Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 16, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 7
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STERLINGJIUMOIS,THURSDAY, NOV, 16, 1916, PAGE SEVEN. are How in demand ami nofjwly is hoi tor prepared l>> supply you than thin old.,roliab!o linn, .\iiosf of our mrtviiandist' \yas bought a year ajro, before ihe ^rirc- had advanced this cerlainly-means a saving 1 for you. OVERCOATS A. for men. $12.50 to $25.00 OVERCOATS AND SUITS, for boys, * $4.00 to $7.50 CAPS, knit or cloth, men's and boys*, 50c to $1.50 _ i I'l _ - „,.,. .„ . i,-"' . , , m - - -| M) G LOVES A N!) M1TTENS 25eto$2.00 MUFFLERS AM) CAPS, for K<irls t $1,25 UNED SHOES, i ;U"ul women, .$2,r>o to $--i.oo OVERSHOES, 1. 2, aiul I buckle FELT HOOTS SHEEPSKIN SHOES GERMAN SOCKS $1,00 to $4,00 SWEATERS 75e to $6.50 LINED COATS, blanket lined, sheep lined, $1,50 to $7.50 •—^3 -••-•I..-;. •I-."-. --I SOCKS Cotton, merino, wool,' 25c to 50e Under wear, 50c to $3 JO VV. J. Bell & Sons Co. 'CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. / CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD -:; -M.B FARM LANDS WANTED—FEMALE > . • '!-. - AT i;i x ! :i:si i >i..M-;\V. MISCELLANEOUS .« I HICAGO GRAIN N. •--. (•..!!, \,, _• \ . n,, v • !r<v. . « i ->i j . .; -.. i "•:. . . •»..-.! ! s.i N,, V, •, i-ll'.w FOR SALE. REAL ESTATE i ; M- >! .'-'n :!:'> \i: ! h «s••; . f < .-Jii.-r t.- ("V.-i ,"':>) ')"v >- v™ r LOST -' 1 i <-'- »::' .. ,*i (',. I-.': X" 1 w >-•!!>-. Si •>"'./ I "I. N" ."i whit.-. "Tf-J, Nil :'! in»\<-.!-. ?lu.;.il"". N<«. I tiiix< .1, 5 ! "i, .i' f .«'! , Nn 'i >H'.\'i : d. !i'." ] -.:. ' '!>' ' '-I ti- N"i>. L- 'while. $!.«>( 1-2: N.I. N. II «T>;! -. * i '-7 1 .. 4 tmv.>.!, $1 "». i»-i;< N'> J niivt <i. ">7; N.> f while. . •-( :.•. ;>- 1 . s>Y,, :> n (dtp. :>7 1 -."'K.s ,!- ! . : X.. i white. ,",7''-i ",7 1- J; St<l., ~> .', .Vi r-'.imf'!'' tii .-Hi.', ,'•! ; Hattey Cjjrtil. fliX"/!."'. • »!v«- X<«. .'. <M :,ii',i i.:,i ; NO. 3. 11.47 i ••< i iv. x,,, 4, $1.4-,. KILLED IN A COLLISION. 1, -:•!!;. l:t. : , Nov. It'.,- .t. II, .I:ni.l, H. fill. H.I" killed .(!!•! A'laust \V. \Vi niT. 3i.i. HCV • i •> !\ -in hit '-(I v,!e n Wi-tier's ;mto-' wa~ struck i.v a Mn«eatine. l!iir!l!;i:ti.ti and. Soiitht rn train at a i rosii:i: in ,-ir U'ap'-llo. H.M.MJ, MIS.-"- hifh!y J''i")>5< '- i'- '• I it-.i . rn i! I; <'* •-• \Vn'. fr :I j.l full ittf"ii!r.>!i...ti. M-.I'. I.ifr- WiUr'., K.JTi-'.' ' MV>. " SALS. NOTICF Or APPLICATION FOR SAL^ OF REAL ESTATE. To::!! I'lV-j'tr- \\'hi'tf !' m:<\ f"!i- >-r »: ,N',if|.'<- i^h.i.n !.,'.> ii. that tin- »Tll- d<-t siiiti'-.l, hi i 111. •". I '"t:- ' -I valor «C MaMh.i A II.ill •-•-'!! malic :ipp!>. at i'.n tu the I V,u|i' » r T:-!T.I s; r- • •r;.-iri( rr^ij I). H ,!'.,-.. S, FOK RENT n IH:XT ij-i AI"I:KH I.AXM Nr:.-\i: St. ! i:tu:', i-li .-'I.ifi •-. II. -I: 1 f'lk* !'-'. l'i'--f \:-fi-.n-il |;:!'U I'!-!:' I1T I..- hr-til ;if !'•• i'. nn'v f'nutt l;....!ii ili tlif.i'ilv "f" M..: i i-'i'H !si ^.n.S '.'i"iltt> : .in tin' (list M.'ii.i.iy i-f ,l.uri:iiA. A. M IVMT. »«t-|tll.- th" t'HM lI'IS t!;»f..f ft'! -Ml t'Kl'T .Ui<! il<-f .!!•«> dt t-aill ('mi!! dit'-. t- jl!« li<! JIS ••'.ill i '.-I!.. H-:ltl.f !" ^ .! !!)«• fi.llnxvinu •«i,-iti- lii-loriuiui: 't • nl AT AXI> M .-ti. P.. II -. M r A. pi i\ i!.- 1 ^.-'-, 1 IT- 1 I!) II.n «...!.-. r.. >".-l!lI U: .jil t'l.niit *.i Hi'- i!it>-li~t i.f ^ltll:lli'(l I'l ill" ("mility uf HELP WAMTBD—MALii \VANTl-;i) \T f i.VCK — TU'itU< M lit f.i-it ".t'.idv .'hiel:,-ti pii'I< Will pay w.-il, Applv or address U, Iv fiiown. I'oithitid. 111. !17-IL'«i' \VAXTKH MAX T« • PICK CiiJtX t ".ill lr,i"r"t:iti. Kill. 117-1.JS \VAJ\TI:II m:i,i. imv AT THI: J.illt ll.'lel, Miis't he over 1*1 yciis'nr iu:--. , 117-1 I* Tu MILS' ol'U SYHTKM OK TKAC1I- ln« h irhe, ;nu..i-nal>h'M you to learn a profitahle profession qtilrkly. Write .Moh-r College, Fifth nnd Monroe. Chicago. 104-lL'H* WANTKD—MiAHN I'iAHlUvK TKADK. ItlK .t>ny)i)K tniih>. Kasy to learn l>y our »y*tii«m, .Write for cnfaluK, 2<H IfiHi St.. Myllf". III. Tri-Clty Harbor 1*7-12» STERLING BOAKD OF TRADE! "J '" _. i uorn I.:.:* !.".:> Maxwell nrul Qtiliili-vim l!«"it <I "I" . 'I'l :('!<•nil. aitu'. III,. N"»'- ,:'.v>., Wheat Open High Low Close Oat« I «.1 SV-v, I M«y I s-.' """ i.*V>, ; M'.ty I ',<'•.!. |.:M>"„ '" .lu'ly Pork ,!i|H Lard .May ft; •:.: I».-.-. IV I'f i* ti J\VANTI-:t».-- AHVK.MBLKKS C •"-•• n fV\v hoy.s und i!Iris aljio. Mfpr • f 'urittil' ; .. in?; tu thr Ni.ttii. ;i* t_f"» n i'S.\V~' 4 J North K.'inm Sfvn (7i i:.^| <>f the Hh V. M.. tin is.. \\ , ' I ,.ii«. hundtfd ;l\t\ (ifiii) f«'l. Hi' ie '• 'South enJiiv IS'D fr-i-t. t.l|i iiri' l-Iii^-l oni I'd M\tv (IfiH) f. it. tli.iiei- Xi-rlh >ii-.hlN iM'i tint t.n t!. |it:l< •'• of liriMtilllllt:. AN" i.'olillji. in ii. 1 I\MI i 'J I t.'.il" SoHth and OIK- hlil .,< d Ivf. llt'iO) fi ••! \\"' • t of suiid No|lhi-aM I.-.VHI-I of Ilic South. we«t t^uat!, t iS.\\ '(' "f S.i tim. Twi'li!;.-Idnf < ±'< I itfole^ald. tii'-Mr.' rnnidiit: W> 't ilditx'.two i:,.'i f.e:. thetn-e South rt«;hfv- t so» f...'t, ilii.i'- I-:,-.»« thirty-two iX'> f. . ! lh- n. 1 .- Notlh «'i«l;ly (•>"> fi't! t" thi- pi o i 1 i t i' ~ I .-I the Mippott t.f v, aid ai.d for th. •i i IH, s u. h of t liv pi (.' I sale a« shall !!"f I"- it'i- :l(at«'ly I "''I'll, it" f"l' -at'i'l i *-ai«l pur- en in other tr-il e tat'-, or of olln-r- e |nve«tlli« the faille. Ida llamxt. Coil,'*"'!'vat of fit Martha A. Hall.. iieoh Cantlin, Attorney fo'r i'l-tition- Nov. Irt. "•', I tee. I. \\ \ VT! 'I U'l'l ll>- ' ' p, i i l:f^ WAF.VI" • >--t. .-•'•( ;i» l.r.rllhf lir.Slit \Vtii,- I' '-W,_],)!n-!;:itn, ,!!< S" . < •iiii-. 1 '"'-"*.. :!' - - AT f, 1CIVMS! f(F .t'lf (ri If. --.I- f-|)!k ,, r t! l''i!"t"k. /!'-ll liTTurif' 77*'i-l. r,/ ' 93- 1 IS* KI-:XT- nif'!i<'''*t. HP!I i; HKXT- •-• M'MJKfS.V FLAT. iiiril st. lt)f|Hir' 1 A. J/. Hovk Sfitf W,\VTI:II |H<,!,p,-.; A! ,, >:, Il' I'M. ill llf T-f.l. :){!•«. ,., ;,1 f,, r nl) !-!„,!« i;, fall,,,-. I;., ft I l"li<lt |l'kf> ! '1 IIV" i \vn,h ' H<ii.n A SAIJ: 5 1. :tii, n :.; -;>.;,; WANTKP Ci i.M I'KTBNT MAX To ,. ,.._ i handle an np-tii-ihilf line of t*ti>ck- ; ni«.-!i'M «npplieK, mdd to stoek rlil.xers only. .Mn*r l«v.U.VI.T 30 years of i' v" ' " UIiHi "''' drink inlo.xIcantH or Minok<< ',.,'.', I eiiiuifttc". Man hoj-"n amV liilhi'd on •'»-'-j tnttti |tiT-f.t-ri'd. If tnterrwied. . Muoritian Miuiufai:ttirliiK From Little to Big 5a/es 5/ip Route ApplyihK,.two great business principles tooncsniall busincsss transformed tlic country store of Anthony VV. McKinney into the Hardware Supply Co. (?f Dunkirk—and has recently enabled the latter to. expand into ( McKinney Brothers Department Store, one • of the largest and most complete^country, stores of its kind in Indiana. These principles arc: 1. Account f«r every penny, on every transaction, and thus prevent -the losses due to human inaccuracy. 2. Know. how. your business stands every day, _ week, month and year. The McKinney Brothers, like thousands of other retailers, found that to carry out these principles required both speed and accuracy in adding the items on sales slips, in rvadinit tlic story revealed by those slips, in totaling loiiji..columns of figtires._to get sales by clerks and departments, assets, liabilities, expenses, and net profits. ', :..-- ... ; ....; '..: ,' ; .,.....,. :.....,.:...Pencil and pen involved too much delay, too many UwJu-ipounurrougtaAiMi.^ mistakes, too high a cost. Human fingers couldn't iJ^llv"u 0l>l f' M:loiriliU ' 0 write fast enough and huraarjrbrains couldn't always be ."* " * ucw * > ' depended on to «ct the riuht totals. - -. A . So the job was turned overdo a Burroughs fteurine r A perpetual statement journal Machine. carries forward Sill entries affecting the , .. „ ^ it checks every record of sales ,or purchase and aenBra i accounts Al^-'l, protects the pennies. It makes possible the sales ami- ecncrai accounts. V^ - l< ysis on which the business is built. ' Al ! d , 8 *? ln '*« « u ^"8hs helps m computing, from this journal, a monthly The Totalt that Tell the Tnilh Statement of assets "liabilities, sales, ex•-*•--. penses and net profits. : \ Kvery morniiu; the sales slips of the day before arc : •-\ ^'-/'""'"> sorted, totaled, auain sorted and totaled till the McKinney Adapted to Any BusineM Total cash sale?. ' T ' ~ .. There are 9B models of Burroughs Figuring , Total charge sales. and Bookkeepinu Machines suiu-d to the «cedt of Total sales by clerks-~-cash and charge. aw concern larfeq or sn»all,> Consult your banker Total sales by departments—-cash ana charge, or your telephone book (or address of the nearest. Every nvomli the totalg are transferred to a sheet of the i70 offices .of 'he Uurruughs Adding; showing comparisons withTlie same month in previous Machine Company in the United States and ? years. '_ .'..' .... _• Canada./ . •' ' •- • - fn<"!it »t»>rt'at I>iitikirk. Iii.l , liuilt on MCKINNEVS -JXI >CMM $ BUIl MOST .bwif:', i -'* iM'tul "f I'i'i-il yi-\y>., In'('i) nt lainli in l.'itf I'l-tntiMiy »t:i| .M>nrli, f'liiis. Mntiliun, ;> niili->•• .-^nithvM-hl cf Muni'.ni. •< 117-1 !!• PUBLIC SALE. Tin- uiul»-irtkM!i : il iNill .s.'ll ;il iiiililU- -..'IK!.,,. II... TWENTY-FIFTH DAY OF NOVEMBER, A. D.-1916. ut u\,' I'rliK-k In llii- uftcriiiHin, nt Hit' <*ity 11..II ili tlu- t'Hv C'f StcrilMii, l.'*i Twi-l'. .' t!2) ~i?pTrlc *I*Ti1r!y-*nTp -r^S"?—\\*-i~ w f »?j Hr'iatUvfiy, il( tin- Diy "f'llitg. iVhitt-wiili- I't'Uiily, llllni.iHi I.. « ItU 1 tin- i'!<(al.' uf ('••'oi'H 1 ' \Vanicr, ilf<'«-a,M'«l. Th. |i>| dtiilsilitH K Iwu-.''y ihvi'llim: lioiisf WANT Ti» I'.i'V v\l,r, KINliS iiii.l- ;il>,. !.,>. -r LnMN-x Will .-all it K 1,."ii;.-ro!'i!. H'lMi Ji!5.,j,' •-: II.*. ! I-'AMH.Y \VASIH-VHS Tlijril Avn. • I!.",-!.:' niiv r-dj'.s nr,xi:v ' U'i ••! .Main HI., M.>ni-..!< ' ' I.!'-' •'-''" \VAXTI;II • i) I'AI.HI: TI:I;TH h.-ii't ma", i if l.|u)("ii. I JHIV I! HI tu J*> )i« r «. t. Mull to Mii7.t-r. -<»17 S, 1'iftli St.. I'hlltiilHphla. I '.i. Will fH'i'i! i-asli Ity- futurti ttlilil llfi-lll* tiKHii iiiiii-.-i>. fo.i Tliit<L Ay*-. s» o H'hiy HnUlilur, runMT Itli aiul I>u- i-ti!--t St. • I-'OH IJKNT - T-l'.m»,\! llnfHi:, A Vi St, Illitnc. ,Siitcr. n i; - n x «>|j l;i:.XT UiiitMs I'lM! I.ICIIT Ituti^. k.-, i.itn:. 1HC' Tvi'si St. mnl I ltd AM- I Hi-1 IS with nine rooms, -with all FOR SALE..MraCELLANEOUS FdH SAM-;-AT A . SACKII-'irK ^l>l^•lll1l^l 7-1'octin IHUIHO (in (unii'T l"l \viJJj_L'.: | .!!. | i_l?r_iS.yr-'U;.'*.. UH ah-ii vii. '..'U!. i'f !Stt-i !liiii'« hcmt iivrm'h'S. 1,'lln r?i! l.-riMHj iilc.-il ji|r\.'»> fur r.'tlti'.l f.iritit'f. I'n^^i-KStoii now or MatHi I. H'17 II .1. Polkcr*. lCx.'ln..ylv»» At:mt. )'lr,^t ' N:)f H'll.'ll li.'lllk' • IJlil^. ' • T»iur«., Hat.. Mun.:-\V..! !h»N!;v TIIO.MI; \visiHN«; Hu,\i;v ili \i\ I'l'« .1. >-!il»!liil <H(|.'I' Hi ItllC*'. (Ifi II.-M ic-TKi. " ' "tir..!•.•::<' LEGAL NOTICE Staff rif II IttiolM, | ' .'-'!*. ' \Vhlf.. -wide i*«.imty. I 111 th«> < 'ili'-ll! . « 'otirf, Uetotii'r term \. l». 1 •M.V., All. ".A. l;.ind.-ill v«. litofKr \V. Hoy-' i. llflii- V lio><r Hi'iindt and F.dsiir' A. Uo\i-r. In t 'hani-nry I'atlitlon. .riiMie n.iiii'e In hi.ff'by .tiiven that '!i pill -iiant ..f ;i di-r-ft-e i.' , u ;lid court ' (iti-n-d Jin tin' iiith. d;iv of ' 'etoher A, |J. j!>|l'.. in tin- almve I'litlttcd eaiixe, in. tin- tind.'r>t«i. .\I:i,«|i-r-!n-<'haneery Mill *HI at pnlilh* Vi.-iidiie to the tduh- •\tt hlddi r. mi the ^,",tli day of XoVeJn- hef, A. IX !!»!«, nt two o'elork In tllo •ificriioMit. at the nonih' door of thf City Hall In" Hie City of Hterlinjr. In snic'l i 'utility, the follow'iiur «I |1 '««'!lil?'t!_'(!n«lj»_ •md -prrT.nifi« ; «, to-wH: IJ.f* liie (T) in Hloek 'lihlrty (,'!(ii \V<>«t "of HroaUwny ii the f'H> of Sti-rlinu. County" of U'hit'-siiif ,'ind State of ininolx. •f J -J. n »i .j A xn -A T, \> n A im; outllt, aiitu tin* viil. % anl/ /er ami rovi'i'. .-, in8 Ith St. i«.int. l.ih- . ..... ..... . . -whicii will in'«aiini>uii"v i .! ..! tin «ali,i, ,.Any furUuT Infi'imation 1 1 n nR lilt' «)»>vi'< can 1>« •iMaim-il '. A. A. VV'olfi*rK|ii-j>;fr. attutni-.V' n.r tii« t«tati; ur the uni!«'n*if:ii«-il. AiH'c A, liauilail, KX'-cntrix. v;js;,,v. 14. Ifi, IS, -I. '.'3 ""CLOSING OUT "fit n T N E R S H I P .^%ALE. liavltiK tllHmTfvril tvirttn'rhliip we tlt«> uiiilcrNltpu-d will m-ll at pul«U<- *-;<|j MttlOltl tVHI'I'VO Oil tllC Jolltl tticlUlKl- ^'in farm, 3 n>il«'H wi-wt anil I ml)«- t)f .MIllc'ilKi'Villr. S mi!«»H I'i'i: SAM-: 'TJiuKi: THOK<K'I;H- blitl lli'l.-lflii i-iiws, 1 twi.i-j I'.tr-ul.l IJoL-iliJis luill, 1 .hl\-ii)»ivtli .ill)•-H'tl'- hlt'iii l)!lll. \Vl'H>.' "J" din- (;.ix.-|l t .. U7-l:'«i» KOI; \S-.\KI ; -T iN'.n II;K 1IV -!.!.:».• wist of (*h,iihvicli ami 4 »l4li-!< li.Tlli- w«-ht of OiU'ta. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22, 1910, tin- fo!U>wii!K lu-ojHTty: re ll«»r«es--'-<!rii.V inate, !• yoarx oM; wi-i«ht l.f.OO; liltu>k M'-liliiiK. !• yt'-.irM oHI, wi-ii-hl 1,'IUO; l>ay iii.'ir'-. IK yi-ars »1<1, wit). colt Uy l«Vr »tiil«'; Mack i:t'!iliiit:. i! yi'atf- uUl, w«'iKhl 1.500; IIMV : ",t!.liiiK, 3 y«-af.> itld, wi'iiiht l,^i)0; liliifit inuii'. 4 y»-ai> old In foal, w'oinht' l,HOO;>l>uy man' I ywiTM nUl; 'i WfanlitiK colls, 3S Jli-nil if Cut id* : 13 K(»H| niilcli i-o now, Imhin.r*' frt'sii <Uirin_«, two-yi-ar-oUJ hi-lf.'r: 4 yt-ariltiK ht' two; f> coniiriK two year i't>H .--AIJ.; TICAM HI' • jtiiri- of 'Suimtard < HI ft,, '<'i; HAI.I; vui'X(^,., Tin:-il' l't-ed I'oiand China mule hoit for AIJ, FcUtD.CAU KoH j»|iring ral von; 3 fall «>alv< '<•: Imll. '.' year?- o!il ilO Ill-ail of hilio.i Farm .M:n v |iim>r > v.--'-""\v,tKiuif!. IT- r;Uini. " sale. Klivirii-al finrii-r. i!n<; in.Mlcl. Hun «iniin l.l'iiu inili'M. C;iil at Iwiw- rr-iu-i« ImiliiliiK. K ">ni 4ic'. ll.'itl I'OK SAM-:--IU<; .STMKTt'HV I'O- laud ('hiiiii s|iriiiK ht»ai>: "Ai;ji -uui . y«'!irlliiu; ]mii» hri-.l Si'ntrh ('Mllit Hiiilf |.it|«. \\'. 1'. l)iilryii!|,(.., |nl"i-- siiiic (tin.ti.-. Twit tnilcH nurih Hi.\niil Clove.. lli-117' !-'0|{ S.U.K- KKW AN'CONA IllI.N.S J3u3 \Vi-t*! 3rd SI. Inl'-rMiili- I.II.HK-. Ft)JL ; ...!; -YOL'.NU UKKi'* ^rAHT- t>r«, r.'e and Me, Floyd Ht'hult;:. Coh-ta, littet-Mtate |ihonc. ', '!'> nun uf M.tli-; T'-II pvr t'«'iit of t.hrt mi'. li.-!,.i> pilcc duo iiiiil payulilc on tluy >f H/ilc ami li;it,'ut('i; \vhi'i» xuld «4ilo I.M 'tiiiirtni'd l>y Hie <,'u!irt, when ili-o<l Kliall ><• <l"liv<'l'.nl. Cluiil'-M H, \Viiiiilliiirii, s* , .\!.'^(t-r-ln-( 'haiiri'ry. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. J'Nmtt- „( ,M:irtha \V, I!arrf>tt, di>. <'•'.'! Ml d. . 'I'll" iiiidi'i'>ii;i'.<-d haviii« heen ap- printt'-tl I'xnuUiv of th.' lt>«t \Vill and T'-.str.tnt'tit of Mai tliii ,.\\'. If-am-ll, Into _ul_lhe .i'autily_ij£ A\'Jul<--iUh-^in!d-J>tUt«» "( lllliioi", di>i-,.;i«c ( |, lii-n-hy KiveS mt- liei- thai H|.e will appear h.-fiire llut •y Court 'J.f \Vhil<-.-<ide t'ottniy, nt " ill<- I'out'S in t|, 4 , l-'i-liriiiiry t''im, nij Hif iltt.! .Minnluy in l^-T.Tii;vry"'nT.:sr;"";i'r^v)Vii-irTi'nVi-''«ii'|)i'r» '<»iis having i i.ii!ii.-< jii;;mi.'i! Knit) cmalu .ir«-. nt.tili'-ii" aitil i-i i|ii<-Kicd vn alt.'iul fur ilii'- (mi-,« uf tiaviiiK (hi- Kaiiu- ml- l.UJ.Ir.l, All IM-IN.IUS liidi hlpd m wild owtnto in- n-iMie.-^wi tu'nink.' itniiKiiiiiU 1 |'uy- ini'iit hi iii, iimlrrMiKiti-il. U.M.'d l his IHl<-i'iillrda.v (if \'<ivi'inh«>r *• '->..- I")'.', Alailiia U". llan.'tl, X..y, UK 1'3, iiti,(i j'fi, 8 -foul |H'i "t :r.-; 1'iiuh'i '4 I PRICED AS FIGURING AND DOOKKEEPING MACHINES PREVENT COSTLY ERRORS-SAVE VALUABLE TIME , With 11HH4UI) tl'lH'!;, 'J -Htuwcrw. I i'.M' siwwp Hny jofiiU'r, Hnnclwich su; ' tii- liyory rakf, .!! Ullvi-i'-. 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FITTED , W. K. UUNMORE Eye and Health Specialist Hr«, 9 • 12^2-5 and ot>ti><j]iiit)ilu treat* STERLING, ILL. 9 E, Third St. 114-11! CLOSING OUT SALE. In i|iiil i.iriniim, lite nil- will w.»ll ai iHildk* nut?, without • I't'MI'I-Vt', I'll Ill4 fit 1 ''! I' UlilfH MHMll- wcB(^.'if M:ihi I'n. '.' i i < •••• : \ni of Mcir- ritiitti. Jtinl .'! mill" '. •••• i.f liourul ' !l'ovt>, «n tin* ! ^ • Jliulu^av TUESDAY, NOV. 2, : . : U . luliu-.v «iit; IIMHH il v: -7 II -i -!.!!>•••. liisu'l AUCTION SALE SATURDAY, 2:00 P. M. of Pantry Sets, Enameled Sugar, Tea and Coffee Cans, Kitchen Utensils, Dishes; numerous other articles. All new, slightly damaged by fire. 1009 THIRD AVE. H, ,L, Harrington* Auct. ne >',) y«>;tr. : t.lil, *>\i -lutUl 1 iiMI; i;lii> '^HdJiW; I -i > r-il' i 'i .'ill. v,vi.i.'.lll l.oni'i; h;ty nun* I' .vi-wrw .Sii; I'iV niaii- J yrui >U1, .xui'klitiK «'i'l( , 'i, Hhi'liini.l • iniiiy • 1 Jlcad ^iittj.. 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M.M' f-'.'Cli i..»tfi': i-rTrt[TiT-hrr(ri — rrrtiir}' ~mrr"nTtT<7 — OTIiTr ail ii •!•.-:> tint ininn'i.'H>i !•.'> iitt'siiitm. l-'fi'i.* . illl'ii Illl^jvj. (.•;•..•. h (».v,r !hi- iifl'l'Milit J iU.'.!iil.iia....i'ii4*-' uiSl l-'-ii i.;; .'in^A^^ fn>l+'- In.'.ti Jim I) | illit»> if |.:t")i| «'S. .-Vft *. '!• i Jc :f,.' t j ')•,,(• MRS. ARMSTRONG. ' tit Bort's Gar.ugo-jn Sterling 1 , . -., NEXT, This will boa ,t» % reat bargain.

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