Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 17, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1916
Page 1
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* , frem they are and fJute them *h«y ouflht ta b«. U OAlf Y •JB"***!^^ ,«MB«i oiMhta *4HUu iyfl&M*«l^ «JH» AND DAILY STANDARD tafc** tMn$* .from fc*. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 118. STERLING, ILLINOIS,FRIDAY. NOV. 17. 1916, PRICE TWO CENTS. DEUTSCHLAND PUT TO SEA, FORCED TO RETURN STERtWGBOYS Were Rounded Up For Thefts Of Articles From Autos In Dixon Recently. BOYS HAVE CONFESSED PLAINTIFF TESTIFIED Warner Brother* Suit Started Before Matter- fn-Chanc*ry. Tin- !»••-! irttoriy ;i*(- of \V:H - r-'*.«irt»'il yes- !(•«•! V <'. They Were Released On Promise To Return Articles They Had Stolen. !i-rd.iv 1>, fnr- v -MTt-t'-i-iri.-i'hnnc' \V. VV,K»iH'brn. '>n!y 4h<* <-vji!'-n<'it «'f the f<'ni|>litiitant « ~ : 't>- h«-:»rd The «mt IM liftwc,)i two brotb'T*i. .?in-oli M. \Vairu-r nnil AKIH-UI" H. Warn'-r. Ttrf- tr<i»ibU' i* over n ,"!'•!it,-rntM-t of n piut- Thr«niKh clever dftretlvf wurk- on W p*irt «f t'hlef of f'ollre H.-iglork. of Hterllntr lioys* « ho have bf-f»n atlto« at PiVori of Rlove«i, nnd sniall- !irtl''lf"< of tbnt dlxenveretl. nn,t I'.itt of th*» the boys are ds.inp wbt»t (Ley tiin to gft bn« k the remnlnder of the thing* taken and dl»po*ed of, Ono ddj- liint week <'otn Van .Bibber, of Dixon, pnonrrt to the S(««r- llng iK»llce di'piirttnent. HiisltiK h« of the opinion that Sterling !«>>« taming up there nightly «nd llRhtM, IflOVfU. 'OVerenntH. ind other thitiKi' they <-ontd th«»lr hand* «>n from nut«m i>n l>eri<Ui!t; to "top Mi-live work tt'^ether they M->iiit«-d t«t. dlvblf , up iind May .'i ^nb- of ihe peinoniil property wan held, at which tlrti^- tin- romplnimtnl i)tl<-K*'« ftie other fVoth"! Itouith! «I\«T' «>ii;ht tb<»!i«f»nd ilollaif of !.stii!T nt'id has never «<<>tllf-d for it. The •»ulJ i« nv'-r thiN nni'Hinl. N" <l,'iT»« «»,« ! )»i;t for tbe testimony of tb«' d«-f«-nd- ii lit. iTHEMIJOSEllTIATED Many Visitors From Dixon Headed By Band, Attended Big Local Meeting. GimWARflM ; President Of Wisconsin U. Says ! Railroad Men May Hold ! Up Congress. i | NEW ANGLE DISCOVERED iflea Made In Milwaukee To | Enjoin Employes From ' . Collecting Wages. WANT TWO STREET LI0HTS Efforts _Mad» to'Place Lights at "Y" i and City Hall Corner. Kffurts nr*- ' b»'i!i*f mad" (.. b.r. »,a boitlr-xard liRbt. )dii<'-»-d on tb»- V. At. it'. A. i s>rn<-r itii't must her on«» on thf '•' ity brtll/vrnc-r. It is <-f.!i< »•,)*.<! tf-m» I I-"r>iir't}iy/trr*'t from the po«t office tn j I,»<j^*r strc-M in the poorest Hit bled !«tr«-et In thf business dlstrlrt. Siitf* ! the removal of th« f. N. t". from the i I. '.'. < t. !", building the «strcc*f bn«< been •in itlnioji! !*«:nii-ftrirkii*><f.s. ,-irui la<1i»-s EXPORTS GROW SUBMERSIBLEIAMMED .,r (if America Is Assuming Greater Share Of the Burden Of Feeding.gurope. MEAT WORTH $200.000,000 Grain Exports Double, Vegeta- THE TUG T. A. SCOTT, JR., ACTING AS AN ESCORT thin tin- cotu:r«"is ' H\ 1 *!iit*''l I 'I » s< t ton. J> i'. No\ !7 \Varn- i»ilr»:nl men may hold .it it* m-xt !il in tin I. n if they | Th< Ad«m«i»n th<» IlKht on i eight ''hour t;tw , In Cte-uib'iit <' nittlonal I! \itii Hi-^t" , t oit.-.l Stnl.-s , Iny the Thursday evr-nlni for MotM»eO«i vicinity for a Ha*!* Kiven th*> i/blifTatioj complaint* have been) 1 " of Wrt* fl feil letter t <<f HterltllK Mill) f thirty-soven WH* i nnd initiated in- the order. Not ,-owi<-ll jif tli of comnieice. : .Should the court Kraut the appett! .of tbe ra'ilrojitls to »'iijoin enforcement !of th<- law the work of ilu- c»mml««ion. •: ( | It , ; appointed ti> investigate it* application ' j >e . |ti> the l.'liltoio! oprmUon*, wilt be belt! | IIP temporarily. I'li.'tiimitn i;«>eth;ils of (lOi'ihiiiM b-fl tbiw afternoon foj> New j York to'meet the other nii>mbt-r.<of the] wbtrb inert M next Tbiirs-! west i nue will not p;t«.« u[> thn! street, but will po around by the way of Third , stn-et. C. K. Stnhl, of the Wyne- comprtny, nnd nthfrw are >n-i- people interested and many ale • •tilling Hhersilly for the phu insr off V. M. ('. A. '•••rner. i ' im . r ,.., S| , ,, f , i ost of en eh lamp will be about i |I55. Mr. Stnhl ,*»}•* the mayor lifts !" f '"*""' *'»'<*< frivnn-him iijtfturttncv• -thnt tb*« city will ' mid H furnish tbe ,'!i.r>-r-nt for the liKbt if ruie'of Un is erected. He linn nlso told Mr. Htnbl Afm-ricH ther«»" wituld bo no of>|M>>d- of tbe burden in e to having an-j Kutopo. »n the city bnlf i Thin In the wnke *tf ,«fi<T a* it should ! i»f the foremost renxonw for ', prlee tif fmul .«tl!)T. Jtl flic — j months of this year. (>rn!ii>K Sept. 1. Culled State" whipped inot'e lliati ,„, Hh. lt ,, n ,,f am , „,,,,,,. ,.,„„, tn ,, (il ,,,,,i ,„,,.,., Il()t bles Worth $1 1,758,287 and Egg§ $3,450,000. >Viishinj;loi». J). (',. ,\-)V. 17. \Vitli .in per rent in the expoit f«iin'f "the utithrivik of th" war constantly greater proportion critiu leftvfnK thift «-ounir>. is ri«s!imini* :i Krealor share the p<-,»p|f of b'*rt ,Ti,pvi, |« f -blKti The Tug Was Sent to the Bottom With the Loss of Five Lives — Deutschland Then Returned to Port For Examination. FALL PREDICTED $2trti.0itii.oiitt woith of im-at* JHI,! dulry ; piinturlK. l-'or the y«»nr tin- totnl In «»X|>«'« tfil tli iV.'ll! Ott»»fhlMl of i; coming in from many 'nmrii«ri< r«-Rnr«l- tng th<s« theftn. nnd ,Mr. Vim Blbbi-r •aid he.lmd reason to believe boyft wern the thieve*. The local po- lie* but found nnthltiff -4o nroui»e Im only wan thin clnx«_.tttk«'n Itito full tn«tn- of ttu< |I)<IK«». hut nlrwuly thirty tnkr-n out mor« nppllcatlonH have for membership and they will be ln t -—with |M>*»ibly «ilben«. - two ifrom bt*t niftht. T}i«« trciit . number day. The work of Hit informal up to Jm nof-s Into effect, tbe action will lie cisiioiiH lii i he KovcriM-'l by lh»- <lc- r>rot)Mht by ""' rail* ,e Four Allied Armies Continue Progress Toward the City Of Monastir. ,'llon worth. th» wim«-' i Kvcn with a Ki'iison of (poor riojin m iirtu-Kcally «-v»>ry i Hlutr-*» hni» (grain. f-»»ntr!hiit«*rt a; A new Httributable to the jdepnrtment of justice Maelock .wo* *unplabi«* of [of new meinbers [work of district niHWiKicr, Howard Wnl- ' ler,.wh«» lin«^ Jieen,.wuiklns.Ou'^c fur tiuiiwaukM that in enled to thej ibiy when it flb-d ill Mil- CAPTURE SEEMS CERTAIN ' Kxporfu Htulen gwodn ivo <if the been In and after ufter till avenup. i wn* made the j p Dixon band, Tbe number mine j*ubjeet of dis<'««sion of u npeeial meet- j In two npfcciul cur*. »U»ppl|ig: at j'«K <>* the executive commit tee of ihej The. vlHitorn sot out of their j rut lve committee timed un Immediate i With the biuift nt their |n.(uH' Ilv ' < "">fi»ti"n of all fncto relevant to j ______ -and ever.-be-fore in hlntory. *—**- -.~ f _2 _, ,__—. T _-_._ t _J..!lf the._8ii_..inajor._«wiiiMU' IS WOt important OUt BUI-i'wIey. rye. ,,,,ti. and buckwheat-tlui* garia Places Sentimental j S r thi " ^ hltv * * wm * ttn " u " y " otll> " BULLETIN, (By United Pi-*t».) New London. Conn, Nov. 17.— A report was received h«r« from Plum uland that a strange tub- marin* with a gun mounted en itt deck hai be»n «ight«d toward th» Connetticut «hor« n«»r B«rti«tt't r»»f, Long Itland soynd. The ve«- •el wa« visible according to the report through a light snow storm. A_eeBftr! later from Plum island said th« submarine had disappeared. Whether it submerged or left "on th* surface it was not stated. Many here believe it was the war submarine expected to act as a convoy for the Deutschland. It is argued her* that in as much as'the Deutschland reached port just 17 days ago and required just that time for the submarine to cross the Atlantic, a meeting of the war craft and the merchantman might have been arranged by such an undertaking. ._ ( m*r<*haist ,*ul> «1 »>*Hy t»Hi;»y iti a collision tfi«' »ui>mt»r.«il!lf' iini! nn hi uhich «.*a».t. <:tirn*y and four mem- JHTS of the t>iis> cr«»w were drowned. Thf IVnt.tchlantl.. which was hound f«»r Hrfm»-f», ptst hack to jwn Imrrnvl- ,iiit«-i> Hftrr th<» r<»lii!«ir)n and by flv» "».H k thi« morninK ftRain warp«! Int.> hrr pi, ••»•. Kiu- w«s«« more nhleld- M| hy tli.. linpr Wiilfhad, RPF mother *!ii»', it ml thp hist wt«*l • into \t\af* further to eutirti her, i Ijtt»»r this tnurnin9_|h« report jitnHiini,-,) thnt » myntWtouH motor (««»! rttt«rn[.!«Hl to nttnck th* I>out»ch- Irth.t and rhat thp tug swuair in front of th»- Ihutm-hlatuJ t«> protect the un- jdprwa fn» JKhtt-r hut. thin could not b* '(-.•nflrnul hy tin- F^tst««rn Forwardlnr <*otti|M»jty. ' . | Work was immediately b^Kun by a army i.f workmen to leam the rf.;mn"iun" DEUTSCHLAND PUTS BACK. Value On It. Shipment of •ie full of Wtin Coil' Mr. I net him ta work In t(iy« together nbd WHM hin !»>• that way. Ttu» rhlef returned With him and found th -John Getu-hurt. aged thirteen city. Twfterday Mr. Van Ulbber eame to 8t*rllnir anrt loJd the -chief of var- lou» th«ft« of lat«r-tkttd--iiftld ho bad found they' were f-ommltted by the CarWy boy» of Sterling, and he had ordered them to rot urn to HterllnR, An thechltff nunpeoled that tin* Oeiir- n KnriK, he hiuf i in 'hiii olflee women were aim* liu-luded in i beltiriKinK to the WIIH put on in A8K8 FOR AN INJUNCTION. (Uy..{lulled I'IVNM.J UoHlon, MHHH., Nov. IT.— Counsel for ^ filed u bill in th« I'. K. London, KUK,, Xoy, IT,— within three d«> pre,licte<l here ludriy.wlth tin | receipt of frt-»«h-itpwj<cnf-thp }prnifre«H toward the Mncedonlun jmudu by the Krench. italiiui. Hi rllt the btmement' t»»ii««.»^-i, *,i%-j. .tft-f\*u^iii|A v»i nn-i j^Miniuii r i«i»»»n,, *•*,»>, i*.—, ,,ioi?*,-i im i^mi iierl»iun fort*«»» i«*ii#hti ti .1 1il*f l rJ!uirwaL T , h *','* r , or ^ Wn " l '," t "" '" w » f "' ni «"M"Ulmad niml a bill in the I'. K. din- ,"nlwull«lv 1 ?^^^ „ boy to l»I httlK ' 1 „"**'"« Tf" lttrtU ' r Um " tfl "' r lHct owrt-Mty atucklnit the *, n . m ,! |1(H f \ "X," Juue* M i •".vi rteen, of thin <>*».'™ l k™**^*^™<^ were put throuBht the mill by the drill Iblll cnlled for a.-preliminary••injunction I m .| B hborliiHtd *>iuniiwtn ,.i A-™« .„ team from Dixon, Tho team IH wild retitrafnlnit the uuttlne Into effect of *,'.. «..__.,'. _ 1 . . ... • \ veiretmblen ^lurinK tbe '"" lli'UitliH Jumped by 'lenpM undi**' 1 (btHinds*. }I !.if.*(,2s7 worm of having left ' thix" rotuilj-y nn t I7.T!U,21»; \fint year rtinl $ft.4!S. 1914—fi rlHe ,,f more t bun lOii p, during the war. L The Ani'Mlca JH-U ul»<.i hu*. cjtiled «in for her bit. • >f f2,ll?,lMHI ill Ih ( of IBM. the fiiited .Statcx whipped i3.~' 450,00.0 wort!) of PKK^ durliiR 'the same j period thin year. f u "- Xl>w f •. 57. —An al- the >f the present trip of The undorftc* mer* NmaMlied into ^10 pl«r when it started fnitn Uremen *nd was h»>kl up for |tr du>» fr.V repalrn. ; In O*no«roUB WnUr. The «N.iu»u>n occurred In the trwich-- .erous stretch of water between Fbifi> eti» and 1.UU0 Hull i«l fc nd. known M the !{4%ce. The w»t«r there U 2M feet ubwp with a Htrtwg current leaward mSl! With Onl y Five Counties To TmTulnK uiand"^^"?!!!^ is NEIYMPLCTE Report Wilaon Has 3,500 Lead In California. j 1 , ;Jr, attempted to crow th<« x>«ut»eh* bow whU«* thu tug Camlo and tfum from .Dlxnn. Tho team IH to havo doiu« perfect work nnd th»y ninny compliment* from thf Aft*r ih*. work on«> nf frorn Dixon, a mctiibor of throe wcfkn MtandiiiK. WUH MO t'ti- over Moo«HHtwm that h«-kuv«* 11 boyn were brwuiiht bcfure.the-BJx on nun and confcKxtuI, nltboiiKh Gear haVt and 'the l»oyn iifterwurdK eaugbt denied that I'fentin hud- taken any thlnjf. but «al() be bud been with them The boys uuld they hft«l been going n to Ulxon freauently. They would .him on the blind buggrtKO of (he! train mok« a tour t»f Dlxon. catch a rid. back on one of the evening- traliw. »ii< get hunio by »:8« o'clock, ur.d fhei parent« knew notbltm of their being away. The twelve year old <*arley boy wii* ~£augl)t by "the" elilef" dtlrinit his talk with Van Bibber, and when brough before tiio Dlxi/n oMU'ial,-be, too, con fejuwd, and inelwecn tin* boys the> owned up to Mteaiinir fhe imiiH o . Blovc*. wveral llaah • IlKhtu and other vmall artlclea front Dlxon autox. Th boy* impUcnliStl"* "Vic" Krlokjwoii aiii "Red" Spender, of Hock KnllH, an beink In the guns, but It wan «aid they took nothing. Chief of Police Hagltick l"» of the opinion theae «mall boyit had nothing to do witli thw Iheft of coaw nweateru and pueh heavy urltcle«, and told Com, Van Ulbber lit* would rind ilu thieves who took t hone tliin«M In Dlx- on. The b.oy» wer« let g«» t»« a pro- mile to bring back wmiw of tl-e g(wda, and later Jn th* eveuinsr one of the boys brought back a p*lr of «<«)d automobile gloves The Olxuii police rounded up a number of bo>» there hut idKht >ind put them through a drilling, and it Bald they have divulged fujtber information regarding the«t« thefts. The> - nay a local tooy »lol« a red and white sweater from the Mark* clothing company the night of the Hepuldlcan rally. THE HEKflelltni gotlil Affair H«d By Nttm ber Of Uc«l Men Last Night. That tht) druggist* of Sterling and Rook Falls havw a friendly spirit for r un0 anotluT WHU shown by a little In- formu) oy»U«r Cupper Thurs,duy *ve- • iiing in Cushmun'H reMlaurunt. Kaeh piroprUnur and » clerk gaUiereil at this place at tt:8<l o'clock ai.d during tlu- »up|>«'r u good lime* was- spent in u friendly way, and. an Interesting u» well tt« prurttttbl» hour WU.-I_H|H'III. The affair was »o »u>'ce*i<fitl thut it was ugrecd to hnv« i>he s-urh a gathering every mouth during the winter. Amount Qiteovtred In Samuel i»mt Mummer a iH'«l of l>",-<-» foimd ~iu .-lb,t!~ Liaru _ tit —M m. boltle, i-.'iwl repaired to the MOOH,. ijnii on Went Third street, where ti bountiful rcimxr wa» w'aljllntr. Thin wa« prepared by the Wiv'eit of the .SterlirtK meinberH, IIM> Ht«tt*d by the Dlxon 'Auxiliary ni*-m- ber». The dinner WUH to have been nerved'at 10:30 o'clock, but owing I" the lutenenH Jn RettliiB through with the work in the other hall, it wa'« un hour Inter when the dinner wa«> Herv- ed. -Over'two hundred and Afty nut duwiv to jh«* wcwlbwj restraining the putting into effect uf tjin law. " .• ILLINOIS CENTRAL ACTS. <U.V United 1'rt'Hs.r LnulMville, Ky.. .Nov t 17.—The Illinois Central today filed n suit here attacking the Adamson eight-hour law. V SANTA FE FOLLOWS SUIT, (Hy I'nited |'re*n.) Keokuk, !«.. Nov. 17. ..... Tin.- constitutionality of the AdaitiKon i -ln>iir law Is o,uestioned in A suit Died here today by the Au-Mson, Topi4ta & Santa !•*« rullroad. (Jen. Herrult refused to be dniwn into attarkhiK Uiw HillKtfrlan deftmhr-H to! tho nouth of MonaHtlr—defcnaen which .Sofia nome time ngu pronounced lin- preKiiable—and according to report* i WILL DRA&THE An Effort Will Be Made To Find Mur San tiered Girl'g Clothee, the here forced-the retirement of defendem from theite without hardly t,trikln« a themselvoH by threatening a - enveloping movement. The fall of .MoiiHMtir will be a diw- tlnct_blow. to UulKitriu'M.pride and mill- ' . (Hy United 1'untiac, in,. ?s'ov t blow the Rtr«>nm for il hull of the tar-y ex pert n ptvtlict utiother appeal j nut bearing Will \>i- made for German aKHtatance in «f retaking -the city. The natural hti- portanre of thu city i« not great but while in the 'winUarium aV'i'eoVia Tbe suit M one bavi* nn linporc- In th«» opinion Attortnty Prank A. t.irtmnn. MltiH Diemer wore A BILLIARD CONTEST One "Hundred Elks H»ve Started To Play Fifty G»m««. The bllliuitl i>l«>>r« aniibne the local Klk» have Blurted .a winter's tournu- ment. -They have organized two tminia rtfly njtn each Tanfl~w'llJ"~pl£y" llfiy Tlte gamc<« are to be ployed when ever tne playerji feel like It. Tl.e night of July. iTthj will be, brought to trial on, .wan played tho tfrst. gnnie of the tt<>riet» a few days. ago. nnd aw now ntunilH th* Whiten are seventeen point« ahfnd.. The *ide« Bi**! Wiihvd thi* Whites and lihij'a. At the *nd of the series of gamett Tfnr\lotiing fifty men will bus*? not only l)* H tun.I a good Ing by their, defeat,' but wlU pay for a line banquet for-the entire one men. • • piiirs were wcured by placing me hundred nainejt in- a hat. The two then drew out tho names, the iuiiiH'8 driiwn out each time con- itlituting opponentn. It IK tlioiiKbt the fifty games will b« inUhed by the middle uf tho wjliter. Hid the eattj will fitilnw shortly after- Ward. A similar content wa« inilled off last winter ami the Kpjwatl glveiVihe wii»« u«r« by the lo^jjem was Imnicimc/ A series of loaxtM wim ^.jjlvt'H which' ituved to be roagta an well sin Umnta. of Pra-f 1 ""*' lH-flt and thutj j , *'Y" LECTURE COURSE Cr r owd Enjoyad Tht Recital La*t " • Evening, • The second ti'iinbcr of Hie Hlai b-c- tne t-oui»»e gi*'';ii under'thu auspli f* f lite V. M. <' *.V. lusi evening, was t tended >>> .1 large crowd 44111! like the m number was Ihwiouglily enjoyed, i high, class musical pruimiin, a U-*-:i' o lovt-i* t)f good music, was given by tiulvi;. hH||ilst; Hi-U'ii .lliiivvti aopnuio; and Mrs iWitli Harris, ccompa'nutl; wu*. of a high older and »r nearly "two )I'><M.» they tuiteriaint'd heir audience tt it b'jueiecliout, from liic uati'iw. Intel xjrt-ifcini; the ]>iogiitlM Ith | opulttl" music'«f the preM*f)t day their J_' THOUGHT TOJE INSANE Slayer Who Passed Through Sterling Ma^Not Be tri.d. .Ihtrnu r<lJ^_ i?l)i'inmn.._cuitfcHawl sla.y» er of Joe Derix, l^uHalle taxi driver who wait fl'iiot to dentil near t^uld tin probnbly nol the puirder ehnrgo. but will prnbnbjy 'be''found Insane by the court iiiyl nonleiired to u life term in the *iuti» |\»K|iital for the criminal itn*amd at Chester, • The cane l« «che«luled to come «ip to- < llie openliig rut the crlnilfial term,' but it Us ssaid Attorney .C:..N, HollerIch IHIM nbotit caiu-ludeil (hat under the. cimiitiMtunt'c* U would be im- POHHible lo'get a coiivictidn-of mur- d«r against'the boy. and will recommend that he be Hem to nn In.iano ay»- lum, Thlv ia the youn^ inun, who, when lleelni! from' arreHt, juiMHi'd ihiiui^li Sterling and iiulucefl Kr'ne#l Vlymi to ride with him to ciiiKun, {u,, mid thereby badly.frightened bin paienta by biw disappearaiu-e, '' ' Annual Report Of Commi«»ionera U Of Interest Her*. At lot of int'oriiiHlion of luferest to Hurling vot.-r.-» at tliis tune is con- tttlned )n the annual report of tin- Hoard t>( i'omminsloiu-rt< of the l-'w- port 1'ark l»i»trk't for the >enr eudins April 1st, i'.U3. Hevernl doxen ro|>le8 hav« been received at UK* odlce of the «»f •Commerce and will be Hummer and tin- apparently attadu-x nentl- rnental value to iKildinc the city •' » f * . —.- .... ,T., .. » n ,, , +, t fci|i»; »»»^ 'Oft *» 11« * - One Immediate effect of the alllea.Vnf<en tbreaten.M to throw U away or " f advance, will be relief from Uen. von] burn It, If ib,? «i>u l« foinui it "will forwar<l movement ' ' \Vil- , f " r tbt> " uhmarine . *«T« a teaming Hong , J>onV lend.had rent-bed its crest today!* 1 1S **"*** B » hour. - ' oilirmlH believed with the cffli-iul count' There «r&H « «pllttlng cnuh and a j from uve counties jet to hear, from (great hole wa« torn In the Scotfa aide, ( which gavo'Hughe* vluraltiei* on the} 11 * 1 * broke in two fcnd mink in thr«* 'unofHolal tlirtir«»M. Indications are t^xt 'minute*. The er*w had' no time to .searcherw i \vilHon will.-maintain hi* lead of ap-f r *'« c " 'he life hoat«,~ C*pt Gumey at i pnixtrimt'eiy 3.5WI in the iitate when all j 1 "*" wheel houw. in believed to h*V« [of the cmuuiett are tabulated. ]»>een cruithed to death. The four MU). ; Wilson bad gnined '>3;' votes «v«'r.° r * w hu went down with the captain hen the 'riftictal Jwere. ail below deck and were trapped. :<* v.uniiiea wu.-.; Th e sailor* wh<» l««t their lives were: yen out tt»da>: ] Hnwinwr W. A, < % aton. Fireman Ed—— iw.ird Ktoiit-, IJt-ck Hand, Rugne Duunjt IN NEW MEXICO. '* IH| Otkc>k ri »i"«*«>ce iMvimm. (Hy I'tdted i*r»-si«t.> } t'apt. llmsch. of the Gantern For- Albui|iimiut\ X. .Sl«-^. N«v. 17 - !»'«r«UnK c*imj««ny. owner of., the even ,»f fii,. jij counties* Jri New Mex- |I*eut«chland. was* aboard the Hince then tbe girl ha«!, . <»f thw dress and V'° have .,mcit»lly ,-anvaswl the «nd 'wa» thrown Into the water. Nov. 7ih. of th«*»e eistu are< K*.-- .Sailor* t>f the l>eutjifhlanii dragged and t hi ee l »«*ntiH-r:it ic. which fh'lm onto tb«- »ubmt,rsible'g deck. H« . ----- ... that it Into! tend to clear tbe family of xuspicion , 4 ' ;UIN ^ fn " ret virus to'show pluralities I *'** neatly dead from the shock and 'I - _beli«'Vtl ou»i .Ju>oj] ihu eumiu:r:«- jury- iw L'l'f !l -'—*^ llt ? Ul .1"' hlu ?" candidatwt. j 1 """ '""'^ ._ Q| hi« forces will be divert-i holding the fat her and mother, Alr.'nnd . °' rtl " r «' | W'» : '»"»g lift-en cmimiea yet; Since the IVutwchland came bach to ed to render. aKMlKtance. to the retreating HulgarianA imrth of Monanl^r. Ju«t novv the Hounmnianx are feeling the effect of the nitons movement southward of tho .'Teutonic'force*, by ri'iiKo'n.. of (Sen.-von Falkviihayn'having l-iowMwl the frontier undwcupiedpfisi- tioiiH which threaten'* a thinking move- men t on the Itoumanian Ijne« oil the Danulie."":"" " ; "' ; • ' :; "" There is *-,inti(lerable activity coincident with the attack-on M»na«tir'by tint Uritish operating east of the Htriuiia river. This army lins !il»o made distinct advances. BRITISH REPULSED. (Hy United Mrs. Dlemer. ;ii)d lu»r to report ofJi, inlly. nine are kui>wn to'i>,,rt under its own «t«am ItCfc believ- ---- ••*'* ti.... -*<• »T... », . 4 , ,- — ----.-_.,-,.,_*,* •• »-«~ie,* 1 1- { l**<"Ml WW44BV Magdelene, on charges of itianslaugh- r uiv< ! returned substantial l>emocrati,- Ui u ,ii«« not si«uin any aerloua dam ' - ter. . DETAILS OFJ3LACKLIST They May Be Brouoht Out When Suit .,. m ^ •„. ii,.l>if4,'Jn. Ji»w..-,y*ck^-.-....,.,....,. (I5y I'tdted I*reH«,j i plurtilitiett. Uiree are known to | returned Republican. I'luruiitiea, ['three an- reporti-,l " cinse Wib 'pluralities bas^sl nil tli»« known turn** will be t«*tw«H'n !',*»•<( «.ml 3 it U c.slinuui-.l ij»ne. itfflcialM of the and j ing Company bHIc-ve fi«r s-eii itgujin in .th Forward- at Kew York, K. \'.- t Nov. 17.— -Home de- VOLUNTARY INCREASE tails regarding Great Hritain's allegt> ( r Northern Pacific Will Raice Men Re- reasons for establishing its blacklist and the complete story of : how Gei man iig,-nt« shipped rubber to the; cewing Under $200 a Month. <By Tnin-*! l-ress ) »,.- ,. uul ; Minn ' Xov ••i7 j The D*ut*chbi,nd.wa* running on the j surface «t the time of ih.<j *»nd while there was no heavy ing. the current t«» the crew of ^he tug Caawio, »«f this and the inky Be- Berlin. Uer.. Hy Wireleus To.'Say. ville. U I, .Nor. 17.— JtepuIwK of Hrit- i«h inf.-uury attiu-kij which were pre- ctMled by nrillery lire near Heaue<uirt ind vigorous dMelM on boeh biirtka of the Homme were detailed in the olll- of Uio war otlii-c. It fatheHund "dlHguised" a« coffee, is ex- fi-acinc employe* drawing less ihan |U pected when the $60,000 ,)amage suit j per month will get an increa** of fr« " •""' m y ** 11 " 1 nMf " M ~ »5 t" IW more starting next mont the xubtuttrine^id nol a«e the tug quick: {enough tu prevent th* collinion i*- Nurthernil 1 , 8 ^ w " r f * h * dwl ^ ««iuniWi«l on!I f tt<W ' Hi to thtl dtmeuUy i» -ial statement read. •;. "<»n both banka-uf the Soinnm there worn Mining artillery duels and about 'veiling an Kngllsh auack near Beati- •ouit was l.uinched following prepttr- ng lire, uhu-h jUxo ektended to the wouili bunk of the Ancre, but the at- failed .i» did the night attack near Hars . The iifth regiment guard of grenadiers. <>u ib<. phitt Neider goes to trial. of- >m shirtiiiK next nionth. an distatu-es. the EMort On Hand? w#nt mm n » filed in the supreme court declares that {assigned as the welder, an exporter is responsible for Jin wages. his predicament, Jle- wiy« Neider gur him lo ship 2f»0 bugs of coffee to » ^ for ...... ,.*- .'..-!,, «...« ».M A n ,r» »,,,,»?*- *v 4*"i - an a i i i IT* a i r* •% A • ~* way nim- months ago, saying the Nor-! AN ALLIED AIR RAID wegian-Anierican line refused to. ac- rtshtms «ubmarine<e«corting her. the raifet'iThe fact (hat the Deutachland'H d*« parture seemed to have been decided upon «» suddenly led to the belief that Capi. K<H'ni« had received word that jthe Hubniarin* crui«er h*d appeared n. n iu.,-«,,,,,!.- nll iim- leiuneu 10 up. i -,.,...-.„-. i,,f» ii."« n, > 7 «••-—T— — cept the shipment fro,,, him. tiritUli! Berlin Report, 'that 39 P«l 0 i.n, Were S,2ln7^., *** * f ° r ^ agents found that three fotuths of the .was rubber. HOME COMING IS OPENED KlU * d '" «By . Herlin, i raid »>\er killed SS Tllllley cleared UlMt KecHon. floin Kltg road Horn «ni. to I Cla»» Champainthip st»i-t» Th* F«- li*h tioo|>» uixt uipiiiilHl live machine gUllx l > l>ei^ on both stdeH Mere active Ian FOR THE BLUE AND GOLD. A i--i\il. .trti^t wa>> at (be »st« Hun: n in Htetliug i His fall irtaville u #bort dixtuiu't iHJUUdu uf boiit;y wutf taKclt Itotri tin »i TJio been did bot mind (bi» nitiii^ion bill ktpt uti jjU'ririgf moie its a *>o!id jTowa.xhip 1 lijfh ttcbool u'tthnrtflline aj;< JRMMM iif.Ctilllb. 'Vv»tl'lda> M. »' Uri,U--.HUl ttt-ik {i'-tuiti of tiie htiLlfllts', U. wut to tb,i b»mt; ,nnl iln- i.uml.\ |<.u !> i>t tb« »I t>»t- Tin -'•-••»• ---*••> ;> toill' ot t)i«- lo-»l of the bain t (,iK«y txi'ctit- tn i.,- yhid l» tin- ll'lu foUIld a Illiilltitel i«Ulb ><!5, feet lujlj; ,U*'I uj til:!'inu ilu- -TO'TTOyliKidy rfilerealeiTTir up park matters These booklet* ,are (if upecial intere'st here btn-miu*} Free- port'got Its park Kyuicin b\ fo|lou|ii|{ the Hunie lawn that are bciiiK follovvni hei'«» In an i.-ffort to fjt-t a }wiK ii»-<tJi<M" voted. BABY BOY, • Will if Kdw-Hul. the two "weeks old oii of Mi and .Mis. Louis Baker, tiled In Juno li'll, l-Veei-ort voted a pnrkh>ail> Tbui!j,-i«> f afu<|iuMHi at the huine listrlct co>eilng a lerrltoiv ot about of the imients in J.ud.ui. H few-miles ttu-niy-the <u|itnii> miles. I«II(M of two! north of iSterhiiK, The" burnt! took townships .I'liul >ear, Tn>loi- (tark,| place to4nv and i,be inifrment was in Mhlch h«» buig been used as tuti the rcnietci) ,a I'm rose. The parents {rounds, «-t,', wan I'm, IUIH, >l Jtotn ltb>-jbuve ^l»e <<Mtitiiitliy of thi> entire ciun- hop Muldoon The pu>\ |I>OH owner b-fi , muiiit.v in ilieir her* avetnvnt. tt in Ins will to the Catholic IM ttgmgB- Ai Chamrikinn »*-»«» vmmpaign. _ i sw>i-iai tbousund Kai|6n«i wf oil were l'r*?s».) put on board l»»t night, after it had tier. Nf»v. IT.—An allied surpe#n hurried frt>m Palmer, Manx b» ZM-brusgw and D»t«nl im'*p*fii*i tram. . * and iv-j The Kti«t*rn Furwanling official. in prttctiacUy no other dam - ( rvfui»ed tu treat wjriously th« .maa attempted jam- accor t tiii»f to UlV 'War office of - it I'Treepuj-t. but tbe mphMiiage nio- ll'lied the UHMie\. so l!i-ibi(H Muhloun 4old it, {iboilt elttbo U, |e>. K) Hie |'.U k [ bounl Later Ki.«pe i.,aik, -il (he otli- j er einl tif lo>in, \v.i«< |'iiieh.*•"•<! iJiu - j 'rig List- .sitiamer tin- cti\ of' (-"ueptu t., their !U.-t v, u it -liui pU'ttu: JilillilAlls-i'-JLLiJlU.- L'll"_ ''""•"•! : _ l l< >L"j'. sluiss WYNE-OEAVER CO, ' . WILL HAVE FOUR OAY» ..,,., ANNIVERSARY SALE. !„•,-! <Hy t'mted i'sen*) — < hiitni«ign. HI. .Nov. IT.- fho an ' niijii'buine (timing program opeiu*,! on j .illiboiH llt'ld thl» uf^erniHip when (he I t |M«» chnm!i(t.i^bj|i footbuif gume w.ih.' fit«\i-d The Mentor Hiiuu bund patitdt loot, pl.ue diuuiK the conttsi Tbe nhimai MtiuKi'i- w^rl titUt, ol n e tonight .ind will b«> foUojved b> (be AI|*IJ1|- i Itulh dan, e i H.ub toinuiiuw moiitiiiK the annual l<-l;i> r,tii- will tilUe ('bit t> on !lliii"i»> ' tU'i,!. Thw ,•!•>'»« c«untyf r*n will i,'l- lnM Tbe big Chicago-Utiiitd* tiume ' itlcml siatemnu today. It wa» d«clar 'ed tin- hurbur woik» W«T»' not THE QUIZ WILL START whit Investigatorj Will Question Board .Of'Trade Member*. « Hy t'niiett • J*rt»# i <'bic,»^o lij N*'«\ K Feaeral inv«*»will 'i*.n*h!:<it! the Wlrntbt !«• of '•<ai»! , r -ti.iii*- U»ie loti^y in" > ttait> if !-ih-r« h«.x«« IH-^'H I *ln*u ,-i ^t t*",ieruS* cj!*uri ur- -' 1u ffiiuida.v .ill M noon The iii'iiiii-tip \\tlt lt<l.i» I'l.i,-,- at 0 T<*i •it all a'pd Wild. ^ h<'ii,»> j.nt'l 'I-'iil f"i ;.H ,1 (tia Jliu otti'i ti i> K.U.I r jv-t.iited n , wink i .lii > ,lt be on i , ( tti> ' bi llni > r i">»iKil distmt !,»i - iiMintnutnce ni"HH>- I, a- !».nK,-t .itii !>' |>i< ih«i ifj> , n» (( n I,'" • -. a •' ""'in K, n '"" ~ ' | Tbe ftdlilte ti-HHii !•*•« v, (II be llie 111- Kh III,) completion of '.;„.,,„„, „, , lu . tamest,, un.i an t.| (bell n,'« borne. 1U. .^.^ ,,, ltsai , ,„ ,, u . fau , (l , v , t , lt ,, KILLEP IN COLLISION "- ~ * * Motai'Cycliit CiJthcJ Into An Auto At 111., Today. DISLOCATED ELBOW. hhim Tbe }-m,i! ,1 u,i--tii. i ,>{ Mi ,.»u,| Mi- | H ', , u ! h iu_» l>i\i«« Hi,'; iv-u.l^_ ju«_jn i.irii'{-"' n-l'i>.<f ',« Jell 1 while i^flot: \- ,tii,|i\ i-tii) t «*u !(<!u irbfi'tffi hi; iuht •!!<!« ,\ pt, 1 ,-,!' »!"»i»rii4 l.ijl 'A.J-« i ,nji«(! .tlel )!'• llli.llvil 4H11 '!"''! '' I Ht'll laitm dj.tic alUiili"ii I,,..,!,; - •'- it ,i a), < !h, ir <i\ , n ,. i.- iiui, • ix ' 1-'- S< < l oi 1 i.\ Illeir >l' fh, nn 'Kitlrt over tin- iarj;,- m»>ivin Tbt v li.ti e l.',i.,!ltd .il.'l H I..,SI> ,f of the ; (btt !'.')!»,! , UI ,| !l\e,i )•', U:>- j, s s,i ,1^1' »'|||" ill bt'( vi I t • out lv - l! 1-, n >t ilk.-U , tii i -Hit's !>; 4 i.- t>r,-<i t« board ihe nubmarine yentertUy, »*arrying A aniall package of black puwder, it,, w*js ordered released by. i'apt, KtH-xti; who considerwl him » The •oiiiad-n U> tbe l» Explained. mjsti*nou» "m.ator in the accident. «»rl.v (hi* afternuon. Th« i» Kfii«-r»ly saJd was due M-ida«d. drawing up t«» t«.«g m an effort t« h»ar caih-a tbr>>ugh a mega- one b> i'apt, Hiniicli. All light* ^ out K »«» ttiffiruJt far the D«ut»ch- IUIV ,-jew «,» judge the distance and I.»N»\> »«.a that wa» ruuniug c«u*- } s. .;.->, H u, 4 '.r,,! «*\ j ii ii. ti ib ,1, it, •i s, •bilk tit t« , ,.f i*, i Mid if lilsx'it ' :li, he. • t »• i * H two hours after C*pt. from !U<» w«t«r be- f!»'Mi Uu •tftvllUHHI and tt.e members of the T.HE Y. M. C. A. QUARTETTE. the WUlehud !n IM,- !r,, • > tfi\ * •i -'."K list ("jJM! \> tl (1,1 V Jl«« ^ I' 1 ,- ,*l!i «i li\ e \ tlut .-> .'" s ^ " t"'M«,»H! v, t. l!l -ff ,.,V .11 1 \\ ,.!!,v,-.!,l>. N ^VC,> .'.'iij.* ' , ' *l ',' <> n in- V ' ti - -n > , -V V bl. HI . N..V i . ' «.ts in-t.ti i , H it, i.i v'.i t (se u \v , lif.ii i.-i.JH :.t, , '»)lcr S, •'», (!«.Ki\ l.lii.,1 U I'll., *H vt.-. i >i.r.' v 1. , Vx- i tui ,i l»ii. Kt . Ai" ttl >•» . ,. ,t '" K«. \n -.' i u ! t — • !! ll < >!J, ft,< V M t A »;. , < i tt'.r, vi, ii >•»« S" ^1 »t« '. * ,-. < i« : :!.„ t - UK'U '< x;- i'l, -J »!' i', . .. ,, i . J ; v t • . -, . '.»i. 'i> • « tt ' t>! v .f .('•-,! T >t, tin 4 .«r. • ' • • w .:• . t l • i « t : \ i ' ' . , i,' 1 1 . j i » « auii-at " • " triii liJi iii.m t <\ t: *• ».-t '(:.,. *•» f«: » . t Si,, T , . it . . • ,| |v , , ii" S.-jji" . ;J ( » . v-Otw' noon ht in It i« A JM-..II. -Jr. Mitt tlltt

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