Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 17, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1916
Page 2
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Hat TWO STERLING, ILLINOIS. FRIDAY. NOV. 17. 1916. e Make Their 'Report EXCHANGE PULPITS From Little to Big by the Sates Slip Route P. ti Following Trial of Extent! Application, Vap-O Rub. when Vap O-Rub vvat «<f in ytino* dir«sS th* stalk presented j*f» to a' number of cow- [St.. rr-i'fir in !h« h< wiU no« evoryon? in the> vlllft. Ate., reporJ?"- iroticlprfnl salvw without St. It 5s Bg you «»F It Is, nnd tli at trial By report* from B*He- "W* 1 and are would n<>* for every we are very wo novpr heard of It sooner »if». Joseph import. Jr. 1S04 " Ib St., states: ''I mwst Say t Ilk*' :'«, I htv# used Ji for Mtrts In th" h#*<faen«» nn<! sore threat, and It to be Just wkat j-ou ! havc>, tisf i! VsfHJ KM'" ! ro«,uUs for croup. raids' burns am! en! 1 -, arid ! Mismfrul Vlck'* salv».: If is Tui! .1 rs cf South. Viek'p VapORuf y »w*ed in plat* of Intpniftl for nil forms of wUJ troubles. frfttn head coids, asthma* ft and r-atarrlmt troubles, down t(i <1f<'j> cb^st coMs, sore throat, bronchitis or in- Hplmt pnfininnla. T! romps In form, and whMi jtpnli£iL.ii.\;EE-_ and cbest. the bo*ly heat IlberaU-a the Ingredient* in thf form of vapors. Th<?s«» nrwllfatpf? vapors are with each breath, rlfatlnf the air i«a«««.. -«IM*- 1<K>." thp Three sixes, 2.V. f. ••<. *-r $1.00. DAILY, GAZETTE MOBRISQN, ILLINCIS, FKIDAY, NOV. 17, 1916. is— FOR MISS CHENEY BUSINESS MEETING U. Hold* Farewell in Her Honor, T.he ladle* "f the W. '" T. f«ri*Wi'll mvrtintt in Itonoi Cheney ;<< (hi- \\" * on Wi>dn"!«l:i.v ,-tfietn Meeting Membert of Cow Testing Association Met Wednesday Evening, Applying two ^reat bnsine« principles to one small bysines^transfonned tlie country store of Anthony W. McKinney into the Hardware Supply Co. of Dunkirk— and has recent!? enabled the latter to expand into McKinney Brothers Department SflSre, one of the largest and most complete country stores of its kind in Indiana, Rock BREAKS WINDOW Pat««ng*r Thrav*n by Window Tr»in in Station. 1. 2. i:"itiE lliro!it;!i T!'-;li f«l-<* f>' on tt>»- j;-;|, k 111 ft«'!if "f men'* w.'tttlne ro.<w ritnl t hy .1 \ i-IV f" u |:i. lit-M Hi**- truv i-iii'.i;. nlnti v. ho w.'is/?>|M Hi.- room. fin- I i« : , xfi^cf >w t" 11 "' H-'I a Hoclal meetinir. Mlm Cheney, who M* Of th» \V C. T. j twhnlf of thl" "i i||..W-e,l Ut in whleh friend* tAt-re not ttlettl- I",, Wfl-f'"Invited.« Cheney with front of which I "Morrison" nnd «» "W. t'. T. t*. responded in a her nlneer< fspfiott on tin 1 ennntwd the wort ." Minx Cheney W wordB, expressing appreciation. Short given hy Mrs. William Itrenrton id Mr*. !•', i'. Uarmim, after which hmt-tit!«. consi.itiriK of Jee cream rty for attend CHenvy Will leave ,' Ubany, N. Y., where nh«> will she will KO oil ihe- pWfonh as Suffrage oru.ntlW. Ml«« Cheney matte n »rreut ninny friends during stay In thin «-ity, nud although they :ly 'Wfret her leavim? Morrison, y will unite In wishing her. much in her chosen field. THE CARD CLUB The YniltiK .Married pleasantly entertained iiphr*y "Tiomo on Card nt th " - W 'J- nf tt>e Moiftaon I '<»-• ifK'i'.tt rvc Testina \s»in'i;t1ii>|i Wit* 1 held ;rii> bail on Wednesday ei • Vrcsidi ttt Hoover lulled the n i to.older with si brief jtpt-ef h. He tolil j i>ri«-fly the ol>S«-it of tin™ t«rR;inl»atlon iati'l the benelitK which would be do- j rived from it and r»-ad an article front • ar«s»o« Siitii'ts^ and whnt they had ae- i eoinplished. Jt wsis decided to hold I the tneellnKS uricf" n month, on the j flrm Tuesday In t>i«* . rnnnth. nitber laftenmo'n or evening, that to Ue left j o|it''toinil with the member*. Kiu-ial inuetliiKS niny be held nt the homes jof the members. It wns voted to adopt hi system of numbering thf cow*, which jwlH make It niueh mtj*i<t*r f»r Oi«;» testier and more. convenient to keep a , record'of the oow». ! The method of payment was dls- cursed- but-4t w;»*~d*u-id*d lo-try -It. for six'months as nt(ited in the tirricle.s of agreement, which xtute.t that the mem- ben* will i«iy $1.60 a year for each eow. but no member to pay lens than j*ir> a year or more than $45. If this •I doe* not. prove satisfactory in. ehanRe ! will !H> made at the end of the six If the amount derived in this Is not auftlctent to support the uHporiati'on,. the mcmbcra...will make up f deflHem-y pro rata. The i>roKram committee for the I)>?• MAIL CARRIEB ILL C. A. Lum Unabl* to Attend to Duties « F«w Day*. f ' i". A. i,M!u h.i.M ln-t-n utialih' t" »'- tt-Ti.l (it hit du?r<--» us rmal mail • u- tiiT <m ttoiitt* S for th'- |i.!.«t f<-« i!.»\-s nil :n i' nf si' Ktn'ss. ])i» i'l.t< •• i". M'iliK (Illed durtttii lii."» nl.i.*"-ti' i'— I'v Slllistltute M, KicUiKclu <>(!». DELIGHTFUL PARTY Dr. .and Mri, H. L. P«Uitt *nd Dr. and Mr«. M. R. N«l»on Enttrtain, l»r. and Mri*. H. U. 1'eUltl and I>t and Mrs. M. H, \i<]Mnn cntctt ittsi-ii nUmit t-itliiy ^iii'^ts at n fi:3>» «i •!«•.)< dlnnrr at tl)c«Borri.H<iti clnli «n TiujtH- U& day i>v«'hini;. P^illuwlnu the dlniter the eveliliiK wn» detlKhtfiilly spent with f sirds and dtuti IIIK, tlie inusic bi-inii f unlimited l>y the Ho<U;<" cuin t it or- i'he.'itrii .of ihtH cliy. ENTERTANSFRIENDS " Mrs. ~C. -f* Bridfl* W«dn»«d«y Afternoon. >!r«. t'.- 1'. Middterton itWxitntty rtr»- tertalned a numlier of R r ue»tM «t her home on North t>rtu»R<>''»itreet \Ved- newli«>" afternoon* in honor of Mrs. I'iirker. of Snndsi^Uy. Ohio. furnlHh.-il the ehtertalntnent for afternoon nnH a dainty lum-heon served. « REPAlBRIOOE Account for every.penny, on every transaction,' and thus prevent the losses due to human inaccuracy. Know how "your business stand* ewy day,* week, month and year. The McKinney Brothers, like thousands of other retailers, found that to carry out thes« principles retired both speed and accuracy in' adding the items on Miles ilips, in reading the storj? revealed by those slips, in totaling lonji columns of fieures to g«t fctles by clerki and departments, assets, liabilfties, expciYses, and net profits. Pencil and pen involved too much delay, too many mistakes, too high a cost. Human fingert couldn't write fast enough and human brains couldn't aisr*}* tie depended on to ect the right totals. So the job was turned over to a Banrougbi FIgarint Machine. Jt checks every record of sales or pwchas* and protects the pennies. It makes possible the sale* analysis on which the business is built. The Totals that Tell the Truth Every morning the sales slips of the day before are sorted, totaled, again sorted and totaled till the McKinney Bros, know : Total cash sales. Total charge .sales. .. . • Total sales by clerks—ca^h and charge. Total sales by departments—cash and charge. Evety month the totals are transferred to a sheet showing comparisons with the same month in previous years. » • ' statement journal entries affecting the A per carries forward a general aexxnuifs. And again the Burroughs helps in computing, from thb journal, a monthly statement of assets, liabilities, sales, expenses and net profits. Adapted to Any Businest There are 98 models of Burroughs Figuring and Bookkeeping Machines suited to the needs of any concern large or small. Consult your banker or your telephone book for address of the nearest of the 170 offices of the Burroughs Adding^ Machine Company _jn the United States and ^Canada.?'' FIGURING* AND BOOKKEEPING MACHINES PREVENT COSTLY ERRORS-SAVE VALUABLE T1ME< PRICED AS LOW AS"n25 I •I The ot^pnul rtore of Anthony W. the US projrrwMdw Jive hundred ytunrlt was »erved. ^ etnl>er meeting? wa« a] \V. H. If ami), E. W. nnd ft - \v. S. Groff. A tester will be pro- jeiired In a sh«)rt tlm» and aetual work 'will be started by the amioelatlon^ W. JH. Hamp then thankeil the I the i, I turn tlianki'tl Dr.' Kilm»r*» Pf»»crip Kidney Troubl*. i« now conceded by physician "tlw kidneys should have more at fott 1 an they control thts other or ' ^o a remarkable degree ajnd do endoivM Amount of \vwrk In rvhtwv B poisons and wanto matter fron by fllterltiK the Idood. dneyM Khouhl receive MO me When needed. We tuke les drink leiis water and of to: ! Bl<tr«" rieh, heavy food, ^tlmnjb; Blnf the kidneys to di> m<jD> wori nature IntendiMi. Kvlderiee o ^trouble, such a» lame back, an bladder trouble*, umartliiB « brlekduHt or eedimcnt, Hallow on, rheumatism, 'maybe w'»vil "heart lictlini, warns "ywi it your kldne>'« require, help Imme avoid more uerloun.-jirouW* Jifcrbal rompotihd that has WtXIt Wtnarkuble success on a Kid dPr remedy IH Dr. K1I pr"» Swa^J^Ro'''. There In nothing like ltM|U JH pr. KlImer'H tloB H*e» In private'practice and ^Btf* ir to~"b0n<!ttt~yotir ~-(Ifet~ * toot- i jfrwn your <lruB«»«t. Uow«v*r, if you wish flrat to ten Kilmer & Co.. Blnghamton. N *ibr ft uatupie bottle. When writ- tutu ««*• "«* ntui the n»»uclath)i> in Mr. llani|> for his as UNUSUAL ACCIDENT Baby of Mr«. Th»r«»a-^.Bi«lem« H»« Narrow E«cap«. ?.lr», Theres* BiPlema wus extremely frightened by n slight accident 'whleh occurred Wednesday "afternoon. As Mrs. , Hielema Kras crcwsinff the street on the corner of Wall and orunite strct-ts with th* baby Just an nhe Mtnrted to jm»h the cab across the curb, thtr holts holilInK the l«>dy of the rurriaKe t» the frame bet-ame in ttotne way kMJsi-ned and 'the wiljow Inxly of the rah t*lipiH-il from the. whef|» to, the pavement. The child thrown out on the |iavement but .fortunately uninjured except one tauul-whk-h -waw- <;«4ight -under ttunyib and siiwhtly britit>ed. • Charles Wagner H.-t Thr«t Finger* Severed by Hip S*W. s Wttfjner, who recently came tu .this city from Aurora utul (ins been employed j»»_ ! .4Mat«ir^u _jnaker; at-_thit Summllt ^u>v«e WofkB, w»a the victim of u very unfortunate and. vninful Accident on \Vedne«dtty. While he workinK In thi« capacity tii» left hand \va« in. «<>tne miuinui*' caught in the rii» saw. The fourth flnKvr wan nit ntt arThe-rtrsi Jolrir^BTid tlie" ni-Ml and tiecong were so «n«ng|ed mid laa- crated that it was -nec«B«ary to amputate thvm at the weeond Joint. Mr. Wagner IUIN buffered u great deal of .niin from the n Pa- the' FINAL PAPERS Two Applicants Apply For Final p*r« «f N*tur«li**tion. i'ttUnu HeiHHlettl. of l tila city, Utnl appluation at 'tlio offli-u of ir»-ult clerk fur final papers of nut- 1U*. arrived in th,e United from Italy on August SO, 1902. to will he t'.\ujniiH'd during tho April v\n\ i>( f In' tilt court, ThonutM Hau* nun. of Tatnitb'u,. has al«o afl'lltni for lift tliial luttuiaii^ttiiun |)tt|HUt). UP aiv Ti-tl in tHtt~TTilt«Sr 8luT?K luui M«rrfl» 29, 1»«7. Icii wilt loin..' during f — ^ K ^..,^^ fc ^ . '"••'—*— ' • ' •: Stone Masons Ac* at Work on Railroad Bridge. On account of th«« reswlrn which are 'now tu'lnju made on th« rwllroad bridge went of the elty, the »ton«» masons ut work there, hnvti cut down., four feet •b**J«fw—the iii'i.'m'iit"!! 1 *)!! .irlntww,, wlrtctr w.lil.,.be taken out and. heavier on*»» put t in. Heavy concrete Hlabs will IM« on top uf the Birder* and under inches of ImllaKt. This will do away with all the carpenter work on the bridge in the futunj. CHURCHJERVICES PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Buuday svhwol at >0*a. ra, Mm. K. W. i'ayne. superintendent. Main de- uui-tmentH, which w»e«t in the Sunday school room, are thorouiihly gntde^.1. nnd have placet* /or women and l«>y« tind g'SrlM gf all UKe». .Men's lulilc etaKx ineela at the name hour in the readlnjir room of the 'Morrison club. The International Hunday school Unison in taught by 1'rof, H, Jl. Prlcp, Morning wortdilp HI It »- m.- Th»m«r- mon of thw morninK will IH> i>reac!u-d by ~Rev, Kt'hneth ~J. McAulay of the Kulton rresbyterlun church.' Christian Kndeavor i»n»>;er meeting in . Uu« church at 6 p. m, Wvpnlng worship at 7 p, in, Sermon by the pastor on "The I'erst'CHted and' Their Itewitrd," This i« tho chmiiij! mrnii-n in the aerlt'« bit the Ucatiui^osi, A wrdtai welcome to overyono to attend any or.nll these - - W. H, Cromeah». mlnl»t*r. . BAPTIST CHURCH. Itlhle rtchool at 10 a. in..'.' Morning wumhiii JI a. in, KViinKwJIst P.M. Dunk_wlll use for iiiijL .luiilo, "J^SajiiiBon a Hymbol of Spiritual l'ow«>r." ; A 4ti« t ttnHf~fer men—1+»—the aftornooit— Mf 3 o'vlovk. Ail men ar« Invited, tu \w present whether liiriHtlitns or uot. Kvangeliat ]•'. M. l>mik will use tin Ms subject, "JeliiM, The Devil and a Jlah." li. Y. V. U. at 6 p. m, Evening wor- tdiip ut, 7. The <'VMnKeU«t will Um> its hisi BUbJect, "Tin* Oreatetit* Que«tlon of the Agp." The attendance at t ho. meet- InsB linn l»c-«»n line for thu week and ham bqen un thf.liuTea*u. A t oooo(* town , loat- ;finert •torca ^r JI Ji URIC ACID IN MEAT HEADACHE FROM CLOGS THE KIDNEYS A COLD? LISTEN! HOPKINS NEWS N • .xpi-ndiiiK the sunimi-r at- the J Mitchflt home. ' .Mru. Mi-l!o)|i>, < iconi<ln, Kpi-nt the hi>ntt> of her dam Air." Take a Glass of Salts if Your Back Hurts or Bladde'r Bothers You— Drink More Water. 'Pape's Cold Compound" Ends Severe Cold Or Grippa In Few Hours. If you* mvift have your meat every eat It, but f.uKh your kidneys'with omvslonally, says a noted authority who tell:* .irw that meat forms-uric acid u-htch alr.wst panxlyKes the kid- in their efforts to expel It 'frj>m In Your c'ljtj wilL! mihswrj* riiil after ."!'a|ie % H <'old ' t'omponnil'.' «-\'i i y t\v<> hotifM Until three «losc^ are tuUvn. trils and alt juj.ssaKeH in the lie;nl ,-«toi».s nusty (li,srlim>:<! or none running, r»>1ieVi'* wicic h«-.-(i|;n-!n\ t'. •.-,-;•- ishn«'!<s, f-ol'e throat, n'nei-'ln-,j, sdii'tn s-: HOPKINS LOCALS. .! Mrs. KrmiV; Itm-niim. «.»f <'i>iif. >'i)l>-i t.iiin-il ht-r two wi.Htcrs. Mi'-.-i. l.i/xic Stnitili, uf CliaUwick, and MIJ.S M;uv i>c»(U«'y. of Itookford . at Hi"!!' hiiinc I In' |«t*i_iViivk, --------- ' fliarlts |t>t|st«'i- js tin 1 lirst -furnKT '» " li!; vuinilv t't n-tMH-t . havinB )i»^ ..-..--.--..----..---.. Mi of Jones l-'nna man Sninlay, i -Mr. and A|r». 1 j f.iiiniy •' this week his fat her, •*. , Mitchell ut their home YV. Mitchell, of Ml week . at tho dmifhter, Mr. and Mrs. in Malvern. Apple entertained at .tho si-it.T, Mi-h. Carl Mart- MisHcH Alii-.' and I<eta ! Mr, and Mrc. Krncxl Weaver, of Mori rlion. ."pent Sunday at the home of Mr,' 'ami Mrs. Henry Thilen in Uouinl (,inm'. - Mr. ;v"l MT?."Ki1. IvhelSen "entertain"- 'Satunlay eveifiliK a VUUIIK iK'nple and ill oy»lev HUpptT Was xutiper lieliiK furniHh- !«>d Ut their home i law nnniiier of nfiuld'orx when : partaken of. Tin r . if jnisery p«lnB I ffoTn Ik-1-" IIU esamlnw- the April term naif tt*t «f The W*ck Sb«U We wilt «wv yun lice » bgok ^vcrvtl.niu you want lid fcRcl!. AA w* ' •- I Hdwe. STERLING, r' Co., THROWN FROM WAGON vhn Entwhi»tl* H«» Accid«nt, Break- John ICiiUvhiiitU-, who resides on a uin In I'fetu-'k, VV.IM liaulniK u load f id n t»tfi!k.-i fttiui a Held to tho burn n Wi'iinc.-<J.i>, w tit-ii one of the waK<->,n siurU in u huh,*, and u-.ini »toppin:4 >>o maidenly ,utui l>et tedly the Jwr »H* ***' K real that KntwhttttU* WUM thrown uff. lt«i k lite Kimmd with tlie left j»houl- il»-i, -lucaKinK his left bone. AUTOS COLU0E Or. H, L. Pett'ut and Stth Hurlbert Collide on Main Street. .1 <m .M^.un ^tt'•^•! TUui.-^laV hlK'ltlV M.un ,-.U n I \vl.» n l>i wpii-lt of Iwrmony j»revall», K\utv- lUt Dunk bus - mad« many frlendH. Ail are ho|»*'ful, .AH an« Invited t" at- tend^lhche meetin^H without repaid to dvnoinlnutlon «>r wlu-ilu/r you are identi^ed with any or nut. U'elnnne will bt* our woid to you. c'oine u'nd be ut homi. T. 1). MiirlJn, QUICK RELIEF FROM COHSTJPATION '.— t.Hli! I'i't'VviiiK your throbbing: Iit'-vi1""Tf<>thrhir "HiiV' : ""lii th s'ucti prompt relief ('oinpoinid," which costs«'«»nly i> cent* at any drug More. It .'i«'t.-< ".without nice. and*'can««'.s lie »rt-;'-you;•• suffer with a-out) tt.o kidney , region, Khnrp (Jitt back or *»lck heaUaehe, 7Ufur.).Htom°ach «our*. tongue i« contort aiV<t whvn the we«ther Is bad _ you. Imviv--/ rhfifmnrrh^- twliiKes, ^The]i;zz:i;r^I"2:™^iri:2ZIi;i--!::"I^ ui'ine'jKT'tsrk'loiuiy, full of sediment, thej Jirs. Mary Topping, of jibujuttata—aften—Kt»t 8t>r«_i^|u{U irritated, j.arrlvod for ;t vih-i't at tin- l» Pond, xtf \\'< iirie?ti|,i.v \-jsit. at the home of I vatnii'i, Wia. Her xitiltMY < returned home with UT"Wcifrfr-|^Y« ! >-"T" i '* F ~ i1 ' --*-l«4«»'t"-yiKit» -Ktlw WiU-.-Viiiit- T -rflpe'K- "CohJreives "h.'re uiv,t at .! ' arriv- fii'tn" a ttiin' reporteil. - Ch:n1e..s Wells* i« hfivlnjr an addition built <us bis mor«» ( buUdlni; at Malvern, which will jjiv.e him mt.K'h more needed 1 room, • ' , - »ler^« of M I home. I llobeit KltnbtO, i Oils i-iiy on bu.sln ! U, II. KeiUliehl returned moinmu from a few iln>.s' Thuo-ltv »rnu. M> you to »eek relief two or three during the niKht. r To ner1 rallne. these lrritalln« ncid.s .<u elettn^V the. kldneya and tliiNh ofT tbv |>iHly'H tjf I noil a waste i^-t f»»ur tiniuv>« from any pharmacy here; table.sp04inful In a ^Uunt of "visit int'ltitu^o. water lyofore breakfast for u few da>sj * Mr. and Mrs. Seth llnrlbert letnrMed and y«wr kidney** will then act tine. "Thursday from StoiKton, 111.. \vh»<re Tiiix ljunous wiliH IB mude from the! they ha\c been viHUliiK ai lite home acid <>rf Krap*« und lemon juice, coin-jot th< ir won for the punt i'»-w d.iv.s. bined *with llthia, and has been used for » \u<«'tV"'l'e;t'tHon went "to Chic.«t;tt acid» in urine. *so it no longer irritates, ; T1 ; ur8auy fl ,' r u f ,, vv , !lt<tt - VW i, .Uions to tl.UJ-h and Mlmuiate H!UK-; , ^ , kidneys, also to tuMitrullxo the! Kilwar«! Sny.l.-r and J.ihii'lMi.l x»«- bladtli-r wt-nkn««,«. «. u -'« 'r^iKt- '•• K«'e Wc«liu-Mfc«> ,-veu- in Inexpensive; cun!">* Cliicnwo, lisin - family 'atU'iiUeil tlm funerttl—tif Mrn. i irvllie Hcott |.loH*-p!i Crump whlch-wai*~ :; lH*lU-M> Mor. ' jri-M'ii Monday afinrnoon, ' . i Mr. idul MI-M. Frank Martlndale were of Ste^iinn, wa« in j,>r.tcrt;uned nt the liome of Mr. ttmt NN Thmnlay. j Mrs. Kmcst Wtery Sunday evening. There was an t-Mni lar^c attendance .it the .st-rviv'e.s at the Herman l.uth- church Sunday « veniiiK. ,b>-h Well;* and Hrnext t>bnltz, of t"l>d*v hpent a ft'W days the pa«,t week bunting iliu-l;.s and KCCSC on the TORRTSM'BIITEFS" X'lel »)-, It M.titui, ll-m>~~T<vi»>'," f iieiirv ii«niuinn, and ,15 iiiliiy c\cnui4 Get Dr, Edward?'Olive Tablets I" Mr. p«i MIS joim .Vfius-u..-,^ «,»! " ' ~~ " to Clinton' We.lnt.'i.»i.«y to lu- MtMiit M. lln, . i MV«.> l.iSlMD McAlliNtei- ( U-U »i,tj—for u— v-tirrt —.il t-hr—hrm-i—i^l—hr s,)*:tif, MIH. Kail Trimmer in Ti.irme, W)s. It. ,1. >*ini|.f"in HiHtrti''jl to hi lionu 1 tn 'Alli.uiv TliutHd.iir, ,»M«i'.i UW -iliXs' '. ij*it at Uii Ti»nie «'f tii?; -iKj, IT. I' El Mlilp.->o» i Mr. and Mrs. Harry liatifter t»|>ent 1 SiiiutiDr.' and weie entertained for'din-- ner at the home of Mr. und Mr*.'Her-j m in l{,Ustt j r in CJene»»ct» lowitKhip. i Mr. and Mi>i. Prank l»nvi!*, of |)aven-| P«.ri. Iowa. 4 ntcrtauied for du/ner at j (in- home of Mr. ijnd Mi*. K. W. Mit-j Mi. ,uul Mrs HincMt Stern entertain-j . vd ut tlit'ir -honiM for jllnnei- Sninltiy. '" itiui •llV Of l*"i<> . ' - . j Mi. and MIN Call Itartman imil fain-! ilv iif'tucil to'chadwiek Sumlay where; !hr\ : pi lit-the itay i»t Ibe holm* of btH ; i)i-*U.'i. Mi. ui>a M^is. AlvSn liurti.uan. < iur Winnie »«« HI to Katuulav after a friend to tender skins Many Fll-madc toilet Koaiw contain free alkali, a luvrsli clu'taicnl which tends to.dry ami injure the skin or hair. Kcsinul Soap contains absolutely no (ret alkali, uiultoit is added the sikHliini,,', healing K« H nini;l iie* , ;s in treatinjf skin les. Jims it comforts tender «kfi«, pivil helps nature clear ihc rumplex> k;n jinil keep the hair rirh, histrtws ;:mj free fr.nn, dandruff. &>ld at «!l <1ru}M.ris'tj* and tt>ilel —I lit* ,I(M| (i. II 1 .-HIM! I' '"I i! I' t iKv v.u4 »of ^^•l'i^ That is the joyful cry >' »houtaiids j sirice tir. Edward* produce • live Tablets, the substitute for<jcalju»el. * Dr. Edwards, a practicityt physicirm for 17 years and- calomel's old-time «•«any, "Uiscovcocd the formula for Olive Tablet* vthilftr treating patients for .chronic constipation and torpid livcr/s. Dr. Edward* 1 Olive Tablets do nut contain c^K nu-l, hut a hcajiug, iputh- Ku gripinj? »» tilt "JtcyhOt?" oC these Tiicy cause the howel* an'd Jivcr .to act isornsaHy, Tlu-y iKvcr lorcc t^ cia t» ur.tuv.irot II no\v tirj' 1 |:\(r irg--iu . ly .ur ^mi -a "ttark browu - :i tut! k im>ush" a <tuH, irom •Ul;v« > Htlc l-cdunitf. I.SKV yuc o t twi> Try tvcry' 1 tin* »'|fi,iii'in on Mts. tnotlier, Mi^ .\ C, Uree '.\mi-i of Kjtir . M, M''t*.tlniiiiil \\i-l\t la St on Mm, lid lloyle Mts.I.. \\iih friviiit Mi 1 ,-. ,l.u ; Tluir*«il,*y. ILuij-itllii i tii.u a( ih' 1 ,la}' Set-l M tu uli Sin i!t«', wtnt !»> \vi\»'U- sin- %i-ii»'<t IK i v JtUUiH.I !•> i< K»'ii Thiii i«'l, i^J)>l^ * lj hlh «l H/iierul-J. I* i \lr uii'l Mis. , ,1 fllt'l.'U !!', \U- U<-:..;. I.U'IM! i\ ! >J t ;-. .! . i ii i iii in I Si, t .-.,; Ti S\ i!'. \\ i ,.; i! - IH I i i I', i-t II! YOPI GROCER IS RELIABLE He wants to hold your trade and tries to sell you brands he knows you will like, |Ie is always, ready to reeomineiu BAKING

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