Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 16, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

STERLING DAILY GAZETTE THURSDAY, NOV. 16, 1916. AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS. How** of F**tar«» GRAND-TODAY The great'Henry B. Walthall in "The Sling of Victory" A live act (irmna >iimvinir tin- M-H-CU'S star. Friday, Blanche Sweet in "The Thousand Dollar Husband 4 ' * Extra! Bray Cartoons MISSION WAS BURNED .1 i ',. \ t-;i-!:;vr ; . -. •< V; ••;•"';•' Tonight MMHHIMHMHHHI^RHHMH Grand Concert VAUDETTE TONIGHT—VAUDEVILLE Three Fine Acts Big Act, Thaten Duo Helen Brown Head, SOPRANO Alberto Salvi, HARPIST Edith Harris, ACCOMPANIST A Great Musical Treat ADMISSION 50c i , TOMOIIHOW- Special nltnu-Uon, !•'«•- Hlx Hr-rm;iii and i'n.. world';-: rf-nowfu'd j llluslonl.ul. • Spi'cinl sci'iit'iv ami over [two tons of |mrapli»riinllH. j Thl« sattjo company hii.H pliiyed Stcr- jilt '.'.">»' to tl.'KI. Kei' it Will) tWO Other i acts, alxn "TFie Yellow* Menacf," Two jfdioWd. (!;4, r i atifl '.>, iMnal price*. Notice. j«lmw nt.'iriK i-jtrly on ncconnt of Her- I' man At ("o. ' i I) ROCK FALLS tONIOHT A sfronc north-wpntfrn play, "THE BROKEN SPUB" I with Hen WilH«iri In the leading 4>'« Alno r» Krcnt comedy, BEANS AND BULLETS" CfRCUtf COURT ADJOURNED, Tli'- (.':!(,!!!( roiir' .,,' v, f;(t': : ''.id« 'I'fii- juj|c« l h.uuict! . .tin.' .!;uiiHiiy unr which i i ho !t> tv Thi* In li*ii!tll.\ '•Hi- bi£s>i-*t ifnn.i of th»- j wi.r, RETURN FROM FUNERAL. j l'ii«f, and .Mrs. B. A. Austin find Alls) Hi-Hi f-Vrmisofi r»-ltifm>(t to t MM*! night fr«m 'irlnnHI, town. :!(»<•>• went t.i .nt tend the funeral <>f flip , l.tti- Urv. Theodore ("rowl. who WHS jhnilrd tlx-rc,' Tin- minister died M'iillftii IH:I, !uit the body wn* ,'ifick to hN ultl home for interment In ! hi*' fnmily hurvliiK ground. ; BOY BREAKS HIS ARM. Jtt-nedicr Htllier, a Hull of Ml iUld Mrs. hroke both hones of hln left arm just ihoy.> tli«> wrist. ATTENDED CONVENTION. J X. R. Honilrlck* r<«turm>il from t)ii.-» whoiv lu« nt- . thn unmial Htatt; Hoxnll holrt in the Hhwrmiui HUUM.-. Tin- entlon wu« under HIP >ni«|il» ii «'H of UnJttjd l>ruK <'oniliii».v. nnd the ptiv« -<&f the miM-liriK WUH- to pro- a Koncfiil c'omriu1<»«J)i|> nmnni; thn of the Htnt«%. niul to make tier salcnnu?n. Th* 1 tn-iwident of. the Blted DniK Company. U K•a prom-nt, beHJdcH thn utiiti* t~TB10P}» PlvtMtoii invitort" in tho DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M. For private JesBonn call H. H. KELLEY, Bell prTon* 430R Dr. J. W th ind the child in getting nlonj? ni<H> it the present time with every tlon of a cmitplHi' recovery, TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. Mn Nov. If.. 177K, Uov. IVilHeR sent to the d"lr«!l!t'H of VirKllHJi In "UlftrN ciitn-etiilnK <'l.'irk'f< expedition to Illfriois nnd JnTNuKntitloti tlier**, In lor thnt •'oriKri'HM might "nvntl them «elv««M of (he linht • thrown on date o fthtiiKH In thp WfMi'fn I'oun try." MRS. THOMAS^ CARNEY. In tin- necr.iiiit of the rarifh .at-.XU-.MtU-^-H:-clujri4i--.iirlnli»d In la«< eyeiilntf'M paper. .Mrs.. Thnmtui f'iirnpj' Nhoiild have horn Klvi-ri th»» credit for t»HnK In VhnrR«> of the banquet of .Mr«. \V, J. <"ondori. in \Vhltenhle cotmty. and wlx of were reprt'Ki-nted, Much oH of Indiann.' AVlHCOUHln and Mk'll- and there wcr>> owr three hundred ptt'Ki'iit, Th(>rt' are neven Hto tin 1 jjood was derived from pfiperw and clin- u«Hl«tin« i ,,if>f tliem. A. H, HondrlckN ua iippitliucd on the committee on enoral advertlHlns. . The convention •nded up with u 7 o'clock hiiniiuet hist liKht. Mr. Hentlrlcks naya the convention WIIH a Hchool of instruction ind.was a wood thing not only for, the Icxall people hut for th* Kunoral drujf- DAILY WEATHER REPORT. Th<> rhiciiKo wpathpr hiirenu foro- today it* as followw; Knlr tonlKht «ml I'Vlday: wnrmrr tonitfht in smith- portion. SPECIAL COAT PFFER. nctliin will nnctirn a harKiiln in a lint* «flk vehMir nnrniilo COM!, at Tho Murphy Pry (food* »tore.* LITTLE LOCALS "Hitvpitt 1 ' miv*>fi' tho hair. VVo . a cornb fr«M> with eiu-h IJ.OO 4 bottle, A Growing Custom! The custom of placing Grape-Nuts .on the table at all meals is growing in American homes. "Both children and ,, grown-ups help themselves •j to this delicious food as ; ! , often as they like. It con^ tains the entire nutriment .£ of wheat and barley, di- [il-gests quickly, and is won\ derfully energizing. PALMYRA FARMER BROKE LEO. l^ee Ix-I'Vvre, R prominent fanner living in Palmyra. 'townNhlp. miffpret) it fraoturi'il. ' loij'"yemerdjiy wli'ffiV «-n- 4a«(d In pullinif H hay-Imlor into the burn prepnratory lo luillntc hny. The ai-cidcnt occurred nh«>ut 7:30 in- tho ', .Mr. Ix'I'Vv'ro and otTiers were iht< baler Into the burn, nnd while c'tiKagi'd in thl« <vork, Mr. lji>. I'Vvre, who WUH MiiiiulniK near the machine, wan siruck by tho toriRUeof 1 the baler. Mie blow raiiMliiK n fr.u-fiire -of the rlfthl leR iinmedlalcly above the ankle. A doc-tor wiut called nnd t lie- Injured member net. The accident, while lit Ing tjuHo painful, 1« by no meamj Herloiis. .-.-..- THE "U" HOME COMING. - j JmlK«' (*-.' K, Sheldon nnd Kruuk A, j Ward leave today or tomorrow for to iittetul the annual Home week of the Illinois Unlver- Hcv. Towslcy and son spent nejiday hcrv; I>nnco at Tarnpico Friday. Nov. 17. i'ochran's orchestra.* ... isity which H today and winds FROM SORENESS Boys on the Border Relieved Their Pains and Aches With Sloan's Liniment. 'Oni'o upon u. Ilni" Normnn J<»n«>». serviiiff in ihr. Xiuii'tmt (lunrd HI 131 Pano, rptiirned to I'Mtnp nft<»r n «trtfn- UOIIH 16 mile hlko fiiot-noro nnd IPR- weary. Ho hud not bwm long 1 In nctlvo HorVlow «nd hl« Hhouldwra, bark nnd llmhH.folt tho nftrr-cffcrtu of mareh» Ing. Hi'tnpiTihprlnif Sloan'n Liniment, IDIIPII nppllrst u'to thf> «oro i»|ii>is and <.vrnt lu h-d, H* \v.rlt«<n;' "I nron«. (h« mbrninR fn\f, in fact I Haturdiiy nlslit. There-will" prolmblj hp many, other*'from thin rlty and'vi- rinHy who will go down Inter In th< week lo wUnrsH .ihf» h|K Kumc of foot .hall to hp played Hiitnrday nft«>riioun jit IM rwtlmatcd there' will he 20,000 pro- t'l« \ Everytable should have its daily ration of / Grape - Nuts "There's a Reason" at tho game. hundred mpmherB nf ihn alumni then jthitt day. . ' | MASTER TAKES.TESTIMONY, j ToNtitnoney wnHtukeiu thin morning jhy Hie 'Manlnr-iti-Ctmnccry. C. \V, jWoodhurn In the CUKV of Wunior VH. iVVarner, Atto^inys Ludcim and Weuv- rr 'were cuiinHel for the oornidalnitnt. The null lias developed out of a part- In farming of th«* Wurnor <• HvltiK north of Htfrling ft few Tho brothers lmv« hewi hart*ily forgotten about th*« hlk«s •ind went mil for a. four-hour drill In 'he HUH n» npry an ever." Private Jones pn.sHed the experlenco '. and ninny n boy on the border •ed tho niji>ny of MprnlnH, nlrains, brulneH, liiHrct biles, cramped mum-lei", rh»umntjr> twinged, etc., by tho u«o of •Sloan's Liniment. •i^Hllert without ruhbiiife". At all druggist* 'J5e. &0o niul $1.00. Sloan's Liniment WIMTER HAS CQMEJIM EARNEST Are yo'u prepared for it, such as Bedding, Under- r» wear, Blankets, or a nice warm Coat that is satin lined. Ladies Coats From $18,50 Op, j : ••' ./• '.'•• -* . -. •• 'v.';;-"'- : *•• ' ••'•-• '• Or a nice set of Furs—we have them in aH the popular skins. These $1.50 value Blankets for^$1,19 have proven ISg'scIlefsT ?Vtso A narpFan ed B (a nket in reg u I a r $2. 00 va 1 u e f o r $ I M< , Heckman Bros. AH Womens* Suits marked At 33 1-3 f ' Off Regular Price Many «.v <* in *' ft It ft \~ '«»• lakon a«i\ aiifatr* 1 <>f this uriusiuil i>|Tcr mid i< will pay yon !<» I-HHIC and lakf HfUaiitHirc of (his opportunity. Wo have Driven oxrpj- Ictit valtif* in (he past, hnt Tinflimy can rowpnro .with this offer. (' o in »• a n <1 st><» tlieso MI its, st»«» lio\v well they nrc made, what examples of waster designing tln»y are. ('ompare the quality of matt-mils and you will realize hmv prosit the are. Coats! Coats! Our display provides for every Coat need of Child, M&S or Matron. A -sltuppjujjr trip <lo\vn fmvfi jiiis \\vcta\viH he in eoinplefe unless von see this line display of fash- ionahfe HC\V coats, \\"liat • ever your special eoat need niiiv lie, you are sure to find a handsome, he i-niiiliit: -K a r m << ti f ti c r »• ii'ivv. Thrrr'," it i/Tit Ida! will |iS*-H.«f you, I',"! only for (r,s l.'-'nitifnl styji- :IIM| supM-iorlty i.f i|u:i)ity and tnilnrirur, tmt f< r it's u>. tn.'irkatdf 1 low ci>.«r Women's Coats at $12 to $65. Misses' Coats at $4.95 to $16. Children's Coats at $1.50 to $8.50. Warm Underwear and! Hosiery Best Assortment and Best Values ' We haVe already had a foretaste of \yinter weather. If time is to be taken by the forelock, winter underwear and hosiery should be selected now. No other store can show such a wide assortment of warm underwear and hosiery as those now on display here, and better values we have never seen. , Here are a few of the kinds many will ask for, Women's, Ml-s-s-«-s—and Children's Union Suits, priced from-.. 50c to $3 'X Women's, Misses' and Children's Separate Garments, from 25c to 60e Hosiery Women's, Misses' and Children's Wayne Knit, Onyx, Phoenix, Kayser and Pony Hosiery, priced from 25c to $1.50. _f!3L_.., _|_ _. Furs! The Weather is Right and the But these prices will not prevail after the pros- ent steely is exhausted. Many are profiting by our foresight !and buying from full well chosen stocks, including 1 Many kinds of Fur Sets, from $3.95 to $75 Muffs in all good shapes, from $3.95 to $25.00 Neck Pieces in new effects. from . r,.... $2.95 to $28.00 Blanket and Comfbrtable TIME IS HERE ^ - With the winter nights at hand you will want to provide yourself with some of these cozy, warm Blankets" and Comfortables. _,..- / «. Cotton Blankets, from,.. .$1.00 to $1.95 Woolnap Blankets, from.. .$2.50 to $3.50 All Wool Blankets, from. .$5.00 to $10.00 Comfortables,priced;from $1.50 to $4.25 SWEATERS For Cold Days I fort? you liuvtMW opportiinily of Kt'lct-jing from f'imlth of styles anrl' all priced most'reasonably. Women's Sweaters, priced from .$3.50 to $8.50 Children's Sweaters, priced from .... .08c to $4.^5 NECKWEAR Tlir fiyijuvnt arrivals .of flic iu»\v ^jylcs, hninc aft or Ilicy arc created hy'dcsfyiicrs in continual touch wifli titylo' i>vc>l(itioii t cdiistilulcs nn assurance Mutt (lie .styles are not only new hut Prices range from 28c to $2.00. One lot Children's Knit Gloves, Chamoisette Gloves and Knit Mittens, worth up to 35c; Friday and Saturday only, at , ,25c One' lot Woolnap Blankets, size 72x84 inches, tan and gray, regular $2.75 value; Friday and Saturday only, at $2.39 One lot colored Turkish Bath Sets, including one regular size bath towel, guest towel and wash cloth, .regular 89c value; Friday and Saturday only, at.69c Smalljot best quality Dress Ginghams, present value 15c; Friday and Saturday only, at uy 2 c One lot good quality Unbleached Crash, regular 12y 2 c quality; Friday and Saturday only, at ,H»/ 2 c WEEK END BARGAINS Friday and Saturday only One lot Plaid Wool Dress Goods, 50 inches wide, regular .$1.25 values; Friday and Saturday only, at. .98c One lot Children's New Winter Coats qf chinchilla, broadcloth and melton, sizes 2 to 6 years, worth up to $6.00; Friday and Saturday only, at $3.95 One lot Beaver Shawls, extra good values for Friday and Saturday, at $2,95 Other qualities in Shawls from $f.50 to $8,50 One lot Women's Silk Taffeta Dress Skirts, newest models, high waist, regular $5.95 values; Friday and Saturday only, at ; , $4.05 One lot Chamoisette Gloves, new shipment, plain white or white with black stitching, regular 75c values; Friday and Saturday'only, at 59c- Coupons Must be Redeemed on or Before December 31st, 1916. 'II. Jl. OlbliH, of ChlfHK". apunt Wed- froni lh< iii'«ilay here.on L'UsincHM. , li.U-o V • , • • • • . i 1 H ;wl-j boy« }ih(VM on.wilf at! AJr«, aiul tt'.4)C.' Klllen ^ I Hoiud..j'i Tum^.tiiK to i,Uh<> J1.6UO for a cmiipaiKn to I put a ITfMi.noO KOOI! nmrife bond iV.ijue . , bef«)t-i' the voti'iw t<f th(- i U«t»d "pluyt-r" piano, a "burKuin " w ""h t\ Hrovvn,, fcpfjil \\*e«l-;-^- H«'i-d '< 'iinniuii ' and IVlels.* Kcdnrtiiiii on all rciiuiiniiin m<i lunt bo«t« Thu Hootd-ry. 21 10. Ynird St.- LI'WIH .\JurKj, of f Morrison, spt-nt TuPMl.iy IUMV with (rlendH "Kuvoiii" suvj'» thp UHir. \V> give H I'onid |i-fi» with t-iii'h $! »'» liiiUli- 'i'hw Stt'rliiig Phiu'inaf/y t'u,* Mm r;ilheitii<> ll.i ^!l!•.H Mm ton Jrnniii.; r Uiii'tion ut ilit' \Voiiifiir- I du) uftt'l siiniii ' j Mon't loigM (he Sfijlor ,.il Nlfrlmur IliKl) n'hiHij t». S<'t\tMl Ji*'jn Ti i,» ,' i and (\ AMUSEMENTS V. M. C. A. ENTERTAINMENT. 1 HMllK t,, Iho (tight hfjMK pl'il>4-|; -A and MIM BIRTHS nnlitcr WH^ \iorn to Mr, Unity Mr»», J-'i-j'tl t'j-ini-, of Tainpiro, was pl.iii-- II. A, }Vui(e. «>f I'rojflH'ttiUiwn. f-P« »t t i,i.iitii> _ S j i Mi,,_ i^ij,, ijt " , ^j Waltz. iwo-Nii-p 4it>l aH M"; ni(?,l-,-rir' J,',,,,!.) < ,MII.' fn-m ih-< :'.'.<i ,„ u- Hell plume- 111 U" * )•»(„.!!„ ,,i" iiiui-. ,i luiui.n.ww _i with tHii-ir- : T;.: hour of the Y. »M. ('.' A , ioi,!.-.ii fiui-iiiunnieni ha« b -en r<haiiKe<l HH|>|.«'|- giM'i, (ron^ s i..i iu s an, ltlt Mn , l-rhtny. Nov. noi'iiiv.1 j.r«-vj,,,isl> I-'MKII ih. f.-i,-i (hat f ni - ••• IK-I stu . ittAit.n,,.,,...,i ,„ ,,, ,„. n «-|.J'4hi(»! |ti;)\A\ A win AII.I boin in Mt, and Mix IMII.IH Mrvriiin yt-s.(«-iduy. READ THE GAZETTE WANTS 51. ^1 "'"S ' •"."•",""••• i .'."Jt 'Ma'L'iSB? !u -\\i- K,l|iy of his t-\ i-nui ^, nijLtht Tiiii. l Jit. f '"luvrnliitr, tin ,'iliiliis of ttu* <-u- "i r Spiw-r ... .. \\ iJlK pi,.- •'* ,,,o,t. »'«.) i .. ,1 h, h-.u.l ll ,.t and ih.-v t Philip H-Vard AT 411-414 Lawrence Bldg. .. \\ Hhur n-i»il.4r« jif»i ,«iti-...j in put- TO CAMPAIGN FOR ROAp.S- ' o.'\ >.jhi l!n- l.;u|.l;.!. ih i,.,. j.;. 1 :i ..-^'. U fillip UAlilHI Ml .Vtlu-J • '• !••:;••; u'litri ..u 11," in f tl unu-nt i • ^-i.v^k-.irs of i.;i- Hi-, ai'< 'iniji.ui ' M.f-- H- Icn .I'luuii U«-«ft -.It/,IU'' V i 1 <>• i * i'i Di. M|, 11 in |.'i.,,, ,_„ ,, j i' -i i . : . x. .1 , ^OR. F. W. 8ROPRICK I'ruct'.c* ^.Imtted to EYE, EAR, N08i und THROAT BRAIN SURGERY . . ' : '9 tw 12 a. m.; 2 to 4; SO p. j^ «t«rlin 9 , If). Both i

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