t Mondrty nluht. thf fol'/uwliiK llm« «>C hinrrh w«s decliU-d ni>"^: 'r llfl ««">•! *Tltttf will take |ilnn« nt"(lH> olty hall j Mrs. Ilauif Klnr«<>!c find d.->nuiit«-r, promptly nt 7:3IJ o'cUw-k. Th«> nuto'n } Florence, find .Mr*. Ctisili^ .^;i(.;l>- went and Iliuitx. i-iiiitiihiihK Ui«T"IaTnr>M uilljt" Mi. V«Tiinn. la., tud.-iy. whit«- they go dirwtly to Hi>«-k K«ll». At tin-i frill visit <>\<-v Sunday,_ the Kin-sin nf nou'tli Mid of th«-'lirlds*' they'will be ; «'<»rn«-ll {*oll«>»jf> studeniH. m«t by the llork t'dllH t-notliiKent mid j ''Mrs Mm-cnn 'Itrro-kab'-rry II.-IM i,'i>n'- a tour down Main ntn-et will l.-e nuule, | (l , i' t i f , ( .-toit. 1U. for a 'Aii)i.M \isit with Tliey will then ri'tnrn to ilit- *-ity hallj ,-, ):,tiv.•« nnd *-ld time nclchboi ••.. , lit Btprlinn itnd will then IISIKH on tos Men, John Iichri-n-< i initiinii's to 1m- Lxn'ii?*t fltrwti tii* 1 nien mi foot -to. fall In bidilnd thvm nnd th«» lint- will bf |in»vi« at the Sterling boK|.ltnl. where «<!i<- undo went un n|i>-ratlo'n : 'u few da>» fllf AMUSEMENTS t participates in this sale HERE ARE JUST A FE\fr OF THE EXCELLENT THINGS One lot 10c Colored' Outing Flannels, in checks stripes; Anni- 77 1 ^ price * 2 ** lot l-li-e, extra quality light or durk Colorod ; Anni- A 1 * ' price ** li ** 25 pieces TJ'.L'C Dress Qin^hanis, ]> I a i d s nnd stripes; Auniver- Q 1 ^ "wiry price . v *^ 2 ^ 40 pieces 15c l)ress (!ing-; hams, plaids and stripes; ^Anniversary "I "j 1 ** jiriceT 7. 7.",. ... ^ •* '1 I* •filj, pieces Percales in !i#ht. ,and dark pattorns, .'}(> in.; Anniversary-' 1 *f /» prico ....' ;... •*• X v $1,50 Women's . Percale sale ........... ' $1,50 Blouses in white and Qolored vbilo. and Batista; a cjeun up from ojir sec- OM. floor j special B bars Lenox Softp 4 5e mw, Annivorsary sale prtee .....,, 7 F»aVs Galvanic 8oap ; 5c sixe; Anniversary sale price -.....':-;?J 1)53.50' ''Wicks' 1 Electric Iron, weigitt (> Ins., ping and 0 fet't of cord complete; Anniver^O -At* sa-ry price .... tP<6'» *v SOe pound rolls Hospital' Absorbent Colron; Anniversary price 15c Crash T o w e 1 i n g > bleached and brown; An : n i versa ry ~" price ,- .... $1.05 Bed Spreads of good si/o, henuned, croclfet; for our Anniver- <£"! OQ s'arv sale .,... «P-L*£ U Tifsefti«nK» discontinued patterns and broken sets; values to 20c the yard; for our Auui- takfii up t\n fiillnwn: West mi Fourth Kti*»M-t to th<> Klkx* Home, miuth t»i Thlnl »<ir«"»'^ «*«Mt to Hi-cotnl av«'inu>,! nortli to Kdiirtli t«lr«-«.'t, to First a.vettu«v_6uutU Ui Ihlrd HtrceU west., to j 'y .LtH:u«t_i>lr.<:.tU.-.!M>rth to Fourth wircM't ( •_• _. .r—=r=— - unrt hack to tho city hull. THE LITTLE GIRL NEXT DOOR AH «»l>thc comniHtPCH roportfd that! ,., , m ,» , »iroT Un-lr «rr«n««.m«htM ImVo b.-cn-j ,, "-J-"™ «»J C ch|raB» TrlljMii...) rompk-t«-<l. TIM- fl«utt« an- rwuly ami! I '-' lnrkli , 1 ' J''«'V liav,. fonn.l ,U. • th«t chmrmiin of Hit- Mro workH oum-'iK'; 1 " 1 f '' lkM - "»»»«"-«<. !""•" tllwnv.-r*l mitfM' ropoh,-,! tli«.r.. wmild )„• mam- ' W * M ."'." >' ul>1 l ( ' W!1IllH - IIltlH ?f"">!»»n (jood pyrotecbnlral «llnpla)'K. the bandn j all of tin- professional ninvie makers h^.;;;;, ;nMnK.Hi. »n«v mf«;r«h;; ;>,: M" »;- •«-'• ^ vj,. r ,, f „„. MHfnv . r. p't'-V \» <li>ttionntrat«tfl dully a tthe .I^a> tlnuilvr, rriiW(I«*d i« tin- Iron riill- aiu! MUiuliiiK '«'fn out In the* lobby tailn of '"t IIP Jolllrtaction are all arrang ed. FOR STEALING A WHEEL Rock Falla Boy Lodged in City Lock* up on the Charge. Though it may htt've Htispec-ted, now v we know, through tlu>~in»tpii't'dly philanthropic effortH of the $j»x>d OIM'M. just what the. public will nwnrm to Boys get unusual service fro hi • our two trouser -Knicker-stiits. They are made to withstand the hard service that a boy gives a suit. Our assortment of patterns, sizes and styles is large. We guarantee wear, colors and satisfaction. Bring the hoy in and see how well we^can prove _, our claims. 7 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $12 Bradley-Boynton T i InveMliKnlt'd Iniwily in I'-'I3, i>nt- llvi> wrrrtarltm withoitt end. other protlariT.t "f uttderworld lmv«" Imttftit-d l'!irrl«»rr nnd tlit-lr und'othnr red tlu -tlirillH huvo li«'.'ii .«u-/ar— a "Vlc^ 1 Hrh-Jwon. of «ock Fnlln. four- »<••«• Judicious ostractionK from the te«n yi-ftrH of HK«V wn» UutKwt In ttn> i r»P"ft of the M»m>tsjyil<% Sttrlins city Inrk-up Shortly nftt'rnoon j ^7-7—-——*^--' -=*^^^=^- today.1i/ Officer MuiiKn.ii, IMM Snt- tfrijlay Ellwootl May, follpctor for Phil W&rd. had hln Wheel Htoli-n while' U WUH In front of tlif Lawri>nt'«? liulldliiB. Tdiluy iu)on, while IIIIHHIIIK back of the bowling ullt-y.. lit- nu\v ItU wheel. althoiiKh it hail been purtlully dlM«ol«- «>d by onlni. UoliiK ItiHidf the bowllni; ulley he (il«f(ivcr«;d that It WHH I'lalm- cd by one of till! lniy« HctthiK up plnK. Tlu« boy clulintni tlw wli«tt>l W»H his ikiid that he l«\iiKht If from a hoy ponth of thw rJvcr. llu was taken, however, llttd Inched up, Hi* Will UuUhtleHi* IllU'v a 'lifariiiK liito . tills • nfu>rnooii on a ut KteiUiiiB the bicycle. ROCKPORD fAVORS PARKS S»er«tary of Roekford Park Dittrict 8ayt They Ar« a Great Asset, Korkford hu« had a jmrk UtBtrict nml a BjTiTpm of :puhll<5Tparki! conduct* i'd hy (i litiard of tximmlHwIonprs fin- nix or Mwven y«-urs. There a Ilvo lni-K« mid Htnall parkM. Ing about U.'iO as-ri-H niul lltt-y un 1 »tild to lie u xri'Hi u.sM«>t In ailvanclng thu -KlH of th«> city. in Hi'iuIliiK miiui* ImukletH, roixirtB, c., iibout tht? jmrkH iliore to tin Htcrllhj; AHocJ^itiou of iVxninorcji'. llu ^. •* gJ" .- ^i*?"' Real Mince Pie TJVICE AS GOOD ANfe HALF THE COST OF BtJLK MINCE MEAT go IH concerned. . Hut the mynterloiiH Interests barl; of thls»productlon wort- wiser. They enrolU'tl «'V«'ry evuilubli 1 oity and f*tnte official «nd all our known reform- vra on their cant. Would -"Kpnrmoiitr-- : \Villlntn"'^prTrmit a Him'to be barred by th»» cen.«or,»< which hliow.H hint* and hli?' akin apparently I'lcanaiiiK our fair rity. and whirh by Huh>tlth*M-tnudi? him one of our Ki't'iitt lint r«fi»rini'r«? Not. Willlnm!... had Corporation Oounwl Kitel- HUII. who aNo ap|it'ar« In the liltn aM a dou*t«r of lhc< r«»d Htibtn, rcn- d* s r un "uplnlon," and that Ni'tllt"3 it, The producer* wor« i-nuhli'd to nliowi-r nn th« city all the- film KOI did IU-HM that tlu? juiimanltinl.'tti'd conwir liourd lia>^ dining the, years "of i/5~»'xlMt- of r viot" wltiriiio wlilti' >*lav«- Mc, i;n tlnillins: HI'»-II of tin- iiti ill session, tin 1 vl« 1 '' lit ItltlCll. Hl'«-tl«itlM Of tlll> inothi>r. the daUKht«>r .'jut ftn plopod with ft ppnnllMH, yearn before thw piny open*. 1'i'KRy's inntlHT wa» cast off nu-fiibi-» «( ihc> vic-t> ciiiinnl-'ftl'Mi nhtk- biiiK ov« r Had biliunn* C nri- the thiimf, illu.- ftn-sit pi-rHonaKUfM of r.-t'iirin IlKhtM. |i:irtlrulurly ' iii't liaiuls. or Ity. .Miiylit- t mlnat<'d !•>' " MHI r.ill, thru dniw the thrum;* to the Aradcm; ( f Music Friday atut urda.v, N'i»v. i,' a.nd IS. 6 LITTLE PEGGY* O'MOORE. "Little I'eni;y O'.Mtiore," a ." play of youth, by H. Hr-ynoIdH KlH'Idon whloh llaltoh I'ovvi-ll will pr««notit • «t the Afademy <>n Tuenday, Nov. 2), KIM proven one of tlu> j)ul)«!;inli!il hitH if Ih' 1 m-axon. It tvll.f the Ktory of a pretty Irlfd) riiHK. l.iltle l'i-K»Ty O'Moore, .-\vlliiX4* by b<-r father and th" w«-nt to Ireland wlinrt; thi» rnothfr dl«l In jflv- Thf Kc<»nf»H of tln« play uro laid in tin- hom<* of tin* old millionaire whero ho i.^ Kiirround^d by M«-.v« i ral ' »rh«'tniliK relative* anxlouHly a^valllnj,' hl« dOHth m tluj hop«-H of falling b«-lr to hln fortune. Th«! old man reall»lri» mi»tivoii"'aiiiS''Tepii!iil'ltiif7Jili»T liarnh Ireat- 1 ~ 'nvfnt of bin dau)i(iU'r io?nUH. fot% J'j'Kp', i to com«' to AttU'rK'ftr •'"' f How tht> jittlf hoyden l« huraitHPd by th« other relative*, outwits the Mchetii- ern,, Ki»v«»H tli« Krnndfuther "from }M>lMoiuul. IH woood^un^ won by a. youiiu IrlBh American real ottCatw nK*>«t and flimlly --InherliH tli«» largv -fortuno In told in thrf« brllllnnl acts ,tlit»t fairly nelntlllato with Jrl«h wit. .Tlie l»ro- duction In nn «'luborot« «JH« ' and th« anoih«r for KM \wsar^ 3c yard ........ ... 22o T«hl« Oil gioth iu fjim-ics, 54 wide, twenty imtttTiis; Anui- 1| IJ^ iy i»rU'o . ...Avv •rlc-t, Mr. I-'. ,1. -D'Hrlen. \vrll»>« nn f«»U "I inn 'wre thut «lu»uld t!n> I'nrk 8y«U'ii). ytni would It as \vi« l)dktv« that It f« uii6 / x*rf'*"l*.»ekf»>rd'!i chit-f HHswtw itiul Saturday we place op sale 50 "WEAR EVEE W KETTLES JOfi* Two quart nisse, aB nietiir«?(r,1>eTd\y,' uil>' oth« f r llihiB, When any i>artU'« art miiiK h«»ri' jintlclimtlng locating, thti first. tliluB tlu» ri»al i>ntute inuri dot's IH lo «lmw tliPin our Hyutfm of MEMORIAL SERVICE In Honor Of Rev, Thoodort Growl, Former Pmtor. Mnmorlal Kvrvlws will bo Iield Hun- day morning ut tht» Oong-Mwitihnal In memory <if tlu» latt> Hev, n t'rovvl, former jmHtor pf this t<huroh for many yearB, but vvlm rv- f«mtly jdied In «'aHtori»i«* and wan bur- tail'fit urniiull,,'lowo. J\B .ho hud a ho»t of warm fra-iuis 'in thia city and (•Hfieclaily In tbta church It was thought lining;iliat a ntcmorlat should be ht»ld. Thfr. .wrvlveu will, begin at )i):4fi o'rlock. l-Hlll^v announc-fim-nlH of the dPlalls will b» glvon Saturday. THE BOYSJVILL HIKE Phy»ic*t Ofrwter V. M, C. A. Will T«ke Them For * Time, Saturday, I*. R Mk'liunlwn, p'liy«ln.U ttlwlor <if th(< V, . M, ('. A., untl H iiiiiabi-r of Iht.' |ioyn will take, a Jiik«« out In the, y Hatiinluy If tlit wt-atlu'r 1» Th«» tUi-t-i'tur uwka that iill huy» to m-(*i»nipiuiy t'hf rt*»t uliall hw ui ttn- y 4'. A. luiU in-oinjaiy ut :»:15 t»'elock Hut unlay memilug- 'uittl la S Replace'worn out aluminum with "Weaf Iver" kind. Take Elevator to and from ibonomy Basement, (Iculurly n-«iut'.sts» all b<>y« »n>t to fur- tu-t U»Hr- luiH'h l»«u ami Kiiitlcit-iH lo "like Mother Used to Make" ^S WOMAN GIVEN! TWO DAYS To Make Up Her Mind for Surgical Operation. She Refused; Cured by LydiaE. Pinkheim'* Vegetable Compound* Philadelphia, Pa.~ waa very sick . <!,-u on, lh»* \v«y, for walkiuK In -tlu* f'i'»>»»l) c'oiiifii), air iniik«!s "vlKor*).u<* up- IH'Utlt'H- if tlU' Wt-itlluT'. >ta,V« "giiWli toon- of tli«'i!it» country )Uli*'« will !»• liy thf jiliyKU'iil dtrt'i'iwr xwiU ttu 1 AMIRlCANBOAt fiE.CKED ivju-i l l"r«H>HJ lh«' Tlu - U Tie yenr ego J " with pains in my s'ido and back "" | nearly "went cr'ajsy. -., I went to ifTfrentdoftoriJand toy ^aii aafej | .had femulo troublo and would not get wty relief until I would fcs operated oru J hud Buffered for four yfeafs before this time, but I kept get.,.. ting worse Uw more I took. Every month sirfce I was a young girl I had suffered with cramp? in my-sidus at }H. i riod* and "was never regular. J saw your 'aJvertiss- inoni in tho newspaper ^nd tlio i> 0 of a womarr, who had bwn saved from an ajitTation and this picture w*«is JnU jiressi-d on my nii.nd. Thu doctor had given me only t\yo. morts duy^» to mako up my mi»d_jio 1 sent my husband W tha drug 8tor»* at onets fer a '-bottle of ky4i» K- rMikhttitt's ^*<-•t^^*ta^)J^j ('oniiwuud.aiiijj bflwye jne, 1 only took four dos^s before I felt s chatjgi' and w.Ju'ii 1 had Jin- ishud th« third byttlti 1 \vua curtsd and ii«v«r H*!t IH,'«.T, 1 errant you thtf'priv* to publish my it-tier and am unjy ujti. l?.,iiung>' TIM* \' •--!»'" ivtoiu-K-1''*K« to puoiish my Ivtter and »iu onjy Si-iii-.t ii>.- .iinuieii i-Hi'i.iiii iuui 'inu-j. tooplad tolvt otlu-rwomyii know of tuy 'n!-'i"uiwL!ii:'* UV> '""' 1 '"'„'' " 4 " ' l< Uiwtvillu Wm-t^.iliilu-., lu " '_"* a ^^,^ •aj tot «! 1M Our Living Room Furniture is as up-to-date as you will find in any Furuituiv Ston» in this cimniry, Tht< ahovo illustration IH only one of tho --, ijumy tliilVront lines of l/ivin^ Jfooni Furnitiuv that wo Carry. Call and see^ the complete lines and remarkable values for yourself Likewise Bedroom Furniture, Kitchen Fin'niture.Bining'Roofnl^r^ 'hitlire and in fnyt, Fiiruitniv for th.c wljolo Jionst-, in to ho i'gund hor« l4-'pri^eiStJthttfc will Hui'^riKp you for thfir vuluo giving-,. . ..-> »> , '..-•''- • '**',-'" . The suit as shown above is in quartered oik, genuine black leather upholstering. . . * . JFhe three pieqes, $55.00; Table, $14,50, » 1 'l"i>U'«'<i Sjianlhli lei 23 .'usy'riM- tilUtTvi] 111 $16.01 tiuit, lihkrU waloul, "" $94.00 \. . . vfrs JUKI i liaii'K, u\ i-r- \--( > .liiui'.s, t a (rt 1 fitiy, Utih ilini l,i:u 1, !r:il!i l^»»i, $45.00 1 3 !>!«'( (' HUH, Ki'lHIIIH' Otvlll'IK" ,uit, i.\cn,uiit*-<t in i.!ii|u-'l iuui- .;:;,? """"'• ' $126.00 I.«n4«' 'I'm l>i v -b i).n «'ii|>uri, .o\ci'- r'(iir«->l iii HIU si ijiiilits' III, n K 'nr.';.:. 1 ;"^. $98.00' lung, uv fiiiiuffi-d In Ijitjjorlwjl (aiu'Stry ; (P'vt! All ,„,;,,. . tp|D ( |IU >N ' . mt-rHuiVi-it In lin.cMt * ImiiorttU HU?'!*.' $136.00 . i Eockers in the most desirable designs at prices fro,ay>26.00 to $3.50.. ^iHii^w -i^. -ij^ w pfp- '^Iw^r "Pp ifcwip*^ pk 4M0iHlillp ^p» ^fcpW|fc# ^n|P ^Ittrf^ BP '^9^r Masoalc Bldg,, Bterling 1 • . . . \Furnitureandlirndertakmg

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