The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on November 16, 1928 · Page 2
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1928
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, PENNA., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1923 Mail Bag J2PF.Flns:?V!l,0 NEWS will be atari to UP- A?. ,nm " rrodcrs on themet "L.nt,Uc intereit. It auks only that the 12? s,?n ! communications am an ?J?ilen failh. It not tor nnbllca- .,yJV. VLH only one HiIe "f the paper be SSj iu i ' reasnahle length be observed ana that sabjeet(i of religion difference WmK,!S,Ji- NatnraVv THK BVRNINK . y" Drlnt not hint of a neandnloim. ertminnl or profane nature, and renerres 2? ri!Ftat. 'eject all manncrintn, Un-nltable letters will be returned It post-M ! Included.) Askin and Marine Firm to Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary Throughout their nation-wide chain of seventy-five stores, the Askin & Marine Clothing Company is celebrating the founding of its organization thirty-five years ago in a little store in Utica, N. Y., by S. A. Askin, now president of the organization. The local store at S3 North Second street, has made elaborato preparations for the opening of this event. Large shipments of new styles in men's, women's and children's clothing have been received and unpacked. M. S. Marcus, local manager, Is enthusiastic about the quality and values to be offered in the sale which commemorates the anniversary. When the doors of the store open on Saturday morning, their thirty- fifth anniversary sale will be inaugurated. It will continue throughout next week. Psychologists Discover Dark Spots Stay in Minds Of Children Who Evil Do LOS ANGELES, Nov. 11. Life's darker moments are just as likely to predominate in one's childhood recollections as those of rosier hue, it was shown by tests recently conducted at the University of California. Under direction of Dr. Kate Gordon of the psychology department, 750 students were tested to determine whether pleasant or unpleasant incidents occurring In childhood were most prominent in their minds. The result, Doctor Gordon says, disproves the old theory that the circuses and ice cream cones are more apt to be remembered than the spankings and stomach-aches. PLAN TO END WAR Editor, THE EVENING NEWS: Sir: After reading enclosed article taken from Methodist Christian 'Advocate, published in New York, I was so much impressed with General Holm's plan to abolish war that I thought it should be published in very newspaper in the world, so I am sending it to Harrisburg'i best paper to send it on its way. X also wish to congratulate you on your defense of the Eighteenth Amendment. Sincerely, AN OLD SUBSCRIBER. You Know if Is good If Is in fliis paeft&ge ' Schubert Week, November 18th to S5th Back to Melody Schubert Week is the culmination of the Schubert Centennial, insti-tuted by The Columbia Phonograph Company with its internationally famous $20,000 awards for compositions in the Schubert melodic vein. TO END WAR General Frits Holm, of Copenhagen, ii the author of a new plan to abolish war. His scheme is as follows: The followlps measures ahall within ten hours after the beginning of hostilities or the formal declaring of war b carried Into effect, to wit: There shall be conscripted as simple soldiers or simple sailors, with rank of privates, for the earliest possible participation In actual hostilities against the enemy under fire, the following persons: 1. The had of the state. If male, whether 'president or sovereign. 2. AH male blood relatives of the head of the state having; attained the ate of 16. 3. The prime minister and othsr secretaries of state, as well as all under and assistant secretaries of state. 4. All male representatives elected by the nation for legislative work, except such members as voted openly against said armed conflict: 5. All bishops and prelates, or ecclesiastics of similar rank, of the nation's Christian and other churches who failed publicly to oppose such armed conflict. The above enlistments as privates are for the duration of the war and are enforced In disregard of the individual's age or condition of health, upon which the military medical officers will pbss after enlistment. The wives, daughters and sisters of the above-mentioned persons shall be conscripted as ounces full-size biscuits simple nurses or servants lor the duration of the war for service only at the front as near actual hostilities under fire As Mads la Shredded Wheat Factories for 34 Tears as dressing stations or field hospitals are established. certs and Exercises, having at their disposal the greatest artists and authoritative, unabridged interpretations, In reverent commemoration of the genius of Schubert, Columbia presents its Centennial Edition of the Masterworks Recordings of the major works of Fram Schubert The superb electrical recordings in the Columbia Masterworks Series of Franz Schubert open a new path in the perpetuation of the works of the Master of Melody. This contribution by The Columbia Phonograph Company accords opportunity to all groups, no matter how small or large, to hold their own Schubert Con Fortifies you agalast t lie chilly clays DONT NEED TO DIET LIVERPOOL, Nov. 16. Liver serve it with ht or ctM milk tasty and ssowrisSsisig. pool has it over London in one thing, anyhow. With a baby born weighing twenty-three ounces, this city beat London's record of twenty-six ounces for the lightest baby in the British Empire. 1l ft in i f jfi Wl ? iy is ocnuDert tiie Most ropuiar 01 composer triekl's"Kids" By J. H. 8TRIEBEL The answer is in the priceless melodies and the lyrical beauty of his masterworks. Play them on these Columbia Records: More nourishing. Easier to digest More delicious and wholesome, too, because they have a finer, fuller flavor. Serve more of them. Andre member Calumet not only guarantees success but also SONATINA in D, Op. 137, No. 1, for Tiolin and piano. Played by Albert Sammons, Violins William Murdoch, Piano. (Master, works Set No. 94-A in 6 parts, $5.00.) QUINTET in C Major, Op. 163, for Strings. Flayed by London String Quartet (Matter works Set No, 95 in 12 part, with album, $9.00.) QUARTET in E Rat, Op. 12S, No. 1. Played by Musical Art Quartet (Masterworkt 1 works Set No. 92 in 9 parts, with albuas, 17.50.) MOMENTS MUSICAUX, for Piano. Played by Ethel Leginska. (Masterwork Set N 94-B in 8 parts, $4.00.) IMPROMPTUS, Op. 142, for Pianoforte, Played by Ethel Leginska. (Masterworks Set No. 93 in 6 parts, with album, $4.50.) "OLD VIENNA Piano Walt. Played by Ignats Friedmann. In 2 parts, $1.50. VIOI.O SOL5S SONATINA. Played by Joseph Srigeti- In 2 parts, $1.50. AVE MARIA. Played by Totcha Seidel. . $2.00. CEMS FROM ROSAMUNDE. Ballet and enue acta. 8 parts, with album, $6.00. OVERTURE TO ROSAMUNDE. Sir Hamilton Harty and Halle Orchestra. $1.50. VOCAL SEVENTEEN SELECTED SONGS, sung by EIm Alseo, Sophie Brnilau, Chtrlet Ebekett, and Alexander Kipnis. Da Bist Die Rah (My Sweet Repose) Gfetchen Am Spinnnde (Margaret at the Spinning Wheel) Are Mark Die Jungs Nonno (The Young Nan) Die Forelle (The Trout) Eaidenroslein (Hedge Rote) ' Am Meer (By the Sea) Litanei (Litany) Serenade Who it Sylria? Erikoaig (The Erlking) Der Tod Und Du Madchen (Death and the Maiden) AafenthsJU (My Home) Dei Wanderer (The Wanderer) Der Doppelganger (The Phantom Double) Der Lindcnbaum (The Linden Tree) Der Wegweiier (The Sign Post) These aortgs compritt Masterworkt SetNa.89 In 16 porta, with album, $11,00 DIE WINTERREISE (The Winter Journey), tang by Richard Tauher. Twelre selected tongs: GouNaeht (Good Night) Der Iindenhaurri (The Iindea Tree) Weaaeifltit (The Torrent) Ruekhlick (The Day that Were) Fruhlingttraum (A Vision of Spring) Die Post (The Pontman) Die Krahe (The Raren) Der Wegweiser (The Sign Port) Das WirUhaua (The Inn) , Der Sturmiiche Morgen (The Stormy Day) Mut! (Courage) Der Leiermann (The Hurdy-gurdy Man) These tongs comprise Masterworks Set No. 90 In 12 parts, with album, $6.00 CHAMBER MUSIC QUARTET No. 6, in D Minor, (Death and the Maiden). Played by London String Quartet (Majterworks Set No. 40 in 8 parts, with album, $6.00.) QUINTET in A Major (Forellen) Op. 114. Violin, ViolaCello, Contrabass and Pianos John Pennington, H. Waldo-Warner, C Warwick Evans, Robert Cherwin, Ethel Hobday. (Masterworks Set No. $4 in 9 pftrts, with album, $7.50.) QUARTET in A Minor, Op. 29. Played by the Musical Art Quartet: Sascba Jacobeen, Paul Bernard, Louis Kaufman, Marie Roemaet-RoaanoS. (Masterworks Set No. 86 in 7 parts, with album, $6.00.) TRIO In B Flat Major, Op. 99, for Pianoforte, Piano and Violincello. Played by Myra Hess, Yelly d'Aranyi and Felix Sal-mond. (Masterworks Set No. 91 in 8 part, with album, $6.00.) pi if Set No. 96 in S parts, with album, $4.50.) OCTET in F Major, Op. 166, String Quartet, String Bass, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn; Lener String Quartet: C. Hobday, C Draper, E. W. Ilinchcliff, Aubrey Brain. (Masterworks Set No. 97 in 12 part, with album, $9.00.) SYMPHONIES SYMPHONY No. 8, in B Minor ("Un-finished"). Sir Henry J. Wood and New Queens Hall Orchestra. (Masterworks Set No. 41 in 6 parts, with album, $4.50.) SYMPHONY No. 9, In C Major, Op. Posthumous (B. & H. No. 7). Sir Hamilton Hnrty and Halle Orchestra. (Masterworks Set No. 88 in 14 parts, with album, $10.50.) PIANO MUSIC SONATA in A Major, Op. 20, for Piano. Played by Myra Hess, (Matterworkt Set No, 87 in S part, with aUram, $450.) SONATA la G Major, Op. 78, for Plane forte. Played by Left Poukhnoff. (Matter- 1S$MsP lit' mt'Mto0Vtoi IP! r$& wss JMAN BtAiMslsMriMlsttfcssM Free to Music Lovers! The Centennial Essay by Daniel Gregory Mason; Civic Oration; Religious Essay; Extracts from Schubert's Diary; Explanation of the Works of Schubert; and other human intereet literature. Write to Colombia Phonograph Company 1819 BmhhIwwt, New York Ckty Mother works so hard every day making beds she will probably work Kwnewhat harder on this bed i iister finishes. 9S3 ! won the $20,000 Prizes distributed bj The Columbia Phonograph Company in its International Schubert Centennial Contest for work in the melodic vein of Schubert? American Prize: Won hj Charles T. Haubiel. Grand Prize: Von by Kurt Atterberg of Sweden. Their compositions have been recorded by Columbia and are now on sale. Play and compare. "NEW PROCESS t.U.lMT.O'K Li Made the New rFaj 3cctricaZ(y Viv-tonal Recoing, The Records withbut Scratch COLUMBIA PHONOGRAPH COMPANY, 1819 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY Ask for Schubert Masterwork Supplement No. 12 'MACK HOTIS q Phone 6 11 GET YOUR Open Evenings WE Are Always "In" j &r Wt are here to serve our rC j IPwIfM 1 i customers and we believe , 'J' js2l 9w'W I that they are entitled to jv.'.f j if? ' prompt attention to their ' 1 ' ' iff I j ousmesft. . i ,,' .'. tpn I Our officers are easily acces- A HVl 1 ' Jj j j sible and are always ready to jj if ( I talk with you on any busi-! I ??,ii j $ 'i ness and financial matter. U I PHI I I i ill j An ample clerical force guar- 1 I PfM j ij M ntces quick service on detail j &: ! ; matters. jj S5:5S i ' -r i Test our fddlititu , ' "jT ! j t Ja-j!C, Aik Our Customer lS'M , , 9 j tn Vjj.'il.' I $y . . 1 2112-14 NORTH SIXTH STREET Centra! Pennsylvania's Largest Columbia Dealer

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