Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 27, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 27, 1968
Page 2
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T0B$Siy, fwffliff *f» tSSS SOCIETY Ph6ft§,?-343l fcefween 8 d.rh. Oftd 4 Calendar of Events TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2? the Jett B. Graves Sunday School will have a Potluck Supper In the recreation room of the 1st Methodist Church, Tuesday Feb. *7, at IsOC p.m. Hostesses ares Mrs.VicCobb, Mrs, Hugh Gilbert, Mrs. William Stephensdn, Mrs. Lellahd Warmack, and Mrs- Erwin Madlock. the Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday, February 27 at 7:45 ptiTU in the homo of Mrs* Perry Moses* WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28 The Hope Jr. Auxiliary will meet at 10 a.m. in the Chamber of Commerce office. The Executive meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. The Patmos PTA will meet Wednesday, February 28, at 2j30 p.m. in the school auditorium. The First Presbyterian Church will have a polluck supper Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 6:30 p.m. Mrs. John B. Lowe will present the program she planned for last Wednesday evening. A feature will be the showing of slides on Japan by Mrs. Ule Moore. FRIDAY, MARCH 1 The Rose Garden Club will meet at 2 p.m. Friday, March 1 In the home of Mrs. H. 0. Kyler with Mrs. Charles Stone, co-hostess. HOPK CAREER GIRLS The Hope Career Girls met Thursday, Feb. 22 in the City Hall Courtroom at 6:30. Jeanne the business meeting. The guest speaker was Donnis Paddle who told of his experience with the Peace Corps in India. Refreshments were served. BRIDGE CLUB MEETS Mrs. W. A. Mudgett was a guest of the Friday Bridge Club which met with Mary K. Lehman on February 23. Among the two tables of players, the high scorers were Mrs. Dewey Camp and Mrs. C. P. Tolleson. The hostess served a dessert plate and coffee during the refreshment hour. Births Mr. and Mrs. Russ "Spanky" Mitchell qi;iSearcy announceVthe! birth of their first child, a girl, on Saturday, February 24. She weighed 6 pounds, 14 ounces and has been named Michael Shawn. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ivy Mitchel of Hope and Mr. and Mrs. James Andrews of Indianola, Miss. Mexican Blast Fatal to Six MEXICO CITY (AP) School children and passersby flocked to a tank truck that had overturned on a crowded Mexico City street Monday. The truck exploded, killing six persons and injuring 65, authorities reported. Many of the injured suffered critical burns from the gasoline that spilled over a wide area. The truck driver had swerved to avoid a speeding car, police said. The accident occurred as children were coming out of a nearby primary school. Pre Easter Permanent* (Curv, Body, or Foundation Wave) Operators .Linda Judy Kathy Diane in*'* Bfeauty Sato* PR7'3118 By CYNf HtA L6WRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP);« There was nostalgia all over the television screen Monday night. Lucy was working with Vlv again, Danny was reminiscing about the old days when he was poor and struggling, Carol returned to that wonderful year with Garry and Durward. It all added up to a pleasant, llghthearted evening of entertainment. Lucille Ball has, of course, ratings to prove that she doesn't need much more than a wisp of an idea to turn out a popular comedy show. But when she Is working with her old colleague, Vivian Vance, a fine comedienne with a nice way with a dry line, things work out very smoothly, Monday night's CBS show had Lucy and Vivian meeting Joan Crawford and mistakenly believing that she Is broke. They organize a benefit for her—and this of course gives everybody a chance to dress up and clown. Miss Crawford seemed a bit cautious during this rare opportunity to play for laughs but did nicely—and also did a few steps of the Charleston, the dance that started her off to film stardom In "our Dancing Daughters" years ago. Danny Thomas' weekly NBC hour was a tape of his nightclub act, a one-man show. His routines were a typical Thomas mixture of comedy, anecdote, sermonizing and song. He even managed to squeeze a few stanzas of Edgar Guest Into the proceedings. It was interesting to see Thomas in a nightclub background, and It was a welcome change of pace from the usual variety show format. He is a persuasive performer, puts over a song effectively and is at his best when doing gentle, funny stories in an assortment of accents. Highlight of "The Carol Burnett Show" on CBS was her reunion with Garry Moore and Durward Kirby and a revival of one of, the most popular features of They chose the year 1937, whch gave them a chance to kid the opulent production numbers of the movies, sing some good old songs and to toss in a sketch about the husband-and-wife talk teams of radio days. Andy Griffith, who finished shooting his series last week, plans to make two motion pictures and one television special a year in the immediate future. He picked Ken Berry to star In "Mayberry R. F. D." which will replace his seven-year-old series on CBS next season. Although Griffith and members of his current TV family will appear a few times in the new series which is set in the same locale, only George Und- sey, who now plays Goober will be a regular in the forthcoming show. *• The Smothers Brothers show, during their summer vacation, will be taken over by Pat Paulsen and Glenn Campbell, Campbell is a guitar-playing singer from Arkansas who although not well known to television audiences is a popular recording star. Dean Martin's summer show will star Joey Heatherton and Frank Sinatra Jr. «*<r Recommended tonight: "The Red Skelton Hour," 8:30-9:30 EST, 430,000 in Florida Out of School fALLAHASSEt, Fte, <AP)~ Pressures for a special legislative Session oft education mount* ed today as Florida's statewide teacher strike entered its seventh class day with some 430,000 pupils once more heading for the beaches and sand lots Instead of schoolrooms. Some 300 University of Fieri- da professors signed a petition in Gainesville Monday, urging; Gov. Claude Kirk to call the legislature back. In Miami, Dade County senators mailed a petition to Tallahassee, the legislature can call Itself into special session with a three-fifths vote. A proposed summit meeting oh education-designed to bring teachers and lawmakers closer together—flopped Monday night/ leaving both camps farther apart, Florida Education Association officials, who had invited legislative leaders "to sit down and talk" at a Tallahassee hotel, watted for an hour for the lawmakers. The legislators huddled at the State Capitol, several blocks away, and finally asked the teachers to come to the Capitol and talk. The teachers rejected the invitation. "We were deeply disappointed, after waiting for more than an hour, that government leaders who we had publicly invited for possibly const ructivediscus- sion, chose Instead to hold their own meeting at the Captll," saW Phil Constans, FEA executive secretary. Some 22,000 of Florida's 55,000 teachers were off the job Monday with three counties reporting all schools closed. Many counties opened school just for seniors and other scheduled double sessions. Substitute teachers were put to work in nearly all 67 counties. Only six small population counties reported no absenteeism among teachers. In some of the big counties more than half of the teachers were out. In Palm Beach County, the School Board unanimously voted Monday night to accept resignations from half of the county's 2,600 teachers. School Supt, Robert W. Fulton begged the school board to delay the decision, calling It "the most momentous decision Palm Beach County, has,..ever;,had to cope with."- "-' • Students marched outside with signs that said "Subs Go Home" and "Let Us Graduate. Kirk Won't." Dade County Sen. Robert Shevin said the petition for a special legislative session was prompted by a report from a "reliable source in Tallahassee' that Kirk would veto the controversial $254.5-mIlllon education package today. Kirk has until March 7 to act on the bill which teachers call misleading and inadequate. Lawmakers say it gives education more money than any piece of legislation ever passed In Florida. Junior Good Cltlien MURDERS (frdffi ptge one) 1 Saenger THEATRE TONJTE WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY ONE SHOWING 7;J5 YOU'LL HOLD YOUR BREATH WHEN YOU SEE ANTONIONJ'S PARING "BLOW Up." I "ONEOFTHE YIAR'S 10 BIST FILMS!" A Carlo Ponli Production AntenJoni'i BLOW-UP Yoo»»q E, PAUL YOUNG E. Paul Young III received the DAR Junior Good Citizen award last week. An eight grader at Hope Junior High School, Paul received a medal and lapel pin. The presentation, made on the Thinks LSD Law Would Be Unenforceable By CARL P. LEUBSDORF Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP)- A Republican congressman say a proposal to make possession of LSD a crime "is absolutely unenforceable." He said Indications are that nearly two million students use the drug. Rep. Tim Lee Carter of Kentucky made the comment to a reporter Monday after a House Commerce subcommittee on which he sits heard Commissioner James L. Goddard of the Food and Drug Administration support the administration bill. Goddard added, however, that he personally disagrees with possession penalties. "I wouldn't propose that section if it were to be under my jurisdiction,",; Goddard,said, expressing doubts about the 'effect of such a penalty as a deterrent. Administration law enforcement officials said it would help them crack down on use of the hallucinogens and other dangerous drugs. Carter said surveys on LSD usage Indicated that perhaps l.G million high school and 300,000 college students use the hallucinogen. "How can we Imprison 1.9 million students In the United States?" Carter asked. Enforcement of the administration's proposal would be by the Justice Department. A companion proposal would transfer the Narcotics Bureau to the Jus- intercom by Mrs. McDowell Turner DAR Good Citizen chairman, was made on George Washington's birthday. Se said, "How fitting It is to *pln' one of our young people as gentleman and future leader, even president," lice Department from the Treasury Department, Carter appeared to be In a minority In opposing the administration proposal to make LSD possession a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year In prison. Rep. Paul G. Rogers, D-Fla,, acting subcommittee chairman, said he expects the recommendation to be approved. There is strong agreement on the remainder of the bill, which would stiffen penalties against manufacture, sale, distribution and possession for sole or distribution of halluclnagenic, stimulant and depressant drugs. Would Protect the Musk Ox JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) Gov. Walter J. Hlckel says he's going to veto a bill the Alaska legislature passed last week to make the musv ./< a game animal,;.;^' :•• • • •. • • :':•' ;'. v "lf this I..." ./ere allowed to ! become law," he said; "we might just as well pass a bill allowing people to go out., .and shoot milk cnw*•" Prayers Just Bit Shorter FT. LEWIS, Wash. (AP) Brig. Gen. Robert L. Ashworth was handing diplomas to some officers who completed a course on how to simplify their wurk. When the general cam<? to a chaplain, Maj. Walter R. Laubscher, he asked: "Does this mean you've found a shortcut to heaven?" "No sir," the chaplain replied, "Just shorter prayers." Hanoi Hannah s North YielB^wese women are doing (heir bU on In* home fronj. according to these offl- cUM t'wmraunist photos and captions, (iirl. top, write* hump d«r|ng break in defeose duties. Women swWters. above left, plant rice in spare time, but remain armed. 4b«ve rigbi. a propagawiisi reads "news" to Hanoi facior> workers. She uses a makeshift megaphone to aiuplif> her voice. In Manhattan la important is to took around and sw whether genial James, A. Farley, the former U.S. postmaster general, is IheN. !f he Isn't, ytm can figure there's a biffer and probably better banquet somewhere else in town." Jim at 19 Is still the bellwether and barometer of the banqwet business. Farms are getting fewer* elite* getting larger, while this trend has Its disadvantages, it also promises one great boon. At future cocktail parties you won't run into so- many of those folksy fellows who proclaim, "I'm just a porel'iir oteeoun' try boy tryin' lo git along." Msybo what this country needs is a fat man as president. When William Howard Taft lived in the White House— from 1900 to 1913-^lhe country had rarely ever been calmer at home or freer from wars and alarums abroad. Taft weighed between 300 and 034 pounds. Could there be a connection between presidential girth and national peace? Few things annoy the head of a business firm more, after he thriftily dries his hands on ft single paper towel In the washroom, than seeing the office boy come in and use three or four to perform the same chore. But~ that's democracy. Even more than men, women are likely to Judge the desirability of a thing by Us price. It beer were to suddenly go to $10 a bottle and champagne fall to a dime a bucket, nine out of ten women would Immediately deckle they disliked champagne because of its nasty bubbles and perferrwi beer because it has such lovely foam. Winter lias been loo much with us. It sure Is a long time between Aprils, Isn't It? I'd give a million icicles right now tor the sight of one golden dandelion. THINKS U.S. (from page one) IVS volunteers have decided to quit before the end of their two- year tours, But a spokesman for the ald- ••,mlnistering Agency for International Development said there Is no thought of withdrawing IVS altogether. Sources said Gardiner Is free to air his personal views as a c 'Izen and that AID's spending 01. IVSi about $1,B million this' year, Is related to the services IVS renders rather than the private opinions of Us members. Gardiner said he wrote letters to two U.S. newspapers before the outbreak of Communist attacks at the end of January. In them he said; — Hatred for America exists in most of Vietnam today "from the overbearing presence of 500,000 Americans," from Jealousy of Vietnamese officials displaced in practice by U.S. advisers and from military tactics which have uprooted nearly a quarter of the civilian population. — Constructive efforts toward a peaceful and prosperous Vietnam "are doomed if they miutt depend on the leadership of an unstable, little-respected military clique" elected "by a small minority vote." — "Increasing numbers of Vietnamese are becoming benevolently neutral toward the Viet Cong— race, religion, xenophobia, all contribute." — So much material and moral damage has been inflicted since 1965, when U.S. combat forces arrived, "that Vietnamese patriots will never be content until foreign influence has been eliminated from the government of their country," ~ "We must agree to withdraw from Vietnam on terms enabling us to save the lives of those who have reason to fear retribution if American soldiers can no longer protect them :not necessarily as large a group as are killed by the war In a few months' time); and to a settle* rnent by the Vietnamese them* selves, Northern and Southern, under conditions of order satis* factory to them a«d to the |jfjter» national community," \\,R, to FILL (from page one) been mentioned as a Democratic gubernatorial nominee, would "definitely be in trouble" if he campaigned on a new tax program. Whitbeck has said the state needs leadership but no new taxes. "I tniAjk it shows a lack of knowledge of the facts aj(jd needs of the people of Arkansas," Rockefeller said. "U you want to Intel ret that as being irresponsible then I'd go al<*^ with that." Rockefeller also criticized the state Penitentiary Board for holding aev board meetings recently and barring the news media. HELEN HELP US! by Helen BotUI YOUTH ASKfcD FOR 1ft this edtiifBfi (r for people, thelf problems And pit t* futes, their troubles and fun, A* with lh* tnt <jf H«1«i tt«tfc USI, It welcomes laughs but won't dodfe I serious question with • brush-off. Send four teentfe <j\wstlon«to YOUTH ASKED FOR ft, ear* of Helen Help Us) SHE STALKS TO CONQUfett- AND DOESN'T Dear Helen: t have a girt problem. Like one too many! Not that I'm a BMOC, but there's this girl who seems to b« after m?. She's everywhere I am. She tells people I'm her boyfriend. She flirts with mo and acts like she owns me which burns my real girt, t don't lead her on, though she's pretty goal looking— just not my typo. How can I stop her stalking me without hurting her feelings? -HAUNTED Dear Haunted; Aim her at a boy who thinks she's great. If this doesn't work, it's limn for son™ brotherly advices like— girl who haunts guy hasn't ghost of chance with him f— H. Dear Helen: Will all fellas please hoar thlsl It's about time you males got together and changed the line you hand us girls. Your samo old sales pitch Is so predictable t could die laughing. Ask yourselves how many times you've told a girl you "love her" on the first date? Next time I hear this from a guy t scarely know, 1'lt ask, "And what are you going to say for an encoure?" How many of you Don Juans have told a girl you would never want to marry a virgin? Who are you trying to kid? Just Imagine if it was your sister bo- Ing handed this line, t bet you'd knock the guy down. If we don't lower our standards DEMOCRATS (from page one) or espoused the cause of any candidate in opposition to a nominee of the Democratic party ..." That requirement apparently would have, prevented Johnson . from»^iM4tli4^1&6. guberna- torlf !™$^f he had' openly supported Goldwater two years earlier. Another change in the loyalty pledge would reoulre candidates to stipulate that they aren't "affiliated with, nor do I support the Republican party or any other political party which Is opposed to the principles of the Democratic party." If that change were in effect this year, it would bar Johnson from running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination this year, which ho has said he might do. Other proposed changes would: — Remove provisions outdated by federal law, such as those dealing with support of segregation and the payment of a poll tax, — Enlarge the State Committee and guarantee representation for Negroes and Young Democrats, — Prohibit proxy votes at meetings of the State Committee. —Create an audit committee to administer party finances. suit you we are labeled stiffs, if ted<>we'reeall^'^asF. 1 " Ho* cem« the girl arway* |et« ffce refutation, when It's a two- way affair? rm 19, anrt Mt« ttoen re- sfsflfif Hiws for four years* What bothers rw Is the stupidity of lifts wha fait for them.- P,A,L. B««f Helen: I feift a PAT problem* my tip! tt is so big yotf wouldn't twtf«v« It. t hate going to ftiftfe* because r m always conscious of my under lip and Tm sure every, body Is laughing, t never no- tleed tt so much before; TV* always been pretty potwilar; but nowadays If anyone looks at nu< f get embarrassed and turn red, WhaS can t do when some of the kids mock me out and call m«~ MARSH MALLOW UP Dear M.L.s Fane its kkls "mock out" the gift who gets embnrrasied arti turns red r especially If they're a bit jealous of her. A piece of your lip, polite but to the point, might quiet down these tippy teasers. .... Ami I'll bet the right touch of lipstick, plus some smile-practice before a mirror would turn what you think Is a defeat Into a asset,—H. This column la dedicated to family living, so If you're having kid (rouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing ex* twrloncefl. Address Helen Rottel in care of The Hope Star. Copyright, 1968, King Features Syndicate, Inc. By "Bill" Just heard a book review on "Serendipity" and It was excellent. In case you, like us, are not sura about the word, it moans starting out some where or to achieve something, getting slcte- tracked and finding something more interesting where you are than where you thought you wanted to be. Maybe a clearer explanation would simply be. . .a byproduct. Anyway we hope you find your serendipity at Haley's because tin our bumW* opinion, It dbeir r^t matter .Where jyciustirlfo go or what you expect to find when you arrive. . .you will be bettor off to stop first with us. The answer will be waiting tor you In the collection of now clothes that are coming In tmjry single day. For Instance. . .a Crest moor Knit costume, dress and coat to match In either navy blue or camel tan. A simple, smartly fashioned dress with a full length coat that will go places with other things, too. Ensemble complete, 1100.00. Ensembles In Junior U Jr. Petite sizes by Jonathan to gun from $23.00 up. The brighter-than-navy dacron polyester dress trimmed with stark white will not wrinkle. You can wash It If you want. Stylet by Robinette, it has a casual fit and is nothing but srnartl $40.00. The Laiglon dacron shlrtdresses are beautiful. Bolted or un... A wear-overywhew, If ever we saw one.. .$30.00. We Invite you to stop and shop for all the wonderful, washable dacron knits— at The first Encyclopaedia Britannlco, published 200 years ago, recommended cold baths for curing "melancholia, madness and the bites of mad dogs," Announcement Mr. Hulan White has ben appointed general manager of HERBERT BURNS, INC, Mr, White has been employed by us for the past twenty years, as salesman and buyer, He Is thoroughly experienced in all the operations of the business, We take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks t© our many friends and customers for the wonderful business you have given us over the years and solicit you continyed patronage and good will, HERBERT BURNS, INC, iy Herbert iurns i

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