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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 6

The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 6

The Evening Newsi
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 1928 PAGE SIX Will Give Dinner Girl "Double" of Lindy to GARDEN CLUB TO To Life Underwriters One hundred life insurance un- Baccalaureate Sermon At Mont Alto Sunday MONT ALTO, June 5 The baccalaureate sermon for the graduating class at theState Forest School will be' preached next Sunday evening, June 10, in Old Emmanuel Chapel, which adjoins the campus. The derwriters of Harrisburg have GONOUGT PEONY Try Ocean Hop; Husband Of Middletown Girl in Crew been invited to be the guests of Donald McCormick and the Dau $85,009 Is Paid for Walnut Street Hotel William S. Adams, who recently purchased the Rife Hotel, 325 Walnut street, from the William H. Kife estate paid $85,000 for the property it was learned today when, title was transferred to Adams, who is now operating the hotel. Other real- estate transfers recorded today were: Ferdinand Hutta to Frank Farasuli, 161 Paxton street, $1 Mary E. Etzweiler to Fannie E. Wynn, Dauphin, $ITI00; Fannie E. Wynn. to Harry F. Wynn, Dauphin, William Koch estate to John A. Kain, Middletown, $2800; Mary E. Miller to Mary E. Lingle, SHOW TWO DAYS phin Deposit Trust Company, of Charles Gilmer Freed Of Two Arson Charges A trial lasting four days resulted late yesterday in the acquittal in Dauphin County criminal court of Charles Gilmer, 1410 Cowden street, on two charges of setting fire to a building with intent to defraud insurance companies. Gilmer ws accused of burning the building at the rear of 1322 North Sixth street in which he conducted a public garage. carried $900 fire insurance on an automobile stored in the building. Lena Jacobs was the owner of the building. The defense proved that Gilmer was not at the garage on the fan -Vi nrill ha lha T- mr Ma mr It Viets, rector of St. John's Episcopal' Ja' the harrisburg Country Club on HarnsDurgs newest organiza Thursday evening, After dinner there will" be a program including the showing of a TheTeaberry Flavor film, "Vanishing Fortunes," which i tion, the Garden Club, will conduct a peony show in the Capitol rotunda on Thursday and Friday. The display will be open to the public at 12 o'clock on Thursday and will continue during the afternoon and evening, and again open on Friday morning and continue until 9 p. m. It is the -wish of the peonv sec relates to insurance trusts, ana there will be an address by William B. Bullock, trust officer of the Provident Trust Company, of Philadelphia. night ot the fire. Church, Carlisle. Others taking part in the service will be Dr. Edwin A. Zeigler, director of the State Forest School, and the Eev. A. A. Hughes, vicar of Emmanuel Chapel. It is planned to have the graduating class and members of the faculty march in procession to the chapel in academic costume. The service will begin at 6.30 p. and will be open to the general public. It nvas' near Emmanuel Chapel that John Cook, a lieutenant of John BroWn, was captured shortly after the raid on the arsenal at Harper's Ferry. This important historic event is commemorated by a stone marker. 1809 Market street, B. M. Book to J. R. Beyrent, Steelton, J. Gertrude Geesey to O. J. Copelin, North Fourteenth street, iiear Ver-bekc, Albert Bard to C. W. Myers, Steelton, L. H. Lickel to Guy M. Bogar, Green street near Radnor, $1. tion of the Garden Club that every person having blooms of these plants bring them to the Capitol rotunda before 11 o'clock on Thurs TAKE UP POWER CONTRACT The Public Service Commission today considered the contract between the Penn Central Light and Power Company and the supervisors of Brown Township, Mifflin County, for the lighting of the streets of Lumber City for five years. Will Please You It's the wonderful Teaberry flavor that makes Teaberry Gum different and so much better. Look for the Teaberry pink package Any store. CLARK'S day morning; where a committee will receive and stage in proper fashion the various blooms, which should be correctly tagged with the Hear Bus Case Hearings were to be continued by the Public Service Commission this afternoon the application of the Cumberland Valley Transit Company for a charter for additional operation of busses between Chambersburg and Greencastle, Franklin County. The application is protested by the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Chambersburg and Greencastle Railways. variety name. 12 PROPERTIES SOLD FOR TAXES Twelve properties were sold yester Mrs. Arthur H. Bailey, chairman of the show, states that the exhibit is for the benefit of the people of Harrisbure and that the eardener MARRIAGE LICENSES Arthur G. Kramer and Lillian A. Crabb, Lykens; Norman W. Hosier and Jeanette Fig'ner, Paxtanjr. Harold M. Naebcr, Dewart, and Charella Koch, Watsontown. Jack Hanover and Leah Alk, Baltimore, BOROUGH OF MT. UNION LOSES IN RATE CONTEST The' Public Service Commission has dismissed the complaint of the borough of Mt. Union, M. E. Pyle and others against the Penn Central Light and Power Company. The complaint was based on alleged unreasonableness of rates but the commission's report states that the- complainants did not produce evidence to substantiate their claims. day by City Treasurer Bretz for unpaid city taxes. The auction was held on the Courthouse plaza. The owners, location, buyers and prices Air Commission Will Meet Here Tomorrow The State Aeronautic Commission will meet here tomorrow to pass upon rules and regulations for fliers in Pennsylvania. with only two or three plants will be as welcome as the, one who may be able to stage several hundred blooms, No prizes or awards will be offered. The committee in charge of the display include Mrs. Arthur H. Bailey, Mrs. S. F. Dunkle, Mrs. J. E. Fox, of Foxlea; Mrs. C. E. Cumb-ler, of Highspire; Miss Florence Beck and Mrs. Leslie Weaver," of Camp Hill; J. M. Hobart, ofew; for the properties wereK. Albert Czepik, southwest corner of Fourteenth and Manada streets, to Al. K. Thomas, $110; Rea J. Dinti-man, Wayne street near Eighteenth, to C. H. Corder, $150; Peter Eilan, Sixteenth street near Everett, Al. K. Thomas, $395; Joseph Bulat, Sixteenth street near Putnam. Al. K. JOHN T. YARNALL John T. Yarnall died last evening at his home in High street, West FairviewV He was 64 years old and is survived by his widow, Mrs. Ella Yarnall; a son, Charles; two daughters, Aleatha and Evelyn, all at home; a sister, Mrs. George Danner, Lemoyne, and a brother, Charles Yarnall, West Fairview. Funeral services will be held- Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Cumberland; Kobert G. A Stevens, C. A Hollinger and L. Haenlen. WIFE NOT AFRAID Thomas Jackson who was. taken to the police station Saturday night for firing off pistols at his home was ordered to pay a $100 fine or serve ninety days in jail at police court yesterday. Mrs. Jackson, who with her husband, resides at 1111 Grape street, testified that although every time her husband got drunk he shot off pistols, she was not afraid. BOND ISSUE APPROVED J. H. TROUP'S 15 S. Market Square The Very Newest in Radio The Rev. A. B. Mower, pastor' Student Is Acquitted International Nevis Service WILKES-BARRE. June 5. of the West tairview United Brethren Church, will officiate. Burial will be in the Enola Cemetery. Cletus McLaughlin, college stu dent, charged with manslaughter in connection with the deaths of Secretary of Internal Affairs James F. Woodward today approved the 200,000 road bond is Frank Ravitt and his infant son, today was found not guilty by a sealed verdict of a jury returned sue of Haverlord lownsnip, Delaware County. MRS. MARGARET L. COLBERT Mrs. Margaret L. Colbert, wife of J. A. Colbert; died yesterday at her home, 1311 Wallace' street. She was 63 years old. In addition to her husband she is survived by two sons, Frpnk Colbert, Endrees, N. and Joseph D. Colbert, this city; two daughters, Mrs. Anna Hutchinson and Mrs. Margaret Peffley; two sisters, Mrs. J. A. Hippie and Mrs. Mary to Judge C. D. Coughlin in crim inal court here. McLaujrhlin. who was convicted of second-degree murder at his Rooney, Yonkers, N. and a brother 1 i -4 4 4 4 aa 4 4 4 4 4 -4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 nrsc inai, was granted a new trial when the Supreme Court ruled that he could not be tried on that charge. Ravitt and his son were killed when they were struck by an automobile driven by the college youth. John J. Tunney, Yonkers, N. Y. Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Burial will be in the St. Mary's Cemetery. Thomas, $330; Andy G. Rowe, 1016 Rollcston street, E. M. Hershey, $145; Harry I. Miller, Seventeenth street near Randolph, D. S. Light, $410; Domenick Pace, southwest corner of Fifteenth and Lowell streets, A. Katz-man, $510; John Zawora, southeast corner Sixteenth and Everett streets, Al. K. Thomas, $425; Herbert E. Jenks, 39 North Twentieth street, Al. KK. Thomas, $2105; Samuel H. Ma-thiot, 209 Harris Al. K. Thomas, $5675; Lovier H. Parthe-more, southeast corner Knox and Melrose streets, Katzman, $610; Luther M. Walton, southwest corner Herr and Linn streets, Katzman, $1475. Jacob Lightner Goes On State Retired List Jacob Lightner, chief of the license agents' section of the De. partment of Labor and Industry, who came here more than a quarter of a century ago from North Braddock, left the State's service today following a farewell party tendered him by the department's attaches. He will go on the retired list as of June 1. Lightner was chief clerk to George E. Alter, Pittsburgh, when the latter was, speaker of the House. He plans to spend much of his time ik Florida after, leaving the cityv Will Sail for Europe Joseph Novello, 809 North Third street, will sail for Europe Saturday to visit his parents in Italy. Novello has been in this country for the last twenty-one years, for the past eighteen years having been lo KCA IDADDOLA 5 v't -St. i it 4 pa JO us WILL BE ORDAINED READING, June 5. Marlln Merton Enders, of Elizabcthville, and George Rice Seltzer, of Lebanon, were among the sixteen applicants' examined for the ministry at the' afternoon session yesterday of the 181st annual convention of the Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania. They will be ordained tomorrow evening. BUILDING PERMIT A building permit was issued today to D. W. Myers for the erection of a $500 addition to the house at 336 Hummel street. Twin Brother to the Nationally Acclaimed But Lower in Price Easiest to peeliandislice A girl who looks enough like Col. Charles A. Lindbergh to be his Less Accessories Complete $172.50 twin sister may be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. She is Miss Amelia Earhart, shown at the top in her flying togs. A Boston society girl and social worker, she has been flying since 1918, and was the first woman to be granted a pilot's license by the National Aeronautics Society. Pictured below are her two companions in the venture. Wilmer Stultz, left, is co-pilot; Louis Gordon, right, is' the mechanic of the tri-motored Fokker seaplane. Stultz is well known in Middletown, where he married the former Miss Mildred Botts, of that place. Officials of the Middletown Aviation Depot say he often visited there in his airnlanp whik stationed at 'Loner Island. N. Y. 20 DIE IN BATTLE By United Press MEXICO CITY, June 5. Twenty rebels and three Federal soldiers were killed in a fight near EI Salvador, in Jalisco state, it was announced officially today. cated at his present address. He will sail on the Cusulick line from New York and return on or about Au gust' 15. In appearance and general characteristics the new Radiola l8 embodies that made the Radiola 17 a National favorite but. it is even MORE selective and sensitive, with even GREATER tone volume and CLARITY. Improved reception at a lower price. Yours Awaits You Here On Terms You Can Easily Meet penses and counsel fees aggregating $19,500. Their lawyers said each woman would invest her $10,000 so it would yield a yearly income, of $600. That combined with the $600 pension, will bring their total jnrome to $1200. Cuticura Talcum Is An Ideal Toilet Powder It is pure, smooth and fragrant and contains antiseptic properties i spiration. it imparts a pleasing fragrance and leaves the skin re- Prevent Dandruff Liquid Zemo Keeps Scalp Clean Radium Poison Victims Settle $1250,000 Suit NEWARK, N. June 5 The settlement made by the fiVe women who sued the United States Radium Corporation for will assure them incomes larger than they ever made as employes of the" organization, their counsel said today. One thousand dollars a year was the maximum salary paid to the when they pointed brushes with their mouths and painted watch dials with a radio-active substance in the radium corporation's plant at Orange, N. J. In doing that work they contracted a poisoning which probably will kill them all within a year. Soap 25e. Ointment 25 and hOt. Ttam Ve. Bold miywbiri, guiki eh rn. Addraa "Otttcan Ibonurlaa, Dept. 1SB, Limited Number Brand New Orthophonic Victrolas Cutictm Charinc Stick 25c Pleasant, healing, Liquid Zemo massaged into the scalp destroys dandruff. Irritations, soreness and itching frequently disappear overnight. Zemo penetrates, soothes and Cleanses the scalp, keeps it healthy and prevents dandruff. It is a clean, safe healing liquid convenient to use at any time. All druggists 35c, 60c and 1.00. The 61 woman received $10,000 'outright; $2000 for past medical expenses; a i 1AA A Trouble mi pension ox souu a year; $ouu a year to cover future medical ex FOR mm 4 4 4 4 4 4 4t 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 41 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 a it .4 Reduced! These are new instruments not demonstrators. They are reduced in price only 'because of slight changes in case de- sign. "When there will be no more at these prices. COME QUICK with HABKERS Sunkist or Red Ball Oranges for quick desserts 7 Tommy 1 tireless- 6 sick, stubborn, or just plain tupid? I' i VSMi ill ill i l.f in aini iiij Shopping Matinee Bridge Five-minute desserts, and ten-minute salads are best made with Sunkist or Red Ball Oranges because they are easiest to peel and separate, and easiest to slice delightfully thin. Sunkist and Red Ball Oranges are firm and tender and give the most delightful results. California Oranges are either 1 or practically so and offer no annoying task in the preparation aa food. Not only time is saved, but the juicy, golden -fruit is lusciously appetizing as you place it on the table. Serve more of these oranges for their joyous, inviting goodness, but most important, for their health building qualities. Oranges not only contain a wealth of vitamins and mineral salts, but are one of the most potent correctives and preventives of ACIDOSIS known to Medical Science. Orange juice before breakfast, lunch and dinner will bene fit you materially. Your doctor will confirm this statement if you will ask him. All through the year, fresh, luscious Sunkist and Red Ball Oranges are obtainable everywhere fruit is sold. They are uniformly good; the trade-mark assures that. There is a size for every pocketbook, but all are of true Sunkist and Red Ball quality. and WAS NOW 2 Model 4-3 Uprights 95 70 1 Model 4-7 Upright 125 90 1 Granade Model Console 160 95 1 Model 4-7 Electric 160 115 1 Model 4-4 Console 160 125 1 Model 4-4 Electric 195 140 1 Model 4-4 Electric 195 155 1 Model 8-30 Credenza 335 265 3 Model 7-10 Radio Comb. 325 265 2 Brunswick-Radiolas 450 250 1 Brunswick-Panatrope 430 325 I Portables as low as $12.50 p. I uick, of course i i i with that pathetic exasperating sickness that mothers everywhere know. The poisons of fatigue, obviously, get bottled up in children's bodies just ts they do in dults'. Yet so many mothers hesitate to run the risk of shocking delicate little systems by giving harsh, ordinary laxatives i A Perfectly Prepared Dinner Doesn't seem possible when you are the. cook does it? Thousands of women all over the Country are doing it every Small Weekly or Monthly Payments Richest Juice Finest Flavor The better California orange, are trade-marked "SunkUt" or "Red BM" on tha wrapper. The Suakiit grade also kai tha name Imprinted on fhe skin of the fruit. Feen-a'tnint is different! It's just like a bit of delicious chewing gum; you don't swallow it you chew it! Its magic laxative principle is released slowlv, the way science meant it to be released. It actually becomes part of the digestive fluids does not disturb digestion. It works with the body not against it! It won't torture you with griping pains. It won't oison or weaken the system. It won't enslave you to axative pills. Get Feen-a-mint at your druggist's. Correct constipation now! Feen-a-mint Chew it like Gum COOK WITH THE GAS TURNED OFF and enjoy the freedom from the kitchen a Chambers Range will give, besides saving half the gas bills and improving the food. Uermac Appliance Company p. at Stnikitf or 4.. 1 E. I South Market Square California Wt i i wwiwi NEW RECORDS EVERY DAY res 4

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